26th June 2017 Written Weekly Astrology

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Steamy passion
Sweet surrender
Stormy temper

A beautiful little astrology aspect starts this week on the 26th with Mars, your ruler, trine Neptune, the watery spiritual Planet. You’re feeling very sentimental about your family and are super creative around your home. You have a creeping awareness about your soul connections to your parents and siblings and understand the importance of the lessons you’ve learned. Your heart is open to forgiveness and a newly found bonding.

With Mercury trine Neptune on the 28th, there are spiritual unions and a strong sense of merging with those you care for. Be a bit careful though as you are so loved up and open, lovers and loved ones could persuade you to do anything! Sensuality, indulging yourself and spoiling others all feature this week.

Mercury is conjunct Mars on the 28th too, so you are eager to get on and sort out issues around your home. Be careful you don’t come across as too forceful though as your passion is right on the surface, and you have a lot to say about how things should look. Binning your partner’s most treasured Star Wars model might not go down too well.

On the 2nd, Mars gets into a big fight with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Mars and Pluto slugging it out is the heavyweight championship of the heavens; they are both warlords and fond of a good old battle. You might find yourself slap bang in the middle of a power struggle which could quickly escalate. Don’t bite people’s heads off over minor transgressions. Play some nice, relaxing music and count to ten, and whatever you do, stop winding yourself up! If you feel your volcanic temper flaring, walk away to calm down before you react ( I am an Aries with Mars in Aries, so on occasion, I turn into a fiery werewolf. So, I understand, Yikes!)



The power of three
Don’t repeat mistakes

Your heart is open to working towards doing something that makes the world a better place on the 26th. With Mars in your communications zone and Neptune in your social zone, you feel compelled to get involved in a movement, charity, or team project that reflects your soul purpose. Mercury joins the party on the 28th, so expect profound and meaningful conversations. Be careful about being too forceful though, as Mercury is also conjunct Mars, making you quick to anger if you feel there has been an injustice. Have you caught the fabulous film ‘Wonder Woman’ yet? She is your power animal this week. ‘It’s our sacred duty to defend the world’ is your mutual motto! Go and catch the film to boost yourself up!

Mercury opposing Pluto, the lord of transformation, on the 30th, brings things to a head, and you might find yourself in a power struggle. If you’ve been holding back, it all spills out in a volcanic rage. Be especially cautious when getting into disputes at work. Do as much as you can to calm yourself, so meditate, play sports, and reduce your stress levels. Your inner, raunchy side is also eager to conquer, but don’t be led by blind lust, or you could regret it.

Chiron, the wounded healer, goes backward on July 1st, bringing up an old wound that may feel re-poked! This is an opportunity for you to handle it differently! In your case, it’s related to groups. You got this!



Treasure hunting
Excess in all areas
Strength to fight back

With passionate Mars trine with boundaryless Neptune on the 26th, you need to keep your wits about you, especially when it comes to your finances and career. Your heart is in the right place, and very in tune with others’ needs and vulnerabilities. You may decide to loan money or be overly generous. I am all for a generosity of spirit; it’s the best way to be, but on this occasion make sure you have all the facts. It could be that you are lured into a delightful illusion. Having said that, this energy allows you to ground your ideas and put your dreams into action.

The whole week reminds me of the torrid novel, ‘The Wild Sargasso Sea,’ which is all about choices and how people often misunderstand each other. You’re digging deep right now, but give others the chance to reveal their treasures as well as their secrets!

“It was a beautiful place – wild, untouched, above all untouched, with an alien, disturbing, and secret loveliness. And it kept its secret. I’d find myself thinking, ‘What I see is nothing – I want what it hides – that is not nothing.’”
― Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

With Mercury square Jupiter on the 27th, you have bundles of energy to get things done. You are tempted to lavish a lover with treats or throw caution to the wind and leap into a decadent experience. Sensuality, passion, and luxury are all especially enticing. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but it might be an idea to dial it down and find ways to indulge which won’t wreck your bank balance. Camp in the garden with a picnic or conjure up ways you can have an adventure that doesn’t cost you anything.

Yes, this week has got its challenges, especially when it comes to power struggles. You are not in the mood to back down. There may be a situation where you feel someone is disrespecting you or trying to control you. Yes, you can outwit them, but it might be better to blast them with your legendary charm and love rather than burn your bridges.



You’re a dream maker
only fight battles that are important
A power shower from the Universe

Last week should have been brilliant for you as the Universe is shining her light in your direction, filling you with confidence and all things fabulous. Now that you have found your feet, you are being tested to make sure you’ve healed and that you’re strong and ready for the next chapter. The week starts off well with Mars, the planet of action, in your sign trine Neptune, the spiritual, in your expansion zone. So far, so good. You feel that you can follow your soul calling and head toward your dreams. You are acting on a plan you have only thought about, and you have the passion for pulling it off. A soul connection may pop up who has a unique vision and way of expressing themselves.

Life becomes more challenging on the 27th when you have Mercury square Jupiter, with Mercury currently in your sign. This transit makes you feel invincible and very enthusiastic. Don’t run off and buy a house in the country on a whim or splash out on something you feel you need; if it is important, it might be better to do it at a later date. You are eager to shift things in your home, but avoid having a barney with someone about it. Try to be patient!

