19th June 2017 Written Weekly Astrology

In case you missed it on horoscope.co.uk here’s your weekly written astrology


Your home is your temple.
Date night delights
Don’t be pushy; let them come to you.

The Sun is shifting signs and heralding a time for you to take some space with the fam and focus on your nest. With the radiant Sun in your home zone joined by Mercury the planet of communication, you’ll want to take time out to connect with your nearest and dearest. Any family friction or home irritations can start to resolve. Take a look at your environment and figure out ways you can shift things to feel safe and cosy. With all the planetary focus firmly on your home, now is the perfect time to decorate, whisk up some soul food and make your place a sacred space to recharge.

With a powerful New Moon arm-in-arm with Mercury, you are not only ready for change, but you also express your emotions with ease (although you could feel over-emotional as it all comes gushing out). If there’s a toxic member of your family you’ve given dozens of chances to or a flatmate that constantly messes with your mojo, then now may be the time to let go.

New moons are fabulous times to surrender crap but also to create a fresh start. Send out your desires to the universe about your house and relationship dreams and know that she is listening.

With Mars, your ruler, squaring up to expansive Jupiter on the 25th, try not to bombard your lover or love interest with eager plans for the future. Give them time to catch up! Today is also the start of a T-Square, which may make you question or test your balance between home and career. Mars is square scary Pluto so please don’t issue ultimatums or escalate arguments. Count to ten and see the bigger picture.



Love maybe an outsider
Publish your thoughts
Bonding with the neighbours

Venus, your ruler, is trine Juno, the Goddess of love and commitment. Venus trine Juno is a fabulous astrology transit to sort out your love life and draw the right soul connection. Juno is asking you to expand your boundaries to find security. OK, this might feel like a novel concept for you, but what have you got to lose? Look for a new lover from a different culture or that is unusual in some way. Want to go further with a current love? Do things differently and shake up your routine.

On top of that, you’re an ideas machine with new ways of thinking tumbling from your being. Not only is the Sun shifting signs, giving you dazzling insights, but Mercury, the planet of communication, is allowing you to speak with magical and persuasive words. Don’t waste time; record thoughts when they arrive, and do something with them. Keep your phone by the bed and make notes or click voice memos. Conversations get quite extraordinary this week, leaving your mind satisfied.

You’re also bonding with the people around you and taking the time to talk to close family. With all this intellectual energy zooming about, now is the perfect time to take a course or study, gorge yourself on TED Talk videos, or get stuck on Oprah online to find inspiration. Your mind is desperate to be fed. A new friend or lover has an unusual way of expressing themselves which you find captivating. When we think in new directions, the Universe opens doors, and it allows the energy to flow which brings a much-needed breakthrough. You’ve got to be in it to win it though! It’s up to you to reach out for the new!

‘We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.’ Joseph Campbell

The New Moon on the 24th is asking you to give your mind a spring cleaning as she’s also hitting up your communication zone and is conjunct/joining forces with Mercury. Do you have any negative thought patterns you need to shift? Now is the time! You might decide to cut off someone who brings you down all the time. Thoughts are catching, so connect with folks that inspire you.



Fall in love with you
Chat to that financial advisor
Prepare to dig solid foundations

Ommmmm! It’s time to get zen and ground yourself, Gemini! All of the astrological energy of this week is earthing you and plunging your lofty thoughts back down to reality. Does this sound annoying? Ha! Far from it! The sun and your ruler, Mercury, are giving you the self-confidence to push on with your ideas and make them a reality. Right now you are being given extra love to feel more secure. Obviously, you have to do the hard work and look at your own self-sabotage. What thoughts bring you down? We are all programmed from birth, and if we are told something often enough we believe it to be fact; take this time to examine your beliefs and chuck out any that don’t serve you. It’s time to be your number one fan and create a life where you feel safe. When you feel safe, your thoughts can fly. Think of it like the sails of a ship; someone has to help them point in the right direction. Once you are grounded, you truly and fully set sail at the helm.

