Written Monthly Astrology August 2017


‘I’ll make you run faster, faster, faster, flashlight
Flashlight, get outta my way, get outta my way
Cause I can’t lose.
I’ll make you run faster, faster, faster, flashlight
Flashlight, get outta my way, get outta my way
I’m coming through.’ Flashlight – Ellie Goulding

This month is packed with life-transforming cosmic action! I’m going to focus on a few of the key aspects that will impact you the most. Right at the start of August, Uranus, the electrifying Lord of the unexpected, is going retrograde in your sign. For the past 6 years, wacky Uranus has been taking you on a magical mystery tour and making you even more rebellious than usual! You have probably radically changed. Uranus has been testing you and asking you to refine and shake up your identity.

Have you been put into situations where you had to prove yourself in some way? As easy as this sounds, it could have involved circumstances that were downright painful. As enthusiastic about challenges as you are, shedding the ego and knocking off bad patterns is usually a rough process. Yes, Uranus is full of mischief, but he’s also a genius, and he encourages you to find out where your skills and uniqueness are. Uranus wants you to be free and to express your authentic self, and —fingers crossed—that’s exactly what you’ve been doing.

‘It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.’ Buddha

On the 3rd, Uranus is going retrograde, which means that he appears to go backwards. When Uranus goes retro, you’re given the space to reflect on how you have changed and mine the past for spiritual treasure. You’re a warrior; you have, no doubt, had to be heroic in some way, but who have you become through these unpredictable times? How have you changed in the last six years, and what have you learned about yourself? Uranus is giving you a Eureka moment, as long as you take the time to examine where you are now, and where you want to go. You will probably discover that you have already unearthed everything you need, and it’s now about putting it all together. Don’t panic, though, as Uranus is chilling here until the end of the year. Kick off your boots and take a long, cool look at who you are. Be a warrior of love for yourself.

The other massive news of the month is that two significant eclipses are intent on stripping away anything that no longer serves us. The first of these mystic babies is on the 7th, with the full moon and eclipse of the moon in your position of friendships, social media, collaborations, and team work (this moon is also exceptional when it comes to cosmic ordering/LOA/creating your reality). Luckily for you, the Moon is trine expansive Jupiter in your relationship zone and sextile the Sun, sprinkling the full moon eclipse with pleasure and close, intimate experiences. You might be changing who you mix with, but you are backed up by a loving soul who believes in you. Your creative juices are in full flow, and you can fling yourself into another level of empowerment. (FYI, trines and sextiles tend to be fabulous!)

OK, we have dastardly Mercury retrograde on the 13th until the 5th of September. You know the drill: avoid contracts, double check travel arrangements, and expect your laptop/phone to act funky. Mercury is going retro in your health and well-being sector, so it’s time to walk your talk and focus on getting in touch with your body and soul needs. Are you talking about sorting out your habits and then doing nothing about it? Mercury isn’t going to put up with that. Oh and hey, stop being self-critical or critical about an ex, or you could receive a ranting email or text babbling on about what someone has repeated you said! Words are incredibly powerful and work like spells; you generally say it as it is and are more than happy to express your opinion to anyone’s face, but now is possibly not the time. Use this month to meditate and reflect on what you truly want to say until Mercury shifts.

You’re at your most bewitching on the 20th as Mars, your ruler, is sextile lucky Jupiter, bringing in a peak of emotional experiences. You might have a revelation about what you need to do to balance your happiness. These two guys are encouraging you to follow your bliss. Bear in mind that you are extremely passionate, pushy, funny and optimistic today. The following day, the 21st, is the New Moon eclipse in your creative/soul mate/love zone. The Sun and Moon are also trine Uranus in your sign! What does this mean? You’re on track for an enchanting time where you merge with like-minded souls. Passion for life and love could engulf you. You have turned a corner and entered a fresh creative chapter. There is great potential to suddenly meet a soulmate or lover that fills you with joy and makes you laugh harder than any episode of Friends (Yes, even the one with the Turkey). Of course, as it is a New Moon and an eclipse, it might be that you have to let go of someone or something to allow this to happen.

Mars trine Saturn on the 22nd is helping you build strong roots while also expanding your experiences, and Saturn, the Lord of responsibility, is turning direct on the 25th. With Saturn going retro, you’ve had to work really hard to grow and get what you want. Saturn is giving you his approval now and saying as long as you do the work, you can have the rich rewards and stretch your beautiful, impulsive soul.



“She has no regrets/ She accepts the past/ All these things they/ Helped to make she”Mary J. Blige, “Take Me As I Am” (2005)

You are focusing much of your energy of this month on your home and family. As a loyal Taurus, your clan is your life. August’s astrology is encouraging you to examine, support, and put your energy towards your home and tribe, and you are likely to undergo a thrilling transformation. There’s gonna be a powerful New Moon and a solar eclipse, and frisky Mars and the Sun are also in this hot zone. You probably already know that there need to be some changes, right? Let’s start at the beginning.

On the 3rd, Uranus, the unpredictable wacky one, is going retrograde. Over the last six years, you have been much more psychic than ever before. You haven’t necessarily been in control of this, but I bet you have had revelations and shocking instincts that have not only proven to be correct but have also shifted your life path. On top of that, you may have been confronted with secrets and countless issues of closure.

