February 2020 Written Monthly Astrology

Aries July 2017

‘Cause I understand you, we see eye to eye
Like a double rainbow in the sky
And wherever you go, so will I
‘Cause a double rainbow is hard to find
Katie Perry

OK, campers, get your parachutes on; it’s going to be a choppy ride! July is filling your Aries spirit with passion, and you might just find your double rainbow! However, the Universe is launching you into a test first. On the 2nd, Mars is opposing Pluto, causing power struggles between work and home, and this theme runs through the month. How secure do you feel? Do you hear a call to the wild? Every time you start to relax, does another responsibility crop up? July is the time to examine what home means to you and how you can turn it into a sanctuary. If you’re thinking of moving or changing your environment, then now is good. Once you sort that out, the world is your Lobster!

On this positive note, love should flow. Venus enters your flirtation zone, and if you’re having problems, you know just what to say to sort them out; on top of that, Venus is encouraging you to communicate, email, text, or snap chat your amore. You’re exceptionally charming. Venus is also trine lucky Jupiter on the 18th, making this the perfect time for a soul connection. What sort of love life do you want? Be clear to the cosmos as she wants to deliver.

If that wasn’t enough, Mercury on the 6th is rolling into your optimistic sensual house, which fuels you with the feel-good factor. You’re bursting with soaring passions and are a creative genius. Don’t squander it; get busy!

The full moon on the 9th is a little bit hairy and requires more work! Pluto is getting in on the act and dragging unconscious feelings and desires to the surface. Your career and sense of identity are being poked by the primal moon. It may be that you need to get your work/life balance right, or perhaps you are taking out career problems and stresses on your loved one. Whoever or whatever is shaking your tree, delve into your unconscious and sort it out before you explode.

Mars, your ruler, is square eccentric and unpredictable Uranus on the 18th and has you demanding your freedom. Don’t do anything too rash, though. It’s great to have a creative change, but don’t rebel just for the sake of it as none of us lives in a YOUniverse. Count to ten and listen to the advice loved ones are giving you (and then do your own thing, Tee Hee!).

Mars is entering fellow fire sign, Leo, which fills you with the same magic as Mercury does. You approach life with warmth and gusto, drawing lots of laughter along the way. This is one of the most passionate times of the year for you. If you’re not into the physical passion, you can channel this energy into lust for life. The Sun is joining the party on the 22nd, quickly followed by a powerful New Moon, which is conjunct Mars. What does this mean? You’re emotional, excitable, and filled with desire. As it’s a New Moon, you’re likely to discover a new route to happiness. Remember that you are much more assertive than usual but also generous of spirit. Take some time to reach out to those that need your support and surround them with your natural warmth.

July ends on a high note with the Sun conjunct Mars; you have worked through so much last month, and now you realise anything is possible. Happy days, Aries, happy days!


Taurus July 2017

Welcome home, welcome
Come on in, and close the door
You’ve been gone, too long
Welcome, you’re home once more
Peters and Lee

Mars opposes grumpy Pluto on the 2nd, getting the month off to a cranky start. Avoid power struggles and aggression. Don’t panic; the rest of the month is bringing in many cosmic gifts to make up for it. On the 5th, Venus, your ruler, is leaving your sign and going into your house of security, comfort, and finance. What some peeps don’t know is that Venus is not only the planet of love but also of money! You are the golden goose in July and can lay some lovely golden eggs! What ideas do you want to give birth to? Remember that opportunity can arrive in many strange shapes and forms and is not always presented in the way we assume it will be (this is also true of love!).

Mercury, the linguist, is going to your family and home house. Expect lots of communication with the fam and also intense discussions about your space. This energy will gradually increase as we go through July until it hits a crescendo with Sun, Mars, and the new moon all in this area. If you want to move or redecorate, then the universe is cheering you on and sending supportive vibes. A word of caution, though: you are going to want things done your way. You won’t tolerate anyone messing with your vision for your home, including your significant other. Be aware that if someone else is living in your space, that person won’t be too pleased if you banish his/her nicknacks to the attic. On a positive note, you have got an incredibly good taste at the moment and know how to make your home a spiritual sanctuary. You’ll also not want to go out much and adore having a staycation. If you don’t like where you live, keep your fingers crossed that July brings you a place in which you can feel comfortable.

