Written Monthly Astrology April 2020

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 2020


Design your future

Be a warrior for your values

Re-awaken self-belief

You can’t confine your warrior spirit, Aries. And no matter what’s going on in the outside world or where you find yourself, you’ll be searching for ways to connect to those kindred warrior souls this month. For you, the Now Age of Aquarius begins with you looking at all your relationships from partners to friends. And everything else in between. Yes, I know the Now Age is taking place in your 11th house of your social life.

And your social responsibility too. You’re leading by example by sharing your truth now. So, get some real communication happening. This is also your house of the future. Take action by visualising, meditating and using your imagination to design what that future looks like.

The Sun remains in your sign until the 20th so it’s all about initiation and looking at what you want to achieve when you are free to take action. But action comes in many forms – Quantum Creating and visualisation being two of them. So get in touch with those deeply personal goals. And check your goals for continued relevance. Do they still ring true?

The start of the month sees the Sun oppose Juno in your partnership sector. Juno as you know rules commitment and marriage. Combined with a meeting between mercury and Neptune in your 12th and the arrival of Venus into your 3rd on the 4th which also trines ‘put a ring on it’ Saturn in your 11th, it’s time to get serious about just what it is you do need. Commit to the future of love or that life-changing goal. Life isn’t on hold. It’s in a refinement period.

Believe that you can reach for something higher and bigger than you have allowed yourself to in the past. The 5th sees Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 10th. This is the first of three meetings between these two. They will meet again when Jupiter retrogrades in June and then for a final time in November. Opportunities and positive changes in current circumstances may appear for some. Hope could now be on the horizon. But above all, this is about using this energy to set a higher course for yourself when it comes to that future path. This exact alignment could be the beginning of a status setting success story. Define where you want to go from here.

If something is not working, time to make serious decisions around this. You have a full Supermoon sailing across your 7th on the 8th. This is all happening against the backdrop of ruler Mars pushing you out into the Now Age from your 11th. And also ‘dare to think different’ aspects happening with Uranus in your sector of self-worth and relationships which are assets to you. Dare to discuss or just reassess how you are seen and treated. This Supermoon is like a mirror which someone opposite you holds up.

This can be your past, present or even potential partner, someone with whom you work closely or are in business with, your bestie or even that opponent or rival.

Again, whatever you are being shown – this needs to be taken seriously as you see how you are seen by them. Even if this occurs at a distance. You change the world by changing your thoughts or approach. Even if you feel apart from that world at the moment. Remember – loved or loathed, it’s ultimately about your ability to love yourself – and receive love in return. You can do this kind of work anywhere.

Raise the value of your stock to let more love in. The 11th has Mercury arrive in your 1st and it’s all about your image, brand and above all, what you are communicating about yourself across everything you do. This includes the on-line you so look at what you are saying now and what this message sends. The universe needs your warrior spirit right now. So ensure that firebrand image is what you project.

It’s not about self-aggrandisement or narcissism, just self-assurance. Follow up on those ideas and mean what you say. Above all, work up those ideas or think about a radical re-brand or re-launch. Want to be seen differently? Now’s your chance as Mercury and Chiron meet on the 15th. The more edgy, innovative and attention grabbing your ideas – those are the ones to run with now. Remember, success often comes to those who dare to stand out and be seen as different. Dare you?

No matter what, it’s all about a certainty of your own sense of self-worth and your ability to manifest those future goals in the run up to the Sun exiting your 1st on the 20th. The Sun’s entry into your 2nd delivers an opportunity to somehow convey this as it nudges Saturn on the 21st and then meets Uranus on the 26th. In between, we have a powerful and important new Moon in here on the 23rd which falls within three degrees of Uranus. It’s about open-mindedness and innovation.

Boosting your sense of purpose by setting yourself something to aim for. This new Moon is always one which when it appears, offers the opportunity to go down a fresh path. Sometimes depending on our circumstances, we have to create that for ourselves. What we imagine we can achieve!

It’s also about a greater appreciation of what you have and how you can use this in more empowered ways. Your time and talents could be your greatest assets now. Again, look at how you are communicating these. Your self-worth is your emotional bedrock now. The Moon wants you to know this with unshakeable surety and to relate to all you have to offer – those talents, skills, abilities and your ‘worth’ to others, in a new way.

Own who and what you are and protect your pricelessness if necessary. Above all, be seen as someone who stands by their values and this new Moon can trigger the flow of what reflects your value into your life. Especially if you now understand that this may be very different to what you have experienced in the past. Some of you could see new avenues to all this open up when Mercury arrives on the 27th and makes a ‘stand by your values’ angle to Saturn on the 28th. Know what you want – and be seen as someone who does.

Ceres enters your 12th from the 24th and trines the North Node in your 4th as it does. If you are old enough, look back 19 years or back again in 19-year increments to themes around home, moving and family. Especially around your mother, her mother or female care-givers and letting go. How powerful did your mother feel in the world? Did she realise her ambitions? Or did she feel powerless? Was she able to give you the confidence and strength to explore your world or did you experience ‘smother’ love? This is not about your own gender, but what has been handed down via the family line – especially the female line and what we have inherited.

What plays out and goes around and around. Your ideas of what you are worth, what you can achieve or do, are often shaped by your family but especially by the women, whether you realise it or not. Some of you may be working with these themes while Ceres is in here and make powerful shifts. It all goes back to you supporting who you are now and want to be. Especially if you want to break the chains that have prevented you from stepping fully into your success. A new appreciation of your home and what you have could spring from your current circumstances. There’s no place like home and no one like you, warrior spirit!

In a nutshell:

Time to be a warrior of self-love. And to truly appreciate what really matters. It’s also time to get serious – about what you want, especially in love. Focus on those future goals, Aries.



Discover the power of self-belief

Set a new future in motion

Happy birthday, Taurus!

Your deep dive is now over, Taurus and you’re emerging with a new sense of purpose as the Sun arrives in your 1st from the 20th. You have a daringly different new Moon appearing in your sign very early on in your birthday season. This occurs on the 23rd and falls within three degrees of the planet of reinvention – Uranus.

So, your new cycle begins asking you to see yourself in a new light and to take an ‘On with the show’ approach to your appearance, style, personal message, look, brand or social media presence. Time to bring that Greatest Showman attitude and tell the world in any way you can: This is me.

Uranus is the ruler of your 11th house. This rules your future. What can you do to boost your immune system and overall wellbeing? Focus on the future of course! Your 11th is where your goals and dreams reside. Creating or refreshing those medium to long term goals allows the charge of positivity to flow into your being. So, let your imagination run riot, Taurus!

Ruler Venus is on the move out of your 1st and into its ruling 2nd from the 4th. Just prior to this you may have a ‘this works/no longer does’ revelation as the Sun in your 12th of soul secrets opposing Juno in your 6th of everyday happenings, your wellbeing and work. Time out could result in soul truth insights. Reflect on what you now see and then prepare to do something about it after the Sun arrives in your sign.

It is a time for you for the first three weeks of the month when seeds for the future are being planted. It’s also going to be about taking action – not over-thinking things or getting lost in introspection. Envision where you want to get to and then follow-through in any way you can. Even if this is just creative visualisation time. This is your time and you engage the Engine of Change and get it driving new beginnings your way!

