3rd February 2020 Written Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 3rd 2020


Fabulise yourself!

How good you feel fuels what you attract

Let that inner superstar out to play

The planets are simply out to fabulise you this week Aries. So, aside from bearing in mind that Mercury is now most definitely retrograde in your 12th – so the Retro Rules apply, it’s time to get your glam on. Again, perhaps if you feel you lost it somewhere between say that grindstone and that rut. It’s easily done. Mercury retro does after all rule every ‘re’ word you can think of and favours these. Reinvention and relaunch amongst these.

Venus in your 1st simply wants you to feel and look your best because it’s arrival in your sign heralds a fresh cycle of attraction for you based on your image, appearance, brand, profile, style and personal message. You are your own best calling card now. So look at where you would start to feel special simply by making an update or makeover. The 9th sees Venus meet Chiron in here telling you to dare to try that new do, outfit or even something more radical. If you’ve been contemplating any kind of rejuvenation technique for instance – why not? Ensure the outer ‘you’ matches the inner. All in time for this week’s full Moon in that fabulising 5th also on the 9th. Now you’ve gone that remodelling, time to show the world. This is your house where the glam goes on. Where you get noticed and yes, attract. Romance being one thing. This is a fabulous full Moon for date night or for meeting for the first time. Others could choose to simply go with the flow and how they feel and make pleasure their priority. Showcase all you are under this Moon. How good you’re feeling is the key to drawing what you want to you this week.

In a nutshell: Changes to how you look or appear to others, brings you fabulous new choices when it comes to love or simply being noticed for what you do. Brand you becomes brand new opportunity, Aries.



Opportunity may just occasionally knock twice

Go back and explore a path not taken

Emotional satisfaction means leaving our comfort zone

It isn’t often you have Uranus in your 1st making a powerful and tightly drawn angle to Ceres in your 10th. What this is telling you combined with this week’s full-on Mercury retro in your 11th and about to re-enter your 10th, is to look at the path not taken when it comes to your career, reputation and status. The contacts you have built which perhaps you have let lapse. Those ambitions that remain unfulfilled for you. The opportunities you did not act on and perhaps simply, your hesitation to go for something better simply because a) you don’t like change or b) you continue to underestimate or undersell yourself. This alignment is telling you this all has to change so use this upcoming retrograde cycle to do just that.

Ruler Venus arrives in your 12th this week and this is your house of the past. Again, with the retrograde now in moon-walking motion, this can have you looking back at the past and also people and opportunities from it re-emerging again. Venus meets Chiron on the 9th – the day the full Moon appears in its ruling 4th. You may on this day dare to do whatever you have been putting off for so long. Making that break for freedom towards emotional satisfaction be this on the personal or professional front. Going for that promotion. Re-contacting someone you now have regrets over not following up with. Or simply seeing that not everyone can do what you do – and coming from a new place of revaluing yourself. No matter what form this takes, going back reboots your future this week.

In a nutshell: Look back at actions you could have taken and paths you did not follow. This week shows you it’s not too late to reexplore those possibilities. The only question is: Do you dare?!



Like minded souls are waiting to connect

Nothing is signed, sealed or delivered now

Watch, wait – and in the meantime – socialise!

Check your reaction to what you hear this week, Gemini. And know nothing is set in stone. Yes, it’s Retro Time as ruler Mercury edges into your 10th in full retroshadow phase. When it comes to your career, take it that any negotiations may go back and forth for a while and T&C’s are subject to change and also reversals. You also have Uranus in your 12th of secrets impacting on Ceres in your 9th of freedom and expansion. If something is not working out, my advice is not to push it. It may yet and in a better way that what’s presently on offer. Or if it doesn’t, you have to trust there is a very good reason why not – even if it’s not apparent right now.

It’s all about kindred souls in whose company you feel you can be yourself as Venus enters your 11th this week on the 7th. Please remember this is the house of the love of friends, not the romantic kind. Venus will join Chiron on the 9th. Take any opportunity offered to meet new people and even extend your social orbit now and enter previously unexplored territory. If you are given entrée into new circles, take it. The full Moon in your 3rd this same day favours this but also is your Mercury ruled house of messages and communication. Which is why you need to check your initial reaction to what is said or you hear at the door. Especially if this relates to something personal such as a lovers tiff for instance. This Moon and the impending retrograde tell you nothing is settled or stated – yet. Expect change and reversals – to your benefit.

