Weekly Astrology May 18th 2020 – New Moon Magic

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 18 2020 – New Moon Magic


Don’t waste your energy

Take realistic steps towards future goals

One piece of news or idea sends you forward

Right now everything revolves around what you say or put out there or one piece of news, Gemini. The Sun and new Moon in your 3rd this week add up to five planetary bodies plus the North Node all in here. One of these being retrograde Venus of course. The Sun and new Moon will trine retrograde Saturn in your 11th of friends and future plans. So, expect what you say or what you hear to impact on these in some way. This new Moon always asks you to be thinking about what you want from life and to set ideas in motion. Saturn asks you be realistic however.

The 12th house/Venus retro energy around you right now will combine to awaken you if you have been living in a dream world about something or someone. If so, the truth will set you free and open your eyes. The day of the new Moon sees Mercury and retro Venus conjunct in Mercury’s ruling 3rd and squaring the ruler of your 12th – Neptune. The 24th will see ruler Mars and Ceres also meet in your 12th.

Your creative and intuitive abilities are at a peak now so please, don’t ignore your insight and also – conserve your resources. You may end up feeling you are being taken – or have been, advantage of. If so, take steps to ensure this does not continue. Others could realign past events with how things really were – and not how you were told or imagined them to be. Secrets could come tumbling out as could people re-emerging from your past. Look closely at whether there is a place for them in your future, Aries.

In a nutshell: One idea or one piece of news could dominate your week, Aries. Plan where you want to get to in the future. As for the past – you may see it or someone from it as they really are now.



Relate to what you have in new ways

Money talks – what is it saying?

Because you’re worth it, Taurus

Money is one of the most complicated areas of our lives. And often the one we don’t talk about. With ruler Venus retrograde in its ruling 2nd and your money zone, plus the Sun, new Moon, Mercury, Vesta and the North Node in here this week, is it time to have a serious conversation about your relationship to your cash, Taurus? If only with yourself. Despite the major retrograde vibe in the sky, you have the opportunity to shore up that financial future as this week’s new Moon and the Sun trine retrograde Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 22nd.

New beginnings could stem from past efforts. Saturn is the task-master of the zodiac. The planet that sets us a tough learning curve. But when we ‘get’ the lesson, it rewards like no other planet. Financial improvements come from taking what you’ve learned on board and applying this.

The impact could be most felt with your sense of self-worth. Take it that this is and isn’t about how much (or little) you have in the bank account right now. But about feeling good about your talents, abilities and how you handle what you do have. Above all, look at whether you have felt obliged to keep up with friends or those you know when you can’t really afford to. Do you remember the episode of Friends when Rachel, Joey and Phoebe order tap water and a side salad in an up-market restaurant before being asked to split the bill equally? Or Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends with Money?

Mercury and retro Venus meet on the 22nd and square Neptune in your 11th while Mars and Ceres meet in your 11th on the 24th. It’s all asking you about the need to keep up or maintain a certain front. If that’s you – time for that conversation about money, Taurus. It can bring about a change you can bank on if you dare to have it.

In a nutshell: Let’s talk about your worth, Taurus. It’s a week to have a conversation about not just money, but your relationship to all that you have. That includes everything you have to offer. Don’t under-value it.



Revive the dream

Know where you want to get to in the next 12 months

Happy birthday, Gemini!

Happy birthday, Gemini. It’s a birthday cycle like no other for you thanks to five planetary bodies in your sign this week plus the North Node. One of these being retrograde Venus and your ruler (still direct), Mercury. Your birthday takes place against the backdrop of major retrograde weather however. So, there’s a feeling of looking back to move forward again not just for all of us, but for you especially.

The new Moon in your 1st on the 22nd will trine retrograde Saturn in your 9th. This is the same day as ruler Mercury and retro Venus meet and square Neptune in your 10th. There’s a double question being asked here. The answers to which lie in your past. Who do you want to be and where do you want to get to? This applies over the next 12 months. Above all, look at what you started but then abandoned. Or tune in and listen to those soul messages this week. They are telling you which direction to head in for the future.

This new Moon is all about initiating something. A goal or desire that is intensely personal. Once you know what this is, follow through with confidence. Mars and Ceres meeting in your 10th of career, public image and rewards bring the promise of a better path to success if you take that first step towards it. Breakthrough moves could be made now as you plan to rule the world from your couch. Or at least begin from there! It’s time to try a fresh approach with work and career matters. Only that new you could come up with it, Gemini. Dare to reinvent a dream this birthday season.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Gemini! Time to revive a long-held dream. And to know who you want to be, how you want to be seen and where you want to get to in the coming year. Start a personal revival program this week.



