July 2017 Written Monthly Astrology Forecast

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 2020 – Intense, profound, life changing!


It’s time to form that Dream Team

Get a VIP invite to the Now Age

Work that birthday soul brand, Aries!

Happy birthday, Aries! Your birthday gift this year? The official start of the Now Age and a dream team to party all year long with. This occurs just one day after the Sun arrives in your sign. It will hand you a desire to connect, share – not just on social media but yourself with people, causes, groups, visions and ideas. You’ll want to be a part of something bigger, greater and more influential and immersive than you can achieve on your own. More on this in a moment.

The month begins with Mercury still in retrograde and re-entering your 11th where all the action takes place. You’ll be looking closely at all your friendships and contacts now and seeing if these are kindred souls which reflect your values, or not. Your values – knowing what these are, broadcasting them and above all, letting people know what you believe is not for sale at any price, will determine the quality of your friendships and also your future path now. Although this is the beginning of a revolutionary period for all of us, some of the ‘radical’ ideas we may be embracing – or with Merc retro should I say re-embracing? are concepts around standing up for what we believe in and loyalty. Loyalty to friends, beliefs, faily and yes, standing up for the planet. In the corporate world they talk about ‘brand values’. This month sees you broadcast yours.

Venus enters its ruling 2nd in your chart on the 5th. Yes, this is your house of money, possessions, assets and shopping. But it has so much more depth to it than that. It also contains our attitudes towards abundance and our values. What we believe we are worth and the price we put on the intangible but priceless elements in our lives. What is or isn’t for sale. You could find yourself in a position where you need to state these on the 9th – the day after the Sun and Neptune meet in your 12th and have you looking closely at what is important to your soul. The 9th sees Venus and Uranus – ruling planet of the Now Age, meet. This also occurs the day of the first Supermoon of the year in your 6th of work and wellbeing. You may be in a position where you are asked to trade more of your time for more pay for instance. Or be looking at whether sacrificing your wellbeing is worth it when it comes to maintaining the status quo. Let others know what you stand for – and what you won’t.

Mercury is direct in your 11th from the 10th. Remember it will not clear retroshadow until the 30th in your 12th, so keep those Retro Rules in place until then. Big opportunities are on the horizon for you as we hurtle towards your birthday however. Especially if you have spent the retro cycle waiting for things to happen. Ruler Mars in your 10th meets Jupiter in here on the 19th – the day before the Sun arrives in your sign. For some of you this could trigger the arrival of a once-in-a-12 year opportunity to raise your professional stock value higher – all based on those values you are now incorporating in every area of your life. People like what you stand for. This is a time to ask for that raise or promotion, apply for that position, attend that all important interview, meeting or pitch and above all, to state clearly what you are all about and what you have to offer. A serious value system has others wanting to invest – in you and your future Aries. Power moves can be made based on what you add and bring as Mars moves on to meet with Pluto on the 23rd – which could see you benefitting from the help of people in high places. Those who are in a position to shape the future of your Now Age as this is also the day this officially begins.

If you are a regular visitor here, then you know that one of the astro rules is that the old rulerships still apply. This is certainly the case for you as Saturn arrives in its ancient ruling sign of Aquarius on this day and your 11th house. Look to those future dreams and what you want to establish that is innovate, radical or even revolutionary. It’s been 30 years since Saturn was last in this sector of your chart. So, for many of you this will be your first experience of Saturn in here. This is your house of friends, groups, contacts, networks, clubs, bands, parties and associations. Whatever it is you want to do, or whatever you want that future to look like, understand nobody does it alone. Your connections will be locked down for the long term now. Saturn rules those at the top or people with influence and authority. Those brand values of yours tell them if you are worthy of their help – or not. Time to broadcast these as never before.

Backing and assistance for your ideas may be available – especially next year when Jupiter arrives in here. For now – connect and share. The new Moon in your 1st on the 24th falls conjunct Chiron and is your signal to begin something new NOW. There is no room for procrastination – just action to set your future in motion. By doing this and especially by making a move towards what you want, you’ll bring about a deep emotional feeling and simply feel those past wounds fall away. You’re Now Age ready at this point.

If success or setting the future in motion is all about timing, then have your plan of action ready for the 30th. Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 10th offering a powerful opportunity for career advancement or to impress. Mercury retroshadow ends on this day and ruler Mars arrives in the sector of the Now Age. Work cooperatively and make an extra effort to socialise and share on the final day of the month when Mars and Saturn meet in here. Others want to join you and work with you. It’s time to set those dreams in motion and to let people know who you are, what you want to achieve and what you can also bring to their vision. Your enthusiasm is your currency and your values say you are the real deal. Accept yourself for yourself and believe in all you stand for – and others will believe in you this birthday season, Aries.

In a nutshell: Believe in yourself and your dreams this month, Aries. As a birthday cycle like no other begins, you’re entering a cycle where future dreams become present realities. The people around you form part of this. Get connected!



  • Fabulise yourself!
  • Ditch those fears around success
  • Get ready to make your move – and your mark

Ruler Venus in your 1st simply adds up to you being seen as the object of desire whether this is personally or professionally now, Taurus. Show yourself a little love by doing what you can to enhance that image and see this as an investment and way to amplify your ability to attract what (or who!) you want now. The 8th – 9th are important dates to mark in your diary when it comes to making your very best impression or simply astounding others with those brilliant facets of yourself you may have been keeping under wraps of late.

Venus in your 1st sees you wanting to express yourself and also opens you up to the flow of love into your life once more. You’re feeling fabulous once again so ensure how you look reflects this. If you have spent too long in the background or people pleasing while putting those dreams on hold, March changes all that.

Looking for kindred soul connections? Even those of the romantic kind? The Sun and Neptune have a MeetUp in your social sector on the day before Venus and Uranus help you to stand out from the crowd. And also the 9th delivers our first Supermoon of the year in your fabulising 5th house. It’s time to circulate and be seen. To express yourself in any way that feels simply right for you and to ditch self-censorship. You need to get yourself noticed now and show the world what you’re about – this especially applies if attracting romance or even that lucky break is your goal.

Stepping into some stardom is good for the soul so don’t shun opportunities to showcase all you are now. Mercury heads direct in your 10th from the 10th and will exit retroshadow in your 11th on the 30th. Ahead of the Now Age which is going to see you authoring a new kind of success story for yourself, begin to focus on your career goals for the future now. It’s time for self-assurance and authenticity. To rock that brand, message and your abilities.

Travel will continue to feature for many of you or opportunities to expand your experience of the world thanks to Jupiter in its ruling 9th during 2020. This month hands you freedom making aspects as Jupiter meets Mars on the 19th and Pluto on the 30th. A journey either real or metaphorical that you initiate now could transform your world, your position in it or your understanding of it. Time to leave that comfort zone, Taurus and enter the realm of higher possibilities!