In a nutshell: Take it what you hear or are told is subject to change. Or simply turning out to be the reverse, Gemini. You know the Retro Rules by heart. Nothing is set in stone now and changes could simply work to your ultimate benefit.



Boost that value system

Take extra time with where you want to go

Make a new deal when it comes to having what you want

How worthy do you feel this week, Cancer? Money, shopping, assets, possessions and even what you have to share or give away are in focus. And this all flows from how rich and abundant you feel rather than the state of that bank account. How you expect to be treated by others, rewarded for your talents, skills, time and abilities sets your ‘market value’ if you like. You have the opportunity to raise your personal worth in some way this week courtesy of the full Moon in your 2nd. As well you know, full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one in which they shine. In this case your 8th. How you expect to be treated by those closest to you and the world at large could push some emotional buttons or trigger a few insecurities. But it also says it’s time for a new deal on the table. Based on self-assurance and self-worth. Don’t be afraid to negotiate this now.

You have assistance from Venus in your status setting 10th from the 7th. The same day as the full Moon appears it will conjunct Chiron. Giving you the bravery to actually ask for what you want and depending on your answer, act with true worth. This week sees Mercury prepare to turn full retro as it enters your 9th of long distance travel, far away people and places and big ideas. Take extra time if going anywhere but especially if this involves long haul travel. As for that big idea – it’s built on your worth. You may want to revise it now based on your fresh set of values. So, put off that launch date for now. Its value could just rise like yours, over time now.

In a nutshell: Set a new value on that personal stock this week, Cancer. By that I mean how you expect to be treated by others or the world at large. Time for a refresher course on self-worth – and reaping the benefits of that!



Love is your currency for change

Rebalance the terms of your relationship

Get a heart-starting new deal

That searchlight of the soul you’re shining out there into the cosmos is going to alight on one particular person or connection this week. You have a full Moon in your 1st which is illuminating your 7th of partnerships and duos of all descriptions. One particular relationship will stand out. It could even offer you heart-starting freedom. Or you simply see its time for one that does courtesy of Venus’s entry into your 9th on the 7th, and Venus meeting Chiron in here on the day of the full Moon. Is this what you’ve been missing, Leo?

You have Ceres in your 7th too, and this is all about compromise and power. And also about where too much compromise has occurred resulting in disempowerment. It’s alignment to Uranus in your all powerful and status evolving 10th is your cue to negotiate the balance of power either in love or at work. Or to look for something where true power sharing can occur. It just so happens Mercury in your 8th of powerful change and shared resources is in retroshadow and about to full a full reverse. Go back to the table now when it comes to that deal, anything you share with someone, that work/life balance, your rewards or yes, even love. There’s a fresh bargain to be struck.

In a nutshell: One particular relationship is in focus this week, Leo. It could be that lover or even that working alliance or business collaboration. There are new deals to be done and bargains to be struck.



Negotiate before you leap

Take your time on fine tuning that deal

Compromise is your key to striking an unbeatable bargain

Holy retroactive back to the future mayhem! Yes, it can only be retro Time as your ruler this week in your 7th of partnerships, slows and prepares to head backwards. I should not need to tell you of all signs, that this is a very bad time to look for lasting love. This also includes lasting alliances of all descriptions including work and business ones. Venus which rules your 7th enters your 8th this week on the 7th. It meets Chiron in here on the 9th – the very same day as a full Moon appears in your 12th. All this combined could see someone from your past unexpectedly get in touch or something return from it. Examine it or them carefully if so and don’t be in a hurry to jump back in. This full Moon tells you that there is more to be revealed and Mercury in retroshadow says not a good time to make a deal.

The astral object which rules deals or new ones is of course, Ceres. Ceres making any kind of angle to Uranus in your 9th is a very big deal indeed. Because this rarely occurs. Freedom is what is being offered plus the opportunity to strike a bargain that allows you to explore something bigger. Taking that ‘lucky’ break or bolt from the blue bargain may require compromise and some adept negotiations. They may go back and forth for a bit but enter into the process with a desire to bring about a solution which works for all parties. Yes, it may take time to work out the details. That is very much on your side now.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury slows in retro-shadow phase telling you there’s no hurry to jump in or agree to something without knowing all the details. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Or to suggest a wildly different alternative, Virgo.



