2nd December 2019 Written Weekly Astrology


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 2 2019


  • Get set for success making moves
  • Choose a different solution – and a new path
  • The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can achieve!

Get your game face on now, Aries. You are on display like never before. Be prepared to walk your talk and make serious inroads into those ambitions. Jupiter arrives in your 10th this week for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter in here asks you to reach for that higher goal and to big up those ideas around what you can achieve. For more on this, please read your personal forecast for Jupiter in Capricorn on this site.

Although the Sun remains in Sagittarius, we are now in heavy Capricorn weather which will continue all through December and on into January. Craft your public image and be aware of how you come across to others – especially those people in positions of power, authority and influence who can open doors for you. This week also sees Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node in your 10th. There could be a feeling of being here before but this time there’s a better decision to be reached which delivers balance and compromise – a win/win for both parties. Don’t hesitate to make it. The Sun and Neptune ask you to follow insight when it comes to this on the 7th – the same day Mercury finally exits retroshadow. Move forward with confidence and in a big way now, Aries. There’s room at the top for you.

In a nutshell: Jupiter arrives in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Carve yourself a niche at the top now, Aries. And big up those ambitions. How others see you is set to change your view of success.



  • Step into a bigger loving or life experience
  • Travel, expansion and opportunity await you
  • Go claim your dream

You’re on a journey towards freedom, expansion and learning now, Taurus. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in its ruling 9th in your chart. Over 18 back then? Think about the opportunities you were offered to travel, expand your knowledge or move into a bigger life experience. Did you accept? Restrictions fall away with Jupiter in here. Freedom forms part of your destiny now. Watch how what has held you back is replaced by a new structure which offers you room to move and to pursue your potential. For more on this see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site.

Destiny has a role to play in this. We have intense planetary weather in your 9th as along with Jupiter there is Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and your ruler Venus as well as the South Node. You have a choice or a decision to make now to move towards a bigger love or freedom on some level as both Venus and Ceres meet the South Node this week. This could well revolve round renegotiating a key relationship as Mercury moves out of retroshadow in your 7th. Others could enter into one which promises the kind of heart-starting journey they are now seeking. This week asks you if you dare to dream of something bigger and better for yourself. And having dreamt it, take that crucial step towards it with confidence and inspiration fuelling you as the Sun in your 8th strikes Neptune in your 11th. Things much change for the better. Set it in motion now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Claim your freedom! It’s time for a bigger life or love experience as Jupiter arrives in its ruling 9th. Travel, learning and opportunity ask you to engage change. Dream a bigger dream now.



  • Be open to sharing
  • Open the doors to the vault of abundance
  • Enter into the spirit of true partnership

Let’s get serious now, Gemini. Jupiter in your 8th from the 2nd expands the planetary potential in your house of what you share – and what is shared with you in return. This is your house of joint assets and accounts, your salary, benefits, legacies, maintenance, pay outs and other people’s resources which may be put at your disposal. This also includes mortgages and loans. Being in a position to take on bigger responsibilities is one benefit Jupiter can bring you in here. Others may benefit indirectly from their partner’s good fortune. Or you may be looking at a better paying job or promotion. For more on what Jupiter in here can deliver, please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site.

This week sees ruler Mercury finally clear retroshadow in its ruling 6th in your chart. So, don’t be surprised if this cycle begins with job or work related decisions that are set to benefit you. Enter into these in the spirit of a true partnership and sharing. Ask what you bring to the table in return for what is on offer for you. Venus and Ceres point to win/win results for both parties as they meet the South Node in your 8th on the 3rd and 8th respectively. You’ve the opportunity to go for a different outcome or result now simply by coming from a different place thanks to the Sun in your 7th illuminating clearly Neptune in your career status. Know the result you want – and also know where to compromise in both love and career for success, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Expect serious results, Gemini. Jupiter in your 8th shines on career factors and joint undertakings. Share and receive the benefits of what is shared with you. Generosity rules now.



  • Double acts of all kinds expand your love experience
  • Get love ready
  • It takes two now, Cancer!

Right now you simply can’t escape the fact that long term love and partnership matters dominate, Cancer. Jupiter’s arrival in your 7th this week should see singles offered at least one opportunity to become two in the coming 12 months. Your opposite number will feature whether you are single or settled and you could be offered more than one partnership dynamic to explore and benefit from. For more on this, please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site. You are entering a period between now and the end of January 2020 where the dynamic between you and a key person – that opposite number, is likely to change. With Saturn and Pluto in here as well as the South Node, timing and destiny play a major role. Venus of course rules this sector of your chart. It and then Ceres will meet the South Node on the 3rd and the 8th. Balance and compromise could usher in a new and better deal for you and that other party. Just be aware however, that if something is broken, time is now up on it. But amicably ‘consciously uncoupling’ can also be accomplished. Jupiter always wants us to experience a bigger lesson – often by freeing us.

