4th February 2019 – Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Astrology Written Forecast for All Signs February 4th 2019


Think about your future
Upgrade your ability to receive
Find that missing piece of the puzzle

Look to the future this week, Aries and create yourself a brave new vision. You have a new Moon appearing in your house of friends, you and the collective and goals. The coming month should see you focussed on your larger social circle and what you want to achieve. How does who you know fit in to all this? New friends can be made now and to quote a popular phrase used by horse whisperers it’s a time of ‘join up’. If you have been thinking about joining a group, club or organisation or even starting one, now is the time.

Above all, be on the look out to expand your social and professional reach. Accept any and all invitations that come your way to step out of your usual scene and meet new people from as many different walks of life and backgrounds as you can. If you are determined to be a box-set hermit now nothing much will change. But that would be a pity as you could miss out on opportunities to connect with people who could have a massive impact on your long term path. A significant new connection can be formed now.

Your 11th is your house of receptivity. Are you ready to receive? This week not only contains future potential but shades of the past returning with new relevance or else information you need to know winging its way to your door. Mercury enters your 12th this week bringing not only inspired ideas but a missing piece of the puzzle. Hearing from people from your past is likely and this could be former neighbours or even stretch right back to childhood.

Get ready for secrets to surface now – either yours or another’s! It’s time to travel to the future via your creativity and imagination. Envision what will be, Aries.

In a nutshell: Time to imagine that future, Aries. This week is all about your ability to receive something new and better. Be prepared for new people to cross your path – and a radical shift.


Evolve those goals – and yourself
How does success make you feel?
Doors closed? Knock on a new one!

This week’s new Moon in your 10th of reputation and status offers the chance to scale a new rung on that career ladder, Taurus. Questions around your happiness and satisfaction with the path you have chosen are likely to crop up. It’s not just about the monetary rewards but the recognition and also the satisfaction you achieve.

This new Moon offers you to bring status and that all important soul fulfilment into alignment and make any adjustments necessary to achieve this. Look closely at where you feel progress is being blocked or what areas you feel trapped. This new Moon always asks us to take responsibility for our situation – and to do something about it. If you are seeing doors opening take it you have laid the right foundation. If not, time to knock on a different set of doors.

Mercury heads off into your goals and contacts sector this week. This is your cue to mine that network and expand it when it comes to career progression. Mercury makes this an exciting and usually profitable period when it comes to idea, business and yes, invitations. This is your house of the future so evolve yourself, your look, your brand and also your goals.

Don’t get lost in daydreaming about them however, act on those ideas. Go with your gut instincts now. They are directing you towards those doors just waiting to open for you.

In a nutshell: Your feelings about the path you have chosen are your best guide when it comes to career progression. Look to where doors are opening. Chart your course to future success.


Prepare for serious results
Travel, learning and far horizons call
You’re not on the journey alone

Expand your horizons and get ready for a wider, bigger more breathtaking worldview, Gemini. Travel is a possibility this month thanks to the new Moon in your 9th on the 4th. If you are not travelling right now, then this new Moon favours planning and researching that bucket list trip. If you do it under this new Moon, you have the best chance of boarding that long distance flight in the future than at any other time.

The Aquarius new Moon wants you to pick a destination and head towards it. Even if that passport is not currently being used, contact or dealing with people or groups overseas is likely now. This is your house of higher learning, religion and philosophy. Signing up for a course of study or opening up to different belief systems other than your own opens your mind to new ways of seeing the world.

This is a new Moon that favours taking a chance – especially when it comes to involving others in a dream or goal you have. This Moon says you can’t go it alone wherever you may be going. Look to who you need on your team and reach out and involve them. Life, love and adventure is a collaboration for you now.

Ruler Mercury is on the move too this week, heading into your 10th house. Time for serious thought when it comes to your career. Important agreements can be reached now and contracts signed. You’ve an eye on the details and what it takes to get the job done. Above all, your words carry weight with a touch of insight into any area of business that is almost spooky. Predicting the next trend is a distinct possibility for you as is entering a meeting and knowing exactly what people want – and being able to give it to them.

You confidence in your abilities should be soaring as you receive positive feedback, backing and acknowledgement from people in a position of influence. Take yourself seriously, have a serious plan – and then get ready for serious results.

In a nutshell: Get ready for an opportunity to experience a larger slice of life and expand your worldview at the same time. Plus you won’t be going alone. Start a journey this week, Gemini.