Your next big step? You’re entering an inner period as the Sun arrives in your 12th. Your beliefs will be in focus and a radical shift in these or the choices you have made could follow at the time of the new Moon on the 24th. Take time to process those feelings. You know something is about to begin but don’t know what – yet. Pt’s time to examine under this new Moon which falls conjunct Chiron, what holds you back. This could simply be your own fears and insecurities – especially around how you will be judged by others if you follow your heart. Set your intentions for the future now. This is always an important time of the year for you. Once where you prepare for your new cycle. But Chiron and this Moon add a special element of magic and daring. So, set those affirmations especially around goals you have hesitated to put in motion. They are going to be happening as the future is calling!

The Now Age of Aquarius begins officially on the 22nd when Saturn enters your 10th. This cycle will bring you the opportunity to make your mark in your chosen profession in new ways, change careers if the one you have chosen no longer holds meaning for you and elevate your status in some way. It’s time to take yourself and your ambitions seriously as this is Saturn’s ruling house. Because if you don’t – who will? This is your public house of reputation and recognition. People in positions of influence will be watching you closely. They have the power to either help you or halt your progress based on how you are seen or the reputation you have crafted for yourself.

The 23rd also sees Mars and Pluto meet in your 9th and combined with Saturn’s arrival in your 10th, this could see you finally taking that step towards that goal you have been hesitating over. Powerful changes again to your status or how you are seen, could result. The 26th – 28th shows you that you have made the right decision as ruler Venus trines Jupiter and then Pluto. Restrictions and limitations come to an end now. Possibly due to the actions you have set in motion.

Mars will follow Saturn into your 10th on the 30th and will meet Saturn in here on the 31st. You know what you need to do in order to set a new success story in motion, Taurus. Don’t hesitate to make those changes now as both these planets call ‘Time’s up!’ on denying yourself success or fears around making that move towards freedom. Kick-start living in the Now Age for yourself this March.

In a nutshell: It’s the dawn of the Now Age when it comes to your career or making your mark on the world, Taurus. It’s time to know what you want – and where you are going. Take those dreams seriously as serious results are possible!



Revelations shake you free

The journey is the goal

Feet on the ground – eyes on the stars!

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 9th of long-distance travel and mass communications so expect some March madness around these areas. This also includes exams, learning, publishing and legal proceedings. The handbrake does come off on the 10th when Mercury heads direct once more. But keep at the back of your mind that retroactive mayhem can still occur up to the time when your ruler finally clears its retroshadow in your 10th on the 30th.

During this period, unexpected encounters or contact with people from your past could occur thanks to Venus in your 12th from the 5th. The 9th sees Venus meet Uranus in here which could either point to a reappearance of someone you may never have thought you would see or hear from again, or else a totally earth-shaking revelation thanks to the full Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling 4th on this day. As a result, you may see the past or even someone else, in a radically different way. Take it if so, this is meant to free you or shake you free of any illusions around the situation.

If this occurs, you’re in the mood to make changes now. Jupiter in your 8th is all about becoming a butterfly. It tells you unless things change, they cannot improve. Beneficial changes based on you seeing things a lot more clearly are on the table for you this month, Gemini. It’s not just the effect of your ruler heading direct either. Future oriented changes are on their way and its all geared to your benefit. This could involve your salary, pay, perks, renegotiations around mortgages or loans or assets which are shared with you. If you do not currently hold paid work, you could benefit directly from your partner’s promotion or good fortune. A new job, pay rise, better deal with your money or an opportunity via a working or personal relationship could see you boosting your worth in more ways than one.

Key decision driving dates which brings expansion- fuelled change your way are the 19th (Jupiter and Mars conjunct), the 23rd (Mars and Pluto conjunct), 26th (Venus trine Jupiter) and 30th (Jupiter conjunct Pluto). Anything that restricts will naturally fall away now to be replaced by a new sense of empowerment and freedom.

New friends, groups and goals may be a natural off-shoot of this process. The Sun is ushering in invitations and entrée to a freshly minted social scene from the There’s a resonance and new potential around the people you meet and hang out with now. Especially around the time of the new Moon in here on the 24th which falls conjunct Chiron. Exciting, unusual and radically different people to those you usually socialise with may feature now. As could finding yourself part of an event, happening, movement or group that you would never have expected to be joining! This could set your future in an exciting new direction or even form the beginning of connections which have the capacity to influence your future path in fresh and innovative ways. The company you keep could be set to change.

The Now Age of Aquarius officially begins when Saturn enters your 9th on the 22nd. Don’t be fooled by old, out-dated interpretations of Saturn. This does not mean expansion or travel is off the table or your world suddenly restricts or gets smaller. You are the explorer of new worlds and opportunities mapping these and learning as you do. Provided you do learn from your experiences during this cycle, Saturn can bring you big rewards in all areas ruled by the 9th. You simply need to know for certain which direction you are striking out in – and commit to it seriously. What’s calling you now and what does Saturn favour while in here? Generous, well established people who offer help and patronage and who open doors for you allowing you entrée into their world (see those 11th house influences above!). Universities and study. The mass media. Airlines and transportation. Doing business overseas and foreign connections. The law. Religion and philosophy. Taking a calculated risk after careful consideration. Sports and the outdoors. Exploration and large animals (bigger than a sheep). Chopping those big, long term goals down to practical steps. Having a plan to reach that dream and acting on it. Saturn favours all of this and also rewards for long term efforts. You are being asked to commit to a path or something bigger now. Rise up to the challenge, Gemini!

The 30th sees your ruler clear retroshadow and Mars join Saturn in your 9th. Mars and Saturn will meet the very next day and it is important you kick off your Now Age with a plan or clear direction in mind. Mars hands us confidence and impulsion. Saturn in here offers constructive freedom. Weave these elements together and set yourself on a Now Age path towards a sure goal, Gemini. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with a map and a plan to get there. So keep your feet on the ground but your eyes on the stars.

In a nutshell: Influential people could hold open doors. A new pathway towards long term success could open up. Know where you want to get to and how you are going to arrive, Gemini. And commit to the journey.



You’re bringing sexy back!

Dare to ask for what you want

Weave a little personal empowerment magic

Continue to comb through the fine print on any agreement now and ensure your own T&C’s around any negotiation – be it intimate or of the business variety, are clearly understood by the other party, Cancer. Mercury retro backs up into your 8th on the 4th and then finally heads direct in here again on the 10th. However, it will not exit retroshadow until the 30th in your 9th. So, there may be no clear-cut agreement or decision until then as discussions could go back and forth. Also, you need to keep those Retro Rules in mind especially if undertaking long distance travel as delays especially due to weather conditions could still occur.

Venus is on the move this month arriving in your sector of friendships and goals. Please be aware that Venus in here is all about the love and connectivity we share with friends rather than the romantic kind. Invitations for gatherings, parties, get-togethers, MeetUps and activities of all kinds could arrive now. Especially around the time of the super-sized supermoon in your 3rd on the 9th – the same day as Venus meets Uranus in what is Uranus’s ruling house. Don’t get too attached to plans or reject that last-minute invite. Especially with excuses that this doesn’t sound like your ‘thing’ or your ‘scene’. Jump in and the pool you find yourself swimming in may just contain a very big fish when it comes to your future connections.

