21st August 2017 Your weekly Horoscope


Electric dreams
Dancing with surprise
Love and devotion

Get ready my warrior friend, it’s the New Moon and Solar Eclipse!  Woah!!  Right from the get go on Monday, it’s all about the next big shift for you.  The New Moon is the second New Moon in Leo, so you’ve probably been pre-warned about where this is all heading, yes?  It’s time to express your unique soul and to follow the clues to reach your own true happiness.  Your creative direction is changing, and as the Moon and Sun are trine Uranus, the eccentric genius, is in your sign, an unexpected event or sign is heading your way super ram.  You should start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, and determined to make things happen.  Endings, fresh starts and exciting revelations all help you step into the next phase with curiosity and courage.  The Solar eclipse is also allowing you to make a radical transformation.

If that wasn’t enough, let’s not forget that your ruler Mars is also in your creative/soul mate/pleasure zone!  He is trine Saturn the lord of responsibility in your adventure zone.  You have the drive and power to head out on a glittering journey, it might be a literal journey or perhaps you are opening up to study or to seeing the world with new eyes?

Venus in your home and family zone is square Uranus on the 24th, tickling and poking your desire for freedom and the unusual.  You have a hunger to explore. If you’re in a relationship that’s not working, you might be a naughty ram and push the boundaries getting into mischief during this time.

In a loving relationship?  Explore your wild and passionate side, try to think outside of the box!  Single?  An attraction to somebody very different to you electrifies you.  With Venus also nipping into your pleasure zone on the 26th you’re every bit the love magnet.  Venus in this position is a fabulous time to work on your relationship with yourself.  Is your inner voice a friend or frenemy to you?  Remember dear one, be supportive to you!

Phew, Saturn turns direct on the 25th, easing up issues to do with expansion and personal growth.

In a nutshell – Whoa Aries, you leap into this week with gusto.  Expect pleasure, thrills and bacchanalian revelry.  Of course, we have a New Moon AND a Solar eclipse so anything could happen!


Paint brushes at the ready
Psychic revelation
Strong like bull

It’s all change this week, as the New Moon and Solar Eclipse sweep through your home and family zone.  It may be as simple as a soul revelation around one of these areas or perhaps an unexpected event clarifies which direction you now know you need to go in.  Whatever the transformation is, even if it appears surprising, deep down you may have already sensed it.  This is a rare second New Moon in Leo.  For some Bulls, it will be dramatic and theatrical for others it will be just a shift in consciousness.  The way you feel and see your home and family is moving on to a fresh cycle.  If you’re a typical Taurus, home and family are your very foundations, so you tend to tread very cautiously about making changes in these areas.  The Sun and Moon are trine Uranus in your spiritual/empathy/compassion zone.  A secret may come to the surface that feels like a missing piece for you.  You’re given a helping hand when Venus your ruler shuffles into this space on the 24th.

Mars trine Saturn helps you to feel committed and powerful in your home environment, and you might be considering buying or investing in a house or a completely new space.  With the Sun shifting into your pleasure and soulmate zone (Yippee!) you have an all-round confidence boost.  We’re rapidly heading into one of the most optimistic and creative times of the year for you, especially when the Sun is slow dancing with Mercury on the 26th.  You feel confident getting your point of view across (remember that Mercury is retrograde though, things won’t be entirely clear until after the 5th September)

Have you been thinking about the past recently?  Perhaps you’ve been going over old soul wounds and found yourself cast back to a time where you felt powerless?  Or were you thinking about an old obsession you’ve found hard to release?  Saturn moves direct on the 25th so as long as you’ve done the innerwork, you are stepping into your power around sexuality, money and control.

IN A NUTSHELL –  All change in your home environment, but what do you have to let go of?  Your compassion for someone shifts the relationship.  A weight is lifted as you bound into the next phase.


Trust your inner genius
Join forces
Love shifts gears

Are you ready to say it like it is Gemini?  You’re the quintessential wordsmith of the zodiac with wit as sharp as a dragon’s tooth.  BUT sometimes, it’s challenging for you to simply express your emotions or even be as direct as you would like to be.  You have stunning ideas but you need to convince yourself that they are worthy of the follow through, believe me they are!

