Your September Horoscope all signs 2018

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 2018


  • Take care of the details and they will take care of you
  • Karmic connections can be made
  • Get ready for more!

You’re wanting so much more this September, Aries. What’s more (no pun intended!), you’re determined to take the steps to get it. You’re not about to be deterred as your confidence soars and you rediscover that signature fire and passion.

More of what? Well, just about everything! The heavy ‘weather’ we’ve been experiencing latterly lifts during the first week of September. Saturn finally heads direct in its ruling 10th in your chart. Time to get seriously realistic about those work and business goals. And also to look at how these impact on your wellbeing. Let’s face it – there’s no point in doing or having more if you can’t enjoy your success because you don’t feel 100%. Saturn direct once more asks about the support structure you have created during its retrograde period. Part of this involves identifying  whom or what undermines that. When you see it, weed it out.

Fabulous new seeds can be planted at the time of this month’s new Moon in your 6th which appears on the 9th. Want to know where the pruning needs to take place? This new Moon also opposes Neptune in your 12th. That’s a shout-out from your deepest soul wisdom as to what needs to stay – and what needs to go. Get down to the details now as if you don’t, your overall energy and wellbeing may suffer. I know I said you want more this month, but what you don’t want is more of the same that you’ve been putting up with lately. Or more of what doesn’t do you any good. In some instances, when it comes to what takes away from you in terms of your soul energy – less IS more now.

The need to create a more energised yet pristine working arrangement or lifestyle is echoed by Venus’s arrival in your 8th. This takes place the same day as that new Moon. Radical and fundamental shifts one way or another may occur this month around your money, assets or income. It’s one more reason to be as organised as possible and to see this as your support structure for having and getting that more! Stay focussed on the details and they will take care of you. It’s also likely that money or increased abundance is another things you’re determined to acquire more of. Venus will oppose Uranus in Venus’s ruling 2nd (your house of money) on the 12th. Ruler Mars now very much powering forward once again, re-enters your social sector from the 11th, propelling your forward once more to make the connections you need. Mars will make a tight angle to Uranus on the 19th while the 21st sees the Sun and Mercury meeting in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Time to impress those in positions to say ‘Yes!’. To do that you need that preparation I’ve been talking about.  If you’ve put in the groundwork, the results could just ricochet across your entire work and career sector like a pinball to end with a ring-a-ding-ka-ka-ching in your back account! You wanted more? Here it comes, baby!

But what about more love? Venus in your 8th stirs up passion and sees you wanting to express this. Perhaps in deeper and more creative ways. Mercury enters your 7th of long term love and partnerships on the 22nd and the Sun follows the next day. Ruler Mars opposes the North Node in your romance zone also on the 22nd and Mercury will trine Mars on the 24th. This could draw to you an important karmic connection. Single rams on the lookout for love should be doing everything they can to connect with others and ensure love knows where to find them. The full Moon in your 1st which appears on the 25th sees you very much in the moment. You’re very attuned to what is happening around you and as a result you can draw people, desires and dreams to you now simply by being emotionally resonant.

Whether you are single or settled, it’s a time for relating and also attraction. You’re more open about your feelings and wanting to share them. Less worried about rejection or being judged. What is more, others perceive you as authentic due to your genuine desire to know more about what they are thinking and feeling. Who or what you draw to you this month – the very essence of that ‘more’, is going to be a reflection of who you are. Or rather, who you believe you are. All the more reason to spend time at the start of the month cutting out anything and anyone that takes away from you being your best.

The full Moon in your 1st is always a time to look at the love you have – and the love to want to  attract in the future. If you’re settled, you’ll be searching for ways you can blend those desires harmoniously with those of your partner’s. You could just come up with the magical blend of ingredients when it comes to relationships – or to see new ways this can be achieved. If you’re single, you’ll be focussed on what you have in common rather than wanting to see differences.

One final bold move seas the months that just wants to deliver more for you. Put the finishing touches on projects and plans as well anything you can do to advance your goals both personal and professional. Success for you is not letting life – or that opportunity to connect to love, pass you by. Be ready to experience more and be more this September.

In a nutshell:  Ready for more, Aries? More abundance, more success, more life and more love? Time to take action and claim it this September from a month that just wants to deliver!


  • Be the change you want to see in your life
  • Step into your best cycle for love for 2018!
  • Set yourself free

Time to be set free, Taurus. Are you ready? Soul restrictions and blocks to progress vary from individual to individual. Because what we need for our own personal freedom and evolution is different due to our own individual journey. This month is all about Future Mapping in the present now Saturn has finally shifted to direct motion again in your 9th. Smooth sailing replaces heavy weather with one caveat: you need to have a clear direction in mind. Hopefully you have used the Saturn retrograde cycle and the unusual retrograde weather we experienced last month, as a time to look closely  at where you need to make room to learn, experience, explore, expand and evolve. Nature after all, abhors a vacuum. And September brings with it the possibility of new growth and exciting opportunities. Chart your course, Taurus!

The Sun and Mercury in your house of romance, children and pleasure draws your attention to whether or not you’re expressing yourself. Or just living up to other’s expectations. This is your house of good times, where you get to create, be spontaneous, have fun and shine. Are you doing that? This is also one of the houses in your chart which rules attraction. Children, stepchildren or just young people in general may feature as may memories of your own childhood. Especially when it comes to charting your own course. The confidence to do this begins in childhood. Were you encouraged to be yourself or did you feel you had to conform in some way? With the Sun in here opposing Neptune in your social sector, whatever you are seeking to attract rests on how comfortable you are being yourself. Allow creativity and intuition to be your guides here. When we are set free to be ourselves, this is when our power to attract is at its best. Life flows with us and through us. Art, music, performing – there’s a touch of theatricality about all of this. Anything which allows you to express your creativity or any event linked to these themes is where you will find your joy and also new friendships or even a romantic opportunity.  The new Moon of the 9th in your 5th also draws in inspiration and insight from Neptune. Follow that inner voice and you could find yourself in the right place at the right time where new connections sparkle with potential.

This new Moon wants you to experience fun and pleasure – but without this tipping into over-indulgence. This is one of those new Moons which favours taking a chance. It’s not about being reckless however. When it comes to your career, Mars enters your 10th during the second week of the month, restoring drive and firing up those ambitions. There’s a saying: ‘You have to speculate to accumulate’ so take a chance on anything that could build on what you have already established and adds to your professional credibility.

Continue to be open to expansion and the possibility of change. Often you can’t have one without the other. Change isn’t a scary word. If you’re single, something has to change for you to find love. As in a new person must enter your life. If you want a fresh direction in your career –again, something has to change. You apply for a new role, repackage your skills or upskill. Often change involves people entering or leaving – lovers, partners, friends, bosses. The changes we want to manifest begin within when we relate to ourselves differently. Because this affects our interactions in the outer world, we then become agents for our own change.

Ruler Venus enters its ruling 7th in your chart from the 9th and you’re stepping into one of the best cycles for relating and changing how you relate for 2018.  You now have both Venus and Jupiter in this sector of your chart. This is only the second time both of these planets have been in here at the same time in 12 years! Also, it is the last time for another 12 years. Expand the love in your life now. Existing relationships bring fresh opportunities and deepen. Important new relationships can begin. Career matters and any ventures that involve you and at least one other person offer success so collaborate and connect. Two can achieve far more together than they could as separate individuals now.

