Written Weekly Astrology March 16th 2020 – Saturn shifts responsibilities

Written Astrology March 16th 2020 – By Elena


Get ready for opportunity

Become a visionary for the Now Age

Happy birthday, Aries!

Last week you were primed for opportunity. This week could see it arrive. It could be huge as ruler Mars and Jupiter meet in your 10th on the 19th telling you it’s now or never to make that move. Juno in your 7th trines Ceres in your 11th on the 17th. That new deal could even be around love. Success could look like nothing you expect now. Consult your inner oracle. It sees past the surface to the truth. Especially now Mercury direct re-enters your 12th the day before your birthday season begins.

Time to begin a cycle like no other

It’s not just about that party you may be planning as the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 20th. But about crafting your future and being a part of something bigger. I could say being the change you want to see in your world. The Sun in our 1st highlights who we are and more importantly, what we want to achieve, do and experience in the coming year. It’s a time to become someone new. And this is the you of the Now Age. Vesta arrives in your 3rd on the 21st. Ideas and discussions around gender politics and roles may feature.

That new you may be concerned with how the gender you identify with results in ‘that’s just the way it is’ treatment from some quarters. You want a different way now. Especially as Saturn marks the start of the Now Age as it arrives in Aquarius and your 11th on the 22nd. The way it is may no longer be acceptable for who you are or the world you want to live in. Give yourself the gift of contributing to a better future one this all- important birthday cycle, Aries.

In a nutshell:

Happy birthday, Aries. Your new cycle coincides with the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. That new you needs a new and better world to live in. And the change begins with celebrating who you are!



Now is the right time for action

How do you want to live in the Now Age?

Feel the fear – and claim the freedom anyway!

This week asks if not now then when, Taurus? Whatever it is you are procrastinating over, it’s time to take action. There’s a ‘now or never’ feel around the opportunities that surround you now. Do you want to remain stuck or instead release yourself into something better? The Sun’s entry into your shadow zone on the 20th shines a light on what you secretly know you need to do. And possibly the reasons why you don’t, won’t or delay. Being a fixed sign you have a tendency to stay in situations that have long been lived out. Is this what is happening here?

Juno and Ceres

Juno and Ceres could be offering a way to bring about a long term solution as they align on the 17th. Allowing you to strike a deal even if only within yourself. Dare you accept what is on offer as Mars and Jupiter meet on the 19th. Yes, it means leaving your comfort zone. You have serious backing to direct where change takes you – upward in fact, as Saturn arrives in its ruling 10th in your chart on the 22nd beginning the Now Age of Aquarius. This is the same day as Mars and Pluto meet asking you how you want to be spending this? Same old, same old confinement? Or doing and experiencing something (or someone) different? Make your move, Taurus. It’s time.

In a nutshell: Now or never aspects usher you into the Now Age of Aquarius which begins this week. Ask yourself if the status quo still serves you? Or if it’s time to take action on what you know deep down you need to do.



Direct your fate

Make way for a brand new direction

Freedom means having a goal to head towards

Harness the winds of change sweeping through your chart to bring much needed transformation to a key area this week, Gemini. And know you are not flotsam to be blown about. It’s time to step into your power and have a clear outcome of direction in mind. And stick to that. Vesta enters your 1st this week and this is an astral body very much linked to power plays and one person making the rules purely on the basis of power, position and especially their gender. Ruler Mercury’s re-arrival in your 10th of status and reputation on the 16th, is all about your ideas around how you are entitled to be perceived, received and respected. You convey this via your actions and ideas.

Your chart is alight with energy that asks you to create a new kind of balance and equality. On the one hand you have the power of the feminine embodied not just in Vesta but in the trine between Juno (commitment) in your 5th and Ceres (new deals) in your 9th.

Big opportunities

The old structure has to make way for the new now. And you are in a position to craft this. Big opportunities could appear this week with the ability to transform – especially in the area of your career and money as Mars and Jupiter meet in your 8thon the 19th. Have the courage to ask for the outcome you want. And follow through with appropriate action if you meet refusal. Know that because one door is shut does not mean others will not swing wide.