Uranus going retrograde allows you to do a final cleanup. Have you got any addictions? Are you involved in an unrealistic love affair or refusing to let go of a fantasy? Uranus is a little bit more gentle now. If you have been experiencing zombie-ing — dealing with an ex that keeps springing back from the dead — you can find the spiritual and soul support you need to let go. The times, they are a-changing, and no one should take you for granted now.

The Full Moon eclipse on the 7th is shaking up your career. On the one hand, this could be a positive peak experience, especially as we have the moon trine lucky Jupiter in your work zone, but on the other hand, you don’t like unexpected developments. A new role is coming your way; embrace it. The universe is giving you a second chance and a fresh cycle. You can do it! You got this!

Venus is trine your ruler on the 12th, bringing in a soulful experience connected to groups/teams and friendships. There should be a connection that feels as if it were meant to be. Your soul compass is turning and pointing you in the right direction. With Mercury sextile Venus just before this, on the 10th, you are in the perfect place to receive an about turn and welcome a new soul group. Plus, you are storming along on anything web or social media-based, so get your ideas out there. Groups and socialising feature heavily this month and you are loving it.

Watch out though, as Mercury is going retro on the 12th and 13th, which, as you probably know, can be infuriating. He’s causing potential chaos in your love life. Oh, and that zombie might return, as Mercury loves dragging back the past. If you want to take advantage of Mercury retro, then dig back and see if you had any creative ventures you never followed through on. Mercury retro can mean anything from getting one of those irritating Facebook ‘3 years ago today’ posts with your ex’s smiling face to a phone call that knocks you off-kilter. Venus is also a little rocky between the 15th and the 18th as she tussles with Pluto and Jupiter. One thing is for sure; there are bound to be changes and revelations.

With the second and arguably the most powerful New Moon eclipse on the 21st, you may decide to make some radical changes to your home or heal an old family wound. You are about to move from resentment to action. Some of you bulls will feel ready to let someone go, and others will be inspired to move, redecorate, or pick up stakes.As luck would have it, this eclipse is trine Uranus, so if you tune into your psychic inner voice, you should be able to use it to your advantage.

The Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, which leads you into an exhilarating time where you can reboot your sense of purpose. You’re gleeful and jubilant as you feel ready to seize control of your life by following your heart. Love gets a little magical, and there’s a cosmic alchemy in the air that’s dancing you towards a creative peak. With Saturn, the lord of responsibility, going direct on the 25th, it’s as if a burden has been lifted.

Saturn has been dragging you and plummeting you into the past, and any heavy s**t that you would have rather avoided was right in your face. You’ve had to deal with reopened wounds and swum about in the shadows. Now, Saturn is allowing you to heal, and he is showing you that you are much stronger than you thought. Your tenacity has paid off, and you are ready to commit to accepting responsibility for your path and achieving your desires. Intimacy is also going to a brand-new level. With the sun conjunct Mercury on the 26th, things are looking up. Okay, it might not have been all puppy dogs, kittens, and rainbows, but, my warrior friend, you made it.



I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city’s backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight

I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city’s ripped backsides
And everything looks good tonight
Singing la la la la la.. lala la la, la la la la.. lala la la etcPASSENGER – IGGY POP

OK, Gemini, I won’t lie. August astrology is going to ignite some serious shifts. You have to be on your flighty toes and at your Mercurial best. Mercury, your ruler, is doing his retro thing that often makes you feel off-kilter. Having said that, we have two major eclipses that offer you a rare and unique opportunity to swashbuckle your way to your dreams. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Uranus, the Lord of the eccentric and unpredictable, famous for dropping surprises as fast as a hipster fiddling with a fidget spinner, has been visiting your community, friendship, and group zone. There is no doubt you have had some tricky experiences with people. There have been radical changes, and you have parted ways with folks you once had a real connection with. Much of this was a bolt from the blue, but you should be beginning to see it as a major blessing. With Uranus retro, old friends, work colleagues, and even philosophical ideas you thought you had let go of might be back.

For some twins, this might offer you a doorway of opportunity, and for others, it’s just a pain in the bum that you don’t have time for. Either way, take this time to reflect on how far you have come. You might find yourself dealing with letting go of a psychic vampire who slinks around spitting out negative energy, or finding out that someone is not all they seem. Don’t feed the trolls but instead ice them into oblivion. As an air sign, you should know that there is nothing more powerful than detachment.

The Full Moon eclipse is pointing you towards the next part of your soul’s journey. You might be thinking about traveling, relocating, or going on a trip. It could be that you find yourself fascinated by someone from a different culture or background, and you are opening up to expanding your horizons and possibly your consciousness. Whatever tipping point you are at, it should be enjoyable as this eclipse is trine lucky Jupiter in your pleasure zone! Yeah, baby! You are about to explore the Universe, and it could be one hell of a ride. On top of that, Jupiter is sextile the lovely Sun in your ideas/communication zone. Your mind is your ecstasy zone; when you are filled with inspiration and information that excites you, you are at your happiest. Fingers crossed this eclipse will have you surfing the waves of intellectual bliss. In simple terms, you have a ton of fabulous conversations and should be plotting an awfully big adventure.

