9th March 2020 Written Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 11 2020


Look back to move forward

Build a new future pathway

Past love could get reimagined

It’s major retro weather this week. This despite Mercury arriving in its ruling 3rd in your chart facilitating communication and ruler Mars in your 12th from the 13th. The 11th sees Saturn slow down the Now Age as it heads backwards in your future focussed 11th. It will eventually pay one more visit to your 10th during this cycle before leaving it for good. Past friends but also reimagining what you want for the future based on what you have learned from your past, are part of Saturn’s homework now. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, learning and expansion, now heads backwards in your 10th from the 15th. Which is of course the sign Saturn rules. So, career progress may slow and opportunities may be harder to find.

Jupiter rules long distance travel and foreign affairs of all kinds. So, when the ruler of all this heads backwards, it usually means nobody is going anywhere which is pretty well what is happening in the world right now. Also, dealings with people or companies far away are likely to go awry. Like any other planet, Jupiter slows down before heading full retro and has a retroshadow period. Look at the recent government PPE order from Turkey as an example of Jupiter retroshadow foreshadowing!

The most up close and personal retrograde occurring this week is of course the Venus one in your 3rd on the 13th. It doesn’t matter what house in your chart the planet of togetherness heads backwards in – love is on hold. You may also find those loving words elusive. However, with ruler Mars in your 12th of the past, past loves could return at a social distance! Especially if there is unfinished business between you. Venus retro in your 3rd is also useful for breathing new life and creativity into those projects you may have shelved. That book or screenplay that’s lurking on your computer or in your drawer for instance. That project or even that application. Returning to study a subject you loved in the past may be one way of reclaiming a past love too. Revisit what you can.

In a nutshell:

Did someone just press the ‘Pause’ button on your life, Aries? We’re in major retro weather now but there’s still progress to be made. If you look back and reclaim lost loves this week.



Make revisions to those big plans

Revive shared passions

Save for what you love

We are experiencing a major retrograde cycle now, Taurus. And it is likely to seem extremely personal for you as it involves your ruler Venus. Venus is not the only planet heading backwards in the sky this week however. We have Saturn in its ruling 10th retrograde from the 11th which may bring up questions about the path you are on. Is it the right one for instance? It’s time to realistically look at whether or not you have achieved what you have set out to do. And adjust accordingly. If you are not happy with the path you have chosen, use this time to research and plan a new one.

Jupiter also turns retrograde in its ruling 9th. This is good for revision if you are studying as Jupiter rules higher education. It also rules long distance travel, the law and luck. Now is not the time to take chances and legal matters may stall or not go well. However, a past opportunity could reappear as if by magic as the Sun in your sign trines Jupiter on the 17th. Even if travel is not on the cards right now!

The big retrograde for you is of course, ruler Venus retrograde in its ruling 2nd from the 13th. Love is on hold for all of us now. But for you, this is your house of money, possessions and valuables. Time to look at your relationship with your money. Is it feeling the love? Above all, this is not the time for major expenditure and big-ticket items. So, steer clear of on-line ‘bargains’. It may not be one. Or you may find you fall out of love with that expensive item you simply had to have once Venus moves forward once more.

Mars enters your 11th on the same day as Venus goes backwards. Mars is all about action and this is your house of the future. Re-envision how you want it to look. Above all, keep up those contacts via facetime, Skype, messaging – any way you can. It may not be time for look for romantic love but reignite connections who share your passions. What is this telling you? Value the people in your life and what money can’t buy. The best things in life may simply be free now.

In a nutshell:

If one kind of love gets put on hold, there’s always other kinds to be explored, Taurus. Ruler Venus may be retrograde. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy shared passions with friends even at a distance now!



Feel beautiful

Everything old is new again

Changes lead to freedom

The arrival of ruler Mercury in your 1st (11th) usually hands you ideas and plenty to talk about. But even if you are in lockdown, are you now second-guessing what you have to say? In fact, are you having doubts about how you look and come across? If so, blame Venus heading backwards in your 1st from the 13th. Unlike your ruler, Venus retrogrades rarely. So, the planet of love going backwards can come as a shock. In your 1st you may feel unsettled or start to doubt your sex appeal or simply feel like someone hit you with a frump ray. Too much time home on that couch? Feeling the effects? Yes, it is a good time to update your look and get that whole Venus rising out of the waves reborn mojo happening.

Beauty can begin in that home salon. No, this is not a good time to begin a new love affair even at a distance. In fact, Venus backwards in our 1st can have us feeling we are wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak as we disappear from people’s radar completely even if only on-line. Show yourself some self-love but don’t blow your budget doing this. And remember – like all retrogrades this one is an illusion. Simply see this as an opportunity to weave a new, more glamourous one.

