25th May 2020 Written Weekly Astrology

weekly written astrology may 4th 2020

Weekly Astrology May 4th 2020 – A return from the past


The past re-emerges

Dance with a new relationship dynamic

Reboot empowerment

Weekly Astrology May 4th 2020  brings links to the past. Past loves, past lives, surface this week as Venus now slowing now in preparation to head backward, tightly aspects Neptune in your sector of soul secrets.

This also occurs on the day Venus and Vesta meet in your 3rd. Hidden dynamics in relationships could be revealed now. Especially around sharing, who calls the shots or around roles in the relationship. These may even be ideas that have been handed down within families or even corporations and are now way past their use-by date.

The 6th sees the North Node change signs and also arrive in your 3rd. Remember, the Nodes link us to our past and our destiny and they move backwards through the signs, not forwards. For more on this, see your monthly forecast. This occurs the day before a full Moon in your sector of empowerment, change and yes, sex. Hence the link to partnerships – especially marriage or long term, live in partners and also corporate money as in your salary.

Is this an equitable arrangement or is one party treating the other differently based solely on their gender or outdated gender roles? This could have a direct link to your career, how you are rewarded and also how you are seen professionally as Mercury in your 2nd of money and self-worth, trines Pluto and then Jupiter in your 10th on the 9th and 10th respectively. Dare to speak up and state your true worth now. And don’t underestimate your value, Aries.

In a nutshell:

Money and who shares what with who features this week, Aries. This can involve anything from your salary to who does the chores. Get negotiating this week and work your worth!


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Taurus

Know your value

Re-set your abundance karma

What’s your credit score at the Bank of Love?

The full Moon in your 7th this week acts as a mirror that someone opposite holds up to you. So, what do you see, Taurus?

This week is all about those relationships that are valuable to you, that you can ‘bank’ on and which reflect facets of yourself and also your self-worth. In other words, how they see you is on some level, how you see yourself. So, this full Moon gets deep to the emotional heart of the matter. If you don’t like how someone sees you, then the problem may actually be not with them, but with you. Of course, the full Moon can reveal how valued and loved we are.

Your 7th and your 2nd which is the other house where a lot of this week’s action is centered, are of course, ruled by your ruler Venus. Venus is in your 2nd but slowing now in preparation for making a rare retrograde in here.

This week sees Venus meet Vesta in here and again, this can link to how you are treated especially in relationships or even at work. The North Node also enters your 2nd on the same day. It’s been 19 years since it was last in here. If you were 18 or over back then, look back at the themes around self-worth and money you were dealing with back then. Especially around how valuable you thought your ideas or what you do are.

Your money karma is going to receive a make-over in the next two years. And it all begins with how you value yourself, Taurus.

In a nutshell:

Others reflect your inner values this week. And how you see yourself, Taurus. Show the world what you know you’re worth now for loved-up and cashed-up results. The price is right.


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Gemini

The Power of One adds up to two now

Think about partnerships for the future

Hone that focus

Your weekly may 4th astrology packs a cosmic punch. It’s time to embrace the power of ONE, Gemini. No more scattered energy. One big idea. One dream. One love. One direction.

It’s time for focus as the North Node arrives in your sign on May 6. You’re the sign of quicksilver thinking, of juggling many ideas at once, of duality and an insatiable curiosity.

Being present, working the power of now, doing one thing at a time and seeing it through, not just talking but listening – all these are your super karmic secrets for success now. As is attracting who and what you need. Especially when it is linked to your unfolding destiny or path. It’s time to think about partnerships of all descriptions with the Node now in here. And also because you have Venus in your 1st as well. What or perhaps who do you need?

The Nodes link us to our past as they work in 19 year and 9.5 cycles. Venus is also preparing to head retrograde in your 1st so don’t be surprised if past loves feature. Remember, now is the time to look at what you need for the future but not time to act to find it during the start of this cycle.

Ruler Mercury sits in your house of insight, hidden truths and yes, the past. It angles to Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 9th and then Jupiter also in here on the 10th. Big discussions, opportune changes or yes, something coming alive again are all to your benefit, Gemini. Something comes full circle this week.

In a nutshell:

The Power of One is yours to explore over the next two years, Gemini. How about that one big idea? Laser-like focus draws what you need to you. Including that one big love.


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Cancer

Reclaim opportunity

Start a new karmic cycle

Go back to love

Karma with other people, enhanced insight and who is helping and who is hindering you are all enclosed in your mysterious 12th house, Cancer. This week sees the North Node leave your sign and head backwards into this house where we already have Venus in residence.