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 5th on the 21st, take every opportunity to showcase and express yourself. To seek the spotlight, to meet people and have fun. Don’t shy away from being the centre of attention and whatever you do, don’t take things too seriously – and that includes yourself.  You won’t get another window like this for another 12 years! Above all, if you are in the wrong relationship, use this energy to bring things to an amicable conclusion as you will find this easier to do than at any other time.

The Sun moves into your 6th from the 23rd. This is your house of work, day-to-day responsibility, wellbeing, pets, routines and also ideas. As far as the latter goes, you’ll want to be heard and acknowledged for these now. Expressing them and being acknowledged and validated will be integral to your wellbeing and are the key to job satisfaction. Mercury which rules this house enters on the 22nd. Changing your diet, your daily routine and also your mind (embracing new ideas), could affect more than just your physical wellbeing but have a positive knock-on effect on other areas. Yes, it’s another form of change. Explore that mind/body connection and how it relates to introducing the new.

Having more faith in yourself, your insight, your creativity, your abilities and that inner compass, is what the full Moon in your 12th on the 25th wants you to do. This is your house of secrets, hidden truths, psychic ability and the past. If you feel something strongly now, look back at the times when your ‘gut’ feeling was telling you something. Now is not the time to ignore it. Neither is it keeping how you truly feel to yourself. Sudden flashes of insight can provide you with the release you need or send you off on a new path towards love and freedom. Be the change this September, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Embrace who you truly are and set in motion forces for positive change. Time to live and express your passion, Taurus. Others are going to love the change – and so are you!


  • Time to flirt and enchant
  • Try a new approach to an old issue
  • Get ready for motion to rock your ocean!

Ruler Mercury starts the month in its ruling 3rd in your chart. Time to work that confidence and curiosity when it comes to the effect your ideas can have in shaping your world. Say what you mean and mean what you say and follow through on your word. Do this and you’ll be in a position to impress. This is your house of communication, commerce and business. And as Mercury aligns to Venus in our 5th, you’re also in a position to dazzle and attract too! You could make a lasting impression on anyone you meet whether it’s for business or purely personal reasons. You’re Prince or Princess Charming so it’s time to enchant, to weave a story and to draw others into it. It’s all about what you and you alone have to offer. You can flirt – whether this is with ideas or propositions of another kind – and draw people in simply with what you say now.

Saturn breaks the heavy retrograde cycle left over from August when it heads direct on the 6th. Retrograde Saturn in your 8th should have had you going back over the resources you have available to you. Now you have a good idea of what these are – in terms of material, shared and soul assets. It’s time now to utilise these to create new growth in your life. Although Saturn in here can feel confining and restricting even when direct, by working with what you have strategically, and tapping into the power of your creative core, you are laying the groundwork for a new cycle of happiness and abundance. No matter how confining or restrictive things appear right now. Keep the faith in yourself, Gemini!

Mercury moves into your 4th on the same day as Saturn turns direct. Being familiar with the Merc retro rules, even though it is now direct, take your time when it comes to long term decisions. Your career, lifestyle, home and family will now take precedence over other issues. Mercury in here favours contracts and anything to do with property or making yourself secure. And this is where your thinking is heading now – towards what sustains you and gives you a sense of belonging and security. You may be able to reach for a solution that surprises and also sustains you now as links form between Mercury in here and Uranus and Saturn. It’s about your money but so much more. This is about the future. Think long-term and plan accordingly.

You also have a new Moon in this, the Moon’s ruling house on the 9th, which will oppose Neptune in your 10th. This is your cue to move forward and claim that future. The recent retrograde storms  may have left you feeling you were quite literally battling them. As if forces beyond your control have been pushing back so that no matter how hard you tried to move forward, you remained in the same place. This new Moon can mark the point where life moves forward once more.  When it does, ensure you live it on your terms. This Moon can bring up parental and family issues and if so, you need to check you are not living up to their expectations rather than your own. A new Moon in your 4th can stir up long buried ambitions and as it falls opposite Neptune in your career sector, it’s an invitation to work towards your higher purpose. Yours and yours alone. Don’t live your life for other people. Claim this and the next two months will deliver fresh opportunities. This is a new Moon of renewal.

New, different and exciting ways of working give that daily routine a creative overhaul are all aspects of Venus in your 6th opposing Uranus in your 12th mid-month. You could uncover hidden talents, skills you had allowed to go dormant or an unexpected way to make extra money. Go with the untried and even revolutionary approach to an old issue around your work to your wellbeing. Ruler Mercury is about to get up and get down in your 5th of attraction, romance and play, but before it does, it aligns to Pluto in its ruling 8th. If you followed the lead of the new Moon, then this could put more future-defining resources at your disposal.

Turn up the heat and turn on the passion as the Sun joins Mercury in your 5th from the 23rd. Time for creation, new beginnings and love. This is one of those cycles where your energy will peak and you need to channel it into something which ignites your soul. Express yourself. Radiate. If you don’t, what will happen is that you’ll begin to feel drained for no reason. This is the opposite of what this cycle is about. It wants you to have fun and let go – especially of concerns around what others may think of you. The 24th sees Mercury angle to fiery Mars in your 9th – inviting you to explore something that could open your eyes – and your heart! Sudden, intense attractions are possible. You’ve the confidence to go for it whether ‘it’ is that trip, that activity you’ve always wanted to try, that first approach to that hot looking stranger or just allowing yourself to be the centre of attention! We all need the spotlight – and an outlet occasionally.

Get out, socialise, meet new people, connect with old friends and set your intentions as the full Mon strikes your 11th on the 25th. This is a great Moon under which to share ideas with like-minded people. If you are meeting up with friends, then try to choose a venue where you can talk, exchange your thoughts and catch up rather than one that is large and loud. This Moon favours good conversation. Above all, share those plans for the future as the people around you could have valuable input. This is also an excellent full Moon under which to join that club, group or association you’ve been thinking about. While full Moons tend to bring things to a climax, this one also has you focused on your future plans as this is your house of goals.

Let go this month and you’ll soon see life stats flowing in the right direction with very little effort required from you, Gemini. Feel the wheel of life once again begin to turn in your direction and be prepared to take a chance this September!

In a nutshell: No more spinning your wheels, Gemini! Flirt – with ideas, possibilities or that potential new love as life gathers speed to take you in an exciting new direction. Go with the flow in September.


  • Lock down that love
  • Take yourself seriously
  • Define what home means to you

What have you decided about love and partnerships, Cancer? Time to take action on this now Saturn finally heads direct again in your 7th. Who is with you for the long term? Who isn’t? Lock down that love – or let it go. Saturn retrograde in this house has been asking you to get serious when it comes to relating. This can simply boil down to getting serious about what it is you want – which may not be anything serious right now. Or it might. Saturn isn’t about a half-hearted approach. It’s about owning our choices and taking responsibility for them. It’s about our responsibility to ourselves too. Such as when we know what it is we want, not being with someone who wants something different. And being unafraid to be honest about what it is we want for the long term. Saturn rules time so another way of looking at this is to say there’s no more time wasters. Honesty, integrity and a willingness to do the work are all Saturn’s trademarks. Hopefully they are now yours too when it comes to long term love, what you want from partners or just love in general.

