28th October 2019 Weekly Written Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 4 2019


  • Jump in and say ‘I do’!
  • Take a heart-felt step
  • Make that commitment to change

With Juno in your 7th this week you’ve promises to keep, Aries. Juno rules marriage and long-term commitments. Your commitment may or may not be with a significant other – it could revolve around a work or business relationship, a close friendship or even dealing with that opponent or rival once and for all. Or in some cases it could be a commitment to yourself. Putting your search for happiness and love first from here on in. No matter what it is – you are playing for keeps this week.

Powerful changes and outcomes you would not have dreamed possible could see ‘I do’s’ elevating your status or sending you in a new direction with someone. Ruler Mars is also in your 7th and tightly aspects Pluto in your career zone. Pluto rules power and transformation. So, this could be a commitment to a new job or taking on more responsibility – a leadership role at work for example. Or again, a commitment to changing something. Chiron in your 1st says take radical steps or a chance on that promise you make as it opposes Juno on the 9th. This day also sees the Sun trine Neptune. It’s about changing your priorities and your highest intentions. The outcome of the promise you make could simply astound you this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: Time for the ‘c’ word. Promises, commitments and giving your word to someone or something, has you playing for keeps. This could even be with yourself. Say ‘I do’ to an outrageous outcome.



  • Make what works your priority
  • Say ‘I do’ to finding balance in love
  • Explore that mind/body/work/life connection

Couple stuff and lasting commitments will feature for all of us in some way now Juno enters Libra. Even if it does not affect our own marriage or a partnership matter, we will see its effect on the relationships of other people around us. Engagements, marriages and also in some cases ‘conscious un-coupling’ may feature as well as business and working relationships. Juno rules marriage and commitment. The big, long term promises we make. In your work and wellbeing sector it can not only involve your job but making a commitment to whatever relationships have a direct impact on your mental and physical health. You will take action and radical and lasting steps to address any imbalance now as Mars also in here tightly angles Pluto in your 9th on the 5th. Has something turned into too much like hard work so it drains rather than elevates you? Juno says you can address this now -permanently.

The outcome of any steps you take may take both you – and the other party, by surprise as you suggest radical and untried solutions thanks to Chiron in your 12th opposing Juno on the 9th.This same day sees the Sun in your partnership zone set a new future in motion as it trines Neptune in your 11th. Past, present and even potential promises with another party could be made. Or set in motion with someone you meet now. To preface The Proclaimers: You took a right turn and are on your way to what you want from this world – or another person.

In a nutshell: Promises and commitments feature for all of us now Juno is in Libra. For you, this may involve committing to what works and what makes your soul soar. Say ‘I do’ to wellbeing, Taurus.



  • Make a commitment to getting noticed
  • Walk back towards love
  • Never say never

Romantic commitments or saying ‘I do’ to letting more love into your life feature this week. Juno enters the sign of partnerships – Libra. And your 5th of all things romantic, creative and of course, children or relationships which could potentially see you become a parent or step-parent. If you have fallen out of love with love – take it that love has not fallen out with you. Never say never again as Chiron in your 11th opposes Juno on the 9th while Mars stirs up passion in your 5th and makes a tight angle to Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 5th. This could result in a change around your romantic status. If something has been lacking in your present union, you could be released to find one with that alchemical missing ingredient. Others feel the pull of a magnetic attraction. If love or even recognition is your goal now, commit to putting yourself out there, connecting and being seen. Get yourself noticed and don’t be afraid to stand out. The outcome could simply astonish you.

Success-stirring aspects between the Sun in your work area and Neptune in your house of recognition also on the 9th, say its time to make those career moves. You rarely have such an opportunity to stand out and make your very best impression. That commitment could simply add up to you being more daring or selling yourself more effectively than you have done in the past. Whether it’s professionally, personally or creatively – don’t sell those ambitions short this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Make a promise to love, a project or a path that leads to pleasure and recognition, Gemini. Above all – get ready to fall in love with love again. It’s a week to say ‘I do’ to success.



  • Home, family and even career commitments feature
  • Dare you get yourself noticed?
  • What can you and only you offer?

