21st October 2019 Weekly Written Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 28 2019


  • Sharing comes from knowing you have more than enough
  • Are you being short-changed?
  • Plug into the renewable energy of soul power!

You could be on the receiving end of someone’s generosity this week, Aries. Or receive good news around that salary, pay rise, mortgage, loan or payment as Mercury and Venus meet in your 8th. The new Moon in your 8th this week asks you explore just how powerful you truly are when it comes to your finances and being able to determine your direction for the future. It falls opposition Uranus in your money zone so expect your resources and your values to play a role here. Above all – don’t give into fears around lack or not having enough. These thoughts keep you trapped and feeling powerless. And the message now is you are more powerful than you imagine.

Someone could hold open the door to the bank vault wide. Or allow you access to other resources such as their time, expertise or connections. If you are handling someone else’s money now it’s important you act with integrity. Uranus rules the sharing economy and another way this new Moon may strike a chord is that you share what you have with someone. Sharing says we have more than enough for our needs. Sharing says we are powerful and not coming from lack. This week also sees Mercury retrograde so this is a good time to confront anything that holds you back or leaves you feeling powerless – be it your relationship to money – or to a person. Are you being short-changed on any level? Venus moves into your 9th of expansion and big desires on the 1st – the same day Mercury heads backwards. Remember the Retro Rules. Mercury rules travel and getting around and this is your house of mass transportation, long distance journeys and foreign affairs. How about re-visiting an old love? That’s very much in favour now. Especially as you begin to see you have the resources to do it.

In a nutshell: Tap into some soul power this week, Aries. Knowing your true value and your worth is a sure antidote to what holds you back. Embrace your full potential!



  • Be the love change you want in your life
  • Don’t put off that me and you conversation
  • Your idea of togetherness evolves along with you

Seeking a changed-up, charged-up, more passionate, bigger love experience? This week offers you the opportunity to do just that. The new Moon in your house of partnerships both present and potential will oppose Uranus in your 1st. How have your needs around love changed? Relationships need to align with the changes that have bene going on with the beautiful revolution of your soul, Taurus. Mercury and ruler Venus meet in what is Venus’s ruling house on the 30th – just prior to Mercury heading backwards in here on the 1st. What conversation or change have you been putting off with regards to love? Now is the time to have it especially if deep down you know it is overdue. We start the week in retroshadow mode. So it’s only natural to be looking back at your love history or herstory. And looking to remake the future for yourself on some level. This can involve coming to a better understanding of the kind of dynamic duo that best suits you. Or making adjustments to a current one.

Remember – Mercury retro rules ‘re’ words. Re-kindling passion falls under this. Especially when your ruler arrives in your 8th the same day as the retro begins. You want to express your deepest feelings now. As Venus rules your bank account as well as your heart, Venus in here can often bring you financial improvements via shared money. Your loan or mortgage is approved. You are the beneficiary of a legacy or payout. Or simply someone’s generosity. Time to re-work what passion and desire mean for you. In big, soul-changing ways. And to reinvent your idea of love and how you express it now.

In a nutshell: Time to reinvent your idea of love or rekindle the passion if it’s been missing. If love is the answer, what’s the question or conversation you need to have around it? Don’t put it off, Taurus.



  • Work that revelation for enhanced wellbeing
  • How does that story end this time around?
  • Sliding Doors take you back to what might be the future

Working behind the scenes and revelations especially around wellbeing, could lead to breakthroughs this week. If you grasp them or have an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, then take them and just sit and contemplate for a while on how you world can shift simply by embracing a new perspective or a different way of seeing things. The new Moon in your 6th on the 28th falls opposite Uranus in your 12th. This could see a hidden truth exposed which electrifies your perspective. Or for some mark a new job or work which takes them ‘undercover’ in some way. Research, psychic development, the body electric as Walt Whitman called it, and that mind/body/soul connection could play a role here. It’s a beautiful way of seeing things as Venus and Mercury meet in Mercury’s ruling 6th in your chart on the 30th. News could arrive around that job, work, project, study program.

Bring work matters to a conclusion by mid-week and tie up those loose ends as your ruler retrogrades on the 1st. I should not have to go into any detail with you about the Retro Rules applying double when Merc heads backwards in its ruling house. A past love or partnership could reappear now as Venus arrives in its ruling 7th on the same day. As well as going back over business matters, you may be drawn into the past with a partnership. This could even be a past working relationship, friendship or joint project you collaborated on with someone. Travelling back in time to revisit love is favoured now. And perhaps even re-writing that ending. How does it end? Up to you this time around, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Tie up those loose ends. And bring work matters to a conclusion as Mercury heads retro, Gemini. When it comes to love however – it could be a Back to the Future moment!



