March 2020 Written Monthly Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 10 2020




Experience the power of the new feminine

Take a different path towards those goals

What’s that new success story you’re living?

What you want could be found where you least expect it to be this week, Aries. You are set to attract the people, situations and circumstances you need just be circulating, connecting and sharing yourself. Venus in your 1st just happens to be sprinkling you with glam dust and makes a fabulous power date with Ceres in your social sector. This also happens to be the house where your future is set in motion. This could deliver new and influential friends especially female ones. The entrée they could offer into circles of their own or the support structure they can create in your life opens doors to new ways to achieving those goals. And comes with the added bonus of a new kind of support structure. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify with this week. Women play a role.

This could result in you being an innovator when it comes to new ways to achieve those ambitions. You’re in a cooperative mood this week and seeing collaborations as well as making the best impression you can. Especially when it comes to those who matter. Mars in your 10th gives you the confidence to go for it, while Venus in your 1st adds charm and allure. Throw in your fresh take on just what success means and you’re the double threat when it comes to that job, promotion, pitch or win this week. Yes, there’s no ‘I’ in team, Aries. But people want you on theirs now.

In a nutshell: Strong, powerful female friends could have a role to play this week. Watch for women who can open doors or just want to offer support. What benefits one, benefits everyone now. You’ve got a new support structure, Aries.



Dreams demand to be lived for real

Free yourself into something bigger

Don’t just wish for it – live it

Ruler Venus in your 12th connects to Ceres in your 10th this week showing you that when it comes to those hidden dreams and ambitions, they will remain in the realm of ‘someday’ unless you take action. Funnily enough, you know exactly what action you need to take. So why the hesitation? Ceres is all about new deals, what you can compromise on and where you won’t. It’s also about whether or not you can continue to live with not doing something when it comes to what you want to achieve. Nothing grows in limbo which is what Ceres teaches us. Venus in your 12th is reminding you now of just how long you have held on to a wish that is close to your heart. Not going after it and discovering whether you can life it for real or not, traps you in a half-life. Your ruler wants more for you than that.

Mars in your 9th offers you the opportunity to break free of something that has seen you stuck for a while. Inaction simply isn’t an option with Mars in here. It gives you the daring you need to stop thinking and life instead. Many of you could have found yourselves travelling recently with the major planetary activity here. For those of you who still feel the world isn’t big enough for you, Mars puts you in mind to expand on some level. This could even be expanding what you believe to be possible in order to allow yourself to do or have that secret wish. This week’s motto: Just live it, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Do you believe you have your dreams for a reason, Taurus? If so, the reason is for them to come true. What’s preventing you from at least going after them? You could simply discover the only barrier is hesitation now.



Time for closure

New connections turn into soul travelling companions

Change brings big, bold, beautiful benefits

Time for big, bold, beautiful and beneficial changes, Gemini. Venus is busy in your 11th enhancing your social allure and putting new connections in your path. Just bear in mind – this is the house of friends and your future. But not necessarily lovers. The future of what you would love to do as opposed to who however – well, Venus in your 11th is all about that. This week it casts its influence wider to include Ceres in your 9th. Friends and connections who appear larger than life in some way, who are generous, fun to be around or who have overseas connections could be instrumental in helping you get to have, do or experience that big, bold, beautiful change you’ve been hoping for. One thing is certain, you’re taking a new and exciting journey and you’re not going alone.

This week sees Mars power on with the changes as it enters what is its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. You may already have seen major changes sweep through key areas of your life. Especially around your work, career, money or joint assets or partnership matters. Mars’s entry in here is all about ensuring there are no loose ends. It gives you the ability to tackle anything that is still unresolved or has been left hanging. You need closure now simply because what’s beckoning you forward needs to be experienced without anything that keeps you stuck in place. Change often means finishing up unfinished business. Tie up those loose ends and set yourself free, Gemini.

In a nutshell: People offer the new direction and sense of adventure you’re seeking this week, Gemini. Time to tackle any unfinished business with anyone head-on if loose ends are keeping you tied to the past.