Get a reality audit

You can’t change the past – but people can change

The No word could be your new best friend

Your annual soul house clearing which occurs every year during the month before your birthday, has an intense past-tense flavour to it this year. You not only have Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in your partnership zone. But also Venus retrograde in your 12th which rules your past. You of all signs should steer clear of new love or partnership ventures now as chances are the person may not be what they appear to be.

Seeing things and people for what they are is one element of your 12th house and also this major retrograde cycle. The Sun arrives in here on the 20th and we have a new Moon in here on the 22nd which will trine realistic and pragmatic Saturn retrograde in your 8th. This is a reality check around a person or situation.

Being able to use the ‘No’ word is your key to freedom now as Mercury and retro Venus align and square Neptune in your 9th. For some, this transit can deliver someone from your past. Use that reality check to see whether they have really changed if this is what they claim. Mars and Ceres also meet in your 9th this week. Which is where saying no may come in. If someone you know replays a cycle but never learns from it, sometimes saying no can help them the most. Yes, you are someone people can lean on, Cancer. Just ensure this week you’re not leaning to the point of falling over.

In a nutshell: Saying the N0 word is an act of love this week, Cancer. Especially self-love. If saying it is overdue, setting boundaries leads to release from a situation that simply goes round and round. So, say yes to no this week.



Discover new meaning in old connections

What’s that hidden story around money?

Love may be on hold but friendships revive

Changes around friendships or one particular friend, people you know and also those long-term goals and visions will be highlighted for you this week, Leo. Ruler the Sun arrives in your 11th on the 20th. Joining Mercury, Venus retrograde, Vesta and the North Node in here.

The new Moon in here on the 22nd trines retrograde Saturn in your partnership sector. While on this same day, Mercury meets retro Venus and squares Neptune in your house of changes and rebirth. Old friends and contacts could re-emerge under this influence. Or you may suddenly become aware that the old resonance you once felt towards someone or even a group, is no longer there for you.

Just remember, with the planet of love backwards, this is not the time to start a new love affair even with PPE equipment! And avoid any situation that could come under ‘It’s complicated’. Getting the band back together for the future however – very much in focus whether it’s your group of friends or even old activity partners as outdoor rules relax. Some of those who return could have new meaning. Hidden undercurrents around something you share with someone else – and again, this could be a partner, could come to light now and demand you deal with them.

Is someone calling the shots simply on the basis they have more cash? Your 8th is about money secrets. What we don’t talk about. Time to buy out of power dynamics around money as Mars and Ceres meet on the 24th in what is Mars’s ancient ruling house in your chart. Saying the buck stops here could be just the change you need to initiate.

In a nutshell: Friends, groups, clubs, bands and associations feature. Old friends could reappear with fresh relevance. There’s also secrets to be explored along with the simply power of the ‘N0’ word!



Get some soul immunity

Love is in the details – as is success

Be open-minded if the past reappears now

Time to do the work this week as the Sun arrives in your 10th. This week peaks the focus on this house with the Sun, new Moon, ruler Mercury, Venus retrograde, Vesta and the North Node all in here on the 22nd. Saturn is the ruler of this house and sits in your other work sector – your 6th. It is also heading backwards at present and is trined by the new Moon and Sun. This could well revolve around an increased focus on your wellbeing, taking better care of your body and what I like to call Soul Immunity.

Boosting that immune system by focussing on the foods, routines and activities/people that energise you rather than drain you. This is classic Virgo. You got this.

Remember, with Venus retrograde in any house in your chart, this simply isn’t a good time to begin a new love affair. Even at a social distance or with a Hazmat suit. Does the work you need to do include putting some extra effort into that existing relationship? People from your past may get in touch this week. And you may have mixed feelings about this. However, don’t jump to conclusions as ruler Mercury meets retrograde Venus and aspects Neptune in Venus’s ruling 7th. This week asks for open-mindedness and also not expecting to get your own way. Especially when it comes to love or even close working relationships.

Mars and Ceres meet in your 7th on the 24th. Avoid an ‘my way or the highway’ approach unless you are happy to go it alone. It’s cooperation, diplomacy and deal-making that wins you hearts and minds this week, Virgo. Success lies in the details so simply do the work.

In a nutshell: You’ve an opportunity to build on past efforts and impress this week, Virgo. Be seen as someone who delivers. Whether it’s professionally or in love, time to forge a win/win solution for success.



Forge a practical everyday escape plan

Travel back to a past love

Revitalise that routine

You want something new and to escape your usual routine this week, Libra. It’s all down to the Sun and then the new Moon in your 9th. However, as we all know, most of us are confined to home or at the most, familiar territory. Travelling however could include learning, the armchair kind such as planning that future trip – especially to somewhere you have been in the past as the ruler of your 9th house Jupiter is also retrograde now. As is your ruler Venus in here. So, if that restlessness you are feeling has you thinking that love may be the answer, unless it is a past love, take it from me that it isn’t. Sorry.