  • Attract in the present – re-attract from the past
  • Set some magnetic intention
  • Step into new or renewed love

One of the most important new Moons of the year for you occurs this week, Cancer. When your ruler renews itself it is always a time of fabulous new beginnings and fresh starts. Where you enter into a new emotional experience in a specific area. The new Moon in your 5th of creativity, children and attraction sets your future on a new course. This could literally turn your world upside down in the best possible way as it falls opposite Uranus in its ruling 11th. Life takes a wonderfully unexpected turn that changes its future direction.

Added to this – Mercury and Venus meet in your 5th two days later. News around love, encountering the love of your life be it what you do or that special someone, shining brighter than before or even news around a child could light up your life. All this happens against the backdrop of Merc retroshadow and the planet of communication heads backwards in your 5th from the 1st. It’s now time to look at reviving past loves (or again, what you love to do) rather than moving forward with a new one. The other aspect to this Mercury retro in here is that you have a strong psychic feeling that something or someone from your past is about to reappear. This is your house of attraction and you may not be able to shake the feeling you’re about to magnetically attract that lost love or opportunity. The fact you also know you don’t have to do anything but wait for it to appear, just adds to your feeling of surety. The new beginnings are there this week, Cancer. But you may have to simply wait for them to blossom in their final form.

In a nutshell: Fabulous new beginnings around love are possible now. Or is it a love revival you’re entering, Cancer? No matter which one, you may have a sneaking suspicion of what you’ll attract!



  • Get a taste of truly living
  • Changes bring home truths about what you need
  • Revive the love this week, Leo!

Changes around your lifestyle or living arrangements set your feet on a path firmly towards the place you can truly call home this week, Leo. This week’s new Moon appears in its ruling sign and opposes Uranus in your career sector. For some therefore, the re-shuffle could occur from the top and filter on down. In other words – from the boardroom to your lounge room. Mercury and Venus conjunct this week also in your 4th promise news around property or career that’s to your benefit.

Uranus always sets us free or opens up a new, electrifying and authentic path for us. There’s a caveat hanging over all of this however. And that is Mercury begins the week in retroshadow and then heads fully retro-active from the 1st. By now you know that this means it is not a good time to sign contracts, leases or other major paperwork (such as that work contract). Things may not be settled, changes may be made and generally deals may go back and forth for another six weeks. Just bear all this in mind. However, dates have to be aimed for and the world continues to turn – sometimes not on our schedule but delay if you possibly can now. Venus is also on the move alighting in full glamour mode in your 5th also on the 1st. What’s the idea, hobby, pastime or activity you used to love that you need to revive now? This is your house of romance but the planet which delivers the messages is going backwards. Misunderstandings and lovers tiffs now should not last so remember that. It’s not so much about new love this week but the love of home and how and where you live. Set your heart in place, Leo.

In a nutshell: Changes around home, work or lifestyle could deliver the freedom you seek, Leo. No matter what they look like to begin with. It’s time for the foundation stone of heart-centered living.



  • Be flexible
  • Accept the flow of change – and go with it
  • Redesign that lifestyle for truly living

Get ready for retro-active mayhem! Your ruler begins the week in retroshadow and then heads fully retrograde from the 1st. In its ruling 3rd in your chart. You of all signs know that this means you get a double dose of Mercury mayhem this time around. This is Mercury in full ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’ Monty Python mode. This week also sees an important new Moon in your 3rd. Plus this falls opposite Uranus in your 9th. The news that arrives is designed to set you free. As could that idea, blog, message, website, business or anything you say, write, communicate or hear. However, with Mercury’s capacity for confusion, expect any deals or talks to swing back and forth. Don’t get attached to outcomes, routines or ways of doing things. Be prepared to change direction if asked – or offered an alternative that simply looks better. Flexibility is your key word this retro cycle.

This does not mean the unexpected or sudden does mean good news however. Mercury and Venus have a success sounding encounter in your 3rd on the 30th. This could mean good news around work or even love! The day Mercury heads backwards sees Venus move on into your 4th. As this is the full retrograde now put any plans around moving on hold if you can. Venus however wants to enhance and beautify that living space. Redecorating, renovating or even relocating back somewhere you loved to live in the past are retro-free improvements you can make now. Redesign that lifestyle.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury heads retroactive this week. You know what that means, Virgo! Time for a grand re-design when it comes to home and living arrangements. Do it beautifully now.