The New Moon is not only underscoring your need to feel secure—she is screaming it from the heavens, banshee style. Mercury, your ruler, is holding her hand to deliver you this powerful message. New Moons are about letting go, moving on, and opening new chapters. You have the chance of a financial new start and to boost your self-worth. When Mars squares Jupiter, and Mars also squares Pluto, on the 25th; expect a power struggle and much argy-bargy in this area. Handle your battles with your quick wit, but don’t get carried away and mortally wound someone with your razor words.



A positive transformation
Express your authentic soul
Charm, don’t harm

Yeah, Baby, it’s Cancer season! We are firmly stepping into your time this week as the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st as does silver-tongued Mercury. From then on, you should feel like you’ve been given a vitamin B shot and wake up feeling frisky and free. When it’s our astrology week/month, we can get a lot more done and feel much more positive. If anything has been bothering you, you have the ability to handle it freshly. It’s time to be assertive and firm.
Even bigger news this week is the New Moon in your sign.

New Moons allow us to shed baggage and move on. When the New Moon is in your sign, it’s potent and allows you to not only start a new chapter but also to reinvent yourself. Let go of parts of your personality that you developed for protection, get rid of negative thinking, and step into your soul path on a higher vibration. Translation? Life is shifting. Of course, how far these changes go is up to you.

Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, is bringing in a surprise regarding your career, which could be a challenge or an opportunity. Whatever Uranus throws up, the message is probably not to take things personally but dive in and make the most of it.

A tricky T-square is forming with Mars in your sign, making you bolshy and confident, squaring Jupiter as well as Mars is squaring Pluto. If you have had enough of someone’s behaviour, you are quite the ferocious crab, and your pincers are on overdrive as you are determined to stand your ground. While this is good, a word of caution: Pluto does not take kindly to ultimatums, and if you go too far, it may bring an ending. Having said that, if you handle conflict with strength but compassion, it creates positive change.



Friend or lover? Make the right choice.
Psychic superpowers
The truth sets you free

You’re plunging into the depths of your being this week as the Sun and Mercury lure you into your spiritual side. It’s tough to keep your boundaries clear as subtle messages from the Universe open you up. Your intuition and psychic skills are in top form, but be careful you don’t get carried away and get paranoid! Secrets also swim to the surface, and you sense what others’ real motivation is; you also channel soul truths and deep compassion. Your heart is open, and conversations bring about profound insights. Your desire may overcome your common sense, so be careful whom you meet for lunch or get drunk with, or you could find yourself in a sticky situation. There’s a healthy dose of fun to be had as you dash about in a pink cloud of soppiness. Drinking, laughing, meditating, healing and most of all merging with those you love are all featured. Watch out for a Gaga like ‘Bad romance’ though!

A New Moon also in this vibe is conjunct Mercury making this a double whammy. You are gently guided to look at your fears. Perhaps a conversation you’ve been avoiding brings things to a head? The New Moon is allowing you to confront something so that it will no longer haunt you, and it’s time to be honest with yourself. If you do the work, you step into your life much freer and also with a more fully developed intuition that will be a beacon of wisdom to light your soul path. You are very courageous when you need to be. Now it’s time to be brave for yourself.



Join forces with like-minded souls
Share your brilliance
Team success all the way

It’s all change as the planets take a spin in your social zone this week. The Sun and your ruler Mercury are encouraging you to get out and about and mix with new voices. You might feel the urge to get involved with a charity or do something for a good cause; your heart is open, and social justice is on your mind. Your social media skills are boosted, and if you have an outstanding or unique message, you capture attention right now. On top of that, friendships get stronger, and all collaborations and teamwork can get a boost.

Mercury is encouraging you to connect with others, and the Sun is giving you the confidence to shine in a team, so don’t let this energy go to waste. If a team isn’t working for you, perhaps it’s time to find the right one that will? Even if it feels like John Lennon leaving the Beatles, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, sometimes these things have to be done!