Who makes this happen? You do. Saturn ushers in a Now age of Constructive Freedom as it enters your 9th on the 22nd. The Sun’s arrival in your 11th on the 20th points the way ahead and also the people who will impact on your future path in some way. If someone says No this week, Gemini, those who can say Yes are waiting.

In a nutshell:

You’ve arrived at a key point of power this week, Gemini. Know you are in charge of your fate and the direction your future heads in. The Now Age of Constructive Freedom is here. Go explore!



Aim higher

Colour yourself a brighter love future

The Now Age of Sharing starts here

Being content with less-than when it comes to love is now well and truly over for you, Cancer. The past few years have most likely brought major transformations around partnerships of all descriptions. Also, an increased awareness of the kind of relationship you need. Once we know what it is we need we are then in a position to ask for it or go find it. It enriches our love experience. And the main lesson for you has been no matter what the connection – it all boils down to love. This week brings a climax or resolution to a key partnership or relationship.

The intensity you have been living through in your 7th is now coming to a close. Saturn moves out of here and on into your 8th on the 22nd. This is about sharing, what you share with others, what they share with you. And also what you share with the world. The more you feel you can share – the more you are given to share.

A bigger higher version of love

There’s also a major opportunity to reach for a bigger higher version of love – hence this no longer being content with the pale imitation of it as Mars and Jupiter meet on the 19th. Mercury now direct arrives in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 16th putting you on course for something more breathtakingly better. Renegotiating the deal between you may lead to relaunching an existing partnerships thanks to angle between Juno in your 4th and Ceres in your 8th. Vesta’s arrival into your 12th on the 21st has you seeing those areas where changes could benefit you both. Both your personal and your professional ambitions will be highlighted following the Sun’s arrival in your 10th on the 20th.

Again, this is all about what you want to achieve. What more is possible for you when it comes to love? Chances are a lot more, Cancer. But you’ll never know unless you dare to go after it.

In a nutshell:

How much love dare you allow yourself to experience? Change the deal on the table now or even within yourself. Partnership opportunities invite you to explore something bigger this week. No more pale imitations. Just big, bold passionate colours.



Is it time to put a ring on it?

Don’t settle for anything less than real love

Paths to freedom open up

Ahead of next week’s freedom inducing new Moon in your 9th it’s time to focus on what you want to manifest for your future, Leo. The Now Age of Love Magic is dawning this week. Above all, your task is to tie up those loose ends and finalise anything that may prevent you from flying free into this new cycle. Mercury now direct re-enters your house of what you share, endings, rebirth and transformation. What have you left on that ‘To do’ list? You have an opportunity this week to find a solution which ties up loose ends and propels you out of any rut once and for all as Mars and Jupiter meet in here on the 19th.

So, don’t delay as by doing so you are clearing the way for something better.

Love Revolution

This week marks the beginning of your Now Age Love Revolution, Leo. And like all the best evolutionary paths, it involves learning and allowing in new experiences. It’s time also for real love. Commitment. Only serious contenders for your heart need apply as Saturn arrives in your 7th on the 22nd. You’ll no longer be willing to waste your time on anyone who can’t or won’t deliver on what they promise now.

Saturn says ‘Put a ring on it’. Ensure you come across as a lover to be taken seriously in return. Ruler the Sun is on the move into your travel and expansion sector on the 20th, highlighting the path ahead towards something bigger which will get that kickstarter next week. New agreements can be entered into now and are likely to be lasting thanks to the shining trine between Juno in your 3rd and Ceres in your 7th on the 17th. Based on sharing, equality and an equal desire for something serious and lasting. Don’t settle for anything less in the Now Age, Leo.

In a nutshell:

The new Now Age is all about putting a ring around love, Leo. And only the most serious contenders for your heart or time should be considered. It goes both ways. Get serious about what you want from others. And don’t settle for less.