Remember, this house in your chart also rules all kinds of close connections – your long term friends, business partners and collaborators if you have them, close working relationships and yes, that person you truly can’t stand – your ‘opponent’ as this is your house of open enemies.  The person opposite you may not always be the one you love but they do have something to teach you about your love evolution nonetheless. Saturn retro should have allowed you to see where you have established a true ‘support structure’ across all your long-term connections. And even allowed you to access new levels of core calmness when dealing with that ‘difficult’ person. You should also be emerging from this with the knowledge that it’s ALL love. You don’t have to be in a romantic partnership to experience love. This is merely one facet of how love expresses itself. And as a footnote, staying in the wrong love connection is a waste of love itself – for both parties. Saturn says being authentic means not faking it if you no longer feel it. Mercury in its ruling 3rd makes a communication enhancing angle to Saturn the day it moves forward again. So, get talking when it comes to authentic expression.

The new Moon also in your 3rd on the 9th opposes Neptune and this is also the day when Venus, planet of love, arrives in your romance zone. Time to ensure you get your message across now, no matter for whom it is intended. Say it with love for extra effect. This is your ‘Game Plan’ new Moon where you set in motion plans for the future. What do they include? Get very clear about this. Neptune offers you enhanced vision and creativity but can also lead you into confusion and unrealistic expectations. This is one of those houses in your chart that link you to learning and also getting to the point! So, you may be able to harness all the positive aspects of this Moon and Neptune and channel both your analytical and intuitive faculties into what you say and those ideas.

Above all, this is a time to set something in motion. This is an excellent new Moon for starting a new job or job search, launching that project or product, website or embarking on a course of study. Travel, learning or even upskilling are all in focus as is increased communication and more work. Venus in your 5th boosts your attraction factor and sets your personal aura to sparkle. You’ll draw to you anything from attention to romantic opportunities, work recognition, pleasure all enhanced with a pinch of good luck. Think of yourself as the star of your own show now. Work your ‘brand’ as Venus in here endows you with a touch of glamour. Look and feel you best and even update your image if necessary as part of your path to pleasure. Make a commitment to yourself. That’s serious self-love.

This month offers you one of the best windows for attraction that you’ll experience in 2018. The reason being you have both Venus and Jupiter in your 5th at the same time – something you won’t experience again for another 12 years! This coupled with the decisions you have made about your love future, puts you in a position to create it. You’ve a fearless, flirtatious intensity about you and this ability to say what’s on your mind means you won’t shy away from saying what’s on your mind – or taking that conversation further. You’ll pursue work and money matters and that flirtation could quickly head into XXX territory thanks to a transformational and sexy alignment between  Mercury and Pluto mid-month! News around work, study or even travel could feature when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 3rd on the 21st. Contracts could be signed, deals struck or you could upgrade your computer, phone or even a new means of getting around now.

The focus turns to matters closer to home from the 22nd when Mercury enters your 4th, followed by the Sun on the 23rd. Time to focus on your home environment, lifestyle, family and your long term security. Make changes to living arrangements if necessary and look to your roots. Not just your family tree and where you come from – but what gives your life stability. For many of us this encompasses so much more than just the family we were born into or who raised us. But includes our relationships, our work, our friends – as well as where we feel ‘at home’. Our sense of ‘belonging’. And as your sign rules all these themes, you identify with them more strongly than most others. Between now and the Sun changing signs in October, thank of this as your ‘housekeeping’ period. Where you get to see where you truly belong and what belongs with you. If you like, this is an extension of the work you were doing during the Saturn retrograde. Now it’s about what and where you love as well as who in a larger sense. Who you share your living space with will become increasingly important. As will where this living space is. Is it where you live now or is it somewhere else entirely? Your job and career path is linked to all of this and the full Moon in your 10th on the 26th could bring up an issue around this. You will realise the importance of how you are perceived by others – especially bosses, employers (including potential ones) and those in positions of power and influence.

It’s time to reach for something new and if you were thinking of starting something at the time of the new Moon but hesitated when the full Moon appears, procrastinate no more. Ensure you are seen in the best possible light and make the most of any opportunity to make a good impression. Especially on people in a position to help or assist you. Getting serious about love means taking every facet of your life seriously. Your need for love, your need for security, and for recognition. Take yourself seriously this September and watch as others follow your lead.

In a nutshell: Time to get serious. No more timewasting when it comes to love – or your career Cancer. Take yourself seriously – and be ready for serious results.


  • Get life working for you
  • Know your worth
  • Chart a fresh course

Stop the heavy lifting when it comes to work and lighten that load, Leo. The 6th sees Saturn finally move forward in your work sector. Hopefully you have used this retrograde period to examine what supports and sustains you. This especially applies to your diet. ‘Sustenance’ is the key word here because in order to succeed, you need to support and sustain that body. What have you identified that does not do this? I’m not only talking about what you eat, but people and situations which drain you as well. This is your house of routines, habits and attitudes. Have these shifted recently? You need to lighten the load when it comes to what doesn’t work in order to get life – and that body, working with you rather than against you.

Mercury joins ruler the Sun in your 2nd the same day Saturn shifts to forward motion once more. Expect a renewed focus on your money, values, skills, work, assets and self-esteem – the value you assign to yourself in other words. This doesn’t just apply to this month as this will continue on into October. Just one small caveat attached to this: get any money matters – especially if it involves credit, loans or major purchases, signed and delivered by the start of October. However, when it comes to business dealings – work, selling, commerce, ideas and communication matters, your chart is alight with activity right through to the last week in October. You’re right on the money during this period, Leo.

Tap into those core values, the value you put on yourself, your time, talents and skills, how you expect to be treated or recompensed, as well as what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. What’s your price ticket, Leo? You know where the ‘buck stops here’. Stay connected to this as the Sun asks Neptune in your 8th what you stand for on the 7th. You can’t afford to be unsure or ambivalent about this. Know your true worth Leo, especially if you are involved in any kind of financial dealings, salary or pay negotiations or even the terms of a relationship! Bring those values ‘down to earth’ now by focusing on your assets and what you have to offer. Above all, be seen as someone ‘real’ – who knows what they want and what their worth is. This is your collateral now.

Venus enters your 4th on the same day as the new Moon appears in your 2nd. Your 2nd is of course, Venus’s natural ruling house in your chart. While the 4th is the Moon’s. So, this new Moon and Venus are having a conversation. Venus makes us more receptive, more open and more vulnerable. We may feel more emotional than usual especially when it comes to those we love. We will also naturally gravitate towards the people who make us feel loved, safe and nurtured. The new Mon in your 2nd points to new financial beginnings and so this is an excellent time to look to your long term money plans and for doing anything to the home. Especially anything that enhances or beautifies your surroundings. Just be aware that Venus can easily make us ignore our budget as this planet’s priorities are always beauty, indulgence and luxury. Remember, it’s nurturing you need as Venus in here is actually about our needs as opposed to our wants. Our need for a place to call home – and perhaps someone nice to come home to if we are single and seeking. For now, focus on ‘feathering’ your nest and channel your energies into establishing material security. You have Jupiter as well as Venus in your 4th right now. And you will not see these two planets together in here for another 12 years! The Sun makes a materially beneficial angle to Jupiter from your 2nd on the 11th and a more powerful one to Pluto in your 6th the same day. Changes around your work or even your home could lead to more financial security and you feeling more settled in the future.

