Weekly Horoscope Written 1st Jan 2018

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Sign January 1 2018


  • Nurture those dreams
  • Get set for blue-sky living – and thinking
  • Live brighter, bigger, bolder in 2018!

Become the innovator, the entrepreneur of your own life if only on a soul level this week, Aries. See yourself as the CEO of YOU.Inc. 2018 kicks off with a full Moon in her ruling house in your chart. This may have you feeling more emotionally protective not just of yourself, but of your dreams and desires. You realise you have them for a reason – they form part of you as the Moon sets off a cascade of feeling with a Grand Water Trine that involves ruler Mars in his ancient ruling 8th and Neptune in your 12th. It’s no longer enough to have the dream but you now realise 2018 means setting off in pursuit of it.

Uranus, patron planet of the entrepreneur and blue-sky thinker moves direct again in your 1st, opening you up to possibilities for achieving this you may not have been able to see before. Yes, there’s blue sky thinking involved but you can bring ideals nicely down to earth thanks to Venus in your 10th combining ambition with the ability to create the right impression. When it comes to moving forward or just communicating those thoughts, a fabulous angle between Mercury in your 9th and Uranus could just prove to be an ideas factory or provide you with the very one that sets the whole thing in motion. Mars is busy on your behalf providing you with the power and the confidence to undertake something bigger, something bolder than you have attempted in the past as he meets Jupiter in your 8th. 2018 is off to a flying start where bold moves could just pay off for you, if you dare to dream and then dare to act upon them.

In a nutshell: Start the year by selling yourself better. Where can you innovate and create? Love those dreams –  you have them for a reason,  Aries.


  • Embrace the power of change
  • Wait for more information
  • Love gets deeper and pulls you in

Things must change and I must change them. Is this your New Year mantra, Taurus? We know you are reluctant to shake things up. But even you must now see that in order for things to improve or you to escape that rut you are in, change must now be embraced. The full Moon of the 2nd could see you finding it hard to get your point across – especially to loved ones, when it comes to your desire for change. The reason for this is that this Moon triggers aspects between Mars and Neptune and the surprising twist in all this is that you could find yourself in the position of wanting the change but being opposed by others.

More information or another way of accomplishing this could come to light over the next few days so my advice is to state your case, and then step back and see what emerges. Uranus in your 12th is about to head direct again and this could reveal a missing piece of the puzzle or a new way of tackling an issue you were just unaware of before especially after the 6th when both Mercury and Uranus combine to restore your ability to get your point across effectively. Neptune links us to inspiration and if you need a fresh perspective or advice, follow through on hunches about who you should talk to on the 3rd when ruler Venus makes a freedom enhancing aspect to Neptune in your house of contacts and connections. When it comes to those closest to you, even if they resist the change they cannot resist the empowered force that is now you as Mars and Jupiter meet in your 7th. If the change you seek is love, your smouldering aura and desire to explore something deeper and more resonant pulls in potential lovers like gravity. Others could now be released to explore the freedom they seek. Love in one form or another could be the change that takes you into 2018, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Deep down inside you know things have to change. So why resist it? Embrace a new and better dynamic for 2018.


  • What do you feel you deserve?
  • Liberate yourself with love
  • Project a success mindset

Time to look at not just where the money goes but why it may go in a certain direction. Questions around your worth may surface with the first full Moon of 2018 which appears in your 2nd on the same day. This Moon creates a watershed moment as it triggers a Grand Water Trine stretching all the way across your work and career zone. It’s about what you have, what you do with what you have and what you believe you are worth. You’ve a fabulous meeting between Mars and Jupiter in your work sector this week which could see many of you either actively seeking a new role, taking up one or be infused with a new direction – perhaps to work smarter not harder or to direct your energy towards working at something that liberates you to do what you love. Uranus that cosmic innovator turns direct again in his ruling house while ruler Mercury now almost out of retrograde shadow angles across to him bringing improvements in relationships both on a personal and a professional level.

Behind all of this is whether or not you have been spending money on things just to feel good rather than living a feel-good life? Venus in your house of personal empowerment, shared resources and your salary weaves some alluring and inspirational magic with Neptune in your long term career and reputation sector. Knowing your worth means projecting an aura of success. One that says that you not only know you belong – you know you’re the real deal. Rewards can be yours when you recognise you’re worth it. Make 2018 the year of increased self-worth.

In a nutshell: The New Year begins with a focus on your self-worth. Do you need to invest more? It’s all about showing yourself the love this week, Gemini.


  • Doors to opportunity open wide
  • Romance, fun pleasure dominate
  • Dare to be yourself now!