The full moon on the 9th is a bit of a tough mother as she is in controlling Capricorn conjunct Pluto, the lord of the underworld! On top of that, she is opposing Mars and squaring Jupiter. You might have to deal with some eccentric views or people behaving outright crazy! You may even be the one that goes nuts as a longing for adventure overtakes your common sense. There is nothing wrong a with a new experience. Indeed, adventure is right for your Taurus soul, but random spontaneity is especially unwise, and doing anything shady is not advised! Stay in and go on a virtual tour of Peru or apply for that writing course you’ve always wanted to go on.

On the 17th, Venus is in square Neptune, which can make you feel idealist and have high expectations about love. Be careful that the object of your affection is all that he/she seems. Venus, your ruler, is trine lucky Jupiter on the 18th, which should bring you a bonus and gift. Don’t go on a spending spree until it comes in, though, as Venus opposes Saturn on the 24th, telling you to be more practical with money. Venus shifts signs again on the 31st, bringing in lots of information and communication into your love zone. Texting, sexting, and messaging will all get super steamy. Your social life will be fabulous, and you will start to realise how much love there is around you.


Gemini July 2017

Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.
It’s easy.
Nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It’s easy
The Beatles

Gemini, you are not one to poke around in your unconscious or lift the lid on others people’s vulnerabilities – usually. The past few weeks have been pretty full on, and although July is moving things in a much easier direction, it’s essential to avoid emotional fisticuffs on the 2nd as warlord Mars is opposing Pluto, the lord of transformation. Power struggles come to the surface, and for you, it’s likely to involve money or sex or both! How powerful do you feel in your intimate relationships? Is there anything you’re feeling that you’re not expressing? It may be that you succumb to some very naughty temptation or get into a squabble with a love interest over who always pays the bill. Move through this lightly and don’t be baited.

Venus, the planet of amore, is going into your sign on the 5th, making you the proverbial love magnet. You start to feel more content. Others are drawn to you, and you are generally giving off a good vibe. Single? You probably won’t be for long, and if you aren’t interested in love, how about a bit of masterdating? No, it isn’t rude; it’s a modern term for taking yourself out on a date. One of my psychics told me how she took herself to the Opera in Venice as she wanted to take herself on the perfect date! How marvellous! It doesn’t have to be anything that elaborate (although Venus might tempt you to indulge). Take yourself for a swanky meal at the new vegan joint, invite yourself for a walk in the park, or buy yourself a plant or new deck of Tarot; whatever floats your boat! In fact, even if you are dating, why not spend some quality time loving you?

Mercury, your ruler, is skipping into your communication house, filling you with stunning ideas and opportunities to connect. Vlogging, blogging, writing, producing, and sharing your thoughts are all well-aspected. New concepts are bursting through you, so write them down before they vanish as fast as you can say Tinkerbell. When we have these inspired times, it’s important to feast on them and go with the flow.

With Mercury in sextile to Venus on the 7th, you’re feeling buoyant and see beauty everywhere. Do something lovely and take someone with whom you enjoy chatting with.

The full moon on the 9th is a bit of a pain in the derrière as she is in tough as old boots Capricorn conjunct fearsome Pluto, and both of these are in your primal zone opposing Cancer. Apart from hiding under the duvet, I would suggest putting off any challenging conversations. You might find you are quite emotional and have old wounds resurfacing. Look after and nurture yourself, be kind to yourself, and know that this will pass quite quickly.

Mercury is sextile Jupiter on the 14th lifting your spirits, and you will start to hatch plans for the future. Your mind is crystal clear, and you will have a fabulous way of communicating. With Mercury trine Saturn on the 19th, you will be ready to make a serious commitment. Some Geminis might go to the next stage in your relationship. Venus trine Jupiter on the 18th is the icing on the doughnut. You feel elated and very close to your loved ones. This is what we call in the game ‘a favourable time’. It’s fab for meeting folk who may help you in your future although it also has the tendency to make you want to overindulge.

The new moon brings your ideas to a crescendo with Mars, the Sun, and Mercury, all in your communication house. Your mind will be a machine of genius, and you will have lively conversations and connections. As the New Moon is here, you are about to enter a phase of seeing things differently. You have the power to surrender your old ways of being and improve your inner voice. If you follow through and do this, you will see many great changes in your world.