Venus is preparing to retrograde so this is truly about history repeating itself and what goes around comes around as this cycle starts.

You and another could be engaged in a dance you have undertaken many times before. The question is – this time how is it going to play out?

You could be looking at how you may have held yourself back and missed opportunities. Don’t get bogged down in self-blame or recrimination however. The Nodes are linked to 19 and also 9.5 year cycles. Someone or something could reappear, a door could re-open and second chances to ‘do it all again’ be offered. If someone assists you this week with no apparent agenda in mind, take it you have done the same for them in the past.

New partnerships can be forged now even at a distance. And you have almost two years to do this with the nodal cycle. Plus, you have Mercury aligning to both Pluto and Jupiter in your 7th. It’s an invitation to step back into the dance with someone – perhaps under the light of the romantic full Moon in your 5th on the 7th. Even if it just shines on that phone or laptop as a way to connect. Don’t say no to life (or love), a second time.

In a nutshell:

Destiny driven dances with others feature this week as karma invites you to re-write the steps. Someone could pay it forward for you. Or you begin that it-takes-two tango again, Cancer!


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Leo

Get a sense of connectedness

Friends send your future in a new direction

Long term decisions boost career progress

You need friends and groups that you feel a strong connection to this week, Leo. Where you feel accepted and can be yourself. There may be shifts around one particular friend or even a group dynamic now as Venus in your social 11th aligns to Neptune in your 8th and Venus and Vesta meet all on the 6th. Yes, all this may happen at a distance but that does not mean the awareness of it won’t have far-reaching consequences for the future of your connections.

This day also sees the North Node – that spinning point of fate in your chart, leave your career zone and for the first time in 19 years, arrive in your 11th. Remember, this is your house of the future so the people who you know are destined to influence it in some way. Friends from the past may return as Venus is about to turn retrograde in here. If so, take it you still have a destiny together. And if someone is on your mind, is it time for a reach out?

Although the North Node has left your 10th, work and career matters remain in focus due to Mercury planet of business, communication and commerce in here. Combine this with the full Moon in your 4th shining back into your success zone, plus Mercury’s alignment to both Pluto and Jupiter in your 6th – which Mercury rules, and you could be looking at bringing a work project to a conclusion with a new phase ahead. One that empowers you and which boosts your cred with confidence.

Know you have what it takes to deliver, Leo. If you need advice, look to older or more experienced people now. Benefitting from someone’s knowledge, generosity or door-opening ability is a distinct possibility. All the more reason why you need your people this week, Leo.

In a nutshell:

Whether its for friendship or even professional reasons, you need to connect with people on the same wavelength, Leo. Close the distance between you by reaching out.


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Virgo

Get set for the long term

Does your love pass the reality check?

Embrace a bigger experience

Set your sights and purpose higher now, Virgo. Success and freedom are on offer along with an opportunity to move on up. You’re focussed on what is lasting – not what is ephemeral thanks to Venus in your 10th. Partnerships of all kinds need to pass your litmus test. Are they designed for the long haul? This goes for that career path or business venture as well. Look at these realistically as Venus squares Neptune in your 7th on the 6th.

This is the same day as the North Node arrives in this house. The same day Venus and Vesta meet in here. Vesta links us to duty. And also the expectations of others around this. In other words, expecting certain things from us.

Is this a one-way street? Only you can say. The North Node in here is however, designed to place your feet on the path you are meant to tread. Rewards could be on offer for work done in the past. Or a release into something new.

This week’s full Moon arrives in your 3rd of business, branding and the internet. However, it shines its light back into your 9th where ruler Mercury currently resides. This is of course your house of big ideas and higher learning. Pursuing that big goal or idea or an opportunity. Watch for this as ruler Mercury trines first Pluto (9th) then Jupiter (10th).

You’re moving into something bigger that’s set for the long haul. Even if right now it simply resides in the realm of your mind. You’re being asked to focus on that one big idea or goal and not to allow distractions to get in your way. And the only expectations you have to live up to on this journey are the ones that tell you something better is on its way, Virgo.

In a nutshell:

You need to know where you stand in the long term now, Virgo. Both in terms of your chosen path and love. Feel with your heart but see things for what they are. And future proof that path.


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Libra

Take a new direction away from old problems

The past takes you on a journey

Revisit that big love

One thing the past couple of years have taught you Libra is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to home and money matters. Just focus and patience as well as self-discipline. The upshot of all this is however, you are emerging with a hallmarked set of values and a newly minted focus on what you need and what really matters to you. So, call on this now as the full Moon in your money zone shines back into your sector of mortgages, shared assets, income, loans and salary.