On the 21st we have a rare second New Moon in Leo and a Solar eclipse.  Have you had an idea or talked to someone about a creative project recently?  Do you want to write, publish or put something out there into the Universe?  The cosmic eclipse is here to help you.  Perhaps you have already had a clue to where this is all going?  Either way, a conversation is going to have a huge impact on you this week.  The Sun and Moon are trine Uranus, the electrifying and unpredictable planet of surprises.  Trust your instincts and bring your twin selves together this week.  You have a profound connection to the Cosmos so plug yourself into those mains baby!  Keep your eyes peeled for a new group of pals, the right team to collaborate with or a fresh world view. Yeah!  You love to get stuck into exciting projects, bear in mind that to fully experience this you might have to release an old plan or idea.

With Mars trine Saturn you can put some of your considerable focus on sorting out old relationship issues. You’re ready to commit to a fresh love cycle, once you have ironed out and released past patterns.

The Sun is shifting your energy into your home and family, but you feel confident and capable of making things work when the Sun is conjunct Mercury on the 26th.

Hooray!  Saturn turns direct on the 25th easing up your personal relationships.  If you’ve done the work, Saturn will bring you a gift.  However, working on your sense of responsibility and what it means, especially around love, lust and soul connections is still a work in progress for you.  With Venus entering your communication zone allowing you to talk a little more freely, oh and hey, you are a flirtation whiz right now but play nicely, don’t give someone the wrong idea with your twinkling charm.

In a nutshell – Follow through on that brilliant idea as the New Moon and Solar eclipse bring you out into the open.  Expect some cosy family times and the chance to make a meaningful commitment.


Boom! Boom! BOOM!
Money on your mind
Who is your charismatic new friend?

Cancer!  This is it!  The big one!  There’s a New Moon AND Solar eclipse in your place of security, finance and sense of self.  How are you doing with finances?  All these planetary shenanigans are focused on sorting you out.  The good news is that a trine to Uranus the unpredictable game changer is happening in your career zone.  Look out for a potential opportunity.  This New Moon is rare, as it’s the second one in Leo.  Were you shown a sign regarding money and work last month?  It’s the time for change and for your finances to shift direction, for you to embrace new ways of being.  Don’t shy away from an unusual offer, you might just be ready to branch out!

The Sun enters your ideas zone making you much more confident about the way you communicate, ideas are rife, other people are receptive to you and loving the way you come across.  You’re beautifully enthusiastic but do watch what out for what you promise, as pesky Mercury retrograde could cause a bit of confusion.

Venus is in your sign until the 26th so work it baby, work it!  When Venus shines her loving rays on you, you can not only attract a deeper amore, but you also have a chance to love bomb yourself and give yourself a supportive pat on the back.  You’re very vibrant and expressive right now and might catch the eye of someone you work with.  While you probably have lots of laughs together think carefully before you get lost in fantasy or take it further.  When Venus enters your security and grounded space on the 26th, you feel like you want a love that is settled.  Taken?  Things could go to the next level although watch out for Venus’s love of over indulgence and splurging out on luxury items!  Single?  Love could take a deeper turn.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th easing up your worries about your health and well-being.  Obviously, check out anything that you are worried about with a doctor/dentist/therapist.  Saturn is helping you to commit to a healthy lifestyle now.

In a nutshell – ‘Tah Dah! This is it, the second New Moon in your finance house and a Solar eclipse.  Expect a financial makeover and a deepening sense of security.  Oh, and Venus is helping others to think you’re truly awesome!


An inferno of opportunity
Who do you want to be?
Enthralling adventures

Ay Caramba!  You are about to dive into another dimension, Leo!  On the 21st we have the second New Moon in your sign, never mind a second chance this is an offer of a second life!  Not only is this a New Moon but it is a total SOLAR ECLIPSE.  The Sun is your ruler and he is having a rebirth and so are you!  Your identity is shifting, anything that does not serve your soul is being stripped away.  It’s raw, it’s beautiful and it sure is wild.  Uranus the planet of the unexpected is trine these two, launching you into an adventurous and expansive future.  Pay attention, some signs may be small and some symbols may be large.  Write down your dreams and make a wish on this intense and unique day.  What is it that you really want?  And why?  Why is a very important question, ask yourself for the details before you cast out your desires to the welcoming and obliging Cosmos. OK, it might not happen overnight, in fact some of the magic of this week might take a year to come through but one thing is for sure, times they are a changing!  Polish up those paws, look fabulous and be prepared for anything this week!

The Sun leaves your sign on the 22nd and while you may be waving him a sad goodbye, the next phase is all about security, finance and stability.  You should start to feel much more grounded and dare I say it, safe.  The safety you feel is coming from within you.  All the revelations of the past few weeks have hopefully led you to a stronger relationship with yourself and to a sense that good things are here or coming to you.  You are very much a free spirit right now and like the lion surveying his/her territory from the mountaintop, you cast your eye over all the possibilities ahead of you.  Remember that Mercury is still retro so if you can wait until after 5th September until you sign on any dotted lines that could be beneficial.