If you’ve stopped believing in yourself lately, then there’s no doubt about the fact that ruler Venus in your 2nd restores that self-appreciation. Jupiter is in its ruling 9th and meets Pluto in here on the 5th. This is all about seeing an opportunity when others are blind to it. And learning in a way that changes you.

Your professional reputation, wider knowledge or reputation may play a role here. You could receive recognition and validation. Seeing as this all relates to the image you project, this is all the more reason to be showing yourself some self-love by updating it if necessary. And you can do this kind of work in the comfort of your own home if necessary.

Mars and Ceres in your 10th of the Now Age enable you to tap into hidden resources of power and confidence. Especially if you have felt that disconnect from them lately. Your ruler trines Saturn on the 4th allowing you to plan to act (and know) you belong ‘up there’ and take that confidence and reach higher! This month’s full Supermoon which is the first one of this year, appears in your 6th on the 8th. On a key day when Mars trines Vesta in your 2nd. Have the courage to state your terms, ask for what you want and above all, follow your intuition when it comes to writing a new chapter in your success story.

Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. So, this one illuminates something you have overlooked in your 12th. Your own hidden talents or resources perhaps or maybe just those archaic ideas around what you can or cannot have or achieve. You are able to integrate this as Mercury swings in here from the 11th and meets Chiron on the 15th resulting in a radically different way of seeing yourself – and your world. Again, this is all work that can be done even if you are self-isolating.

You may not only be thinking different but wanting something different now thanks to all this future focussing. Anything from that new look I mentioned earlier to a different kind of love, career or experience. What this is may even surprise you as you may not have realised what was missing or who or what you truly needed – until now. So, follow through and do whatever you can to pursue or claim it as the Sun in your 12th angles to Jupiter in its ruling 9th on the 16th. A little self-belief and daring goes a long way now. Dream big, Taurus and know if you can dream it, you can eventually do it.

This month marks the start of an important new journey for you where you are set to climb higher or grasp that bigger opportunity fuelled by re-born self-belief in your dreams. Up until the arrival of the Sun in your sign on the 20th, the past may feature in some way. Just remember if people turn up from it, the past is a trap as is past thinking. This is all about looking forward – not backwards.

Power to the people and that’s you too, Taurus as Ceres arrives in your 11th on the 24th and trines the North Node in your 3rd the same day. This is all about who makes up your sense of family, your people and who or even where you belong with and to. If anything, these times are showing us that connections are what matter. Keep the flow going but ensure if people from the past do get in touch, that the resonance is still there. Those around you even at a distance, could have a major role to play in your long-term destiny. Even if this is not clear right now and you are physically distanced.

Mercury’s arrival in your 1st on the 27th is all about you communicating the newness you’re feeling. It’s about those new ideas and ambitions that are coursing through your very soul. As it gets serious with Saturn on the 28th it’s time you did too. Be structured and organised when it comes to your plans and back up those ideas with facts. Bring those ambitions ‘down to earth’ and know there is nothing you cannot have, see, experience or do with the right focus and commitment to it. The commitment you’re making is to your future self this month, Taurus. And it begins with creating that person right now – today.

In a nutshell:

Happy birthday, Taurus. No matter your situation, know as you enter your new cycle that the future has no limits. It all starts with your self-belief – and the power of your imagination!



Be ready to receive

Find a bigger dream

Love begins with YOU!

All the world loves a lover. And with Venus’s arrival in your 1st this month is going to be about new ways to show the world the love. Get creative Gemini. Say it in anyway you can. And yes, this is a highly creative transit under which you can cherish ideas and bring them into being. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly creative, seek out inspiration via art, books and positive thinking. Move that body. Dance around your living room and express yourself even if you have nowhere else to go! It’s good for your soul and beauty boosts the immune system!

The Aquarian Now Age which is happening in your 9th is all about reaching for something bigger. Or imagining you can. Look to what you want to experience, learn or travel towards in the future. Dreaming big, imagining yourself doing this is another proven way towards keeping your wellbeing topped up.

There are always ways to begin the dream now but creating the goal and then breaking it down into an action plan. Call this your map to the stars. Journal, meditate on a Tarot card, spend some time thinking outside the box. Even if you feel you may be in one right now. The future is all in your mind and your imagination can take you anywhere.

Venus in your 1st also asks you if it is time to show yourself some love? Do you realise how valuable you are? Look back at what you have set in motion, see your inner and outer beauty and also your importance to those around you. Even if they are somewhere else at the moment. Set yourself up to be ready to receive once restrictions are lifted. Yes, you’re moving in readiness, Gemini even if you feel you are standing still right now.

It’s also important to be able to back up those ideas that may be coming to you with facts or a concrete plan to make them happen. Ruler Mercury will meet Neptune in your ambitious 10th the same day as Venus enters your sign. This can hand you inspiration for the future or even see you reviving a past idea. But you need to have a strategy to move things forward. Flying by the seat of your Calvin’s will not work if you want to do more than just dream it.

Since the end of last month, Jupiter and Pluto have been at the same degree in your 8th. Which Pluto rules. The 5th sees them come to an exact alignment which is the first of three. This is your house of what you share and what is shared with you in turn. Patronage, benefits, your salary and perks being some examples. This is the house of ‘other people’s money’ – that mortgage or loan. Tackle money matters head on especially if you are stressing about them. Solutions are at hand thanks to Jupiter.

Added to this, the moondance provided by the full Supermoon in your 5th on the 8th is telling you to take a chance and ask for what you need. What have you got to lose now? It’s also telling you to be flexible, adapt and go with the flow. Full Moons always shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case – your 11th of the future and of friends. You can still connect and if you need support – ask for this.

Carry that desire to be connected even if in lockdown forward with you as ruler Mercury backs those future-focussed plans as it arrives in your 11th on that day. It’s about to meet Chiron in here on the 15th, asking you what you dare to do or can get away with? How about simply daring to state your dreams for the future or share your authentic feelings? You are a born storyteller, Gemini. Let others into your truth via your social media, calls, emails, blogging, vlogging, texts or even writing or journaling. It’s also about being heard and letting others know they are not alone as you ‘get’ what they are going through.

Be part of a community of souls now and nurture ideas as you do.

Mid-month sees you heading into deeper, more reflective inner territory with the Sun’s arrival in your 12th on the 20th. You’re looking at what you have drawn to you but also what you still need to attract, attain or achieve. As the Sun aligns with Saturn in your Now Age 9th, look at where your fears or insecurities could be holding you back. What’s your mindset now?

Positive and filled with possibilities or pessimistic and restrictive? Saturn is very much about what we fear we end up attracting because it wants us to learn that it is our thoughts that are often to blame for lack of progress – not others. Saturn also rules time out. So, we can integrate the lesson and then move on. See this time as what you are engaged in now.

The new Moon in here on the 23rd opens up a conduit to potential for you. It falls within three degrees of Uranus. In fact, the Sun meets Uranus in here on the 26th. Whether you realise it or not, the last week of the month is presenting you with an opportunity to ‘begin again’ in a key area. This could be emotionally, evolutionary – as you adapt to this new and different set of circumstances are are all facing. Or simply renew your faith in yourself and your ability to shape your future once more.