You could however be drawn back to people, places, ideas or even subjects that captured your imagination in the past as the Sun and new Moon trine Saturn in your 5th on the 22nd. As well as Jupiter retrograde, the North Node could see you returning to a country you have visited in the past over the next 1.5 years, a course of study or even people from overseas you have known in the past getting back in touch.

As far as escaping that routine goes, you have a free pass thanks to Mercury which rules your 6th but meets retro ruler Venus in your 9th also on the 22nd. Both angle to Neptune in your 6th. Don’t fall prey to escapism – binge watching, that lovely bottle of Sav Blanc, too much internet shopping for instance. But take practical steps instead to vary anything and everything in your daily routine especially around how you exercise and what you eat.

Mars and Ceres meet in here on the 24th and you may suddenly make that ‘You are what you eat and also what you do’ connection. Sure, love of the romantic kind may be on hold. But a little love shown to those mundane tasks and habits you take for granted, could result in a more passionate everyday experience for you now, Libra. How’s that for an escape plan?!

In a nutshell: You want something new. Something exciting that takes you away from that everyday dullness. Traveling back to a past love is possible. While passion releases you from that rut, Libra.



Give your inner wisdom a voice

Explore your desires

Time for transformation

Yes, you have your ancient ruler Mars fabulising you in your 5th house this week. It also meets Ceres in here on the 24th. You could want to make a little love or create something special. Either with someone or in the form of a project, activity or creative venture. Mars turns up the heat and passion while Ceres is about new worlds, planting seeds for the future. Just remember however that Venus which rules your love life is retrograde in your 8th now.

So, existing and past loves should be your focus, not potential ones. You are able to go deeply into relationship issues now. You want to know what makes your partner tick. If you have no partner, you’ll emerge from this intense cycle with a far better understanding of what you need in a relationship for the future.

The 20th sees the Sun arrive in your 8th and a new Moon in here on the 22nd. This will trine Saturn in your 4th which could mark taking a turning point in an existing relationship for some of you. Mercury meets retrograde Venus in here on the same day and both of them nudge at Neptune also in your 5th.

If you have been closing your eyes to your true feelings around someone or something, this could very well open them for you. Planets in your 8th – and this week you have a total of five astral bodies plus the North Node in here, always add up to that still small voice inside you telling you it is time for a change. Tune in and listen to it now and above all, avoid contact with negative people and soul drains. Time to transform a key area or relationship, Scorpio. You know now what needs to be done. And you have the confidence to do it.

In a nutshell: You’ve an intense desire to know what makes your partner tick. Or explore the secrets of your own heart, Scorpio. Follow that inner voice to the truth. You know what needs to change now.



Put a ring around unfinished love business

Relate to your needs in new ways

There’s a reason and this is the season to understand that, Sag

The Sun’s arrival in your 7th always highlights love and partnership matters for you, Sag. This year however, this isn’t about the new. Not just yet anyway. Venus which rules this house in your chart is retrograde in here. Plus, you have your ruler Jupiter retrograde in your other Venus-ruled house – your 2nd. So, despite the new Moon in here on the 22nd this isn’t about new relationships but relating in new ways to past and present ones.

The potential for past lovers or simply important people from your past, to reappear is highly likely now as the Sun and new Moon both trine Saturn also retrograde in your 3rd. If there is unfinished business between you, then they could be returning to balance the books in some way as Saturn and also the North Node, rule your karma.

Mercury also in here conjuncts retrograde Venus also on the 22nd with both nudging Neptune in your 4th. Mars is also currently in your 4th. Not an easy position for Mars as it is about action and this is a house of being and feeling rather than doing. You could be chafing at lockdown restrictions for instance. Get outdoors for socially distanced exercise if you can.

Female family members may feature as could powerful women as Mars meets Ceres in here on the 24th. Women hold the power here especially as you also have Vesta in your 7th right now. No matter what gender you personally identify with, it’s all about the power of the divine feminine and possibly matriarchal energy too. There’s a new balance to be struck here this week. Between what you need to do out there in the world and your need for quiet, nurturing and contemplation. You need a partner who understands your need for both, Sag. This may not be the season for new love, but it is one to embrace what you need right now.

In a nutshell: Love may appear to be on hold. But that simply isn’t the case, Sag. While it’s not time to embark on anything new, there’s never been a better one to relate to the love you have in new ways.



