28th May 2012 – Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 29 – Super New Moon in Leo!

By our astrologer Elena


  • If you can dream it – you can create it
  • Commit to love
  • Conceive the inconceivable

You’re the creator/magician this week, Aries. So what is it you want to create? It’s a week where something can be conceived – perhaps even that thing you consider impossible or unattainable. The Sun in your 5th makes a snarky angle to Uranus in your 2nd on the 29th. You’re being asked here if you are giving up something important or selling yourself short just to have something. Or settling for something else because you don’t believe you can have what you really want. The same day however, the Sun also beams across to Chiron in your 1st and the message is now clear: you are unwilling and also unafraid to be anyone but yourself. Today says this is all about owning that and the realisation who you are, your values and what you hold sacred is too valuable – at least to you on a soul level, to sell out or give up.

It’s time to commit to new beginnings – in love, creativity, child-like wonder and passion.  A new supermoon of the inconceivable appears in your 5th on the 1st. This is your house of attraction and now is the time for that magic act. What comes into being now has been desired by you either consciously or unconsciously for a long time. The 2nd sees you ruler Mars meet with Juno in here. Any love affair which begins now could have the promise of lasting attraction. The 2nd is a Friday which is ruled by Venus. So, we can say the fact this conjunction takes place on Venus’s ruling day makes this a perfect one for saying ‘I do’. This includes committing to yourself and being who you are. Commit and create some magic, Aries. 

In a nutshell: If you can think of it, you can create it in your life, Aries. This week is all about why you have the dreams that form part of your being. Believe in yourself – and conceive the inconceivable!

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (5th to 2nd)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (5th to 1st)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (5th)



  • Get living
  • Where is your heart truly committed to?
  • There’s no place like home this week

The heart knows where it wants to call home, Taurus. Is that where you are currently living or is it somewhere else entirely? You may not want to admit this if it is different to your current address – especially to those you live with. But it is time to own it if you feel the pull towards another place or even simply just another kind of lifestyle which you create right where you are now? Time to own what underpins your life this week or where you feel your roots truly run deep. If you are lucky and this is what you have right where you are, then this week offers you the opportunity to enhance your security even further. But this has to first be created on a foundation of you being true to where you belong. The Sun in your 4th and Uranus in your 1st won’t allow you to keep up any pretences now. Your needs may be changing – even if it’s just for more space or freedom. Give this house room as the Sun also makes a fabulous angle with Chiron in your 12th.

This week’s new Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 1st says it’s time to change up that lifestyle so it reflects your personal desires. Whose life are you living anyway? Again, if you are happy with where and how you live, commit further and see this as a new beginning. If so – commit to changing it to bring this into an alignment. Especially if you feel you are living up to someone else’s idea of what home, family or living arrangements should be. The meets between Mars and Juno in here on the 2nd tells you of the need to marry your heart and soul to where you want to be or perhaps need to be, to feel whole. This is living, Taurus.

In a nutshell: The heart knows where it or rather you, truly belong. Is that where you currently live? Or somewhere else entirely? Answer the call. There’s no place like home, Taurus.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (4th to 1st)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (4th to 12th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (4th)



  • Act like you’re the next big thing (you are)
  • Accept all invitations
  • Don’t’ just talk it – believe it and be it

The next big idea could be you this week, Gemini. Surprising news or even an expose not only opens up fresh possibilities but could see you thinking, speaking and yes, deciding differently than you have done in the past. See this week as a time to experiment and play with potentials. Entrée to a group or social scene where you and your thoughts are not only welcomed, but encouraged, is but one of these this week thanks to the Sun in your 3rd offering an invitation to Chiron in your 11th. Connecting to people with whom you can be yourself totally without worrying about criticism or censure just adds to the air of experimentation that’s around you right now.

While you could be sharing those thoughts and ideas with like-minded souls it’s important that you don’t just talk a good game now. You need to bring it. In other words, take your ideas and plans and do something with them. Talk refines and defines but actions are what lead to success. You of all signs understand the energy of the 3rd house better than anyone. Once the talk is done, it’s time to have a plan and also utilise whatever you have available in the here and now. That idea gets a kick-start so get doing, not talking as the new Supermoon appears on the 1st. Mars conjunct Juno in here offers the perfect fusion between ideas and committing to do something with them. Say it like you mean it this week and show you mean what you say, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Fan that spark of an idea into a flame this week with signature follow-through daring, Gemini! As friends and your support network encourage you to go for your goals.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (3rd to 12th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (3rd to 11th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (3rd)



  • Join the rich list!
  • Charge up your connection to abundance
  • Advice is there to be invested

Join the rich list as this week gets you relating to those material goals just that little bit better. Challenge long term beliefs around money –how you earn it, spend it, invest it or simply whether you think it’s hard to come by or the root of all evil. Money is energy only and the ‘charge’ – i.e. good, evil, easy come, easy go, hoard, save or spend is one we personally put on it. Money itself is neutral. The attitude you have to it could determine your financial direction for some time as the Sun and Uranus ask you to prepare for a radical new change to how you view your resources. Someone may cross your path who offers you advice or acts as an example to emulate now. They could even be instrumental in improving your current financial status thanks to the Sun’s angle to Chiron in your 10th. This could even be someone who has made their money in a highly original or unique way. But self-made they most likely are. Even if it’s just advice they have to give you – although for some they could offer a job or business opportunity, use this to invest in your own future.

