10th February 2020 Written Weekly Astrology


Wild and stable
Love revolution
Up, up, and away

Hola, Aries! Are you ready for love? Love is sometimes complex for you. On the one hand, you are one of the most passionate signs and a hero of love. You will always leap to the defence of a lover and fight for your clan. However, you refuse to be controlled for long. It might be that your need and desire for freedom is hidden, so you are attracted to lovers who are unavailable or fear commitment. Or are you always the one in control? This week, it’s worth taking a look at your relationship patterns and do an emotional inventory to see if anything stands out to you. Not just your romantic relationships but also your friendships.

Venus la Amore is trine serious Saturn which allows you to unveil a way to have freedom as well as commitment. Venus is in your creative, soul mate zone, and Saturn is in your adventure house. Perhaps you’ll meet a lover who is as intrepid as you, or you’ll find a way to push the boundaries of a current relationship so that you don’t feel stifled. If you have been avoiding commitment, the cosmos is giving you a supportive and helping hand.

Venus is sextile Jupiter the lucky on the 15th. On top of that, Jupiter is in your relationship zone. The coming weeks can bring great healing to your intimate relationships and a deeper understanding of yourself.

In a nutshell, Aries, you’re a wildling, a sorceress of spontaneity and pleasure, and this week is all about inching closer to those you love. Take off the armour and chill.


Sweet caresses
Home is where your heart is
Sizzling sensuality

Venus, your ruler, is giving you a boost this week. Being your tribe leader, Venus imbues you with a natural charm and exceptional seduction skills. You tend to take your time before giving your heart, as you know that when you do, a part of you will belong to that person forever. Even your most irritating ex’s still live in a secret village of love in a private corner of your soul. Right now, you want your commitments to be equal and your home to be a sanctuary of harmony. When you turn your focus to a plan, there is no stopping you!

Venus is trine Saturn, the sensible, on the 13th, drawing your focus to your place and family. You’re intent is sorting out any power imbalances and restoring order. You’re rocking the house doctor vibe, but make sure you leave some space for your loved ones to be comfy. With Venus sextile Jupiter on the 15th, you turn into a neat freak and want everything just so, including emotional reactions, habits, and routines. Chill out and discuss your concerns lovingly over a meal rather than tearing through the house like a buffalo on a tidy mission. Oh, and avoid using sex and intimacy as a weapon! Love is ripe with potential this week; let go and let it in.

In a nutshell – Venus is throwing you good vibes to sort out family dynamics. Love, lust, and laughter pepper the week as long as you don’t go rogue and become a control freak. If you’re dealing with a power struggle, think outside the box.


Spellbinding words
Laughter leads to loving
Let love be your compass

Truce! A close one is waving the white flag of peace. Is it time you let your guard down to see it? Venus, the planet of love, is snuggled up with serious and stable Saturn. Venus is in your communication zone, allowing you to talk freely about your feelings, and Saturn is in your relationship house. He is encouraging you to find harmony in your intimate relations but also to examine your responsibilities. Is there anything you’re avoiding, like intimacy or closure?

Right now, you want to know where you stand, and you’re looking at what you want to commit to. Okay. It’s likely that your attention is turned to lovers and sorting out a way you can move forwards. If a relationship isn’t working, you might be tempted to spread your wings and fly off. Single? An attraction has the potential to be more than a Tinder ten minutes. No matter if it’s love or some other passion, you’re nailing it. If you feel that there are control issues around your home or family, kill ’em with kindness, and charm your way through.

In a nutshell, with gorgeous Venus sextile expansive Jupiter, you’re a Goddess of fabulous … rock it! Let love show you the way.


Daydreams become reality
Redesign, redecorate, revamp
Love is secure

No more crabby crab! This week you’re on a mission to ground, nest, and show the world what you’re made of. After last week’s emotional Moon, there’s a strong urge to find your feet. You’ve had the confidence to stretch yourself, and others are sitting up and taking notice. There’s still more than a little of the wildling in you, and you’re more forceful than usual, especially regarding ideas you believe in. Venus, the lover, is trine Saturn, the serious, enabling you to be charming and convincing about a long term plan. Don’t scupper it by getting carried away or being too controlling. Saturn is in his perfectionist mode, and when he squares the Sun on the 14th, there’s a tendency to get overconfident. Perhaps you’ll encounter a pain in the ass who thinks he or she knows it all. Either way, be zen, get your ‘Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’ on, and Namaste your way out of it. Bewitch your enemies with your open heart.

