16th March 2020 Written Astrology


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 9 2020 – Mercury Direct! Communications clear


Dive deep for inner wisdom

Ask your insight to reveal opportunity

Work that self-worth

It’s deep dive weather, baby! Getting to the bottom of something is your priority now. This could revolve around your money, status, pay or your job. Mercury heads direct in your 11th on the 10th but is reigniting its own retroshadow as it does. What did you miss the first time around? The 14th sees ruler Mars in your 10th intent on giving you a heads-up when it comes to your career, title, status or public persona as it angles to Neptune. There’s an opportunity brewing for you now and you are being primed to grasp it if you ‘follow the money’ so to speak, to its source. This could involve looking at an opportunity – especially a returning one, more closely. Or else re-examining what is holding you back from success, prosperity and recognition.

You could be ‘right on the money’ when it comes to knowing your worth however. And if you are willing to colour outside the usual lines in terms of making the most of opportunity. Venus and Uranus meet on the 9th in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart. This is going to be about your own values and the price you set on your own ‘personal stock’ if you like. This day brings us a full Supermoon in your 6th of work and wellness and wellness. You may be offered an opportunity to step out of your usual role or something which shakes up that routine – to your benefit. The question is: can you this this for the opportunity it is? It may not be quite visible – yet. But you get that feelgood factor happening when you think about it. Success could look like nothing you expect now. Consult your inner oracle. It sees past the surface to the truth.

In a nutshell: What does opportunity look like? Your psychic senses know and are tingling this week. Love or professional success could be right around the corner. Consult the oracle within for guidance.


What you attract is a reflection of who you are becoming

Don’t hide yourself away – time to shine

Love and opportunity could wear a new disguise

Mercury heads direct this week in your 10th of career status. But remain vigilant for those retroactive snafus as it remains in retroshadow for a while longer. The highlight in the sky for you is something very different you are set to draw to you under the light of this week’s full Supermoon in your 5th. Yes, it’s a full Moon of love and romance. But the main headlining attraction is the meeting between ruler Venus and Uranus in your 1st which takes place on the same day. You’re undergoing a seismic shift within around who you are and what you need. Who or what you attract now or even decide you no longer want or need, is a reflection of that. Are you ready to receive or see what this is?

Full Moons always reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, in this case this is your 11th. Whether you are singled or settled, if you are seeking anything new – from that lover to that new social scene or that person who will play a key role in goal attainment for you, be out and about under its light. Are you ready to accept that love does not always look like you think it should and that freedom and opportunity come in many guises? Mars in your 9th is pushing you out the door and towards something new as it angles to Neptune in your 11th on the 14th. It’s no time to stay home or boxset bingeing Taurus. Go forth and see what the world has in store for you.

In a nutshell: Sometimes love doesn’t look like you thought it would. Or opportunity for that matter. Suspend those ideas and expand your mind. Embracing something or someone radically different could be your answer this week, Taurus!



Doors to progress re-open

Expect the unexpected

Poker face? Not yours this week

Feel the breath of freedom and watch how speedbumps to progress begin to be ironed out now. Red lights turn to green but wait – there’s still the odd amber one as ruler Mercury heads direct in your 9th on the 10th. So, you know that while you are back in high gear once more – especially when it comes to big ideas, messages, learning and travel plans, you still need that contingency plan. It is a week of the unexpected after all. Love could be the surprise element and the catalyst for big changes as Venus and Uranus meet in your 1th on the 9th. Your emotions are all on the surface today thanks to the full Supermoon in its ruling 4th. This week may bring surprises in the form of someone or something from your past and you won’t be able to hide your reaction to it. However, if someone at work is pushing your buttons my advice is to withdraw until you feel you are feeling more grounded emotionally. There’s a saying there’s no room for emotion in business. Well, yes and no to that. But you need to keep your cool so do whatever it takes to maintain that. Even if this calls for a strategic withdrawal for now.

Changes are in motion thanks to Mars in its ancient ruling 8th highlighting Neptune in your 10th on the 14th. If you are still dealing with issues around work and career this is all about taking a higher path when it comes to success-seeking action. Following your emotional and intuitive inner guidance when initiating action could simply see you back in control. Your heart is on your sleeve and there’s no such thing as a poker face for you this week. You may not therefore want to head to Vegas but that does not mean you can’t harness those feelings and head in the direction of those green lights, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Barriers to progress begin to vanish but proceed with caution. When it comes to your emotions, there’s no hiding how you feel. A strategic withdrawal may connect you back to your power, Gemini.