  • Your values are your gold standard
  • There are many kinds of rich – and one is knowing your worth
  • Prepare the way for a wonderful relaunch

If your forecast could be summed up with an Abba song, yours is Money, Money, Money this week, Libra. Ruler Venus is about to meet messenger Mercury in its ruling 2nd. Plus you have a new Moon appearing in here two days before this meeting. It will fall opposite Uranus in your 8th of power assets, what is shared with you, your salary and above all, your values. What’s your price this week, Libra because finances all hinge on your values, what you believe you are worth and what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ – at any cost.

This could beam in financial improvements or access to resources you need for some. If however you are involved in on-going negotiations around your cash, salary, a payout or settlement, bear in mind that Mercury heads retrograde in here from the 1st. So, nothing may be decided or finalised until next month and be subject to change until then. Your ruler also changes houses on the 1st – heading into your 3rd. Which of course, Mercury rules. Apply those Retro Rules and if travelling you need to allow extra time. Heading back to somewhere you have been in the past is favoured. As is returning to a previous employer or reminding those past clients you exist. Venus in here during a retrograde can redeliver an old love, news you have been waiting for, or even a missed opportunity. Revise written projects – that website, manuscript, CV, pitch, thesis. Then – wait for your moment to relaunch it. It’s coming, Libra.

In a nutshell: You? You’re right on the money and humming that Abba song this week, Libra. Rich begins with those values. Know what they are. Bank on them as your gold standard.



  • Invest in your relaunch
  • Self-worth fuels success
  • How do you want to be seen in the coming year?

Brand new beginnings, brand new you this week, Scorpio. If there is any aspect of yourself you feel needs renewal – now is the time to initiate this. The new Moon in your 1st marks the start of your new cycle – regardless of when your birthday actually falls. With the new Moon opposition Uranus in your 7th and a date night like no other occurring between Mercury and Venus in your 1st on the 30th, you have a relaunch opportunity like no other. Do you want to change how you see yourself? And how others see you? This is your chance. Immerse yourself in the process. Look closely not just at your appearance but your ‘brand’, style, message, profile and even that title on your business card if you have one. What does this say about you? Most importantly, is it congruent with who you feel you truly are or want to be perceived? Not just now but in the future.

You can take your time with this and make yourself your own best work-in-progress due to Mercury shifting into reverse in your sign on the 1st. Of course, the usual retro rules apply here but see this as a time of soul renovation which could result in a perfectly beautiful new you. Venus rules anything to do with beauty and exits your 1st entering its ruling 2nd also at the start of November. Our feelings of self-worth are so often linked to how we look and feel. See this as a time of investing in just that. The pay off – interest shown on self-love now, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Renew, revive, relaunch. Show some self-love this week, Scorpio by investing in how you look and feel. It’s not vanity or narcissism. It’s simply soul evolution at work!



  • What do you want to attract?
  • Expect revival and renewal
  • Get a pre-birthday preview!

Venus arrives in your 1st this week, kick-starting the party season early for you, Sag. When Venus arrives in our sign we are set to attract. So, it’s important we get very clear about exactly what or even who we want to draw into our lives. Venus in here also offers the opportunity of a make-over. This has been going on all year thanks to ruler Jupiter in your sign. Just call this the opportunity to make those final finishing touches.

Looking carefully at what you want to bring with you into your new cycle is favoured by both the new Moon in your 12th this week and strangely by the Mercury retrograde which also occurs in here on the 1st. This new Moon appears opposite Uranus in your 6th. There may be a sudden awakening as to the impact something is having on your life that you simply could not see before. And this determines whether you ditch it – or it comes with you. A divine meeting between Mercury and Venus also happens in here on the 30th – right before Venus appears in your 1st and Mercury heads backwards. This could herald something or someone springing from your past that you very much want to take with you into the future. Remember – the usual Retro Rules apply during the next three weeks and on into the direct retroshadow phase. Especially when it comes to that all-time favourite Sag activity – travel. Travelling back to the past however – that’s your ticket to the future this week.

In a nutshell: The party starts this week, Sag as you enter attraction mode. But while you’re on show you’re also diving deep. What reflects who you want to be in the coming year? Claim it now!