With Mercury trine Neptune and Mercury conjunct Mars, you sure are persuasive. But be cautious on the 2nd as Mercury opposes Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld – what is said cannot be unsaid.



Dangerous liaisons
Fate brings a surprise
Super psychic

Expect a soul revelation this week as Mars in your spiritual zone dances with Neptune in your raw and primal house. There’s a deep healing occurring as you come back into your power. Chiron, the wounded healer, is also going backwards in the same place. Neptune and Chiron are tuning your instincts. The cosmos is bringing up issues connected to feeling powerless, sexual wounds, money problems, and past addictions or obsessions. You may find yourself entering a period of self-reflection, but it’s worth the effort as your energy is going through a fundamental change.

Your sexual energy is off the chart, and you’re bewitching and beguiling with a cherry of mystery on top. This planetary action gives you psychic super-powers, making this an intriguing and exciting time. Anything can happen right now but whatever does seems to be meant to be. Trust your instincts and open yourself up to the magic that is surrounding you. Mars is making you very confident, especially with a Mercury conjunction; on the 28th you might find yourself discussing things you could not possibly know. One word of warning: you have fewer boundaries than usual and might fall for a charming cad. If something feels off, it probably is!

When Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd, a power struggle reaches a peak. Again, trust your intuition and avoid being too critical of yourself or others. If someone is constantly undermining you or putting you down, you have the courage to walk away.



Teamwork brings rewards
It’s time to be a leader, not a follower
Love is cosmic and naughty

Mars the Planet of action is trine dreamy Neptune on the 26th. Anne Frank pointed out “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” and you live that this week. You feel very close to folk, and not just a lover or love interest or family, but also groups of people. You’re prepared to work hard to achieve harmony and feel deeply connected to those around you. If stuff needs doing, you’ll take one for the team and do it. You have profound insight into a crowd dynamic, and together you can move onto the next level. You’re a peacemaker right now, and others will look to you for leadership. Be careful not to be pulled into a murky situation or fall under the spell of a liar as Neptune often blurs boundaries. Mars is giving you the drive to keep it all together, but it’s important to have clarity and not get swept up in what others believe.

With Mercury, your ruler, up to all sorts of shenanigans this week, you feel pushed and pulled in many directions. Mercury is square Jupiter, making you enthusiastic and bold but perhaps over confident on the 27th. Mercury is trine Neptune on the 28th and conjunct Mars giving you the energy to make things happen. The problem is that Mercury is then opposing radical Pluto, which can bring up huge power struggles. You may feel that someone is trying to dampen your creativity or squashing your voice. Don’t get drawn into the shadows, keep strong and clear.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is going retrograde on the 1st July, enabling you to transform a relationship dynamic or heal an old love wound. There is much you can achieve if you keep focused and believe in yourself and your soul path.



Write a personal manifesto
Ditch people that aren’t doing their bit
Embrace success

Hone your focus Libra, as Mars the planet of action is hooking up with soulful and dreamy Neptune to bring one of your visions into reality. Health, healing and service to others capture your imagination. Joining forces with a wise teacher or getting some support to transform your body gives you the energy to fly in your career. You put your heart into all that you do, which brings you remarkable results.

Mercury is square Jupiter on the 27th and Jupiter is in your sign. It’s great to throw yourself into a new job challenge, and yes, you are likely to succeed but don’t take risks just for the sake of it. There’s no doubt that you’re now seeing what you need to do to achieve your goal, but it’s important not to miss any of the necessary steps so that your transformation is stable.

With Mercury conjunct Mars in your career zone as well as Mercury trine Neptune, it’s time to get tough and say what you mean. If anyone is messing you about, speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. Your warrior spirit is on the surface as you cut out people who are just talking.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is transporting you to the past to find out why you have certain bad habits or self-sabotaging moments. You deserve to be healed. You are a loving being. Look history in the eye and then move on.

Be careful on the 2nd as Mars is getting into fisticuffs with Pluto. These two warrior Gods do not like to back down. Avoid arguments at all costs, especially ones that involve criticism. Walk in peace.



Adventure awaits
Walking back to happiness
A love affair to remember

You love to take a walk on the wild side, which is handy as the Cosmos is inviting you to adventure. You might have been feeling quite lost and quiet recently, but thankfully the tide is now turning. Mars, your co-ruler, is giving you a confidence boost and making you hungry for the unusual. When Mars trines Mercury on the 26th, in your passion/soulmate and creative house, you’re empowered. Your soul is embracing joy, and you’ll fearlessly step out of your comfort zone. Expect lovely coincidences and emotional unions. Love and intimacy arrive, and you’re surprised by how right it feels.

Mercury conjunct Mars on the 28th and Mercury trine Neptune makes you unstoppable. Your fam and pals may be amazed that you’re doing things which are entirely new. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there. In fact, you are pretty forceful about these fresh ideas and experiences. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, so don’t get into an all out war with someone just because they disagree with you on the 2nd. Mars and Pluto are going at it and, as you know, these two do not mess about. If you get into an argument, it could terminate your relationship and connection, so ask yourself if it’s worth it. On top of that, no matter how tempting, don’t do anything vengeful or it might bite you on the bum!

