3rd July 2017 Written Weekly Astrology Forecast


Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs December 16 2019


  • Feel the festivity of the friendship vibe
  • Be a joiner
  • How high can you climb in 2020, Aries?

Bask in the love of friends and like-minded souls as Venus entering your 11th puts you in a party mood. You could also be drawn to getting behind a bigger cause that you love now as this is your house of groups, bands and organisations. Feeling the need to be part of something bigger than yourself – and to make a difference doing so, could see you venturing into activism which results in something fairer for all. Uranus is the natural ruler of your 11th house but sits in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart. Basically this means these two planets are ‘talking’ to one another. Uranus is always out to free us in some way. And we’ve already seen its influence in Taurus appear in the form of the extinction rebellion. So don’t be surprised if something you join in now brings up climate change or the environment. Taurus and your 2nd also rules money and how you interact with the material world. This too may shift this week around the 22nd when Venus and Uranus from a tight angle. On a personal level – don’t feel you have to ‘buy’ someone’s love or friendship this week by spending more on them than you can realistically afford!

This week sees the Sun enter your 10th and marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer one in the Southern. Capricorn and your 10th is all about reaching higher. It contains your ambitions and how far you can climb. It’s also your ‘public’ house where you are literally ‘on show’. Set your sights higher for 2020 as a new opportunity for either you or a partner comes within reach. The solution is there and the rewards will reflect just how much effort you’ve put in, Aries.

In a nutshell: Join in and give the gift of simply being yourself, Aries. You’re part of something bigger this week. When it comes to those long term ambitions – the rewards could equal the effort.



  • Be an original – beautifully
  • Get ready for serious love
  • Follow that dream

Ruler Venus in your 10th this week puts the finishing touches to that professional image. Your secret is to work it your way, Taurus. Whatever you do – don’t be an imitator. As well as your career, this is your ‘public’ house. The one where people either sit up and take notice. Or the reverse. Time to put your best face forward. Love could take a serious turn now. Venus in here can lead to a big, deeper commitment between you and someone else. Or it can throw into your path someone who would be considered a ‘catch’. Chances are they are looking for something serious too. Before the holidays really kick in, craft that one final professional Christmas message that sends a statement about who you are, what you have to offer and what you intend to achieve in 2020. The 22nd sees Venus angle to Uranus in your 1st. Time to make this as originally you as possible if you want others to sit up and take notice.

The Sun enters your 9th on Solstice Day – also the 22nd. From now and on into January it is going to be all about what constitutes freedom for you. Especially if you have placed this on the back burner due to other commitments. Travel which shifts your perspective and opens up new horizons for you may feature now. As could following that big love or big dream. You may have let this lie dormant for far too long, Taurus. Perhaps setting it aside to please others. But now the call cannot be ignored. Time to head directly towards it. You’ve been confined for far too long.

In a nutshell: Success comes from being an original, Taurus. So don’t be a pale imitation of the real you. In fact, following that real dream which truly defines you is your key to success – and freedom.



  • Barriers to progress are exposed
  • Change brings you the freedom you seek
  • Time to live a bigger dream – or bigger kind of love

Freedom and awakenings feature this week, Gemini. There’s a change blowing through your chart this week. In fact, the winds of transformation will continue to push you in a fresh direction from this week onwards and right on into January 2020. Venus enters your 9th from the 20th. This is about a big love or passion. For something you love to do or bigger experiences all round. Travel can bring pleasure, love or unexpected benefits your way. You want to go further, see more, do more. This could even mark the start of a new love journey for some. Where you broaden your experience of what love can be and where it can take you.

There’s a new age of freedom dawning for you and this week marks the start of it. You may also suddenly see where something has been holding you back as Venus tightly angles Uranus in your 12th on the 22nd. It may be so blindingly obvious you may wonder how you missed it before. But now you see it – you can be free of it. Breezing past it on those winds of change which fill your sails and set you on a new course as the Sun arrives in your 8th on Solstice Day. This marks a cycle where you can change long term patterns and confront anything including your fears that have held you back until now. It’s time to release yourself into something new, Gemini. The process begins this week.

In a nutshell: Changes bring you freedom to explore something bigger, Gemini. Sudden revelations have you confronting what has held you back in the past. Time to pursue a bigger dream – or love now.