Friends bring benefits and open doors

Reach for that bigger dream

Love, life and the pursuit of passion define your future

Uranus in its ruling 11th is all about friends and your future. It brings new people into your life – or even groups or causes, that impact on your future path. Also friends with benefits but not that kind if you take my meaning. Friends who support you or open doors rather than the romantic kind. So, bear this in mind as Venus and Uranus meet in here on the 9th. This is the same day as the first full Supermoon of the year shines out from your 3rd. Accept any and all invitations now especially if they will take you somewhere unusual and exciting. Or put you in the orbit of people you would not normally meet or associate with. It’s all about embracing a different kind of social interaction and different ideas now. Time to be open-minded and not judge a book by its cover.

The ruler of your 3rd – Mercury, heads direct once more in your 8th from the 10th. What changes do you now know you need to make? Time to begin to initiate these and again, these may touch on your friendships and social life. This week also sees Mars in your 7th open up a path to a new experience around travel, freedom of the pursuit of those big ideas. Again, this is all about your future and your highest possible goals. It’s connected to your passion and its important to remember that while this can be for someone, it can equally be for something you love to do or want to experience. Again, be open minded. If passion is the magic ingredient you now know is missing, this week sends you back out in search of it. Get a head start on that future this week as blissful new beginnings appear, Cancer.

In a nutshell: New and excitingly different friendships and connections can be forged this week. The people in your life could hold the keys to your future. Just say ‘Yes’ to all and any invitations that come your way!



Take care of the business of being you

Big up that brand

You own it, Leo!

How do you want to be seen, Leo? You are the sign of royalty and show-stopping star quality after all. You need to apply your talents in these areas to your professional and public image now. To rock what is your unique brand, message or talent and to be seen as someone who owns what they are and is proud of it. Do not be afraid to stand out now as Venus and Uranus meet in your success-centered 10th house. What do you have to offer than nobody else can? Your unique selling point or point of difference is your superpower this week. Yes, this is your house of the establishment and the traditional ways of doing things. But Uranus says there is more than one way to be a success. It’s your way – beautifully this week thanks to Venus, Leo. The full Supermoon in your 2nd on the same day as this occurs wants you to come from a place of surety and self-empowerment when it comes to asking for the outcome you want. Don’t waver on this. You’re one of a kind and that’s worth a lot now.

Love mysteries get unlocked too this week as Mercury finally heads direct in your 7th. Just remember that Mercury needs more time to clear retroshadow but it’s love you’re after you can now begin your search for it once again. Tap into those one-of-a-kind values and come from that place of sure self-worth when it comes to negotiating anything from changes to that routine, your job or even taking better care of yourself as Mars in your 6th and Neptune in your 8th point to hidden benefits flowing from that value system. Unique offerings deserve being taken care of. Curate yourself, Leo.

In a nutshell: Taking care of business – and by that I mean, the business of being you, requires you to broadcast those values. Knowing we have value is very different to coming from ego. State your terms and rock your brand for all it’s worth.



Get some hot stuff for the soul

Ready to be shaken, stirred and surprised?

Supersize that love!

What shakes out surprises you but also sets you free this week, Virgo. This could very well involve you and an opposite number. Love could just be the surprise arrival you did not expect. Venus which rules your love life of course, bumps into Uranus in your freedom sector on the 9th. This day also brings you a highly up close and personal full Supermoon in your 1st. You could end up shaken and stirred as love or a partnership situation – this includes working relationships too, take an unexpected turn. Unlooked for opportunity could present itself. Full Moons always reflect back into the opposite house to the one they appear in. In this case, Venus’s ruling 7th. So this concerns your past, present or yes, potential partner, that buddy-up, work alliance, collaboration or in some cases, that rival or opponent. If the latter you’ll see and deal with them differently now. But this is all about the release into something bigger.

This is of course also your house of long-distance travel. And you still need to have that Plan B to hand if you are doing just that. Ruler Mercury is direct once more in its ruling 6th the following day. But it remains in retroshadow until the end of the month. You of all signs know what this can entail. The 14th could hand you the perfect combination of spiritual depth and sizzling passion thanks to the swipe-right angle between Mars in your 5th and Neptune in your 7th. Soul mate connections can be forged or found. That bigger experience could be a bigger, higher kind of love this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Seeking that sizzle with added soul? This week’s Supermoon in your sign is like a searchlight seeking out that opposite number, Virgo. Love is about freedom – and surprises this week.