Juno is all about marriage, commitments, promises we keep and ‘I do’s’. It enters your house of home and family this week. Mars is also in here plus you have Pluto in your partnership zone and the Sun in your 5th of romance, creativity and children. As well as taking on long term home or career commitments – a mortgage or work contract is a big ‘I do’ for example, others could see changes within the family structure or relationships. If you have children who are old enough, you could see them fly the nest or announce they are getting engaged, married or moving in with a partner as the Sun trines Neptune in your 9th. Others could fall in love with someone who has foreign ties or already lives in another country – bringing with it questions around where you would commit to in the long term – as well as who.

This week also sees Chiron in your house of career and public image oppose Juno on the 9th. Chiron is all about the unexpected. What runs against conventional thinking. The audacious move that results in the outrageous outcome. What we believe can never come to pass. Be bolder, more ‘out there’ and step up and be counted and seen for all you have to offer now. If you think that dream job is out of reach – you’ll never know until you give it your all. And committing to giving your all is what this aspect is all about. Be prepared to reap the attention – and the rewards if you do, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Dare to do, to try and to commit to that path, financial responsibility or home matter. This week asks you to think in the long term. But try an audacious and daring, new approach.



  • Make your word your promise
  • Binding agreements can be made
  • Play for keeps

Stand by your word now, Leo as Juno, ruler of promises and long-term commitments, enters your 3rd of contracts and communication. There’s a promise to be made and keep between yourself and another. This could be a person, an entity, an idea or project or a company. Whatever you put ‘out there’ now – be prepared to stand by it and deliver. This includes what you write or share via social media, your blog or website. Whatever you do – know your stuff and don’t promise anything you simply cannot deliver on. This especially applies to your work. They say the Devil is in the details. For you, this just happens to be true as Mars also in your 3rd demands along with Pluto in your 6th, that you follow-through on what you say. If you are entering into any kind of agreement, please ensure you understand and stick to, the T’s & C’s. They will be binding.

However, if there is an agreement you want out of, this week offers you that escape route too. Just understand that if you commit to exiting something, again – this will be for keeps. Chiron in your 9th of fortune and freedom opposes Juno on the 9th. This day also sees the Sun in your 4th trine Neptune in your house of change, shared resources and joint assets. You can ask for a change of conditions now. Or simply a change in how things are shared between you and someone else. That includes the chores or who picks up the kids from school. Funny thing about people who dare to ask for what they want. Usually they get it. If they don’t – well, the other party was never going to agree anyway. Better to know where you stand – and what path to commit to now, Leo.

In a nutshell: Ask for that outrageous outcome this week, Leo. Above all, be the keeper of your word and deliver on all promises. This could involve you and another both on the same page.



  • Know when to say ‘the buck stops here’
  • See what self-esteem can bring you
  • Yes – you are worth so much more, Virgo!

Because – well, you’re worth it now, Virgo. The question is – do you know your own worth? Self- worth as well as money is ruled by Venus and our 2nd house. This week marks Juno’s entry into this house. Juno is all about commitments and lasting pacts. In your 2nd and the sign of Libra it’s also about balance and equality – especially within long term partnerships and non-family relationships. How we value ourselves is reflected by how we are treated by others and the world at large. The promise you make could therefore revolve around a fresh alignment of how you see yourself – especially in relationship to a connection which could be described as an ‘asset’ to you.

Asking for a pay rise, better treatment or an equal footing may ask you to stretch and grow that self-assurance and self-esteem now. There’s an element of ‘the bucks stops here’ to all of this. Especially as Mars which rules confidence and boundaries, squares off to Pluto in your 5th on the 5th. Don’t be afraid to set out some new rules be they with a partner, lover or even your children. You are in a prime position to re-negotiate the terms of something based on that new value system as Chiron in your 8th opposes Juno on the 9th. This same day also brings you a wonderful angle between the Sun in your house of contracts and communication, and Neptune in your partnership zone. If you know your true worth and what you deserve, then ask for it now, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Know your true worth this week, Virgo. Then ask for something from someone based on this. This week says the price is right when it comes to cashing in on that increased self-esteem.