Ceres’ entry into your 10th of status and achievement trine the North Node in your 2nd on the 24th points to a new cycle of achievement or a fresh direction. Think about the seasons which Ceres rules. After winter always comes spring and new growth and beginnings. If you are in the depths of a soul winter now, this is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. In the interim, work with what you have. And what you have is powerful stuff because that’s YOU, Gemini!

The answers to love if your questions revolve around this, life, the universe and everything else in between, are within you so if you are seeking guidance, then do take the time to go within. This isn’t about keeping karma going round and round in circles by always opting for the same solution. It is about spiralling up towards fresh starts and freedom when the Sun appears in your sign next month.

For now, Mercury aids the process as it enters your 12th on the 27th. The next day it asks you to make that commitment to freeing yourself from anything that is lived out when it aligns to Saturn. Think of this as re-programming your soul DNA and setting new karma in motion. You do this by connecting to your angels, higher self, guides, Buddha, God, Allah, universal wisdom – it doesn’t matter the name you use for it. Just use this time to quiet your soul and then be open to the answers that appear. They are yours for the asking this April, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

All the world loves a lover. That’s you this month, Gemini. You’re more connected to others and the source than you realise, even if you’re alone right now. Work it any way you can.



Intuition gives you an accurate preview of the future

Be honest about your needs

Love the real you

All of us are going to experience love with a past flavour very soon due to an ultra-rare retrograde of Venus which occurs next month. Take it that you have this happening earlier than most due to Venus entering your 12th on the 4th. This is the house where it will retrograde. Your 12th is all about spiritual and higher love but also rules the past and your past lives.

Venus in here will enhance your creative and psychic faculties. You may pick up a past creative project you began and then discarded and inject it with fresh inspiration for instance. Or you may know what is going to happen before it does. Which brings me to the theme of past loves. You may also find you are thinking of someone from the past and then – voila! They get back in touch.

You have been through one of the most intense periods when it comes to past, present or even potential partnerships these past 2.5 years. This is not quite over for many of you. If you are using this time to choose a Tarot card to meditate on each day, many of you may find that the cards you choose relate directly to your love life. These cards may foreshadow the exact alignment between Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th on the 5th. Jupiter and Pluto are set to meet three times before Jupiter heads off into Now Age Aquarius at the end of the year.

During which time you will experience opportunity which comes your way via a past, present or even yes, prospective partner.

If your goal is to create a new love future – or even better working relationship, imagine it and then do what you can to manifest it. But work with what you have in the present. Your current boo. Your business partner or close colleague. The plans you make with a friend. Or try internet dating. are dreaming of the future now which is a great way to use this energy, keep it real in the present moment. Yes, you can begin to create the future. But remember – you don’t live it (or love it) until it arrives.

Venus in your 12th weaves dreams of love and this is where you need to be careful. Especially as it will begin to slow down prior to stationing and then heading backwards. Is it loves illusions you recall? Or are being lured into now? If someone from your past does reappear now, you need to avoid sentimentality about ‘the way we were’ if you are thinking of getting re-involved.

This doesn’t just apply to past partners, but anyone who returns at this time. It’s important to learn from the past and not to repeat it and the trine between Venus and Saturn now in your 8th emphasises this. Saturn is all about the learning curve. And those rings symbolise we go ‘round and round’ until we ‘get’ the lesson. Which is your task for the Now Age of Aquarius.

This month’s full Supermoon is super-sized in its ruling 4th. So, you can expect deep emotions to be surfacing when it comes to feeling secure, nurtured and also around home and family ties. This is a time where we are gaining a greater appreciation of our home, what protects and supports us and the people we think of as our family whether we share DNA with them or not. So if you are rocked by your feelings, especially those around being safe and supported, look to who or what provides that feeling of emotional safety.

Cocooning and time out, can have us looking at our most basic needs and how we can fill these. Or communicate our vulnerabilities to others in order to get them met. Yes, you are able to stay strong if needed and be there for others. This is due to full Moons reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they appear in as you know better than other signs. In this instance this is your 10th of status, career, reputation and responsibilities. You may be asked to be strong for others. If so, don’t be afraid to ask for their support in return.

Mercury enters your 10th on the 11th and meets Chiron in here on the 15th. Venus will also meet Vesta in your 12th on the 13th. If you have been taking on more than your fair share at either home or work, or running on empty due to trying to be all things to all people, then look forward to release and the freedom to begin to put yourself first and focus on your own needs. Now more than at any other time, don’t be afraid to ask for a new and different arrangement between you and someone else to give you the support or opportunity you need.

With Venus in your 12th and preparing to head backwards, just watch out for placing a partner or prospective on a pedestal. Or even although it is nice to be thought of as perfect, for anyone to do the same to you. The problem being that they or you, can come crashing down off of it once Venus heads direct again. Saturn’s transit through your 7th should have shown you that only real love will do. Which is why it is so okay to talk about how you need support or show the vulnerable you protected by that shell, Cancer! If you do establish a connection now or even want to improve an existing one, let people see and fall in love with the real you.

The Sun’s arrival in your 11th on the 20th could see friends sharing their realness with you. And this is also your house of the future. And setting new goals to achieve. The new Moon of the 23rd stirs up excitement and anticipation. It falls very close to Uranus which rules this house. It’s creating an emotional pull towards what you know you really want and need for your future. And who you want to be sharing that future with because nobody does it alone!

Think about your friendships and contacts and the kind of people you want to populate that future. Take some time to nurture the ones you have. But if friends are thin on the ground, come up with a plan to improve this as soon as you are able. Perhaps one that takes you out of your usual circle You need excitement and stimulation as well as kindred souls and who these are may surprise you.

Also, connect in any way you can right now as the Sun and Uranus meet on the 26th, while Mercury’s arrival in here the next day could boost communication. Reconnections could reappear with new resonance. Even if you are in hermit mode right now, what this will show you is who is coming into a new era with you.

Pluto’s retrograde in Venus’s ruling 7th from the 26th, means that even more powerful changes may be rippling across partnerships and close relationships. It also tells you that love has a plan and a direction all its own and if so, there is no use fighting fate! Ceres entry into your 9th on the 24th could mark a release from something that has been holding you back for too long.

It’s part of a new path of destiny for you to walk as it trines the North Node in your 1st. This important new cycle is almost at an end. So, pay close attention to the people and loved ones who are being locked in now for the next one. That intuition of yours could just be letting you know just who from the past this could be – and where to find new connections for the future. All you need do is be honest about who you are and your needs this month, Cancer.

In a nutshell:

Look back at the past but from the perspective of the present. You’ve changed, Cancer. So chances are your needs around love have too. Above all ask the question: Who comes into the future with me?



News could be the catalyst for change

What’s meant for you has your name on it

Dare to do different!

Ruler the Sun is in your adventure setting 9th at the start of the month indicating you are commencing a journey. This could be a metaphorical one as opposed to an actual one. But what I can tell you is that it will open your mind to new possibilities. News could arrive that asks you to commit to this as the Sun opposes Juno in your 3rd on the 2nd. This could involve committing to change or a reshuffling of those priorities for the future as Mercury and Neptune meet in your 8th. You see very clearly what is truly important. Go towards that now, Leo.