Mars in your 10th fires up those ambitions so one good area to focus on is that career direction for your future. This week marks the start of a major retro cycle as in addition to Venus we have Saturn retrograde in your 9th from the 11th and Jupiter in your 8th from the 15th. This is a great period in which to look at those long-term goals and to update your game plan when it comes to attaining those dreams.

Jupiter is in your change and endings sector and also your other house of money, assets, loans, mortgages and possessions. Refinance or renegotiate terms now but try not to enter into anything new. Changes around relationships and what you share with others may also occur as payments, your salary or benefits could be up for renegotiation and adjustment. Just understand, your long-term goal is freedom and continued learning, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

Who stole your mojo, Gemini? Venus retrograde in your 1st could have you feel your sexiness is missing. Just remember – like all retrogrades it’s an illusion. Self-love could reveal a whole new you.



Unlock the secrets of past loves

Intuition provides a heads up

No more procrastination!

Love really is on hold for you now, Cancer unless it has a truly past tense attached to it. Venus heads retrograde in your 12th of the past (and past lives). It doesn’t matter which house of our charts Venus retrogrades in. Like a Mercury retrograde there are basic rules to be adhered to. So, this is not the time to go looking for love or even a new partnership of any description. Even at a distance. Venus also rules our bank accounts so entering into new financial arrangements – loans, credit cards etc. is also not advised under this influence. Venus rules your 7th house and this week also sees Jupiter turn retrograde in here. This basically adds up to travelling back to revisit past loves – at least in your mind or in a socially distanced way, but anything new is on hold now.

Saturn also retrogrades in your 8th on the day that Mercury, very much in forward motion for the rest of this month, arrives in your 12th. Time is going to feature in some way. As in cosmic/karmic timing, time to finish up something and endings. If you have been putting something off, with Mars now in your 9th, you will gather your purpose and deal with it. Validation for those intuitive whispers which have been giving you a heads-up could also arrive. You’ll now see the signs along the way which have alerted you to what transpires this week. If you tuned in then this week holds no surprises, Cancer.

In a nutshell:

Changes should hold little or no surprises for you this week. That is if you’ve stayed tuned to your intuition, Cancer. Travelling back to past loves is on the cards as old ones reappear with new meaning.


Renew your faith in love

Reboot long term goals

Reconnect for new resonance

Past friendships, contacts and connections feature now, Leo. As does dusting off those old goals and dreams and re-purposing them. Mercury arrives in your future centered 11th (11th) but Venus turns retrograde in here on the 13th. No matter which house Venus heads backwards in, this puts love, romance and often money matters too, on hold. So, please remember the Venus retro rules during this time. You also have Saturn heading backwards in Venus’s ruling 7th also on the 11th while Mars enters its ruling 8th on the 13th. This can add up to break-ups and ‘conscious un-couplings’ if things have not been going well. Or simply time-wasting lovers should you embark on anything new. Reviving old friendships, looking at what you really want from love for the future and those long term goals is where your energy is best directed now.

The week is the start of major retrograde weather as Jupiter also shifts backwards in your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing on the 15th. Ruler the Sun will trine it from your status sector on the 17th perhaps beaming in a work or wellbeing opportunity. You may have begun something during the lockdown which you now see as so beneficial and make a commitment to stick to. Because of the current circumstances, the usual Jupiter ruled areas of long-distance travel don’t apply. But you need to exercise caution if dealing with companies or buying goods from overseas. Study is favoured now and this is a good time to consider returning to education or upgrading or revising those big dreams. This is an important retrograde where opportunities to reach back up to the stars may appear – out of the blue. Be ready if they do, Leo.

In a nutshell:

Revive those old friendships and contacts now. As well as those long-desired dreams, Leo. Time to have renewed faith in the future of love. Reboot those goals for future success, Leo.



Reclaim lost loves

Find your former dreams

Are you feeling the heat, Virgo?

Ruler Mercury arrives in your status-setting 10th this week. Your career, job or personal title and those ambitions will be in focus. But on the 13th, Venus makes an all-too-rare retrograde in here – the same day as Mars enters Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart. This could have you realising that you are no longer feeling what you used to about a key connection – be it a personal or professional one. This could offer the opportunity to re-boot the passion in personal relationships. This isn’t about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But as Saturn which rules your 10th, also heads backwards in your 6th of work and wellbeing, you may be measuring up the pluses and minuses of that work or professional path.

Venus retro in any house puts love on hold or throws up issues around your current one. For you, this really isn’t the time to embark on any new romantic connection even while distancing, as you also have Jupiter in your 5th of lovers heading backwards on the 15th. This will be a powerful, romance shifting retrograde. Again, it tells you this is not the time to start that new affair even on-line. It’s time for past love revivals and this includes those hobbies, pastimes, activities and creative self-expression ventures you loved to do. If the passion is missing on any path now, use this period to realign yourself to those former dreams. You of all signs know that during retro weather you must wait to move forward again. Look back to begin anew.