Mercury in here aligns to Pluto (which rules this house) in your 4th on the 9th and then Jupiter on the 10th. All that refining and defining what takes priority for you and focus on the bottom line could now pay off with an easing around money, income or property matters. You’re not out of the woods completely, but you are now on a wider path leading out of it.

Ruler Venus in your 9th promises the opportunity to pursue a dream and opportunity. It is slowing down now in preparation for a rare retrograde. It also meets Vesta in here the day the North Node arrives in the house. You could see something you thought you wanted has in fact been holding you back. Travel back to places you have been in the past – or lived in a past life, could be possible in the next 2 years or so.

Revisiting a big love or dream is possible now. The more you valued it, the more likely it is to return now. Maintain that focus on what truly matters to you, Libra. It (and you) are worth the investment.

In a nutshell:

Your values and knowing what really matters to you are your foundation stones for the future, Libra. This week offers you a way out of restriction if you stick to them. Just call this the reward of long-term self-worth investment.


your weekly astrology may 4th 2020Scorpio

Conversations lead to opportunity

Talk about relating differently

Go in search of the truth in love

Your weekly may 4th 2020 astrology is wild! Who are you focussed on this week, Scorpio? Or who do you need to have an important conversation with?

This week’s full Moon in your 1st is like an arc-light of the soul, seeking out that partner, long term lover, other half or partner-in-crime that you need to get talking to. What the subject matter may be may vary of course. But chances are it is around something you feel very deeply at this time.

You have help in articulating this thanks to Mercury in your partnership zone trineing ruler Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd (9th) and Jupiter (10th). This allows you to express yourself in a way that gets your point across without coming over as over-emotional. One conversation you could have with regards to business could open up opportunity for you.

Talking changes everything this week. Venus sits in your 8th and angles to Neptune in your 5th. You are in search of the truth above all. Especially when it comes to love and relationships. Because your feelings are close to the surface, you want to know the truth about another’s as well. And you’re not about to settle for anything less. This week also sees the North Node arrive in your 8th.

It’s been 19 years since it was last in here. If you are old enough think back to that time at shifts that occurred around marriage partners, income or anything that was shared with you. This is your house of reincarnation and rebirth. Themes you are familiar with. Something you thought done and dusted returns in a new form. Or is reborn again following that all-important conversation this week.

In a nutshell:

There’s a future relationship defining conversation to be had with someone this week. It could be with a past, present or potential boss or lover, Scorpio. It sets you on a new direction. Get talking.



Put what you have learned into practice

Success shouldn’t be something you sell your soul for

Is it time to make love history – or her-story?

Sagittarius! Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart now and also preparing for a rare retrograde. Love matters may therefore feel like they are slowing down.

I should not need to emphasize the point that when the planet of love heads backward (or prepares to), this is not a good time to go seeking someone new. Unless you enjoy ‘It’s complicated’ situations or simply someone who cannot commit.

Venus backward or slowing down has us looking back at our love history – or her-story. What have we learned from this about the type of relationship we need? Do we have any regrets? Do we need closure? The North Node arrives in here on the 6th which means the South is now in your 1st. It’s been 19 years since this last happened. Watch for returns. Returns to places you have visited in the past. Returns of past love of all descriptions. The chance to re-write his/her-story? That too.

The full Moon in your 12th on the 7th shines on hidden factors relating to work and wellbeing. Mercury sits in its ruling 6th and trines your ruler Jupiter in your money zone on the 10th and Pluto the day before. Look at whether or not you are taking on too many of other people’s problems. It’s one thing to be leaned on. Another to be overwhelmed to the point you feel you may collapse.

This Moon could be about saying No while the angles between Mercury, your ruler and Pluto could be about saying yes to more money, a second income steam or something simply soul-boosting. Provided you don’t have to sell said soul to get it now, Sag.

In a nutshell:

Destiny defining partnerships. A new love chapter. This week marks the start of either a new love story – or the chance to re-write a past one. It’s all about you and another. Time after time, Sag.



Change your future in the present moment

News opens up new possibilities

Flirt, play – but do the work too!

Ideas, young people – babies, children, teenagers, millennials, Gen Y and relationships that could see you become a parent, step parent, grand parent, are ruled by your 5th house.