If contracts or agreements are to be signed, this could occur at the start of the third week as the Sun and Mercury meet. Others could receive positive news around career or finances they have been waiting for. Mercury moves on into its ruling 3rd on the 22nd and your ruler follows the next day. Ideas, communication, publishing, the internet, business, commerce and increased communication all feature. As will your neighbourhood, your daily routine and commute and siblings if you have them. Agents, go-betweens, taxi drivers, Uber, couriers could be part of your world for the next month. One chain of emails, texts, letters, calls or meetings may demand your focus  for entire days and you may have deadlines to meet. It’s time to have increased confidence in your ideas. Both Mercury and your ruler will be enhancing your communication skills while in here. This is where you don’t just get to deliver your message – you get to roar, Leo! This is also a good time to buy a new phone, tablet, computer or car, to book that trip or go on it or to receive positive news about that job application, proposal, exam or submission. Validation should be all around you so walk that talk. If you have been thinking about up-skilling or retraining, sign up for that course. Some of you may even be offered this via your current job.  Grab any opportunity that comes along to increase your knowledge or your skills now. Because yes, it all adds to your worth.

This month’s full Moon appears on the25th in your house of freedom and expansion. It’s one that I always associate with exploration and setting sail. You’re embarking on a journey now whether real or metaphorical. After your ‘there’s no place like home’ earlier in the month, you’re now watching the shore disappear in your wake and sailing into uncharted waters. If something completes under this full Moon, it’s not so much an ending but the point of a fresh departure. This month began with Saturn asking you to shed what no longer works for you. You don’t want to be taking any excess baggage with you on this journey. Under this Moon you’ll identify a new goal and a new star to guide you to it. Your optimism and above all, your faith in the future will be rekindled due to increased self-confidence.  And you won’t tolerate anyone negative or who does not share your vision or see the potential around you. As I said, this cycle of increased communication, movement and momentum continues right into October.  Chart your course towards something bigger this September, Leo.

In a nutshell: Travel, work and business dominate the month. Messages, ideas, meetings propel you forward into fresh opportunities. One cycle ends – with an exciting new one to follow now, Leo.


  • Time for serious love
  • Discover hidden assets
  • Get ready for magic and synchronicity

Hidden assets and resources and digging deep into those soul values start the month, Virgo. While the Sun and ruler Mercury (arriving on the 6th) are in your 1st, it’s time to look at how what you have can get you where you need to go in the coming year. It begins with appreciating yourself and what you have.  And the truth is, you probably have everything you need to get anything you want. You may just not yet realise just how much you have at your disposal but this month will show you just how to tap into resources or options you had no idea existed – until now. Your ruler in your house of hidden truths and insights aligning with Venus in its ruling money house, could just alert you to buried soul treasure, something you’re missing or an opportunity comes spinning out of the past to catch up with you in the present.

Saturn direct marks the end of the truly ‘heavy’ retrograde weather that we all experienced in August. During this time you’ve been looking at your duties and responsibilities as well as your long-term ambitions vs. your need to lighten up and have fun. It’s not a contest. It’s an exercise in creativity. When Saturn moves forward in your 5th from the 6th, it’s time to implement what you’ve learned from this. It’s about being willing to do the work, and then to take the other areas of your life every bit as seriously as your career.

If something really isn’t working out, this retrograde cycle should have shown you that you have to be willing to let it go now. Saturn in our 5th asks us to have a certain amount of maturity and to take responsibility for our lives and our actions. Funny as when we do this, Saturn rewards us with the freedom we are craving. That’s the paradox. If we don’t – we’ll continue to be blocked and to meet obstacles on our path – usually in the form of authority figures or people in positions of power. Strangely enough, Saturn in our 5th wants us to have serious fun. Saturn brings success, joy and renewal when we channel our energy into a passion.  Hobbies, pleasure and pastimes or anything creative, turning your passion into a profession – all of these work with Saturn’s energy and can be transmuted into serious success.

Above all, take love seriously with Saturn in this house. Don’t be surprised if while Saturn is in here you attract a lover with an age difference. At least seven years or more either way is possible. It’s not their age or your age that matters. It’s the intention that matters. Think about it – how many emotionally immature people have you encountered who are middle aged or even older? Now think about how many people just seem mature beyond their years. Age is just a number. It’s what you want that needs to be in alignment. Be honest about this and don’t ‘settle’ for anyone who doesn’t want the same thing. If you’re ready for serious romance – Saturn says it’s time.

It’s also time to act on your ideas and say what you mean/need to say once ruler Mercury arrives in your 1st – the same day Saturn heads direct incidentally. Mercury’s arrival triggers a Grand Trine between that Saturn and Uranus in your 9th, allowing you to unshackle yourself from what is holding you back or just delivering an unlooked for opportunity. There’s a need to leap and fly here so don’t take too long weighing things up!

The new Moon of the 9th brings you the ability to plan for the future and find magic (or more opportunity) in the moment. Stay with those desires and that vision for what you want but again, retain that flexibility and understanding that what we need can look very different from what we imagine we want. Be open. Does it bring about a feeling of excitement and release? Will the seeds you plant grow into emotional satisfaction later? This new Moon marks the start of your new yearly cycle no matter when your birthday falls.

Venus moves into your 3rd the same day as the new Moon. If the new Moon marks time for some self-love talk, Venus in here says it’s time to talk about love to others. Bring the love and the passion into everything you do. Enthusiasm is your selling point now. Develop your own signature style when it comes to communicating. Say it with love and bring your passion to your ideas and business dealings. Venus in here amplifies those gut feelings triggered by the new Moon. Don’t be surprise if an opportunity to flirt or kick-start a romance appears. No matter the reason behind you meeting, you’re set to make the right impression especially with what you say and how you come across thanks to fabulous Mercury angles across you romance and partnership sectors.  Mercury also makes an angle of activation when it comes to your work and business goals.

Venus in your 3rd can deliver that magic and synchronicity or stroke of luck now – especially when boosted by Jupiter’s presence in here. You won’t have Venus and Jupiter in this sector of your chart for another 12 years. Embrace self-promotion as this is no time to be shy about what you have to offer. Expect expansion especially around work, business or travel. Luck is on your side and if it enters your life this month it’s likely to be via one of these areas.

Mercury moves into your money house on the 22nd – the day before the Sun leaves you sign. How you feel about your money and also how your relationship with those who advise about money or have an influence on your financial destiny will show you where you stand with your money – and your financial future. When it comes to people who have the ability to influence you finances on any level – be open to advice. Your work should increase with Mercury in here – and your bank account should follow.