Finally, on the 30th, Venus in your sign will be in sextile to Uranus, so expect a beautiful surprise.


Cancer July 2017

Cancer’s July astrology is possibly one of the most intense months of the year, so you need to keep your wits about you. There is much to be achieved, and others perceive you as powerful and capable. Having said that, the month kicks off with you becoming Ninja Crab and wanting to either fight or make mad passionate love to someone you’re attracted to. If you feel like you’re in the wrong relationship, there could be a fiery bust-up on the 2nd when Mars, in your sign, crosses swords with that other warlord, Pluto. Pluto is in your relationship zone; you have been going through major transformations regarding your attitude and perceptions of relationships for some time.

“Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Sun is in your sign so spread the love when you can!

With Venus entering your romance/spiritual zone on the 5th, you are aching for a deeper love. You’re also examining past relationship patterns and might find yourself bumping into a lover with whom you shared a past life. If you’re in a relationship, how does it feel for you? What are you teaching each other? When Venus slips into this energy, you can have a lack of boundaries; be careful that you don’t get embroiled in a co-dependent relationship or fall hopelessly in love with someone unattainable. Secrets are revealed, and you have incredible psychic skills when dealing with your pals’ relationships.

Mercury is square Uranus on the 5th as well, so you can be very impulsive when it comes to your career. Try not to respond immediately if someone at work requests an instant decision. With Mercury shifting from your sign into your stable, and financial zone on the 6th, you will be in a much better position to make up your dazzling mind. The Sun is also trine Neptune; allowing you to be confident about your dreams, your inner wise woman knows what to do.

Cancerians can be very courageous when they want to be. The amazing young woman who stood up to the Taliban, wanting to get an education, and was shot, Malala Yousafzai, is also a Cancerian. She has the perfect July quote.

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.” What are you waiting for?

The Full Moon on the 9th is challenging, as she is fiddling about with your deepest, darkest feelings. The Moon is conjunct Pluto and opposes Mars in your sign. If something is bothering you in an intimate relationship, you might lose the plot and pincer their nose. Try to remain calm and take time out to think. The Moon is your ruler, and she always shines her night light into exactly the area you need to resolve. Light a candle, meditate, and perhaps perform a ceremony to surround yourself with love and get clarity on what is being stirred up. It’s important you understand your emotions as the Sun is opposing Pluto on the 10th, which could make you feel self-destructive. If any negative patterns come up, seek therapy or support so that you don’t act out.

Mars moves out of your sign and into Leo and your house of finance and security which gives you an opportunity to make money but also get overly attached to possessions. Walk away from the luxury items tempting you online and instead get back to nature and ground yourself in the earth rather than hoarding shoe candy or geek toys from Selfridges/Macy’s. The Sun also enters this energy as does the New Moon.

The New Moon is bringing you a new cycle of earthly pleasures and sensuality. You feel more earthed than usual and are keen to build solid foundations. With Sun conjunct Mars on the 22nd, it’s important you do something constructive to build your security or you might get a bit moody. You have all the tools you need, go for it.


Leo July 2017

She’s got that, je ne sais quoi, you know it
So très chic, yeah, she’s a classic
Yeah, she’s footloose and so fancy free
Yeah, she dances to her own beat
International Smile
Katie Perry

Venus, the planet of love, is changing signs at the start of the month and turning you into a social whirling dervish. It’s non-stop socialising as well as being the star of the show in any team you collaborate with. With Mercury square and Uranus also on the 5th, be careful that you don’t chuck it all in and run away to Tibet with half a cheese sandwich and your flip flops. At the moment, you feel the desire to go on a spiritual quest or do something wildly adventurous, but just like in the incredible book, The Alchemist, the treasure you seek might be under your nose.

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

When Mercury enters your sign on the 6th, we are tiptoeing towards Leo season. Your confidence is soaring, and your words are especially compelling. Use them wisely. The sun trine Neptune, also on the 6th, is leading you into a deeper sense of your soul purpose. You have a hankering to mix with spiritually or emotionally aware people and turn away from superficial ones.

I’ll be honest with you. The Capricorn full moon on the 9th is tricky for all of us as she is joining forces with transformational Pluto and sparring with Mars. Your emotions are torn. On the one hand, you have a psychic sense of where you should go and what’s important for your soul growth; on the other hand, you are also arguing with yourself or a significant other. Pay attention to the signs and symbols that come to you on the 9th, and give it a few days until you make any radical decisions.