This week sees that intense 7th house energy begin to finally disperse as the Now Age of Aquarius which involves your 8th, begins. The beginning of this cycle will see you personally in focus either professionally or your reputation as in your status or title, change or be impacted upon in some way. This again could involve a change or shift around a partnership or working relationship. Jupiter in your 7th simply wants to hand you higher opportunities when it comes to being doubled-up. It takes two baby – or perhaps you and an entity or more than one other person, as Mars and Jupiter meet in your 7th on the 22nd. This could mark the start of a new and passionate two-some or outstanding work or business relationship where the two of you can achieve so much more than you ever could individually. This is not about a love or working relationship that restricts but one which frees you. If you don’t have it yet – you will feel the impulsion to go out and find it!

Others may find the courage to tackle head-on that ‘difficult’ connection as this house also rules your opponent, enemy or rival. Mars rules boundaries while Jupiter rules solutions. A situation between you and someone else could transform as Jupiter and Pluto meet on the 30th. The result could be a new beginning in partnership matters.

The Sun in your 10th and a new Moon in here on the 20th and 24th, is all about your achievements, recognition and rewards. This new Moon falls conjunct Chiron in here so take it that forging your own path and being willing to go for the edgy, untried but brilliant solution could be how you make your mark. It’s asking you when it comes to success, are you willing to put yourself ‘out there’? This is a time for a little trailblazing, Cancer. To stand out from the competition and to bring yourself to the attention of all the right people. Get creative in how you make this happen.

The Now Age of Aquarius for you is going to be about your personal power dynamic. How you use this to achieve your goals – especially when it comes to interacting with gatekeepers or those in a position to say yes or no to you. This can be anyone from your boss to your bank manager. It’s about what you share and what is shared with you. It’s time to take on more responsibility and above all, face anything that scares you head-on. The last time Saturn was in this house in your chart was 30 years ago. So, many of you will not have experienced this transit before in your adult lifetimes. Big decisions and commitments will be made during this cycle which begins on the 22nd when Saturn arrives in here.

Because this is your house of personal power, this will also revolve around your beliefs. What you believe you can and cannot have, achieve or receive. The reason ‘receive’ comes up here is that this is your house of what you share and what is shared with you in turn. Especially by partners. This doesn’t just include money but intangibles such as someone’s time, attention, practical help and even yes, their loyalty and fidelity too. So, if you don’t feel you are getting enough, how powerful to you feel when it comes to asking for whatever it is you need from someone? This cycle can hand you increased confidence to not only ask for what you need from others – be it help with the chores, a commitment or a pay-rise depending on the relationship, but also puts you in the position where you will be prepared to take action if you are faced with a deal-breaking ‘no’.

How serious are you, Cancer? About having what you want and okay – other horoscopes won’t go there but here – we will go there – that smouldering sexiness? Your 8th is the house which rules sex and all relationships where sex forms a part of it. Work it now baby and yes, take that passion, that desire and that sensuality seriously. And if others won’t – well, their loss now because Saturn in here says only the most seriously devoted lover who appreciates you will do. Expect not only power moves with your career and money but dare I even say it? Power moves in the bedroom too, Cancer as Mars meets Pluto on the 23rd.

Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th and arrives in here on the 30th. It will meet Saturn on the 31st. Both planets have their own definition of boundaries. Saturn rules foundation and establishment. Mars simply the confidence to enforce the personal ones we set. So, you are unafraid now to state your terms and implement border control when it comes to either your bank account/career or your love life. Now my guess is this feels good, doesn’t it, Cancer? Power is sexy. Bring it back now.

In a nutshell: Time to get oh-so-serious, Cancer. About what you want to achieve and what you want from others too. And yes, to work that seriously sexy vibe too. Don’t underestimate yourself now the Now Age begins!



Welcome to the Now Age of Love

Set out on a radically new and different path

Explore lost continents of opportunity

Beautiful career options or that lover who could be described as a ‘catch’ all fall under the influence of your March aspects, Leo. Are you ready to adapt, evolve and even head towards something unexpectedly new if your heart tells you this is a better option, Leo?

First however, keep ‘new’ on hold when it comes to love until after the 10th at the very least. Mercury retro re-enters your 7th on the 4th. It heads direct from the 10th and arrives back in your 8th on the 16th. It will however take until the 30th to fully clear its retroshadow. Partnerships begin while it is still in your 7th could end up with more than a ‘It’s complicated’ twist. The usual retro rules should be kept in place especially when it comes to negotiating or reaching an agreement in any area until the month’s end. This does not mean that you cannot pursue those career options or explore a better deal. Or that lover. Just take your time to check all is what it appears to be.

Venus rules your 7th and arrives in your 10th from the 5th. Unexpected opportunity could land in your lap on the 9th. This could be a project, promotion, call to an interview, news of a dream job or yes, an encounter with someone set to raise your love stock as Venus and Uranus meet in here on the 9th. Be prepared to go with whatever direction this could take you in. Above all, keep in the back of your mind that love or even a career opportunity, could look different to what you thought it might. Be open and understand appearances or even job descriptions can be deceptive. And that sometimes good things come out of the blue. This is all taking place on the day of the full Moon in your sector of money and cashed-up self-worth on the same day. It’s the first Supermoon of the year. It could also be pointing to a new deal for you – all based on self-worth surety.

That feeling of being minted and also possibly the candidate with something to extra special to offer sees you stepping out with confidence. Know what you want and above all, if you are negotiating – on your own behalf or on behalf of a company, product or person you represent, don’t prevaricate – cut to the chase. Mars is in your 6th along with Jupiter this month. Mars favours the direct approach while Jupiter offers opportunity. These two meet on the 19th making this one of the best days of the month to make that move or ask for the outcome you want. You also have two other ‘point of power’ days between now and the month’s end. The 23rd when Mars and Pluto meet giving you the ability to transform any situation regarding your work or wellbeing fearlessly and for the better. And the 30th when Jupiter and Pluto meet. Escape that rut or the mehs for good!

Ruler the Sun enters what is Jupiter’s ruling 9th house in your chart on the 20th. This is your house of long distance travel as well as the mass media, universities and the law. With Mercury about to clear retroshadow shortly, you can make those travel plans but until Merc is fully clear, just allow that bit extra time or caution if you are heading to the airport.

Are you now ready for the Now Age of Love? Where only the most serious contenders for your time and your heart will do? Do you know what you want from both your working and your personal relationships for the future? Because now is the time to be extremely clear about this, Leo. Until you know exactly what you want, you cannot achieve it. Or you may after a long period of trial and error and getting covered in slime from kissing way too many frogs. Just like you’ve cut to the chase this month in any business or financial negotiations, simply have a clear result in mind when it comes to partnerships as Saturn kick-starts the Now Age of Aquarius when it arrives in your 7th on the 22nd.