As the full Moon strikes your 8th and it’s time to be sure of your values and worth now. Negotiations could revolve around any of the following: joint accounts, shared business interests, your salary, maintenance payments, benefits and loans. This is the house where sex and money often meet. Sometimes this can manifest around issues such as whether the person who has the money calls the shots in the relationship as this is also the house of control and power. Above all else, the full Moon in here is about what you truly value.  It’s also a full Moon under which to release and let go. Something shifts deep within you emotionally under this Moon. And the result is that it transforms what you share with another on some level. It also connects you to your emotional core. If you have been afraid of trying something, or have been clinging to a lived-out situation, this Moon can give you the courage to take action. The power within you could be that hidden asset this month wants you to discover.  Go claim it this September.

In a nutshell: September is no time to be a wallflower, Virgo! It’s time for serious self-promotion. Whether it’s hearts or business you’re seeking to win.


  • Intuition knows the answer
  • New connections seem familiar
  • Happy birthday, Libra!

You begin the month with ruler Venus in your 1st. The run-up to your birthday sees you in a party mood – even before that party has officially started! Mercury in your 11th of friends, acquaintances and groups, issues an invitation to Venus on the 3rd to kick-start the celebrations and also to follow your instincts when it comes to who with and where you socialise. If you follow you intuition, you could find yourself on the receiving end of an unexpected opportunity or benefit.

Go with this now, as once Mercury moves into your 12th from the 6th and a new Moon appears in here on the 9th you’ll be entering a more inward period. More on this shortly. Saturn also moves direct once more from the 6th. Between now and October pursue long term career goals, anything that relates to your financial future and also your living arrangements. Money, values, your security, property dealings or unexpected news or developments around these areas could be the result of the Grand Earth Trine triggered by Mercury in your 12th and Uranus in your 8th as well as Saturn on the 7th. Ruler Venus also squares Mars in your 4th the day after indicating something may need to be dealt with on the home front that could touch on security. This could be with your home itself or emotionally. The term ‘boundary issues’ springs to mind. If so, the solution is best achieved diplomatically.

The new Moon in your 12th on the 9th leads you into what I always refer to as our ‘soul house clearing’ period which occurs each year during the month before our birthdays.  Time to look at what needs to be shed and what you want to keep to take forward  with you into your new cycle. The signs of which are going to appear sooner than you think due to Venus moving into its ruling 2nd on the same day. This new Moon is in opposition to Neptune in your 6th of wellbeing so you do need to look carefully at who or what enhances or detracts from this. Your intuition knows the answer so please listen. It’s also time to look at those deep-seated fears and insecurities. Very often we don’t even remember where these started. Usually in childhood but we can even bring these forward with us from past lives. We can be just as afraid of success as we are of failure which is what can lead us to self-sabotage. Time to face down any secret fears once and for all before your new cycle officially starts.

Venus in your 2nd opens the door to increased prosperity, abundance and starting something new. This can be anything from a new romance or important new friendship to a new job or way of earning extra money. You of all signs should know your ruler in this house can easily tip you into extravagance so please, try to avoid this pitfall as well as spending any extra money as fast as it materialises. Venus in here wants us to experience worldly pleasure but with a purpose.  If there’s extra money around you this month, it’s all about directing towards what adds value to your life, provides you with something meaningful such as an experience or invests in your future rather than just buying more ‘stuff’.  For the first time in your lifetime, Venus will oppose Uranus in your 8th from here on the 12th. What you truly value, what you share, what others share with you and where you direct your resources, could undergo a radical renegotiation or shift. Your priorities may change. But the result is you could end up with more of what you want and less of what you don’t need.

A new friend or connection made now could have a very familiar feel to them. And this may happen despite them being different or unusual in some way. This person could benefit you in unexpected ways which is another indicator this may not be your first encounter with them – even if you only just met in this lifetime! Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 22nd a day before the Sun and the start of your birthday cycle. This is your true ‘New Year’ – not January 1 which is just a calendar date for most of us. So, time to make a few New Year’s resolutions which should focus on what you want to do, achieve or experience in the next 12 months and to set your direction. Project confidence and also, look at the kind of person you want to be – or to be seen as by others. After the inner work you did while the planets were in your 12th, it’s now time to focus on the ‘outer’ you. Your image and appearance and how you present yourself to your ‘audience’. Communicate clearly and share those ideas, thoughts, dreams and goals for the future. Set your direction now and commit to it.

The 25th brings a full Moon in your 7th of partnerships – that subject that is food, wine and life to any Libra. This really is now about who goes into that new cycle with you. Or does the full Moon shine on empty space in your heart? Full Moons reflect don’t forget. If you’re settled and content, weave a little togetherness magic along with those birthday celebrations. This full Moon makes you even more accommodating to your partner’s needs and focused on creating balance and harmony between you. If this full Moon highlights that person-shaped empty space in your life that needs filling – resolve to do something about it with the caveat attached that there are many kinds of love partnerships out there. Then allow the right one for your love evolution to come through. Love not working? This is a new beginning to resolve to have one – one way or another.

The month ends with a fabulous passion-igniting, party-starting angle between the Sun in your 1st and Mars in your 5th. You won’t be in the mood to wait for the good times to begin rolling – or for what you desire to come to you. Whether it’s a celebration or making that first move – let’s get the party started now, Libra!

In a nutshell: You’ve some soul exploration to do as you decide what goes with you into your new cycle. But despite that, the party starts early for you this year. Don’t wait to celebrate YOU, Libra!


  • Ain’t love the surprise
  • Don’t be a homebody
  • Get a second chance to say ‘Yes’

Are you ready to go wherever love or adventure wants to take you, Scorpio? You’ve got a golden ticket to ride this September. But going on this journey isn’t compulsory. It’s an invitation. And like any invitation, you get to decide if you accept it or not. This month sees Venus join Jupiter in your 1st from the 9th. This is the final time you will have both these planets in your 1st together at the same time for the next 12 years. Venus is all about love, beauty and attraction. Jupiter rules travel, learning, luck and expansion. You get the idea. You’re being invited on a journey but it’s up to you whether you travel. If you do, the destination could just be towards your goals.

Fabulous aspects ignite your dreams and social sector as well as your romance and news zones. Promote yourself now both personally and professionally. Get out and network. Make the effort to meet as many new people as you can. But before this occurs, Venus and ancient ruler Mars make a sudden, startling attraction angle on the 8th which will be echoed just four days later, when for the first time in your lifetime, Venus in your 1st will oppose Uranus in your 7th indicating a radical shift around partnerships (or what you want from a partner) is taking place. This also sees the Sun in your 11th trine modern ruler Pluto in your 3rd and Jupiter follows through aspecting Pluto on the 12th. For singles, this could draw someone to you in unexpected ways who is highly individual or even fascinating. Sudden beneficial changes and success in your work or business relationships could also be indicated by this line-up. An opportunity to showcase your ideas, talents or creativity could come spinning out of nowhere as a lucky break snaps you to attention! But again, this is an invitation. It is entirely up to you whether you accept it or not.

If you were 18 or over 12 years ago, think back to that time. Did you pass up on what you now realise was a golden opportunity that had the potential to open up a whole new direction for you? What made you say no? Was it fear? Perhaps just of stepping into something unfamiliar? Look back and then bring any insights you glean from this and apply them before RSVP-ing this time around.