Mercury exits retroshadow in your 5th of romance so if you are seeking a new love, you now have a green light to start that search again. How good are you feeling about yourself? If we want to expand any area of our lives we need to feel we are up to the task. The Sun in your 6th aligning to Neptune in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart asks if you feel able to claim that bigger love experience? Get fit for love this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Let in the higher, bigger love experience now Cancer! Jupiter in your 7th this week wants to expand your ideas around what love can be. Time to get fit for love whether single or settled!



  • Work it like you own it – you do
  • Make that body your temple
  • Escape that rut or dull routine

Work it now, Leo. Jupiter enters your house of your day job (paid or unpaid), routine and health and wellbeing on the 2nd. It’s a full house in here from now until the end of January 2020. And it’s been 12 years since Jupiter was last in this sector of your chart. Jupiter will bring in new work, study or job opportunities. When it comes to study especially courses that can be completed within the year Jupiter occupies this classroom in your chart. Above all, Jupiter in here acts as Dr. Feelgood. Boosting your energy levels and also offering you fantastic opportunities to embrace a more healthy lifestyle which allows you to do all the things you want to do. These could even begin to open up this week if you yourself are open to making new choices around exercise, diet or just escaping that dull routine.

Has something become more of a treadmill than anything else? You know that doesn’t dovetail with your vibe, Leo! Mercury which rules your 6th escapes retroshadow in your 4th while Venus and then Ceres conjunct the South Node also in your 6th. Making your living space more energising and also cooking and eating differently in ways which support your body sustain you to go after those dreams. Jupiter in here should deliver at least one job opportunity, new project or promotion during its gap year in here. And yes, that could be one way you shake up that routine. Jupiter above all does not do ruts. It offers escape routes. See you personal Jupiter forecast for more. Ruler the Sun still in your 5th tightly aspects Neptune in your 8th. This could highlight something which needs to change. But you were unaware of before. You’ve got what it takes to do just that now, Leo. Work it.

In a nutshell: Jupiter now in your 6th exposes the wellbeing/ability to live life to the full connection. Love and support that body, Leo. It’s your vehicle that takes you towards opportunity.



  • Big up that love
  • Take pleasure seriously
  • Enter a new world of romance, fun and chances to shine!

Bring on the big love now, Virgo! Take romance, pleasure, fun and any opportunity to shine or stand out as part of your soul learning experience. All thanks to the arrival of Jupiter in your 5th. Jupiter in here wants you to have a bigger love experience or to stand out in some way. This is your house of holidays and Jupiter rules long distance travel. Many of you may find yourselves heading to that dream destination during the next 12 months. Children may also feature. You may decide to become a parent. Or enter into a love affair which promises you will become one in the future. Children or young people offer opportunities – perhaps in how you express yourself or sharing what you have to teach. It’s also time to let your inner child out to play. See your personal forecast for Jupiter in Capricorn for more insight.

Jupiter adds to the major planetary line up in here which will peak next month in January 2020. We have Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Ceres also in here as well as the South Node. Venus meets the South Node on the 3rd while Ceres does the same on the 8th. Fated and possibly fate changing encounters could follow or a new deal around love or even success could be on offer. Ruler Mercury is out of retroshadow on the 7th in its ruling 3rd. Meetings, trips and above all, paperwork and communication are back on the table. As could be pushing forward with business or work plans or seeing as you shine more brightly than any other sign now, starting that conversation. This especially applies to home or business matters or existing unions as the Sun in your 7th aspects Neptune in your sector of long-term love. Do that housekeeping around relationships now. You’ll love the results.

In a nutshell: You’re the queen or king of romance. The epicentre of fun and the embodiment of pleasure. Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th tells you to get ready for a bigger kind of love, Virgo!