BUT before you settle down, we have one more celestial present for you, Venus, the planet of love, is going into your sign!  YASSSSS!  Venus is giving you loving super powers.  You exude extra charisma and folks adore being around you.  With one flick of your mane you attract love and fandom.  Please use Venus to heal yourself, lick your past love wounds and reboot your confidence.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th making fun, creativity and soul connections much easier for you.  You are flowing again! Yip! Yip!

In a nutshell – OMG my lions/lionesses, life is about to spin in a totally different direction.  Have you done the work?  Are you ready?  A Leo revolution is about to take you onwards to different experiences.  Embrace it!


Bewitching times
You’re enchanting
You are understanding an important friendship

All manner of wizardry is on the Menu in this uber magical week Virgo.  We have a rare second New Moon in your house of secrets, magic, psychic skills and compassion, although if you don’t embrace this and give into fear, you could find yourself feeling paranoid and reactive.  None of this is helped by your Ruler Mercury still being in retrograde.  Whatever happens this week, feel for your intuition and open up your heart to empathy not only to others but also to yourself!  Things are shifting, not a minor shift, it’s a humongous, fascinating transformation and you are being cast into a brand spanking new reality.  On the 21st allow the Cosmos to help you find where you are meant to be.  There could be significant coincidences and mysterious moments for you.  Old past lives are awoken and all sorts of Celestial jiggery pokery occur.  Know this though, you are awakening to your power.  When we awaken we can’t turn knowledge off, something is revealing itself to you and it will be for your greater good.  Oh, and this can be a very, very romantic week where sex and love go to a soul space.

The Sun is shining in your sign from the 22nd and you are given a charisma reboot.  You feel confident and cheerful and that’s just the start!  Mars is also trine Saturn on the 22nd allowing you to make peace with a family or home issue.  Saturn has been dragging you backwards to deal with old ancestral wounds. Saturn turns direct on the 25th encouraging you to lay foundations and bringing you to a deeper sense of security.

Venus the Planet of love is shifting signs and is also going into your mysterious, past life, empathy and lack of boundaries zone.  Love gets mystic, meaningful and very profound.  If anyone has been hiding a secret you have the ability to crack the code.  Finally, the Sun conjunct Mercury in your sign can bring a revealing conversation ripe with opportunity, you got this!

In a nutshell – You’re sympathetic and open to those close to you.  Someone new is drawn to you and it might feel as if you have known them for eternity, try to keep it grounded though.  Someone is about to reveal a very important secret, keep it safe.


Beaming with happiness
Soaring above muppets
Conquering fears

The way you see the world could be about to change Libra.  A powerful New Moon in Leo (a rare one as it’s the second one!) and a Solar eclipse are hitting your social life, friendships, and how you connect to ideas and to other people.  You might be joining a team or finding fantastic new collaborators. Yes!  Don’t forget the New Moon and the double whammy of a Solar eclipse gives you the courage to let go of a gang you are working with or hanging out with if it isn’t working out.

You’re a spiritual Spitfire right now, and you’re deeply connected to the whole, use this time to think about what reality you want to create.  Do you believe that you can create your destiny?  Do you believe that you deserve wonder and magic?  OK, so you might not get it all delivered right away but give it a go! (Here is a link to one of my ancient blog posts which can show you simple ways to do it) You can also be a networking genie, it’s time to throw your creativity out there and to join forces with peeps that inspire you.  What are you waiting for?  Go, go, go!  I love this quote and it’s the Libran mantra right now

“If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavours to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
– Henry David Thoreau

On top of that, a cute little trine with Uranus delivers a relationship surprise.  It could be that you meet a soul connection in a crowd who makes your chakras tingle ;) or that you take a date for a night out and it bonds you.  Trust the Universe and your journey and expect something extraordinary to happen.  Write down the coincidences and signs and see where they lead you.

On the 24th Venus your gorgeous ruler is trine Chiron the wounded healer.  You have the chance to heal some of your fears around your work and what you can achieve.  What does achievement mean to you?  Have you got caught up in the idea that your self-worth is based on what do in the external world?  Venus is kissing you and telling you that you are enough.  She is also square Uranus filling you up with enthusiasm and kickstarting your passion for a project. (There could also be a naughty little flirtation at work but bear in mind that Mercury is retro, so check out it’s not over stepping any boundaries).  On the 26th Venus also steps into your networking groove, Yeah baby!  People are very receptive to your ideas and are hooking up with you.  On top of that, Saturn who has been like a Grinch in your communication zone is moving direct allowing you to invest and build foundations on your original thoughts!  Phew, what a week!  Oh, and you’re super psychic on the 26th so tune into your inner guru and listen to your hunches!