Wealth comes in many forms. Not just what is in our bank accounts but our assets include our self-worth, talents, skills, experience and the people who support us. This week’s new Supermoon in your 2nd is all about you looking at the entirety of your resources. First appreciate all that you have on an emotional level. And even if you are unemployed at the moment or have financial worries, try to see past what you don’t have to what you do. Make a list of these ‘assets’ if you need to have a resource audit. Once you read through it, chances are you’re seeing you have more than you realised. That’s your ‘charge’ now which you can apply to your money as Mars and Juno which rules commitment, invest you with the desire for action and a new way to relate to what you have. It could just be a formula for abundance which opens up new conduits to prosperity. And prove to be your best investment yet, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Change how you relate to your money and all you have at your disposal. Abundance includes your talents and the people in your life. It’s the new rich list for you, Cancer.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (2nd to 11th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (2nd to 10th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (2nd)



  • Welcome to your relaunch
  • Destiny wants you to discover a whole new you
  • Break out, break free – evolve your soul

Success requires you to be a little bit bold, add a dash of daring and a whole lot of different, this week Leo. Your ruler the Sun highlights the message from Uranus in your 10th for the long term which is you need to approach career matters from a radical new angle. Failure to adjust could add up to just that. You’re most likely feeling the need to blaze a fresh trial now. Time to light up your future like a firework and be unafraid to step into the new. Even if you love your present job you’ll want to take on something new or expand your role or skills. If you’re not afforded that or if you’ve been feeling lately like that proverbial square peg in a sinkhole, now is the time to make that break towards a role where you can be you. Take a chance and apply for that new job or even embrace a new direction.

It’s a week of new beginnings and this is no shy start but a fully-fledged commitment towards something so much more emotionally satisfying for you. The new Moon in our 1st always marks the start of a fresh cycle or relaunch. But the one which appears on the 1st is a new Supermoon. It’s potential is therefore increased exponentially but it’s all down to you being willing to be just a little bit more edgy and confident. Thanks to Mars in your 1st you’re willing to do whatever is necessary. Mars’s alignment with Juno also in your sign says you’re committed to your next course of action – mind, body and soul. The only person’s opinion which matters at the end of the day is yours, Leo.

In a nutshell: Try a touch of daring on for size now, Leo. Light up your future like a firework. Determine your destiny by embracing an important new beginning this week.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (1st to 10th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (1st to 9th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (1st)



  • Inner changes bring the outer ones you’re waiting for
  • Focus on what you have – not what you don’t
  • Try an alternative approach

This week it’s all about being true to you, Virgo. So look closely at all areas of your life that are aligned to your authentic soul self – and be prepared to confront those that aren’t.  If you discover the latter – be prepared to do something about them and perhaps in a different way to what you have done in the past. Your intuition is going to be peaking this week thanks to a new Supermoon in your 12th on the 1st and proves to be your best guide. What this stirs up is much needed compassion, empathy and insight – which you need to direct towards yourself. You’ve a new awareness not to mention, appreciation, for who you truly are. Major 12th house transits like these ask you to focus on the good rather than what you are dissatisfied with. Are you harder on yourself than you ever are on other people? Time to shower yourself with love and compassion.

If you feel stuck at all at this time, or if you know you need to let something go but are not sure what. Or if you know you need changes but they are not coming or you are afraid of making the wrong ones, then a shift in your inner world will bring the transformation of the outer one. This is why you should be focussing on what you have that works rather than what doesn’t. Your victories rather than your failures. What you have rather than what you don’t. This alone weeds out what you need from what you don’t. Your supercharged intuition provides you with exactly the right guidance you need now. Make an inner shift now to set the outer ones in motion.