Love is found in all the right places (and all the places are right!)

Leave no stone unturned

Make duos your priority

Just where is love to be found this week, Libra? Being the sign of long-term partnerships and ruled by Venus, this is a subject that is closest to your heart. The answer thanks to ruler Venus arriving in its ruling 7th on the 7th is – everywhere you look! In fact, if you are prepared to explore previously uncharted territories in search of that special someone, you may just hook that big fish this week. Especially when Venus collides with Chiron on the 9th – the same day as a full Moon appears in your house of friends, social activities and your future – your 11th. Are you willing to try something or someone new? Uranus is the natural ruler of your 11th house – which incidentally also rules the internet. So don’t rule out finding that love via that dating app or website. This week sees Uranus now in your house of shared resources and soul values (and sex, did I mention that?!) make a ‘think outside the box’ angle to Ceres in your romance zone. So, love is to be found where you least expect it and possibly with someone who breaks the mould as to what it should look like too.

This week sees Mercury enter its ruling 6th but in full retroshadow motion. In other words it is slowing down and about to go back over the ground it just covered. So, take this as a time to put job seeking efforts on hold (unless you are unemployed or about to be). To go back over that routine and to review, revise and refine existing projects rather than launch them. Let’s face it, if there’s action to be taken this week it’s all around love. Which is basically just how you like it, Libra.

In a nutshell: Love is top of your agenda and just so happens to be found well – anywhere and everywhere. And even where you may not have thought to look. Until now that is. Look in all the right places this week.



What do you need in order to succeed?

Down-shifting can take you further than pushing ahead

Put those finishing touches to projects – then release them

This week’s full Moon in your 10th highlights your need to achieve but also what gives you the foundation from which to do this. Praise, encouragement, emotional support and above all, people’s belief in you will play a key role in career and work progress now. Do you have the support system you need? Look at this objectively rather than subjectively. Also, are you giving yourself the support you need to succeed? Enough downtime and listening to that inner voice telling you to unplug and recharge for a while for instance? This week tells you that stepping back may in fact result in moving forward faster in the long term.

Mercury enters your 5th this week but it is about to head backwards so this is not the best time to stanew love affair or launch that creative venture. Not unless you enjoy not knowing where you stand, reversals, snafus and guessing games that is. Venus arrives in Mercury’s ruling 6th this week. And it meets Chiron in here on the 9th – the same day as that full Moon strikes your career zone. You’ve a few days of true forward progress left before Mercury throws a full reverse on you. So, take a dynamic approach to career matters and jump in now. Or prepare to put things on hold. It’s a good week to bring those projects to completion, to make your case or your pitch. And then simply to rest on your laurels or plan your next move. This works in business as well as love now, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Love may be best left on hold for now. Unless it’s a fling you are after. When it comes to those ambitions – do you have the support you need to achieve? You’ve a chance to create a stepping stone to success this week.



The world’s your oyster and you’re a pearl!

What do you need to feel you’re home?

Dare to stand out and be noticed

Do you need something to anchor you down, Sag? Yes, I know you are the free spirit of the zodiac, but even you need somewhere or someone to come home to. That place where the adventures begin and end. This may have been hard to define or ground these past few years due to Neptune in your 4th of home, stability, family and roots. Mercury heading in here this week and about to head retrograde gives you the opportunity to redefine what it is you need. Even as you look out at new horizons and worlds to be explored courtesy of the full Moon in your 9th on the 9th.

Those new worlds could be a love affair, an opportunity to shine or show the world what you have to offer or could even revolve around babies, children and younger people courtesy of Venus’s arrival into your 5th on the 7th The 9th sees it meet Chiron in here. Rock out those talents, creative ventures or simply abandon yourself fully to something you love to do as it meets Chiron on the 9th. Above all, let go of any worries around what people may think of you. Stardom or simply standing out from the crowd requires us to let go of any need for approval or validation. And simply love who we are and what we are doing. The funny thing about that is that when we have the courage to follow this, we get the approval of people who matter – and who we matter to in return. So go on, Sag. The world’s your showcase and your homebase this week.

In a nutshell: The world is both your home and your oyster this week, Sag. Unlock the potential of both simply by following your heart. And letting go of worrying about what others may think if you do!



