A Year Of Optimism & Spontaneity


Hey Wild one, The ink black New Moon is in your 2nd. New Moons are about ditching the crap, liberating ourselves, and closing a door. You are entering into a fresh cycle of wealth, security and abundance. OK, this may involve shedding something or someone you have had as a security blanket for far too long. What do you need to release to feel truly secure? What do you want to build?


Happy Birthday New Moon! Yes! A New Moon in your sign. The dark portal to happiness gives you your moment to reinvent yourself. Cast out a wish, and start again on a brand new journey. It’s your super special New Moon and should bring you a fabulous surprise. Be aware that New Moons are also the best time to let go of what no longer serves you. Embrace the energy and co-create your destiny now.


You twins could feel super soothed and emotional. The New Moon in your 12th is all about empathy, compassion, soul mates, secrets, illusions and misty experiences.

Now is a perfect time to give up an addiction, fall in love, or let go of a love that is superficial. You are awakening to your psychic ability and blossoming.

You can write poetry and sink into feelings you usually avoid. Do be aware that you might feel over sensitive but feel free to indulge in all things romantic. Oh, and hey, please trust your psychic instincts and gut feelings. Magic and mystery surround you.


Hey Moon Child, A fabulous New Moon in your networking and socialising zone brings in interesting connections so make sure you put yourself out there. Switch up your social media, connect with influencers in your field (of course that doesn’t have to be online. Nip and chat to a local creative or psychic)

You are deeply entwined with the Cosmos now so set up a cosmic ordering/quantum creating board on Pinterest. Visualise a fabulous future and plot to get there.

You are transforming who you collaborate with, making new friends and also have the talent to conjure up the future you desire. All this is up to you, go get em Tiger.


A New Moon in your career and reputation zone shines a light on where you are heading. Beware rash behaviour at work. You are not taking any crap now.

Now is the perfect time to seek out a job that fulfils you, or turn a hobby into a money-making venture. So, If you are seeking a change let the New Moon’s inky black light, guide your way.

Your reputation is also under the spotlight. You are seen as a mover and shaker, as powerful, worthy and capable. Launch yourself forward secure in the knowledge you got this.


It’s wild season for you Virgo. You have a song of freedom playing in your heart. A New Moon in your adventure zone has you hungry to explore, travel, learn, and feast on all things original.

You have an opportunity to connect with your unique soul and show the cosmos your originality. You might bump into unusual folk who spark your fire. Play, play, play! Investigate and wander off the beaten track, follow the trail less travelled, and stretch your horizons and all that jazz.


The time has come! You can conquer your fears and breach the walls of self-doubt. An intense New Moon in your primal zone has you shedding concerns and seeking the truth buried in the shadows.

You are fearless now and have an opportunity to come into your power. You can be a warrior for yourself and take back your energy. Your sensuality is rising, your ability to stand in your own wonder is flowing. Push through into the crystal light of independence.


New Moon in your relationship zone has you seeking balance and harmony. You may want to ditch the relationships that are not equal. You’re also putting in the time and nurturing the ones you value. You want balanced.

For some of you, a new lover pops up and takes your breath away. Harmony, soul friends and a quiet sense of inner beauty fills your spirit. Lovely connections bump into you. You know what you have to do to regain balance.


A New Moon urges you to care for your mind, body and soul. It’s time to nourish yourself and do the work.

You have the potential to have the best year of your life. Currently, Pluto and Saturn are going retro making us clean up the past. The New Moon is directing you to deal with the crap. Tidy up loose ends, look after yourself so that you have a clear path to reap the wonder and rewards that are coming.

Pay the bills, Vacuum the carpet, dust under the bed, call your Aunt Gladys back. Eat vegetables, drink water and earn your fabulous reward.


Queeen etc! A New Moon leaves you contemplating your happiness. You are tempted to release those that don’t support you. You want deep and joyful connections now. Your sensuality is awakening, you are back in your body. Your soul wants to merge with others of a similar profound energy.

You a reevaluating your creativity, your intimate relationships, love and children. What do you need to bring more pleasure into your life? What do you need to let go? The New Moon releases you to find what you are seeking. A host of enjoyment, satisfaction and wonder await.


Snuggle time! The New Moon has you reflecting on your home environment and how it feels for you. Does it nourish you, do you feel hygge there? Can you recharge your batteries?

You might seek radical change now. Your family connections are also on your mind. Perhaps old grief regarding a loved one reappears for you to heal it, or you indulge in fond memories of the times you shared? Any family problems could come to a head now, but you see how to resolve them. Your heart is open to those close.


A New Moon fills you with brilliant ideas, write them down! Trust your brilliance. All sorts of valuable and life-changing information appear, as your communication ability soars to a brand new level.

Conversations hold more power than usual. Look out for a message/email/call that opens a gateway to a fabulous experience. You find yourself saying what you need to say. Expect not only resolution but transformation. Oh, and if you want to write that novel/blog/song book, the time is now.

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