“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream.  Discover.”
– Mark Twain

In as nutshell – WOW!  Shimmy towards your dreams and desires as the New Moon and Solar eclipse draw the right people to you.  OK, you might have to let go of an old tribe.  Leap into your destiny.


Don’t hold back
The tables have turned

How is your reputation Scorpio?  Perhaps you don’t give two figs about what other people think?  However, the New Moon (the second in Leo) and Solar eclipse on the 21st have plans for you, so play nicely.  You’re getting a work makeover and taking care of the details to clinch a deal.  Maybe you’re not interested in work but care more about your soul path and where you are going?  Either way it’s all change for you.  Did you sense this coming?  The last New Moon probably brought you a clue.  If you’re looking for a change the time is now.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde at the moment so whatever is discussed bear in mind that there may be a few more weeks of twists and turns ahead.  Your ambition is dramatic and focused, check everything at least three times and then walk confidently towards your dreams.  Mars is also trine Saturn allowing you to build your finances on firm foundations, Woot!   When Saturn turns direct on the 25th you should feel free of past responsibilities and ready to fly. (you are an eagle after all!).  Also, Venus enters your work zone zapping you with appealing vibes.

You’ve probably learned by now that your ruler Pluto can plunge you into dramatic change without fluttering his eyelashes.  He’s all in favour of tough love and thanks to that you’re a natural survivor.  You are a mythical soul and it’s no surprise that the other symbol for you is the phoenix!  Rise baby rise!

When Pluto opposes fearsome and stubborn Goddess Ceres on the 21st you may feel as if your world is turned upside down again.  Ceres is a fiercely protective Earth Goddess who never gives up fighting for those she loves.  In mythology Pluto dragged Ceres daughter into the underworld! Yikes!  But Ceres had the last laugh, as nothing intimidates her.  Ceres is bringing you an opportunity to grow, expand and travel.  Don’t just think it, it’s time to act.  If you find yourself flung into the unknown try to embrace it and remember Ceres has your back.

When the Sun hooks up with Mercury on the 26th your inspirations are sticky and contagious!  Get your stuff out there!

In a nutshell – Keep your mesmerising eyes peeled for a career surprise. Your endurance is about to pay off.


Brave new world
Your curiosity is stirred
X-rated delights

You’re in your element this week Sagittarius as the dramatic New Moon and Solar Eclipse are chucking you into a brave and fresh endeavour.  Have you forgotten that you’re the swashbuckler of the zodiac?  Learning, travelling and having new experiences is the fuel that drives you.  Luckily the Sun and Moon are trine outrageous and maverick Uranus in your pleasure zone.  Sounds good to me!  If you’ve been stuck or bored in life you’ll welcome the adventures that are coming.  The Solar eclipse can introduce you to a different life philosophy or transform your view of your souls journey, either way it should be tinged with happiness.  One word of caution though, try not to party like a wildebeest!  You are tempted to go over the top and feast on all available pleasures!  Do you want to study something?  Move cities?  Expand your awareness?  It’s all happening now.

Watch out though as Pluto and Ceres are kicking off with each other on the same day.  Pluto the Lord of the Underworld kidnapped Ceres daughter, so you can imagine when they oppose one another we can expect conflict.  These celestial fisticuffs may make you feel uncomfortable about a power struggle or animbalance of finance with someone.  Remember, Mercury is retrograde so make sure you have all the facts before you use your sword of truth.

Mars trine Saturn in your sign on the 22nd allows you to ground all the big ideas coming through.  When Saturn goes direct on the 25th you should feel a sense of relief, a part of you might have felt chained down or have been locked into old responsibilities.

Venus is entering the same vibe as the New Moon eclipse and is turning you into a wild pony of love.  You need to feel stimulated and any love trysts that you have now are fuelled by the unusual.

The Sun conjunct Mercury makes you very forceful in your opinions but equally confident and so you should be.  Your ruler Jupiter forms a stunning sextile with Saturn in your sign making you determined, driven and secure. Yip! Yip!

In a nutshell – Trot towards all things new and unusual, the New Moon and Solar eclipse are urging you to trust your path to happiness.  Don’t hold back.