Saturn is Aquarius’s ancient ruler before the discovery of Uranus. It’s been almost 30 years since Saturn last paid this sector of your chart a visit. So, many of you will be experiencing this transit for the first time. For some of you this could add up to taking an existing relationship to the next stage – moving in, getting engaged or married for instance. Others could embark on a new relationship over the next 2.5 years which leads to that. Saturn rules time so be aware that if your current union is no longer working – Saturn will now call ‘Time’s up!’ for you. Many astrologers will tell you that Saturn in here means restrictions around love or any kind of partnership. But that is simply not the case. Saturn wants us to establish something and to take what we have learned in the past and apply it. Here’s some info on Saturn in your 7th: There may be a significant age gap between you and this can be plus or minus at least seven years either way. So, don’t necessarily assume they will be older than you. If you have been waiting for love but learning about relationships in the meantime, Saturn can reveal that the wait has been more than worth it.

The new Moon in your 9th on the 24th marks the start of a new journey. One unlike anything you have ever embarked on before as it falls conjunct Chiron in here. Time to explore something you may have wanted to in the past – but simply not had the courage to. Dragons are out there ready to be ridden. Lost continents of opportunity waiting to be discovered. Don’t be afraid to strike out in a radically new direction now and leave the familiar behind. Dreams are waiting to be discovered or reawakened now.

Passion could be one of the things you reconnect to or rediscover as Mars exits your 6th and joins Saturn in your 7th on the 30th. Mars rules impulsion and action but Saturn tempers this. This is now all about the slow burn as these two meet in here on the 31st. Power and passion combine perfectly in other words. Whether a new negotiation of the heart centered variety begins now or you’re in the midst of crafting a work deal or agreement, you’ll see the value of taking your time to ensure the terms are perfectly right. You’ve got a serious goal in mind and you’re willing to take your time to get there. Welcome to lasting love for the Now Age, Leo.

In a nutshell: love gets serious and goes for the slow burn as you enter the Now Age of Partnerships this March. It’s time to know what you want from your relationships – both personal and professional. And ensure it’s the real deal, Leo.



Ruler Mercury remains in full retro-active phase as March begins, Virgo. Re-entering its ruling 6th on the 4th then finally heading forward again in here on the 10th. It will re-enter your 7th on the 16th and finally clear retroshadow on the 30th. I therefore need not over-sell the point you need to stick to those retro rules a while longer. Nor remind you that partnership matters may go back and forth and nothing may be decided until after the month’s end. Bear this in mind especially if you have had a falling out. The Sun and Neptune meeting in your 7th on the 8th may give you some fresh clarity however. It will also give you a heads-up as to whether a relationship has the spiritual depth to it that you are seeking. Or whether you are better off investing that love elsewhere.

Venus rules your 7th and shifts into your 9th on the 5th. It’s desire in here is to hand you a igger love experience. It collides with Uranus, planet of revolution on the 9th. This is no coincidence that this occurs the day after that Sun/Neptune meet-cute in Venus’s ruling house. You may discover that what or rather who you thought you wanted – you no longer do. Or may be looking at whether you are on a permanent love journey with someone – but with no clear destination in sight. Others could see the arrival of an unexpected opportunity to travel or experience a bigger and exciting kind of love. Perhaps even for what you do. Is it time for something new and more freeing. Weigh this up now. Love should be an adventure, yes. But if the journey takes too long or you don’t know where you are going, perhaps you need to steer it down a new path.

Mercury retro always offers opportunities to course correct so use this ability to its fullest advantage now. Don’t be afraid to tell someone where you need things to be heading as the full Supermoon – the first one of the year, appears in your 1st on the 9th. Full Moons are reflectors – shining their light back into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, someone is supersized in this spotlight. As is your ability to see the partnership in all its potential splendour. Your emotional wisdom tells you what to do now.

Mars is busy igniting passion in your 5th. This isn’t just passion of the romantic kind – although this is your house of love affairs. It’s also about what you love to do – both professionally and extra- curricular activities. This is your house of creativity, fun, holidays and hobbies. It’s also one of the houses where you receive attention and lucky breaks and wins. Opportunity is knocking when it comes to getting noticed, receiving attention, making an unforgettable impression or simply abandoning yourself to pleasure this March while Mars remains in here. You also have Jupiter in here for the majority of 2020 making you the most powerful attraction magnetic field since the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I’m just sayin’. There is no tepid or so-so settling for you now. You are either fully fired up or not feeling it. If it’s the latter, Mars pushes you out in search of what ignites your soul again. Don’t be afraid to say no to anything now that doesn’t tick your boxes.

Be ready to attract and to make your best impression on anyone you meet on these dates: 14th – Mars sextile Neptune, 19th – Mars and Jupiter conjunct, 23rd – Mars and Pluto conjunct and finally the 30th – Jupiter and Pluto conjunct. Love is the game changer and alchemical element that can turn something apparently mundane like a meeting or encounter, or even that talent you take for granted, into a total game changer now. Children, babies or those younger than you could also feature or play a role in this attraction and reaction game now.

What begins now could quickly enter a new dimension and depth as the Sun moves into your 8th on the 20th. You’re also willing to look at something (or someone!) new and radically different from what you have tried in the past. This could be a job offer or a relationship. The way it is set up or works could just have a different set of rules or dynamics than you have embraced in the past. The new Moon of the 24th conjunct Chiron in your 8th could usher in a daringly new dynamic between you and someone else you might not have considered in the past. But now your reaction is: Why not? If it works for you, then work it!

This could also mark the beginning of a new era when it comes to your work (paid or unpaid) and your wellbeing. Saturn moves into your 6th of all things Virgo centered on the 22nd. You’re set to establish something new, lasting and ultimately more satisfying for yourself now. Especially when it comes to your day job or your routine. If you are in the wrong job then nothing and no-one in the next 2.5 years will keep you in it. Taking better care of yourself will also become an increased priority for you during this period. Saturn rules the structure of the body – especially your bones and teeth. So, paying attention to your diet and ensuring it includes more cruciferous vegetables and calcium could be in focus as could ‘structured’ yet highly beneficial exercise routines such as yoga and pilates.

Time and scheduling will also become priorities for you. You may plan your day and your routine more effectively. Above all, wellbeing will shift to the top position. Does your job or what you do truly support you? Or does it drain your soul? How can you sustain your working life more effectively? Saturn in your 6th can act as your stern but caring life or fitness coach. It wants you to establish a healthy work/life balance for the future. Or create one if what you have now simply doesn’t work. Mars is about to give you the energy and determination to tackle any task related to this as it arrives in here from the 30th. The Now Age of Better Wellbeing is off to a flying start when Mars and Saturn meet on the 31st. You shake up that daily structure of your life if necessary to work it in ways that fuel you mind. Body and soul. Make feelgood changes for the long term that last day in, day out now.

In a nutshell: Get ready to meet your personal life coach who is setting you up for the Now Age of Wellbeing, Virgo. Saturn in your 6th promises serious results when it comes to your work or everyday routine. No pain – no gain but the gains can be lifechanging now!