  • Friends set your future on a new course
  • Adjust those goals
  • Revisit the past – but don’t live there any more

The new Moon this week is one that sets your future in motion, Capricorn. This future prospect could include a lover, something you love to do or even children or the younger generation. It appears in your 11th of friends and social networks of all descriptions. And most importantly, it falls opposite Uranus which rules your 11th. The 30th brings a wonderful encounter between Mercury and Venus in here too. Help, gifts or assistance from friends or even a new connection who is instrumental in aiding you towards a key goal could feature. Whatever invitation that comes your way now – accept it. Your future is in motion in ways you may not yet understand.

Past friends could be reignited now or you may hear from people you have not had contact with for some time thanks to Mercury heading retrograde in here from the 1st. Likewise, if someone has been on your mind why not reach out yourself? Mercury retro rules ‘re’ words – reunion being one of these. The 1st also sees Venus enter your 12th. Again, this is all about the past especially past loves or past paths. A past lover could get back in touch. If so, ask yourself if they have changed? And more importantly how you have. Those ‘re’ words include revisit, return and also – repeat. By all means revisit the past. But don’t let history repeat itself.

In a nutshell: This week sets the future in motion – via the people you know and meet. Your connections – past, present, potential, all have a role to play. Don’t go it alone, Capricorn.



  • Build on past achievements
  • Set yourself a new height to reach
  • Get that work/life balance in perfect harmony

Our 10th house is all about how high we can go, our public reputation, what we are known for, our ambitions or even those of our partner. You’re facing a home/worldly success decision this week as the new Moon appears in your 10th. Opposing your ruler Uranus in the Moon’s ruling 4th. This could result for some of you in a defining decision which sets you off on a radical new path. Or opens up a way to bring about simply a better life/work balance. Mercury and Venus meeting in your 10th on the 30th could mark success setting news about that job, promotion, pitch or big business decision. It’s important now to see your reputation, your word and how you are seen as your greatest asset. It’s about your ability to work with what you have and to deliver on what you say.

Ensure you are taken seriously. Above all, bring current career matters or anything that involves you dealing with ‘the man’ or the establishment, to a conclusion by the time Mercury turns retrograde in here on the 1st. This then marks the time where you can look back at your victories, have an audit of your talents and skills and make adjustments to your path if necessary. This is now not a time to start something new unless it is already in motion. However, this is the house where you may be subject to someone else’s time frame – the people at the top, rather than your own. Again, it’s about working with what you have. Time will be important this Mercury retro. Having enough time, allowing enough, delivering on time, getting there on time or simply clock watching. What is this trying to tell you? Is it time for a change in fact? Work within what you have. And within the allocated time frame. Which for you could be three weeks – until Mercury heads direct again. Venus enters your 11th also on the 1st. Friends have a role to play and this could even be friends reunited. Remember – this is the house of friendship, not romance. Time for love? That will come, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: How high can you go, Aquarius? This week’s new Moon fires up those long term ambitions. Look to what you have already achieved. It’s your launch pad now.



  • Explore an alternate path to reach that destination
  • Open up to new possibilities
  • You own that gravitas – and that glamour!

Set your sights on the far horizon this week, Pisces. The new Moon in your 9th sets you on course for learning and freedom. It appears opposite Uranus in your 3rd. Unexpected, electrifying, exciting and freedom-making news could see you suddenly change course or take that last minute detour of discovery. How flexible have you become when it comes to letting go of ideas to allow the new in? If we become so attached to one goal, one vision, one dream we develop tunnel vision. And close ourselves off to other, better possibilities. Or even better ways to reach our original dream. So be open. Mercury and Venus meeting in here on the 30th point to lucky breaks, a beneficial trip or journey and big news. Again, this is all linked to a big love and soul freedom.

Be aware if you are travelling that this week will see Mercury which rules travel, transport and communication retrograde in your house of mass transit, airlines, mass media, long distance communications and overseas trips and connections. Even if you are returning to old stomping grounds, take those Retro Rules as written in stone now. Venus is on the move this week into your 10th of career, reputation and ambition. Look to your public and professional persona. Venus dusts you with beautiful gravitas and a touch of professional glamour. Don’t waste it. The impression you make now could have a big effect – and be lasting, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Travel, learning and opportunity go hand-in-hand with your ability to make a lasting impression this week, Pisces. It’s all a journey. And one that allows you to evolve.




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