A new perspective transforms an old issue
Take the radical approach
Plan to dream

Being ruled by the Moon you are more attuned to the energy of each and every new Moon than other signs. This week’s in your 8th sees dynamic change sweep through your life as you may dare to try things you haven’t before! You are the catalyst for all this and never mind surprising others – and they will be astounded, you may surprise yourself at the same time! This new Moon encourages you to leave the shadows of fear behind you. To look at any situation and say: What’s the worst that can happen while also asking: What’s the best? No matter what the outcome, you achieve change and that’s what this week is all about. This Moon marks the point where you leave something behind you. Very often this is a long term issue. How do you accomplish this? Simply by doing something radical or just viewing the situation in a very different light. The result will be both liberating and as I said, surprising.

Journey through the imaginative realms as Mercury enters your 9th this week. Those dreams you have are closer than you think to being realised, Cancer. Bring them within reach by breaking them down into stages, focus on the details of how to get there and have a routine when it comes to implementing this. Don’t be sloppy or get lost in the fantasy of what having your dream will be like – be organised and take a practical approach. If you can manage to do this you will be laying the groundwork for goal attainment.

This is a good transit under which to travel, plan a trip, study, for legal matters or for launching that big idea. Overseas people and businesses may feature. It’s time to take that vision out there to others. If you’re shy begin with people close to you who you know support you. Then send that dream or idea out further. Don’t bluff or exaggerate especially when it comes to your experience or skills. Deals can be done now. Make it real.

In a nutshell: You’re your own catalyst for change this week, Cancer. The solutions you envision may take you by surprise. Imagination and ideas take you a long way now – towards your dreams.


Love begins anew
Have that conversation
Become a soul detective

This week’s new Moon in your 7th could see a romance recently begun turn serious. With Jupiter in your 5th of romance, children and pleasure this year, love and new partnership opportunities abound but this Moon could mark the starting point for something special.

It’s time to look at all your relationships – beginning with the one that lasts a lifetime – with yourself. This new Moon opens the door to knowing and understanding yourself a little better than before. It’s only when we arrive at this point that we can make the best decisions when it comes to relationships with others. Knowing ourselves well means we no longer get sucked into time-wasting connections that have no future simply because the other person isn’t in a position on their soul journey to give us what we need. Plus we have the confidence to thank them and walk away without feeling angry, sad or anxious about the future.

This is one of the most magnetic new Moons of the year for you as it boosts your power to attract new people and circumstances into your life. But if you continue to see yourself in the same old way, all you will attract is the same old, same old. Old loves seem new as existing partnerships of all kinds could enter a new phase as you appreciate what you have an tap into new potential within your union. Bear in mind this includes business and close working relationships, friends and collaborators.

Mercury’s entry into your 8th on the 10th has you looking for answers deep within. You’re a soul detective now and don’t be surprised if this translates into you watching or reading more detective/crime fiction than you would usually. When it comes to conversations – there’s no topic that’s taboo right now. You’re open, frank and fearless when it comes to what needs to be said. You won’t shy away from ‘difficult’ conversations and your gift right now is being able to remain factual and matter-of-fact no matter how emotional or even confronting the topic may be.

Negotiations may feature and if so, again, your ability to stick to the facts combined with a strong sense of value means you’re able to come up with a solution that doesn’t sell yourself short. You know when to come from love – and when to come from a place of power. The power of love – that’s your alchemy this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: New beginnings in love and partnerships are possible this week. All thanks to a new Moon in your 7th. Attract new people and possibilities. You’re a magnet for love, Leo!


Words have magic and meaning
Share what’s in your heart
Believe in what you say

This week’s new Moon is in your Virgo-flavoured 6th. So you are vibeing off all this fabulous potential around your work, routine or body beautiful. This is a wonderful time to launch into a new diet, exercise or wellbeing regimen. The feel good/look good factor will keep you on the right path long after the new Moon has passed. Time to look at where you want to get to with regards to your work and have that plan that details the stages. This new Moon lends itself to shedding anything from your life – from that weight to that dull routine, clutter – to even entrenched thinking or energy vampires, that does not contribute to your overall sense of wellness and harmony. Time to be at one with the world and you of all signs know this comes about from being ultra organised. The Devil isn’t in the details – it’s in the lack of them. But then you of all signs appreciate this.

Ruler Mercury moves into your 7th this week, favouring partnership discussions of all descriptions. Reconnecting, reconciliations and bringing up something from the past are all favoured with Mercury in here. As is forging new partnerships, especially business and work ones. Mercury is making you more open and willing to let others in to your emotional world. Your feelings are like a wave you have to ride, carrying you forward. And when it comes to your enthusiasm for someone or something, you’re unable to resist this show and tell of the heart. Your conversations draw in others and make them respond with the same candor.