Now, let’s get to your Ruler Mercury. Mercury is going retrograde in the area of your home and family. There could be trouble with things breaking down, plumbing going up the creek, a rude neighbor or squabbling house mates. Perhaps, there is a misunderstanding in the family over something trivial, or a house move is delayed. Whatever is going on it requires you to be very zen and chill your boots. Do not go flying off the handle or make assumptions (“assume,” after all, makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” Haha!). But, do use this as space where you can think about old memories that are connected to these areas. An old flatmate or clan member may also pop up.

The second eclipse is very full on, BUT it also has some lovely aspects. The New Moon and Solar eclipse fall in your communication zone. This is the second and very rare New Moon in Leo; so, perhaps, you already have a hunch about what this may bring. It could be someone from the past whom you think is long gone gets in touch. You might decide to cut somebody off or let go of an idea you have been nurturing (fear not – it should be replaced by an even larger inspiration). Look out for a text, email, or phone call that drops some good news you’ve given up on. You could also radically change your website or social media strategy to bring great results. Luckily, this New Moon and the Sun are trine Uranus, so you have a gang of peeps helping you out.

Finally, Saturn, the Lord of responsibility, is going direct. You seem to have been walking through porridge in your personal relationships. Has love been a little sticky or have you been avoiding commitment? Perhaps a lover was being irresponsible or giving you the runaround? Or your emotions just became a tad stagnant? Saturn is settling down now, and he is also empowering you to take responsibility in making your relationships work, being responsible for your part in emotional argy-bargy, and also potentially bringing in a stable soul union! Wow! What a ride August will be!



She works hard for the money
So hard for it, honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right – Donna Summer

August astrology is dramarama Cancer, but in a good way! You are very susceptible to the workings of the Moon, after all, she is your divine ruler. Hopefully, you know, however emotional she makes you, she’s got your back. You are a Moon priestess, follow her rhythms, and you can’t go wrong. This Month, la Luna is going through some pretty major shifts. Firstly there are two eclipses, and one of them is a rare second New Moon in Leo! There is no doubt it’s time to examine and heal your finances and security, but let’s start at the beginning.Uranus has been in your career zone for six years, making it very unpredictable. No doubt there have been shocking changes, and unexpected twists and turns around your work life. Probably, you have found yourself in a space where you are working or developing unique skills or perhaps making money for yourself? Whatever mischief Uranus has been up to you are about to have a bit of a reprieve. Uranus is going retrograde, and he is appearing to go backwards, allowing you to rest and put the finishing touches towards overhauling your cash flow or transforming your career.

There’s some major soul work to do around money, power and your survival instincts. The first Full Moon eclipse is stirring your primal emotions. All those buried shadowy feelings you have been trying to push down could come to the surface. Are there any emotional issues connected to love triangles, obsession, money, sex, power? Your ruler is going to sort that stuff out, but of course, for this to happen you are going to have to confront things.

Luckily, the Moon has some allies, so even if it feels as though she is going all ‘Game of Thrones’ on your ass, you are backed up by family or your loving tribe. The Moon is trine expansive Jupiter and Jupiter is Sextile the Sun in your money and security zone. Take advantage of all this cosmic energy that wants to support you and help you feel safe. Even if it feels terribly vulnerable, take your shell off, as this planetary line up wants you to move to a bigger more comfy one! Eclipses bring change and letting go, once you’ve done it, it will hopefully feel like a massive relief.

On the 12th, Venus trine Neptune love bombs your spirit, you sense that you are in the perfect place to do what you gotta do. Venus is in your sign, helping you sort out your love life and attract souls who are right for you. She is also helping you believe in yourself. There are new journeys to begin and a ton of crap to be left behind. Freedom is beckoning!

OK, Mercury goes retrograde causing a potential kerfuffle in all areas of communications. Watch out what you email/text or say. Don’t put your phone in your back pocket when Merc is swimming backwards as he loves an inappropriate bum dial! Reread anything you are sending and don’t put anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want your great Grandma reading. Mercury turns you into a bit of a minx, and you might be very tempted to contact an ex (Prosecco + phone should be avoided at all costs!). On a spiritual level, you can take the opportunity to reflect on how you communicate and bring it more into alignment with how you want to be. How true are you to your authentic self?

The second New Moon in Leo and rare Solar eclipse (it can be seen in the USA and will have even more impact if you’re from that neck of the woods!) is also turning her attention to money, security and finance. Again, we have a dash of good fortune attached as the Moon and the Sun are trine Uranus in your career zone. The sky is painting a picture complete with a neon arrow – look out for an unexpected job offer or moment where you can show someone powerful what you are made of. As Uranus is going backwards, there could be an offer from a place you are already connected to.

Saturn, the Lord of responsibility, turns direct on the 25th which eases tension. Saturn has been retro in your health and well-being zone. You may have felt very heavy or bogged down with health issues, and your self-esteem has been knocked (have you been too self-critical in your head?). The slightest problem may have drained you, and it was all a bit meh. Now Saturn is going forward, you can commit to looking after yourself and have the power and strength to do it. It’s time to love and care for yourself as much as you would your favourite person.



Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way (Born this way)
Oh there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
Baby I was born this way
Oh there ain’t no other wayLady Ga Ga

WOW LEO! What a month! Strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but hey, it sure is exhilarating! Are you ready? The main news of August astrology is a SECOND New Moon in your sign! Holy cow! The two New Moons are rare, and they’re bringing about a major overhaul of your life and your identity. But before we get to that incredible news, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Uranus has been in your adventure zone for the past six years. During that time you have probably radically changed and may have travelled more, rethought your life philosophy, met some fascinating eccentrics and people from other cultures, all in all, some pretty profound experiences for you Leo. Maybe you’ve also found that your path has been very unpredictable and almost impossible to control at times. You’ve been learning, learning, learning and as fun, crazy and dizzying that it’s all been you might have found it pretty exhausting too right? Thankfully though Uranus is going retro from the 3rd allowing you to stand still and marvel at how far you’ve come in the past six years. You have until the end of the year to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together and enjoy a more peaceful way of being, after all the eclipse shenanigans that is!

OK, are your ready? The first Full Moon eclipse is in your relationship zone. Romantic relationships are specially featured under the Moons transforming rays, and some of you lions will be shaking your manes with glee as a love affair hits a peak and could catapult you to the next level. Other felines will be roaring unfulfilling partners away and will show them the paw. The best news of all is that this Moon is trine Jupiter the lucky planet in your communication zone, so you are very succinct in telling someone to P-off and equally mesmerising if you want to seduce a soul connection. On top of that (drum roll please!) Jupiter is sextile the Sun in your sign! What does that mean? I imagine it means whatever happens that you come out smelling of roses.

The Universe is giving you a high five. Of course, Full Moons stir the unconscious and can feel quite overwhelming at the time, but this month is all about letting go and trusting what will be. So, if you are anything like a typical Leo, then your talons are in no doubt ripping into the velvet fabric of your life and refusing to let go. (Have you ever tried to drag a stubborn pussy cat off velvet never mind a lion?) You like to be in control, and you may be thinking how dare the Universe push my claws? For best results, on this occasion, be a queen and graciously go with the flow you’ll be thankful you did.

Look out for a little reward on the 10th as the Sun in your sign brings you an important message with Jupiter whispering good news. Take advantage of this information before Mercury goes pesky retrograde on the 13th. Mercury is messing with your money mojo, so it’s probably best not to give or receive a loan (especially to or from friends) and look at what you are spending on, and ask yourself can you cut back? Old bills that you have ‘forgotten’ to pay could catch up with you so go through your finances with a fine tooth comb.

Don’t forget that bombastic and powerful Mars is in your sign, so you don’t shy away from conflict in August, in fact, we know that you love a good row and a bit of rough and tumble. Rein in that feistiness and channel that powerful Mars fire into things that you’re passionate about for the best results. When Mars is Sextile Jupiter on the 20th, you could bound forward with confidence, but not if you are too busy caterwauling at folks that have made tiny mistakes. Purr your way to success and stop creating drama especially with lovers. If you feel they’re the ones creating drama, be sure to stick your tail in the air and sashay off until they calm down.

When the profound second New Moon arrives in your sign on the 21st you are certainly going to know about it. We are now fully in Leo season, and thankfully you are ready for anything. It’s finally time to fully step into any identity that you choose, to be all that you can be you must let the past go. You have a clean slate and a fresh start here (the Cosmos also wants to give you a birthday season wish, but of course be careful and mindful what you conjure) Your life might never be the same again and this is a lifetime crossroads.

‘If I can’t be daring in my work or the way I live my life, then I don’t really see the point of being on this planet.’ Madonna

Thankfully the Moon and the Sun are trine Uranus, so yes, the unexpected is happening, but hopefully, it will be a pleasant surprise for you. Oh, and on the 26th Venus goes into your sign further fanning the love magic, with Mercury re-entering your sign (still retro) an Ex may rear their head. You know from all the learning you’ve been doing that you can now handle things from within your majestic power.



You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

I got to be your friend now, baby
And I would like to move in just a little bit closerDead or Alive 1985

How much trust do you have in the Universe? Do you trust yourself? Your instincts? Other people? August is the beginning of a profound new chapter for you and how you handle it is of particular importance. Let’s face it you like to plan, take care of the details and map things out before you make important decisions and that’s great but August has other ideas! You need to think on your feet and not be swayed by smoke and daggers. Several important planetary happenings are intent on shaking things up for you. Not only is your ruler retrograde, he’s retrograde in your sign! (Drama.com!) And we have a rare solar and luna eclipse joining the party, so let’s get going!

The first planet to do a switcharoo is Uranus, the king of the unpredictable. Uranus likes to surprise us and chuck in experiences and situations when we least expect them. You’re an Earth sign, so you like to think things through. It’s probably been quite uncomfortable for you in the past six years as Uranus has been bringing possible drama, uprising and odd times around your most primal emotions. Sex, love triangles, power struggles, jealousy, shared resources and possibly even grief have unexpectedly circled you.

Uranus is not a bad planet, he’s electrifying, rebellious, and a genius, all he really wants are to give us an opportunity to see the bigger picture. You have learned a lot, and some of it might have been quite intoxicating. Uranus is going backwards now and this giving you some time to reflect on all these spicy and shadowy things you’ve experiencedand help you understand where you are with all this right now.

The first eclipse and Full Moon on the 7th are in your health and well-being zone. Have you been taking care of yourself? The Moon and eclipse are giving you a well deserved break to overhaul your mind, body and soul. There’s a good chance that the new cycle you are going to go through could be easier than usual, the Moon is trine Jupiter in your robust 2nd house potentially making each positive choice you make brings you rewards. You are emotionally ready to make the changes you need to make.

