9th December 2019 Written Weekly Astrology

fWeekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 9 2019


  • S/he who dares wins
  • Take a bolder approach
  • Know what you want – and ask for it

Unpack yourself a radical, audacious and bold solution you may not have dared attempt before, Aries. Especially when it comes to career matters. This week sees Jupiter angle to Chiron in your 1st handing you a frankly daredevil approach. Of course, you have to follow through with action. Helped in this instance by ruler Mars in your 8th making a trine to Neptune in your 12th on the 13th. This sees you in collaborative mode. What you’re attempting isn’t just about your desires and ambitions but you are in an ‘all for one, and one for all’ mindset. Dare to ask for that position, pay rise, promotion, business or take a new approach when doing so. Venus also in your 10th conjuncts both Saturn which rules this house and Pluto on the 11th and the 13th. You can make your best impression now – and stand out doing so.

Mercury enters your 9th promising expansion, travel and your message or ideas going further than usual. We also have a full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 12th. Try to schedule important meetings, interviews or conversations for this date and try to bring projects – especially written ones or contracts, to a conclusion now. The 15th sees a fabulous alignment occur between Jupiter in your 10th and Uranus in your 2nd. Standing by your values and knowing what you want – and the boldness to ask for it, could just pay off this week, Aries. Go on – I dare you to try that different approach.

In a nutshell: Jupiter and Chiron hand you a solution to something you may not have thought of or dared try before. This week is all about bold moves, Aries. You have more than enough courage to make them now.



  • Dare to dream one more time
  • Fortune favours those who take a chance
  • Love is a shared goal or vision for you now

Just as you thought having what you want is impossible then a way to attain it arrives right out of the blue, Taurus. You can make a ‘now or never’ move this week when it comes to following that dream or simply the freedom to do something which fires up your soul. Jupiter in its ruling 9th angles to Chiron in your 12th bringing a bold yet inspired option. Dare you take it? The pull towards claiming something bigger for yourself may be irresistible this week. This could be anything from a bigger love to travel or simply that bigger role you know you were destined to play. What’s stopping you? Ruler Venus meets with Saturn and Pluto in your 9th this week pulling you towards that change which sets you free to explore this path.

Mercury in your 8th sees you willing to enter into serious discussions around money, assets, shared resources or contracts of all kinds. Mars in your 7th trines Neptune in your 11th – do you and your partner have a shared dream? Love and passion or keeping that fire burning could be linked to this. Ignite one. If not, you will seek out friends who share and support your vision. Singles need to be circulating now. This week’s full Moon in your 2nd will ask you what price you are setting on those dreams? What you are prepared to give up or change in order to have them? Jupiter will also trine Uranus in your 1st on the 15th making this a ‘now or never’ moment to do whatever it takes to have what you want. If it makes your heart beat faster – that’s the direction you need to go in now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Fire up that passion this week, Taurus. If you thought that dream of yours is impossible – think again. A solution could magically appear. If you dare to reach for it and follow your heart!



  • Discussions are fuelled by love
  • Sharing is your currency of exchange
  • Dare to ask for something different

This week is all about the person opposite you. Who is this? It could be your partner, a potential partner, a close friend, a business partner or close collaborator or even that opponent, enemy or rival. Talks, discussions, agreements and exchanges will feature between the two of you. The upshot of which could see your relationship change one way or another. Ruler Mercury in your 7th from the 9th points to conversations and communications between you and at least one other important party. Plus you have a full Moon in your 1st on the 12th. Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, who is standing in that spotlight?

Joint accounts, shared assets and resources, power money or joint matters of any description will be under discussion as Venus which rules both money and partnerships, meets Saturn and Pluto in your 8th this week. Jupiter also in here offers radical solutions which could set your future on a new path as it angles to Chiron in your 11th. Don’t be afraid to ask for something outrageous. Mars in your work and wellbeing sector hands you the confidence to do just that when it aligns to Neptune in your status and career zone. Jupiter and Uranus in your 12th send a positive charge your way on the 15th when sudden inspiration could strike or a new option is uncovered. Be bold enough to make your move now, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Joint matters, partnerships, long term lovers all feature this week. The focus is on something between you and your opposite number. Don’t be afraid to change the rules of the game!



  • This week is all about duos
  • Love could be the change you’re looking for
  • Work with passion and leave that rut behind you!

Love is in the air or the winds of change could simply blow Cupid’s arrows your way. This week could bring big decisions around an existing partnership. Or for singles breeze in that potentially long-term prospect. One way or another, expect the focus to be on you and one key person over the next two months or so. Jupiter in your 7th also favours work and business relationships. You could be invited to accept something unexpectedly audacious – and ask for it yourself as Jupiter aspects Chiron in your career and status sector on the 9th. Venus which rules your 7th puts a ring on this with Saturn on the 11th then goes on to make a game-changing move to Pluto on the 13th. This could mark a transformation in your relationship status.

