Yearly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2022

jupiter in pisces

Yearly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2022


2022 hands you searing self-confidence and determination to achieve those personal goals and dreams, Aries. Jupiter arrives in your sign telling you to bring your game face! Be bold, be fierce and above all – authentically you when it comes to attraction!

Are you ready for something more heart-starting after the non-events of ‘20 and ‘21, Aries? Sure, they may not have been total fizzers. And last year may have brought you improvements compared with 2020. But now I’m talking a big, bold, brazen, blaze a trail 12 months that aligns you to those totally personal goals and dreams. And sends you hurtling down a path towards them like the ultimate theme park ride!

We don’t just have once in 12 year opportunities coming your way. But once in many lifetime opportunities too. This year can see you finally step free of any past restrictions, take your creative and/or psychic abilities to the next level and even hand you sparkly fresh, newly minted karma! 2022 can be a great cosmic reboot for you across so many areas of your life, Aries. Are you ready? Start your engines.

The slow-moving planets Saturn (11th), Uranus (2nd), Neptune (12th) and Pluto (10th) remain in their current houses all year. Saturn acting as cosmic sorting halo when it comes to friends and connections and setting goal intention, Uranus refining your values and relationship to the material world, Neptune in its ruling sign linking you to the limitless wisdom of the multiverse and opening up your well of insight while Pluto continues to work on transforming your path and public reputation.

It is your 10th of career and your 11th of friends and goals which will be your main focus as 2022 begins. Ruler Mars will meet with Venus in both these houses during February (16th) and March (6th). This is a rare and special event. In fact, we have a few coming your way in ‘22. But two conjunctions in a space of three weeks in two signs can only occur when Mars is moving forward in close proximity to Venus retrograde. So, Mars catches up with Venus while Venus is backwards, Venus then moves forward to catch up with Mars as Mars is the slower moving planet. Make sense?

Use this period to not only focus on success and what it can bring you in terms of recognition and rewards, but to adjust your path if necessary and to time any career plans and moves accordingly. You’re in that rare position of feeling confident and also being able to impress at the same time. Venus will enhance your image, Mars simply has you going for it. And when Venus catches up with Mars once more you are looking at rewards and also a change around how others see you!

What you may find over this key period is that you may apply for or initiate something which is all based on your smarts, knowledge and experience. But the outcome you get three weeks later is also due to your people skills, who you know or what dynamic you personally add to the mix. Work what and who you know during this window as it can be a determining factor not just for this year – but for the long term. This is a time to be your boldest, most go-getting version of you when it comes to ambitions, work and career, Aries.

Prepare for Breathtaking

Let’s now talk birthday blessings because the bonuses 2022 has for you simply don’t stop there. The Sun lands in your 1st on March 20 and the new Moon in your sign on April 1 is a key trigger for you to begin something new. This period has you self-starting those goals and engaging in a whirlwind of activity. But then feeling a deep need to decompress and recharge for a while. In fact, 2022 may bring you intense progress for half the year and being ‘out there’ and then refueling on a soul, physical and mental level for the other six months! This doesn’t run concurrently so don’t worry. But do stay tuned with that energy and don’t resist the call to recharge when it comes.

The reason for this is that Jupiter will be paying your sign a visit for the first time in 12 years for six months of this year. And then retreating back into your mysterious 12th for the other six. Look back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time. What did you start or begin back then? What did you dare to try? How did you give yourself that little bit ‘extra’? What role did your appearance, look, brand, style play in all this? Did you broadcast yourself in a bolder way? Big up that image? How did you work you? What opportunities did you attract and what did you do with them?

All these themes are returning now. Possibly increased in their fabulous potential and enhanced by your own inner wisdom and soul progress. Because you can work this to your advantage now thanks to that once in 165 year karmic event I mentioned which is Jupiter and Neptune meeting in Pisces and your 12th on April 12. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces.

You can shed past regrets now. Link to the wisdom of your past lives and all the other ‘you’s’ across the vast multiverse. Your beliefs may change or expand. Deep healing can occur on a karmic level. You may see all too clearly why you have chosen what you did in the past. But remember what I said about no regrets? This is about realignment and healing.

It is also preparing you for Jupiter’s arrival in your 1st on May 10. Jupiter’s arrival coincides when Venus in is your sign making this one of the best periods of attraction for you for the year. Above all however, use the meeting between Jupiter and Neptune to open up to insight and relink to those dreams. If you do have regrets about the past, take away what you have learned and open to a second, better opportunity. Chances are Jupiter will oblige and deliver it while it is in your sign.

There are three things which cannot stay hidden for long. The Sun, the Moon and the Truth. So, let’s talk this year’s eclipse axis which is across your 2nd/8th houses. The most important one for you in terms of your money, values and self-worth occurs on April 30th in your 2nd and is an eclipsed ‘Black’ Moon. This is the second new Moon to fall within a calendar month and can only occur once every 2.5 years. An eclipsed Black Moon is even rarer.

Eclipses hide and conceal. But what they hide doesn’t stay hidden for long. Look to what or who may be making you feel you are not worthy or good enough under this Moon. Time to upgrade. Between this and the eclipsed full Moon in your 8th on May 16 look to fears or insecurities around money, abundance or not having or feeling worthy of ‘enough’. Who may be responsible for these feelings may surprise you when you get to the truth.

Mars makes a timely arrival in your 1st on May 24 and this is certainly one of these periods where your soul warrior confidence surges and you feel you can go after anything and succeed. May 29 has Mars and Jupiter meeting. Your optimism, charisma and fierce boldness are irresistible now. Jupiter in your 1st can often be a better transit for love and partnership matters than Jupiter in our 7th. So, if you are seeking any kind of partnership – the loving or work kind, this along with October is one of the best periods of the year for you.

Bring your brand

Chiron also remains in your sign for ‘22 and along with Jupiter is telling you this is a time to show the world and celebrate everything about you that makes you well – you. The only mistake you can make now Aries is being anyone other than who you are. Be an original. Don’t bend yourself out of shape to people please. Or be a ‘yes’ person. If someone is making you feel as if you need be something other than who you are, you need to look long and hard at this connection now. Because this year, there are plenty of people who want that utterly unique brand you are selling. So, why bother with those who don’t?

Don’t give self-doubt house room!

Don’t allow old insecurities to resurface in late October November. The total eclipse in your 8th on October 25th combined with Jupiter returning to your 12th and ruler Mars retrograde in your 3rd from October 30 could make you wonder who hijacked your mojo! That unshakable self-belief and which has fueled you since April suddenly runs dry. Intimacy issues in relationships may surface. You may start second guessing yourself or hesitate to voice your opinions or doubt your ideas.

This is your time to recharge if you have spent the past months in full forward motion. Boundaries may need to be looked at or reinstated. This may apply to yourself if you have been running on empty. Or it could apply to another. Above all, while your ruler is retrograde which it will now remain until ‘23 and Jupiter in your 12th, do not allow anyone to dismiss or devalue your emotional experience or ideas. Remember, the truth cannot stay hidden – even if its being gaslit at the time.

Overall, you spend the year wanting more closeness and depth in all your relationships. In love you need someone who is up for the journey with you. For periods of intense activity and hedonistic pleasure and who supports your ambitions. But then who is happy to flip that switch and unplug for a while and join you on a soothing soul journey. And yes, if you need time alone, respects that too. Ensure you communicate what you need at any given time clearly, Aries to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings, especially once Mars is backwards in your 3rd.

Best times for home, family matters and you feeling secure, supported and at one with your world and those around you? That’s going to be from May to July when Ceres enters your 4th house. Property dealings, lifestyle, and benefits via female family members or those you live will take precedence now. You will be attuned to the needs of those around you. And want to find ways to meet these. Any steps you take now simply enhances your feeling of connection and belonging.

You will end the year on a high note when Jupiter returns to your sign on December 20th and Chiron heads direct on the 24th. Between the period when Jupiter exits your 1st on October 28 and returns, enter the dreamtime of possibilities. Unplug then if needed and spend time looking at all you have done, started, achieved and experienced since the year began. Now – set your intentions for ‘23, Aries. This has been the first stage on a longer journey. What you can imagine you can have. 2022 says go directly to your dream. It’s ready to be claimed!


2022 opens up your horizons and shows you fresh paths towards your dreams. This is a year where you can tap into your highest potential, Taurus. Exciting new connections open doors – and act as catalysts for goal realization!

Holy love on hold as 2022 begins for you Taurus. You start the year with ruler Venus retrograde in your 9th. Simply take it love or big dreams are freeze-framed until it heads direct once again. So please, even if finding that special someone is top of that New Year’s resolution list, don’t sign up on that dating app just yet. Not unless you like catfish, flakes, ghosting or simply contents not as described that is.

This is a good time to ask what you want from love this coming year. Uranus remains in your 1st refining your value system. Don’t be surprised if that list of qualities you are seeking in a partner undergoes yet more revolution if you are single. Venus retro is also good for tuning in to your partner’s needs if you are settled. And also simply looking at what calls to your heart in terms of what you want to experience or where you want to go.

Venus will head direct again from January 29th. It will also make two historic conjunctions with Mars within a three week period. And across two houses in your chart. Your 9th on Feb 16 and your 10th of status and reputation on March 6. This is extremely rare but then we have several rare events which are going to impact on past, present or potential partnerships occurring this year.