The news which triggers this may not even involve you or anyone you know. You will be profoundly affected by what is happening in the world right now and this may act as a powerful catalyst for personal change due to this month’s full Supermoon on the 8th is in your 3rd of news, commerce and communication. But it shines its light into your 9th of learning, big dreams and mass media. So, one idea or piece of news ends up taking you further than you think or opens a bigger door especially after the 11th when Mercury arrives in here.

Jupiter is the natural ruler of your 9th. And also the ruler of Sagittarius. Since the end of last month it is has been aligned with Pluto in your 6th of work and wellbeing. The 5th of this month sees them exact – the first time out of three this will happen. This is about changes around your everyday work (paid or unpaid), routine and wellbeing. And making these work for you. If you think about it, these are now more important than ever before. So, embrace small changes as they could have a bigger long term impact than you imagine.

We’re entering into special Venus weather now. Venus in your 11th is about friendships and being a part of the whole even if you are apart from the mainstream now. How many ways can you think of to connect or be involved? We can say Venus in your 11th is not usually conductive to finding that one special love as it is concerned with love on an interpersonal scale (hey – don’t knock it as it’s ALL love!). However, right now this does not apply to you due to the Now Age of Aquarius in your 7th house – which Venus rules. The house which rules innovation and technology. Think dating apps and websites in other words.

Here are the rules especially when we begin to enter the retroactive love weather next month. And not so much rules – think of these as your Now Age Love Manifesto. Take this as your playbook not just for the present, the upcoming Venus retrograde but for the entire Now Age – especially 2021. Ready to rule, Leo? Especially as you have Saturn and Mars in your 7th. The playbook is simple as Saturn rules karma and timing. And you have the North Node about to swing into your 11th. The right love has its own timing. If it does not arrive now, if it’s meant for you, it will wait until the time is right. In other words: Don’t panic!

Mid-month specifically the 13th– 15th asks you just how comfortable you are being you, Leo. Self-acceptance is your key to success. As is committing to being an original and not copying others. The 13th sees Venus meet Vesta in your 11th. Are you going along with the crowd and conforming or going your own way? Time out of the social flow can have you looking at how it does that very differently. Such as whether one person is dictating your social agenda and if others are merely following in their wake. Is this you? I don’t think so!

The 15th sees you willing to take a risk and experiment as Mercury meets Chiron in your 9th. You’ll never know until you dare to do. This is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone – daring to do or try something you’ve thought about, wanted to but never attempted. Sure, it might now be today. But it’s about knowing you don’t need anyone else’s permission but your own. Do it on your terms.

Ruler the Sun arrives in your 10th of pubic face and image on the 20th. A new Moon in here on the 23rd falls close to the planet of individuality and also future goals – Uranus. In fact, the Sun meets Uranus just three days later. This Moon may intensify those feelings around what you have not dared to do in the past. So, time to look at why not? Your future career path so invest in your path and look for ways to leverage those achievements and impress in the future. Or else have a plan to make changes to it.

If you feel blocked, frustrated or held back, don’t blame others. Instead channel your energy into doing something about it. Nobody makes it happen but you! Mercury’s entry into this house on the 27th favours fresh ideas. Whether they are around love, career or friends, know that what or who is meant for you has your name on them, Leo! movement and also enables you to get those ideas across to those who matter. Just like love this April, what’s meant for you is seeking you just in the same way you are looking for it. And it won’t go past you if you dare to go look for it, Leo!

In a nutshell:

What’s meant for you has your name on it. If it’s the right time for love – it will happen. April brings you a fresh sense of purpose, direction and sees you loving all you have to offer, Leo!



It’s all about the sharing

Opportunity is in the here and now

Get serious for results!

Money, values and assets are in focus at the start of April. You don’t have to be front of house but can be at home to make adjustments to your image and how you want to be perceived in the future. Especially by bosses, bank managers and people in positions of authority. What you share with others especially partners could form part of this as ruler Mercury and Neptune meet in your 7th. It could be a month of discussions about your future or new agreements between you.

But as April begins it ushers in a week where what you share, joint assets or what is shared with you or which you benefit from, could be negotiated as the Sun in your 8th opposes Juno in your 2nd on the 2nd. You’re committing to something long term while the ruler of your 2nd Venus, enters your 10th on the 4th and trines Saturn which rules this house which is in your Now Age 6th. Your work and income are in focus with decisions to be made which could result in positive chances around your long term security.

We’re entering a period where the love of what you do is going to be increasingly important so focus on this now. You also only want to invest in something you believe will result in long term rewards. Be this a career or a relationship. Since the end of last month when Jupiter and Pluto first came into alignment, you’re been coming across as someone to be taken seriously whether on a business or a personal level.

Serious focus on this could produce opportunities to be found around your day to day working life, routine, wellbeing or immediate environment as Jupiter and Pluto make a perfect alignment on the 5th. Put that serious focus into what is right under your nose. The everyday contains opportunity, Virgo.

Above all for the next couple of months, don’t shy away from talking about your feelings, your ambitions or what you want to achieve. Venus in your 10th combined with your ruler and Neptune in your 7th can sometimes see you more reticent to talk about issues – especially with partners or people close to you. But don’t put those emotions on lock-down. Because if you do you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to establish something better for yourself in the future. Such as a fresh understanding.

This month’s full Supermoon in your 2nd on the 8th shines its light back into your other money house – your 8th. Mortgages, loans, benefits, your salary and joint assets – what you share with a partner for example. Some of you may be involved in salary, benefit, restructuring, refinancing or renegotiating terms as ruler Mercury arrives in there on the 11th.

Mid-month asks you to ask for something you may have shied away from putting on the table before as Venus meets Vesta in your 10ht on the 13th and your ruler meets Chiron in your 8th on the 15th. Whether you are involved in a conversation with your bank, or need to talk to your boo about just who does what around the house, this line-up is daring you to ask for something you may have hesitated to before. Unusual times demand unusual measures. Take them especially if they will result in a greater feeling of wellbeing. Especially as the Sun impacts on Jupiter in your lucky 5th and Ceres in New Deal for the Now Age 6th on the 16th and 18th.

Focusing on your body, structured exercise – yoga, pilates or simply getting as much fresh air and physical activity as you can – even mindful breathing – will help keep you well and also optimistic as the Sun arrives in your 9th on the 20th. The best medicine is something to look forward to. So, what are those big dreams, Virgo? A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Take it at the time of the new Moon in here on the 23rd happens close to Uranus. A planet which always wants us to evolve and break us free of restrictions. The Sun meets Uranus in here on the 26th.

Yes, like most of us, you may be operating within confinement and restriction. But around the time of this new Moon and in the immediate days following it, tune in. Strangely enough, this is a highly intuitive new Moon so please listen to your higher self when it tells you what to do and follow through even this is just in the form of research now.

You could feel you are entering a new world of experience – even if you are staying where you are now. Your 9th also rules religion, philosophy and your belief in a higher power. As well as your beliefs around what you can and cannot do, have or experience. One, any or all of these are set to be challenged and this is the Moon in conjunction with Uranus working to break you free of any restrictions – especially if they are self-imposed ones. Like a new Moon in your 11th, this one has a link to your goals and dreams. In connecting you set your dreams and your future in motion and they stop being ‘someday’ goals you simply talk about.