This week’s full Moon in your 12th casts a mysterious glow over all of this. It could be fate or cosmic timing is at work. Your intuition will be heightened now. The possibility to be in the right place at the right time, sends synchronicity spinning your fate in a fresh direction. Mars adds passion in your romance zone while Neptune sends you on a soul journey. Combine this with Jupiter’s angle to Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 15th and your future takes on a life of its own. This could be via someone you meet now. Mercury arrives in its ruling 6th this week too. Make feeling your best your priority. Work could also take on a fresh meaning for you with new jobs, routines, projects or plans that excite and energise you. It’s all systems go – especially for love this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Time to a bigger love experience. Are you ready to step into one, Cancer? Intuition could just guide you to where it can be found. Or show you the way forward to freedom.



  • Part of the law of attraction is getting yourself noticed
  • Be seen in all the right places
  • Make your best impression

With Mercury in your 5th and a full Moon in your 11th this week it’s time to flirt and circulate. Conversations can be had with new people and good times enjoyed with like-minded souls. Ruler the Sun remains in your 5th making you the centre of attention – and attraction. So work this even as the planets line up in your sector of work and routine. Of course, you have Jupiter in here expanding work potential for you. There could be an opportunity to escape any rut you may have fallen into as Jupiter angles to Chiron in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 9th. The door marked EXIT means grasping something new and outrageously different that could be on offer for you now.

The astro weather is firmly focussed on your 6th from now right through January 2020. Awakenings and changes around your job, daily routine or even around diet, fitness and treat your body are likely to follow. Support that body in new and more enhanced ways as Venus in here meets Saturn and then Pluto this week. This is also an ideal time to make a favourable impression on bosses, employers, people in positions of influence and authority. Above all, sell yourself effectively if you are seeking anything from that new job to that promotion or client thanks to a wonderful angle between Jupiter and Uranus in your status sector on the 15th. Letting go of what doesn’t matter and focussing on what does – being discerning and also prioritising, could be another area that shifts for you. And hands you benefits in the process. This can also mark the end of indecisions or things being unclear on the home front or around something you share with another as Mars in your 4th angles to Neptune in your 8th. Boundaries and yes, those priorities apply now. Don’t be afraid to set new ones, Leo. Even as you shine and circulate this week.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to flirt and circulate. And also to make your very best impression. Not just with friends or even lovers. But those people in positions to open doors for you and say ‘Yes’, Leo.



  • Magnetise those desires
  • Fortune favours the brave hearted
  • Opportunity strikes out of the blue

Ruler Mercury is on the move this week – into your 4th and favouring home matters or anything that relates to living arrangements, family or your security. This includes your career as well as important paperwork or agreements relating to your home – mortgages, leases, your lodger if you have one or even Airbnb. Long term decisions can be made now especially around the 12th when the full Moon (which rules this house) appears in your 10th of career, status and reputation. This could even involve you and your partner or someone close to you – even a boss or a business partner, entering into an agreements thanks to Mars in your 3rd making an enhanced aspect to Neptune in your 7th. You’ll more than willing to enter into this – whether this is a live in partnership or a working one.

Especially given that the main focus this week is on your 5th of utter fabulousness, romance, children, creativity and attraction. This intense astro weather in this house is set to continue into January 2020. Time to pursue that big love. This can be for someone or for something you love to do or an experience you desire to have. Especially as this house rules pleasure, hobbies and holidays and you have Jupiter in here which rules long distance travel and expansion. This week could see an exciting invitation present itself and when it does, know it is your vibe that has pulled it towards you. Jupiter angles to Chiron in your sector of passion and change on the 9th. Venus also in here moves to conjunct Saturn (11th) and Pluto (13th). Jupiter will also trine Uranus in its ruling 9th on the 15th. Someone or something comes out of the blue to set you free to blaze a new trail. Dare you answer the call to a fresh love adventure? It’s a week for the brave hearted – not the faint, Virgo.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to radiate – and to attract back in kind. So set your frequency to high expectations, Virgo. Especially when it comes to romance, opportunity and adventure!



  • Security forms the basis of freedom
  • Home and living matters move forward
  • Form a dynamically different duo now!

If you have horses or ride them, you may be familiar with the expression ‘join up’. A process where you bond with the horse via eye contact and body language. First sending the horse away and then inviting it to come to you. This week offers a ‘join up’ opportunity with a human being. To form a lasting bond or partnership in a totally unexpected way. With horses, the act of first sending the horse away brings it closer. So it may be time to upend a few theories around what works – or even what constitutes a union as Jupiter in your 4th offers a new type of partnership solution as it angles to Chiron in your 7th. This could also see the arrival of someone dramatically different for some of you.