Never say never again when it comes to love

Enter the realm of magical improbability

Hearts never age

Past loves continue to feature including places and activities you have loved and could literally be in the process of resurrecting this March, Libra. Above all as we had towards the Now age of Aquarius, it’s Love for the Long Term now. Reclaiming love could be a part of this journey. Dare I ask you if you have fallen out of love or feel it has said goodbye? If so, this month could mark a turning point for its return.

Venus will move from its ruling 7th and on into your 8th – your house of power money and also rebirth on the 5th. What do you consider to be frankly impossible around love? Meeting someone who ticks your boxes and starts your heart again? Reconciling with someone from your past perhaps? Restarting a career path you loved or that pastime that provided so much pleasure? What do you believe is impossible around love? This month is set to demonstrate nothing is. Surprises could follow – each one more unexpected and outrageous than the last. All beginning at the time Venus bumps into Uranus on the 9th.

Mercury still retrograde as the month begins re-enters your 5th of romance and also the places, things and pastimes you love. It could offer a professional come-back if that lost love is your career, or revive a project or affair or else send you back to reclaim something left in the Lost Love Office. Try to delay new beginnings until Mercury heads direct from the 10th – the day after the full Supermoon in your 12th could highlight just what it is you have been missing, Libra!

Juno ruler of marriage and those kinds of commitments we do not or should not make lightly, sits in your 1st. This is one of the best fits for Juno as you are the sign associated with partnerships of all descriptions. You have that ‘Let’s buddy up – for good’ feeling now. This could involve a bestie, a working or business dynamic as well as a past, present or potential love interest. The promise you make or agreement you enter into now may look radically different to anything you have ever said ‘I do’ to in the past. Or it could involve a very different kind of partnership as Venus angles to Ceres in your 5th on the 17th. This could be a deal on love which could be set to define the Now Age of Aquarius which begins this month. And the impossible showing you nothing is now.

Watch carefully for a simply improbable new beginning or ending as the Sun arrives in your 7th on the 20th bringing a month-long intense focus on duos of all descriptions. The 22nd marks the start of the Now Age of Romance as Saturn arrives in here for the first time in almost 30 years. Before you say it, yes, I know Saturn is not usually associated with hearts, flowers and all that romantic stuff. But wait – isn’t it surrounded by rings? Time to put a ring on it, Libra and expect serious suitors or results from what you love to do. Saturn rules commitment after all. This could see some of you recommitting to a lost love or searching for a new one. If you are after serious results now – Saturn could usher in the golden age for this to happen.

The 24th brings a new Moon in your 7th and pushes you into the realm of emotional impossibilities when it comes to you and someone else. It falls conjunct Chiron. It tells you never say never again. This is the New Love Physics for the Now Age of Romance. Where what you believe cannot happen does. This could see love return if you have given up hope. Either in the form of a reconciliation with someone you never thought to hear from again, a potential new love if you thought there was no-one for you, or an opportunity to enter into a new working partnership which restores the love for what you do.

The past 2.5 years may have caused you to question your sense of place and brought difficulties around where you have been living, family matters, who you live with or even your career. Jupiter is now in your 4th offering access to real world solutions when it comes to your place within it. This week sees this energy break up for good as you move forward with an enhanced sense of how you want to be living and where for that matter. Mars which along with Jupiter, has been pushing you to literally ‘get moving’ on some level. This desire could lead to a final push on home transformations when it encounters Pluto in your 4th on the 23rd. It then leaves this sector of your chart on the 30th, joining Saturn as a houseguest in your 5th. Mars adds the passion while Saturn adds the desire for something real. Real romance and real success. Do you see yourself as a New Romantic, Libra? Don’t be surprise if you begin to change your image or appearance to embrace this vibe.

Mars and Saturn meet in here on the final day of March. This could bring some a serious yet passionate lover and as this is your house of children too, this could be one with the potential to make you a parent, step-parent or even grandparent! Love knows no age and works on its own time so that lover could even be older or younger than you by a significant amount. Hearts have no age limit, remember that. You can also begin again and write a new success story or reconnect to love at any age. This month says – that age is NOW, Libra!

In a nutshell: Are you ready to enter the realm of magical improbability? The Now Age of Love which begins this month says nothing is impossible now. It’s time to put a ring on romance – or simply reclaiming what you love, Libra.



Embrace some home truths about what family means to you

What you hear, send out, or communicate is a game-changer

Toto – we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Let’s talk about roots and family now, Scorpio. The Age of Truly Living is about to dawn for you. This is all about establishing something which sustains you for the future. Be this actual bricks and mortar as in a home. Or that sense of belonging you can find when you are surrounded by those who feel like ‘family’. And being aware that we often find this not in the place we were born or the family we share DNA with but in something we find or create for ourselves. This is the cycle that will push you out of the door to look for your life if necessary. It is all about There’s no place like home – and what this means to you.

You will begin February re-examining all of this as Mercury still retrograde backs into your 4th of home, homeland, family, living arrangements and your long term security. Do you have what you need? Is what you were born into where you best belong or do you need to seek out a place or people that are something else entirely? As Mercury prepares to head direct again ahead of the Now Age of Truly Living, examine all this but don’t act yet until Mercury is fully direct once more from the 10th. If you can, wait until the last days of March when the Now Age of Aquarius will definitely have arrived and you can benefit from both Mercury clear of retroshadow in your 5th from the 30th – which is the day your ancient ruler Mars also enters your 4th.

Venus arrives in its ruling 7th in your chart from the 5th while the Sun and Neptune meet in your romance zone on the 8th. Venus and Uranus set a date on the 9th when they meet in your 7th while this day also sees a fabulising full Supermoon take to the skies in your 11th of socialising. This is the first full Supermoon of the year and what you need to remember is that full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in – in this case your fabulous 5th. So, if love is on your mind and in your heart, you need to be out and about now, being seen and putting yourself front of house so opportunity or that special person can find you. You are in a position to get yourself or even what you do really, really well, noticed now. Don’t underestimate what this full Moon along with Venus and Uranus can deliver.

A chance meeting or encounter, something you set in motion at this time could bring you astounding and drop-dead unheard of results around the 19th when ancient ruler Mars and Jupiter meet in your 3rd of news, commerce and communication. Both your rulers are busy creating the climate where opportunity can be found around your work, business, writing, publishing, speaking, presenting, the internet or the tools you use to get around and communicate with. Especially once Mercury which rules this house heads direct once more.

Best days to apply for that job, make that submission, schedule that meeting or interview, launch that website, blog or side hustle or send anything from that pitch to that manuscript or message winging out there also include the 23rd when both your rulers ancient and modern meet in your 3rd and the 30th which sees Jupiter and Pluto meet. News which totally transforms your work landscape or a response to something you have written or initiated could reach you. Work matters are very much in focus as the Sun arrives in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 6th from the 20th. Amazing results that exceed your wildest expectations or a new job or opportunity to totally revamp that dull routine could usher in a new sense of wellbeing and better way of working at the time of the new Moon in here on the 24th. It falls conjunct Chiron – that astral object of the impossible. You could just achieve this now on a daily basis.