Mars in your 4th aids anything to do with taking action around your home. DIY jobs, renovating, redecorating and moving. It is also excellent for pursuing long term career goals and anything that you can do to improve your living arrangements and long term security. What Mars is not good for in here is domestic bliss. So, be careful when dealing with family figures and count to 10 if you feel your temper getting frayed. This is not a good time to have houseguests and also reach for tact and diplomacy when dealing with authority figures, bosses current or prospective and anyone in a position of power and influence. Encourage those you live with to help you with those chores and get out and about rather than remain indoors.

There’s a karmic theme running alongside this as Mercury and then the Sun enter your 12th on the 22nd and 23rd respectively.  Whatever situation you find yourself in – whether it relates to your career, reputation or a powerful individual, the establishment or a parental figure – take it you have been through all this before with them. Even if you are starting a new job at this time or dealing with someone you only recently met, it all may seem strangely familiar. Look at who is helping you and who is hindering you and take it you have played out these roles with one another before.

Your intuition will prove to be your best guide now. Mercury in your 12th is like spiritual Google. It’s your search engine to access universal wisdom. Boosted by the Sun in here, you get answers on what you need to know now. If you are engaged in any kind of creative activity – and I use the term in its broadest possible sense, then you have download capabilities from a well  of untapped inspiration which you can use to produce extraordinary results. Just be aware that this period immediately before your birthday makes us extremely sensitive. To anything from a negative atmosphere and people to things you eat, drink or come into contact with that affect your physical body.  Mercury in this house brings you hidden information especially around wellbeing while the Sun in here may have you seeing certain people in a very different light. Understand this is neither good nor bad but it can be surprising and revealing and that it is what you need to know now in order to move forward into your new cycle.

If you don’t like what you see, a few goodbyes may be in order. Please maintain a universal attitude if this happens as anything that ends has been lived out. By now, you should have the new knocking on your door and demanding to be let in! This is your house where the past, present and future intersect. It rules your subconscious mind and also your ‘Guardian Angel’, higher self, spirit guide or whatever you feel most comfortable calling it. A higher power is handing you valuable insights now into why you have made certain choices and decisions in the past and nudging you towards new ones that will determine your future. This can be an exciting time where you can quite literally re-frame your past and with it, bring about healing and forgiveness across all your relationships and the one that matters the most – with yourself.

This month’s full Moon in your 6th asks you to keep certain things to yourself. If someone takes you into their confidence, please keep it. Conversely, choose who you confide in carefully. You may be better off confiding in a profession or saying nothing as this house rules hidden enemies. You may be focused on one specific area, course of study or subject that completely draws you in and detailed work and fact-checking could immerse you to the exclusion of everything else for a while.

You’ve just two more months remaining of Jupiter in your 1st and during this period you may see an opportunity you missed before, come back and present itself again. If you get a second invitation, RSVP to the positive, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Get ready for some surprise twists and turns this September, Scorpio. Including a second time around offer. What’s your answer this time?


  • Something is reborn from the past
  • Passion and play are your rewards for hard work
  • Get off the beaten track

There’s hidden opportunities around you this month, Sag. But it may take some extra effort on your part to uncover them – and to make the most of them once you do. The past or rather benefits rising from it, plays a huge role this September. Watch for people, employers or companies you have worked with before. A path you thought had closed off – perhaps permanently, re-opens. Or an opportunity you missed returns. It may come from a new source or if it’s via a previous one, it may look slightly different than before. But look closer and you’ll see where its roots spring from.

Saturn moves direct in your money zone this month. Finances may have been hard going recently. And no matter what you have tried, it may have seemed that prosperity has been blocked from reaching you. You’ve now got a month-long window to make real structured progress with your money and your career. So please use this. Above all, even if money begins to flow again, steer clear of unnecessary expenditure. Saturn retrograde in your 2nd should have showed you that the only way to save money is to spend less of it.  Time also to get a handle on any debts – another path to having more money at your disposal once they are paid. This is not about austerity or abstention. It’s about being conscious of where you direct your resources. Any using your cash (or any other resource you have for that matter), to create VALUE in your life. Once you take this Saturn lesson on board, Saturn opens the gates of prosperity – or should I say the doors to the bank vault? Saturn always rewards when we learn its lessons.

This month’s new Moon actually takes place in Saturn’s ruling house in your chart – your 10th. It falls opposite Neptune so staying connected to what really adds value and enhances your security (especially emotionally), is vital now. There’s an important link here between this Mon and Saturn because this Moon brings you a month-long cycle where you need to look at what you are truly worth. This is not about how much money you have in the bank. Your home or other assets. This is what you believe you are worthy of.  And how people in positions of influence, reflect this belief back at you. Between this new Moon and the next, you should find yourself in a position where your expertise is called on and you can set your ‘price’ according to your ‘worth’. You are in a position to impress and get a ‘Yes’ answer from those in authority. Just be very clear about what it is you want to achieve from this. This doesn’t just apply to that job/promotion/business/raise/contract but the accolades and recognition that go with it. Step up and know your worth.

The Sun and Mercury are also in your 10th enhancing your professional image and giving you the ability to have your ideas taken seriously.  Important contracts and agreements can be signed and reached. Focus on your career and business matters for the first three weeks of the month and after that you’ll have earned your freedom to go play and do what you want.

Ruler Jupiter remains in your 12th for another two months. This time is your preparation time for a cycle like no other when for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter will return to your sign in November. For now, you will benefit from both Venus and Jupiter both in your 12th for the final time again, for 12 years. Hence your link to a past opportunity as this is your house of the past. The Sun in your 10th makes a positive angle to Jupiter on the 9th while the following day, Jupiter makes another to Pluto in your money house. This could bring about a powerful and long-awaited transformation to your money and how you earn it.

There should be a certain sense of satisfaction creeping in as Mercury moves into your 11th on the 22nd and the Sun follows the day after. It’s time to be yourself – as only you can be. This is your house of social activities, friends, acquaintances, networks, club, groups and associations.  This is also the house which rules your goals – and the people who can assist you in achieving them. Your 5th and 7th houses rule attraction. Your 11th rules reception. Are you ready to receive?

Get creative and explore now. Accept any activity or invitation that takes you off the beaten track or outside your usual social circle. If you do, you’ll not only make new friends but these could play a big role in your future. This is your house of looking forward, not back. Hence it ruling your goals, wishes and dreams. It’s also your house of belonging. The people who share the same kind of vision you have. Just be aware this is your house of friendship, not of love. With Venus and Jupiter in your 12th and a full Moon in your 5th on the 25th, if love presents itself it’s likely to be an old one, rekindled. If you’re a settled Sag, this full Moon could be wonderful for date night and take you back to the time when you first met. Try a little tenderness now the focus is off your career and focus on your partner instead. If you’re single and you do meet someone new, take your time and just bear in mind any romantic leanings may turn into friendship. But this is a Moon under which to revive an old love.

If you’ve no-one special to call your own, your social life should more than compensate. Your creativity and desire to express yourself could get you noticed. This Moon is all about the love you have to give not just to a lover, but what you love to do, friends, children and the passion you pour into your self-expression. This month begins with hard work but if you do it, it could reward you with passion and play, as it ends.

In a nutshell: The start of the month has work for you to do, Sag. Focus on this because you’ll be rewarded in more ways than one by the end of it. As passion, play and the past interweave!


