4th November 2019 Weekly Written Astrology


Refine that genius idea
A date at home brings you closer
Balance work and love

Venus, the Planet of love, is shifting her loving energy and taking your hearts focus towards home and family. All things clan compel you. Venus is asking you to examine your relationship to your home and family and saying it’s the perfect time to heal past wounds in this area. What does family mean to you? Have you felt burned but toughed it out in your heroic Aries way?

Luckily we live in a time where we can pick our tribe and build solid roots and lasting bonds with whom we choose. Our home truly is our temple and the place we recharge our soul and reboot our spiritual connection. Does your home reflect your true self? How can you tweak the energy in your home to make it work for you and your loved ones? Venus is showing you the beauty around you and encouraging you to bring it into your environment. The simple act of lighting a candle and dedicating it to the energy you need can produce massive results.

Uranus has been electrifying your energy for some time and dousing you in lots of surprises. Fundamentally he’s encouraging you to express your unique soul. He whispers that you are free and born to follow your true calling. Uranus, the unusual, is going retrograde. When electrifying Uranus appears to go backwards, we can turn to the inner work which can be just as unexpected. Uranus doesn’t mess about, he’s a free spirit who’s eccentric and maverick. You might be about to discover something deep within your unconscious that initially feels like a bolt from the blue but is the missing piece to help further free you. You might feel like rebelling and pushing yourself into a brand new world, liberating as this might be, do look before you leap. You’re the baby of the zodiac, and naturally courageous, and volatile, with an innocent and impulsive heart yet much more vulnerable than you appear.

On the 4th August, expansive Jupiter is squaring up to shadowy Pluto, and you could decide on impulse that you want freedom at any cost. Don’t mess with the dark lord as when he brings in change it tends to be permanent. Examine the price before you sign on the dotted line. Other people are out for a bit of argy-bargy as feathers are ruffled and peacocks strut their stuff, hey, it’s Leo season, what do you expect? Don’t engage in an ego battle as on this occasion it may be wiser to walk away and focus on the internal work. Uranus retro brings you the opportunity to reactivate an idea you had in the past but did nothing with.



Curiouser and curious
Impossible things
All change

Hot diggity! Venus, your stunning ruler, is going into your communication zone; you’re feeling the love and are also able to express love through words. What are you passionate about? If you loved and honoured yourself, what would you say to yourself, to the world, and to those you love? The Universe is giving you a helping hand and heart from the 31st, and you have the opportunity to invest in what you believe in. When you pour love into your dreams and beliefs, it gives them a fresh and unique boost. Sometimes it’s hard to trust your path, and you protect yourself from rejection by avoiding going after your dreams. With Venus cheering you on, you’re able to dive into the ingenious and splash about in the river of your ideas without giving yourself a hard time or getting caught up in being too self-critical. Trust the inspirations that make you feel warm and gooey inside.

Uranus, the Planet of the unexpected, has been throwing you a few surprising coincidences recently. You may have felt that strange and extraordinary experiences cast your life into a space that felt a little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Perhaps you stumbled across illusions as well as magic? Has there been a pesky Cheshire cat who comes and goes and you don’t know where you are with them? All is about to get a lot clearer.

When Uranus goes retro, you could find yourself getting to the bottom of your belief system; we are, after all, a product of our thoughts. “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle,” Alice said. Uranus might just have the very clues you need to find out. Not only that the Universe is asking you what is it that you truly believe, but how can you make it work for you? Uranus brings surprising insight into your past and something that has been secret is unveiled.

With Jupiter square with Pluto on the 4th, there’s a lot of people making power plays. You may feel that you want to escape the clutches of routine or that the only way you can succeed is to do things exactly your way. Be aware that this energy can lead to radical change so make sure it is truly what you want and step into your very own soul revolution with compassion for yourself and others.



Hook up with like minded folk
Indulge in pleasures
A colleague thinks you’re fabulous

Venus is saying farewell to your sign and sweeping into your sensual and grounded 2nd house. While you might be missing the excitement of Venus in your sign, you can now get down to the business of feeling secure and making a commitment to yourself or, perhaps, to someone else. You might be tempted to indulge, be hypnotised by luxury, or lavish your lover with gifts, but what is the gift that Venus is actually offering you? All of our love journeys have been complex, and regardless if you met your beloved at sweet 16 and have been with them for 30 years or you swiped right just last week, there’s no doubt been vulnerability, pain, and confusion along the way.

Whether you’ve had a charmed love life or struggled and been broken in the rough and tumble of Eros’s mischief, Venus offers you a message not only of hope but inspiration. Venus allows you to find security within, to fight for yourself the way you would fight for your beloved, and asks you, is it time to be a warrior of love for you?