With Venus sextile lucky Jupiter on the 15th, there’s a chance of a breakthrough with your home and family. If you’re looking for a new homestead, now is a perfect time; moving, bonding, reunions, and snuggling are all well expected.

In a nutshell, last week’s full moon released your inner wild woman; this week, you’re grounding your ideas and sprinkling your world with promises you intend to keep.


Shine on
The roar is back
Soul connections

Queeeeeeen! You might have felt as if someone had knocked off your crown and denounced you as ruler of the zodiac. August was your month, but it held some pretty shocking surprises. Yes, you are more courageous than most, but you also have the softest of underbellies. Your vulnerability has been right on the surface, and you had to take a wild ride into your shadow side. Thankfully, those days are gone! You are inching your way back into your power. Venus, the Planet of Love, is reassuring you that you are still a Goddess. As she is sitting in your sign, let the love magic roll on. After last month, you want changes, and one of those changes is to feel secure in your affections. You have no time for people who toy with you and mistake you for a fool kitten; yes, they may be cat nip to you, but you’re looking for all your relationships, sexual and otherwise, to be soul connections that respect you. Saturn wants to nail down what makes you happy so that you can trust and build on it.

OK, your ruler the Sun is square Saturn on the 14th, so you might feel as if you have to compromise too much or be forced to give up a part of your independence for security. Being trapped in a cat box, no matter how pretty, never works well for you, but before you get your claws out and rip through any contract (emotional or physical) give it a minute to settle. When Venus sextiles Jupiter the next day, you will feel free and should have a dazzling idea about how to make things work for you. Oh, and look out for an important conversation that tips things your way.

In a nutshell—You have had some tough times, but this week shouldn’t be one of them. The cosmos is helping you secure happiness and get your “grrrr” back. Soul links go deep, and foundations are laid.


Dive into the big blue yonder
Your words are spells
Turn dreams into reality

Mercury, your ruler, shimmied into your sign last week, and with him a magical way with words. When Mercury has your back, you feel your strongest. What do you want to say and how can you say it to secure your goal? There is magic in the air, so believe in the power of your words. Don’t waste this cosmic opportunity but get your ideas out there and throw your dreams into the cosmos.

Venus, the planet of love, is trine respectable Saturn in your home and family zone. Venus is particularly dreamy and spiritual at the moment, and she wants you to listen to your soul’s desires. What some folk thought was fantasy, with the help of Saturn, can become a reality. Spin your dreams down a solid pathway; what steps do you need to take to make the energy in your home and with your tribe work for you?

Saturn does tangle with the Sun on the 14th, and as the Sun is in your sign, you should be feeling glorious and unstoppable. If a family member or pal tries to beat you down with an old way of seeing you or projects the past onto you, don’t get defensive. Perhaps he or she is feeling insecure now that you are getting your confidence back? Warm them up with your love, and stand your ground with gentleness. Remember, there’s more than one way to chop an avocado.

On the 15th, Venus is sextile expansive Jupiter, who wants to help you ground your dreams. Your job is to believe that your desires are possible and to use that practical noodle of yours to take steps in the right direction. There’s a lot of astrological juice to back you up: use it or lose it!

In a nutshell, Virgo, Mercury is backing you up to do a spot of moving and shaking. You have all the skills you need to go after what you want. Your soul compass is backed up by Saturn, who is throwing in the practical tools you need for this leg of the journey. Go for it!