This may affect not just personal partnerships but your working ones, friendships or collaborations as well. Especially as this year’s eclipse axis occurs across your 1st and 7th houses. Expect hidden needs to surface, anything you have been ignoring or brushing aside to confront you and past choices in relationships to come knocking as memories resurface.

You will see how all of this has shaped your ideas around love or your current situation whether single or settled. And it will be decision time for you, one way or another. Some of you may leave a current job or relationship. Others may look for what they want in an entirely new direction. Or you make a dynamic re-commitment and renewal to the person or path you are already with. Love karma is about to come full circle now when the North Node enters your 1st on January 19. Look back 19 years if you are old enough as this is all about what began then.

March brings you a period where all planets are direct, making this an excellent time to push forward with personal and professional goals. April is all about who you know rather than what, Taurus. Yes, you are a sign who takes so much pride in what you have worked so creatively and diligently to achieve. But this is a period where people will be your greatest asset along with the connection you feel to them. Rather than those epic talents and track record, Taurus!

We have the rarest of the rare conjunctions occurring on April 12th in your 11th of people and your future. This brings Jupiter and Neptune together in their joint ruling sign for the first time in 165 years! This is magical wishcraft at its most potent. It is telling you to focus on what you want to attain. That big goal, dream or vision. And also that the people who surround you or who enter your life now are destined in some way to help you or influence this.

No matter what you are seeking, mine your existing network and go out of your way now to extend it. Please be open minded and don’t judge a book by its cover. Pay special attention to anyone who offers you entrée to a new and different circle to the one you usually orbit. This is about outside experiences which open up your horizons. And people in a position to help or benefit you in a destiny driven way which may not be obvious at first. The future is in motion so don’t get in its way.

Ruler Venus also makes a conjunct to Neptune on April 27th right in the middle of your birthday season. And meets Jupiter the day of the eclipsed ‘Black’ Moon in your first on the 30th. This is not only an extremely rare new Moon which can only occur once every 2.5 years anyway, but it is eclipsed and is conjunct passionate Eros in your 1st! What begins now may not be obvious in its searing potential for love and partnership possibilities. But take it a new direction is emerging for you under what is potentially, one of the most love-struck days of the year!

Jupiter is on the move and spends approximately half of this year bigging up those contacts and goal getting opportunities. And the other half asking you what you really want when it enters Aries and your 12th from May 10th. This is another pivotal period for you as May 11 sees the Sun and North Node make a historic meeting in your sign. Go deep within, connect to that voice of inner wisdom and please Taurus, follow its advice to the letter. Don’t ignore what it is telling you even if acting on its means upturning the status quo for a while. This is an opportunity or solution like no other you have seen in a very long time.

It must be the money!

Mars will spend an extended period in your 2nd house during ‘22. And its retrograde from October 30 which will last into ‘23 adds up to not taking risks with your money. If you are involved in negotiations, payouts, settlements or even in some cases, spitting assets due to divorce, you are strongly advised to know when to say ‘The buck stops here’. And also to seek professional advice where necessary.

This should be a good year overall for you financially. And for many of you a year where you benefit from two-getherness or via those people you know. You will however be dealing with issues in relationships around my needs vs. our joint needs due to the eclipse axis I talked about earlier. By now, Uranus should have handed you that soul worth reset and you do need to hang on to this over the eclipse dates.

Remember, while eclipses hide or conceal, there are three things in this universe which cannot be hidden for long and this is your hack when it comes to handling eclipses. They are the Sun, the Moon and the truth. So, while a cover up can occur at an eclipse, just like the Sun and Moon emerge again, so does the truth. Eventually. Mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, what glues you together or what you no longer have in common is set to emerge under the eclipse cycle. Remember being Venus ruled that love and money are two sides of the same coin. And it’s the hidden truth of this that is waiting to emerge from the shadows of the eclipses.

Your key dates to take things slowly in any kind of relationship or money situation and know that you don’t yet have that big picture are the total lunar eclipse in your 7th on May 16, the partial eclipse in here on October 25 and the total eclipse of November 8 which falls conjunct Uranus in your 1st. This one has the ability to totally blindside you so please stay connected to both your intuition and also your core values when dealing with what is exposed afterwards.

Astrology is meant to empower you – not scare you. This could just as easily be a unexpectedly lovely surprise. But knowing the eclipse’s capacity to hide something from you even temporarily, puts you in a position where you are prepared for any eventuality!

You will end the year on a high note as Jupiter returns to your 12th on December 20 handing you the ability again to plan where the upcoming year wants to take you. What’s more, unlike ‘22 which began with your ruler retrograde, Venus is once more in your 9th (which Jupiter rules) and now very much in forward motion!

Your focus for ‘22 will be me + you, your spiritual and religious beliefs, deep healing, higher learning, astrology, psychic abilities and learning from the past. You will let go of limitations and tap into the full power of dreams, goals and imagination. Expect exciting encounters, new connections and redefined love. And remember – who you know as opposed to what defines your fate – and your future!



2022 is set to deliver one of the best door-opening opportunities you will experience, Gemini. Be ready when it opens for you. Wishes and dreams could become reality with a little effort – and the right connections.Time to refine that image and know that nobody can take your mojo this year! And nobody can work it quite like you either!

Who moved my mojo? You may be asking that question as ‘22 begins, Gemini. You begin the year with Venus the planet of love and money retrograde in your house of sexy self-empowerment. The answer to the question is: Nobody. Which you, being the retro pro should know. It’s still there, perfectly intact and working fine. You just feel disconnected from it on a temporary basis.

Adding to this is ruler Mercury also retrograde in your 9th from January 14. Which means you begin the year in retroshadow. Mercury will also turn back into your 8th increasing that feeling of mojo disconnect as well as you having to abide by all the retro rules. Which you know by heart. Or should do.

So, in addition to the usual ones, as ‘22 begins this tells you that anything that Venus rules is a no-go area for the time being. Love. Big decisions around money or long term relationships. Step back. Look into those evolving needs. And above all, don’t let people push your buttons or give in to nostalgia. Curate your past love and emotional experiences instead. Look back at times when you have transformed your reactions to situations or people – and changed up the situation as a result.

Watch for flight or fight responses which are simply our primitive selves feeling we are under threat. Instead take a deep breath. Yes, it’s your Keep Calm and Carry On approach that puts you in control of any situation now. Lucky for you, this doesn’t set the tone for the entire year – so again, don’t panic! Renegotiation’s and rebirths are just around the corner for you with two historic conjunctions between Venus and Mars occurring within three weeks of one another. A rare and special event which could turn out to be game-changing for you when it comes to love, money or what you share with someone. At this point, you reclaim that mojo and realise it was never missing to start with.

Work on your relationship with yourself during this first all-important retro cycle as it will be this which ultimately brings about any changes you want to make, Gemini. By March all the planets including your ruler are direct in the sky and you should then have that smooth talking, sexy self-confidence back in full flow. Plus you should emerge with new and clear intentions about what the rest of the year needs to bring you. And the empowerment and desire to go for it.

March 5-6 are dates when you can make your move when it comes to opportunities and solutions which lead to freedom and advancement. The 5th sees the Sun meet Jupiter in your sector of career, recognition and rewards while the 6th sees the second conjunction between Venus and Mars occur in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. All that work you’ve done at the start of the year around self-control and empowerment pays off for you as you are released from limitation and disconnection and back into full flow once more!

This is the year to focus on your goals and to make your move once that initial retro period ends. Sure, ruler Mercury will have its usual backwards cycles later this year plus you have a major retro period in the final quarter with Mars backwards in your sign. But take it for now it’s full throttle forward with those plans and dreams thanks to Jupiter spending half of ‘22 in your 11th starting on May 10.

The focus is on people, groups, connections, friends, bands, parties, clubs, networks and movements. This cycle says be a joiner, not a hermit. Jupiter will work through the people you know, meet and connect with and to during this time. Larger than life, well-traveled, generous and adventurous souls may offer friendship, entree to new circles and support without any agenda or expectation of anything in return. Jupiter in your 11th is all about making three wishes – and setting your expectations for at least one to manifest while Jupiter is in here. Again, the way this may happen is via other people because this is how Jupiter works. People expand your horizons and open your eyes to new worlds of possibilities and experiences.

Jupiter will spend the rest of the year back in your 10th of career and status. These two are linked with who you meet and know opening doors to progress in other ways. As far as your career or status goes, Jupiter makes a once in 165 year meeting to Neptune in your 10th on April 12. This can open up pathways which were previously closed off to you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to begin a learning journey or cycle of achievement for you. Know what it is you want or where you want to get to and aim high. Especially as you are days away from ruler Mercury landing in your 1st!

This is probably the most important transit of the year for you when it comes to your ambitions. This year’s eclipse axis takes place across your hidden truths and work/wellbeing houses – your 6th and 12th. Three things cannot stay hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. And all three are always caught up in an eclipse. So, this tells you that the truth will emerge eventually, but also to use extra caution during these times.

What to watch for: April 30 delivers a partial solar eclipse and a ‘Black’ new Moon in your 12th while Venus and Jupiter meet in your 10th. Opportunities may come in disguise or you may have to look beyond the obvious to find them. Your next eclipse in this house occurs on November 8 – a total lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus. You may discover someone’s hidden agenda or their true colours. But this may take time to emerge. Use all caution now.

