Weekly Written Astrology 18th November 2019 – Hooray! Mercury Direct!

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 18 2019 – Hooray! Mercury Direct!


  • Follow where desire wants to take you
  • You have the power to create the changes you seek
  • Find an outlet for that passion!

Irresistible you this week, Aries. Ruler Mars says ‘I have the power’ as it enters its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. You’re fired up with desire and the need to express your passion. You need an outlet or a focus, Aries. Or maybe both in one as irresistible as you are, package. Passion and its pursuit will be top of your agenda now. And green lights begin to appear again to guide you in your search as Mercury swings back into action also in your 8th on the 21st. Remember however that mercury will remain in retroshadow until the first week of December. Yes, you have the go sign but understand reversals or delays can still occur. Not that you are about to let anything get in your way between you and the focus on that desire, Aries.

The will to win and succeed propels you forward and simply adds to your allure now. You magnetise the air around you simply by your presence. You may draw that lover or even that work opportunity to you as if by magic. A little effort on your part yields big results. If things have been vanilla between you and your significant other lately, your intensity may simply sweep them away. You want a connection with depth now however. One that takes you deeper. Work that immerses you in it. This week sees the Sun arrive in your expansion and opportunity sector. Travel with caution is back on the menu but still allow extra time for your journey. Jupiter and Venus make one final meeting in here in 12 years offering you an opportunity like no other to stretch and grow into something. Your moment could arrive now as Mars and Uranus oppose on the same day. Jump in and give it everything you’ve got, Aries!

In a nutshell: An irresistible force? That’s you this week, Aries. Time to abandon yourself and follow your passion. It’s taking you down a path towards success. Jump in!



  • Go where passion wants to take you
  • Make your move
  • Turn up the heat, baby!

Hey, hot stuff! Yes, I’m talking to you, Taurus. Not only does Mercury lift barriers to love as it heads direct in your 7th this week, but you also have Mars in here from the 19th. Strut that sexiness now. If you are single – time to mix and mingle. You’ll have no problem attracting potential flames. Mars demands action so please bear this in mind. You need to make love or alternatively, find another outlet for that passion via doing something you love. This can even be your job or that project, hobby or activity. If you don’t find an avenue down which to channel that desire what you will find is that it manifests in another way – as in arguments, disagreements or worse, that person you simply can’t stand is back in your face and pressing your buttons – again. Unexpected encounters and sudden, out of the blue attractions can happen which electrify your whole existence if you are open as Mars opposes Uranus in your 1st this week. But be wary as again, if you don’t find a positive way to express that passion, this can also bring about a sudden break-up too.

This week sees power moves to be made from the boardroom to the bedroom. You’ll cross a threshold now thanks to the Sun’s arrival in your 8th on the 22nd. Ruler Venus has a final tryst with Jupiter in here for 12 years on the same day. This could bring about the consummation of anything from that business deal to that attraction that’s been building between you and another. Changes that you initiate or even culminate now are designed entirely for your benefit provided your heart is truly in them. You won’t be able to fake those feelings this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Awaken to desire this week, Taurus. You have a need to feel passionately alive and totally engaged by someone or something. Don’t settle for so-so when you can have scorching instead!



  • You and another add up to opportunity
  • Escape that rut
  • Love is in the air!

Chaos? Confusion? Ruler Mercury direct once more in its ruling 6th in your chart from the 21st marks the beginning of the end of these themes. Just bear in mind that it will remain in retroshadow until early December so its capacity to create snafus remains. Hopefully you have used this period to revise any routines whether work, learning or health related that have turned into ruts. Escaping these is possible now not only due to Mercury direct but the arrival of Mars in here from the 19th. An unexpected way out could suddenly appear on the 24th when Mars opposes Uranus in your 12th. You can move away from something that has confined you for far too long. Or perhaps without you really being aware it has – until now.

Love rules the week however. The Sun arrives in your 7th of all things that take two baby on the 22nd. Venus is the natural ruler of this house and is also in residence. It makes a final once in a 12-year date with Jupiter in here on the 24th. Whether you are seeking or cementing love, this is your moment. Benefits and opportunities flow from partners, friends, associates or even that work connection. Someone opposite you could hold out a golden opportunity for you. Luck is all around you and it is important this week to accept any and all invitations that come your way. If you want to take a chance on love – or going after what you love, this is your moment, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Big up that love, Gemini! This week offers that loved-up feeling either via a relationship or via what you do or experience. Someone offers a golden opportunity that tells you: It takes two, baby!



  • Get the feelgood factor
  • Passion and confidence fuel romantic interaction
  • Make the first move in the flirtation game!