  • Direct your destiny
  • Weave a magic spell of enchantment and luck!
  • Work it like a boss

Who’s the boss this month, Capricorn? Hopefully when it comes to directing your life where you want it to go, that’s you.  At the very least you need to be taking up the reins of responsibility and driving your life forward again as ruler Saturn heads direct in your 1st from the 6th. Time, structure, authority and establishment are what Saturn in your 1st is all about as is getting serious about your direction. You’ll find yourself dealing with these themes this month not just in your career but also via who has the ‘authority’ in your life. Is that you or have you abdicated that authority to someone else? Saturn is handing you your life to live your way. Are you ready?

If you’re not the director of your own life, then who is? The month begins with Mercury and the Sun in your sector of freedom, learning and expansion. Saturn retrograde should have shown you who or what is holding you back or calling those shots. And whether you have allowed them to do this. Once Saturn moves forward, it will form a Grand Trine between Mercury in your 9th and Uranus in your 5th, breaking you free from whatever holds you back. That freedom may be easier to attain than you think. You’ve the confidence to take a big step or make a bold move. You won’t take kindly to anyone trying to block or restrict you now. A little ‘break free to be me’ action is favoured. As is taking that calculated risk. But just ensure you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and don’t rebel for its own sake and alienate people whose support you may need later in the month when the focus shifts back to your work and career.

It’s time to forge your path and to strike the balance batten confident self-determination and the realisation that at the end of the day we are all accountable. If not to someone else, then to ourselves. But don’t be afraid to strike out in a totally fresh direction if necessary. The new Moon in your 9th opposes Neptune in your 3rd. It wants to draw you into a bigger, higher experience. Travel, education, large animals, the law, mass media, the great outdoors, education and larger than life people – one, some or even more of these elements could form part of this new path. Time to dream big and expand your horizons. Even if you are travelling now, you could encounter or even do business with, people from far away. And this is an excellent new Moon under which to begin to plan that major trip as it gives you a better than average chance of doing it, rather than just dreaming about it.

Venus enters your 11th on this day too. Your 9th also rules travel and is about big dreams and having a vision while your 11th rules your goals. Having authority over your own destiny allows you to go after those dreams.  You’re probably feeling that someone big is just around the corner – and you’re probably right! Venus in here adds an element of luck and enchantment. You could find yourself in the right place at the right time, telling a total stranger about that goal or vision you have. Only to discover they are in a position to help you. Either directly or via someone they know. Synchronicity is on your side now especially as the Sun also in your 9th angles to Jupiter in your  11th.  If you read your forecasts regularly, you may remember that when Jupiter entered this house in your chat last year, I told you to make three wishes. And to expect at least one to come true during the next 12 months. I also told you that Jupiter needs us to take action to activate its energy. It is not your fairy godfather, the Easter bunny and Santa all rolled into one vast, jolly package. Right now you have both Venus and Jupiter in your 11th, the final time you have these two in this house at the same time for the next 12 years. Both want to deliver good things. So are you ready? Get control of your destiny, set your direction and make your wish and then – ACT! And watch as those synchronicities and apparently random ‘lucky’ breaks begin to happen.

You are the boss of your life and now it’s time to work that career path like a boss – whether you work for someone else or not. Mercury enters your 10th on the 22nd and the Sun on the 23rd. You’ve had a taste of freedom but now it’s time to get serious again. At least for the time the Sun remains in here. Be open to advice and input from people older or more experienced than you. There’s a massive difference between taking advice and allowing someone to dictate your every move. Be seen as someone who knows what they want and who takes themselves seriously. Show you are a leader but always open to learning. Above all, be authentic. That’s another word that’s linked to ‘authority’. Set out to impress with your ideas and what you know. And if you don’t know the answer – don’t pretend you do. It will only backfire later. Focus on your confidence and be aware that you are being watched during this cycle by people in positions of influence so guard your image and reputation. With Mercury in here ensure your word truly is your bond and you could see your efforts pay real dividends now.

This month’s full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling 4th. There’s a saying that there is no room for emotion in business. If career matters are climaxing at this time, please remain focused and businesslike. This is your moment. The full Moon can mark an opportunity to rebuild our lives on some level and to reach for a stronger sense of security and belief in ourselves. You may feel under pressure, perhaps juggling work and family commitments or dealing with a deadline, but know this is a passing phase. Thoughts of one or even both parents could be on your mind and these may relate to you having the authority over your own life. Or is there another person you are constantly trying to please rather than yourself? This Moon asks us to step into emotional adulthood and realise whose life we need to live – our own.

September is offering you the opportunity to take on new and additional responsibility, to be a self-directed individual and also the chance to see those ;grown up’ dreams begin to form into real concrete goals. They may be dreams today but take the steps to make them real tomorrow this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Time to be CEO of You.Inc and drive your vision for the business of your life, Capricorn. If you do, expect luck and synchronicity to help you along that path to success this September.


  • Dream a new dream
  • Get belonging
  • Make a long term connection

Deeply transformative changes and insights which free your soul are on the menu this September, Aquarius. Firstly, is it time for fresh dreams and higher ambitions to replace old or current ones? You’ve had Saturn retrograde in your 12th adding to the ‘weight’ of the recent retrograde weather we’ve all experienced. During this cycle you may have felt lost, confused, restricted or even depressed. Choices you made (or didn’t make), in the past may have weighed upon you. When it comes to the direction you should now head in, you may have been feeling lost and confused. Or perhaps even afraid to make a choice for fear it’s the wrong one. But confusion now gets replaced by clarity as Saturn moves forward from the 6th. It’s time to focus on the future and replace that lost feeling with finding who and where you belong to and with.

Ruler Uranus in your 4th for the first time in your adult life says there no place like home – and then asks you to define what that means to you. As you should know, Uranus frees us by standing our notions on their head. It’s about what works for you as an individual – not what may work for others. It’s also about what works for you now – as opposed to what worked in the past. So, don’t be surprised then if your ideas around what you need to make you feel secure get thrown out the window as new ones come in the door.

Change things up to create a home, lifestyle, family or sense of belonging that suits you. If it’s not a house but that caravan so you can call yourself a world citizen that’s fine. If you have been wanting to leave home but finding it difficult, then the good news is that at some point during Uranus’s transit through this house, you will be offered to opportunity to do so. Above all, this is all about creating a living space and/or arrangement that works for you – not anyone else’s. Live life on your terms.  However, no matter if your idea of how you want to live differs from your upbringing or your family’s, as Wiz Khalifa reminds us: How can we not talk about family when family’s all we got? Don’t be surprised if your actual or your self-created ‘family’ loom large as the month progresses as Mercury in your change sector angles Uranus bringing changes to living arrangements, the people you live with or even career issues to the fore.

The new Moon in your 8th shows you that changes around one or more of these areas are not only overdue, but necessary.  And they are on their way. Choices are being laid out in front of you. Just please be aware that no matter if you have set change in motion or it just occurs, anything that happens now is for your long-term benefit. This may push a few emotional buttons as this is your house of intimacy and also your fears and insecurities. But the result of any transformation will be that you end up feeling more secure – emotionally, materially or physically – or all three!