Show that daily routine some love

Focus on your mind/body/spirit connection

Small adjustments lead to big benefits

Work, routine and wellbeing matters could dominate your week. As could your pets if you have any. This week marks the Sun’s arrival into your 6th of daily responsibilities, ideas and fine details. It’s time to focus on the here and now. To hone in on facts and to be organised and practical. The new Moon in here on the 22nd bumps up the number of astral bodies in here to five plus the North Node (Sun, Moon, Mercury (which rules this house), retrograde Venus and Vesta (which rules daily duty).

Retrograde Venus means that romantic love is on hold for now. But in here this allows you to show that routine some much-needed love and enhance it in new and creative ways along with the new Moon. This new Moon also trines ruler Saturn also retrograde in Venus’s ruling 2nd. This could deliver a long-awaited improvement in your cash for some. While others may take steps to invest in ways that enhance their diet, exercise regimen or mind/body/spirit connection.

Mercury is still heading forwards so if part of your daily upgrade includes applying for a new job, then push forward with this but again, be organised and ensure you clearly define your experience, talents and skills to a prospective employer. Mercury will meet retrograde Venus in here on the same day as the new Moon. Both will nudge Neptune in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 3rd. This is not a time to waffle, be vague or undersell yourself. Refine your pitch or your plan.

Lucky for you, Mars is also in your 3rd ensuring you follow up what you say with the confidence to see it through. It meets Ceres in here on the 24th which could bring you the results or news you were hoping for. Extra effort pays dividends this week. Be it simply doing something different or breaking free of that rut – once and for all. Even in isolation, you have the capacity to initiate big changes in small ways.

In a nutshell: Shake yourself free and embrace the feel-good factor this week, Capricorn. At the heart of this is your mind/body/spirit connection. Tiny improvements in work or wellbeing pay off big time now.



Let your inner child out to play

Recapture lost love

Big decisions come easy

Despite the Sun’s arrival in your shamazing 5th house of all things romantic, this is still not the time to go looking for love, Aquarius. Even at a distance. The reason being that Venus remains retrograde in here this week. Time instead to reconnect to past loves. If you have children or young people around you, you may do this via them and getting in touch with your inner child once again.

Taking up a hobby or pastime you used to love to do is one way to recapture lost love – and heal your inner child in the process. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should have outgrown it by now. Sometimes we just have to put adulting on hold for a while. The new Moon in here on the 22nd trines retrograde Saturn in your 1st. This simply tells you that you are never too old. And who are ‘they’ to tell you what to do anyway?

Others may see a past love return in person as Mercury in here conjuncts retrograde Venus and angles to Neptune in your 2nd – which Venus also rules. Be cautious when it comes to money however. Ruler Uranus in your 4th sextiles Ceres also in your money zone on the 20th. This could bring in a job offer or way to enhance your future for some of you. The 24th sees Ceres and Mars meet in here. Look at what is on the table from all angles before jumping in. But once you’re sure – go for it. Yes, you can make those big grown-up decisions and kid about too. You know which one to do and when this week.

In a nutshell: You know when to be serious – and also when not to, this week. Past loves in the form of things you loved to do could feature. Don’t sweat the small stuff this week. Pro tip: It’s all small stuff.



Get that sense of belonging

Revisit the past to see how you need to live in the future

Put down roots

Home, family, where you live, who you live with, renting, leasing, buying and selling property, your roots and where you feel is your ‘No place like it’ is in focus thanks to the slew of planetary activity in your 4th house this week. The Sun arrives in here on the 20th. This day could bring important news of a contract, deal, offer or sale thanks to Uranus in your 3rd angling to Ceres in your 1st as restrictions ease.

The new Moon in its ruling 4th on the 22nd could reveal to you what it is you truly need in order to feel secure as it trines retrograde Saturn in your 12th. There’s a past flavour to all of this also due to Venus retrograde in here. Some of you may be contemplating a move back somewhere linked to your past. Family secrets could also come tumbling out of closets. Long lost relatives or roommates get back in touch. While there may be discussions around the future for an older relative.

It’s not the time to be embarking on a new love affair with Venus retrograde in any house. If you love where you live, show it the love by updating it. Property matters which have been delayed could move ahead for you at last as Mercury and retro Venus meet on the 22nd. Just ensure you read the fine print in any contract or agreement carefully.

This week also sees Mars and Ceres meet in your 1st. Mars is all about energy, movement and action. Ceres is about female power so female family members or even employers could play a role; the divine feminine and reaping what you sow. Want to put down roots? Relocate? This week hands you the ability to initiate new living arrangements. Get a sense of place and belonging this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Home, family, who you love with, where you live and what unpins your sense of security are your focus this week. Now, click your heels together and repeat after me: There’s no place like home.


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