Mercury, your ruler, is doing his pesky backwards shuffle which can always confuse you. Mercury is currently in your sign adding to the chaos. Watch out for crazy mix ups, computer melt downs, appointment misunderstandings, etc. If you have something important to say possibly best to do it before or after Mercury does his thing. Oh, and be super careful if you have a contract to sign. Try to avoid taking anything too personally and take time out to do somesoothing and nourishing things.

As we are in Leo season, the Sun and Mars are in your 12th house which means you feel like you are at the end of a cycle. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you sense a revolution coming. You might have been feeling a little lethargic or Meh, BUT you’re also plugged into divine wisdom! Alone time and hibernating with your mate willhelp you to tune into your wise woman within enabling you to process the spiritual and emotional changes that are going on for you.

It’s hard to find your boundaries at the moment, secrets are revealed, and psychic revelations pop up out of nowhere. You are probably feeling everyone’s moods and emotions as you’re quite the psychic sponge. When the New Moon and Solar eclipse occur, you are tipped into a different realm. It’s a kind of spiritual rebirth with the Sun and Moon trine wacky Uranus you could whirl into your power.

There are many mystical signs and symbols coming your way. Drag out and invoke your inner hippy/shaman/Goddess to decipher the clear messages raining down on you from the Cosmos. The New Moon and Eclipse are bringing profound change with a chunk of it transforming your inner and outer world, WOW!

Thankful the Sun is entering your sign on the 22nd and cheering you up. Your charisma gets a glorious reboot, you should feel surges of optimism and happiness, embrace all of it, as this is just the start as we slowly enter Virgo season!

Saturn, the Lord of responsibility, is going direct on the 25th smoothing the way around issues with your home and fam, yeay! Have you been swamped by responsibilities? Saturn is loosening things up for you but also it’s allowingyou to firm up the commitments that YOU want.



Ladies and Gentleman, allow me my testimony
I’m so blessed, I’m so blessed
Stow your blessings upon me
And it feels so good, it feels so good
So good to be free
Oh, keep your presence
Keep your presence on me“That’s What’s Up,” Alicia Keys

Uranus has been facilitating a radical change in your relationships over the past six years. As Venus is your ruler, you tend to crave balance and harmony with loved ones. While Uranus has sometimes felt like a pain in the bum, he has probably also released you from an emotional prison. One way or another you have seemingly had electrifying moments, excitement, insecurity and surprising turns. Uranus’s magic carpet ride through your romance house may have left you feeling unsettled, and even if you’re deeply in love, you might wonder what’s going to happen next. Uranus is going retrograde until the end of the year, which should allow you time to catch your breath. Take a chill pill, relax into a place of trust and watch the eclipse bring you something just a little bit special.

Be cautious on the 4th though, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, kicks off with Pluto in your home and family zone. You feel a call to freedom and are unusually bolshy. When these two Planets square off, you turn into a wildling! You’re refusing to pander to someone’s whims. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit feral occasionally, just try to avoid being too pushy in your home environment or bite the head off a family member who just wants to give you a bit of good advice.

The Full Moon and Eclipse of the Moon bring in one hell of an energy for you. Holy Moly it’s intense. The Full Moon is in your house of love affairs, creativity and pleasure! Expect a peak experience of some kind. A relationship is shifting into the next gear, and you might suddenly fall in love or have a profound sensual happening. Not only that, but the Moon is trine lucky Jupiter in your sign! Even though you might go through something unexpected or surprising, I reckon this Moon is going to bring you a very special gift. If you are creative, give it your all. Inspiration cascades down like a Candy Crush finale. Of course, it’s an eclipse, so if a situation is not right for you, it’s likely to unravel.

Mercury is being tricky as he starts to retro from the 13th in your fuzzy and unclear 12th house. Don’t be hoodwinked by a romantic charmer or flirt with anyone inappropriate (easily done ). Someone might reveal a secret but is it true? Channel Judge Judy and only believe things that you have proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The New Moon on the 21st is very rare as it’s a SECOND New Moon in Leo! There’s a massive shift in your social zone. Perhaps a new lover is introducing you to a fresh crowd, or you start collaborating with a bunch of folks that take your ideas to a different level. You’re connected to the Universe and one of your ideas could go viral. Make it count!

New friends may become your closest tribe, look out from a theatrical diva who makes you laugh. On the 25th, Venus, your ruler, changes signs and makes you fall in love with your new clan.

Before that, Venus is in your career zone is enabling you to get ahead as others are very receptive to you, Work it! Work it! You can fall in love with what you do or charm yourself into a new position. Finally, Serious Saturn turns direct on the on the 25th, freeing up your communication.1 He has made you answer to every commitment you have uttered, and perhaps you’ve felt tied up in knots? In the next phase, you get to commit to what you want to (however, do wait for dastardly Mercury to move forward before you sign on the dotted line).