You may discover you have more support around you than you thought as Ceres enters your 7th on the 24th and trines the cosmic North Node in your 11th. Whether it’s love or simply the support of kindred souls you are seeking, this alignment activates soul contracts and the kind of relationships which evolve your understanding of love. People may be in touch or offering support in ways that show you that even if you are by yourself, love is all around you.

It’s not a time to undersell yourself and what you have to offer others in return. Ruler Mercury’s arrival in your 9th is about your very own shout-out. It wants you to reorganise your life so you accommodate a plan to attain those dreams. Writing, publishing, the internet and yes, broadcasting and selling yourself and your ideas sow the seeds for freedom and success. And the great thing is that you can engage in this kind of dream-weaving anywhere.

Above all, bring your fire and enthusiasm because that is contagious! Venus in your 10th is all about your public image. Lucky today we have so many tools at our fingertips we can put ourselves out there – from our couch if need be! Take what you send out seriously. And take the opportunity to re-design the message if necessary. This applies equally across everything from your CV to your Instagram feed.

This can be a powerful time of completion for you especially around the 28th when Mercury squares Saturn and don’t be put off by that tight angle. You can put the finishing touches to existing projects all the while initiating new and bigger goals for your future. If you know your stuff, have a solid plan and can back up those ideas with fiery facts, solid inroads to future goals can be made. Don’t be tempted to bluff however as you will be caught out. Time to refine how you structure your daily life, go after what you want and sell yourself better. This is all part of the sharing cycle for you, Virgo. Share yourself.

In a nutshell:

It’s all in the sharing now, Virgo. What is shared with you or by you will be important. As will be having the courage to ask for what you want. The message you share is also important. Take it seriously.



Commit to reclaiming the love

You can’t ignore what your heart wants

Keep the faith in a higher plan

What’s that commitment you need to make this month, Libra? The start of April poses this question as Juno in your 1st opposes the sun in your partnership zone. To someone? A situation? To yourself? Your future plans? Chances are you know who or what this all revolves around as you also have the first full Supermoon of the year rising in your sign on the 8th.

Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, a past, present or potential partner, close connection or even that enemy, rival or someone who is ‘in your face’. This could be as much about consciously un-coupling as it could be about playing for keeps. But the promise you make, one way or another, is binding now. Even if it’s just to yourself, Libra.

This could be because a bigger love is calling, Libra. Or you realise you already have it. Ruler Venus moves into your 9th and trines Saturn in your Now Age of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love on the 4th. There’s no ignoring what your heart wants now. This is your house of far reaching goals, long-distance travel, foreign people and places, big opportunities and luck.

Where we don’t just get to dream big but live large too! Your heads up however is that this transit is set to take you back to a past love. Now, this can be a place, an idea, a path, an activity or yes, that big dream. Something that was given up. Watch for what reignites or returns during the next two months even under lockdown. It could be hearing from a person, a reminder of how important a certain place or experience is to you, or could point the way to reignite the passion for the future.

Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th but is presently in your 4th of home, family and roots. In other words, you may be confined or in enforced cocoon time, but you are in the best position to make the most of this. There can be little doubt there have been challenges for you in this area for the past two years or so. And they could be peaking at present. Jupiter wants to open doors however. It has been in close alignment with Pluto in here since the end of last month. The 5th puts them in perfect conjunction. Pluto rules transformation and in this house and along with Jupiter, could literally hand you the key to that future door.

Be it to a new lifestyle or an opportunity.

What’s the big idea around love? Mercury’s arrival in your 7th fuels the love talk and enhances any partnership activities. It’s also about more than just talk but also the follow-through. So be prepared to do that. Especially about following that dream wherever it wants to take you. It encounters Chiron in here on the 15th – two days after Venus bumps into Vesta in your 9th. Are you being supported or restricted?

Expected to ‘conform’ or allowed to express your freedom? Love does not bend you out of shape – it allows you to expand and grow. So, take a close look at what that connection the full supermoon threw into focus is allowing you to do. You may not be able to take action all at once. But you will know what needs to be done when you can.

Ruler Venus will make a rare retrograde next month. This only happens once every two years but you need to begin to prepare now. As I said, this will feature going back to a past love rather than starting a new one. So, if it is romance you are seeking, seek it now especially before the 20th when the Sun arrives in your 8th. And if you do connect with someone, take it for what it is today and be willing to let go of what it may turn out to be in the future.

This is going to bring the focus on to what you share with others and also your values. Again, it could see you weighing up arguments between the head and the heart. But you will now be in a mindset where you feel you can act on the right one.

The new Moon in your 8th on the 23rd signals strength of your feelings and also deep forces at work in your life. It appears within three degrees of Uranus. The Sun will reach Uranus on the 26th igniting your power, bringing it to the surface and triggering a deep and long needed change within you. This could involve no longer ignoring what you know you need to go towards or pursue.

Whether you need to play the waiting game or can move forward towards it right now. This new Moon asks that you decide what it is you REALLY want from life and yes, your relationships. And then commit to going for it. If you feel you are facing a challenge now, this is one of those times to look back at past challenges you have dealt with.

See how you eventually transcended them and just soared away. Well, that is exactly what is happening now if you heed the magnetic pull you’re feeling towards what you know deep down you most desire. And how your faith in your ability to create your future will see you leaving present day restrictions far behind one day soon.

You’re at a key point in your soul evolution and growth which is setting you free to experience the best of the Now Aquarian Age. Uranus is all about the unpredictable with a purpose. It’s time to embrace unexpected change if this occurs and trust it is taking you where you need to go. If you can initiate any changes yourself now – so much the better. Don’t let fear get in the way of doing this.

It’s very much a ‘feel the fear and dare to do it anyway’ kind of vibe as we head towards May. You’ll now have your best sense of what is worth deepening and what needs discarding now. And a surety about that. You’re also prepared to renegotiate if necessary and put a new and better deal on the table.

Look at any changes to your work or just that daily vibe as part of these changes with a purpose no matter what they look like right now once Ceres arrives in the house of your everyday responsibilities and routine on the 24th and trines the North Node in your 10th as it does so. There is a season and a reason. There is no need to continue to do the same thing over and over again if it traps you.

Be willing to look for that reason behind the reason and to consider alternative explanations for what is going on. Mercury’s arrival in your 8th on the 27th and its alignment to Now Age Saturn on the 28th is telling you that just perhaps, fate could have an agenda that is all designed to benefit you somehow. Keep the faith and suspend judgement for now, Libra.

In a nutshell:

You’re entering a period where it’s going to be about reclaiming the love, Libra. The heart wants what the heart wants and it’s demanding to be heard now. Go in the direction of desire.



Say what you mean and mean what you say

There’s power behind those words

Love is the only real answer

Ruler Pluto heads retrograde this month on the 26th in your 3rd. As you of all signs appreciate, Pluto simply gets more potent and powerful when it is in backwards form. This is your house of communication so your words have a new power during this cycle. As does anything you say or communicate. Don’t say it unless you mean it and always speak your truth when you do. Pluto energy demands it is kept clean. Otherwise we are left with ‘fallout’ to clean up. Which if we look to the parallels to this in the outside world, can take years, as we’ve seen.