In a nutshell: It’s time to treasure yourself, Virgo. Try a little tenderness instead of self-criticism. Appreciate what you already have rather than what you don’t. The changes you want will follow.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (12th to 9th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (12th to 8th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (12th)



  • Friendship feels more like partnership
  • Give your social life a heart-starter
  • Get connected

Chances are your social scene has undergone a shift lately, Libra. Has your support cast changed? Are you in fact recasting when it comes to the role friends play in your life? Have you simply outgrown some connections or alternatively, have you been so focussed on other areas of your life, your social one has been left out in the cold? Uranus is the ruler of your 11th house which governs your friends as well as your goals and it angles back to the Sun in here from your 8th of endings and change on the 29th. The same day also sees the Sun trine Chiron in your 7th of partnerships of all descriptions. If some connections have fallen by the wayside now, you can look forward to making at least one highly significant new one that more than fills that empty space in your circle.

This week’s new supermoon in your 11th on the 1st is not one that wants to see you spending too much time on your own. The month you are stepping in to wants you to join in and connect. If other demands on your time have meant your social life has suffered, you now need to make friendship your priority. Remember, your 11th is your house of the future. The people you meet, the actions you take now, determine how things will unfold for some time to come. We all need to recharge but are you spending too much time on your own? If the answer is yes and you don’t want that to remain a trend, get out and connect. Lucky for you Mars in here hands you more than your fair share or charisma now. Combined with Juno the next friendship you strike up really could feel more like a partnership that anything else. Being lucky in love is actually being lucky with your friends this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Luck revolves around who you know, not what you know this week, Libra. New people or existing friends set the future in motion. Give your social life some TLC and don’t stay home.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (11th to 8th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (11th to 7th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (11th)



  • Put your best self forward
  • Research and rehearsal lead to success
  • Get ready to get noticed

Dare to dazzle this month. Scorpio? The 10th house is one of the houses where we are very much ‘on show’ and in the public eye. The attention we get now will be based on what we bring to the table – dazzling with our smarts, credentials and achievements as this is our house of career. Carve yourself an extra-large piping hot fresh slice of ambition now as the new supermoon appears in here. You’ve a very full 10th house thanks to the Sun angling to both Uranus in your 7th and Chiron in your 6th – both urging you to forge your own path in your own individual way. This new Moon usually brings rewards and recognition. Or else we find our path blocked. If so, we have some serious thinking to do. If a door refuses to open do we need to knock on a different one? This week is the start of a month where your professional or ‘public’ image matters.

Again, if you encounter setbacks or aren’t getting the results you want, is this down to how others see you? If success is elusive a strategy change may be in order. Mars in your 10th can give you courage and the competitive edge. But entwined with Juno this is about working together and cooperation. And also being open to a different set of tactics if necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and don’t wait until you’re in a position where winning matters to get it. Ask people you already know whose opinion you can trust if you need to make any adjustments to how you present yourself and come across. Be open minded and above all, ask at least three people if you can. If two or more say the same thing you know what you have to do. This week says do your research as the ability to dazzle begins with getting it right. And that includes researching what may be holding you back from the success you deserve.

In a nutshell: You’re in a position to dazzle and impress, Scorpio. A little research pays off big time when it comes to that success story. Act on the information you gather now.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (10th to 7th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (10th to 6th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (10th)



  • Dance to your own tune – not someone else’s
  • Who is travelling with you?
  • Passion + freedom = love

Restrictive routines simply aren’t you style, Sag. You need variety. Yes, we all need a certain amount of organisation and scheduling in order to deal with those unavoidable tasks effectively. Think of this as making more time for the things you love. But a hamster wheel or the same mundane job, day in, day out? The Sun in your 9th makes a break out angle to Uranus in your 6th on the 29th. Make an effort to release yourself from that rut rather than wait for circumstances to conspire to doing it for you. The same day sees the Sun angle to Chiron in your 5th. This is your inner rock star waiting to be unleashed. Have you been so busy dancing to someone else’s tune your life now lacks rhythm? Just whose playlist is this anyway? Your 5th is the house where you get to express yourself – so time to get doing just that. And don’t fear the critics. Critics criticise because they can’t actually do it themselves. Or simply don’t have the courage to.

Someone could cross you path this week who is totally about expressing themselves – and not caring too much about what people think either. They have the wisdom to know the only person’s approval which matters is their own. They may not be looking for approval, but if they find it they also know this usually means they have encountered a kindred soul. Someone could inspire you to walk to the beat of your own drum rather than to someone else’s tune. The new Supermoon in your 9th marks the start of a new journey of discovery while Mars and Juno conjunct in here point to two travelling companions who may be different in many ways, but heading down the same path. You and they could just share the same playlist, Sag.