Let my body do the work, work, work, work
Work, work, work (No, no, no, no, no, no!)
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-oh
We can work from home, oh, oh, oh-ohFifth Harmony

Even though this is a hectic month in the heavens, it ignites your career and could catapult you into the spotlight. Limber up Scorpio, it’s all happening! Having said that, there’s also enough drama and intensity to keep you focused. The August astrology has two retrogrades and two earth shattering eclipses, oh yes, it’s certainly interesting. We start off with Uranus going retrograde. Uranus is asking you to examine your health and well-being and reaching out to help you reintroduce some healthy patterns from the past. Nip down to Whole-foods, or get that veg box delivered, make a date at the dentist and re-enrol in your mud wrestling or yoga class (no, fidget spinning is not a sport and doesn’t count!). The Universe wants you fighting fit for the exciting challenges ahead. Uranus has been hanging around in this zone for six years, how have your body and well being changed in that time? He gives you a bit of a break until the end of the year.

On the 7th, the Full Moon and eclipse are in your house of home and family. You’re likely to have a revelation in one or both of these areas. Happily, the Full Moon is trine Jupiter in your spiritual zone (a secret could also be revealed which makes you understand a family member more) and Jupiter is Sextile the Sun in your career area. The Moon is helping you change your circumstances. You’re impressive and charismatic, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. This sizzling energy is perfect to impress and disarm someone in power. You might find that you are in a position to move, redecorate or balance a problem with someone in your tribe. There’s a karmic and spiritual thread weaving through August making you very in tune with what lays beneath the surface. Open yourself up to the information arising from your unconscious. Of course, eclipses can be tricky little pixies, and you might find yourself having to let go of something or someone you were once close to.

Get as much done as possible before Mercury goes retrograde in your social zone on the 13th. On the 10th, Mercury is sextile Venus making you charming and adventurous, you’re drawn to unusual people and might think about working away or putting your energy into something different. When Venus trines Neptune on the 12th, you can have a profound spiritual epiphany that gives you a map/sign or wild feeling about where your happiness lays. Like Anais Nin said, it’s time to throw your dreams into space like a kite!

‘Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.’ Anais Nin

When Mercury goes retro, your plans may stall, or you feel the tension in groups. It’s essential you’re careful on social media and that you avoid being provocative towards old pals, or a team you are working with. It will probably sort out in the end but do you need the immediate aggro? Having said that, a gang you used to hang out with might get in touch and you’re rushing off on a trip down memory lane. Think very carefully before you accept any propositions though.

The New Moon and the eclipse of the Sun are the big ones. This is the SECOND New Moon in dramatic Leo who happens to shine his charismatic light on your career. The wheel is turning, and you’re heading towards a new destination. The New Moon and Sun are trine Uranus making you very good at taking care of the details. Get ready to pounce on an unexpected offer. On the 22nd, Mars is trine Saturn, and on the 25th, Saturn goes direct in your money and security zone. Have you been dealing with financial hiccups and been forced to become more practical? Blame moody Saturn who is about to go direct and help you feel much more secure in all areas.



When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
(Every day, every hour, turn that pain into power)The Script – Superheros

August is a complex month my Sagittarius wild thing. The astrology is packed with lots of your favourite things, but it also requires you to do an inventory of what’s important to you. You are one of the most cavalier and adventurous signs, and nothing much fazes you, you adapt to change well and thrive on challenge. Like any good heavenly mix tape, there are some planetary tunes, you’ll love more than others this month, but overall it could still be music to your ears. Two powerful eclipses and two massive retrogrades bring thunder claps of potential. Let’s go!

Uranus, the planet of the unpredictable, has been in your creativity/soulmate/love and children zone for six years. What changes have happened in these areas? Have you had exhilarating love trysts? Have you been spun around in a frenzy of romantic drama? Were there ups and downs with kids and creative reboots? Whatever’s been going on, Uranus is giving you time to process it now as he’s retro until the end of the year. Perhaps ex lovers will turn up or a previous creative ideas leap back out at you from a different angle? No doubt you will brazen it out and handle it in your unique way. Let ‘what do I truly want’ be your mantra as you prepare for the celestial storm.

Jupiter, your ruler, is square shady Pluto on the 4th, filling you with a desire to take control and liberate yourself from other peoples rules. You’re tempted to do and say what you want and are quite the untamed Unicorn. While it’s fab that you’ve decided to be a Superhero for yourself and break the chains of control, you might lock horns with a few other Marvel characters with the same idea!

‘Cats come when we feel like it, not when we are told’ Catwoman is basically you this month, but you might be surprised that someone else is playing the same game.

On the 7th, the Full Moon eclipse hits your communication zone, and it’s trine (this is a good thing!) Jupiter, your ruler! The whole of August whispers to you, it’s time to expand and remember who you are. The Full Moon is delivering you a secret message, look out for a text/email/call or even casual conversations that spin your life around. Are you as daring and bold as you used to be? The Moon is reminding you how important your maverick ideas are. You’re known as a bit of a truth monster as you always say it as it is, the Full Moon could be returning the favour! Whatever happens, it’s a massive call out from the Universe.

When Mercury does his backwards trip and goes retrograde, he happily throws us all into chaos. Communication can go up the creek, and all sorts of annoyances can have you pulling your fur out. The good news is he always gives us a clue on where we need to pay extra attention, and this time it’s career. Avoid signing contracts, but if you have to, get them triple checked. Push on with things before Mercury tangles it all in knots. Having said that, it is a fabulous time to connect with old contacts. You might even stumble across an opportunity from the past. So go to that school reunion (leaving in plenty of time as Merc retro loves to mess with travel plans) etc. Or take that lunch with an ex-work colleague.