Take heed! ‘Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.’ Lucille Ball

Venus allows you to be grounded enough to stand still and examine your relationship to all things love. We all know that, when the giant pink Cupid bunny hops into our heart, we can potentially lose touch with reality and poo poo our wise Goddess within. Venus in your 2nd gives you a second chance. She gives you the power to reclaim your common sense while maintaining your lusty sensuality. If you’re single and looking, it might be time to recover your belief in yourself. If you’re asexual or celibate, Venus encourages you to examine all the different love in your life and stand strong, embracing the wonder of it all.

OK, crazy Uranus is going retro on the 3rd, but he’s doing you a favour and bringing back a group from the past. When this electrifier goes backwards, he is keen to bring you a spiritual revolution and help you ground your genius, in this case, with the possible help of a team.



Love revolution
Heal thyself
A blast from the past

Yay! Venus, the planet of Amore, is slipping into your sign, bathing you in unconditional love. How do you feel about your current love life? What does love mean to you, and what have your patterns been? When Venus comes to visit you, you have a chance to heal your relationships past and present. You have a chance not only this week but also next month to unload a few trunks of love baggage and step into a new reality. You’re a sensitive soul that deserves to be seen, and that starts with appreciating your fabulous and worthy self and pouring some of your devotion into you! Venus can help shine back nurturing and security that you so freely give to others.

Of course, Venus isn’t only about dealing with your own patterns: She gives you a bonus for how far you’ve come and douses you in her very own love potion number 9. Venus understands that it’s not always easy being you and appreciates your open heart and commitment to those you love, she knows you sometimes forget about your own needs and boundaries. Right now, other people not only get you a little bit more but also find you especially alluring. If you’re having problems in a relationship or want to smooth things over with soul connections, then this is the perfect week to do it. Next week, Mercury is going retro, causing potential mayhem in your communication zone, so have the conversations you need to have while you’re feeling the love.

Uranus is going retro on the 3rd, bringing with him a blast from your career’s past. Perhaps you will be able to ground a genius work idea, or a job will pop up connected to something you’ve done before. The week ends with Jupiter squaring off with Pluto, the lord of dramatic change. You might be feeling penned in in some way, so be careful you don’t get involved with a power struggle. Jupiter is in your home and family zone, so you might feel a sudden savage desire to have your own way in one of those areas. Bare in mind that others are also consumed by the intoxicating whiff of Pluto’s power and practice adaptability.



Psychic love
Daydream believer

Leo, how are you bearing up during this intense time? I imagine there’s been a bit of turbulence on your flight to transformation? Even if you’ve had a fabulous few weeks, the wind beneath your wings is subtly shifting as you change direction to find your authentic roar. Mars and the last new moon have hopefully given you enormous courage. On the 21st of August, you are completing a crucial soul cycle, and life may never be the same again. Follow your heart.

This week, your spirit has a chance to catch its breath and breathe. Next week is super full on, so make the most of this break to reflect and balance yourself. What do you want? Are you looking after you? Are you keeping yourself safe? Use your Leo fierceness internally to shake things up and give you courage for the next step.

Venus, the planet of love, is shifting signs, which could knock you off guard. Venus drifts into your boundary free 12th house making everything blurry and fuzzy. Love can get addictive, and drug like as Venus brings in a trippy hippy vibe. But hey, enjoy, you’re in tune with your psychic ability and feel loved up and connected.

Make sure you give yourself some of the boundless compassion you have for those you love and be your own guide. Venus in this position is so romantic you might feel you are the star of your very own blockbuster as you slip into a romantic haze. But try to keep one paw on the ground as all is not what it seems.

Having said that, when we see the magic in the eyes of love, it can bring a profound shift. Venus in this position is fantastic for a spot of Tantric intimacy and tuning into Universal love.

Allie: Do you think our love can make miracles?
Duke: I do.The Notebook.



An exciting new team
Love connections
Heal the past

The Cosmos are starting to build up to an incredible life transforming time for you. Next week, your ruler, Mercury, is going retrograde, which shakes things up and could mess with your mojo. Having said that, he could also bring you an opportunity from the past. But, before that, Venus is changing signs and connecting you with a team/tribe/group that should offer you a loving space to grow.

Use the energy of this week to your advantage. Venus is in your house of friends and can draw like-minded souls who have the right vibration for you. You’ll be whizzing about like a bionic bunny, enjoying every moment as thrilling contacts bond with you. Of course, for this to happen, you have to go out and mix with folk or at least spread some love via your web presence. If you fancy conjuring up a lover, this energy is especially fabulous for cosmic ordering and the law of attraction. So, create a Pinterest board and fill it with the qualities you’d like in a partner. Be brazen and cast out your wishes to the Universe. Most importantly, know that you deserve it. If you’re dating or in a relationship, leave your cocoon, and get out and about together.