The other eclipses occur in your 6th of work, study, wellbeing matters, health, habits, routines and daily responsibilities. The one on May 16 which is a total lunar eclipse in here also coincides with a Mercury retrograde in what is Mercury’s ruling house. With Mercury retro in your 1st. I should not need to over-sell the need to watch and wait. Also if any issues emerge under this eclipse to seek out professional advice if needed. The second eclipse in here will be a partial solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon on October 26. At which point Mars is now retrograde in your 1st. The message here is: Don’t rush into anything!

Mars is in your 1st for an unusually long time this year arriving on August 20 and at this point taking that mojo nuclear. It will however retrograde during the final quarter of the year. Think Mercury retro on steroids. At this point the progress you have been making may slow down. And you may also end up feeling you can’t get your ideas across. But you can create real and lasting self-confidence provided you don’t try to fake it.

Ruler Mercury’s backwards facing dates are from Jan 14 – Feb 4; May 10 – June 3; Sept 10 – Oct 2. And from Dec 29 into 2023. Allow three weeks either side for retroshadow. And with the final 2022 retrograde in your 8th coinciding with Mars still retro in your 1st, please don’t allow any insecurities to resurface and ensure you keep those boundaries intact as others could seek to take advantage.

Get those dreams socially networked!

Jupiter will return to your 10th house at the end of October which coincides with that Mars retro cycle. However, this can help you make adjustments to that career path or leverage the progress you have made to date. Use this period to do just that. If you do need to change jobs or even that direction, mine your network when it comes to that change. Jupiter returns to your 11th on Dec 20th pointing to an extremely social start to ‘23.

Best times for love for you this year will be outside all the retro cycles unless of course you are reconciling with that bae. December 8-9 is a kiss and make up time thanks to the full Moon in your sign conjunct retro Mars and Venus conjunct the Galactic Centre in your 7th. New love, flirtation and attraction rules when Venus is in your 1st during June/July and opposing the Galactic Centre.

To sum up: Wishes will be granted and goals reached this year provided you take whatever steps you can towards realising them. April offers the best time for career moves. Your birthday season for meeting new people and going for that goal. Avoid seeking love during the Mars retrograde in your sign if you can and know where your boundaries are during this period.

Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words as well you know. One of these words is reason. There is a reason why we experience these periods. They are not sent to frustrate and flummox us but for us to review and refine our wants, needs, desires and even when it involves a planet in our 1st – our image and outlook. Reconnecting to your truth, your passion and ultimately your power will be the take-out from Mars in your 1st. While Jupiter will continue to deliver the people who can continue to assist you towards those dreams and experiences this reinvented you needs for ‘23, Gemini!



Love is the question and the answer for you this year, Cancer. So ask the right questions to receive the reply you’re seeking. Lucky Jupiter has you in its boundless embrace as it continues to work its ruling 9th for you for half the year. While opening doors to success and achievement wide in your 10th!

You crave love, feel loving and want a deeper, passionate, caring and more committed relationship. Love is the question and the answer with Pluto making its long term transit of your 7th, Cancer. It continues to be the alchemy and the game changer for you in ‘22. However, please hold fire on launching yourself out into that New Year love-sphere as 2022 begins and don’t swipe that dating app just yet.

The year begins with Venus retrograde in its ruling 7th in your chart. Juno which rules marriages and all long term commitments co-joins with Pluto in here on Jan 24. This is all about the long term with an existing double act. It asks if you are in or out? Playing for keeps or just for fun? Or if the other party is. Adding to this is Mercury also retrograde in here. So, if you are in a relationship this could well be time for that ‘Where are we going?’ talk or simply taking that next big step.

Don’t avoid discussions around this. Maybe you have been shying away from them because you are afraid of the answer you will receive. That’s why love is both the question and the answer for you. All this retrograde activity plus the two meetings between Venus and Mars and Mars and Pluto say it’s better to know now. And if your answer isn’t what you wanted to move on. For those of you who are lucky enough to be with the right one, this can see both of you commit to a goal or fresh start you are jointly and passionately invested in. This can equally apply to a working relationship to.

Once Venus is direct again and meets Mars for the second time in your 8th on March 6th this ushers in your time for hot, hot love! March also sees all that retro weather blow away like the misty illusion that it is. It’s time to engage fully with the world and to get ready to experience something new and more fulfilling. Not just with love but all areas, Cancer.

No more illusions between you and what you want now. Or doubts about your ability to go for it. You have one of the best transits for opportunity, freedom, luck and big love occurring in your 9th on April 12 as Jupiter and Neptune meet in here for the first time in over 165 years. This is Jupiter’s ruling house and both planet’s ruling sign. Travel, foreigners, higher learning, writing, publishing, the mass media, the law, the great outdoors, spiritual beliefs, large animals especially horses, the ocean, overseas people and places may play a role. Leave what you know behind you. Go where the tides of luck take you. Time to take a chance. Where does the magic happen? Outside your comfort zone, cancer. Pack your suitcase either literally or on a psychic level and prepare to leave it.

This meeting is closely followed by a path setting full Moon in its ruling 4th which is one of the potentially most direction determining for the year. Fix your focus on freedom and purpose. This year’s eclipse axis is across Taurus and Scorpio – your 11th/5th houses. This is about friendships, networks, connections and goals. Romance, children and creativity/pleasure. Your resources and your values. What you share and what is shared with you in turn.

Venus will encounter Jupiter the day the first eclipse triggers this axis on April 30. This day brings an eclipsed ‘Black’ new Moon in your 11th and Venus’s ruling sign of Taurus. The term ‘Black’ Moon isn’t anything sinister. It simply describes an ultra rare event which is the second of two new Moons in a month. Something which can only occur once every 2.5 years. The fact that this one is eclipsed makes it rarer still.

Let’s review our basic eclipse knowledge which is extra for you as your ruler is always implicated in an eclipse. Three things in this universe cannot stay hidden for long. These are the Sun and the Moon – either one is in the shadows or hidden during an eclipse. The third is the truth which is what an eclipse always hides. Now, be aware the truth is just that. Neither good nor bad just the facts. Be we don’t want to be caught out by it. In your 11th you need to keep an open mind.

In your 5th, tune into your children if you have them as something may be going on they may not have confided in you or they may need your support. But across both of these houses in eclipse season, you need to avoid seeking that new lover and take things slowly with regards to anyone new during these times. Be wary of anyone who love or friend bombs you under this eclipse cycle. They may not be what they first appear to be.

Your dates are May 16 – total lunar eclipse in your 5th, Oct 25 – partial solar eclipse in your 5th and a total lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus in its ruling 11th on Nov 8th. Don’t judge a book by its cover but also keep an open mind when it comes to promises or potential around a particular connection. The proof is in the delivery – nothing else.

Big up those ambitions and set some serious intentions around achievement and actualization from May onwards. If you are on the wrong path, nothing will keep you there now but don’t worry, you’ll be sent down a new and better one as Jupiter arrives in your 10th on May 10.

After Jupiter’s historic and boundary breaking encounter with Neptune, time to big up those ambitions and set some serious intentions around achievement and actualization from May onwards. If you are on the wrong path, nothing will keep you there now but don’t worry, you’ll be sent down a new and better one as Jupiter arrives in your 10th on May 10. Jupiter spends half the year in here and the other half back in its ruling 9th. It’s about moving on up in more ways than one. Living and loving large, Cancer!

Many of you could encounter Jupiter in person in the form of a generous or helpful boss, teacher or mentor figure who opens doors to long term progress and perfection of those plans. Because your 10th doesn’t just rule your status but that of your partner, others could benefit from their partner’s success in their chosen area.

Single? Jupiter in here combined with Venus in your 1st during your birthday cycle could bring you that serious contender for your heart who means business. You find their optimism, sense of humour and above all, loyalty to those they care about and love, exactly what you are looking for. They may be successful in their chosen field even if this is an unconventional one. Chances are this may be someone who embraced hybrid working long before it became the new normal for so many of us!

Travel is also on the cards for you especially during the periods Jupiter heads back into its 9th. Especially traveling back to somewhere you have past links (or even past life links) to. Mars will spend a long time in your mysterious 12th this year including a retrograde which begins on October 30 and takes you on into 2023. People will show their true colours now. Who is on your side may surprise you – one way or another.

Get that answer

Your energy will peak during this time and for once, you won’t suffer fools gladly. Be prepared for complaints from others who may tell you that you are not your usual soothing self during this transit. The answer is you are. You are simply more aware of when people may be stepping over the line or taking advantage of you. And calling them out on it!

This new empowered you is actually very sexy. Strangely enough, setting some boundaries just gets you more respect from others in your life and more of what you want as you broadcast those standards. Venus ends the year where it began – back in your 7th from December 10 making the run up to the New Year another great period for duos, double acts and delightful duet possibilities along with the Sun in here from the 21st and a new Supermoon on the 23rd.

You are the brightest star in the sky when it comes to attraction at this time thanks to Jupiter’s return to your 10th on Dec 20. Time to plan your next move for 2023. But wait to initiate. You may end the year with the return of something or someone, Cancer as the 29th sees Mercury stationary retrograde conjunct Venus in your 7th. Or is it a revival of an old love or goal you’re aiming for in the New Year? If you asked a question at the start of the year, you’ll have it answered as it closes. The only way now is up in 2023!