Enticing company
Bountiful ideas
Leader of the pack

Libra, you have exceptional power and presence in groups this week. Venus is lighting up your social sector and giving you gravitas. Make the most of this magnetic time to join forces with others and reboot your networking skills. Now is a perfect time to launch a project and to be a wizard of social media. Blogs, Vlogs, writing, performing and collaborating all go well. Venus, your divine ruler, is in your social zone and she wants you to fling yourself out into the fray. When Venus trine Saturn on the 13th, you’re an ideas machine and find yourself bouncing off other like-minded souls who spark your inspiration. Do not be a wallflower this week but come out and party in the jungle. What you’re thinking is important and can lead to a significant breakthrough. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

“Plenty of people will think you’re crazy, no matter what you do. Don’t let that stop you from finding the people who think you’re incredible—the ones who need to hear your voice because it reminds them of their own. Your tribe. They’re out there. Don’t let your critics interfere with your search for them.”
― Vironika Tugaleva

When the Sun squares Saturn on the 14th, you might have temporary doubts about what is possible, but fear not; Jupiter, who is in your sign, shows you the way. When Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 15th, you should have an incredible opportunity to promote yourself. Don’t waste it. People are exceptionally receptive to what you have to offer. Single? Socialise as much as possible, as you could find love in a crowd. Taken? Turn off the Netflix and the chill vibe and have a date like the old days. You plug yourself into all that is and draw your desires to you. Do you believe it is possible?

In a nutshell – wow! Libra, you’ve got your game on! You are magnetic to like-minded souls and gather the right tribe around you. The Cosmos is drawing collaborators who share your vision. Socialise, mingle, and strut your stuff.


Team Scorpio all the way
Love collaborations

Opportunity is bountiful this week, Scorpio! Venus, the planet of love, and the giver of charm is in your career zone. Suddenly, your ideas are very attractive, and peeps in positions of power are drawn to you. Saturn the sensible is helping you build foundations and shore up your financial future. While Venus makes you every bit the influencer, it’s time to get your ducks in a row. Where do you want to take your vision? How can you make a move upwards? For a start, let go of any beef you had last week, put your stinger down, and know you have the upper hand just by being brilliant!

When the Sun squares Saturn on the 14th, you might be tempted to plot vengeance on anyone that has tried to hold you back or constrain you. Remember: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” To coin another cliche, success is the best revenge and right now success has your name written all over it!

Chill out and be patient; you have no time to indulge in negative energy. You have the potential to pull a rabbit and several doves out of your hat and secure a deal. Flash them your brightest smile and team up with other talented people to storm ahead. With Venus sextile expansive Jupiter on the 15th in your spiritual zone, expect some uncanny lucky breaks. Go Scorpio! Go!

In a nutshell—The blocks are removed, and you can feel free to create your future. Other influencers find you compelling and offer to join forces. Climb out from under that duvet and join a powerful clan.


Up, Up and Away
Firm it up

Venus, the planet of Love, is oozing her magic into your adventure zone. Sounds good to me! Wherever you journey, you bring charm and tenderness; other people are drawn to your like the proverbial moth to a flame, especially individuals who are very different from you. Your eccentric character finds an eager audience, as you now understand that to truly succeed, you have to be yourself. Luckily for you, expressing yourself is a Sagittarian forte! Now is not the time to hide under a gooseberry bush: it’s time to tap-dance towards your dreams, fully engulfed in all your unique qualities. While Venus is in your wild side, she is trine Saturn the sensible in your sign. Saturn has been a hard master, as he insists that you take responsibility for all your actions and don’t cut corners. Karma for even the smallest misdeeds has been swift and harsh. Right now, Saturn and Venus are working out a way that you can be yourself without being squashed, but you also need to do the right thing.

When the Sun squares Venus on the 14th, you might have a miniature crisis of confidence about your career. You might feel that someone is penning you in and trying to clip your dragon wings. Hang tight, and don’t freak out or do anything rash. On the 15th, Venus is your sextile ruler — yeah baby! When Venus and Jupiter get together, you are dropped into the right place at the right time (as long as you go out and take advantage of the energy). A worthy clan is backing you up, so it’s time to work together towards your dreams.

In a nutshell — Freedom and security come in the right package. There will be no more fighting and snarling. It’s the perfect time to embrace a new journey. Venus is dowsing you in adventure.