  • Enter into a new relationship negotiation
  • Love transforms
  • Sharing takes many forms

It’s all about you and another this week, Cancer. Especially someone with whom you share something. The joint home, assets, your income, loans, mortgages. Who does their share of the chores. Your salary as this is something that your employer shares with you. Bonuses and benefits. Payments and pay-outs. Sometimes what is shared with us is something intangible- such as someone’s time, contacts or expertise. Take it you are in a sharing economy even if it is simply an emotional one this week now Venus arrives in your 8th. Venus in here can see you benefitting from someone’s generosity, a relationship deepens and become more passionate or you being given access to something you need. Who is sharing this with you can be anyone from your partner to your employer or even a friend as Venus angles to Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 22nd.

This coincides with the Sun’s entry into your 7th on Solstice Day. I should not need to tell you that you have entered a once-in-a-lifetime cycle around relationships that will peak next month in January. It will impact on your closest relationships – your marriage partner, that long term lover, your close working ties, business or collaborative partner and your close friend. Or even that rival, enemy or opponent. Expect these to be forged in the fires of transformation and forever changed. What rises up could just be the perfect fit for your heart – and the long term, Cancer.

In a nutshell: What is shared with you or that you share in return deepens this week. It’s time to forge stronger chains in love and partnerships now. Love is the change taking you forward.



  • Star in your very own feel-good holiday movie
  • Love actually is all around you
  • Is there a way to turn work into yet another shining opportunity?

Love rules the holiday season as Venus enters its ruling 7th in your chart. Share your heart as this could see you in full open and expansive mood, Leo. Your generous soul is glowing and others cannot help but respond back in kind. This is of course, one of your houses of attraction. Venus in here places partners – present and yes, potential, into your orbit. I need not tell you that this transit is one of the best for expressing, deepening or finding love. Other Leos may be shown another kind of love via friends, collaborators or even their employer thanks to an angle Venus makes to Uranus in your 10th on the 22nd. Tis more than the season to be jolly. Love is actually, all around you now.

Ruler the Sun arrives in your 6th on Solstice Day. Prepare for your work (paid or unpaid), study, your routine, wellbeing or even something around your pets if you have them, to change now. As you may be aware, we have once-in-a-lifetime patterns forming in this area of your chart. This can usher in big changes and also opportunities around your job, how you manage your daily life, your body and wellbeing and how you feel. The Sun may just now highlight which of these the main changes will take place in. It’s shining on a solution that reenergises something that may have turned into a rut for you. Let’s face it, you are designed to shine and stand out, Leo. You don’t do dull. Yes, we all have responsibilities to attend to. You can now simply turn them into one more thing that you can shine at.

In a nutshell: The saying love is all around you simply holds true for you this holiday season, Leo. You could be set to attract more of it this week. The more you give, the more you get. That simple.



  • What you radiate you receive back in kind
  • Give yourself the gift of self-love
  • The star on top of the tree? That’s you now, Virgo!

Romance, children, fun, pleasure, creative self-expression. These are the gifts for you to open and enjoy now as the Sun ignites the massive planetary line up as it arrives in your 5th on the 22nd. Often the solstice can have us looking back at the past 12 months and setting our sights on something new to achieve for the coming year. You may find yourself engaging in the process while enjoying all the here and now has to offer you, Virgo. Which is a lot. This is one of your houses of attraction. It also rules holidays, gifts and good times. Others may shower you with these or just show you how you are loved and appreciated. You radiate a carefree vibe now. One where you let go of any worries around what other people may think. Being yourself in the moment may just turn out to be the biggest gift you can give yourself. And the universe reciprocates the self-love you’re radiating with the other kind.

This week also sees Venus enter your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing. Just ensure those good times don’t tip into over-indulgence with Venus in here. At its best, Venus in here enhances your relationship with bosses and co-workers. And if you resist the tendency to over-indulge which Venus in here can lead you into, it can also beautify that dull routine or see you cherishing the body beautiful in new ways. Freeing you from that rut or tasks that drain rather than energise you is the promise of the angle between Venus and Uranus in your 9th also on the 22nd. Radiate that self-love by loving yourself just that little bit more, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this week, Virgo. Self-love and permission to be yourself. Funny thing when you do that, others can’t help but reciprocate in kind!



  • Embrace the festive spirit
  • Tis the season to shine brightly
  • Where is it that calls your heart home?