Chiron, the wounded healer, is holding your hand and leading you back to a situation or pattern that has wounded you. Chiron is showing you that love does not have to be painful. There’s a part of you that feels if you are too happy something bad will happen, it’s an illusion; you will soon realise that it’s OK to be loved.



Spiritual coincidences
Passion or addiction?
All change

I’m not going to sugarcoat your planetary ride. I’ll give it to you blunt, which is just how you like it! There are many mixed messages, opportunities but also moments where you have to be very cautious how you handle things. On the 26th, you’re feeling a call from the cosmos to find a way to be powerful and happy. You might decide to move or transform your home in some way, and you’re eager just to do it. That’s all fabulous, but do be careful that you are realistic about money. Mars is telling you to go after what you want whatever the cost, which is never a good long-term strategy.

With Mercury square your enthusiastic leader on the 27th, you leap into new groups, hang out or join forces with a fresh tribe, but remember, this is a square, step cautiously or you could fall on your face. Go easy, there’s magic in the air, but you don’t want to end up like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and have to clean up a big mess you accidentally started! A family member will give you wise advice, don’t poo poo it. Investigate all offers and opportunities carefully.

With Mercury conjunct Mars and Mercury opposition Pluto, not to mention Mars opposition Pluto, change is coming. There’s a temptation to get too big for your boots and go into battle unnecessarily as Mars and Pluto may make you feel invincible. Take the magical synchronicities at the start of the week and build something positive.



Closer than close
Magical intimacy
Don’t fight fire with fire

Your relationships are going all cosmic this week as you merge, connect, and dive into closeness. Mars, the planet of passion, is hooking up with dreamy Neptune, who is in your communication house. You have empathy and compassion for those close to you and want things to change. There will be moments this week that make your soul sing as you get more intimate than you thought possible. Keep that love vibration burning as some tricky moments may cause arguments and power struggles later on.

With Mercury square enthusiastic Jupiter, you’re also eager to get closer to co-workers and teammates; in fact, you might let your guard slip and end up sharing more than you intended. Try to keep your boundaries clear, but do talk from your heart.

Passion is flying about all over the shop, which can be quite confusing. You might feel it’s difficult to harness all the talk especially on the 30th when you feel someone is trying to drag you in a direction you don’t want to go. Don’t they know you? You will not be bullied or forced into anything. Look at their vulnerability before you go into battle. With Mars opposing Pluto on the 2nd, everyone is very tense. Do not get involved in escalating arguments. Find a win/win solution, and be the leader that you would like to lead you.



Explore your unique skills
Your weakness become your strength
Believe anything is possible

You seem to be cast as the lead in Kung Fu Panda this week! Kung Fu Panda wanted to be a Kung Fu master but worked in a noodle shop, until one day he was asked to fulfil an ancient prophecy. After much trial, magic, and tribulation, he succeeds! With Mars and Mercury trine Neptune, you are quite the visionary; be like Kung Fu Panda, and follow your destiny! Not only are you inspired, but you also have the energy and power to make your vision a reality.

On top of that, you’re practical and focus on your health and well-being (no more noodles!). You also think out the box and find a way to increase your finances. As this is a fairytale week, you will have to fight a few demons, and your inherent vices. There may be intense power struggles with others that feel as if they are rocking your foundations. Don’t project darkness onto them though. No one is all black or white—not me, not you, and not them! With Mercury and Mars opposing Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, it’s all kicking off. There is no need to get into unnecessary battles, and whatever you do, avoid ultimatums. Find a spiritual advisor and mix with people who inspire and support you.

With Chiron retrograde, you take a trip to the past and discover the wound that made you the way you are with money. The soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2 sums up this energy: “Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that does not make you who you are; it is the rest of it – who you choose to be.”
Don’t believe that your sense of security and cash will always be the same. You have the power to heal and transform it. Chiron is dragging you back to sort it out. Right now is a magical time with the potential for a happy ending. Make it happen!



Sweet dreams are made
Love deepens
Take action

This week is complex and exciting! Firstly, we have Mars the passionate trine your ruler Neptune giving you a loving kick up the bum to make your dreams a reality. Mars is providing the courage you need to take action and make things happen. You feel empowered and creative. Make the most of this energy to launch a project, write, create, have a lusty time, or whatever your fishy soul desires.

Mercury is also trine your ruler on the 28th, adding fuel to your creative fire. Mercury trine Neptune allows soul connections to deepen and even the chance to bump into a past-life lover who you feel you have known for eternity. Be a little careful though, as there are some other tricky transits that could rock your soulmate boat. Neptune, as you know, sees the best in people, so don’t be hoodwinked by a charmer. Check that you are getting the full story, and make sure that any potential love interest is single or in an open relationship.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is turning retrograde on the 1st, which may bring up some past emotional issues. Fear not! Chiron is revealing to you how to overcome the past and find your true identity. Yes, there may be people, experiences, or issues that are uncomfortable, but this time you can handle it differently. You got this Goddess!



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