Anchor those values

Opportunity could arrive out of the blue

There’s a better, more liberating deal on offer now

Hang on to those values this week Libra. They are what grounds you and your ‘ever fixed mark’ in tempests. Not that storms may be coming your way if your ruler Venus has any say in matters. Right now Venus is in its other ruling sign – Taurus and your 8th house of shared resources, power money, assets and yes, your values. The 9th sees it meet Uranus planet of revolutions and awakenings in here. As Venus is in its ruling domain, we say that these are Venus’s rules. So expect a love revolution around your money. Uranus is all about the unexpected. While your 12th is about what you keep hidden or what is hidden from you. The day this meeting occurs also brings you a full Supermoon in your 12th – arcing its light across into your 6th of work (paid and unpaid) and wellbeing. A little stress relief perhaps? An unexpected opportunity could appear for you to negotiate something better, fairer and more liberating around loans, your mortgage, salary, pay or even something as simple as a re-division of chores or labour.

However, you may suddenly see that what you are receiving is less than what you are worth – be this on a purely personal level or a business one. If so, you now have a green light to begin to change this as Mercury heads direct once more in your 5th on the 10th – also lifting restrictions around love and creative ventures. Mars remains in your 4th and backs up any desire you may have to put yourself on a better footing either financially or in your every day working or living arrangements as it and Neptune tap you into intuitive action around these areas on the 14th. A new and better way forward or working with your money lies ahead, Libra. Just apply that trademark creativity and watch it appear.

In a nutshell: Your values define how the world (and others) see you and treat you. Because of them, you could be looking at an unexpectedly better deal on the table this week, Libra. It’s liberating!



Does love know where to find you?

Get ready for some hot talk

Truth beauty freedom love – welcome to the Love Evolution!

Venus is in its ruling sign and its ruling house in your chart this week. Time for some new love rules. A revolutionary or totally different kind of love could be on its way this week. Ancient ruler Mars also gives you a helping hand on the flirt front thanks to a beautiful alignment with Neptune in your romantic 5th. Freedom, beauty, truth, love. Yes, you can can can have it all now. If love has become what can I say – miserly, cheap, restricting, then this week frees you off into something breathtakingly different or dare I even say it – as opulent as a Moulin Rogue production as venus conjuncts Uranus in your 7th on the 9th. Remember, as this is both Venus’s ruling house and its ruling sign, love rules the revolution that’s taking place in your one-on-one relationships now.

Where to find this? If you are looking to connect then the full Supermoon in your social centered 11th – which is Uranus’s ruling house in your chart, beams its light back into your 5th of romance and pleasure. Uranus also rules computers and those dating apps. As does Mercury which heads direct this week on the 10th. Yes, you still need to be mindful of those retro rules until the end of the month when it quits retroshadow. But putting yourself out there, being seen and being the fire which ignites your personal passion revolution is your call to set your love future in motion. For someone, an idea, a calling or anything that comes under the heading of love this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Get ready for the love revolution. You need that love which frees you and at the same time evolves your soul. Think that’s an impossible ask? Think again this week, Scorpio!



You don’t have to sell your soul to write a new success story

Escape that rut

Ditch the energy sappers and plug back in to passion!

Your work, routine and wellbeing – of the mind, body and spirit variety, is all interlinked. Your 6th is one of the most under-rated yet most powerful houses in which to ignite change. Many astrologers ignore its importance. We don’t do that here. Instead we plug you into the power of the potential that the Venus/Uranus conjunction of the 9th hands you. There is no point in working at something or continuing to repeat the same routine day-in-day-out if it does not support you. Many of you will be arriving at the place this week where a fresh exit route away from the soul or brain drain appears thanks to this meeting. New, exciting and innovative work opportunities could appear now if you are willing to think outside the box. Being flexible and adaptable now is your key. Rigidity keeps you stuck on the rinse and repeat cycle that is simply draining or leaving you washed out.

This week’s full Supermoon in your career and status zone is telling you to finalise whatever you need to do to escape that rut. It shines its light back into the house opposite to the one it appears in – in this case your 4th. So, you need to think with your head and in doing so, take care of the physical and emotional stuff as you do. Again, this is the power of your 6th at work. Be focussed around what you want to achieve and that work/life balance as Mars in your money zone make a longevity making alignment to Neptune in your 4th on the 14th. Just days after the ruler of your 6th – Mercury, heads direct in its ruling 3rd. Work ad business matters are top of your agenda. But the good news is that you don’t need to sell your soul to grasp success this week, Sag!