  • Simply don’t settle for so-so
  • Passion demands a fresh commitment
  • Impossible or improbable don’t exist around love

Commit to passion this week with Juno and also Mars in your 1st. In fact – there’s no room for the mehs any more, Libra. Settling for the so-so just isn’t your style. If it doesn’t fire up your soul then Juno in your sign tells you a different kind of commitment may be called for. However, others could say ‘I do’ in the conventional sense now if something has that lasting promise you seek. You are after all, the sign of partnerships. Those so-so signs if they exist, also point to home matters. Is where you life simply somewhere to hang that gorgeous hat rather than a place to live? If so, you may begin to initiate changes now ahead of Jupiter’s shift next month into your 4th as Mars and Pluto urge some kind of move on the 5th.

Consider the impossible or unthinkable outcome around partnerships now. If you have resigned yourself to singledom – you may have to think again. Or if the passion is missing in your current situation, you could find it again as Chiron in your 7th opposes Juno on the 9th. If not in your own life, you may witness other couples come together or even break up and say: Well, I never saw that one coming. The Sun in your 2nd shines on money matters and inspired ways to boost earnings as it trines Neptune in your 6th also on the 9th. You could have more to work with than you realised. But it requires focus and organisation. Passion missing on the work front? Say ‘I do’ to finding something more rewarding for the long term this week.

In a nutshell: Time to ditch the Mehs and commit to having more passion in your life. You’re the sign of balance. Sometimes we need more of a good thing to bring that back. Go in pursuit of it, Libra.



  • Commit to that higher ideal
  • Soul contracts are forged – and fall due
  • See something in a fresh light

Commitments to a cause, a belief, a higher path or something you are not ready to reveal feature now, Scorpio. Juno joins ancient ruler Mars in your 12th. Some of you could commit to learning the Tarot or astrology. Others embrace a new religion or belief system. Signing up to something that helps others – especially those disadvantaged is another outcome. This is your house of compassion and selflessness. Others could make a soul promise to someone or something – such as a cause or a subject where you may work behind the scenes or in secret. Whatever that promise – you’ll see it through. People or situations will also reveal whether or not they are worthy of your commitment too. Reality could bite as Mars makes a revealing angle to contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3rd. News or something that is said could shift a connection either way – for better or worse.

This could also emerge unexpectedly and without warning. Chiron in your 6th unveils something which may take you unawares on the 9th when it opposes Juno. There’s also another aspect to this as the same day will see the Sun in your 1st make a superb alignment to Neptune in your romance zone. Neptune of course, is the ruler of your 12th. This could bring you a divine encounter that leaves you literally soul-struck. Feel as if you have known this person before even if you just met? Consider the possibility you have. In existing relationships, soul contracts fall due this week. The commitment you make may have been made a long time ago. To that person, path or higher power, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Soul contracts fall due this week, Scorpio. To that person, path, cause or higher power. What you hear puts a connection in a new light. Time for a commitment either way.



  • Be the jewel in a new setting
  • Love can be found in unexpected places
  • Embrace that impossible outcome

Bear in mind this week that you have Venus in your 1st. Plus ruler Jupiter remains in residence. This puts you out front, in the spotlight and set to attract. So, as Juno planet of big promises and commitments, arrives in your 11th, no matter who or what you want to say ‘I do’ to – put yourself out there, Sag! Mars is also in your 11th which will give you the confidence to explore new social scenes or strike up that conversation. Friendships and alliances may shift this week as Mars makes a tense angle to Pluto in your 2nd. It’s about resonance and in your house of relationships that are assets to you – who you can count on.

Where you may least expect to find that lover – they can be found now. Keep an open mind as Chiron in your romance zone opposes Juno on the 9th. If you never thought to hear from someone again – you do. Or run into them somewhere totally unexpected. Others could see breakthroughs around creative projects. Or unexpected invites propel you into a new and frankly audacious, social scene. One that could be highly original and unique and which allows you to be well – you. Put it this way – nothing is impossible this week. The Sun in your 12th trines Neptune in your 4th this week. It shines on home, family matters and also soul connections. These again may surface or be discovered in places you would not normally go. Prepare to say yes to something totally unexpected. It (or they) has the power to change your future in the long term, Sag.

In a nutshell: This week may feel as if your birthday season has already started. You’re set to attract anything from new friends to seemingly ‘impossible’ outcomes. Magic happens in unexpected ways.