Spinning your wheels when it comes to romance, Cancer? Love shifts back into high gear this week as Mercury heads direct in your 5th boosted by the arrival of Mars in here. If you have been waiting to hear back from that potential lover, this week could signal setting that date. Just be aware that Merc remains in retroshadow until early December so plans could still be subject to change. Mars however adds passion, confidence and impetus to all your interactions. And to creative self-expression when in here. Projects are infused with passion. If you are single, look forward to a renewed sense of your ability to attract. This may in fact be effortless as Mars could see you not only make the first move in the flirtation game but also has the effect of simply drawing potential lovers to you as Mars and Uranus in its ruling 11th, oppose one another on the 24th.

The Sun enters Mercury’s ruling 6th in your chart the day after it heads forward once more. This puts work, routine and wellbeing matters back on the table once more. Venus in here always has us feeling good about ourselves. Provided we do not allow ourselves to tip into over-indulgence that is. It’s meeting Jupiter planet of luck and expansion in here for the final time for 12 years on the 24th. A bigger, better paid job could be on the cards for some. Or one which allows you the freedom and flexibility you need. Others could benefit from work-related travel or simply more energy. You are the candidate with the most to offer now. If you have been out of work for a while, this could herald the offer or opportunity which sees you return to the workforce. Work that feelgood factor this week for all it’s worth, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Delays on love matters could be lifted as Cupid shifts back into hear gear this week. Stuck in a rut? Dr. Feelgood aka Jupiter offers the way out now. Fly free like an arrow, Cancer!



  • Move on up
  • Radiate – and attract back
  • Luck and love are all around you

Don’t stay home this week, Leo. It’s really not one to be cocooning. Fire up those ambitions or else go in search of romance, parties, pleasure and opportunity. It’s a week like no other as your ruler the Sun arrives in your 5th of all things Leo-ruled. What does this tell you? That you are the point around everything revolves now. Children if you have them could hand you a proud moment. Or you may meet that lover who offers the potential to make you into a parent or step parent in the future. Good times are set to roll, luck is all around you and you should be the main focus of someone’s attention as Jupiter and Venus meet in here on the 24th. This will be their last encounter in here for 12 years turning you into a pure vortex of attraction. Ensure you make the most of it and be ready to shine in some way – either personally, professionally or even both. Accolades could be forthcoming as you step into a fresh cycle of success. You can’t escape the attention but then – why would you?

This week also sees Mercury head direct in your 4th along with Mars’s entry in here. Moving home for some can be back on the agenda as Mars favours action. What it does not favour however is domestic harmony. One more reason not to lurk indoors. Mars needs an outlet. Channelling it in to home improvement projects or even packing is ideal. As is searching for a new home. Staying indoors – not so. You may turn into a roaring domestic cranky-pants to those you live with. The 24th hands you an opportunity to move in a new direction or release yourself from confinement as Mars opposes Uranus in your status and career zone. This could see you moving on up the career ladder or to a better home or neighbourhood. Take the next step, Leo.

In a nutshell: You are a magnet for attraction this week Leo thanks to ruler the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in your 5th. You can’t escape the attention this brings you. Get ready for your close up!



  • Release yourself into something bigger
  • Work and study matters move forward
  • Lay the foundation for the future and aim high!

Ruler Mercury finally shifts forwards in its ruling 3rd in your chart, Virgo. Lifting the madness or should I say turning it from Mayhem Full Fat to Mayhem Lite? Don’t forget Mercury will remain in retroshadow until the start of December so it still has the ability to deliver delays and snafus. However – you’re now in an ‘On with the show’ frame of mind when it comes to work, study, business and what you have to write, say and communicate. Especially as Mars fires up that agenda when it too arrives in here on the 19th.

Lay your foundation and cement that future path in a way that both supports and frees you now, Virgo. The Sun arrives in your 4th shining on home and security issues on the 22nd. The 24th brings you the final meeting for Venus and Jupiter in here for 12 years. This could literally hand you the key to a door. A better home, lifestyle or even a job. Support from women or family members. You’ve a feeling of safety, belonging and that there’s either no place like home or you are on the right path when it comes to those long-term ambitions now. Unexpected news, travel plans or an opportunity you may have self-started may also play a key role as Mars opposes Uranus in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the same day. Freedom beckons for you, Virgo. Release yourself into it this week.

In a nutshell: Mercury direct lifts barriers to business and communication. Your home, lifestyle or even career offer unparalleled opportunities to move into something bigger. Go for it, Virgo.



  • Discover how far that idea has taken you
  • You’re right on the money now
  • Make headline news this week, Libra!

News so big you cannot possibly miss it arrives this week. In a pretty package courtesy of ruler Venus. You’re stepping into an ‘all systems go’ cycle when it comes to money, attention and success this week, Libra. Mercury shifts forward in your financial sector which of course, Venus rules. Meanwhile the Sun enters Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 22nd – joining Venus and Jupiter in here. The 24th sees a magical meet-cute between Venus and Jupiter in here. This is the final time this will happen in this area of your chart for 12 years. News you have been waiting to hear could finally arrive. Or you step into a cycle where movement and what you say, write or broadcast defines you and brings you the success and attention you are seeking. Travel may be on the cards for many of you. If not now, then you could be planning that trip. And have the resources to make it happen.