With the Sun opposite Pluto on the 10th, you may feel challenged or be overconfident. The Sun and Pluto are encouraging you to find a balance between your beliefs and looking after yourself. How are your eating, drinking, and health? You have probably gone through some changes already, but take the time to be in your body, and don’t burn that candle at both ends. (I know you hate anyone telling you what to do – LOL.)

Venus is trine Neptune on the 18th, making this the perfect day to indulge in some romantic shenanigans. OK, Neptune loves to escape on a pink fluffy cloud, has no boundaries, and plunges us into boundless sensuality. You’re sensitive and open and have the potential for a loving connection that goes deeper than usual, but make sure you aren’t falling for a Casanova with beautiful words but few ethics.

On the 19th, Mercury trines Saturn, bringing you a renewed sense of certainty and security. When Mars goes into your sign on the 20th, your batteries will be recharged, and you’ll be ready for action. Watch your temper, though, as you are much more impatient than usual.

The Sun enters your sign on the 22nd, so you will radiate confidence and begin a fresh cycle. The new moon on the 23rd is just about in your sign and symbolises your very own personal new year. How has the past year been? You’re set to leap into the unknown but with the power to create your reality, so see yourself as the Magician in the Tarot: you have all the tools you need to manifest what you want. Believe in yourself. The new moon is conjunct with Mars, making you very emotional and possibly unreasonable. With Uranus getting caught up in the mix, there will be an unexpected conversation or experience with a love interest. Uranus can go either way; you could have the most fabulous, passionate time or argument. Your animal passion is high and explosive, so watch out for risky sexual experiences.

The month ends with your bursting with energy as the Sun is conjunct with perky Mars. Your ruler, Mars, will feel invincible, and you will have endless energy to start projects, charm a lover, or throw yourself into any fray you desire. As you are more energised than anyone else around you, you may find yourself getting irritated by others’ lack of motivation or speed. Don’t lose your temper; just focus on your own goals.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Virgo July 2017

Open up my eyes and
Tell me who I am
Let me in on all your secrets
No inhibition, no sin

How deep is your love?
Is it like the ocean?
What devotion? Are you?
How deep is your love?
Is it like nirvana?
How deep is your love – Calvin Harris

The Virgo monthly horoscope starts off incredibly well! You are sassy and empowered on the 2nd and avidly pursue your desires. OK, as Mars and Pluto are having a bit of a ding-dong, you could find yourself having creative differences at work or in any collaboration. You are usually a great team player, but you won’t take any crap on the 2nd. Having said that, EVERYONE is feeling a bit pushy and bolshy; so, maybe wait until this energy passes before you go in all iPads blazing.

Venus, the Planet of love, is giving you schmoozing superpowers on the 5th. When it comes to your career, you can charm the Unicorns out of the bushes. You have just the right way of saying things to convince people your ambitious ideas are right. Back it up with a practical blueprint.

Mercury is square Uranus on the 5th, leading you to be much more impulsive than usual, but by the time he has moved into your psychic house on the 6th, you can sense the bigger picture. Secrets are revealed, and you are as intuitive as a Marvel Superhero. Use your psychic senses carefully, but don’t be spooked by what’s going on.

“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

You’re gifted with a deeper knowing, and this knowledge is always within you; you are just more in touch with it this month.

The full moon is a little bit hairy for everyone, but having said that, for you, it could be quite extraordinary as it’s in your pleasure and creativity zone. On top of that, she is conjunct Pluto and opposing Mars. Sexual experiences are off the scale, and Tantra could take you to new levels, but be careful you don’t get obsessed with a lover as your unconscious goes through a cosmic dishwasher. Sensual delights or desires arrive like a torrent. How do you feel about your spirituality? The full moon brings a shift.

Another fabulous day in July is the 14th when Mercury, your ruler, trines Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. Look out for ways to bring abundance into your life. As Mercury is in your cosmic zone, this is the perfect day to create a vision board on Pinterest or to get working on your cosmic orders. When Mercury trines Saturn on the 19th, you seem to be making a bigger commitment to your home or family.