Set your self-esteem to high

Dare to ask for what you haven’t had the courage to until now

Build on a beautiful future

Your value system is undergoing its own special IPO this week. You get to float your personal stock and set the initial price offering. Then you could just watch it soar thanks to fabulously soul validating aspects happening right across your chart. It’s not so much luck although this could be a factor thanks to Uranus in your 5th. As it nudges Ceres in your 2nd this is all about knowing your worth when it comes to what you earn, are given or are treated. A key negotiation or deal around this based on those values could be done now at the time of the full Moon in your 8th on the 9th. So, set your price and state your terms, Capricorn.

Venus is aiding you in this now and you may simply dare to ask for more than what you have done in the past. There’s a ‘what have I got to lose’ vibe to this as it enters your 4th from the 7th. That daring to ask or do something that contributes to your long term self-esteem, earning power or security is echoed by Venus’s meeting with Chiron on the 9th. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and believe me, a little daring could win you a lot now. In the background – Mercury enters its ruling 3rd but is about to head retrograde but is already in retroshadow. So, you are faced with an extra dose of Merc Mayhem. In other words, dare to do it or ask it, and don’t delay this week.

In a nutshell: Set your value and then watch your personal stock soar, Capricorn. Others are happy to meet your price. Daring to go Oliver Twist could just mean the twist in the tale is you getting what you want!



Don’t shy away from that discussion

Release yourself from long term issues

If you love how others see you, don’t change that reflection

What needs to be talked about, discussed or even re-negotiated between you and someone close to you this week, Aquarius? You have a full Moon in your 7th and full Moons always reflect their light back into the opposite house to what they appear in. So, someone holds up a mirror to show you what light you are seen in. This may not necessarily be your partner. It could be someone you live with or work with. It may be a close friend. It could even be that opponent, enemy or rival. You should see who this is all too clearly and also know there is a new deal to be done or bargain to be struck with them. All thanks to your ruler Uranus in your 4th telling Ceres in your 1st you need to propose something new and ultimately lasting.

You’ll find the words or ability to convey this thanks to Venus entering your house of communication, contracts and commerce on the 7th. You can not only say it diplomatically if needed, but again, propose a radical and previously untried solution that could break any deadlock thanks to the meeting between Venus and Chiron on the 9th. Understand that is this involves someone difficult to deal with, the solution could simply be discovering you no longer care anyway. At which point you leave them and the issue far behind. Mercury enters your 2nd but will make a turnaround and head back into your sign shortly. What you agree between you and another or even you yourself will have a big impact on how you see yourself. So, don’t renege on that deal or go back to how you used to do things, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: There’s a fresh bargain to be struck between you and someone else. Or even with yourself as to how you move forward from here on in. Whatever you propose, the solution will have a lasting impact on how others see you – and how you see yourself.



Wait for the details to emerge

Take nothing on face value

Is it time to hold out for something better?

Take it that if something is on offer for you this week, you don’t have its entire list of contents, T&C’s or even know what it really is yet, Pisces. Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 3rd but it is in retroshadow already and about to head backwards and back on into your secretive 12th. If something or even someone looks too good to be true – then take it that it or they are. Especially if you feel under pressure to say yes or sign on the dotted line. My advice is don’t and wait for the details – hidden ones, to emerge. Which they will.

This may begin to happen sooner than you think thanks to the full Moon in your 6th on the 9th throwing its light into the hidden recesses of your 12th house. If something is being concealed, such as that fine print or someone’s agenda, this could start the process of you asking questions and looking closer. Again, if you are being asked to sign anything and feel there is undue haste or hurry involved – resist the sales pitch and start asking why the rush especially as Uranus in your 3rd squares Ceres also in your 12th on the 6th. Perhaps insert a few terms of your own. And if these aren’t acceptable consider walking away from the table. Venus enters its ruling 2nd this week so it’s all about having the confidence to know you don’t have to accept something just because right now it’s the only deal on the table. This goes for love as well as your money. As Venus meets Chiron this could be your cue to look at any beliefs you may have around having to ‘settle’ or lack. It could start simply by letting someone know that they need to offer more if they want you on board or alternatively, that you will think about it. Negotiating your best deal could be easier than you ever thought it would.

In a nutshell: When it comes to deals, agreements or even that relationship, don’t act in haste this week. It may not be the bargain you think it is. Don’t fall for a slick sales pitch. You need something real and lasting, Pisces.




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