You rule in ‘22, Leo. It’s a year to experience something bigger. Big loves, big dreams and above all, big progress towards those goals. I like to think of it as Royal Progress. Don’t settle for anything less than what makes your heart burst with pride this year!

Get ready for Royal Progress, Leo! This year’s cycle is going to be more destiny driven than most. That doesn’t mean you are at the mercy of fate however. Just that you need to become more spiritually aware of what your choices and actions set in motion. And to step up and claim the results whether you like them or not. Rulership begins with self-rulership and ownership. It hands you that regal vibe for which your sign is known.

And here’s the good news. If you don’t like what your choices have brought you, provided you take a ‘Yeah, I did that’ attitude, you will be handed the opportunity to choose again and differently this year. 2022 promises to repurpose your life and release you from restriction provided you are willing to admit your lesson has been learned.

No more repeats in other words. And let’s start by talking about love replays. If love has well and truly run its course, Venus and Mercury both retrograde in your 6th when the year begins, sees you owning that too. Especially when this is combined with the North Node arriving in your 10th on January 19. The day before your ruler the Sun lands in your partnership zone. Saturn remains in your 7th this year so this is all about getting serious. Your 10th isn’t just about your career – although this will be important for you this year. But also about your relationship status. Single, settled, married, divorced. How your partner’s status reflects or influences your own.

As the North Node slides back into your 10th you’ll be looking at your choices to date, recommitting or releasing but being serious about all of this. As you will your search for someone if you are single. However, you do need to wait until at least February 1 -2 to to kick-start those love resolutions when your ruler is in your 7th and a new Moon marks the start of an important new partnership cycle. Juno’s entry into here on the 2nd adds that sense of potential commitment and long term love.

Your love potential increases throughout March thanks to the meeting between Venus and Mars in your 7th. All planets are direct in March which hands you a green light across all areas. Do be aware now with your sectors of change, status, sharing and partnerships all activated, that for love to last for you, you need a partner who you can take pride in on some level.

No, I’m not talking about someone as superficial as a trophy partner, Leo. Because you also understand that all that glitters isn’t gold better than any other sign. You need hidden treasures on the inside. To take pride in your partner’s moral compass say. Or their kindness, values, dedication, loyalty, talents and honesty. You can take as much pride in these if not more so than worldly success. Ensure when seeking someone new to share your throne with, they come with that all-important pride inducing factor. It will be strictly personal for each and every one of you what this is. But it must be there. If it is lost, this will be like a deep betrayal for you. Please always be aware of this if it is happiness you’re seeking.

Get ready for your first big point to release, a joint venture or a solution to something that has been restricting you for far too long. Wounds can be healed, forgiveness and self-empowerment replace self-blame and fear as Jupiter and Neptune meet in your 8th on April 12. Joint decisions can be made. Agreements reached. Negotiations concluded in your favour. Access to the resources you have long needed granted. This has not occurred for 165 years. It has the capacity to break you free of a long term cycle stretching back not just in this lifetimes but several others too. Know what you want to achieve now. And don’t be afraid to ask for it!

This year’s eclipse axis is across Taurus and Scorpio. Your 10th and 4th houses. Made all the more powerful by the fact the Nodes are also back in here. So, think of this as your time for laying the foundations for your future. With your focus on home, family, lifestyle, living arrangements and whatever gives you that sense of place – that castle of kingdom to rule, Leo! The most powerful eclipses for you personally will always be the solar ones. When your ruler is obscured by the Moon. Your feelings may override everything at these times but they may not be your best guides. Feelings are not facts.

There are three things in this universe which cannot remain hidden for long. The Sun, the Moon and the truth. This is the perfect eclipse metaphor and also the key to navigating those shadows of an eclipse. You best eclipse hack in other words. Because if you are in the dark, you then know whatever is hidden has to come out sooner or later.

The solar eclipse dates for you for ‘22 are April 30th – a partial solar eclipse at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon in your 10th says you don’t yet have the big picture but you have a part of it. Try to delay long term decisions if you can and hang fire on career matters. Also, if you meet a potential partner at this time, ensure they are all they appear or claim to be and keep at the back of your mind what I said about needing to take pride in your significant other! Allow plenty of time for the real person to emerge – not the Insta-fab version.

October 25 brings the second solar eclipse of the year. This time in the Moon’s ruling 4th. Take time and don’t rush with property dealings. Look close to home and pay attention to home security and the needs of those close to you. The other two eclipses are lunar eclipses. Where your ruler casts a shadow on the Moon. The full Moon eclipse in the Moon’s ruling 4th again could bring deeply repressed needs to the surface. You may require extra reassurance at this point. Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you do feel at this time.

Do however stay professional and keep your cool at the time of the next lunar eclipse in your 10th on Nov 8th. You may need to act with your head no matter what you heart feels. An actor friend of mine always handed out this advice especially when dealing with the cut-throat world of casting and associated rejection which is basically a survival hack for any of us no matter our profession. It’s this: Hide of a rhino, heart of a dove.

That being said, 2022 wants to hand you opportunity, freedom, solutions and success like no other cycle you’ve experienced in 12 years. Jupiter will spend approximately half the year in your 8th and half in its ruling 9th. Think expansion, opportunity and luck; travel, learning and freedom combined with beneficial merges and financial dealings of all descriptions.

Your birthday season this year will hand you extra special benefits as while the Sun and the other planets are in there, they will trine Jupiter. Even when Jupiter is retrograde as it heads back towards your 8th on July 28 but returns to your 9th on December 20.

Your next major cycle in which to shine and attract will occur when the Sun arrives in your 5th on Nov 20. Use this month to fine tune those desires and dreams ahead of the New Year. You also have Mars spending an unusually long period in your 11th house of friends, contacts and goals. Mars retrogrades in here at the end of October and remains backwards as we head into ‘23.

What this is telling you is don’t ‘settle’ for less than you know you deserve, Leo. That pride includes taking pride in all you have achieved in ‘22. And now committing just to what builds on that for the upcoming year. 2022 offers you more to take pride in and embrace. ’22 says: Go big or go home. That’s why you need to make this year a royal progress, Leo. Get ready to rule.


Don’t judge a year by how it starts! ‘22 begins with heavy retro weather than may make love and money matters elusive or reverse. But this could turn out to be the very best year for partnerships and personal ambitions you’ve experienced in a very long time, Virgo. It’s all about that higher love for you in 2022!

The love on hold vibe that ‘22 ushers in doesn’t just apply to you, Virgo – but to everyone. So, don’t take it personally! This is all down to Venus retrograde until Jan 29. For you however, it does get a little more intense. First Venus is retrograde in your house of romance and pleasure. It’s not just love or new love that’s the no-no but splurging in those sales too. Take it from me – that bargain isn’t or even if it is, you may fall out of love with that purchase once Venus heads direct again.

All this is gets a double serving due to your ruler Mercury which begins its retrograde in its ruling 6th but then retreats back into your 5th joining Venus in here. Stay away from the stores -on line and off and also that dating app. You actually don’t have long to wait before everything including your ruler, moves forward again. By March we have every single planet in the sky direct again. In the interim, focus on enjoying and appreciating what you have right now rather than acquiring more. That includes love whether this is the romantic kind or not.

If you are now thinking ‘So, what is this year good for then? Or ‘Oh no! This sounds like a re-heated 2020!’ – let me tell you 2022 is anything but that! What gets off to a slow start may in fact turn out to be one of the best years for love and success you’ve experienced in a very long time. In fact – ever. Use the initial slow time in January to get very clear about what you want this year. Especially when it comes to love and partnerships of all descriptions. It will be worth the work and worth the wait by the time April arrives, believe me!

What’s so special about April? As you know, you have Jupiter in your relationship sector for six months of this year. Giving double acts, tempting two-somes and duos the biggest boost you’ve experienced in 12 years. Jupiter in here simply says – don’t go it alone now. But – there’s more! Because Jupiter is always about expansion. Big, bigger – supersized love and potential around another person or party.

Give me a higher love!

It’s not just a once in 12 year opportunity you are entering with regards to a long term connection this year – but a once in 165 year one. Because that’s how long its been since Jupiter and Neptune where last in this house in your chart at the same time. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and your 7th. Both function at their highest when in their ruling sign. And they make a cosmic meeting in here on April 12. Handing you one of the best transits under which to join up, double up or draw that perfect love situation to you that you will experience this year.

Remember, both planets are connected to higher learning. While Neptune links you to the past and past lifetimes. So, that higher love could be your love partner – past, present, potential. But that higher love experience could manifest in the form of a new bestie, that mentor, teacher figure, collaborator, activity partner. They could have two legs or four. It’s all love and it’s all about the next stage of your love evolutionary experience. Be bold, be brazen and be open to who or what appears now. And then embrace it!

Of course, given the retro start to the year and the fact Neptune governs your past, a reconciliation or reunion may be how this manifests for some of you. But this transit is also about letting go of the past if that needs to happen to allow the future of love to enter. So please, if you have been hoping an old love will return and they do not come back in effortlessly now, understand the universe has a new plan for love for you now. Release the past and walk open-hearted into your new love future!

This year also brings exploration, opportunity and release into another long term experience cycle as we have the North Node shifting into your 9th which puts the South into your 3rd of ideas, short journeys and the internet. Look to how far an idea could take you or a message you have and what its reach could be now. As well as the call of far away this is also about your locality and short distance travel. And discovering something big without having to go too far – Covid concerns aside.