The new moon brings the gift of a brand new cycle. She is encouraging you to deal with addictions or illusions, but she promises the gift of soul connections and a spiritual awakening. The new moon has many profound messages for you, so the 23rd is the perfect night to meditate or do a healing or cleansing ceremony for yourself. New moons are also excellent for releasing negativity and letting go. Is there an ex-lover or painful relationship you want to heal? Now is the time. Any emotional energies that come up now are important.

On the 26th, Mercury, your ruler, goes into your sign, which is spectacular! You will feel yourself very much and have all sorts of ideas, original thoughts, and genius pulsing through you. Expect fascinating conversations and authentic communication. Whatever happens, use this tantalising time to get ahead.


Libra July 2017

We’re a long way from home
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
On our way home
Going home where lovers roam
Long way from home
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Hello, Libra! Your July Horoscope is scorching with possibility, and even though there are a few potholes to avoid, you are determined to broaden your horizons and open up to new experiences. From the get-go, Venus, your ruler, is getting profound as she has a final delve into your old wounds on the 4th. With the help of Chiron, the wounded healer, Venus is bringing you back into your power, you are reclaiming your sexuality, your individuality, and your charisma.

Has your love life been as deflated as a discarded crisp/chip packet? When Venus enters your adventure zone on the 5th, it’s all change and a welcome to the pleasure dome! You feel impulsive and more independent. You might find yourself gazing wistfully at travel sites or find yourself web-flirting with or have great textpectations (the expectation of a text!) from a faraway lover. Venus wants you to be a warrior of love and to embrace all possibilities. Expect your consciousness to be raised as you dash about mixing with unusual and exciting folk who make you think.

“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.”Rapunzel, Tangled

Careful what you sign up for on the 6th as the Sun is square Jupiter, making you overconfident and giddy with enthusiasm. Count to ten before you accept that offer of an around the world whale watching mission. With Mercury shifting signs, also on the 6th, you are very keen to join forces with like-minded people and save the world! Mercury is also trine Chiron, so there will be a good deal of profound experiences.

The Full Moon on the 9th is a tad tricky, as she is more feisty than usual as she is hooked up with Pluto and opposing Mars. When the Moon is conjunct Pluto, expect a heap of intense emotions as well as unconscious intensity attempting to hijack your mood. Libra in the July Full Moon will probably have issues connected to home and family. There may even be a conflict between work (yours or a partner’s/family member’s) and home. Whatever it is, pay attention to the signs and messages that come to you, but don’t let your scales become a helicopter of frenzied annoyance! Jupiter is also stuffed in here with a square to the Moon and Sun, so try to see the bigger picture.

Don’t worry. Things take a turn for the better on the 14th, when Mercury is sextile Jupiter, a conversation brings you something you want, and on the 18th, Venus, the lover, is dancing with Jupiter in your sign. As I mentioned, Venus is in your adventure zone, so this could be a day to remember. The whole point of Libra July astrology is to taste and savour new experiences.

The New Moon is the start of a time where you are in the spotlight. A fresh tribe or unique collaboration has you chomping at the bit to get going. Your thoughts are for unity, and you play very well in a team. Socialising, writing, publishing, and getting your ideas out there all go to the next level. Venus is sextile Uranus on the 27th, giving you a final burst of unexpected love expansion before she trundles into your career zone on the 31st. With Venus complimenting your work, you are charming and mesmerising, so push yourself. Go to an interview, promote your company, have meetings with people you want to impress, and put yourself out there.


Scorpio July 2017

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what your worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y
Baby you’re a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
You’re gonna leave ’em fallin’ down down down
Katie Perry

Scorpio’s July horoscope starts with a bang, crash, wallop! Mars, one of your rulers, is very active at the moment, and he is dragging you out of your comfort zone, grabbing you by the shirt and saying “Let’s go!”. On the 2nd, he gets into a bust up with your chief ruler, Pluto. Pluto is in your position of communication, so there may be an argument. You are feeling very passionate about your need to make changes and learn new things. With both these energies slugging it out, you might think “what the heck” and trundle over other people’s emotions to reach your goal. It’s important that you are single-minded, but take a minute to check out where everyone is coming from. Equally, you might feel that someone else is not being fair with you; either way, avoid fireworks as these two do not back down.