You want to talk and reach an agreement no matter what situation you are in – which makes you stand out in interviews and also meetings as if you believe in the job, product or company this shines through. Funnily enough, when it comes to your ideas and imagination, what you say now tends to become real. Embrace the magic power of words this week.

In a nutshell: Launch a new routine or even the way to a fabulous new you, Virgo. When it comes to love and partnership matters, sharing how you feel gets others responding in kind. Talk about it.


Express yourself
New beginnings embrace romance and passion
Radiate – and what who or what you attract

New loves and unusual loves are promised by the new Moon in your 5th this week, Libra. It’s time for a change under this new Moon and that is accepting a love that may be different but is perfect for you. Now, this can extend to something you love to do as this is your house of hobbies, passions and fun. If you’ve been holding back because you’re worried what others may think – this Moon sees you not caring and pursuing that pleasure anyway. Time to creatively express yourself in a way that makes you happy and is uniquely and preciously you, Libra! Here’s a secret to attraction – and this is one of your houses of attraction after all, when we are utterly immersed in doing something we love and have let go of needing approval from others, we set in motion forces to bring more of what we love to us. Someone who is unafraid to be themselves is sexy. Let go, love what you are doing and then watch who or what comes to you as a result. This can be that lover who is loving what they see to that opportunity you didn’t realise existed. Begin something new and see where it takes you.

Mercury is on the move this week into its ruling 6th. That feel good factor triggered by the new Moon now includes you feeling good about how you look and the skin you’re in. Inspired ideas to vamp up that daily routine, your workload and your wellbeing come spinning out of the great universal well of truth now. When they arrive, implement them. This is an excellent transit under which to seek out a new job or even start that side hustle. Communicating your ideas, skills and abilities, selling yourself more effectively than before will bring job success winging its way to you now. The more people you talk to and approach, the greater your chances to succeed. Tell others about yourself. People are buying whatever it is you are selling this week – in more ways than one.

In a nutshell: Immerse yourself in pleasure and all its pursuits, Libra. This week offer new beginnings in romance and being noticed. It all begins with doing what you love. So – just do it!


Lay the foundation for the future
The wheel turns in your favour
Showcase what you have to offer

Time to stake a claim on your future as the new Moon appears in its ruling 4th this week. Yes, I know this house is all about home, family, security. So why the emphasis on self-determination? This new Moon can have us looking at whether or not we are still living in the shadow of our parents or to their expectations. If you’ve lost your life direction lately and felt you have been spinning your wheels, this Moon asks you take responsibility for driving it forward again. This Moon begins a two month cycle where your luck changes and you benefit from others. Look to your past and who has encouraged you and also who held you back. Be selective in the future who you surround yourself with or take advice from. If you can do this you will release yourself into a new phase which benefits both you and those closest to you.

The 10th sees Mercury enter your free-flowing 5th of romance, fun, good times and pleasurable pursuits of all descriptions. Any creative talents you have now will demand you express them. Getting your ideas across to others, networking, being out and about and above all being seen will play a critical role in your success now. This transit is wonderful for making plans and also travelling. When it comes to business and your ideas however, ensure you have done your research and have the facts to hand. Mercury in here can distract you and once you have interest in what you have to offer – which you will attract, you need to be ready with the answers. Do you research before that interview, presentation or launch. This is your house where you get to shine. Showcase yourself this week.

In a nutshell: You’re entering a two month cycle which brings you new people and an upswing in work and business. Connect, network and get out and about. Time to showcase those Scorpio smarts!


Ditch the dullness
Launch yourself
Focus on common ground, not on differences

In a rut, Sag? Even the free spirit of the zodiac can become trapped in habits or routines that constrict and confine. This week’s new Moon in your 3rd asks you to look at where this may have happened. Time to shake yourself awake – even in small ways. Take a different route to work if that is possible. Discover a new coffee shop or place to have lunch. Get your news from a different source than the one you normally do and open up to a different take on current events.

Time to be open-minded and flexible and to look at what you want from life. This is your house of commerce, commuting and communication. Anything to do with writing, publishing, presenting and the internet is favoured. Apply for that new job, launch that idea, website or blog, start writing that book or screenplay, market that product or service. Travel is favoured under this Moon but it is likely to be short in either distance or duration. That does not mean you won’t have fun – or gain a wider perspective or ideas from it however.

This week also sees Mercury which rules your 3rd, move in to your 4th. Home and property matters feature. This is an excellent transit to look for or move to a new home. Leases, contracts, mortgages and property sales could feature. If you have been thinking of starting a business from your home or even being an airbnb host, this transit could see you take that first step. Talking frankly with those who share your living space – family, flatmates or your partner, reveals your emotional, vulnerable side. When it comes to family – whether this is your birth one or one you have created, focus on what you have in common rather than what you don’t. And build a new understanding in the process.