Success is looming
Psychic super powers
Cosmic coincidences

Saturn, your ruler, has been a hard task master since he has been in your 12th House of endings, facing your shadow and dealing with letting go of bad habits. Yes, there’s been a bit of magic stardust and intriguing soul connections to help you on your way, but you have probably found it tough not having your usual boundaries. Any hidden survival techniques have come to the surface; any addictions that you haven’t acknowledged or fantasies you’ve used to escape no longer seem to work. This week you get a welcome reprieve as Venus is lighting your way and breathing her belief into you. No one can deny that you’re powerful, that you’re a survivor. Venus lets you step back into feeling in control.

Be cautious on the 14th, though, as you’re feeling a little more maverick than usual. You won’t tolerate anyone trying to dictate where you go, and you have strong hunches. Could your reaction be over the top? Wait it out as, on the 15th, Venus is Sextile lucky Jupiter in your career zone. You have magnificent charisma and can see into the depths of the souls of anyone who crosses your path. An extraordinary opportunity might pop up that ends up bringing you an avalanche of rewards.

In a nutshell, you feel on slightly firmer footing this week. If you’ve done the soul work and ditched bad habits, learned to let go, expect a reward. You’ve got a mesmerising sizzle about you; use it wisely.


New Horizons
Crazy Love-ins
Career Power

Last week’s full moon may have had you questioning your security. You’ve been building up to making a firm commitment, which is not something you do lightly. Perhaps there were things in your life that you thought were life goals, and you’ve now gone off those ideas? You’re stepping away from anyone that made life murky or full of drama, of course you love a glitter-bomb personality, as long as it’s not destructive. Right now, you want to settle with souls that love to grow and explore. Venus, the planet of amore, is in your relationship zone. This allows you to have a clearer picture of what love means to you. You need your freedom as well as a connection. Single? Get out and about as Saturn can deliver a significant soul, but don’t expect that person to climb down your chimney. Move it!

When the sun is square with Saturn on the 14th, avoid a power struggle in a group. You can handle whatever comes up by using your powerful intuition as well as using your brilliant ability to think outside the box. This will help you to escape any traps. Once Venus sextiles lucky Jupiter on the 15th, you can put all stress behind you as you discover new exploits that feed your spirit. Love could come wrapped in an unusual outfit, the quirkier, the better, is your motto this week.

The following quote just about sums up Aquarius; remember it this week.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


― Rob Siltanen

In a nutshell, Aquarius, it is time to ditch the drama queens and reach for the innovators. Your mind is on fire, and you seek lovers and friends who get you and who aren’t afraid of taking the path less travelled. Venus is helping you find emotional balance.


Sweet dreams are made of this.
You got the power.
An Awakening

Hola, Pisces; how are you doing? My goodness, last week’s Full Moon was INTENSE! What did it drag to the surface? What did you learn, conjure, accept? Was it an emotional ski ride off-piste? Wherever it has led you, there has been a profound spiritual awakening.

This week you feel more grounded and ready for anything. You have been evolving into the wild woman or man that you are within. You aren’t as fearful as you once were and thanks to Neptune have realised that there is more to your life than meets the eye. You are meant to be here at this time. You are a vital shard of the whole and beloved of the universe. OK, you’re so sensitive that to be here and trust that it’s all going to be fine is sometimes hard. Right now you are in a stronger position and know the way forward, so flap those fins and swim in the right direction. Healthy habits and a change of routine work like a magic charm.

When Venus is trine serious Saturn on the 13th, you are all about being practical to push on with your dreams. You’re motivated, you plan well, and you’re serious about where you are going. Try to avoid an argument or power struggle with a loved one on the 14th, you’re more shark than fish and you’re not in the mood to compromise or indulge in explanations. By the time Venus is sextile Jupiter on the 15th, you’re soaring ahead and have a sense of renewed power and self-awareness. Reassure those you love that you value their spirits, and all should be well.

In a nutshell, you’ve got it together after last week’s tumultuous Full Moon. No one and nothing can hold you back as you find the missing piece you need to soar. A career revolution is coming.

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