Along with next door sign of Virgo, you two just might be the brightest stars glittering in the sky or on top of that tree this holiday season. Ruler Venus enters your 5th decking you with tinsel, glitter and glamour. Time to move to centre stage if you’ve been lurking in the wings of someone else’s production recently. Venus in here promises attraction, romance, pleasure and good times. The holiday spirit for you may be in the giving and receiving of love, connecting to the child within or experiencing the wonder you’ve lost touch with via a child or young person. Ditch any tendencies towards cynicism. It has no place in this line-up. Someone could be about to change your viewpoint or even impact on your future in a big way – perhaps via what they are willing to share with you now. Watch for unexpected interactions or turns of events as Venus entangles with Uranus in your 8th. This could revolve around something you share with another – passion perhaps?

The Sun’s entry into your 4th on Solstice Day could have you in a ‘no place like home’ mood now. You may be entertaining at home or going home. If home or family matters have been hard work, hard to resolve or if alternatively, home is somewhere else than where you find yourself right now – take heart. Release and opportunity to head to the place or people which truly sustain you could be on offer now. And increase in potential as we head on into once-in-a-lifetime aspects in this sector of your chart in January. Home is where you heart truly lies. Get ready for moving experiences which truly align you to your people – and your sense of place.

In a nutshell: Shine like a star this holiday season, Libra. If you do, you’ll attract unexpected love, gifts and encounters. Where does your heart call home? Time to define this ahead of 2020 now.



  • Recreate the magic of the past interweaved with present possibilities
  • Where can your ideas take you next?
  • There’s no place like home now

Home is where your heart is this holiday season now Venus arrives. Spending time with family and loved ones will be your priority as Venus enters your 4th. The festivities could well revolve around your own home or you’ll be drawn back to your roots. If not in the present then via memories. The ghosts of Christmas Past could be visiting in the nicest possible way. You may feel the need to creatively recreate and recapture the magic you felt for this time of year when you were younger. Watch out if you do have guests staying as they may not want to leave. Venus angles to Uranus in your partnership zone on the 22nd. You want to play Santa – not peacemaker between two parties.

If all this sentimentality results in you sprinkling a past relationship with glitter – try to resist this. Tis actually the season to look forward now and start planning for 2020. The Sun’s arrival in your 3rd on the 22nd marks the Solstice. And has you looking ahead. You’ve big opportunities in work, business ideas and how you communicate in 2020. The internet could just turn into your launchpad. With Venus in your 4th right now this could even be linked to something you can do out of your home. Celebrate, cosy-up but also look ahead to where ideas could take you in the coming year. That project, book, screenplay, Instagram feed, blog, side hustle or idea around work or business. Dream on now, Scorpio. But don’t leave this in the world of dreams.

In a nutshell: Gather who you love around you where you love to be this week, Scorpio. And even while you’re loving being in the moment – look ahead. And big up those ideas ready for 2020!



  • Gratitude sets abundance in motion
  • Say it with love
  • Catch the spirit of flirtation – tis the season!

Love puts the truth behind anything you say or communicate now. Venus in your 3rd enhances those ideas, communications, projects, your blog, social media profile, business, writing and work. And also hands you the flirt factor too if the festive spirit is putting you in the mood for love. You can make your very best impression now both personally or at work. Venus in here hands you not just a way with words, but a way to use how you communicate creatively. New ideas flood in which you cannot wait to communicate. These may impact on your work (paid or unpaid), your daily routine, how you communicate or get around or even your wellbeing. Yes, it’s the season to overindulge but you may be mindful of this and choose a different approach. You could just hit that perfect work/wellness balance as Venus squares Uranus by trying something new. For others, Santa just may pay an early visit with a new phone, computer, tablet or way to travel. Sell yourself, your ideas or message.

Your birthday season ends this week as the Sun moves into your 2nd. If money has been harder than usual to earn or come by, you can look forward to this easing now. The Sun in here wants us to look to the present. Literally the present moment is a gift. Focussing on what you have in your life right now, being grateful for it – or even the people you rely on, sets you up to receive so much more. For simply more in 2020, set goals but ensure you don’t fixate on what’s missing. Instead count your blessings. That’s why they call it the present. It’s a gift.

In a nutshell: Are you set for abundance, Sag? If you want more of it, don’t focus on what’s missing. But what you have right now. Which is probably more than you realised. The present is your gift.



  • Reach for the stars
  • Success is a self-defined journey now
  • Happy birthday, Capricorn!