Love is the missing ingredient

Luck could be on your side

It’s the Now Age to Feelgood!

Love is back on the agenda from this week onwards, Virgo thanks in part to ruler Mercury’s re-arrival in your 7th. Romance defining aspects light up your 5th house. Luck, opportunity and expansion are on offer provided you are willing to set events in motion in order to claim them this week. You have Mars sending you out in search of passion in your 5th. Right place, right time, right person or that ‘lucky’ break around something you do could follow as Mars meets Jupiter on the 19th. It’s time to stretch yourself and discover that s/he who dares, wins anything from that attention to love or that job.

Long term agreements

Your money, banks, loans, mortgages, inheritances, business, charity and what you share with sexual partners – in other words, joint needs, resources and assets vs. individual ones, are in focus as the Sun arrives in your 8th on the 20th. What is ours, what is yours and what is mine and how this is shared, divided up or assigned. Long term agreements around money or simply how anything from time, possessions, chores etc can be entered into thanks to Juno in your money zone, Ceres in your 6th and the appearance of Vesta in your 10th of career on the 21st. This may be a fairer and more equal solution which transcends gender or role.

Work, routine and wellbeing matters are set to dominate as Saturn heralds the start of the Now Age when it enters your 6th on the 22nd. Focus on the everyday details and health matters. It will form the basis for long term success is in all other areas, Virgo. Harness the feelgood factor.

In a nutshell:

Love could have a touch of alchemy about it. Or is that the ingredient you’re missing now? The ability to transform extends to your work and wellbeing this week. Harness the feelgood factor.



Make pleasure your priority

Only serious contenders for your heart need apply

Put a ring around long term love

How seriously do you take pleasure, romance and your right to pursue what you love to do, Libra? The Now Age of Aquarius begins this week and for you, it is going to revolve around lovers, what you love – in other words those passions be it for that hobby, pastime or path and the younger generation. Babies, children, grandchildren, millenials. Juno sits in your 1st and trines Ceres already in here on the 17th. Embarking upon the pursuit of a long term love or simply getting serious about having this could set you on a fresh course for the next 2.5 years – or longer. The love of your life? It’s a possibility.

Accept no substitutes

Take love, creativity and what you love to pursue seriously now Saturn arrives in here. That lover who is older or younger may feature. As could discovering you are going to be a parent, step parent, grandparent. The Sun’s arrival in your 7th of partnerships on the 20th points to duos and double acts of all kinds. Expect one to become more prominent this week. People say Saturn restricts so in your 5th romance could be hard to come by. I say not so. Saturn puts a ring on things and tells you, time for serious love. Accept no substitutes now.

Mercury now direct re-enters your 6th on the 16th. This is mercury’s ruling house and it remains in retroshadow. So you have permission to proceed with work and daily routine matters but to do so with caution. Moves, property dealings, family matters and decisions around how, with who and where you hang your hat could also feature. Remember – Mercury rules those contracts and leases too. Mars and Jupiter meet in your 4th on the 19th.

You could see the chance for expansion either around your home or even your career appear. Escaping confinement could be your goal thanks to Vesta’s arrival in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 21st. Or redressing the balance if someone has been making unilateral decisions around where you live, what you do or the terms around these. What’s your goal? Making room for love to grow, Libra.

In a nutshell:

Time to take love seriously. Or you search for it or right to express it, Libra. If that lover isn’t a serious contender for your heart, perhaps its time to look for the one who is. Make it real now.



What you say takes you further than ever before

Put down some roots

What, where or who is it you really need?

News around love, travel or business opens doors for you this week. You’ll witness how far a message or idea can take you. Or simply change things. Mercury rules your 3rd of communication and now direct once more, arrives back in your 5th of romance, self-expression and good times on the 16th. What you say, hear or broadcast this week could be a real game changer that establishes something significant for your future or changes up the status quo in order for you to create something better for yourself.