The New Moon, which is also conjunct Mercury, is giving you the perfect window to do so. Let go of your fears and think about the bigger picture. Okay, if you make a radical decision, there may be a power struggle to overcome but you are totally in tune with what you need to do, and you’ll find the right support to help you. Eckhart Tolle has a wonderful saying, ‘life is an adventure, not a package tour,’ so which adventure are you going on?

On the 25th, Mars is Square Jupiter, and you might find yourself fighting for a cause or group. It’s great that people are standing together and you feel so passionately about things, but don’t go to any extremes or it may hinder your argument. Play it clever and use that brilliant mind of yours to outwit the other side without being underhand.



Abundance shifts
Follow your dream
Let a new cycle begin

Finding your place in life is sometimes hard for you as you tend to weigh everything up and think about others as much as yourself. Yes, sometimes your scales tilt, and you find it hard to even think about crawling out from under the duvet to schlep to work, but this week, it’s all changed. Banish those blues and embrace messages from the cosmos that want to help you find your balance.

The Sun is shining in your career zone as is Mercury from the 21st. What you considered a chore and soul draining now feels like a puzzle you want to solve. Job opportunities are dangling from the sky like carrots to a donkey, if only you take a step in a different direction. If you are self-employed, shake up your routine and look for new routes to success. In a job? Have a chat with someone in power or get searching for your dream role. Here’s a cracking article from wikiHow: http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Jobs

Whether you like it or not, change is coming; a New Moon is shifting the energy in your work zone. The New Moon is also conjunct Mercury, so expect lots of conversations which could contain seeds to your ultimate transformation. Chance meetings and random texts could hold the key, so think before you click send. Of course, be careful what you say, especially in your emails, or a choice could be made for you.

What if you’re on holiday? Fear not, the ideas will still arrive. Your role is to be brave enough to allow the shift.

Pay attention to the 25th, though, as a T-square is forming, with Mars in your career zone squaring up to Jupiter in your sign. You are beautifully, overly enthusiastic, but someone close to home might want to prick your bubble! Don’t overreact, but rather sidestep their criticism: perhaps they are just feeling insecure? Be as loving as possible, and put yourself in their shoes. Nothing is going to stop you!



Broaden your horizons.
Launch yourself forward.

I’m delighted to inform you that there is plenty more swashbuckling this week. Many planets are shifting and gathering in your adventure zone. The Universe is not bothered how you launch yourself into pastures new, only that you push yourself and experience something unusual. You can travel mentally, emotionally, sexually, or literally, but travel you must.

The Sun is giving you confidence and sparking you to be outgoing, while Mercury is bringing in the right conversations to show you the way. You love a good mystery, and this time you get to create your own as you open up to doing things differently, confounding others who thought they had you sussed.

The New Moon is all about change, letting go, and reinventing yourself. Let go of anything or anyone you have been quietly clinging onto; if it’s dead in the water, let it go and swim to the surface. New Moons allow us to climb to the next level, and your Moon offers you a different world, or, at the very least, you see this one differently.

A slight word of caution on the 25th: Your ruler, Pluto, is caught up in an upcoming T-square and battling that other warrior god, Mars. Mars is also square Jupiter, so a general kerfuffle is brewing. Words are daggers in your mouth, so don’t spit em!



Longing looks
A wild ride
A confession

Get down deeper and down / Down down deeper and down / Down down deeper and down / Get down deeper and down – you are living these Status Quo vintage lyrics this week! Your usual bon viveur personality does a 180-degree turn as you dive into the underworld. Depth is all that matters to you right now. You despise the superficial and ache for intense conversations. Others might discuss their darkest secrets with you, and you’re fascinated and tempted by all sorts of naughtiness.

The Sun and Mercury are entering your primal zone, allowing you to banish fears and come into your power. If you have felt that anyone has had power over you, the tables can turn, but only if you express your authentic self. Work on building a healthy relationship with yourself and deal with any insecurities. The New Moon on the 24th is helping you banish things once and for all. Do the work and be honest with yourself, and then you can have real confidence.

You might find that several delightful flirtations appear and someone surprises you with a declaration of their feelings. Be careful on the 25th, though. Don’t be too cocky, especially in a group setting. Oh, and don’t overspend to show off: a T-square is not impressed.