The biggest event of the month and one of the biggest of 2020 is Saturn’s arrival in your 4th on the 22nd. This is going to be all about owning your life, your path, your place and what family means to you. For some, it will see you take on new responsibilities. Buying a home for instance or starting a family. Or you may assume the role of ‘parent’ in some way – perhaps having to take more responsibility for your parents now or acting as head of the household in your own right.

Others may see opportunities to make their mark in their chosen career or even change career paths entirely. Especially if you felt under pressure from your own family in the past to pursue a particular profession. This time is going to be about owning your own life and your decisions. With this comes the freedom to choose what is totally right for you. You won’t feel the need for anyone else’s approval now. In other words – you are now the grown-up and can make your own choices.

If you are one of those souls who always felt out-of-step with your birth family or the one you were raised in, the good news around Saturn in here is that it will allow you to create your own version of a family that is right for you. Also, if you have intrusive or demanding family members it allows you to create strong boundaries. Saturn in your 4th tells you good fences make for good neighbours. Be these actual ones in where you live or simply the lines you need to draw with family on occasion.

If you don’t feel ‘at home’ where you live, Saturn’s 2.5 year transit of this house can see you uproot yourself and put down new ones somewhere that feels right. Be it Kansas or Oz for that matter. Ancient ruler Mars hurtles in here from the 30th. It gets you moving again towards a more passionate lifestyle. It and Saturn will meet in here on the 31st. What you have now either works or it will show you where you need to rebuild your life – and also how. The Now Age of Living has begun for you. And it begins with home truths, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: It’s the Age of Truly Living, Scorpio. What do home and family look like or mean for you? This month offers the opportunity to say ‘There’s no place like home’ or ‘This is my family’. Get a better sense of belonging now.



Are you ready to be healthy, wealthy and wised up?

It’s the Now Age of Ideas – whose time has come

Embrace the impossible outcome

What’s your message, Sag? That idea, book, screenplay, blog, business, pitch, thesis, presentation, work focus, side hustle, professional track record – all these and more offer you lasting avenues of success now. Take what you say or have to communicate seriously and choose your words wisely now.

We are of course taking Mercury themes here. The planet of communication, commerce and getting around remains retrograde at March begins and backs up into its ruling 3rd and where the main action in your chart takes place now on the 4th. I therefore need not remind you to take extra retrograde precautions during this time. Mercury will head direct once again from the 10th and re-enter your 4th on the 16th. But it will not clear retroshadow until the 30th. Until then, ahead of he Now Age of Ideas, put those finishing touches to all your communication and work projects and wait for your launch window. It’s coming sooner than you think.

2020 is your year of re-working or reawakening your smarts. Those ideas you have done nothing with or have allowed to go dormant. Which is why reviving these at the start of March could be setting you up for serious success later. Above all, 2020 is your year to be healthy, wealthy and wise. So, mine the potential of anything you have let lapse in preparation for this.

Venus enters your work and wellbeing sector on the 5th. Obviously this is your other Mer ruled house so time to look to these areas. Feelgood opportunities are available and you could be re-working anything from that day job (paid or unpaid) to that routine and just infusing it with something basically more healthy. Taking a radically different approach may be called for. Venus and Uranus meet in here on the 9th – the same day as the full Supermoon appears in your 10th. This day could offer unexpected opportunities for recognition and career advancement. A new job, promotion or project could be on its way for some. Especially as ruler Jupiter in your 2nd makes some seriously cashed-up aspects now.

You also have Mars working your 2nd of money, talents, skills and self-worth. Mars hands us desire and confidence. If it’s a new source of income or better paying gig you’re seeking, Mars sees you taking whatever steps you need to do to go for it. Since 2008 you may have experienced extreme conditions with regards to your money. This is the month when that ‘hard work for little reward’ feeling really begins to disperse. Mars and Jupiter meet in here on the 19th and the meeting between Mars and Pluto on the 23rd could hand you an opportunity to transform your financial landscape. Jupiter also meets Pluto on the 30th pointing to major shifts around money and other assets.

Venus of course is the ruler of this house and trines Jupiter on the 26th making this one of the best days of 2020 so far to increase your worth on any level, Sag. As the Sun enters your 5th on the 20th, you’re arriving at a time to shine, be noticed and also good times and rock and roll! This is no time to hide yourself away or allow yourself to be overlooked. Not if you are seeking romance or recognition that is. Along with your 10th, your 5th is one of the houses in your chart where you are ‘on show’. Your 10th is all about public image and perception – your reputation. Your 5th is all about star quality and being noticed for all the right reasons. It is where you fall in love – with others and your own life. And where others fall in love with you. This can also be for what you do as well as you as a person.

The rarest of Rockstar new Moons in this house on the 24th falls conjunct Chiron. Chiron should not exist but it does. Your 5th is the house of luck. Want something impossible? Try an outrageously original approach. Others could be looking at an outcome they thought improbable to say the least. What you don’t expect – anticipate that. And then still prepare to be surprised! A love affair which begins now may be with someone very different to the kind of love interest you have attracted before. And come with the promise of a vastly different outcome. As could taking a chance on those talents, abilities and skills. What you never imagined – imagine that.

Your Now Age of Aquarius for you is your Now Age of Ideas as Saturn moves into your 3rd on the 22nd. It’s been almost 30 years since Saturn was last in this sector of your chart. So, for many of you this will be your first experience of Saturn putting its weight behind those ideas. Saturn rules time so this is all about ideas whose time has come. It’s not about talking but doing something with them. Saturn’s wisdom which forms a key part of your healthy, wealthy and wise approach, will allow you to see which ideas are worth investing in for the long term. This is your house which rules writing amongst other forms of communication. In other words – authors whether the end product is a book, screenplay, report, thesis, blog post or email. Saturn rules authority – which contains the word ‘author’. This reminds us we are the authors of our own destiny via the choices we make. The wonderful thing about Saturn in here is that it hands you the potential to ‘author’ a new one during its 2.5 year stay in here. So, what ideas do you have around this? Start writing a new future.

Saturn is joined by Mars in here on the 30th and the two meet on the 31st. You won’t be content to sit on those ideas now but will act on them. Anything from applying for that job to getting that manuscript ready for submission or looking into how to finally set up that side hustle. Your ideas and your ability to do something with them will define your future path. So, don’t just talk about them. Saturn wants you to make them real and use them to author an on-going success story, Sag.

In a nutshell: It’s time to work your smarts in a healthy, wealthy and wise way. To do something with your ideas. And in taking action take control of your future path, Sag. Don’t just talk about it or dream it – do it now.



Take the road towards freedom

Work that love mojo

Make yourself your own best investment

You’re being offered a path towards freedom now, Capricorn. Chances are you have arrived at this crossroads before. What direction do you want to go in this time around? I’m guessing this may be towards love or else doing something you love. The heavy weather in your 1st is coming to an end this month. New directions especially around love and also long term plans are emerging. This is the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. You need to have a clear idea of what release and freedom would look like for you. And be willing to take a chance when an opportunity to head towards them arises.