This also coincides with a similar shift in the eclipse cycle for this year with the axis again cutting across Taurus/Scorpio – your 9th/3rd houses. Travel, foreigners, commuting, communications, study, writing, publishing, speaking, the internet. Use caution around these areas during eclipse season. Just as you would during your retrograde periods in fact. There’s a wise saying that three things cannot stay hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. Eclipses conceal the truth or something we need to know. And during an eclipse either the Sun or the Moon is covered up or in shadow. But this reminds us that sooner or later, light returns. It’s a fabulous way to understand what happens at an eclipse. And also reminds us that sooner or later, what the eclipse hides is revealed.

Your eclipse dates for 2022 when using your tried and trusted retro rules as your eclipse safety net will pay off begin on April 30 when we have a partial solar eclipse at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon in your 9th. This is also the day when Venus and Jupiter meet in your 7th – Venus’s ruling sign. This means love could arrive in disguise but also means if something (or someone) looks too good to be true – it probably is.

Hold on to those values and tight to those retro rules at the next eclipse on May 16. This occurs in Mercury’s ruling 3rd and Mercury is retrograde when this happens. Go with those feelings and if you feel something is ‘off’ – it is.

You have a partial solar eclipse in your 3rd again on Oct 25 so try to finalise projects and plans and get important papers signed by that date. The total lunar eclipse in your 9th on Nov 9th has the Sun conjunct Mercury and opposes Uranus in your 9th. You don’t know the final outcome. Expect reversals or twists in the tale. Above all, use extra caution traveling and watch for storms – electrical and emotional!

Your Mercury retro dates for ‘22 are Jan 14 – Feb 4; May 10 – June 3; Sept 10 – Oct 2. And from Dec 29 into 2023. Allow three weeks either side for retroshadow.

As well as handing you your ticket to the love train, Jupiter also spends six month this year in your 8th or ‘other’ money house. This is also your house of sex and shared assets. So see this house not as scary but as a natural extension of what begins in your 7th. Where things get deeper. You may see yourself handling greater amounts of money or being given access to other people’s resources now. Yes, that includes that boo giving you the key to their apartment. This house also includes mortgages, loans, benefits, legacies, expense accounts, bonuses and perks. Or even intangible assets such as someone putting their contacts or expertise at your disposal.

This is also a house which demands integrity and total transparency. Abuse what you are given under this house and it will ‘blow up’ in your face leaving you with fallout to clear up which can last for years. So please, if you are put in charge of handling someone else’s assets or access to that expense account, bear this in mind. Otherwise – enjoy. Jupiter hands you the keys to the vault in some way. Or the means to transcend a difficult situation which has kept you restricted for far too long. This transit along with the North Node in your 9th (Jupiter’s house) tells you to be ready to fly free – on into ‘23 now. And yes, Virgo. Love will be the wind beneath your wings!



Jupiter planet of luck, opportunity and expansion lands in your 7th of lasting love and partnerships, Libra. Time for love? Certainly one of the best for you to become part of a double act or enhance your present one you’ve experience in 12 years! Out with the longing – on with the loving in ‘22!

Love and partnership matters are the hot topic for you in ‘22, In all love’s many splendored forms and across all areas of your life. But as the year begins, you are being asked to focus on love close to home – of family, those you live with, meeting your needs and theirs and love for that place you inhabit rather than the romantic kind. This is all down to ruler Venus starting the year retrograde in your 4th house.

Mercury will also be retrograde at this time. Starting its moonwalk in your 5th of romance and ending up in your 4th before heading direct once again. All this tells you that seeking that new partner is a no-no for now. But also this is about living and loving your life and how you live no matter what your relationship status currently is. If you focus on this during this retrograde period, you will quickly discover that this opens the doors to getting all the other kinds of loves.

Yes, 2022 may be off to a slow start due to this. But take it that the year will not stay this way. You will experience a glow-getting, goal setting retro free period for most of February and all of March promising non-stop, full speed ahead progress towards those desires.

Uranus remains in your 8th for ‘22 and you need to remain true to those values and ensure your value system is aligned to what truly matters to you. This is about soul integrity and what you will or won’t sell it for. Priceless as a certain credit card campaign tells us. Your values will provide you with a guiding light this year during any times of uncertainty and confusion.

Especially as this year’s eclipse axis takes place between Taurus and Scorpio – your 2nd and 8th houses. And the North Node swings back into Taurus at the start of the year. Yes, this will be about your money, cash, assets and income. You should of course, avoid major financial decisions at the times of the eclipses which I will give you in a moment. But it will be about far more than that at the end of the day. Financial karma and beliefs around money will come full circle. But this will also be about what money can’t buy you too. As well as what it can. Remember – money cannot buy us love or happiness but it buys us choices. And also, how much is ‘enough’? Expect to find yourself in situations where you will look at this either through your own experiences or those of other people!

Your eclipse dates are April 30 – a partial solar eclipse in your 8th at the time of the ‘Black’ new Moon. This is nothing sinister but the term for the second new Moon in a month. An extremely rare event which can only occur once every 2.5 years. For one to cause an eclipse is rarer still. If you remember your eclipse rules then you know you are in the dark at the time of an eclipse. Eclipses hide and conceal. A partial eclipse – well, you have a glimpse of the truth. Just not the whole picture.

So, no big decisions on this day around either money or partnerships. And keep an open mind around what might be hidden in that eclipse. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply ARE. It just so happens on the day this one occurs ruler Venus makes a superb alignment with Jupiter in your 6th. Benefits being one hidden thing which could emerge.

This occurs just after a magical and once-in-165 alignment occurs between Jupiter and Neptune in your 6th on April 12. Love what chooses you and drop the struggle and the chase. Look to what emerges and comes to you effortlessly. Especially if it has a positive impact on your work, daily life and overall wellbeing.

Your other eclipse dates are May 16 – total lunar eclipse in your 2nd at the time of a Mercury retro. I should not have to tell you to keep emotions out of any financial dealings and guard your cash at this time. You have another eclipse in here on Oct 25 – a partial solar one. Watch and wait. And the final one in your 8th on Nov 8th which falls conjunct Uranus so has an unpredictable quality to it. However, if something doesn’t go to plan this simply means it was not in your long term best interest. Bear this in mind.

Back to love

So, let’s get back to love. Jupiter spends approximately half the year in your 6th of day job and everyday business and responsibilities. And the rest in your 7th of lasting love and partnerships. Get ready to open your heart to someone or something bigger! It arrives in here on May 10, re-enters your 6th for final housekeeping tasks on Oct 28 and returns to your 7th on Dec 20 to see in the New Year for you.

This is one of the best cycles you have experienced in 12 years for bringing you that special someone. Or even redelivering that partnership opportunity you missed out on the first time around. You have more than one period where attraction and hot, hot love possibilities are all around you. The first one occurs in March after Venus has turned direct and meets Mars in your 5th and Eros and the Sun enter Aries and your 7th. The first two weeks of April are filled with the promises of falling in love with love again. Whether this is with your current bae or someone new.

July brings the chance of important new connections where communication and common themes align you to someone very much on the same page as you thanks to Venus drawing on all the potential of the Galactic Centre. Your birthday cycle this year coincides with Mercury retro in your sign but this time you have the planets opposing Jupiter in your 7th. Second chances rule at this point.

You’ll be filled with the desire to expand your horizons and travel especially the long distance kind may be back on the menu for many in ‘22. Your confidence and willingness to try something new will increase thanks to an extended stay by Mars in your 9th. However, Mars will make an extended retrograde in this house. Don’t take unnecessary risks, become over-confident or an Adrenalin junkie in your search for that rush. And please, if you are going anywhere, stay away from ‘dodgy’ areas or places you don’t know during this retro cycle. Mars retrogrades on Oct 30 and remains backwards on into ‘23 so this applies across this entire period.

You will end the year with Jupiter back in your 7th, Chiron direct in here and powerful Ceres in your 1st offering you a new deal on love or partnerships in some form. Your main goal for ‘22 however should be first and foremost to fall in love with your own life first. Then in loving what you do. Not someday. Someday is a time which never happens. But today and everyday. Then – falling in love with a person, what you can achieve or experience with someone be they a love partner or another kind. If ‘21 had you asking ‘Where’s the love?’ – ‘22 shows you exactly where it can be found, Libra.


Welcome to Loved Up ‘22, Scorpio. Romance, babies, children, young people and creativity are your themes along with everyday benefits. This year offers a release from the restrictions of the past two. And on to the stars where the magic happens!

The 1993 hit ‘Two Princes’ by alt rock band The Spin Doctors perfectly sums up what it’s like to have two rulers like you do, Scorpio. They adore you in 2022 and yes – one has diamonds and one has rockets for you to paraphrase the lyrics this coming year.

Contemporary ruler Pluto remains in your 3rd of commerce, communication, writing, publishing, learning and the internet. Changing your message, your work, how you get about and your ideas. Ancient ruler Mars will spend an unusually long stay in your 8th house (which it rules of course), from August and on into 2023 due to an extremely long retrograde and will not exit this sign/house until March 2023. Understand you are being asked to dig deep into those hidden reserves of power. And to see those shadow parts of you as your strengths.