Mars Sextile Jupiter on the 20th is a fantastic transit for you; you’re feeling bold, courageous and generous of spirit. Others are receptive to your plans and inspirations, and you’ve the drive to push it through. Keep pouring out your authentic thoughts and ‘tah da’ you eventually nail it.

The New Moon is the second New Moon in Leo and has significant news for you. Not only that, she is trine Uranus, so expect the unexpected! Basically, the eclipse is launching you into expansion. There’s a fire in your belly and a hunger for exploration. It’s a brand new journey for you, and you will LOVE IT! Don’t struggle against your nature but embrace it. Venus is also travelling in the same direction from the 26th, so you might stumble across another adventurer and sparks fly.

If that wasn’t enough Saturn, the Lord of responsibility is going direct. You’ve probably felt weighed down when Saturn went retro. Saturn has been giving you hard lessons since 2014 forcing you to look at your sense of responsibility (not your favourite past time!). When he went retro, you were dragged back to the past. Not only is Saturn going direct on the 25th, he is leaving your sign in December! Take advantage of his strong voice to commit to what you want to and make your commitment a strength. Phew!



Yeah, my intuition is telling me they’ll be better days
I sit in silence and and find whenever I meditate
My fears alleviate, my tears evaporate
My faith don’t deviate, ideas don’t have a date
But see I’m growing and getting stronger with every breathJ COLE – Change

Power! Security! Change! The August astrology packs a powerful punch for you. Let’s be honest you can be a bit of a control freak, you take charge of your reality and get things done. You’re a goat, after all. Show you a mountain of possibility, and you’re scuttling up it faster than you can say crampons. A Ravine of blocks? No problem, you understand that as long as you put one hoof in front of another, you will get to your chosen destination in the end. Letting go? Hmmmmm possibly not so good at that! Well, this month is going to test your resolve but could also deliver rewards. We have two massive eclipses (letting go!) and two significant retrogrades, as well as your ruler, Saturn, turning direct (Hooray!).

Firstly Uranus goes retrograde in your home and fam sector. The last 6 years have probably thrown you a few surprises in this area. You have been given strange experiences and may have felt unsettled. Uranus is leaving and entering a different space in May 2018, but before then, Uranus is going retrograde, allowing you to reflect on what’s been happening.

On the 4th, Jupiter is squaring up to Pluto, the shadowy lord of the underworld, in your sign. Don’t be tempted to do anything shady to get your way. You might feel that you are going to reach your goal whatever the cost, do not be a naughty goat or you could sabotage the very dream you seek. You have charisma and kudos, use it wisely. Even if you live on planet Guru surrounded by enlightened beings, there could be a message from the Universe about power and how you deal with situations when you feel powerless.

The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse bring a golden egg of an opportunity. Full Moon’s are all about peak experiences, and this one focuses on your sense of security and cold hard cash. You’re likely to be changing direction and Jupiter is lending you a helping hand enabling you to push ahead with your career. Not interested in finances? Your sense of self is given a boost as you let go of past insecurities.

Mercury is heading backwards in your adventure zone. Perhaps you’ve been planning to travel or study? Is there someone from a different part of the world or who has very different life experience to you? There may be some misunderstandings or confusion in these areas. If you find yourself reacting to a text or email, make sure you haven’t go the wrong end of the stick! When Venus is trine Neptune on the 12th, there’s the chance for a soul healing around your intimate relationships.

The New Moon and Solar eclipse are in your primal zone, so you could feel slightly overwhelmed by your emotions. Something deep is revealed and you are probably confronting and releasing a wound from the past. Are you a jealous person, and if so, where does this come from? Do you feel secure with a lover? Money, sex, power and old wounds are highlighted by this eclipse BUT it also offers a new beginning.

With Mars trine your ruler, Saturn, on the 22nd, you have a window of magic to make things happen. You have drive, power and a dash of good fortune to go for it. Obviously, don’t be too pushy as Mercury is making folks snarky and reactive. Charm and positive energy will get you where you need to go.

Saturn has been retro for awhile but is going forwards from the 25th. You might have been lost in the past and thinking about situations that made no sense to you at the time. Saturn is bringing closure, and also you get to see people from a totally different angle. It’s time for you to embrace, protect and nurture yourself, Saturn is giving you the foundations to do so.



They love the way I walk
‘Cause I walk with a vengeance
And they listen to me when I talk ’cause I ain’t pretending
It took a while, now I understand just where I’m goin’
I know the world and I know who I am, it’s ’bout time I show it. Beyonce – Grown Woman

Aquarius, Big news! Your ruler, Uranus, is travelling backwards until the end of the year. Your illustrious leader is doing his annual about turn, and he’s in your social media, communication, publishing and ideas zone. Is it time to rein it in a bit? Have you got yourself into a twitter spat or a Facebook showdown? To a certain extent, we have been hijacked by technology and this builds a wall between what is reality and what is a glossy fairy tale. It’s challenging to tell what someone is feeling or trying to say via just text. We have evolved over thousands of years to understand facial expression and voice intonation. In a nutshell, don’t get pissed off with anyone unless you’ve had some calm one to one time. Uranus is asking you to check out your priorities. He’s been in your communication zone for 6 years and has hopefully filled you with genius ideas and fantastic conversations. Go within and decide where you want to take these inspirations.