Relocations, a radical and very fundamental shift around your family unit, your salary, money or even your career path is likely now. The word here is ‘departure’ – and that doesn’t just encompass departing from one place to go to another, but a departure from the everyday and what you have known or accepted as possible for you up until now. So, be open and be ready.

Venus in your 10th on the same day as the new Moon appears not only enhances your career prospects and reputation but could deliver a serious new connection who could turn into a long term partner or friend. If you are settled, time to talk about any problems or even those inhibitions, fears or insecurities.  No matter how close we may feel to another person – or how well we think we know them, the fact is they are not mind readers. What may be obvious to you, may not be to them. Venus adds some open-heartedness to that dialogue in here with that signature touch of diplomacy. Plus the promise of establishing something lasting whether this is in a professional or a personal relationship. All kinds of partnerships, collaborations and working arrangements are favoured with this Venus position especially any which involve the opposite sex because this does not have to be an intimate connection.

Mercury zooms into your 9th on the 22nd with the Sun hot on its heels. Get ready to go large as this is your house of travel and expansion. The coming month should see a key area open up for you. Your energy should soar along with this and if you act with confidence and enthusiasm you’ll find it is contagious! New ideas, new experiences and fresh opportunities lead you forward. This is one of the best transits of the year under which to travel. Whether it’s for business or purely for pleasure. Expect benefits if you do. Your outlook expands along with everything else as possibilities wink on that you just could not see before! As well as travel, you’ll benefit from any dealings with people or businesses overseas. Studying and exams are also favoured as well as legal matters. The great outdoors could be calling you. This is one of those cycles where you can plant seeds for your future and also discover just how far one idea (and the bigger it is, the better!) can take you.

This month’s full Moon appears in your 3rd on the 25th. This full Moon can make you extremely emotionally responsive, adaptable and adventurous especially when boosted by Mars in your 1st! Again, this may be time to tackle talking about something you would normally avoid or hesitate to air. But the right words as well as the courage could come easily now. Conversations you begin now have the ability to transform either your personal world or your career. Start a new one this September.

In a nutshell: Time to start a fresh conversation this September. Especially around living arrangements and your future path. Long term connections can be made. Get talking.


  • Make that  connection
  • Activate the Law of Attraction
  • Love’s the real thing

Connect with love this September, Pisces. And see how many ways you can do this. You can make a significant love connection this month, enhance an existing one, tap into spiritual and self-love and make the ideas you love or the love of what you do, a way of expressing how you feel. Make that connection to love this month.

Friends, associations, clubs, groups, acquaintances and your social life are also highlighted for you now. If you have been feeling cut-off or isolated lately, Saturn heads direct in your 11th from the 6th. This may have been a testing time for some connections, and you may have bene shed some of them during this period. The ones that remain are very much locked-in for the long haul now. Although your close friends are ruled by your 7th house (more on this shortly), you’re now very choosy of the company you keep, only wanting connections you know support you and who accept you for who you are. Fake or superficial people just won’t cut it any more. You’re in the mood to connect, cooperate and collaborate as well as sharing good times – but only with those who are like-minded.

The love of friends is just one kind of love to connect to. How you connect has an even bigger role to play. Mercury, planet of communication wants you to say it with love when it joins the Sun in your partnerships sector from the 6th. The 7th sees the Sun in here oppose ruler Neptune in your 1st. Higher love, spiritual love and love that transcends time and space because you get that mystical, far-flung, forever feeling you have known this person before, could come calling. Just ensure you bring this down to earth and fall in love with a real human being – not the fantasy one! Just as you want them to fall in love with the real you. But this could bring in a very special connection even if it is not a romantic one.

While it’s important not to get lost in the fantasy rather than the reality, you can weave a little cosmic magic which can boost your connection to love and activate the Law of Attraction when the new Moon in your 7th appears on the 9th. Remember the golden rule about your 7th – it is the house of attraction. It’s also the house of what’s missing and what you feel you lack. But this new Moon offers you the chance to draw whatever this is to you. When it comes to what it is you lack – just get clear about the difference between what you think you want vs. what you actually need. This new Moon triggers your personal magnetism. So, if you’re not clear about what it is you want to attract, all that will happen is that you will draw to you all kinds of people and situations which may or may not be what you actually need – or when it comes down to it, what you want either. Hone that love power, Pisces. Connect first to inner love as it’s your higher self that knows your true needs vs. those wants.

You’re able to access this kind of wisdom as this new Moon falls opposition to ruler Neptune. The only pitfall you need to watch out for is projecting anything from your feelings to the potential you sense in someone, on to them. Especially if due to your intuitive ability to see just what amazing potential someone has, you have been disappointed in the past when the person failed to live up to it. That is why you need to ensure you fall in love with the real person – quirks and all. You want the real thing, Pisces. Having said that, this is a time where if what you are lacking is that special someone, you can draw them to you almost as if by magic. Believe it or not, a larger long-term cycle is being set in motion this month. It’s a little known astrological fact, but this new Moon has the capacity to set in motion events that will define the next six years for you!

Venus which rules your 7th, enters your 9th on the same day as this new Moon appears. Jupiter rules your 9th and has another two months in here before it moves to your 10th at the start of November. This is also the final time you will have both Venus and Jupiter in here together for another 12 years. So what begins or is set in motion now will come to fruition in approximately six years’ time when both Venus and Jupiter are in your 3rd and opposite the house they currently occupy. So, expand not just your capacity for love but your expectations. It’s not just about what you have to give but you need to be ready to receive as well. Luck is on your side and you could literally end up being lucky in love. If you are a settled Pisces, this is a wonderful time to find a joint dream or goal the two of you can pursue together.

Remember that sometimes new beginnings in love sometimes involve leaving something that no longer works behind in order to find one that does. If this is what needs to be done, then you may find this easier than at any other time. Mercury and the Sun enter your 8th on the 22nd and 23rd respectively. This is the house of what you share with others, of empowerment, of fears and insecurities and also relationships where sex is important. If you have recently started a new relationship, this may mark the point things heat up! Joint assets such as bank accounts or anything shared from a bed to a responsibility may get renegotiated now. Loans, credit, mortgages, taxes, your salary and ‘other people’s money’ feature. How you feel about handling these or even discussing them will reflect on how far you’ve progressed with that connecting to love as love is energy – just like money.

When it comes to others you want depth, resonance and spiritual connection. You’ll want someone who listens. If news arrives during this cycle it’s likely to challenge you and set you off on a powerful soul searching journey. So, you’ll need someone who empathises and understands. Your ability to probe below the surface and get to the truth and the deeper meaning behind what’s happening means you want someone who understands this. As the full Moon appears in your 2nd on the 25th you’ll seek support and emotional balance. This is your house of money, values and assets. This Moon shines on the people who are literally ‘assets’ to us as well as our own inner ‘assets’ – our gifts, talents, skills, values and capacity for love. If you are seeking support and emotional balance, then connect to those whose love you know you can rely on and ask for it. This is a Moon under which to also look at your finances ‘balancing the books’ and to understand that your connection to the material world is another way to express love too. Generate a little more love connectivity this September. It’s you biggest resource just waiting to be tapped into.

In a nutshell: Connect to love this September, Pisces. In as many ways as you can think of. And don’t just give it out. Get ready to receive it too.

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