Venus, the Planet of amore, is changing signs and is simmering in your primal zone from the 5th. You are a natural when it comes to raw emotions and charismatic sensuality. Venus brings obsession, lust, affairs, and gives you mega attraction. Other people find you especially compelling but use your power wisely. Sexuality reignites, and you could find yourself drawing influential partners.

The full Moon on the 9th is a real doozy! The Moon is in serious Capricorn and is conjunct with your ruler, Pluto! Expect very intense emotions, especially as both the Moon and Pluto are crossing swords with Mars. Whatever emotions or desires you have been blocking come to the surface on a tidal wave of feelings. With the Sun opposing Pluto on the next day, it’s time for some serious discussions, but again, look at the way you handle it.

On the 18th, a lovely aspect between Venus and Jupiter brings you much closer to a soul connection. Love is fluffy and soft but also touches the deepest parts of you, and you feel as if you are merging with someone. You might also put a love interest on a pedestal. Love works best when it’s equal and we value ourselves as well as the other. Work on healing your relationship with you, and watch things unfold.

With Mars entering your career zone on the 20th, you rapidly feel that your career and status need your attention. Your drive is strong, and you have the stamina, energy, and will to succeed. The Sun joins the party on the 22nd, and a New Moon brings an ending and beginning to your work zone, so now you are entering a spanking fresh cycle. The New Moon is conjunct to feisty Mars, so you are unstoppable! With Mercury entering your social zone on the 26th, you are the perfect choice for tribe leader. You have important things to share, and you find the right souls to work towards your mission. Who we mix with is important as energy is contagious; get with the right people, and you are going to fly.

Venus is changing signs on the 31st, bringing love adventures. You want to shake things up, have new experiences and embrace the unusual. Remember: “Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny”Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Sagittarius July 2017

I told you homeboy u can’t touch this
Yeah that’s how we’re livin’ and you know u can’t touch this
Look in my eyes man u can’t touch this
You know let me bust the funky lyrics u can’t touch this
MC Hammer

Sagittarius, July horoscope kicks off with a bit of a hullabaloo as rash Mars is starting with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Mars is in your primal zone and Pluto in your space of security. You have very strong feelings about power imbalances or a situation regarding money. There is a part of you that will not back down, but you have to be extremely careful as Pluto doesn’t take any prisoners! Others are feeling equally strongly. As Mars is in your hidden zone, don’t do anything underhand or Pluto will expose it. Luckily, you are easily distracted on the 5th, when Venus slips into your relationship zone.

Love is very well-aspected this month. Venus loves being in your love house as she can soothe, charm, and indulge you. You have a strong instinct to have harmony and balance. With Mercury square Uranus, also on the 5th, you may get carried away with lust and impulsive desire! July is your sensual, creative month, and up until the 6th, you have special seductive skills. Yeah, baby, bring it on! Don’t waste this energy on Tinder-swiping (if you’re single), but ask the Universe to bring you someone who is right for you. If you’re in a relationship, Venus helps you make it whole and the best that it can be. All relationships help us evolve our soul, even casual ones. Who are you choosing to connect with?

Mercury is shifting signs and taking away any heavy thoughts, you’re back in the game and feeling uplifted and optimistic. Talk of adventure or study excites you, and you want to open up your understanding of all of life’s mysteries.

Okay, we do have a precarious Full Moon as she is in conjunction with Pluto. Full Moons always stir up our unconscious, but this one takes this to new extremes. Money and security are on your mind, and you are fighting feeling overwhelmed. What is your unconscious trying to tell you? Look out for a message or symbol and don’t be drawn into any escapist or destructive behaviour. The Full Moon wants you to work hard, create your security from within and not succumb to your shadow side (we all have one). With the Sun opposing Pluto on the 10th, this is something you are going to have to face, and only you can do it.

When Mercury is sextile your ruler Jupiter on the 14th, you have a cunning plan for success, and it involves thinking out of the box and joining forces with a group of people. How would you describe your current gang/tribe/friends? Are you all vibrating on the same wavelength? Venus trine Jupiter on the 18th brings everything together, and you could find love in a group. (Not judging, but that sounds bit dodgy (tee-hee). But, hey, you catch my drift.)