Mercury shifts into its ruling 3rd and its time to get your message across. Writing, the internet and communications of all kinds are your playground now. Travel could be on the horizon for some Librans thanks to a ‘setting sail’ full Moon in your 9th. As paradoxically, could be your ‘home port’. If things have been hard work, unsettled or simply restrictive around living arrangements, this week and right through until January 2020 could usher in the changes you’ve been working so hard to implement. You have Jupiter and ruler Venus to thank for this. Change and also establishment – the ability to put down roots and also the resources to do this are on offer now as Venus encounters both Saturn and Pluto this week. Mars in Venus’s ruling money sector angles to Neptune on the 13th while Jupiter makes a similar angle to Uranus in your power money, shared resources, salary and assets sector. You’ve the confidence and the wherewithal to go after and most importantly, ask for what you want now. The changes you initiate form a bedrock and a base from which all adventures – including those in love, begin and end. Freedom means creating your foundation this week. While partnerships may look radically different to anything you have encountered before.

In a nutshell: Being the sign of partnership, this week look at who is on the other side of your scales, Libra. The person you need to ‘balance’ you may break the mould. Dare to choose different.



  • Dance with abundance and new possibilities
  • Escape the dull and head towards passion and potential
  • What does partnership mean to you now?

It’s a week when we see both your rulers ancient and modern impacted by what’s happening in the sky. The talk and also the general flow shifts to love and abundance. I love the word abundance simply because it contains the word ‘dance’ -implying we are now dancing with life itself rather than life being just plain hard work. There’s an invitation being held out to you now. For some of you this may relate to your job and income. Mercury enters your 2nd of money and abundance while Venus which rules this house is in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. As is your ruler Pluto and Jupiter. Venus will meet Saturn (11th) and then Pluto (13th). Jupiter offers what could be a solution to anything that has turned into too much of a rut or routine that takes you nowhere as it angles to Chiron in your 6th also on the 9th. The thing is – dare you take what is an exciting yet previously untried exit route? What you say or a piece of news could have a massive impact now.

This week also delivers a full Moon in your 8th indicating this all rests on how powerful and confident you feel about trying something different. Lucky for you, as well as the Venus/Pluto conjunction you also have Mars in your 1st handing you a certain edge but bold passion. This could see you initiating that first move over that job or love prospect. Single or settled, expect the love talk to flow unexpectedly easy as Jupiter aligns to Uranus on the 15th. An unexpected partnership opportunity could present itself. Remember, this can include a working or business partnership too. Be prepared to change your ideas around what two can do. Or even what kind of partnership you need right now. Take it that the universe knows, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Both your rulers see you have something to say about success – or even love this week. Time to make the first move. And to be open to what a working or love partnership looks like.



  • Just who is showing you what your true worth is?
  • State your values
  • Is love your greatest asset?

A week where you need to know your true worth. And state very clearly what is valuable to you. One person in particular will play a key role in this as they are reflecting back at you the value you place on yourself, your talents, abilities and skills. And basically how you expect to be treated. What are they saying to you? Know this is not about them but about you. If you don’t like what you see, you have the ability this week to make the internal shift to reset the value of your personal stock. Watch who is ‘opposite’ you now as the full Moon appears in your 7th on the 12th Mercury’s arrival in your 1st on the 9th tells you that you need to make your message consistent with that inner worth. So ensure everything you say or send out there reflects this.

Ruler Jupiter in your 2nd wants you to receive rewards around setting that price. By handing you access to more abundance or even a relationship that is quite literally an ‘asset’ to you. A surprising development or surprise could come your way as it angles to Chiron in your romance and stand-out opportunities to be acknowledged, rewarded and shine. There’s an awakening happening as you become more aware of potential within you that you may have not known existed or simply kept hidden. This again may revolve around your abilities or what you have to offer. Venus which rules your 2nd meets Saturn and Jupiter in here this week. While Mars in your 12th angles to Neptune in your 4th dispelling any confusion around what it is you need – or need to do. Jupiter meanwhile engages with Uranus in your sector of work and routine offering you a previously undiscovered route away from routine and restriction. When you see it – take it, Sag. Because now you know you’re worth far more.

In a nutshell: One person or relationship tells you more about your inner worth than you previously realised, Sag. Time to embrace a new kind of abundance. And relationships where you are valued.