Your ideas have the ability to bring about profound change as could a piece of news, email, message or letter you receive. Since the end of last month, Jupiter and Pluto have been moving together. Getting closer as does one particular piece of news or result. This could arrive on the 5th when these two planets make a perfect conjunction.

Above all, follow through what you say with appropriate action. And mean what you say. Pluto energy simply does not ‘do’ simply talking about it. If you issue someone an ultimatum then you have to show you meant every word of it by doing what you said you would if you don’t get the results you asked for. Otherwise you give away your power. And Pluto is all about claiming that. While Jupiter is about grabbing opportunity when it arrives.

Venus is on the move this month into your 8th which means that the feelings behind what you are saying are very powerful indeed. We’re arriving in retro Venus weather where the planet of love and ‘It’s complicated’ will slow down and then head backwards in here next month. If you are already in a relationship, this could be a time when it deepens. Even apart – circumstances could have your both realising that love is the only answer. You may also be looking at your relationship and seeing if it measures up in terms of realness. Yes, I’m talking satisfaction and you getting just that.

Mercury arrives in your 6th on the 11th and meets Chiron in what is Mercury’s ruling house on the 15th, while the Sun also in here, angles to Jupiter in your 3rd on the 16th and Ceres in your Now Age 4th on the 18th. You may be very focussed on the need for a routine which supports your daily life and routine. Be very organised when it comes to anything to do with wellbeing, the details and don’t cut corners. Make this area your priority.

You need to be feeling you can bring your best game when the Sun arrives in your 7th on the 20th. The 23rd brings a new Moon falling within three degrees of that love revolutionary, Uranus. Time to look at how your needs around love and partnerships may have changed. Especially if Venus in your 8th has had you exploring the realness around your current love situation.

The Sun meets Uranus on the 26th and this combination has you raking positive action when it comes to your love life. Expect the unexpected when it comes to it. Above all, combined with the new Moon in here you need to express your feelings when it comes to others, as repressing them will affect how you feel. What you want to feel is that electric charge – which of course Uranus rules. You’ll be acutely aware if you have this – or not.

This is a cycle where you need to create something or make a little love! But if you have no partner, then see this as an opportunity to improve your relationship with yourself. Lighten up and also spoil yourself a little. Spend time doing the things you love. You have Ceres in your 5th trineing the North Node on the 24th. Fated contacts or reconnections could feature. Uranus wants you to relate to yourself a little differently and in doing so, you’ll attract a different kind of love experience.

Pluto retrograde adds more power to what you say while Mercury’s arrival in your 7th on the 27th gets those conversations flowing even on line. Don’t hold back especially if the discussion involves anything to do with home matters, family or living arrangements as it angles to Saturn the next day. Think in terms of cooperative solutions if this involves anyone you live with. You are now living in the Now Age after all.

This month is all about relating and relating a little differently. What is happening in the world shows you how everything is all interconnected. You, other people, those you know and people you have never even met – yet. No matter where you are – you are always relating. And most importantly to yourself in new and very real ways. Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

It’s all about connectedness this April, Scorpio. What you’re searching for is realness. Speaking your truth and meaning it paves the way for real truth in relationships. And real love, Scorpio.



Make healthy choices with your routine

Share those thoughts

Dare to be different

We’re entering love territory which may feel somewhat familiar over the next couple of months, Sag. It’s going to be time to look extremely closely at who or what you truly want from life. And also to be asking yourself whether you want more of the same or something different? What relationships really mean to you. It could be time for a change of image, direction or just to ditch ideas around what your ‘type’ could be for the future.

All thanks to Venus arriving in its ruling 7th on the 4th and the Sun remaining in your zone of creativity and attraction until the 20th.

Be aware that Venus is preparing to head retrograde in here as of next month. So, when this happens this will not be a good time to embark on a new love affair or pursue any serious partnership opportunity even in a business sense. Unless you enjoy complications or things simply not working out the way you hoped. All our relationships begin with our relationship with ourselves. So, aside from attracting past lover back in who is seeking a friend for the end of the world, work on the one you are in from cradle to grave. Because understanding yourself better simply translates to attracting love that fulfils your needs.

The other house Venus rules is your 2nd of money and self-worth. Jupiter your ruler has been close to power money Pluto in here since the end of last month. The 5th sees both form an exact conjunction. You have been through financial challenges these past couple of years. This alignment and the other two which will follow later in the year, could bring you an opportunity to make up for the squeeze of 2018-2019.

Dig deeper into your talents and skills now. Above all, come from a place of value. The more you value yourself, the more you may have access to rewards. As this is a Venus ruled house, one relationship may prove to be the key to changes for the better as it shows not only its worth – but how this person values you.

You have a full Supermoon in your 11th on the 8th making this a wonderful time to focus on the future and those goals. The Now Age of Aquarius is all about communication for you and exchanging ideas with like-minded souls. It is also about the dreamer of dreams who is in their ivory tower inventing and imagining what a new world looks like. The future begins in the mind so look at the goals you have attained in the past. Do you need a new challenge? Also, stay connected under this full Moon and reach out to people. We all need connectedness even if we are at a distance now.

Dare to be different and communicate in a way that sees you stand out as Mercury arrives in your 5th on the 11th and meets Chiron in here on the 15th. Chiron is all about how far can you go? In your house of luck and love this is all about taking a chance. And getting yourself noticed. Don’t be afraid to stand out now no matter what you are engaged in or doing. This could even be showcasing those creative projects or thoughts. Don’t be shy. Get creative, be outrageous and different. Because others out there like your vibe and if they don’t – well, as RuPaul says: What others think about me is none of my business. What your business is and could continue to be is standing out in some way.

Perhaps simply by spreading that signature Sag optimism on-line? What are you doing with your time? Showcase anything from hobbies to your thoughts and dreams any way you can.

No matter what this time looks like keep the following in mind: A shift is coming as it always does. The Sun arrives in your workaday world 6th on the 20th. Take health matters seriously as this is what this house rules. It also rules simple routines – yes, hand washing springs to mind! You have an important new Moon in here on the 23rd which falls within three degrees of innovative Uranus.

Time for some blue sky thinking especially when it comes to your daily work. You need to keep things very real, stay focussed, respect the details and above all – Do The Work. This is a new Moon of discovery. One where you become aware of how much the little things matter. And together add up to something big which frees you.

This is a wonderful new Moon under which to structure your day and make the most of every available minute. Don’t drift. If you are under the present enforced ‘time out’ you can now step back and look at how your normal routine impacts on you. With this fresh perspective you can make long term changes which support you and your wellbeing.

Ceres arrival in your 4th from the 24th has it trine the North Node in your transformation zone allowing you to bring in any changes that enhance your lifestyle and also sense of wellbeing and security. If you have to make a trade-off between one area and another, Ceres is all about crafting that new deal and is given an extra ‘Now you see the way forward’ boost from the Sun and Uranus meeting in your 6th on the 26th.