Continue to check and double check all communications, contracts, documents and what is said to you to ensure you totally understand the meaning. And ensure others completely understand yours. There is still the capacity to misunderstand, miss something or someone to misinterpret your meaning. Clarity is called for while Mercury remains retrograde and re-enters your 2nd on the 4th. This is a good time to go back over financial matters and ahead of the Now Age which begins this month, get your house in order when it comes to your money. Ensure you understand the fine print or what is being communicated on the 8th when the Sun and Neptune meet in Mercury’s 3rd, and check anything you send out for errors. Repeat yourself if necessary. If you can, put off signing anything important or entering into new agreements especially around money. Understand you may not have all the facts or that nothing may be decided until Mercury has not only turned direct again (10th), but re-entered its ruling 3rd (16th), and cleared retroshadow (30th).

That escape route to freedom could be highlight for you in the form of news, an opportunity, travel or the road to increased emotional wellbeing around the 9th when a full Supermoon appears in your 9th. This is also the day when Venus and Uranus meet in your fab 5th. Venus’s arrival in this house on the 5th hands you the love mojo. Romance, being noticed, good times and glamourising yourself could form part of a fabulous fresh direction and release away from that feeling of ‘heavy’ weather you’ve been enduring lately. Unlooked for opportunities could present themselves as Uranus rules surprises and Venus rules love and also what we love to do. The crossroads you are at could have a real party atmosphere now. Head towards good times, Capricorn. That lover may be refreshingly different. As could be that new stage setting where you get to perform to a new captive audience when it comes to your skills and abilities.

Make time to play, to express yourself and to connect with new people. Especially if life has felt like a ‘serious’ business lately. Step out of your usual social circle if you get the opportunity to do so. Jupiter in your 1st is ensuring you stand out now. You’ve been through an intense period of personal transformation and March offers you the chance to really work this to your advantage. Show the world your colours as you work that mojo for all it is worth. Power days to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, letting people see all you can be include a ‘nothing’s gonna stop me now’ meeting between Mars and Jupiter on the 19th, a ‘do not underestimate me’ conjunction between Mars and Pluto on the 23rd, and finally a game changing alignment of Jupiter and Pluto on the 30th. How others see you and how you see yourself, is likely to change for good as a result. You also could simply be seen as someone’s object of desire either personally or professionally on the 26th when the alignment between Venus in your 5th and Jupiter could bring you a truly unforgettable opportunity. Or allow you to make that kind of impression.

You are a sign who is able to be in the moment while having your eyes fixed firmly on the future. You are a time magician now in the flow but able to see how the past has defined your present – and course adjusting as necessary to create a new flow for your future. You will continue to refine this talent as we approach the Now Age of Aquarius. The 20th sees the Sun enter your 4th putting home, living arrangements and family matters as well as what you need for your long term security, top of the agenda.

You will be prepared to explore new ways to achieve that feeling of emotional safety as the new Moon appears in what is its ruling house and falls conjunct Chiron in here. You’ll be looking at what creates this for you – and what no longer does. You need a fresh support system and to feel that sense of grounding and belonging. The opportunity to create this or strengthen the foundations of what you have already put in place is to hand now as ruler Saturn exits your 1st on the 22nd and enters your 2nd of money, values and possessions, officially marking the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. Your journey during this time is to establish something lasting and sustaining for yourself. It is about more than just money. It is about your values – and sticking to these. You of all signs know that Saturn demands we get serious and that we walk our talk.

Don’t also be fooled by those astrologers who subscribe to old interpretations of Saturn in this house and tell you money will be in short supply now. Only if you scatter your resources or fail to take your money seriously or set those values that will not be shaken or for sale at any price. There are many multimillionaires and billionaires in the world born with Saturn in their 2nd houses. Saturn in roman times was associated with the golden age of prosperity after all.

Saturn’s rings symbolise boundaries and Mars is also associated with boundaries. It joins Saturn in here on the 30th and the two meet on the 31st. You have control and wisdom combined with confident action and desire. These two planets could see you taking steps to bring about that golden age of valuing what you have – and this includes your talents, abilities and skills, more. You’ll set a price on these and also respect what you own and earn more. Establishing yourself a new currency in the material world. You are now the asset you can bank on when it comes to generating abundance. Invest in that over the next 2.5 years for big rewards, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: The Now Age of Aquarius begins this month. Since you have the love mojo now you’ll be seeing yourself as more abundant, precious and priceless than before. Set your personal stock to higher and watch others invest, Capricorn!



Shape your own fate

Step free of the past

Welcome to the Now Age!

Time for some serious reinvention, Aquarius. The Now Age of Aquarius dawns this month and you need to take stock of how you want to be perceived and seen now. Retro Mercury’s re-arrival in your 1st on the 4th before it heads direct again on the 10th offers you an opportunity to re-launch or change other people’s perceptions of you – for good. Look to your appearance, brand, style, look, message, title and identity and pay close attention to what this says about you. Do you want to change this? If so the start of March is the time to make those adjustments. Yes, you do get a second chance to make a first impression. But be aware that the statement you make via how you come across from March onwards will be the one that sticks in people’s minds for a very long time to come. So, take some time out to craft this.

Love where you live? Commit to that now. If not, allow yourself to be drawn to that perfect setting in which to grow and blossom which in turn sees you make incredible inroads to home and work issues. Venus enters your 4th on the 5th and will meet your ruler Uranus in here on the 9th – the day the full Supermoon appears in your 8th of shared assets and powerful change. This could offer some of you the opportunity to upgrade your current home, living arrangement or salary. All based on your newly minted image or how you are coming across to others.

You will continue to refine this process all the way up to the Now Age beginning. Tap into insight and intuition. You will be peering back into the past and seeing what worked for you and what didn’t. Take these revelations and use them to your best advantage now. If we do not learn from our past, we will be held in place and made to repeat it until we do. This March offers you an unprecedented opportunity to review those past efforts, learn from them and break yourself free from whatever has held you back. This is what the past 2.5 years has all been about for you. Jupiter in this sector of your chart is offering you higher solutions and opportunities to break free now. But you have to see the bigger picture in order to do this. Ask yourself if you want a repeat performance or something brand new? Fresh new karma can be yours if you are willing to open your mind, own your choices of the past and now move on.

Key dates to release you from the thoughts, patterns, cycles or even people or circumstances that have formed a part of this are the 14th when Mars aligns to Neptune in your money zone getting you to look at thoughts around limitation and lack. The 19th when Mars and Jupiter work to release you from something that has held you back for far too long and the 23rd when Mars and Pluto see you bringing something to a close. Jupiter and Pluto also meet on the 30th bringing a powerful transformation that puts you in a position to make the most out of the Now Age.