Invest in feeling valuable

Work that reputation like a boss

Don’t be afraid to say ‘The bucks stops here’

You could be that must-have candidate, the perfect fit for that role or the person seen as adding value this week, Cancer. Deals could be done, discussions initiated and important agreements entered into which brings about a new arrangement to everyone’s benefit thanks to Venus in your status and recognition sector and Ceres in your sector of negotiation and shared money, assets or resources, coming to the table this week with a win/win scenario in mind. You’ll know precisely what to concede and where bargains can be struck. You also know where to compromise – and when not to. Simply put, you could be the offer nobody can refuse this week.

If you do find yourself in any kind of situation where you are negotiating terms, money, settlements, payouts or even sharing – anything from sharing expenses to sharing the chores, then don’t sell yourself short. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than you would usually. Mars now in your 7th gives you confidence in partnership and money matters. Mars rules boundaries so it also enables you to let people know ‘the buck stops here’. Possibly in your bank account or in that enhanced self-worth you’re feeling when you discover knowing your value is a long-term investment which pays compound interest – of the soul. Cash in with the result, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Time to make a new deal when it comes to your self-worth this week, Cancer. Know your price and what’s not for sale at any. You’re got the power to strike a bargain that benefits both sides now.



A new love journey begins

Explore the limitless

You’re in roaring, world-conquering form now!

Pace yourself this week, Leo. Mars in your 6th of work and wellness can have you feeling ready to roar and take on the world. The trouble is, its easy to over-estimate our resources and burn-out. That feeling of being limitless can see us agree to take on extra work and then discover we have our limits after all. I’m not saying you can’t accomplish a lot now. You may feel there’s nothing you can’t take on or handle. Mars in your 6th gives you the confidence to apply for that new job or promotion if you’ve been stuck in a rut too long. It can see us exercising more. Just ensure you fuel that body properly to cope with that increased workload or activity. Mars can have us living on fast food, energy drinks and coffee because it tells us we are too busy to stop and eat. Remember, even F1 cars need a pitstop if they are to win.

Venus in your 9th promises a bigger love experience via learning, travel, foreign connections or that bigger role. Ceres which rules new world and better deals all round, occupies Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart. The 11th could see you and someone work out a deal, agreement or new way of working. Or you embark on a journey which is fuelled by the desire to experience a new kind of love. For some this could literally take the form of a partnership, business deal or agreement. Others could see a trip change how they see themselves in relation to the world around them. If this involves at least one other person – know you are both on the same page now, Leo. This is the first stage of a longer, larger journey. All the more reason to take this week one step at a time.

In a nutshell: You’re in a confidence roaring mood this week, Leo. Just don’t take on more than you can handle. Even superheroes have their limits! A bigger kind of love is on its way. Take the first step towards it now.



Time to bring back sexiness and dust off that mojo!

Get yourself noticed

Passion is the healthy choice this week!

You’re bringing sexy back this week Virgo, thanks to Mars’s arrival in your 5th on the 16th. Romance, lovers, lovers who could make you a parent, step-parent, foster or adoptive parent. Your own children, teenagers, millennials or even grandchildren – younger generations will feature. As will the pursuit of pleasure and passion. Looking for love? Mars in here will give you the confidence to go out and find it. It also allows you to express your talents, abilities and skills. As well as the ability to abandon yourself to activities you love to do. If you’ve ever wanted to try something – Mars along with the big planetary aspects still happening in here, mean you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission but yours. Travel is on the cards for some as this is your house of holidays and you have Jupiter which rules long distance travel in here too. Take action, and lucky breaks could follow.

Venus in your 8th adds to the sexy vibe you simply cannot help but radiate. If you have recently begun a new love affair, this is the week where we could see things deepen and sizzle. This is also your house of things you share – not just your bed but also things shared with you. Money, other kinds of assets and benefits. Joint accounts. Venus don’t forget rules our bank accounts and this is your house of power money. The 11th sees Venus make a rewarding angle to Ceres in your house of work and wellness. Ceres rules deals and also compromise. Some of you could take the foot off the gas at work and instead concentrate on your personal life. Making more time for the things you want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Giving your personal life or your sexual self priority could be another benefit of this transit. Others could be looking at a new and better job, way of working, promotion or side hustle. Something may have to be let go of in order to have something better, more rewarding and simply healthier for you. Make that trade, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Feel sexy, dress to impress and radiate this week, Virgo. You’re on show and bound to be noticed. Love could come in the form of an exciting romance or simply doing what you love. Time to play!



What’s love got to do with it? Everything!