  • What does your ‘message’ say about you?
  • Rejuvenate, reinvent and revive for success
  • Have the courage to say no to anything that doesn’t chime with who you are

This week is all about how others see you. Especially those people you are aiming to impress. If ever there was a week to carefully craft your image or your message – this is it, Capricorn. The Sun may not have yet reached your sign, but to all intents and purposes, you are experiencing a major rebrand or rebirth now. Something comes full circle and you will realise it’s time is up and you need to relinquish it for something new or better. Or you see that what you have created has a timeless quality to it. In other words – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Know your purpose and what you want to achieve. And communicate this across all channels consistently. Jupiter in your 1st is all about ‘bigging up’ that message, brand or image. Venus in your 1st enhances all this. If you want to make any kind of change now to your appearance, style, look or even if you are aiming to change your title on your business card, bring everything into alignment with how you are seen or come across. Especially as Venus meets ruler Saturn and then Pluto this week.

When it comes to those long term goals and prospects, you have assistance. And this also includes meeting someone new if romance forms a part of this. Just remember, you need a clear message when it comes to what you want to achieve. In other words, be upfront if you are seeking long term love and don’t be afraid to reject a romantic prospect if they are not on the same page as Mars and Neptune in your 3rd align on the 13th. The same goes for that job which does not match your long-term ambitions (unless of course you are unemployed). The past could come calling as Mercury arrives in your 12th. This also favours working behind the scenes or for someone you have worked for in the past. The full Moon in your 6th highlights paths you may not have taken. Is there a chance now to re-explore them? A surprising development could see you on the road not taken as Jupiter and Chiron in your 4th offer a radical approach to an old issue. Children or a relationship that could potentially see you become a parent, step parent or foster parent feature too as Jupiter trines Uranus in your 5th. Working that message could result in lovers meeting this week.

In a nutshell: How you look and what you say is everything this week, Capricorn. If you want to be seen differently – craft that message. Reinvention is your access all areas pass to success now.



  • Past loves or even past lives could feature
  • A path or person reveals your purpose
  • Go within and ask for answers

You’ve never gone so far within or probed so deep into the magical mystery that is you and your life, Aquarius. Expect this journey to continue on into 2020 as once in a lifetime aspects form in your 12th.your psychic ability and awareness to what exists but cannot be seen or quantified, will increase now. When intuition speaks to you, please follow its guidance. This is a path you are destined to walk now. Your past and karma continue to feature as will soul contracts you have with others. People from your past and past lives will appear. It’s all in the timing now. A pay-it-forward moment could occur as Jupiter aspects your ruler Uranus on the 15th as well as Chiron in your 3rd on the 9th. This could herald you hearing from someone you never thought you would again. Or help or assistance from an unexpected quarter. Inner shifts bring the changes you are seeking in the outer world as Venus meets both Saturn and Pluto in here.

Mercury arrives in your 11th of friendships and your future. If you need assistance with anything – mine your contacts now. Invitations and new people flow your way. Someone who you feel you have known before could cross your path at the time of the full Moon in your 5th on the 12th. This relates to those soul contracts I mentioned. The week also sees Mars in your status sector trine Neptune in your money zone. You need to pursue those ambitions with confidence and certainty now. This is not a time for hesitation or self-doubt. Remember your 12th also rules your soul path and purpose. While Neptune along with Jupiter rule your 12th. This week is a chance to discover yours, take the next step along it or change direction if need be. Look closely at who influences this. You’ve walked this path together before.

In a nutshell: The past could take on a present tense this week. Someone or something you never thought to encounter again could come full circle. Fate could simply pay it forward for you now.



  • Surrender to opportunity
  • Make friends with influence
  • Accept the invitation the future is holding out to you

How prepared are you to surrender and let the future take you where you need to go, Pisces? Both your rulers ancient and modern have a role to play this week. What do we say about the ancient rulerships? They still apply. So pay close attention to ancient ruler Jupiter in your 11th of three wishes and where your future begins. Opportunities around key relationships and abundance may feature as it angles to Chiron in your assets sector and Uranus in your 3rd of business, commerce and communication. Venus also in this house brings you friends with all kinds of benefits. But please bear in mind these are usually not the romantic kind. The influential, powerful and generous kind – yes. Watch who is giving you a hand up when it coms to future ambitions now as Venus meets Saturn and Pluto in here. Mercury also in Saturn’s ruling 10th could see you doing business or benefitting from those in higher circles or positions of authority. It also says ensure you know your stuff. You’ll be judged not only on what you say but what you can deliver now.

This week’s full Moon in its ruling 4th tells you to be business-like and open to advice. You’ve an opportunity to make a long term decision which enhances your security in some way. Think of how this will affect not only your future – but how you are seen and regarded too. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Mars in your sector of travel and expansion trines your other ruler Neptune in your 1st. It’s asking you to take a bold step into something bigger. That inner circle perhaps? Or towards people who can help you get where you need to go. If doors are opening for you – and held open by those who hold the key to them, don’t hesitate. Walk through and know fate is guiding you up where you belong.

In a nutshell: Influential people may cross your path this week, Pisces. If so, they hold the key to some aspect of your future. Fate has a plan for you so have the confidence to go where it takes you.


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