On top of that, we have two very powerful eclipses which are game changers, in fact, for you more than most signs as the first Full Moon eclipse is in Aquarius! Your life and identity are branching out and taking you down a new path. Luckily, Jupiter is involved, as he is Trine the Moon, and holding your hand as you experience a new reality. You should be supported by a lover or intimate friend as Jupiter is Sextile the Sun in your relationship zone. Can you feel a tingle of excitement? An adventure awaits.

Mercury is going retrograde and causing mass confusion. You need to be cautious as he’s hot footing it backwards in your primal zone. Someone you were obsessed with in the past or perhaps a controlling ex may pop up. You might start thinking about a profound or painful situation you thought you had dealt with. Watch out for a manipulative but sexually charismatic new contact who spells D.A.N.G.E.R. Although; this is the perfect time to heal your shadow side and embrace your wounds. Another thing to avoid or side step is ultimatums, don’t do it!

The Second eclipse, which is also a New Moon and Solar eclipse, is in your opposite sign and your house of love and close relationships, and all sorts of partnerships. The New Moon wipes away illusion and plops you onto a new path. Again you are blessed as the Sun and Moon are Trine Uranus, your ruler, so whatever happens, it’s likely to be for your greater good. If you have unresolved issues with an ex and it’s meant to be, they may reappear with a different energy. BUT, have you changed your energy? Are you ready to let go of any love patterns that don’t serve you? Don’t panic, Venus enters your relationship zone on the 26th, giving you a large dose of love magic.



Let’s be optimistic,
Let’s say that we won’t toil in vain
If we pull together
We’ll never fall apart again
We all need a love
(resurrection, just a little divine intervention)
We all need a love
(resurrection, just a little divine intervention)
We need love
ResurrectionLove Resurrection – Alison Moyet

PISCES!!! I’m so sorry yours was late! You are the last of the 12 signs, and I have been writing all weekend and at 1 am a couple of times! I need to get ahead! I know you can relate as that’s what you do best, your superpower is empathy! Funnily enough, your insight and psychic skills are going to a whole new level this month. We have two major eclipses and two significant retrogrades! Hang onto your fins as the water might get choppy baby, BUT can also whoosh you towards a brand new reality! Let’s get going!

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, is going retrograde/backwards. Uranus has been having a lot of fun in your finance/security zone over the last six years, for some of you, it’s been quite a revelation as you have unexpectedly found your way to feeling more secure, not that it’s always been easy for you. Hopefully, Uranus has brought about apositive revolution to your sense of security as well as the kerfuffle. Mr Eccentric Uranus is going retrograde on the 3rd for the rest of the year giving you the chance to reflect on whats been going on. He’s also leaving in May 2018 PHEW! In the meantime reflect and then use the last of his energy to think outside of the box to make more money and find your unique way.

The Full Moon eclipse is in a very familiar energy, and it’s like a nuclear version of you! All of your good points and perhaps some of your shadows are reaching a peak experience during this time. This particular Moon/eclipse is supremely important, as it’s all about you understanding the strength of your spirit. Jupiter is backing it up with a trine to the Moon. It’s essential that you listen to your soul and gut instincts. A message is coming to you, and you are being encouraged to make radical changes to your health. You have the right to feel powerful and to know you are equal to all. As you are so sensitive, you may have been wounded deeply by others who were less aware of how connected we all are. The August astrology is showing you a way to be protected, balanced whilst still intuitive and loving.

“You must forgive those who hurt you, even if whatever they did to you is unforgivable in your mind. You will forgive them not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because you don’t want to suffer and hurt yourself every time you think of them”
Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love

Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th in your relationship zone. Have you been thinking about an ex or going over your relationship history to understand your soul contracts? Mercury is asking you to jump in the love time machine and reflect on how far you’ve come. An ex might phone or text you, or you’re meandering around Wholefoods, and there they are. When I was a kid of 12 I did a ‘spell’ I found in girls comic, Jacquie magazine. I washed my hands in 6 lemons and repeated a boys name I had an innocent summer romance with when I was 11. As I was standing outside a bookshop, I bumped into him approx 1 hour after the lemons! I was so shocked I couldn’t talk to him lol, but I also realised I had 0% interest in him. Why am I telling you this story? Because you’re the romantic of the zodiac, and sometimes you can project a deeper meaning into the past than there actually is. Also, you’re super psychic and can perhaps pick up on past life connections with folk, which although valid can also be red herrings for you in this life. Of course, there may be one that is meant to be, but don’t let Mercury retro throw you off track!

The New Moon eclipse and Solar eclipse are the SECOND New Moon in Leo! The Universe is guiding you to sort out your health and well being. Might you have already had signs of this? The good news is, you will probably find it easier than usual and be able to get yourself together to bring in new healthy routines etc. Not only are you ready for this but you are also able to feel more secure and stable in yourself. The eclipse is releasing and liberating you, but these two events might also get rid of things which aren’t right for you. You can have the power in this, make sure to use it to your advantage.

Finally, Saturn is turning direct in your career zone PHEW! Work may have been like wading through treacle with all sorts of extra worry and responsibility tipped onto you. Saturn is helping you to push ahead with all the tools that you need. Saturn has been sitting in your work zone since 2014 but is leaving at the end of the year. The good thing about Saturn is he rewards good behaviour, so if you’ve been diligent he should be sending you a prize!

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