Your 6th is ruled by Mercury which arrives in here on the 27th and squares Saturn in your 3rd of the Now Age on the 28th. This is also Mercury’s ruling house. Getting serious about health and wellbeing matters is also favoured. You’ll be aware of how atmospheres and even the weather are impacting on you now. Future success and that all important Sag freedom, springs from the daily routine you create now. That daily schedule should support you. So, be mindful of how you approach your work and responsibilities. And use this time to innovate your daily life as much as you can. Love begins with healthy decisions, Sag. That’s your prescription for future success this month.

In a nutshell:

Old routines get replaced by new ones. What has the daily feelgood factor to it becomes all-important. This includes scheduling time for love – or to attract it in the future, Sag!



Be open to what opportunity now looks like

Stand by your values

You are the Right Stuff!

Ruler Saturn is showing you some Now Age values to align yourself with. By now, you should have a pretty clear idea of what’s most important to you. So, stand by those as an important alignment between the Sun in your 4th and Juno in your 10th of career and status occurs on the 2nd. The decision you make around where you live or work is a long term one now and it’s important that this enhances your life as you will live with it for a long time to come.

Bolstering your mojo are Jupiter planet of opportunity aligned to Pluto in your 1st. Since the end of last month, Jupiter and Pluto have been in close contact.

On the 5th, they perfectly align. This will be the first of three times they do this. Despite what is happening in the world, Jupiter always wants to hand us an opportunity. Be open to what this is for you. This may be just a future promise right now, but make no mistake, it is very real.

Venus enters your 6th of everyday work and routine on the 4th and trines Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the same day. Again, this is all about your values and also your money. Pay and salary negotiations will feature as will cementing your relationship with your money, possessions and assets. Making what you have really work for you. This month’s full Moon is a supermoon and it too is linked to home, career and status as it highlights these from your 10th house. It’s asking for that emotional work/life balance. Have you recently discovered what this is? It’s asking you use insight to keep positive changes in place. And also for you to look at what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. This is not the best position for the Moon.

But what it does highlight for you are those real needs and what really matters to you. So, hold fast to those now. An extreme example would be suddenly seeing that worldly success isn’t worth sacrificing home, family, your health or love over. This Moon gives you the opportunity to see what is truly lasting and important.

Also, please don’t allow any insecurities around your work undermine you either. You are a sign for whom doing a good job is all important. This Moon can stir up questions around whether you are the right stuff, have got what it takes, whether bosses or superiors are happy with your performance or even impostor syndrome! Also, you may for instance, feel you are not doing enough for those closest to you. Understand at this time all any of us can do is our best within our current limitations.

The other aspect of this Moon is that you need some nurturing, emotional support and reassurance yourself. If so, ask someone for this. If you are self-isolating alone, then facetime a friend or family member to talk and share your feelings. It’s important at this time to understand we are not alone – even if it feels like that. If you are an essential worker now, you may feel under increased pressure. Again, keep hold of the fact you and everyone else are doing their best in times we have never experienced before. You are enough now to meet this challenge!

You are the Right Stuff. Venus in your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing allows you to get creative with the day job (paid, unpaid, out there or indoors). And also helps you with ways to support your overall healthy and immune system. This is also a wonderful transit for starting up that side hustle from home if you have been thinking about doing that. You can infuse those ideas with an extra special layer of creativity. And work it in with your existing routine. But stay organised and have a plan otherwise you can get caught up in the dreaming as opposed to the doing!

Make the business of simply being you your priority. The Sun’s arrival in your 5th on the 20th would usually usher in a time of lightness, pleasure and romance. But this time around it can serve as a reminder that you can only climb so far before taking a break. What has been on hold for too long in your life? Fun? Love? Now, please remember that Venus is starting to slow down and will retrograde in your 6th next month.

It doesn’t matter what house Venus makes its rare backwards motion in. Of course, this area will be most affected but when the planet of love heads retro this basically means love is on hold for now. So, if romance is on your mind, now is the time to look – and if this means virtual dating – go for it!

Your new Moon of attraction sets sail in here on the 23rd and falls within three degrees of Uranus. You’re craving excitement and something different. It’s time to express yourself to quote Madonna. And depending on your circumstances, this could mean reviving a hobby, a creative project or simply making real plans for when restrictions get lifted. Pampering yourself right now is a great immune system boost. Indulging yourself with ordering pamper products or simply something which makes you feel special – so needful right now!

You’ve that extra special advantage when it comes ideas, those future moves, your social media presence, the internet, writing and communication as Ceres arrives in your 3rd on the 24th and trines the North Node in your 7th. This is telling you it is the season to say it, send it out, launch it if you can, share it. By doing so you could reach a new agreement with someone or again, launch something new.

You are allowed to show yourself the love too. Change or update your appearance. Treat yourself and you are also allowed to shift your focus off of work and on to doing the things you love to do. Especially if you are waiting for life to move forward once more. So, glam yourself up and feel good even if it’s just for you! Especially when the Sun meets Uranus on the 26th. Do something different, daring and unusual. Order that radically different outfit to what you would normally choose – but one that makes you feel like a superstar! Just knowing you’re ready to show the world this new you as soon as you are able, will keep you positivity up.

Pluto retrogrades in your 1st from the 26th. By now you should know that Pluto backwards means that you go to yet another deeper level, like unlocking the levels on a video game, but one that is intensely personal. Mercury enters your 5th the following day and will angle to ruler Saturn in your 2nd on the 28th. How you are rewarded and treated by others both on a professional and a personal level are reflections of how you see yourself.

It could be time to reach for a new level of self-empowerment and confidence. Asking for what you want or need may not always come naturally. Neither could prioritising yourself. But this alignment prompts you to do just that. April should show you that when it comes to working with what you have, you can make the most of any task or situation. Give yourself the Right Stuff treatment this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

Have you been doubting yourself? It’s time to reward yourself for the incredible work – both inner and in the outer world, that you’ve been doing. Reward yourself for bring the Right Stuff!



Follow your bliss

Release yourself from what holds you back

Evolve your ideas of what opportunity is

The Now Age happening in your 1st wants you to commit to a fresh direction or learning journey for your future. The start of the month when the Sun in your 3rd opposes Juno in your 9th of expansion, travel and freedom. No matter what your circumstances, take it you are embarking on something which opens your mind up to new possibilities.

It’s also time to decide what you need to leave behind you in the past. And who or what needs to come with you. Since the end of March, Jupiter and Pluto have been in close alignment in your 12th. The 5th sees them make a perfect conjunction. This will be the first of three such meetings. It could mark the release from something or even an opportunity which returns.

Sometimes opportunity can simply be the ability to transcend restrictions. Pluto energy is deep and alchemical. Jupiter wants to expand via a broader perspective. To introduce us to the magic of a higher power or belief. This could be reawakening yours in yourself and your future. Follow inspiration or insight. You can make changes on a soul level now which allow yourself to grow.

Ensure also you have a handle on money and financial matters. Steer clear of speculative ventures on the 4th and also watch your spending as Mercury and Neptune meet in your 2nd. This day also sees Venus enter your 5th which is a real ‘spoil yourself’ transit. Fortunately, it trines Saturn in your 1st as it arrives asking whether you really need it – as opposed to wanting it! This is also your house of hobbies and creativity. Do you need an outlet right now? To immerse yourself in something you love doing? Venus says if you have the time it has the inspiration for you.