Time to act on those ideas as the Sun enters your 3rd on the 20th. Just bear in mind that Mercury is the ruler of this house and still retroshadow. However, action on those ideas, promotions and launches can be undertaken now such as applying for that new job, sending out submissions and updating your blog, website or sending that Instagram profile in an exciting new direction. Dare to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Especially if your behind the scenes self-examination resulted in you seeing where you have undersold or down-played yourself and your abilities. The new Moon on the 24th is conjunct Chiron and asking you to begin something – but to take a daring and possibly outrageous approach to it. To possibly accept something that comes your way – a job offer for instance, that sends you into a different kind of role, or to change up your brand or message. Ask yourself what you are afraid will happen if you dare to stand out? Is it success that has you so scared? Feel the fear and welcome in the change anyway.

The ancient rulerships still apply. Vedic astrology for example does not use the outer planets but remains one of the most effective predictive tools we have. Before Uranus was discovered, your ruler was Saturn. Saturn’s return to your sign is therefore a very big deal indeed. It last paid you a visit almost 30 years ago. So, for many of you, this will be your first experience as adults of this. And being a grown-up and adulting is what Saturn is all about. It’s telling you to own yourself and your path and be proud of that. To show the world this is your life to live your way. To quote Sarah Connor: No fate but the one we make. You can make an exciting new one now, that’s the gift that your old ruler brings you.

Saturn is associated with maturity. Don’t think of yourself as older but wiser now. You have access to old soul wisdom which is what all this diving below the surface has been about. You are now coming up for air with pearls of wisdom you can use to re-shape your future. You have the ability to be seen as someone to be taken seriously by those who matter – especially people in a position to open doors for you or even that serious lover. Dress or craft your appearance to reflect this now. Mars delivers action and passion while Saturn is about control and authority. As Mars follows Saturn in here on the 30th and meets it on the 31st, you know what you need to do and also how strategically to get it done. You’re hitting the Now Age of You, running, Aquarius. Change the rules and you change not just the game, but your destiny too.

In a nutshell: It’s the Now Age of Aquarius. So, look carefully at how you want to be seen or some across to others. That message you put out or impression you make has never been more important. Step into your destiny this March!



Demand realness

Nothing but the truth will satisfy you now

Take your biggest dream and turn it into reality

Do you want reality and the truth or fantasy and denial, Pisces? If you want dreams to become real rather than illusions you constantly reach for but never quite grasp, then you are about to enter one of the most powerful cycles of your life where this becomes possible. But you have to be willing to see things as they are rather than how you would like them to be. This also includes love. No more kidding yourself you have a prince or princess when in fact that’s a frog you’re kissing. The Now Age about to begin says make it real, or forget about it. Are you ready for this?

Mercury retro re-enters your 12th on the 4th. Ahead of the Now Age of Aquarius in this house and Mercury fully direct and clear of retroshadow in your 1st on the 30th, revelations and reality checks are in order. When you are given a key piece of the puzzle or information – please act on it. This could well involve someone close to you thanks to the full Supermoon in your 7th on the 9th. This is a moment of illumination for you around a key connection or even that opponent, enemy or rival. You may discover a new dimension to your relationship or see how your reaction or thoughts to this dynamic have shaped it. You’re literally seeing the light now. Hopefully this illumination sets you free as nothing but the truth around love will do now. The day before the Supermoon sees the Sun and ruler Neptune meet in your sign. Take it that this full Supermoon brings you confirmation of those insights, impressions or gut instincts this conjunction delivers you.

Venus enters your 3rd of business, communication, words and work on the 5th. This could see you updating your CV, website, social media profile, blog or just the tone of what you communicate now thanks to Venus enhancing anything you write, present or say. Saying it with love and coming from a place of soul values, simply enhances this power as Venus encounters Uranus in here on the 9th too. For some of you this could bring you a result to that interview, application, pitch or launch that sets you on a fresh path. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions now. Mercury retro demands you get answers – one way or the other. And be open to what you are told. Uranus is all about freedom and the truth is what frees you now. Not secrets. So, ask and keep asking until you arrive at this point.

Above all, don’t be a hermit now. Kindred spirits await you to join them. Ancient ruler Jupiter in your 11th wants to expand your world by bringing new people into it. Make an effort to step outside your usual circles. Seek out people of a different background, class, culture or even age group. Friendship only sees soul connections not social strata or boundaries. You may experience some contacts falling away this month. Again, this is linked to that healthy dose of reality as those around you show you their true colours. You’ll either like the shade you’re shown – or not. Demand realness now and go towards people, groups and associations where you can be yourself and are accepted for that. Remember Toni Collette bending herself out of shape in Muriel’s Wedding to fit in with Sophie Lee’s ghastly girl gang? That’s what I’m talking about. The meetings that occur between Mars and Jupiter (19th), Mars and Pluto (23rd) and Jupiter and Pluto (30th) could see many of you benefitting from or forming important or even influential friendships or work contacts. But these transits also tell you no more fake friends. Or any other kind of relationship for that matter. Bear in mind if connections come to an end now, this is to clear the way for new, real ones.

The Sun shifts out of your 1st and on into your house of money and self-worth on the 20th. You’ll have a sense of certainty you’ve done the right thing if you have come to the conclusion you need to sever ties with anyone. This is all about how you expect to be treated and valued from here on in. The new Moon in here on the 24th could see you in a position where you have the confidence to ask for more than simply ‘settling’. Perhaps you have been afraid to ask for more for fear of ending up with much less than what you currently have. This new Moon infuses you with a bold and edgy ‘What have I got to lose?’ mindset. You are daring to challenge your own beliefs around this thanks to it being conjunct Chiron. That audacious attitude could see more ‘Yes’ answers than ‘No’s’ now. Plus you know that if you get a refusal, that this was always going to be the answer. The truth again sets you free in search of the person who will say yes.

The Now Age of Spiritual Truth begins on the 22nd when Saturn enters your 12th. It has been almost 30 years since Saturn last paid your house of the spirits a visit. So, for many of you, this will be your first experience of Saturn in here. It is the time of the Now Age however. Your beliefs around religion, life and death, karma, spirituality, the Tarot, astrology, mediumship and destiny may undergo the revolution that comes from the truth. Hidden meanings and motivations will come to light. If you are seeking proof that there is more to heaven and earth, Saturn could just hand you that now.

Healing deep rooted karmic issues, facing up to how things actually are rather than what you wish they were, are all part of this Now age for you. Above all, Saturn will put a ring around those dreams. You will see the ones that you have for a reason and also, the way to make them real as opposed to just ‘someday’ wishes. Saturn hands you the gift to go after what you really want and need. The dream that is part of your soul in other words. And to take it out of the realm of wishful thinking.

Mars joins Saturn in here on the 30th and they meet on the 31st. Mars hands us the desire for action. For you, this will be getting at the truth and the heart of the matter. You can also implement that soul warrior plan to head towards what it is you really want now. Freeing yourself from what you no longer need in the process. If you want real love, real connections not fake ones, and answers to those big questions, then the Now Age offers all this and more. Just be prepared for the truth, Pisces!

In a nutshell: What do you want? Real love! When do you want it? Now! Enter the Now Age of Aquarius which hands you the ability to see the difference between the real thing – and the fake. All you have to do is open your eyes, Pisces.



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