Duos make your world go round

Enter into a new partnership dynamic

Ruler Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart making this one of the best periods of the year for attraction, love and partnerships of all kinds. Yes, even professional ones. You know your soul journey this lifetime is to explore many different kinds of double acts. Don’t stop at the obvious one – although that too can feature this week. But what this tells you of course is that it’s all love no matter what the relationship dynamic happens to be. The deal you make with love this week has the capacity to send your heart soaring as Venus connects to Ceres in your 5th handing you the power of love to change some aspect of your world on the 11th. This is not just your house of romance but of children and young people, your creativity and where you stand out and shine. So, that world-making love you embark on now could be a lover but also for a child, a project, what you do better than anyone else (so a professional love) and reaping the attention and the rewards for this. But what this does tell you is that this week says it really does take two, baby. No matter what kind of two-some it is.

Mars enters your 4th this week. For some time you have been dealing with issues around your home, homeland, family, security, roots, roommates or where you live. Mars in here is no homebody. It wants you to take action be it moving, redecorating, renovating or changing how you live. It could be you have to expand your living space to accommodate changes to your relationship or work status or to welcome in someone new. Or you may just have come to the conclusion that where you are simply doesn’t feel like home any more. Mars says time to get a move on. And that move is on up now, Libra.

In a nutshell: Your destiny is to explore partnership potentials in all their forms, Libra. This week could see a new deal on love present itself. And no matter what form it takes – it’s all love, baby!



Talk is cheap and action feels so much more satisfying!

Replace the dull with passion

Focus your energy for best results

Ideas and business, work, getting around and what makes you feel good are all front of house issues for you this week, Scorpio. Working with anything that has the feelgood factor for you in other words. Venus in your 6th of work and routine wants you to enjoy what you do each day be this paid or unpaid work. If it’s paid then Venus in here enhances your work image with both present and potential employers as well as your co-workers. If you are seeking work, a promotion or job change right now, the angle between Venus in here and Ceres in your 4th on the 11th could see an offer coming your way. This also favours working from home or starting up that side hustle. Others could just discover ways to enhance their daily routine, breathing new life into it. Perhaps simply by seeing you don’t have to keep on doing the same old thing in the same old order that you have been. The resulting change replaces the dull with vibrancy again and sees you looking forward to what you have to do rather than dreading it.

Ideas of all kinds rule now as could taking action on them now ancient ruler Mars arrives in your 3rd. This is also your house of getting around and commuting. The message here is however not to rush. And also not to rush into anything without checking out the details. Mars can have you feeling you must hurry or just make you a little slapdash. Yes, you have the confidence to push forward those ideas and plans. Selling them or yourself is no problem now. But if you rush mistakes and accidents can occur. Channel that energy for laser-vision best results this week.

In a nutshell: What’s the big idea? You are, Scorpio! Time to push forward with ways to sex up that daily grind, start that project, job hunt or new business. Don’t think it – act on it. It’s time to find your purpose.



You own it

Action sets attraction in motion

Magnetise opportunity – it’s heading your way!

Love, money and your ability to attract what you want see you contemplating a new deal or breakthrough this week. Venus planet of love and desire is working to your benefit in your 5th of romance, pleasure and pure luck now. Fun, pleasure, creative self-expression and attracting both attention and opportunity are yours to play with. This could add up to recognition in some way – perhaps around work, creativity or ideas. A lucky break or breakthrough as Venus makes an angle of attraction to Ceres in your sector of communication, commerce and ideas. There’s a new potential just waiting to be explored if you are willing to say yes and launch yourself into it. Above all, ditch memories of the past and how things have been. This is pure newness and all bets are off!

Venus rules your 2nd which is where there has been big planetary focus of late on your money, assets, possessions, shopping, saving, spending and yes, self-worth. You’re receiving a once-in-12-year boost courtesy of ruler Jupiter in here during 2020. The arrival of Mars in here on the 16th sets you off in pursuit of not just more of that folding stuff, but also propelled out by that shored up self-assurance now. Questions around ‘Am I worthy?’ or ‘What am I worth?’ are either banished or answered. You know you’re worth more and are unafraid to either ask for it directly – state that salary expectation, ask for that raise or peg the price on your services or talents; or else tell others in no uncertain terms how you expect to be treated or rewarded. Taking action on increasing whatever is in your bank account or soul bank, pays massive interest this week. Getting you exactly the kind of opportunities or attention you hoped to attract.