In a nutshell: Break free of restriction and routine. And out into pleasure and adventure again. Letting go of worrying about what others think brings you the ideal travelling companion, Sag.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (9th to 6th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (9th to 5th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (9th)



  • Be the observer
  • Detachment brings empowerment and perspective
  • Get ready for positive change and completion

There’s a sense of events coming to completion with new beginnings set to follow due to the rather intense patterns flowing across your 8th of alchemical transformation this week. There’s a desire within you for a dream or a goal to come true when the new Supermoon appears in here on the 1st. The Sun also in your 8th angles to Uranus in your 5th of true fabulousness and creativity. Uranus rules those goals. It’s asking you what you are prepared to do or even change to turn that dream into reality? This may begin with some planning. The Sun also trines Chiron in your 4th telling you that some time alone to come up with a unique idea just may be in order. What’s worked for you? What isn’t working right now? The solution you’re seeking to anything you need to change this week is to practice some Buddhist non-attachment rather than trying to push forward. Be the observer. Detach yourself from thoughts about situations that label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or anything else in-between. They are experiences only. Now you’ve taken away the emotional charge – how do they look now? Chances are very different. Take some down time and get creative when it comes to solutions.

Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th so is in fact, right at home in here. It demands passion and also action. Intertwined with Juno this relates to your significant other, partner or something you share with someone. Are you happy with the T’s & C’s of your relationship or agreement if it concerns money, assets or resources? Saying yes if it works and renegotiating if it doesn’t – or going towards something that does, is what you need to do now. Again, nothing is good or bad. It just is. But passion or absence of it when it comes to you and another, is exactly what it seems to be. Taking the time out to change your perspective brings the new beginning you seek.

In a nutshell: Changes are happening all around you this week. Get ready for a major transformation. Which begins with you seeing things in a very different and empowered light, Capricorn!

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (8th to 5th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (8th to 4th)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (8th)



  • More ways to partner up than there are stars in the sky
  • Leave emotional ruts in the past
  • Be two

The universe is sending you a proposal this week, Aquarius. Now, with all the activity in your 7th of partnerships, for some of you this could turn out to be literal. Or a new love interest could appear with the potential to lead to just that thanks to an entanglement in your 7th between Mars and Juno. This week is very much about partnerships and duos of all descriptions. You basically want to be two on some level. Settleds could be entering into a new kind of living arrangement – one they have crafted very much to suit themselves and their own lifestyle. If you are coupled up and have fallen into a rut – either emotionally or simply with how or where you live, ruler Uranus is telling you this week that being settled does not mean settling for what no longer works or accommodates those togetherness needs. Some of you may get moving quite literally, due to this realisation.

Others could meet someone with whom you share similar ideas and outlook. That unique individual is ticking all the boxes for you as the Sun trines Chiron in your 3rd. Plus they make you feel you can say what’s on your mind right back without worrying about whether or not you will be judged. Keep an open mind now around the possible potential in new relationships as you can’t judge a book by its cover. This week’s supermoon of togetherness in your 7th says it’s time to couple up on some level and enter a new period of relating to yourself via relating to someone else. Don’t forget there are as many types of partnership as there are stars in the sky. You’ll attract exactly the kind of opposite number you need right now to further your heart search. Watch who appears in the next two weeks or simply who becomes more important. Time to tango, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Time to embrace the power of two, Aquarius. It’s all about you and someone special this week. That present or future partner. How many ways are there to love? Infinite ones.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (7th to 4th)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (7th to 3rd)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (7th)



  • Be present
  • Find your way of working
  • You are the difference!

Practical matters get a fresh approach this week. Above all, you need to be very firmly in the moment and aware of what’s going on around you. Your 6th house is about your day job, routine, everyday chores and responsibilities and your wellbeing. This week’s new Supermoon in here opens up the possibility of a new slant on the daily things you do. A new job, refreshed routine or diet and exercise program could form part of this. Please be aware your body is more sensitive under this new Moon than it usually is, and will remain so for the next 28 days. This especially applies to your sensitivity to heat. Ensure you keep up the sunblock and be aware that too much sun or heat now may not be a good thing. Stay hydrated and in the shade.

This new Moon and the Sun also in your 6th brings the potential for new beginnings especially when it comes to work. If you’ve not found the right role, consider it might not exist yet or you may need to create it for yourself. Or it is out there but you need to explore other sectors to find it? Taking a new approach to how you earn your bread, thinking outside the square and going with those ideas – no matter how ‘out there’ they may seem, could put you on a learning curve towards greater job satisfaction. Extra cash is an added bonus. If you’re happy in your current position, your take out this week could be extra acknowledgement for the difference you’re making as someone shows their appreciation. It’s a week of small successes – but don’t underestimate their impact. Or your own on what you do, Pisces.

In a nutshell: It’s a week of small gains but together they add up to a greater success over time. Don’t underestimate the power of a single step. Or what you have to contribute, Pisces.

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (6th to 3rd)

29 Jul 2019 SUN IN LEO TRINE CHIRON IN ARIES (6th to 2nd)

1 Aug 2019 NEW SUPERMOON IN LEO (6th)


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