In a nutshell: Changes around your work or routine usher in a new kind of success story for you Sag. One where you don’t have to sell your soul or sacrifice your wellbeing to ‘make it’. It’s all on your terms now.



Follow the beat of your heart

Go in search of that bigger love experience

Ready to be surprised?

Time stops, everything drops and your heart could just be going boom, boom, boom to quote the lyrics, this week Capricorn. Are you ready for a love surprise? Venus and Uranus meet in your 5th on the 9th. This just so happens to be the same day when there’s a soul call going out across the skies to you asking you to begin a journey towards some kind of adventure. One that expands your emotional world. This could be a metaphorical quest as well as a physical one. It could be for a person, place, idea, belief, subject or that dream which takes you higher. It’s all love after all.

This week also sees Mercury finally head direct in your money zone on the 10th. Hopefully you have used this time to have an asset audit. Not just across your actual cash but your ideas, talents and what you have to bring and contribute. Because Mercury still has to exit retroshadow, use caution when entering new financial arrangements. Mars in your 1st angles to Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 14th. An inspired idea has the ability to take you places. But you have to set the wheels in motion. The big love I spoke of could see you heading out to see where that idea can take you. Or simply going to seek out the love or your life. Remember – the journey is also the goal, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re off in search of a bigger love this week, Capricorn. It doesn’t have to remain a dream. But in order to have it you’ll need to take steps to find it. Sometimes we have to look for our life. Go in search of it now.



What do you need for renewal and growth?

What you receive expands with your expectations

Create room to evolve

With Mercury direct in your 1st this week you’re in bring it on, mood. You know you are on the cusp of a major new cycle. You tingle with anticipation but you may not know over what – yet. A cosmic heads-up as to what this could be could arrive by the week’s end when Mars in Neptune’s ruling 12th and your shadow zone, angles to the ruler of the house Neptune in your 2nd. It’s all around those expectations, Aquarius. So, let me ask you – do you have low ones or the other kind? By the time Mars arrives in your 1st at the end of the month you should be in full force confidence. So, expect the best.

This week’s meeting between Venus and ruler Uranus in your 4th on the 9th – plus a full Supermoon in your 8th points to about time changes around home, living arrangements, family or career. Something may have become confining from that role to your roommate or even just the amount of houseroom you have. Venus always wants to hand us love, pleasure and also balance. Your ruler is about awakenings and freedom. Bring the two together in a full 4th house and weave in some super-size me change energy from a Supermoon and we could have you expanding into something which gives you room to evolve. If you have been contemplating making a move – either home or job, take the first steps to regenerate in a new environment. It’s all about room to grow, Aquarius as well as building something for the future.

In a nutshell: The Now Age of Aquarius is ready to begin. Time to look at whether or not where you live or your lifestyle gives you space to evolve. You’ve growing to do and this includes expanding your expectations too. Expect the better option.



Hearts and eyes open

Time for love to get real

Chance and synchronicity are Cupid in disguise!

Mercury heads direct in your shadow zone this week and will arrive back in your 1st shortly. You could be going back over something or having that niggling ‘gut’ feeling again. Whatever you do, don’t ignore this. Especially if it concerns a close personal relationship. It’s time to ask questions and above all, get to the heart of any matter. The upcoming cycle is demanding realness of you. And this begins with an eyes wide open and whole hearted desire to know the truth. Especially when it comes to love this week.

Venus and Uranus meet in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 9th. The same day as a full Supermoon which is the first one so far this year, shines like a beacon in Venus’s ruling 7th. For some of you, this may see you heading out with a good idea of where that real love can be found now. All thanks to ruler Neptune in your 1st getting social with Mars in your area of friendships on the 14th. Full Moons however always reflect like mirrors. Sending their light back into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, someone new, excitingly different and totally unexpected could enter your life and is showing you all too clearly how they see you. Love could be revealed under this full Moon as someone could declare their true feelings. Realness however can include seeing that despite what they say, their actions tell a different story. Chance meetings and opportunities can lead to something different to what you have known in the past now. Coincidence is simply Cupid aiming those arrows. This goes for working relationships too. Demand nothing else but realness when it comes to you and another. The truth around love is what sets you free, Pisces.

In a nutshell: You’re on the cusp of the Now Age, Pisces. And for you, it’s going to be the Now Age of Realness. Real love, not the fake kind. The truth around your relationships is what sets your future in motion. Get real, baby!



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