Uranus has been in your primal zone since 2011. You have had to confront many surprising and challenging experiences over the past six years. You’ve heroically navigated through strange shadowy times, which tested you to your limit. However, you’ve also come to realize (hopefully!) how resilient and strong you are. When Uranus goes retro, you’re given the opportunity to understand your journey. Situations about joint finances, power, jealousy, and obsession come to the surface. How do you feel about money, power, and sex? Face it, own it, and transform it!

Jupiter loves to expand our horizons. We experience it as “yoga for the soul,” as he wants us to stretch and grow. When Jupiter squares Pluto, the fierce on the 4th, there’s the temptation to take things too far. You have a mighty desire for freedom and to shake up your relationships, so be careful of risky behavior.



Decoration reboot
Return to love
Career magic

When Venus, your ruler, switches signs, she sharpens your focus and sprinkles a dose of love magic wherever she visits. On the 31st, Venus is visiting your career zone, spinning the right contacts your way. You bring beauty and balance to all that you create and can feel fizzing with possibility. Put your abundant love into what you want to achieve, and the cosmos backs you up. Venus says, love what you do, honor your efforts, and trust your skills. You might find yourself attracted to a suave older lover or someone with great depth and gravitas. Right now, the superficial turns you off. Dazzle and shine, and believe in you.

Uranus, the wild maverick, has been in your relationship zone for six years. Have you experienced strange twists and turns with your intimate ones? You’ve had your fair share of kooky! Perhaps, you’ve changed your mind or been unpredictable, or they’ve been as slippery as a snow yeti? However it’s played out, you have the chance to understand it and navigate with a deeper perception of the bigger picture. Uranus’ lessons are about you expressing your inner eccentric. We all have a quirky and unique side, and it’s time to embrace yours. The Sioux believe that, to be in balance, you must embrace the shadow self, the parts of yourself you reject. Uranus is bringing you that gift.

Jupiter in your sign is having tensions with Pluto, making you unusually pushy. You want to make adjustments to your home or family and are determined to have it your way. The only problem is that everyone is feeling the same. Turn on your famous charm and coax rather than demand.



Phoenix time
Passionate Surprise
Kill em with kindness

Unsheath your inner magic wand and get conjuring adventures. Venus is dangling the carrot of the unconventional, and she is tickling your broad-minded fancies and encouraging you to express your inner eccentric. You’re easily bored this week and want to experience out of the box love. Have you thought about studying or creating something unique and different? Are you drawn to a lover who is unusual, well travelled or deliciously strange? Venus is giving you the perfect moment to overcome fear and move towards liberation. Go with it, and I think you’ll enjoy the ride.

Uranus the unpredictable is reminding you to take care of you, he’s stopping for a moment and taking you back to a time when you were at your fittest. What healthy habits can you get reacquainted with? Do you need to do your yearly MOT? Doctor, dentist, nutritionist, etc.? Tune up your human engine, so you’re ready for your moment to rise.

Jupiter is allowing you to stretch your soul, trust your psychic intuition and open up your empathy and compassion. This week, Jupiter is having beef with your ruler Pluto. You’re determined to follow your soul’s compass and do what you want to do. Bare in mind that everyone is feeling a lot more feisty than usual and also want their own way. There are some intense discussions this week, use your new found empathy to navigate through and avoid stinging anyone with your psychic sword. Yes, you can see what’s going on and sniff out others weakness but do the honourable thing, and you still win and feel so much better about doing it with kindness!



Mysterious love affair
Fated attraction
Listen before you react

Venus saunters into your 8th house, potentially engulfing you in primal emotions. Gone are superficial attractions and dalliances as your deepest and most raw desires rise to the surface. Love and attraction get profound and possibly overwhelming as you navigate your way through a deeper level of feeling.

Some Saggies might be tempted by a taboo liaison, and others find a partner or love interest getting a little obsessive. There may be conversations about money and power, and there’s the possible temptation to use your sexuality as a weapon or to tease someone into getting your own way. Rather than getting swept away on a tidal wave of emotion, have a clear out of any unresolved feelings. What have you been thinking about that ex? What is creating a power imbalance in your intimate relationships? Are you scared of losing control? There’s the potential for dynamite sensuality if you don’t get caught up in jealousy or insecurity.

Uranus is going retro in your creative pleasure zone. Have you been behaving recklessly? How is your creative spark? It’s time to firm up the inspirations you’ve already put out there.