Both your rulers ancient and modern are in Mercury’s ruling 3rd along with Jupiter – which ancient ruler Mars meets this week on the 19th. This could see you following up on that business idea, pitch, publications, message or piece of information. It’s to your advantage now.

Beneficial changes

This week also marks the start of the Now Age of Aquarius as Saturn arrives in your 4th also on the 22nd. Therefore, what transpires now is about laying a more secure foundation for you for the future. Think in the long term when making decisions as Juno in your 12th exposes hidden, long term needs and trines Ceres also in your 4th on the 17th. This could see many of you planning on putting down roots or ‘establishing’ yourself in a new role, job or position – or even area! The Sun’s arrival in Mercury’s ruling 6th on the 20th links this to your work, routine and wellbeing – all of which may be subject to massive yet highly beneficial changes.

If you’ve felt stuck recently, this is the week that could break you free. And you may have your say in how this is done thanks to Vesta’s entry into your 8th. Don’t forget in any deal it’s important not to sell out your soul in order to get what you want. You have the power to achieve the win/win this week.

In a nutshell:

One idea, piece of news or something you write or say, has the power to re-shape your world. And your future. A different and lasting success story is there to be authored this week, Scorpio.



Write a new set of rules in love

What you say, share or write has long term impact

Stand by your word

Ideas and words have an influence and a weight to them you may not have realised before. The Now Age for you which begins this week is going to be all about authorship. Or self-authorship. Of standing by your word and walking your talk. What you speak, say, write, share and communicate – via any and all possible means, will define not just your success but how others see you too. As Saturn arrives in your 3rd on the 22nd, it’s a call to no longer talk about what you will do – but to do it. Write that book or screenplay, start that blog or business, sign up to the course of long term study.

This is also no time to fudge the facts or pretend you know something when you don’t. You are going to find yourself in a position at some point in the next 2.5 years when you will be asked to prove or account for what you say. Prepare for this. The impression you make with what you share or disseminate, could be the sub-text to lasting success. Ready to be an expert? Maybe it’s time to step into that role.

Gender dynamics

Money, assets, possessions have a direct link to this. Dealing with larger amounts of cash or simply ‘more’ is one aspect of ruler Jupiter in your 2nd. Certainly, money matters and property dealings are back on the table thanks to Mercury now direct in your 4th. Mars meets your ruler on the 19th, pushing you to complete a pending matter and to pursue opportunity. This week sees Vesta enter your partnership sector on the 21st while the Sun enters your house of romance and children on the 20th. Gender dynamics may play a role in some way. This could see you enter a job or study area which has one man at the top who presides over a mainly female dominated workforce. Or you are that man!

Others could attract a lover who is either the minority gender in both family dynamics or be that themselves. How powerful you feel or are made to feel in situations like this is reflected by Juno’s trine to Ceres also in your Now Age 3rd. Does it require a new set of rules to make it work? You can author that too this week, Sag.

In a nutshell:

There’s new dynamics and a fresh playbook to be authored in love – and work this week. The Now Age of Aquarius asks you walk your talk. And stand by what you say, Sagittarius.



It’s the Now Age of Value

You are what you know you need

Change perceptions for the better – permanently

Ruler Saturn on the move is always headline making news for you. It always ushers in a serious 2.5 year focus on a specific area of your life. You’ve had the benefits of it in your 1st, allowing you to carve a more serious persona which exudes gravitas and self-assurance these past couple of years. This week sees it move on into your 2nd, ushering in the Now Age of Aquarius. Taking a different approach to your money, assets, possessions and property – or how you earn your dough, could form part of Saturn’s ring of establishment for you now.

Are you ready to take your money seriously? It’s not about what you have per se – but how you see it that counts. Ceres is already in here and aligns to Juno in your status-setting 10th just prior to Saturn’s arrival. Again, this may see you taking a new approach to your money and value. Ceres rules deals and compromises. Juno rules commitment and longevity. Less could be more or basically, opting to invest more for the future and only buy what you need in the present could usher in a firmer sense of prosperity. You are what you need now.