  • Long terms plans pay off
  • Big decisions pave the way to future security
  • Set your status higher

Long term commitments can be made this week, Capricorn. Plus, those you made in the past come full circle now. You are one of those signs this week who needs to ensure their word is their gold standard. Especially as others will be looking to you to keep it. These include employers – even past ones as well as present and potential, those people in positions of power, influence and authority, as well as partners and family members. Juno enters your 10th of career and all things Capricorn ruled this week. Some of you may suddenly reap the benefits of long-term plans and staying fixed to that goal. Doors you thought permanently closed may open. If you find yourself blocked when it comes to those ambitions as Mars also in your 10th makes a confronting angle to Pluto in your 1st, a solution you never dreamed possible could present itself days later thanks to Chiron in your 4th opposing Juno. This may see some re-committing or shifting their focus. The difference now is the long-term decision you make.

Taking the next step on that career path, deciding to get engaged or married, setting up a home is favoured by Juno in here as this house rules your status. Be aware that not committing is in itself, a commitment but not to anything. If your path continues to be blocked, take it that this is due to indecision, not to outside influences. Not choosing is a choice. You can now choose differently. The Sun in your 11th trine Neptune in your 3rd is asking what you want your future to look like? Time to get very very clear on this and also, communicate it to others. Then commit to it. You’re all in this week Capricorn. Make your word your bond.

In a nutshell: You of all signs are adept at long term planning, Capricorn. This week asks you for a big commitment to a future path. Your word is your gold standard. Make a 24 carat promise now.



  • Love is both the destination – and the journey
  • Commit to freedom
  • Discover new pathways to love

Crafting highly individual solutions around relationships is your raison d’etre this week, Aquarius. The fact is, you need more expression and more freedom to walk a path you love. This does not mean you are walking it alone. Simply that your soul needs the space to learn – whether you are travelling with someone or not. Neediness or clinging vines will be a major turn-off now. Travel, learning and making a pact with soul freedom are favoured by Juno’s entry into your 9th on the 4th. Sure, you are up for taking someone with you on the journey. But you need a fellow free spirit.

Mars is also in this house and makes a tight angle to Pluto in your 12th on the 5th. This could add up to you breaking ties with anything that holds you back. Outrageous fortune or opportunity could knock on the 9th when Chiron in your 3rd opposes Juno. The news you hear could release you into something you thought impossible to experience or attain. Needless to say, travel may play a role in this. Even travelling for love or towards a place you love. It’s all about committing to a bigger love experience.The Sun remains in your status sector and makes an angle of elevation to Neptune in your 2nd also on the 9th. News around career, long term study or plans sees you with the resources that says you’re going places now. Commit to the path you are on this week, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Commit to learning, freedom and opportunity, Aquarius. This does not mean you may travel this path alone. Only that you need someone wild at heart with you. Go explore now.



  • You’ll never know unless you dare to try
  • Step through the door marked ‘Opportunity’
  • Make that commitment to sharing

Reach for that bigger dream this week as the Sun in your house of freedom and opportunity opens doors for you with the help of your ruler Neptune. Travel could be on the cards for some. There’s an opportunity to chart a new course towards something which broadens your experience and your outlook. Adventure also goes hand in hand with learning something new. Either about the world at large – or your own potential. This week says you’ll never know unless you dare, Pisces.

Juno enters your 8th of shared resources, transformations and yes, sex. This is your house of marital or partnership assets and Juno is the ruler of marriage and big commitments of all kinds. What is shared by you and with you may open up or again, change. One example of this would be the decision to move in and live with someone. Another would be entering into a long-term agreement such as a mortgage or loan – either with a spouse or partner or alone. The bank then shares its resources with you. As does your employer when it comes to your salary or bonus. Mars is also in residence in this its ancient ruling house. It makes a tight angle to Pluto which also rules this house but sits in your 11th. The commitment therefore transforms your future path. It may require you pushing aside fears about what that future may hold and diving in anyway. Chiron in your money zone opposes Juno on the 9th. Feel the fear and do the dare anyway. Again, you’ll never know how powerful or capable you are until you seize opportunity, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Your week to dare, to take a chance and to discover just what you’re made of. Doors to opportunity and resources open wide for you. Feel the fear – and dare it anyway, Pisces!


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