Mercury rules youth, early learning and yes, acting like a kid again. That is after all, how we feel when we fall in love. Provided you don’t tip too far into the pursuit of having fun, this is actually a very good week for business and creative projects as Mercury aligns to Pluto (9th) and Jupiter (10th). This could also see big news arrive which is set to open up your horizons.

Venus in your 6th infuses everything from that daily routine to a desire to look and feel your best, with beauty and creativity. You’ve inspiration to spare this week as it aligns to Neptune in your 3rd. But this can also send you off day-dreaming. So, please, don’t squander this.

The Venus/Vesta conjunction in here on the 6th is telling you that you need to focus on the here and now. To take care of the details. In ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins had to keep the sacred flame alight. If they allowed it to go out, they were beaten.

Thankfully, this won’t happen if you miss that deadline. But your boss won’t exactly be pleased either – even if s/he is remote. The North Node swings in here on the 6th telling you that focussing on the here and now is your way to recreate any area of your life you choose over the next 18 months or so. So, work this week but allow yourself time to play too especially under the full Moon in your 11th on the 7th.

What kind of kidding around can you indulge in even under lockdown? You can do both adulting and kidding around this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

Are you ready to work and play in equal measure, Capricorn? Too much of one and not enough of the other makes for either a dull seagoat or else sees opportunity slide on past. Focus on the present. It’s a gift.



Harness the Law of Attraction

What dream do you need to reclaim?

New friends and lovers join your journey

Just how ready are you to meet your destiny, Aquarius? Or the love of your life for that matter? Your superpower is the force of attraction now the North Node arrives in your fabulising 5th.

Venus in here brings pleasure your way. Gifts, possessions, people – including friends and lovers. This is one of the houses where you are ‘on show’. As is your 10th where you have a full Moon this week. So, pay attention to your public image and how you appear – even if you are self-isolating you are still broadcasting messages.

It’s important to look and feel your best. To project confidence with a fiery dash of fun. The next 1.5 years should see you attract what you have put ‘out there’ in kind. For now, You are set to make your best impression so – on with the show! Even if your lounge room is just your stage for now.

You will also find yourself incredibly sensitive to the weather, the ‘vibe’ of places and your mood will be influenced by these factors. Look at who or what boosts or drains that energy. Just thinking about this from afar now can provide valuable feedback. Mercury in your trines both Pluto (9th) and Jupiter (10th) in your 12th house. Memories flood in.

Those Rona dreams so many of us are having get more lucid or else you are drawn back to childhood and times past. The North Node in your 5th combined with this can reawaken all the dreams you had when you are younger. This isn’t nostalgia. It’s part of who you are. Links to the past also include people and opportunities coming full circle. What you think about could have the habit of simply turning up. Get ready to see how the Law of Attraction can work for you, Aquarius.

In a nutshell:

Time for Love for the Now Age, Aquarius. You could be set to get noticed this week so ensure you’re bringing your best game. Even remotely. So, get ready to impress.



Who do you feel ‘at home’ with?

Your intuition is the compass pointing towards your North Star

Chart a course towards what sustains you

Venus in your 4th along with the North Node is going to be all about your home, flat, apartment, who you live with, roots, country and sense of place. No matter if you are now far from where you were born, you are going to feel the pull of ‘the mother country’ as the North Node arrives in here on the 6th. Venus makes a tight angle to ruler Neptune on this day as well as meeting Vesta in your 4th.

It’s time to listen to your own wise inner guidance when it comes to your lifestyle, living arrangements or where you truly feel is ‘home’ for you. Not anyone else’s.

Something or somewhere is calling to you and you will feel it’s pull under full Moon in your 9th.

You may feel a restlessness for something you don’t have or have yet to experience or achieve. So, you may find the present restrictions really chafe this week. Counteract this by planning, immersing yourself in ideas that broaden your mind and breaking down that big idea into bite-sized and highly achievable pieces. Mercury in its ruling 3rd says the internet can take you anywhere and provide you with inspiration as well as connection.

What you discover may form part of your decision-making process now and pave that road for real. and communication. While Venus enhances your appreciation for what you do have Mercury’s angle to both Pluto (9th) and Jupiter (10th) is designed to set your sights on something higher. Dormant ambitions get stirred.

You’ve a 1.5 year window opening now that will turn out to be an invitation to ‘move on up’ in some way during this time. Time to imagine something bigger and so much more sustaining.

In a nutshell:

Insight guides you towards what you need or where you need to be to feel totally ‘at home’ Pisces. Where in the world could that be for you? Explore those possibilities from the comfort of where you are.


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