Project who you want to become

Continue to show others just what that self-worth and those values are all about. Your personal message, public image and persona continues to be all important. And on show now. Time to exude confidence even if you are shaking in your shoes. I could say fake it till you make it. Mars and Jupiter meeting on the 19th give you the ability to take a chance when it comes to making an impression. In short, project what, or rather, who you want to become. Or feel you can be. This week also sees the Sun’s arrival in your 4th. Money matters are of course connected to your home and security too. They are highlighted for you now. Establish those values and how you project them. And lay the foundation for something lasting.

In a nutshell:

Status shifting changes have others see you in a different light. Know who you are meant to be and if that’s not who you are today – then fake it till you make it this week, Capricorn!



Own your uniqueness

Take yourself seriously and others will too

Know what you want

Ready to have the world sit up and take notice, Aquarius? It stems from your ability to take yourself, your beliefs and who you are seriously. Knowing who you are – I mean really who you are, owning that and being yourself will be your superpower and your key to success now Saturn arrives in your 1st on the 22nd. It’s been almost 30 years since your ancient ruler last paid you a visit. So, for many of you this will be your first experience as adults, of Saturn’s sense of purpose and self-identity working for you.

Craft an image or personal approach that says you are a force to be reckoned with and to be taken seriously. Your future and how you are seen will also be determined in a large part by who you are seen with and the groups, parties, bands, associations or friends you associate with. Ensure they align with who you are. Ceres in your 1st also

Believe in who you truly are

Your values and self-worth have a big part to play in this too. As do you fears and insecurities. Mercury exits your 1st and enters your 2nd while the Sun arrives in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 20th. Business, communication and contracts are back on the agenda as is coming from a newly minted place of knowing your value. Inner shifts allow you to tap into previously hidden resources as Mars and Jupiter align in your 12th on the 19th. This is the day Saturn heralds the start of the Now Age of You. Looking fearlessly at what has held you back in the past sees you cutting those doubts and past patterns down to size. In short, you can overcome any obstacle now, Aquarius. If you believe in who you truly are.

In a nutshell:

Do you believe in yourself and all you can be, Aquarius? The Now Age of Aquarius begins this week. For you it’s all about claiming your power and what makes you unique. You own it now!



Share the truth with at least one person

Get real!

Welcome to the Now Age of Revelations

Don’t sit on it – say it now Mercury returns to your 1st this week. So, push forward with those work, business or other communication activities. You are about to enter one of the most important periods you will experience. Which is going to be about discovering the truth behind life, the universe, everything and you and your relationships. When you get to the heart and soul of matters, it will be time to talk. If not to those you know to a therapist, psychic, astrologer, priest, rabbi or someone who will keep your confidence. Some things may stay in the vault while other knowledge you may choose to freely share. What matters if you unearth deep stuff is that you do share with at least one other person – but that you choose this person carefully.

Powerful changes

When you are not going deep now thanks to Saturn’s arrival in your 12th from the 22nd heralding the Now Age of Truth for you, opportunities via friends in high places or who influence your future could appear. Mars meets Jupiter (19th) in your 11th this week. You could benefit from someone’s generosity, their entrée or connections. Powerful changes could ripple through your money and home sectors thanks to the Sun’s arrival in your 2nd, along with a truth bearing angle between Juno in your 8th of power money and Ceres in your 12th on the 17th. Combine this with Vesta’s entry into your 4th on the 21st.

Balancing your need for security with what you want to achieve in the world always asks for constant adjustment and renegotiation. This time you can ask for a deal that results in a better balance for you. The way to achieve this could be via you having your first real revelation around the truth of a matter. Get ready – more is to come, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The Now Age for you is about what lies at the heart of any matter. It’s also about speaking your truth when you discover it. Get real this week, Pisces!

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