In a nutshell: Fallen into a rut without realising it? This week offers the chance to escape. Expand that routine and that worldview both at the same time. Launch yourself into the future, Sag!


Dare to try something innovative
See your assets in a new light
Work that message

New, different and exciting ways to boost your bank account or to make the most of what cash you do have, allows you access to a feeling of being richer and more secure, Capricorn. You could realise you have more at your disposal that you preciously thought thanks to the new Moon in your 2nd on the 4th. This includes your talents, skills and experience. Seeing these in a new way and perhaps even marketing yourself different brings you that feeling of increased self-worth – and self-sufficiency.

This new Moon can often bring in a new job or source of income or deliver a new relationship that is quite literally an ‘asset’ to us. Act in a way that is both innovative yet practical and down-to-earth now. Above all, work with what you have not what you would like to have or imagine you will have in the future. The way to get to that future is to act with a renewed sense of self-worth in the here and now. Follow this advice and you’ll eventually see results you can bank on.

You’re being given an extra helping hand with this now as Mercury enters its ruling 3rd in your chart from the 10th. Work, business and commercial activities of all kinds are favoured. Remember, as your workload increases, your bank account normally follows suit! A new job, project, customer or order could be just the change you need. You’re in a position to get your message out there and people in a position to say yes are listening. Mercury in here brings and increase in phone calls, emails and communications of all kinds as well as meetings. Work those ideas and walk that talk this week, Capricorn and watch yourself cash in.

In a nutshell: Think differently about your cash and that includes how you relate to and make it. This week could bring new ways to boost your bank account. And your self-worth, Capricorn.


Dream big
Give your goals a new priority
Take action on your ideas

WOW! Things are about to get plenty interesting! Plant those seeds of potential now the new Moon appears in your sign this week. It’s time to put yourself and above all, your dreams for your future first. This new Moon can usher in a time of reflection but by that I don’t mean a lonely time. It is after all, your birthday season. What this new Moon will do however is put you in touch with those intentions and desires which form part of who you are. It then encourages you to put yourself and your dreams first. To assign both these a fresh priority – which you and they, deserve.

You have your dreams for a reason. The new Moon in your sign reminds you of that and at the same time infuses you with new purpose. New goals can arise now as you become aware of how far you’ve come in the past 12 months – and how your goals now need to evolve with you. New friends can be made too and ones who may help or share your vision. Above all, there’s a rebirth and a deep soul validation that is your gift that comes from going after whatever it is that brings you joy.

This week sees Mercury leave your 1st and head off into your house of money, values and self-worth. Time to ‘get real’ about your resources, how you make your money and also how you handle it. Your work load could increase and your bank account reflect this. Above all, if you have a money making idea now, do something with it. Of course, do your research first but once you have, set it in motion. Mercury in here can have you dreaming about those rewards that will come your way while humming along to ‘Billionaire’ – but not doing anything to make it manifest. Allocate a budget for those plans and then follow through with what needs to be done. If so, you could see those goals and ideas become all too real – and the rewards you’re looking for, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Put yourself and your goals first now, Aquarius. This week’s new Moon in your 1st connects you to what really matters. And that’s those dreams which form part of who you are.


See things in a new light
Transform obstacles into opportunities
Let’s get cosmically loud!

A mysterious new Moon of preparation appears in your resonant 12th this week. It’s your signal to look at what you need to let go of and what comes with you into your next cycle once the Sun reaches your sign later this month. This is a highly psychic and intuitive new Moon which always delivers information on something you need to know. As you are the 12th house of the zodiac, you are highly attuned to the messages it brings you.

Information may appear via dreams (keep that dream journal handy), connections you make when reading or watching something which allow you to see things in a new light, or coincidences. When you receive this information, no matter how it arrives, act on it. This is the secret to activating the energy of this new Moon and preparing you for your new cycle to come. If you follow this incredibly simple rule then what follows will see negatives and obstacles miraculously transform into positives and opportunities. Try it and see!

Mercury arrives in your 1st this week and its time now to gather up some ideas about just what you want that new cycle to bring you. Make or update a vision board, share your ideas with people and as you look about you at changes that need to be made and adjust that routine if you realise it has turned into a rut. This year begins a period where ideas and communication, saying what you feel and also saying it in new ways will have a big impact on almost every area of your life. And not being shy about it either. 2019 is the year in which to get loud. The idea that could change the world could just be you, Pisces!

In a nutshell: The run-up to your birthday asks you to act on the information you receive. Insight and inspiration are the building blocks of the future. Dream on!


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