  • Open the door to opportunity
  • Expand your way of living
  • Embrace a new definition of abundance

Matters related to family, your living arrangements, home, apartment, landlord, Airbnb, flatmates or even you career may have felt like ‘heavy’ going for the past couple of years. Now – move forward and in many instances literally as Jupiter unpacks its bags in your 4th for a 12 month stay from Dec 2. Jupiter always wants to expand. For many Librans this could mean moving to a bigger home in a better neighbourhood or to an area which enhances your lifestyle in some way. Others may extend their present home – perhaps due to an expansion of their family unit or simply the desire for more space. Career and income matters ease as Jupiter literally ‘lightens the load’ for you. You also have your ruler Venus in here and it along with Ceres meets the South Node on the 3rd and the 8th respectively. A new way of life or something which offers security for you could be on the table now. A compromise may be necessary but you’ll quickly see how worth it this is.

For more on Jupiter in your 4th, see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast. Mercury now leaves retroshadow on the 7th in your money and assets sector. Got a new view on abundance or generating more cash? Time to implement it. The Sun remains in your 3rd and points to a more structured and better way of working that cuts to the heart of what you need to do to get ahead. It illuminates Neptune in your 6th. It’s time to create the perfect work/life balance now.

In a nutshell: Move forward literally into a freer lifestyle that enhances every aspect of your living experience. Jupiter in your 4th this week hands you the key to a door. Get some room to grow, Libra!



  • What you write, say and share is your ticket to ride
  • Communicate your values – and your worth
  • Say it different this time around

Are you ready to discover just how far an idea can take you? What you say, write, speak, communicate or how you do these things will pave the way for a new cycle of success now Jupiter lands in your 3rd. Travel should feature – either for business or short journeys in terms of distance or duration. There’s more to explore in your local region now. Business should expand with Jupiter in here. Time to launch that idea or send that CV winging its way out there especially now that Mercury which rules this house exits retroshadow in your 1st from the 7th.

You’ve got something to say and this period will offer you new ways to say it. It will go further and take you further than before. For more on this see your personal forecast for Jupiter in Capricorn on this site. Of course, ruler Pluto is in here and is set to bring you one piece of news or power to that idea which turns out to be a real game changer. That lies ahead. For now, something you have previously sent ‘out there’ comes back to roost like a homing pigeon. If you are up to strike a new deal or fresh bargain, launch something or say it anyway but differently this time around Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node this week offer an opportunity to enter into a better deal or strike that bargain. This week also brings a tight angle between the Sun in your 2nd and Neptune in your romance and pleasure zone. You could also be weighing up the true worth of someone or something. Do they or it align with your values? Are you getting back what you put in? Or has this turned into a one-way street which doesn’t flow in your direction any more? Know your worth and state it now, Scorpio. You’ve plenty of ways to communicate this.

In a nutshell: Writing, publishing, speaking, business, commerce and the internet offer ways to take you places you never dreamed of going. All thanks to Jupiter in your 3rd. Get talking, Scorpio.



  • It’s not what you have but how you experience it that counts
  • Create a new cycle of abundance
  • Cultivate that rich mindset

It’s the start of a Fabba Abba year now Jupiter moves into your money, money, money zone from the 2nd. Make a list of all the things you could do if you had more of that folding stuff. Focus not on possessions but experiences. And this includes experiencing more abundance. Abundance encompasses so much more than just your cash. It about having time to do what you want to do – and the freedom of knowing you have the security to do it. If your pursuit of boosting that bank account has been hampered of late, Jupiter’s arrival in here opens up new avenues not just to generate more money, but to having what you want with what you already have. You also have Venus in here now which of course rules this house. It and Ceres meet the South Node in here this week. Think back both 12 and then 19 years if you were over 18 then as to what opportunities were on offer to simply enrich you on some level. Again, this may not be money. You could be looking at similar benefits on offer now. What’s your choice this time around, Sag?

For more on your ruler’s ability to give you more of what you value, read your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site. Mercury also exits retroshadow this week while the Sun in your 1st angles to Neptune in your 4th. This is clearing the way ahead for you to deal with those issues around home or even within yourself, which block the flow of abundance into your life. How’s that flow? Time to declutter anything from your outer space to your headspace. And on with the flow, Sag!

In a nutshell: The Rich List? Ruler Jupiter in your 2nd unlocks doors to prosperity, Sag. Remember, there’s more to abundance than just money. Step into a richer cycle of experience now.



  • Dress for success
  • Work that message
  • Unforgettable – that’s what you are!

What’s the big deal now, Capricorn? The answer to that question is you, naturally. Your image, appearance, profile, style, title, face, look, brand and personal message is set to open doors and take you places. All thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 1st from the 2nd. Is it time for a make-over? To make a bigger, better impression? You’ve also Venus in here set to enhance you with some pure charm and glamour. Ceres which is linked to the seasons tells you it is the season of you. You are now entering a two-month period where first impressions count like no other and you will see the results of how others perceive you. Your reputation is everything now so bear this in mind.

Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node this week. This could well point to some of you changing your appearance – anything from a new hairstyle, wardrobe or even something more redefining such as cosmetic treatments. It’s about aligning the inner you with your outer appearance. And seeing this as a serious statement in fact. Take it you are on display now in a way you have never been before and remain aware of this whether we are talking about your Instagram feed or simply you walking into that all-important meeting or interview. Craft your visual message as carefully as you would something you have to say. For more on this week your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast. This week also sees the Sun in your 12th flag up something hidden as it tightly aspects the ruler of your 12th, Neptune in your 3rd. Take note of what your gut is telling you as verification of this is on its way. The ruler of your 3rd Mercury exits its retroshadow in your house of groups and friends and also the future this week. So, the people you make that impression on have a role to play in how that future unfolds. Best face forward for success this week – and for the next 52, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Act like the success story you are becoming now Jupiter arrives in your 1st, Capricorn. Craft your image and your message. First impressions count more than ever. Look the part.



  • Hidden gifts release you from past patterns
  • Get some sparkly new karma
  • It’s pay it forward time, Aquarius!

Sometimes what is intangible or unseen is more valuable to us in the long term than anything the world defines as symbols of success. Perhaps because gifts of the soul and spirit are lasting. These are what we take from lifetime to lifetime. Lessons we no longer have to repeat for example because we have learned them and stepped free of their karma. They come into effect in our present lifetime the moment we ‘get’ them. When we see the pattern clearly so we can step free of it. Brand new shiny squeaky clean karma can be the result. Jupiter rules higher learning and opportunity. And in your spiritual 12th is offering you the opportunity not just to release yourself and others from a cycle, but also says the books now have to balance in some way. During the next 12 months, you may find Jupiter takes the form of someone who helps you without any expectations in return. Or you help someone else. You’ve done this for one another before. It’s Pay It Forward time. Think back 19 years as Venus and Ceres meet the South Node in your 12th on the 3rd and 8th. The South Node is also linked to karma and ‘what goes around comes around’. People or events set in motion then could come full circle or something feels oh-so-familiar. You’ve been here before. Choose different to escape the wheel.

Neptune rules your 12th but sits in your 2nd of money. The Sun makes an angle of revelation to it on the 7th Before offering assistance to anyone be sure they deserve it or if this is a place you have been with them before, consider saying no. If helping them involves lending them money – before you do, ensure you can afford to write it off as despite their best intentions, it may not come back. However, you may well be in a position to do that now Mercury exits retroshadow in your career sector. Time to expand your intuitive skills and to use these across all areas of your life. Ignoring these stops the process. Insight turns into your long-term gift and travelling companion now which just keeps on giving. Go where it wants to take you.

In a nutshell: Step free of anything that has held you back on a soul level. Jupiter in your 12th of intuition and the past hands you the secret to accomplish this. Get ready for release – and revelations.



  • It’s not what you know but who
  • People influence your future path in unexpected ways
  • Launch yourself out towards those dreams

Make a wish now, Pisces. Better yet – make three! Jupiter in your 11th isn’t just about expanding your social scene. Although you can expect the arrival of exciting new friendships which offer the opportunity to expand your horizons in some way. This is your house of the future and your goals, wishes and dreams. Jupiter’s arrival in here on the 2nd should bring in a 12 month period where you see at least one wish come true. Provided of course you take whatever steps you can to make it happen. Jupiter in here delivers generous friends who can open doors for you to success or new experiences. For more on this see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast.

Understand that Venus also in here is more about the love of friends than romantic love. You also have Ceres in here and both meet the South Node in what is right now the party house of your chart. This could bring in someone who offers a new way to make a long term goal real for you. Are you ready to take a chance or compromise in order to get it? Travel is back on the cards now Mercury exits its retroshadow in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. As are those big business or communication plans. The week also has the Sun in your house of ambition strike ruler Neptune in your 1st. It’s asking you to be very clear about what you want to achieve in the coming year. And to communicate this to those you meet. Whatever you want to do, experience or attain – mine that network. You’re less than six degrees away from it with Jupiter in here!

In a nutshell: Jupiter in your 11th is all about those wishes, goals and dreams for your future. Who you know or will meet has a part to play. Don’t keep your plans to yourself. And don’t stay home now.




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