In a nutshell:

Are you feeling it, Virgo? Passion that is? It could be for a person or a path. But if it’s missing from your life, this week’s heavy retro weather highlights it. Look back to reclaim the heat!



Surrender to fate

Where (or what?) do you need to revisit?

The power lies in the everyday

You’ve a yearning for something bigger, a walk on the wild side, a taste of adventure this week, Libra. Mercury in your 9th is usually a signal to see how far an idea can take you. But this week sees the ruler of your 9th – Jupiter, head backwards in your 4th. Ruler Venus also in your 9th of those big loves and dreams, makes a rare retrograde as well on the 13th. Then you have Saturn also heading backwards in your house of romance, holidays, children and creativity. Travel is of course, off the table for us right now so I don’t have to caution you about taking precautions if heading overseas.

I should also not need to emphasise, that starting any kind of partnership venture – be it a personal or a professional one, should be deferred for now if possible. However, past loves may simply return on their own schedule. That is if they are meant to.

Anything to do with property matters – your house, flat, apartment, buying, selling, renting or leasing property, may feature even if an actual move is not happening. You may be looking at where you want to hang your hat in the future. And even consider returning somewhere you have lived in the past. Or is it a past life location that is calling?

Practice self-care no matter what you do and don’t rush as Mars arrives in your 6th. Mars can hand us energy to tackle those everyday tasks and routines. But I can also have us not paying attention. Slow down. However, long overdue changes may suddenly happen right when you have given up on them entirely thanks to the Sun in your 8th shining on Jupiter in your 4th. Don’t push for change but if it occurs anyway, take it this is set to free you and send you off in a new direction.

In a nutshell:

You may feel key areas of your life are on hold this week. Not only does ruler Venus retrograde, but we are in major retroactive weather. That doesn’t mean change can’t happen, Libra. But don’t force it.



There’s a new deal around something you share

Something comes alive again

Could this be a love revival?

You’ve the Sun in your 7th shining on partnership matters. And ancient ruler Mars heating up things in your romance zone from the 13th. But wait! Venus which rules your 7th and your 2nd, heads backwards in your 8th. Not only that. As well as contemporary ruler Pluto already retrograde in your 3rd, you have Saturn retro in your 4th on the 11th and then Jupiter retro in your 3rd on the 15th. Changes, transformations, rebirths and resurrections feature. It doesn’t matter what house Venus heads backwards in.

Just like a Mercury retro, there are retro rules you need to be aware of. Your 8th is your ‘other’ money house. Venus rules your bank account so salary, mortgages, loans, shares, maintenance payments and payouts may be in focus but if you are negotiating these, talks may stall or go round and round due to Jupiter backwards in your 3rd.

Basically, avoid taking on new financial commitments if you can. And steer clear of starting an affair of the heart even long distance like over the internet, if you want to protect yours. We all know how sensitive you are, Scorpio. Even if you are good at hiding it. What’s favoured are past loves returning. Venus is retrograde in your house of sex, marriage and shared assets. If talking about these subjects is difficult, you do have help thanks to Mercury in here. Don’t shy away from discussing issues that could be termed ‘close to home’ now. Especially if right now that’s where you are with your boo. The new deal or change on the table could just be a better understanding and a chance to begin anew, Scorpio. Emotional sharing even at a distance, brings you closer.

In a nutshell:

Changes could occur around a key relationship or something you share with another now. Love could return or undergo a transformational rebirth. This week’s retro weather says you can start again, Scorpio.



Re-explore the past to move forward

Does what you say have the effect you are seeking?

Reclaim those dreams

As much as you won’t want to hear this Sag, love and money matters for you are most definitely on hold for you now. Venus rules your 7th and your 2nd house in your chart. This week it heads backwards in your 7th of long-term love and partnerships of all descriptions. On top of that, Jupiter your ruler turns retro in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Love and those big plans and dreams could grind to a spectacular halt as a result. As if you weren’t already feeling confined enough! But Jupiter is asking where you need to go back to or even re-visit. For now in terms of memories or imagination. But also for the future. Somewhere from the past is calling you.

Saturn also heads retro in your 3rd of business and communication. This is however an excellent transit to look at revising anything you send out. That CV, manuscript, thesis, pitch, presentation, screenplay or even that website or social media feed. Ask if what you say or how you say it gets you taken seriously by those who interact with it. Business plans can be injected with structure and gravitas. While this may not be the time for new love and fresh adventures, it can see an old one returning or an old dream of yours fall within reach. What this cycle tells you is never to give up on your dreams. You don’t need to leave home to find them either. They begin right where you are with what you have today, Sag. Begin there.

In a nutshell:

Your world may appear to be shrinking when it comes to what you love, Sag. But remember during retro weather – it’s just an illusion. There’s still opportunities in the past to rediscover.