This week also sees Mars enter your 2nd on the 19th. This transit always increases our confidence in our own self-worth. And also to go after ways to boost our bank accounts. Chances are, if you are focussed on this, you have a goal or a purpose in mind. It’s not about more just for the sake of it, but more for a specific desire – that house deposit or yes, that trip of a lifetime. You’re passionate and inventive now when it comes to attaining this. You not only dare to dream – you dare to try too. The day Venus and Jupiter meet (24th) also sees Mars oppose Uranus in your sector of sharing, salary and resources. Unexpected increases, someone offering their assistance, loans or funding could feature. You see you have the power to bring about the changes you need. That’s headline news this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: You could make headlines this week, Libra. With some kind of success story to tell. Big news boosts your self-worth. This could be the moment you’ve worked and been waiting for.



  • You have what it takes – and more!
  • What does money truly buy you?
  • Watch your stock soar this week, Scorpio

Feeling there is nothing in the world you cannot take on or achieve, Scorpio? Ancient rule’s Mars’s return to your sign this week plus Mercury direct once more puts you in the mood to achieve. Boldness, confidence and passion make you a force to be reckoned with now. You’ll set your sights on a particular goal or path and won’t allow anything or anyone to deter you. You’ll have little patience with negative people or procrastinators this week. You need people around you who reflect your lust for love and life!

That increased sense of self-worth and confidence you’ll radiating cuts across the board. The Sun enters your 2nd on the 22nd, bringing your birthday season to a close. This does not mean you’re not still soaring on the high of potential new beginnings however. Venus is the planet which rules your 2nd. The 24th sees it meet with Jupiter in here for the last time in 12 years. Income generating potentials open up. This could be via a new and better paying job, a side hustle, business opportunity or even an investment. You see your value clearly reflection in your relationship to your money and the material world. You attract that business partner or loan. New ways to relate to your money offer you more freedom. Your skills, talents and abilities attract you both the attention and the rewards you’ve been seeking. Others could benefit from a partner’s or employer’s generosity as Mars opposes Uranus in your 7th on the same day. It’s a clear reflection of your worth and how much you are valued. Cash in, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Your confidence soars and you’re ready to reach any goal you set for yourself now. That includes financial ones. The freedom to chart your future is yours this week, Scorpio.



  • Happy birthday, Sagittarius!
  • Have a new success story to tell
  • Secret dreams and ambitions aren’t secrets anymore

Get set for success. And to get yourself noticed in ways you may not have imagined possible. Your new cycle begins this week as the Sun arrives in your sign. You’ve an Access All Areas backstage pass to any area of life that you choose now. The world is watching you and hanging on your every word. The final meeting between ruler Jupiter and Venus takes place in your 1st this week. Both are working to enhance your image, reputation, message, brand, appearance and yes, desirability, Sag. It’s a birthday gift you will not get to open again for another 12 years so make the most of it. A door is opening for you that could lead anywhere. Some of you could even find yourself in the public eye during this time while others could receive acclaim or the recognition they have been working towards. Someone or just everyone, may want you and only you now. That includes that readership, employer, audience or followers.

If you have been harbouring secret dreams and ambitions, this week could see you step out of the backroom and into the spotlight. Mercury direct in your 12th says the waiting is over. Bear in mind however that it will not exit retroshadow until early next month. So some refinement, revision or waiting for your cue may still occur. Mars’s entry in here on the 19th puts you in power mode and unwilling to wait for too much longer. You have a need to let the world or others know what you are all about and what is on your mind. Long desired changes can be made now especially around areas that you have identified as confining you or holding you back. This may shock others who have pigeon-holed you for far too long. Astound your audience this week by making that bold or frankly courageous move. Fortune and the world favours the brave. Don’t keep them waiting, Sag!

In a nutshell: Step into a new cycle like no other, Sag. Your birthday season gets a boost from ruler Jupiter and Venus this week. Launch yourself skyward into opportunity. The world is waiting for you.



  • Dream the impossible dream
  • Head towards your soul purpose
  • Who you meet could change your destiny

This week is all about the future in motion. Whether you realise it or not, Capricorn. You are entering a period of soul decluttering and refinement. This always occurs in the month leading up to your birthday. Marked by the Sun’s entry into your 12th on the 22nd. This year is radically different however. You are now being set up to discover solutions to long term issues you never imagined existed which will present themselves from January 2020 onwards. The process begins this week as Venus and Jupiter have a secret liaison in your 12th on the 24th. This is of course your house of all things hidden and out of sight. You may be harbouring secret plans and ambitions for example. But are not yet ready to tell the world. Yet you are working behind the scenes to set these in motion. This week can hand you resources – both inner and also outer from those with whom you have karmic ties. You want to walk a higher path with new purpose.