The New Moon on the 23rd has you bursting out of your shell. Gone is the heavy energy you have been drifting in and out of, and you now have the energy to launch yourself forward. Use all of your natural Sagittarius skills to go after your dreams. Sagittarius are free spirits, philosophers, and explorers. Try not to be distracted by overindulgence, but hone your creativity. There is plenty of pleasure at the end of the month, so find the right balance. The Sun is conjunct with Mars on the 27th and is pushing you on, so when Venus enters your primal zone on the 31st, things get very steamy indeed! Phew! There’s so much going on!

This James Redfield quote just about sums up July for you: “As we blossom or awaken, we begin to notice there is a force in the world that seems to be operating and leading us into a certain destiny. And it’s very much a kind of detective effort on our own part to figure out what these things mean. The synchronicity is essentially a meaningful coincidence that brings us information at just the right time. While leading us forward, it also feels very inspiring and destined in a way. It feels like we’re on a path of unfolding in our own personal evolution.”


Capricorn July 2017

I’ve glimpsed I have tasted
Fantastical places
My soul’s an oasis
Higher than the sun
Primal Scream

Your Capricorn July astrology kicks off with a potential relationship ruckus! Mars, the feisty, is crossing swords with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, in your sign on the 2nd. Mars and Pluto are simmering with challenge and any unconscious emotions or wounds you have refused to deal with rise to the surface. Tough as this sounds, you will find it liberating as you’ve probably been sitting on these emotions for far too long.

When we push down our feelings, they can come out in a rush, or we can be more forceful than we would be if we hadn’t repressed them. When Mars and Pluto tangle, the danger is that we want to ‘win’ at any cost. You’re determined to make changes and are an iron fist in a velvet glove, or outright iron! The trouble is, if you go in all guns blazing, the other person may respond in kind. Think about how you can talk about your feelings in a way that is not threatening or critical. Mars/Pluto energy can be with a lover or friends or, basically, any shadowy feelings you’ve been hanging on to. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of doses of possibility in July that can bring you wonder and revelations!

Venus, the planet of love, is entering your practical and work zones on the 5th. People you work with start to appreciate your efforts, and you are brilliant at getting things done. Work gets a boost, and you enjoy it. You’re also looking at the balance in your relationships and want things sorted. Again, be careful not to be too critical, and this includes being critical of yourself. You’re loveable, you are doing your best, and have done a ton of inner healing recently.

The Full Moon brings many of these feeling to a head as she is conjunct Pluto and opposing Mars. The Full Moon awakens our intuition and brings us strange synchronicities and revelations so that we can resolve things. Pay attention to your dreams. The Sun opposite Pluto on the 10th has you winning, but probably frustrated by someone you perceive to be passive aggressive! Remember “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

A very welcome aspect on the 18th, with Venus trine to Jupiter, brings you optimism and a jolly feeling around work. Great rewards are on the horizon and today could bring you the missing piece. With Mercury trine to Saturn the following day, trust your instincts.

Mars changes signs on the 20th making you sexy and empowered, so you have your “Va Va Voom” back and are a bit of a psychic detective. The Sun is also entering your primal zone, followed by a New Moon, and the next cycle is all about digging deep. You have the power but don’t be tempted to wield it over anyone – be a benevolent ruler! Your emotional life could get very interesting indeed with mystery, magic, and taboo temptations. Venus enters your love zone on the 31st, lightening things up and bringing in a month of potential harmony and soul connections.


Aquarius July 2017

Goddess on the mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

Apart from a kerfuffle between Mars and Pluto on the 2nd, (avoid being critical or controlling at all costs), you leap into July loved up and shimmering with creativity. Venus enters your exuberant, cheerful house all about love, creativity, and having a good time. Venus is luring soulmates and soul connections your way, and Mercury is lending a helping hand on the 6th as he enters your relationship zone—happy days! In fact, most of this month is focused on bringing harmony and clarity to your love life. Want a lover? Then this is the perfect time to conjure one up!

The Full Moon brings up some dicey energy on the 9th as she is conjunct with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and Transformation, and they kick off feuding with Mars. Mars is in a particularly weak placement, so any aggro could be passive aggressive. There seems to be shady and unclear energy around. Your psychic skills are off the scale though, so use your instincts to sense what’s going on.