With Jupiter, your ruler, kicking off with shady Pluto on the 4th, you might find yourself butting heads with an organisation or group of people you feel are on the wrong track. You want to be free to mix with who you want, say what you want and reinforce the fact that you’re an independent soul. Take it easy, Pluto is not one to mess with, and he has no qualms about ending things or escalating conflict. Wait this one out. Next week could bring you the change you’ve been looking for.



Love Magic
Harmony and Balance
Work conflict

Phew, Venus is slipping into your relationship zone easing the energy in your intimate relationships. When Venus visits you here, you can cast off your reserve and open up more. Venus is encouraging you to nurture those close to you. She energises you when you share your feelings and allows you to flow more freely. How much focus have you been giving your loved ones and how much love have you been giving yourself?

‘Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.’ Maya Angelou said, and you can embody this right now.

Uranus has probably been creating havoc in your home and family for the past six years. Not all the time, not every moment, but no doubt there has been some exciting developments and unexpected surprises. Uranus is going retro and giving you time to heal and work on any issues that are remaining. Having said that, Uranus also brings thrills and gives us the ability to shake up our environment. Are you ‘stuffocated’? Why not have a brutal clear out, chuck out anything you don’t need, recycle, eBay and charity shop your space.

Finally, Jupiter is squaring up to the shadowy Lord, Pluto, who is in your sign. There’s the potential to lock horns with a boss or in a work environment. You are realising you want more freedom in work and won’t tolerate being told what to do. When these two kick off, it’s better to meditate and work out what is at the bottom of these raw emotions. Are you confusing feeling powerless or frustrated in the past with what’s going on now? Are you being defensive? Of course, you can change your life, but the dramatic clash with Jupiter and Pluto may not be the ideal time.



Check travel plans
walk your talk
Take yourself on a date

Venus is bringing you a curious desire to take time out and be alone. How much space do you normally get? Indulge yourself, be soft with yourself. Look after yourself and treat yourself like the sacred being you are. Try not to over analyse a lover or ex-lover as it can end up confusing you about what’s going on. Avoid being critical of yourself, you have come a long way, walked a difficult path, so isn’t it time to support yourself instead? Venus is also helping you focus on work, and thankfully, other people seem more aware of your efforts.

Uranus, your ruler, has filled your life with strange conversations, genius ideas and wild imaginings over the last 6 years as he’s been sitting in your communication zone. Perhaps you recieved news out of the blue that radically changed your life? Uranus doesn’t mean any harm, after all, he’s your number one fan! He’s like an over enthusiastic BFF who likes to shove your life forward and make you experience and see things differently. Uranus is going retro on the 3rd, so he’s giving you the space to work out what thoughts and ideas are important to you and how you can use them to help you progress. He believes you’re a genius and trusts in your journey. Harvest his gifts now.

Jupiter is having a beef with Pluto, the Lord of radical change. Jupiter has been helping you expand and grow. Jupiter is boosting your spirit of adventure giving you all sorts of dreams of far flung places. Pluto is capable of bringing up a secret to throw a spanner in the works. Plan your adventures and trust your instincts. Don’t reveal someone else’s secret to score points or break free of people you feel are holding you back.



Lucky in love
Invest in you
Dramatic groups

GOOD NEWS! Venus, the planet of all things amore, is going into your creative, soul mate and pleasure zone! Welcome to the house of love! The 5th house is one of Venus’s favourite stop off points. She’s boosting your confidence, plumping up your creativity and turning your attention to bliss and positivity. Whether you’re interested in expressing your passion for performing, frolicking in carnal desires or honing this energy to put yourself out there, write a book or film a showreel, Venus has your back. Of all the signs, you are the one that probably believes in love more than any other. You’re a supremely sensitive and compassionate soul and have probably had hard times adjusting to the rough and tumble of modern life. Venus puts the fire back in your belly and optimism back in your heart. You deserve this rush of love, use it to heal yourself.

Have your finances taken a radical turn in the past 6 years? Blame or thank Uranus who has been visiting your security zone. He’s been shaking things and dangling you upside down. Uranus is not a bad bloke, in fact, he is probably trying to excite you and force you to follow your inner genius and have faith in your unique spark. This week, Uranus goes retrograde giving you a window of opportunity to dig in and turn your finances around. It might be that you convert that spark into an inferno of success. Be practical, shore up your security and get moving on your plans.

Your pal Jupiter is squaring up to shadowy Pluto on the 4th. You might feel peer pressure or believe that a group is ganging up on you. Rather than swimming away, you’re more Great White shark than fish and want to bite chunks out of anyone standing in your way. Conflict and warfare are not your style, yes, your unconscious is being poked but don’t let Pluto hijack your emotions.

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