Strong boundaries, unapologetically owning who you are and the sheer bravery of taking a ‘Hello world, take me as I am!’ approach during this Mars retro will in fact hand you the kind of self-confidence and feeling of empowerment that is both sexy and what others admire (even if they are too jel to admit it!). The thing is, you will do this for yourself – not to impress others. Which simply sees you owning it even more. Now – that’s sexy.

How you communicate this and all you are about will be important during this Mars retro. Expect a massive shift too around your work, study, ideas or how you get them across. This all occurs later in the year however. First – other planets set you up for that Uber Astro delivery of good stuff.

Mars is busy at the top of the year first joining Pluto and also retrograde Venus in your 3rd. Now, although Mars is direct – Venus retrograde pretty well puts the hold on all creative, money and romantic plans until it heads direct from Jan 29.

Uranus has been putting you front and centre of the love revolution due to its long term transit of your 7th. It remains in this house for all of ‘22. But love is also destiny driven now as the North Node enters this house in your chart plus this year’s eclipse cycle is across your 1st/7th house. Here come your diamonds, Scorpio!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond in ‘22

What do we know about diamonds? That to expose their brilliance they have to be cut and polished! That’s your process during this year’s eclipses so when they occur please pause and see that this is what is occurring around your relationships or you simply getting clear about your needs in relationship. You have to know what you want in order to get it or recognise it in the first place. I could use the phrase ‘Diamond in the rough’ here.

Eclipses hide and conceal. This is neither good nor bad. It just means we don’t yet know. So, an eclipse can throw a cloak of invisibility over something special which is why you need those Scorpio senses tingling to look beyond the obvious at the eclipses this year. In other words, the potential around someone may not be immediately obvious. No matter what, watch and wait at these times:

Apr 30 – New ‘Black’ Moon in 7th – Partial Solar Eclipse. This coincides with a conjunction on this day between Venus and Jupiter in your 5th – making it one of the best days of unexpected, secret and enticing love!

May 16: Full Moon in 1st – Total Lunar Eclipse. That link between you and your emotional truth may feel confused and confusing. If you need to meditate, connect to your core and nurture yourself. The new Moon in your 1st on Oct 25 brings a partial solar eclipse and it may be you are the one not ready to reveal their future plans. That’s fine. Keep your intentions close. The final eclipse of ‘22 takes place on Nov 8 with a total lunar eclipse in your 7th. Don’t know where others are coming from? In the dark about intentions? Don’t panic or judge a book by its cover under this eclipse, phoenix!

As a general rule of thumb – partners of all descriptions will be in focus and not just the love variety at these eclipse times. Also that bestie, collaborator, close working association or even that opponent. Take your time over new relationships and understand this applies both ways. Love could arrive in disguise!

Rocket to the stars!

Daring intentions propel you out of the Venus retro at the start of the year with two meetings between Venus and Mars taking place across Feb-Mar as well as Venus meeting your other ruler Pluto. So, no topic is off-limits at this point. And you will be pushing forward with those ideas and business plans too. Enjoy an unusually long free-wheelin’ retro-free period from February to the end of March. This brings you to miraculous, magical April which will be even better!

Love or stepping out into the divinely driven flow of opportunity is going to feature in April as we have a once-in-165 year meeting taking place between Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th on April 12. This is probably the most important transit of the year for you. It takes place in your 5th of romance, creativity, children, good times and yes, luck. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and your 5th. So, both are ‘at home’ in here and at their highest vibration.

Now is the time to take a chance, set something in motion or reach higher and go further than you have ever dared. The path you are destined to walk could open wide. Act with generosity, empathy and with your best intention. Wear your heart bravely on your sleeve. Dare, try, experiment, play and let go of worrying about what others think. A gift could be handed out or given or a lucky break occur. But you are the one who sets these cosmic forces in motion simply by taking that first step! Don’t waste this. It won’t happen again in your lifetime!

Lucky Jupiter won’t just big up that love life, your opportunities to get noticed and shine for what you effortlessly do or bring good times via babies, children and those younger than you. It will also hand you everyday benefits to live, feel and work better in the small ways that add up to big benefits.

Jupiter will spend approximately half the year in your divinely driven 5th and then half in your 6th of work, wellness and routine. Loving the small stuff and the details sets you free to experience bigger things. If you are looking for work, to study or change your job or the way you work, Jupiter should deliver at least one opportunity while in your 6th. This is about living your best life now – every day. Not someday. Not just the few weeks a year you go on holiday. Jupiter in your 6th is about everyday magic.

Jupiter arrives in your 6th on May 10 and remains in here until your birthday season when it drops back into your 5th for one final version of Love Island for you. Your birthday season gifts you that blissful higher love vibe because you have Venus in your sign. All your Scorpio planets including Mercury too will spread that loved-up vibe as they trine both Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th making this another wish fulfillment and desire setting period of the year for you.

Jupiter returns to your 6th where it will see in the New Year. Changes propel you forward – or at the very least you will be fuelling another rocket as ‘23 beckons as Mars retro in its ruling 8th is telling you not to give up on that dream or desire. Rockets and diamonds – do you really need any other fuel to shine so brightly in ‘22, Scorpio?


Ruler Jupiter holds the key and unlocks the doors to opportunity, living better and even hearts in ‘22, Sag. The New Year releases you from past restrictions and sets you free to explore the new once more!

Aim high as 2022 begins but hold your fire until the end of January until Venus is direct once again in its ruling 2nd in your chart. Love and money matters may be slippery, elusive or simply subject to change. That sale bargain may be anything but and sadly, that love interest turn into all ghost and no substance. Stay off the dating apps and the shopping sites and instead, use this time to determine exactly what you want 2022 to deliver in terms of self-worth boosting opportunities. Take it from me – ruler Jupiter is listening.

Love is only temporarily off the menu for you. This year brings you some of the best opportunities around romance and attraction you will have seen in 12 years once Jupiter crosses into your fabulizing 5th in May. It lands in here when Venus is also in residence just making you unmissable and bigging up that mojo as it does. And all of us enjoys an unusually long free-wheelin’ retro-free period from February to the end of March! So, don’t judge a year by how it begins, Sag!

Jupiter unpacks double the benefits for you and not just of the heart-starting, magic carpet variety we associate with the 5th house either! (More on these in a moment). But also is about to enhance your home, living arrangements, family dynamic and anything that touches on your emotional, physical and material security from April onwards.

As well as ruling your sign, Jupiter is also the ancient ruler of fellow mutable sign Pisces. Although Neptune has taken over the job in modern astrology, we always say the old rulerships apply. So, Jupiter is just as happy, generous and open-handed in Pisces as it is when it travels through your first. It will meet Neptune in here – so both rulers of the sign, conjunct, on April 12. An extremely rare event which last occurred 165 years ago!

This is probably the most important transit of the year for all of us. How and where you dream of living will feature as will your family or your own self-created, extended sense of that. Just where in the world is home, Sag? And doing what? This is about your place and your path too. Finding where on earth the multiverse smiles on you.

Big decisions around home or where you live may feature. Anything from emigration, relocation, expanding your present living space, expanding your family or moving – places, careers – or even both! Sea changes, tree changes, changing rooms form part of a mysterious grand design for you. This tells you, MOVE in some way as benefits will flow from this.

Some of you may move up the property ladder. Others just move to a better and more secure arrangement or work situation which allows them to upgrade their space. Your card in the Tarot to draw inspiration from this is the Nine of Pentacles. You’re in the garden of prosperity and satisfaction now. Plan accordingly.

Expanding your space includes that heart space as Jupiter will spend approximately six months in each sector as it goes from room to room in your chart. So as well as your home, foundations and path this includes love, children, creative expression and yes – holidays which should be very much back on your list for ’22, Sag! If you are single and seeking, Jupiter should bring you at least one potential contender for your wild heart! And settleds could simply fall back in love – all over again.

January sees the North Node exit your 7th and head into your 6th – which of course puts the South Node in your 12th. Check your chart for Scorpio factors as this will trigger long term karma around money, shared assets, mortgages, joint (marital) property. This years eclipse cycle also reflects this shift.

Three things cannot remain hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. This is the perfect eclipse metaphor especially when that axis cuts across your 12th/6th. In other words, that which is hidden comes to light.

Work – paid or unpaid, study, habits, routine, health. And your spiritual/soul life and also what you need to know! Your instincts will be spot on during the eclipses this year so please don’t ignore them. Sure, you may know less than Jon Snow on a factual level at the times of the eclipses. But pay close attention to that gut feeling or thought that comes spinning out of nowhere. It’s not wrong!

Your eclipse dates are April 30 at the time of the new ‘Black’ Moon in your 6th – take care of work and also wellbeing matters. This day could in fact see you on the receiving end of good news or you making a decision which brings major long term benefits for you as Venus and Jupiter meet in your 4th (the Moon’s ruling house).

The total lunar eclipse in your 12th on May 16 may plunge you into an emotional blackout but your incredible psychic abilities act like a lantern when it comes to dealing with others. Or uncovering what’s really going on. The next eclipse occurs on Oct 25 in your 12th – plus you have Jupiter re-entering your 4th just three days later and Mercury in your 7th about to retrograde. Take your time with decisions that involve you and someone else. Treat the final eclipse of ‘22 in your 6th on November 8 as you would a Mercury retro and have a back up plan. Uranus adds that unpredictable element.