Despite what is going on, somehow something new will find its way to you. Perhaps in the form of new ideas or potential for your future. The Now Age is for you especially is all about your people. Joining in and being part of something – even if right now you feel apart. But remember, you are the sign which rules this dynamic. The visionary that is part of the collective but at the same time apart from it in order to hone their vision. So, in many ways, you can work what is happening in the world to your advantage. Especially if you have an idea of where that inspiration can take you in the future.

This month’s full supermoon – the first supermoon of 2020, calls you to explore something bigger on the 8th. That big idea for instance. You may revise a long-term goal – dropping one in favour of another very different one. Hearing from people far away, friends or family overseas is also likely. As could be ideas which re-shape your beliefs and the way you see the world.

Mercury arrives in its ruling 3rd on the 11th and also meets Chiron in here on the 15th. This is about your message and what you communicate. Your brand, social media presence and what you write or say and the devices you use to do this. This is also your house of business and commerce, contracts and paperwork. Ceres remains in your 1st until the 24th. The 18th brings you a wonderful angle under which to ‘sell yourself in’ as the Sun in your 3rd shines on Ceres. This could be asking for something from someone you may have hesitated over before. This asks you what you have to lose? The answer being only restrictions being carried forward into the future with you.

By the time Ceres exits your 1st and arrives in your money zone to trine the North Node in your work sector, the Sun will have moved off into your 4th of home and security. The new Moon in here on the 23rd is what you have really been waiting for as it appears three degrees away from ruler Uranus. The Sun and Uranus meet in here on the 26th.

The new Moon is in its ruling house and along with Ceres is putting that new direction and also that new deal on the table for you when it comes to your money, where and how you live and your work. If you are at home now, this truly works for you allowing you to create something sustaining for yourself. And in some way, thanks to your ruler, free you if only on an emotional level now.

It’s not a time to stay stuck or remain with what’s familiar just because that’s the way it feels. And especially if you see it’s no longer working. This new Moon along with your ruler has you looking back at people from your past – especially those who have had a big influence on your present. Did they encourage you to experiment and try something new? Or did they subtly or maybe more overtly, hold you back? Did you receive messages that you had to stick with what you had because you were unlikely to get anything better? Time to open up to fresh possibilities if so and see what flows to you as a result.

Mercury’s arrival in here on the 27th favours looking at your lifestyle and living arrangements. It’s also about owning your path and the direction you are heading in as it squares Saturn in your 1st on the 28th. Living your life on your terms is part of this. This month in some way brings about a change on an inner level which frees you to do just that. It also has you living in the moment and being open to the opportunities that will appear for you in the Now Age. It’s only just beginning for you this month.

In a nutshell:

Change your thoughts and you change how you see the world. You are not stuck this month, Aquarius. Simply evolving and readying yourself for when new paths to opportunity appear.



Channel inspiration and insight for real results

Upgrade your lifestyle experience

People want what you’re selling Pisces!

Make sure you are being understood as April begins as others around you may appear to be setting out deliberately to misunderstand you. Also, you are operating on a whole other level of inspiration and creativity. So, please don’t take it personally if they don’t ‘get’ your ideas. Mercury and ruler Neptune meet in your 1st on the 4th handing you a high-speed link to psychic insight and transcendent thinking.

You may be able to make connections between things that simply would not occur to anyone else. Try to explain how your mind is working and you end up with a blank look or your ideas shot down in flames. Unless you know someone thinks the way you do, cherish those ideas by keeping them close. And don’t be afraid to repeat yourself if you are unsure whether or not you have been understood.

Those connections between people, things, events, history and what has been said or read, are being fuelled by the Aquarian Now Age in your 12th. Call this an unbeatable combination of insight, intellect and what you have learned from your past combined with your desire to do something with all this being at its peak. Secrets and hidden truths are likely to surface now but you will know what to do with this knowledge once it does.

Aquarius is of course, the 11th house of the zodiac. But your actual 11th is the sign of Capricorn. The end of last month saw your ancient ruler Jupiter begin its get together with Pluto as they moved to the same degree. The 5th sees them in exact alignment. Friends, contacts, groups, bands, clubs, associations or one particular connection shifts your future and opens up new possibilities even if you are at a distance. So, this may be a gradual process which unfolds over a few months. But it begins here.

Venus moves into your 4th on the 4th. Are you yearning for greener pastures for the future – a new home or even a job perhaps? You also crave loving – feeling cared for and nurtured perhaps more than usual. As Venus trines Saturn in your 12th, you need to look at how comfortable you feel about expressing these needs. And whether or not they are being met. Be aware however that next month, Venus will make one of its rare retrogrades in here. Love could go into lockdown along with everyone else. Bear this in mind. But this is about working with the love you have. And that includes where you are right now and who loves and sustains you.

The Moon rules your 4th and this month’s full Moon in your 8th on the 8th is supersized. This is about your values and what really matters to you. And this is also about your relationship to your money, income, assets and possessions. What level you need to feel stable and safe. Also what is shared with you and what you share in return. Again, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you about secrets. This full supermoon is likely to bring them to light!

Try something new when it comes to your cash or how you earn and handle your money as Mercury arrives in your 2nd on the 11th and meets Chiron in here on the 15th. You may discover hidden assets, talents or skills within you that you have either ignored or been afraid to exploit. You’re being asked what have you got to lose here? This may especially surface if you are spending home in lockdown or looking at adapting how you earn your money in these extraordinary times. Ask a higher power for guidance if need be. And be open to the answers that come.

The Sun is on the move on the 20th – into your 3rd which also contains innovative Uranus which rules amongst other things thinking outside the square and entrepreneurs. This is your house where ideas come to life so take that inspiration now and do something with it. The new Moon in here on the 23rd appears very close to Uranus. It’s about leveraging your originality and looking at ways to sell yourself in a way that makes you stand out.

So, take a look at anything that talks about you or ‘sells’ you. That CV, social media feed, dating profile (bearing in mind the upcoming Venus retro!), pitch, thesis, manuscript or what you say about yourself non-verbally with how you look and the energy you project. Are you saying what you want to say about you? Dare to tell your own story in a way that makes you stand out now. Especially if your circumstances have handed you the time to refine this.

The Sun conjoins with Uranus in here on the 26th so make that message unique to you. Don’t even be tempted to try to imitate others. Make changes to your routine also. Even tiny ones will give you big results later. Above all, when you say something get straight to the point. And if whoever is listening really doesn’t hear you, that’s okay. You simply need a different audience. Some of you may upgrade your phone/computer/tablet at this time as connectivity will be everything.

Mercury will arrive in what is its ruling house on the 27th – just three days after Ceres arrives in your 1st. There’s never been a better time to refine how you come across – or want to in the future. Take time out to meditate and imagine how you want to seen and perceived. But move forward with changes free of the fear of criticism or being misunderstood. It’s all about owning yourself and those ideas as Mercury aligns to Saturn on the 28th. A little self-belief goes a long way towards putting your feet on a more confident and successful future path Pisces.

In a nutshell:

If people just aren’t able to grasp the full vision of your ideas, don’t worry, Pisces. You just need a different audience. This month allows you to find that – and opportunities to write a fresh chapter of success.




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