Jupiter is a planet which rules our future. It is also the ancient ruler of your 12th. Tapping into hidden potential or simply having a mind-blowing moment where you see clearly what has held you back are just a few of the possibilities that clear that path towards future success for you.

Dream a big dream now and know you can turn this into reality. This may also come about via who rather than what you know. Mercury heads direct once more in your 11th from the 21st while Mars arrives in this house on the 19th. The 11th rules friends and contacts and also our goals, wishes and dreams. Hence it also rules our future and the people who impact on this. With Mars in here be aware that you are never going to see a connection in the same way again. But then remember, it is you who have changed. Uranus is the ruler of your 11th and on the 24th opposes Mars in here. This could bring you into contact with new, unusual and even influential friends. If so, they are sent to power you along that path. You’ll decode a mystery this week. Or find the person who can help you to that. Make changes within to bring about changes to your destiny now.

In a nutshell: The run up to your birthday sees you tapping into your secret ambitions, desires or goals. And discovering that dream may not be so impossible after all. The key is within, Capricorn.



  • Widen your reach
  • Meet and greet
  • Who you know holds the keys to opportunity – and the future

If you have spent the Mercury retrograde in your 10th refining your career goals or professional or public image, this week tells you its time to move forward with that relaunch of those plans, profile or ambitions, Aquarius. Mercury is direct in here once more from the 21st. However, do bear in mind it will remain in retroshadow until early December. So, nothing may be carved in stone yet. Negotiations may go back and forth or deadlines moved still. However, Mars’s arrival in here from the 19th has you being seen by those who matter as someone who can get things done. You could be looking at accepting a leadership role or one which carries more authority or responsibility. You feel ready to tackle any task and have a desire to prove yourself.

Competing in a bigger arena or even the world stage, could be the end result for some of you now. You have the ability to reach or interact with a wider audience than ever before. Some of you may receive a helping hand up or see a long-term goal come to fruition as the Sun enters your 11th of all things Aquarian. Influential or generous friends or professional contacts could play a key role in this. Venus and Jupiter meet in your 11th on the 24th for what will be their final get together in this house for 12 years. You could gain entrée to that impressive social scene or exclusive club for example. That band you’re in could get that recording deal or hit. That organisation that win. Anything you are involved in that is bigger than just one individual offers you the opportunity to succeed this week. This is backed by your ruler Uranus is your house of home, family and security. It gets opposed by Mars also on the 24th. Shaking you free of something that doesn’t support but instead keeps you stuck and out into something bigger and more attention grabbing. Take a bold step towards it and reap the benefits, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Success comes via who you know as well as what now. Your circle widens as you interact with a wider audience. New and unusual friends bring massive pay-offs this week.



  • You’ll never know until you try
  • Live your potential – and your dreams
  • Big up those ambitions and head higher!

Don’t look back this week, Pisces. And also don’t stay put. Forward motion, looking outward, higher and farther than before puts you on the path to fresh possibilities. Both personal and professional. If you remain focussed on the past or simply refuse to move forward, you’ll be tipping yourself out of the flow of extraordinary success making aspects this week that simply want to scoop you up and take you with them. It’s going to involve taking a chance or some level. And most probably taking a chance on yourself. Do you have enough faith in yourself, your talents and abilities and above all, your faith in your capacity to create your own success? If you have answered ‘yes!’ to all of that, this is your week to accomplish those long-term goals. Or to set yourself towards them with fresh determination.

Your confidence to do what you may not have dared to before soars thanks to Mars’s arrival in your 9th on the 19th. You won’t allow old fears or doubts to hold you back from pursuing those big dreams or leaving your usual comfort zone. Mercury direct in here from the 21st puts travel and exploration back on the table for you. You may have revised your course and have a fresh star to aim for. The Sun in your 10th on the 22nd shines on career matters and your ability to make a lasting impression on bosses present and potential, clients, people with the ability to open doors for you and even VIP’s. Ancient ruler Jupiter is also in here and will meet Venus on the 24th. This will not occur again for another 12 years. A golden opportunity to prove yourself which cements your reputation and leads to long term success could present itself. Those influential people seem to just want to say ‘Yes’ to you. Sudden news or an opportunity could appear as this day tells you nothing is impossible if you dare to just try as Mars opposes Uranus in your 3rd. You’ll never know until you do, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Know where the magic happens? Outside your comfort zone, Pisces. This week tells you to leave it. Time to look forward, upwards and outwards. Don’t stay put and don’t look back.



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