Take care of you!
Tender feelings
Brooding desire

Yikes, the fierce and impressive New Moon and Solar eclipse fall in your murky and intense primal zone Capricorn.  Joint resources, sex, intimacy and power/powerlessness are about to be transformed.  Yes, it might sound a little like the Universe is giving a vegan an alligator sandwich but actually this can be liberating and empowering (not the alligator sandwich bit!).  It’s important that you brace yourself and face your shadows, remember that you are a warrior.  You are one of the most tenacious and rugged signs of the zodiac but this can sometimes mean that you don’t look after your own emotional needs.  The Solar eclipse is giving you an opportunity to surrender the past and free yourself of old baggage.  There could also be a family healing as Uranus is bringing you some unexpected news.  With Mars trine your ruler Saturn on the 22nd you are having strong messages from the depths of your soul.  Look within and you will know what way to go.  You’ll sniff magic in the air as all sorts of meaningful symbols and signs lead you towards your desires. Yay!

The Sun is shifting signs and tempting you to travel, expand and tap dance over your boundaries.  You should also start to feel more optimistic and enthusiastic.  Saturn is also letting you off the hook as he goes direct shifting your mood.  Did you have to deal with a past addiction or perhaps with discovering a lie?  You’re in touch with your romantic and spiritual side and crave deep and sensitive folks for the next part of your journey.

Finally, Jupiter is sextile Saturn bringing a touch of enchantment to your career!

In a nutshell – You are seeing right through somebodies’ theatrics allowing yourself to be free of guilt.  You’re going deep this week, diving into your hidden desires and making some radical changes.


Relationship transformations
What do you want?

Be prepared for a relationship revolution Aquarius!  The incredible New Moon and Solar eclipse are in your love and intimate connection zone.  You should have had clues as to what needs to change in your love life and close partnerships, last month.  Did you listen to your intuition?  A nice little trine to Uranus your wacky ruler brings you a conversation that might change everything, this week is a show stopper with lots of razzle dazzle! When Mars trines Saturn on the 22nd you’ll find the right gang to collaborate with and possibly an electric soul connection.  You’re drawing the right folks to you and are much more positive about where to put your energy.  Listen very carefully to what a love interest is saying as they probably mean it.

The Sun is hurtling you towards a deep and mysterious time.  You’re quite the soul detective and crave intensity.  You’re super fly in your observations and are able to see beneath the surface of what others motivations are.  You might find yourself becoming a bit illusive as you want space to explore the depths of your emotions.  There might be a few delicious temptations and private or off the record conversations.  Venus is asking you not to be so self-critical and to value yourself for who you are rather than for what you’ve achieved.

When Saturn turns direct on the 25th you are ready to commit to a plan.

In a nutshell – The New Moon and Solar eclipse fall into your relationships zone and they are trine Uranus the unpredictable.  An important conversation reveals what’s really going on.


Love boost
Work commitments
A declaration of love

Ok Pisces, it’s time for the truth to come out, are you looking after yourself?  It’s crossroads time.  Can you mother and nurture yourself?  The New Moon and magnificent Solar eclipse are giving you a mighty new cycle. Focus on your health and well-being and know that the Universe has your back.  It’s also time to trust your ability to get things done and to make more money.  The Sun and Moon are trine Uranus the genius maverick, who may dangle an opportunity to secure a better financial cycle.  With feisty Mars and serious Saturn boosting your career and money zone, you are stepping into a time where you are likely to feel more in control.

The rays of the Sun turn their focus to warming your relationship zone on the 22nd.  Venus is trine the wounded healer in your sign, delving into any unresolved pain and kissing it better.  Venus is also square Uranus making you a bouncy and enthusiastic lover, it’s about time you were given a break.  Make the most of this vibe and fill it with thrilling dates, as you’re much more brazen about expressing your desires at the moment.  When Venus shifts signs on the 26th you take time out to process your emotions.  BUT the Sun is conjunct Mercury also on that day, so you might feel compelled to make a declaration of love.  What are you looking for?  No one is perfect and no one expects you to be perfect (and if they do give them the old heave ho!) Love isn’t all puppy dogs and unicorns, BUT it is out greatest soul teacher and helps us to work on our stuff.  Enjoy the wonder and chance to increase your intimacy, but make sure you love and support you too!  And hey, Jupiter and Saturn may plop you into a position of power!

In a nutshell – The Cosmos is asking you to take better care of yourself but is also giving you a helping hand. Take care of the details for a big reward as the New Moon and Solar Eclipse help to change the way you see things.


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