Happy birthday, Capricorn. I should not need to tell you that you are set for a birthday season like none you have experienced in your lifetime. Nor will again. The Sun’s arrival in your 1st on Solstice Day brings with it a period where you will be reaching for a solution that you can use to take you higher than ever before. Provided your desires and ambitions are aligned with the greater good. You want to succeed – you are after all, the sign of those at the top. But more than ever you will be aware of the price of success. And the fact it should not involve selling out, your soul or even cost the earth to achieve. You’ll be striving to define what success means to you personally rather than what society in general or the media portrays it as. There’s more than one kind of Rich List. You can be rich in wisdom, experience, quality of life or relationships. That’s a success story worth reaching for. Choose yours in 2020.

Venus enters its ruling 2nd on the 20th and aligns to Uranus in your 5th on the same day your birthday season begins. Surprises come out of the blue now. That attraction, opportunity to party, have fun or step into the spotlight. Children and those younger than you can play a role too. Venus in your 2nd isn’t just about your money – although you may want to keep an eye on the purse strings as Venus in here at this time of year can lead you to over-generosity. Venus in your 2nd is all about the people who really matter to you. And who you can count on. Your definition of success needs to include these now. You’re richer this birthday season than you think, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday to all sea goats out there! You’ve a once in a lifetime opportunity to reach higher and go further than ever before. Author a new definition of what success means now.



  • Who are you in the process of becoming?
  • Radiate and attract back in kind
  • Heed the call to explore your inner world

Just in time for the festivities – it’s time to shine, Aquarius. Venus in your 1st is like a beacon. The attention is all on you. Think about what or even who, you want to attract now. Above all, with Venus in here, look to ways to enhance your appearance and feel at your most amazing and radiant. In other words, put your best face forward. Your look, style, image, brand, weight, appearance and even your social media profile or brand, benefits from any TLC you send its way. People will respond positively to this. Venus is all about glamour, love – in this case loving yourself, in ways that go beyond slogans which tell you that you’re worth it. You don’t have to break the bank to do this. Rock your own look or individual style. Be your own work of art as Venus’s alignment with ruler Uranus on the 22nd brings unexpected pleasure, encounters, gifts or gestures of romance. Like attracts like as others like what they see. Try it.

Contrasted with being the centre of attention now, are deep movements happening in your inner world. There’s a profound shift occurring within you now as the Sun arrives in your 12th on Solstice Day (22nd). It is joining a slew of planets already in here. The upcoming month and first part of 2020 is set to increase your awareness of the meaning of life. And your place within it. Don’t be surprised therefore if the desire to stand out, circulate and party is followed by time spent unplugged and contemplating the deep side of life. When this happens – don’t resist it. The outer you that you are creating merely reflects the changes going on within you.

In a nutshell: Venus in your 1st says time to get your glam on. To radiate, shine and stand out. But don’t resist the call to spend time alone and go deep within. It’s all part of becoming your own work of art.



  • New connections send you down a fresh path
  • Old friendships take on new meaning
  • Is it the past or the future that is knocking on your door?

Your friends, connections, groups, bands, organisations, networks, associations, clubs, parties – all hold the key to your future now, Pisces. It’s time to connect and circulate like never before. And to open up to fresh and exciting contacts and friendships. Whatever you do over the next month or so – don’t be a hermit. The Sun’s entry into your 11th on Solstice Day marks the start of a period where your goals may shift but also the people you encounter have a bigger role to play in your life than you could possibly ever imagine. Expect some friendships to shift and change. New, influential and powerful ones can be made now. Especially in areas that take you outside your usual circles. Accept all invitations that come your way this party season and on into January. And don’t say ‘It’s not my scene’. Your scene like your future is changing.

Venus in your 12th from the 20th brings up people from your past. Or even past lives. Past contacts or even loves could take on fresh relevance. Or you feel you have known someone new before. Pay close attention to who you hear from, connect to or who unexpectedly crosses your path on the 22nd when Venus aligns to Uranus in your 3rd which rules your 11th. There’s a reason or a season why you have met them or heard from them now. Someone who is radically different to anyone you have met before or who offers entrée to a new social scene or even a work opportunity, could appear. The future is calling you and it’s not even 2020 yet, Pisces. How are you going to RSVP?

In a nutshell: Friends or connections past and present have a role to play now. The people who know or meet could set your future spinning in a new direction. Don’t be a couch hermit now, Pisces.


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