Sensual delights
Tranquil moment
A cuddlefest

Midsummer madness hits this week, or that’s what it might feel like as the Sun and Mercury hit your relationship zone. However, this madness is needed! Your priorities turn toward harmony, peace, and love in all its many forms. You are one of the most hardworking, and some may say, ‘pig-headed’ signs (not me, I promise!). Once you decide to go for it, nothing can stop you as you put your goaty hooves one hoof in front of another until you get up to that mountain top.

Nothing and no one can deter you once you set your heart on something. This week you are tempted off your work mountain pass by amore! The Sun and Mercury are opening your eyes to love, and love becomes the new peak to climb.

All of your relationships give you pleasure right now, and if they don’t, you are going to sort it out. The New Moon is allowing you to see what is right under your nose. If a relationship is over, you KNOW it, and if you are attracted to someone, you begin the beautiful dance of seduction. Put your effort into making all your relationships healthy, and surprise loved ones with your ability to compromise and back down.

Be careful on the 25th, though, as a T-square is forming, encouraging argy-bargy, and it’s got your name written on it. Mars is square Pluto in your sign, so you may feel that you are fighting for your identity. The trouble with this alignment is that there’s a temptation to fight dirty; don’t do it, or all your good work could come undone.



Get your leotard out
Study time
Giving back

Earth to Aquarius; come in, Aquarius! Lately, you have been living very much in your head with your mind churning out ideas as you ponder new philosophies. Interesting people and creative mingling have had you deep in thought. This week it’s all change as the Sun and Mercury drive home the importance of looking after your body and grounding yourself.

How healthy do you feel at the moment? Is it time for your yearly MOT with the doc, dentist, or nutritionist? Take this time to give yourself a once-over and ask your body what she needs. On top of that, it’s also the perfect time to get to the bottom of that stack of tasks you’ve been putting off. The New Moon is offering you a fresh start when it comes to work and your health and well-being, so be very clear about what bad habits you need to ditch and know that you can step into a fresh cycle.

While you are busy beavering away at important forgotten tasks, you may be interrupted by a naughty troll on the 25th. Avoid getting defensive (you know what they say—NEVER feed the trolls!). This troll may try to belittle your beliefs, but don’t fall for it. We all have our own view of reality, and I firmly believe that what we perceive to be reality, we create as reality. If a mischief-maker is poking your buttons, don’t take it personally, or there could be a row which is never going to be resolved and will be a waste of your energy. A T-square is forming, with Mars and Pluto going at it: make love not war, as passion is the flip side of both these planets.



Let the sunshine into your heart
Love rules
Pleasure chests

Happy days are here again! Oh yes, Pisces, you should love this lovely week. The Sun is dazzling in your creative, soulmate, and joy zone, boosting your confidence and allowing you to hook up with the right soul connections. Mercury is spilling ideas like confetti, and all you have to do is catch them and record them. Focus this incredible energy as it won’t last forever, and you sure as hell can’t bottle it. Expect hazy days filled with opportunity and wonder. Even if you are going through a terrible time, you should feel the love around you, and glimmers of hope and potential. The Universe is reaching down and giving you a big golden hug.

The New Moon is bringing you a fresh cycle of happiness. You are about to explore a different way to feel fulfilled. Your inner child is healing and wanting to come out to play. Indulge yourself, go a little wild and party like it’s 1999! Sing, dance, write and be bold about your desires. The Sun, Merc and New Moon are also useful for dealing with and bonding with kids. (If you are getting frisky with someone, and there is a chance of pregnancy, be extra cautious.)The New Moon is a perfect time to clean out people or situations that are blocking your path to peace and contentment.

A wee word of caution, though, as a dodgy T-square is forming on the 25th, making everyone a bit overconfident and feisty (if not downright loudmouthed and obnoxious!) On the one hand, you might be tempted by a taboo liaison or a secret affair; on the other hand, you might feel that old friends are trying to control you. Be careful how you handle arguments, as there may be no turning back once the gauntlet is thrown down.

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