Mars will deliver a more passionate experience for you this year. Especially when it is in your 5th during Jupiter’s stay in here in May – the time the Sun also lights up your partnership zone. June, July and August represent high points for you where you may feel you have been set free from the restrictions you have been confined by over the past 2-3 years. Enjoy that heady feeling of freedom you need like air and water to thrive, Sag!

Mars which rules confidence, go-getting desire and action is going to spend an unusually long time in your 7th of long term love and partnership matters this year. And three months of this time retrograde. This occurs from October onwards and will take you on into ‘23. After all the fun, progress and pleasure of the past few months, this may come as a shock as you feel that momentum slow. And which could leave you asking; Where’s the heat? Do not make long term relationship decisions under this transit but if you’re simply not feelin’ it then be upfront – don’t fake it. And don’t ghost or think you will simply let someone down ‘lightly’ by slowing withdrawing. Simply be honest and say it’s no longer working than leave them guessing.

Venus will arrive in your sign a week before your birthday season begins making this one of attraction and easy going pleasure. Plus Jupiter will enable you to see in the New Year on a celebratory note as it returns to your 5th on Dec 20. 2022 will be a year to create and nest. Children and parenting or a relationship which could potentially turn you into a parent, step-parent may feature as could your adult children if you have them. Your creative talents demand an outlet – and a bigger stage on which to showcase them. Guess what? Jupiter is going to oblige. Whether you’re at home or out in the big, wide world – prepare to be noticed and attract this year, Sag!


Be in the moment as the year begins. Yes, I know it is your new cycle, Cappy! But it is also a time of heavy retrograde too making this a time for planning – not action. You have Venus retrograde in your 1st in January and retrograde Mercury returning to your sign at the end of the month. So, 2022 may feel like it is off to a slow start. Take it that it won’t stay that way however. So see this period as a time to recharge, replenish and refine those plans!

I should not need to over-sell the retrograde rules – especially when they involve Venus! As well as the usual Mercury themes, this one extends to love and money. Resist the urge to splurge at the sales. The chances of you listing that ‘bargain’ on eBay once Venus heads direct again are high. If something is broken or worn out then yes, of course replace it. But only buy what you specifically need. And as for that dating app – you might want to delete it for now. At least until February when Venus moves forward again and we enter a two month long free wheelin’ retro-free period.

However, when it comes to your cash, keeping a tight hold on the purse strings and making what you do have work harder is your best tactic for all of ‘22 as ruler Saturn remains in your 2nd of money for all this year. No, you don’t have to channel Scrooge. Just be mindful and protective of what you do have. Saturn as well you know rewards discipline and hard work. So, think deferred gratification this year and saving for the thing you really want rather than what you could simply have right now – but actually aren’t that rapt about. Your sign in particular knows the difference between quality and quantity. Money matters will be at their best once Venus heads direct, enters its ruling 2nd and meets Saturn in here in March.

February will also be one of the best times for love and attraction for you too thanks to the meeting of Venus and Mars in your 2nd.. June also has Venus in your 5th and its ruling sign of Taurus meeting the North Node in here giving that wheel of destiny another spin for you. This could mark the start of an important cycle of creativity, romance or you simply making your mark. July/August favours partnership matters of all descriptions when Venus transits its ruling 7th.

Pluto remains in your sign all this year as does Uranus in your 5th still giving you that radical overhaul when it comes to love, who you choose to love, how you express love and even what you love to do. Expect lightning bolts, seismic shifts and emotion to rock your ocean this year. 2022 begins an important karmic cycle begins involving lovers, children and creative self-expression as the North Node enters your 5th also in January.

This also triggers a change in the eclipse axis for you this year which is Taurus/Scorpio so your 5th and 11th houses. Lovers, children, creative ventures and All the World’s a Stage. Friends, groups, your social and professional networks both on and off-line. Causes, movements, clubs, organizations and those goals and dreams. One friendship or group may require your focus – who or which? Take your time with new connections under these eclipses no matter the form they arrive in. Allow time for the real person to emerge.

Jupiter is on the move this year. It will spend approximately six months in your 3rd and the other six in your 4th of home, family, path, purpose and security. First however, we have a once in several lifetimes conjunction on April 12 between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces and your 3rd house. The last time they both met in here was 165 years ago!

This is quite possibly the most important transit of the year for all of us. It has the breathtaking capacity to take us higher, further and open portals to possibilities we did not know existed. Provided we are open to taking that step into the unknown however!

This meeting asks you just how far an idea could take you or just where could a conversation lead? News you receive could be game-changing or journey opens up your world. Writing, publishing, speaking, that YouTube channel, photography and the internet could feature. Explore the potential and strange new worlds via traveling in your imagination – or in person!

The world is your home – and your oyster

Travel will be highlighted for you as will be anything that expands your work, knowledge or ideas. Don’t forget when Jupiter moves into your 4th from May 10, Jupiter expands your horizons or even your walls! So, think expansion in terms of your living arrangements, lifestyle or even to include new family members! But even if you don’t travel during this cycle, you may find the world knocks on your door in some way. You may discover yourself doing business with, talking to or interacting with people from overseas. Such as working from home and Zooming with co-workers in head office in another country! Or welcoming overseas visitors for instance.

In some way, the world will reach out and open up your world in some way. Jupiter can also bring a relocation and many people experience a move – often to another area or even another country entirely, when it is in their 4th house. Extending your present home, discovering ways to make money out of your home, switching to home or hybrid working are also themes which go hand-in-hand with Jupiter changing rooms between your 3rd & 4th houses.

New deals in love, work or partnerships could be on the table in July when you have powerful Ceres in your 7th. Late September and most of October fires up those ambitions when the Sun and Venus are in your status setting 10th. This is one of your best periods for work and career moves and also when you are able to create your very best impression with gatekeepers and people who matter.

Do bear in mind however that while Mars puts you in peak performance mode it can feel as if someone removed your spark plugs when it turns retrograde in your 6th from Oct 30. Up until this point you may have been powering on with work and those everyday tasks. Mars has you feeling there is nothing you cannot take on in this house.

How do you get burnout? By taking those responsibilities seriously. That’s the downside of Mars in here. Mars can give you stamina but make you slap-dash. It can hand you the confidence to apply for that job but then cause you to have an accident when you rush. Mars needs to be channeled and given boundaries. Very often those boundaries are the ones we need to impose on ourselves with a powerful Mars transit. So, know when to say ‘Enough!’ for the sake of your wellbeing.

Mars will end the year retrograde in here taking you on into 2023. So, when it comes to your day job (paid or unpaid), your studies or anything to do with health and fitness, try to get what needs to be done finished or established and then prepare to down-shift as you coast towards the year’s end.

You have a secret super-powered new Supermoon welcoming in your new cycle on Dec 23. This is the start of the new year for you – not January 1 so set those intentions now and forget the New Year’s resolution kind. What you decide on this day has a far, far better chance of being attained especially if this is something in which you are truly emotionally invested in. Don’t commit to anything less.

2022 brings you exploration of ideas, invitations to start a new learning journey or to discover just where a conversation you start can take you. It boosts your business, hands you meaningful work wrapped in a sense of satisfaction and enhanced wellbeing. And could just see you right in the place that feels like home. Get belonging in ‘22 – to your purpose, your people and your passion, Capricorn!


It’s a year of passionate commitment and intention. To set something big in motion and then be prepared to see it through. And to get yourself noticed in all the right ways – and by the right people, as you do it, Aquarius. Prepare to stand out in ‘22!

Go the distance. Who remembers that whispered line from the 1989 film ‘Field of Dreams’? If you’ve not seen it, then watch it as 2022 begins. It has another famous line ‘If you build it, they will come’. Both of these apply to you this year, Aquarius which is why I am starting this forecast off with this message. If you have an idea, a belief, a love, a passion or a vision – take it out there this year. And above all – go the distance and see it through.

Self-belief and belief in your ideas and abilities, is at the heart of the message of this film. And self-confidence, surety and above all, a willingness to take a chance, fuels your story this year. But as it does begin, feet up on the couch and rewind because retrogrades reign supreme! It’s a time of tuning in, revision and tapping into visionary, higher inspiration. Take time to decode your past and those past choices too. Especially around love.

Now, just maybe your once-upon-a-time is your happily ever after. But if your happily ever after is just so once-upon-a-time – use January to look at why your love life has turned into more of a cautionary tale than a fairy tale. Venus retrograde in your 12th can open up the true meaning of that story you’ve been busy writing. And you can now edit it for a better outcome once it heads direct again and arrives in your 1st in March. In fact, your birthday season and on into March delivers a free-wheelin’ retro free cycle when all the planets are direct once more.

The year also begins with Mercury retro in your sign from Jan 14 – another reason to plan and dream until February when Mercury will return when you are in birthday mode. Continue to process the past to gain a fresh perspective from it. Then – get ready for your relaunch and to go the distance between you and those dreams. ‘22 offers satisfaction and what you need to sustain you in the long term, Aquarius.

Ruler Uranus remains in your house of lifestyle, family, home and security. What you need to sustain you, your path and living arrangements, continue to undergo an electrifying revolution. Especially as you now have the North Node moving back into this house in your chart. And along with this, this year’s eclipse axis is across your 4th/10th houses of home and achievement.