Who says you never get a second chance to make a first impression?

Craft that image

Clear the clutter

Although this week’s heavy retro weather may seem intensely personal at times, be aware that it’s affecting everyone in slightly different ways, Capricorn. The difference in your case is that you have Pluto and now Jupiter retrograde in your 1st. Jupiter retro puts those big personal ambitions on hold and makes opportunities hard to see. Plus your ruler Saturn rolls backwards in your 2nd from the 11th. This is an important retrograde cycle as it will pay one final visit to your 1st during it before leaving it for the next 30 years.

Time to look at what you have established and that all-important public and professional reputation, Capricorn. What are you known for? How do you want to be known? You’re going to be known by the company you keep during the Now Age. This includes your friends and the company you work for or run. So, look carefully at these, Capricorn. That public face of yours is everything now. This cycle combined with the current situation could simply hand you the time to plan a relaunch or leverage what you have. With impressive results.

The biggest retro of the week however has to be Venus which makes a rare backwards motion in your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing. There are basic retro rules with a Venus retro no matter which house this occurs in. So, this is not a good time to begin a new love affair or partnership venture even at a distance. Neither is it the time to spend on expensive items or take on new financial commitments like that credit card. Bear this in mind.

Venus backwards in here however has you looking at that daily routine, diet and exercise and seeing how this enhances you – or not. Feeling your best goes hand in hand with that public persona I was talking about. Look also at your day job or even if you don’t work, how this makes you feel. Clear out the clutter in your life. Whether it’s in your closet or those habits. A new you is emerging, Capricorn. You’re going to love who this is.

In a nutshell:

Your public face, image, reputation and how you come across to others is all important. And up for review. Craft that all important first impression, Capricorn. It’s your secret to success.



Build on past loves

Take those future goals seriously

Look after your money and it will look after you

Mercury enters your shamazing 5th on the 11th and this is going to mark a cycle where you build on what has already begun rather than start something new. Especially when it comes to love, Aquarius. This week marks the start of a major retro cycle. The past and what is already in motion features so put those future plans on hold. Venus also in your 5th, makes a rare retrograde from the 13th. Unless you adore ‘It’s complicated’ situations, this really isn’t the time to pursue love now – even from a distance. It is an excellent time however to focus on your children if you have them or young people. Revive creative projects and hobbies you love to immerse yourself in. Or used to. So many of us are rediscovering the pure pleasure of old pastimes now.

Past loves may return as Jupiter also swings backwards in your 12th from the 15th. Added to this intense looking back focus is Saturn retrograde in your 1st from the 11th. Are you taking yourself and what you want for the future seriously? Focus on that. This is also not the time to be reckless with your cash but take a conservative approach. As well as your love life, Venus rules your bank account and your 2nd house.

This week sees fiery and impulsive Mars enter here. Mars can fire up your desire for more of the folding stuff. And that’s fine. But with the ruler of this house backwards, this can also lead you into impulse purchases you later regret. Yes, even from the comfort of your own couch. Take your cash as seriously as you take those future goals this week. See this as saving your pennies and your power for what really matters.

In a nutshell:

Loves from the past may come knocking. This could be a person, a place or an activity you love to immerse yourself in. You may ask yourself why you let it or them go in the first place. Hold on tight this time, Aquarius.



Change your space, change your life

Find your sense of place

Old friends and old goals take on new meaning

If you love your lifestyle and where you live, commit to it now, Pisces. If not, make plans to change it. Mercury in your 4th favours all kinds of transactions around your home, apartment, property, lodger, or just you thinking how you can change up anything from that room to that routine. You have an ultra-rare retrograde of Venus also occurring in this house this week. Just like a Mercury retro, Venus retrogrades have their own umbrella rules no matter which house this occurs in. So, these are do not begin a new love affair or any kind of partnership now. And watch your spending. If you do spend, it’s likely to be on your home. Just try to stay within budget.

If you are not happy with how or where you live, use this time to come up with a grand design for your future. Sure, none of us can move at the moment even if we want to. And now add to that the need to wait until Venus goes direct once again and also next month’s Mercury retro cycle is over if you can. Some of you may decide to move back to somewhere you have lived in the past thanks to Saturn retro in your 12th from the 11th. And if this is your decision, this is one area where you have a before that would be wise anyway – even without the Rona! However, this is wonderful for some soul and real-time housekeeping and bringing in a new appreciation of your surroundings. Or coming up with new lifestyle plans.

This week marks the start of a major retrograde cycle as Jupiter moves backwards in your 11th of friends and your future. Old friends may be in touch. This is a wonderful transit under which to revive those big goals and dreams. Especially if they involve living on a grand scale in the future, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

Where you live, who you live with, how you live and your sense of belonging feature in this retro cycle, Pisces. Time to put down roots for your future. Or plan a grand design for it and find your place.


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