Your subconscious is shaken and stirred with an olive on top! You feel the need to take some ‘you time’ to meditate and reflect. You might find that a secret is revealed, but it’s likely to be something you already know. The Full Moon is mystic and whispers great wisdom through subtle but direct messages (check out your Facebook messages; you never know—it might be literal, tee hee). Funnily enough, you are the first one to distrust your instincts. How many times has that gotten you into trouble? Trust your inner voice!

Your Ruler Uranus goes rogue on the 18th when he tussles with Mars, and you will not let anyone tell you what to do today. You have your own plans and are more than happy to go it alone if others disrespect your choices. Do bear in mind that you might be feeling more bolshy than usual. However, Venus is trine Jupiter on that day too, which gives your love life extra sparkle. Mercury trines Uranus on the 24th, bringing a genius idea and some unexpected good news.

Mars, the Sun, and a New Moon in your love house at the end of the month bring a new cycle to your love life. Hopefully, you will be on an emotional high as you feel positive about soul connections, romantic liaisons, and ditching any energy that is no longer working for you. Your emotions are very on the surface, and you find it easier than usual to express your feelings towards someone. All of your personal relationships are glowing. Your connections with women are particularly fabulous, so take some time for a warrior goddess girls night out!

Venus is sextile Uranus chucking a surprise passion experience your way. Make the most of Venus in your pleasure zone as she is slipping into a much more serious and reserved place on the 31st.


Pisces July 2017

And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic?
Well yes, I do
Oh yes, I do
Oh yes, I do

It’s not like you to be stroppy, but the July Pisces astrology kicks off with Mars wrestling with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Yikes! You’re very exuberant and excitable on the 2nd and might find yourself going over the top or shockingly being over confident. Be especially careful if you’re out partying or socialising as you might drink too much or get into a squabble if your buttons are poked.

Don’t worry; it’s quite good that you are standing up for yourself for once, but just be careful the way you do it! Venus, the Planet of love, is making you obsessed with your home and family from the 5th. You prefer to be at home, especially for date nights or close encounters. Friends and family want to hang out with you, and if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can turn it into a den of wonder, light candles, have a picnic, and enjoy your space. You’re also a whizz at decorating or space clearing as you sense the vibes around you and need a peaceful ambience. Home is your recharge zone, as everyone wants your attention, and you are mixing with and are around more peeps than usual.

On the 6th, Mercury is square Uranus, and the Sun is trine Neptune. You know how to feel good and have deep, loving connections. You’re finding your feet creatively, and you generally feel outgoing and strong. Yes, you are hot! It’s about time you realised it! Your new-found strength is drawing interesting people to you. Be a little careful on the Full Moon on the 9th: as she is even more intense than usual, she makes you dazzling in a crowd.

However, fishes, be careful where you swim. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and both are excavating your unconscious. While they might dig up some treasure (pay attention to your dreams and strange coincidences for clues), you’re also feeling uncomfortable, especially when dealing with a group of people or within a collaboration. If you pay attention and don’t react if someone tries to undermine you subtly, you could end up leading the pack. It’s up to you how you respond. Having five planets in Pisces myself, I know how sensitive you are. The Universe is giving you extra power to use your intuition to handle things well. No one can pull the coral over your fins!

Venus is square to Neptune on the 17th, so think carefully before committing to anything with a lover, especially around your home or moving in together. You are seeing things through rose-tinted Ray Bans. Having said that, you might have a warm and delicious evening, just don’t give your power away.

Mars is trine to Chiron in your sign on the 18th, further confirming that this is a time of great healing and strength gathering. If you felt disempowered in the past or lost your creative confidence, then Chiron retrograde will bring it back, but of course, you must do the inner work. Venus is trine to Jupiter on the same day, making this the perfect evening for amore, and Jupiter is giving you sexual confidence as well.

Ella’s Mother: “When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic.”Cinderella. This could have been written to describe Pisces, never forget it, you have magic in you!

Mars, the sun, and the new moon are all delivering you organizing super powers and a fresh start. Now the focus is on being practical, so this time you must pay attention to the details. If you have faith in yourself and have regained your mojo, then you’re able to achieve your goals boldly. If you’ve been ignoring any basics like the dentist, health MOT, or fitness, then the universe is giving you a boost to sort it out. On the 26th, welcome to the love house! Mercury is giving you a silken tongue to charm, bring harmony, and seduce with. Not only are you turning into a sweet talker, you’re also a peacemaker. Rock on!

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