The Moon rules your 4th house. And not just home, family and physical security but your emotional security too. Eclipses in your 4th can therefore be extremely powerful. While eclipses in your 10th – a house where the Moon is less emotional and more goal-oriented, may challenge you to keep your cool and stay professional. As with all eclipses – something’s being covered up and you need that Moon energy to access your insight, intuition and emotional truth. Dates to watch and wait and steer clear of trying to second guess what others may be feeling are:

Apr 30 -when a new ‘Black’ Moon in your 4th brings a Partial Solar Eclipse. This occurs the day Venus and Jupiter meet in your 2nd. Remember – eclipses can come with hidden benefits and this one could just conceal a better deal around income or property!

May 16 – the full Moon in your 10th and a total lunar eclipse asks you to merge that dedication to going the distance with awareness of how others see you. Time to ensure you come across as someone who means what they say and says what they mean. Above all, during this eclipse and the next in this house at the time of the new Moon on Oct 25 – protect your public image at all costs. Yes, the lights have been turned out. But that doesn’t mean to say you are invisible!

Nov 8 delivers a total lunar eclipse in your 4th – conjunct your ruler. Please pay close attention to anything around the home, family, property dealings, airbnb-ing if you are a host, boundaries, fences and security. Property dealings may change or someone may not be giving you the big picture. Certainly this is an eclipse where you need to pay close attention to that gut.

Being open to changing direction or where or how you live may form a big part of creating your happily-ever-after this year. Your ancient ruler Saturn remains in your sign all year, asking you to continue to know what you want – and to get serious about it. Taking yourself seriously and projecting self-authority is essential to career progress this year – especially during October when the planets in your 9th will trine Saturn and Vesta in your 1st asks just who is in charge (the answer when it comes to where you are going should be you!).

Rewards for going the distance could be on offer thanks to Jupiter and Neptune in your money zone. April 12 brings a once-in-several-lifetimes meeting between these two in here. Both rule Pisces and it has been 165 years since both planets were in residence at the same time. For all signs, this is probably the most important of the year. As well as your money, this takes place in your house of values, possessions, talents, skills and self-worth. And also relationships you can literally ‘bank’ on. Those rare and special people you know will always have your back no matter what.

One outcome could be financial improvements but you could just as easily benefit from the help or generosity of someone you know. Or see the arrival of a new, potentially significant connection whose presence in your life is like a big payday! Love is after all – our greatest asset. Best times for love for you – February and your birthday season when Venus and Mars meet in your sign, July/August when the Sun and other planets are in your 7th and October when they move through your 9th.

Yes, you are worth it!

Jupiter pays two houses in your chart a visit this year. Dividing its time between them. Your 2nd of money, income and possessions and your 3rd of ideas, business, getting around, writing, learning and the internet. Look at how one house is connected to the other as Jupiter goes back and forth and you’ll discover ways to boost your income and break out into new and better areas of discovery and opportunity. Above all – be a self-starter. And don’t be a talker. If you build it, they will come means taking action on those ideas – not simply talking about what you are going to do with them.

Jupiter leaves your 2nd and lands in your 3rd on May 10. This also puts travel back on the menu for many of you. It remains in here until Oct 28 when it re-enters your 2nd for less than two months. And return to your 3rd on December 20.

Your other noteworthy transit this year is passionate, go-getting Mars which will spend an unusually long time in your 5th house of romance, lovers, creativity, fun, pleasure and children. It’s time to go off in hot pursuit of what you want. To immerse yourself in what makes your heart beat faster, to party and play and above all, stand out and get yourself noticed. Really, Mars in here simply don’t do shy and retiring. In love, you need to really, really, really, really, really, really feel it in a very Carly Rae Jepsen way. Or else it’s not happening. Searing, scorching love, fire, creating something, making love feature.

Enjoy right up until Oct 30 when Mars retrogrades in here – a retro which will take you into ‘23. But by now – you should have built or gone after that vision of yours, Aquarius. And been noticed for your passionate intent as well as your ability to go the distance to those dreams – on into 2023.


A magical, dreamweaving, spell casting year hands you the ability to redraw your path; and decide what role you want to play in your future, Pisces. If you can imagine it – chances are you can be it, have it or experience it – in some way shape or form in ‘22!

Big, bigger, BIGGEST! 2022 promises to be the biggest year ever for you when it comes to releasing yourself into opportunity and flow. Allow your imagination free rein. Give in to that vision your gifts of fantasy, visualization and insight can dream up for you. And then ask yourself if this is in fact more than just a dream but how you should be living or what you should be doing.

Whatever you can imagine for yourself now – chances are a version of it is available for you. To have, see or experience. What makes this more possible than at any other time? The presence of both your rulers in your sign. Jupiter and Neptune are set to meet in your 1st on April 12. This has not happened in 165 years! Take action on your dreams or towards what that intuition is telling you is your destiny now. Above all, if you feel the nudge from spirit or that nagging whisper that simply won’t be silenced in your head – obey it! Your soul compass is aligned to your higher purpose or path now.

Barriers to progress may simply dissolve. Where you would once have hesitated you now take the plunge. This will be one of the best transits you have ever embraced for personal goals, travel, learning, creative projects and anything to do with entering a bold, brilliant and breathtaking phase.

However – the year may not start off like this. You may be waiting until your birthday season begins to begin to see the kind of miracles I’m talking about. Don’t get disheartened or judge a year but it’s first few weeks however. We start 2022 with Venus retrograde in your 11th and Mercury retro in your 12th – it will then back into your 11th before heading forward again. Add to Mars transitting your 11th and 12th while this is going on and you may begin the year having a cosmic clear out of stuff from the past you no longer need. Old thoughts, memories, goals, junk in that closet, connections you have outgrown and raw open emotional wounds you thought you had dealt with – all get the heave-ho and chapters closed for good. Now you’re ready, Pisces!

Because yeah, baby! It may feel your birthday season just carries on like the ultimate 60’s love-in thanks to planets moving through your 1st all the way into May! The spotlight will be very much on you. So – how do you rock that? Don’t be a mass-produced item. Be an original. That’s the message of Jupiter in your 1st. You’ve got what’s unrepeatable and rare – that combination of atoms, stars, thoughts, feelings and vibe that is nowhere else in the universe! So, express this in whatever way simply feels right for you. Jupiter will spend approximately six months in your 1st from the start of the year until May 10 when your image, appearance, style, personal message or brand will be supersized and more important.

Others can’t help but be drawn to what you project. Especially during that key March-May period and again in September when the Sun is in your 7th. No more hiding yourself away. Feel it and believe it to become it – or draw it to you, Pisces. Find ways to showcase yourself, your talents, your skills or just your unique fish-eye view on the world. You’re Insta-fabulous now.

From May until the end of October and then again from December 20, Jupiter will be in your 2nd for the first time in 12 years. Look forward to a surge of self-confidence and also in stepping into abundant flow. Handling larger sums of money are common with Jupiter in here. Just don’t be lured into spending it as fast as it comes in. A better paying job, raise or income from a side-hustle are Jupiter benefits in this house.

This year’s eclipse axis for 2022 is Taurus/Scorpio so your 3rd and 9th houses. When these occur this may seem like a Mercury retro on steroids! Use your retro rules at these times and if you can delay agreements, purchases, travel and signing anything. Don’t take what you are told as gospel – it may not be or may be carefully edited. The term ‘spin’ applies.

Feel as if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Even if you’re not certain just how, one thing you do know is that something’s ‘off’. Hold that thought. Three things cannot stay hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. It’s a perfect eclipse metaphor and what it tells you is that the truth eventually surfaces. That uneasy feeling you may not yet have facts to back up is your early warning system. It tells you don’t act – watch and wait for revelations. These could come to light in surprising and unexpected ways due to Uranus’s long term transit of your 3rd. Uranus always wants to free us. And this includes freeing us of illusions. So take it that expose when it does occur will do just that.

Your other major transit will be Mars which will spend an unusually long time in your 4th this year. And it will be retrograde in here from October and on into ’23. Mars is not comfortable in this house. Too touchy-feely, throw pillows and cupcakes for the warrior planet. But wait – Mars in here gets you moving if it’s needed. Or discovering the confidence to strike out on your own path if you feel the one you’re on isn’t what you would have chosen but was chosen for you. Channel this energy into physical activities – DIY, redecorating, renovations, gardening and finish off any declutter you left half-done at the start of the year.

Just watch for oversensitivity and narkiness with those you live with! Deal with issues right away. Don’t allow them to fester otherwise you will find your frustrations burst out in unexpected ways. And at inopportune moments. That’s Mars energy. It always finds an outlet. Give it a positive one.

Mars retro will allow you to pace yourself however. This year promises intense periods where there are big leaps forward, a pause and then the year’s end brings you a final push with those ambitions. Most of you should end the year in a much better position financially than you have been in the previous two. Provided you don’t allow your spending to get out of control however!

Love should take on a magical quality and singles should see at least one potential suitor step up to try to win their heart! The theme of this year is All About YOU however. Your look, face, brand, style, message, profile, social media feed, title, appearance, image. Some of you may undergo a make-over; or even contemplate fillers, Botox, cosmetic dentistry or surgery to ensure what they see in the mirror matches what they feel on the inside. And on the inside is where your transformation begins. You are not set in stone. You are a work in progress. Take yourself to the next level this year. Feel it, believe it and then become who you believe you can be. The world could just be watching.

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