In a nutshell: Get set to attract opportunity, money, love and attention this week, Sag. Peg your self-worth higher. Any questions around what you’re worth or whether or not you deserve success are banished. Why? Because you own it this week!



Action follows intention

Never be underestimated again

Game on!

By now simply everyone out there should have got the message loud and clear you are a force to be reckoned with, Capricorn. However, just in case there are still doubters around you, the arrival of Mars in your 1st this week should clear up any remaining tendency not to take you seriously. Perhaps you have been broadcasting those intentions loud and clear. Telling people what you intend to do, accomplish or achieve. And for whatever reason, this has been ignored or they have told themselves that you simply don’t mean it. You’ll leave jaws on the floor and anyone who has refused to listen to you in your wake this week as you make a spectacular follow-through with everything you have been saying. No hesitation, just action now.

Venus is enhancing your prospects around home and long term security now in your 4th. This week sees it align to Ceres in Venus’s ruling 2nd. So, that action you take could well result in a highly beneficial outcome with regards to your money, living arrangements or your career. It’s a week where you set your intentions but aren’t content to just talk a good game. You’ll bring your best one. If you’ve told people you will be taking action, you will now enact those promises. The outcome is that you not only feel powerful when steering the direction your life is now heading in, but others now know never to underestimate you again, Cappy!

In a nutshell: You’ve been telling people your intentions. If they have dismissed these or simply thought you would never follow through, this week shows them you are a force to be reckoned with Capricorn. You’ll never be underestimated again!



Put your psychic detective on the case

‘Tis the season to begin anew

Everyone’s a winner but especially you!

Ceres in your 1st wants to hand you simply something better now, Aquarius. It has its own special kind of power. The power of crafting a better deal. One of compromise where both parties feel they have in fact won. Ceres rules the seasons and new worlds. It’s time in other words for something better. Venus is in your 3rd of news, ideas, commerce and communication. This is your house of contracts and paperwork. So, as Ceres and Venus align on the 11th, this promises a brand new arrangement to your benefit when it comes to work or good news relating to ideas, writing, publishing or the internet. You could start a new job, launch that product, idea or website. Business as they say, could be booming. And everyone involved looks like a winner this week. But especially you, Aquarius.

This week sees Mars now add to the still top-heavy planetary weather in your mysterious 12th. I always think of Mars in here as the psychic detective. It follows up with undeterred tenaciousness on what your intuition is telling you, determined to get to the truth. Nothing can hide from Mars in here. It’s like a combination of crystal ball and Lt. Columbo. Mars will not give up or let go until it has the facts. So, don’t ignore your intuition if it’s telling you that something is off or you are being kept in the dark. Mars is on the case. Simply because it knows the truth is what sets you free into that new world that is waiting.

In a nutshell: Deals can be done and agreements reached which release you into something better. It’s a time of new beginnings this week. So, when it comes to the past – you need the truth to set you free, Aquarius.



Take a deep dive into the future

Completion gives way to fresh starts and new beginnings

It could just be good news week, Pisces

You’re in deep preparation this week for the start of your new cycle. It really is now time to focus seriously on what belongs in the past and what you need to take forward with you, Pisces. This week promises completion and closure. Plus the release on into new beginnings. Put the finishing touches to outstanding projects. Get rid of anything you no longer need – from the stuff in your closet to the thoughts in your head. If you have something you need to say to someone – get it said. Above all, put the past year into perspective and have no lingering regrets. Something may come full circle or to fruition now. Especially if you have been waiting for news around money, a job or finances thanks to Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart aligning to Ceres in your 12th. If so, this is definitely something that is coming with you into the future.

Your house of your future is of course, your 11th. You may have been feeling lately your future had a direction all its own and you were just caught up in it and dragged along for the ride. The important thing to remember about your 11th is that it is designed to liberate you from anything that restricts you. So, when things don’t work out according to plan there is usually a good reason. This house rules our friendships, our goals, wishes and dreams. The arrival of Mars in here on the 16th puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to that future direction. It also will have you looking at your friendships as to which ones need to be relinquished now and which ones you want to keep. See this as an alignment of kindred spirits. And you with your dreams now, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Time to focus on the future, Pisces. Who or what you take with you into it. Tie up those loose ends this week, say what needs to be said and complete those outstanding projects. It’s time for new beginnings.



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