Chart your course for 2018 and set sail, Cancer! The year begins with a full Moon in your 1st bringing something full circle. It’s a time to tie up any loose ends from the old year and to establish what you goals and desires are for the new. This full Moon cascades across your romance, passion and freedom houses. Doors and new paths open and present themselves to you. Are you ready to step across a threshold?

Venus and the Sun remain in your partnership sector so who is accompanying you on this journey is going to be of prime importance as both these planets sextile Neptune in your 9th this week. Love needs to offer both a soul connection and exploration for you now. Are you getting this, Cancer? If you are starting the year with no-one to call your own, the good news is Mars and Jupiter are meeting in your romance zone this week combining to make love that perfect New Year’s resolution. You’re exuding a sexiness, a sassiness and a confidence now that others will find difficult to resist. Make the first move aa bold move now. This week also gives you a green light when it comes to those career moves too. Uranus ruler of all things radical, rebellious, thrilling and innovative turns direct once more in your house of status, reputation and long term career. You can bring the vision – and the passion now to your career. Be seen as an innovator and if you feel your present path no longer offers you the rewards you seek, 2018 could see you stepping into a new role with ease. It’s all about self-direction now. Chart a course that satisfies your soul for 2018.

In a nutshell:  Step into a New Year and a new cycle filled with possibilities. You can move in a new direction now. Chart your course with confidence.



  • Prepare for a revelation
  • Time for lifestyle changes
  • Express yourself

As 2018 begins you’re in a discovery mode, Leo. Your higher self is nudging you towards a truth that may be hidden in plain sight. Now, this could even be something left over from 2017. Alternatively, emotions you have kept hidden may now come to the surface and demand expression as a full Moon hits your 12th and also triggers a Grand Water trine with Neptune in your 8th and Mars in your 4th.  Be honest and express don’t suppress your feelings especially if these relate to people you live with. Stuffing emotions down – either literally or by comfort eating will only result in problems further down the track as ruler the Sun and Venus in your 6th of wellbeing also impact on Neptune this week urging you to reach for a positive outcome.

With Uranus now direct once more in your freedom loving 9th house, one of your discoveries could be just what it is you need to do to open yourself up to living larger in 2018. Mars in your 4th house is not the best house guest to be entertaining. The energy of this house is feminine and nurturing – and Mars is, well, masculine and all about action. However, every transit through each house in our charts has a purpose and this week’s meeting of Mars and Jupiter in here is no exception. You may be the one initiating moves or changes on the home front in order to live out that truth you’re in the process of discovering. Don’t be afraid to do this. Emotional freedom is your first priority as the New Year begins.

In a nutshell: You uncover a missing piece of the puzzle that’s been right under your nose all along. The New Year asks you to see and live the truth. With soul freedom to follow.


  • Love gets real
  • Get set for a work revolution
  • Yes you CAN – tackle anything!

What’s the reality of love for you as 2018 begins, Virgo? Are you seeing things as they are, or how you would like them to be? Your task as far as relationships go for 2018 is to ensure that the dream and reality are one and the same. And January could put you on the right path towards that. The first full Moon of the year strikes a chord in your sector of friends, groups, wishes and dreams. Time to be with like-minded souls and also to move your most treasured goal to the top of that cosmic ‘To do’ list. You’ve more power to attain this than you realise, Virgo. Your ability to act on your ideas, to get these across and to sway others with them is at a peak now thanks to Uranus now direct again in your power zone and a meeting between Mars and Jupiter in your communication sector on the 6th. Along with Mercury in your house of home, family, security and long term planning, you could revolutionise your career while establishing something lasting both at the same time. It’s all about following through and walking your talk. Mars adds charisma and determination while Jupiter endows you with bold strokes, big ideas and a confidence that gives you the ability to tackle anything put in your path.

When it comes to love, Venus in your fabulous 5th entices Neptune in your 7th. Take your time getting to know someone even if it feels like click at first sight. This is where you need to keep hold of the reality of love and see partners and potential partners for who and what they are. That way you get to live the dream without any nasty wake-up calls. Be a do-er not just a dreamer as 2018 begins.

In a nutshell: Ready for real love, Virgo? It’s the only kind that lasts. And 2018 offers that if you’re willing to make the dream and reality one and the same.


  • Partnership questions get answered
  • Financial goals come within reach
  • Bank on those ideas

You’re where the smart money is as 2018 begins Libra. A fabulous once-in-12-year meeting between Mars and Jupiter in your money zone sends you hurtling towards a financial goal with the full intention of overwhelming it. This week’s full Moon in your career sector brings a career matter to a head. You could not only be seizing that financial goal but that opportunity to impress people in positions of influence – current or potential bosses, customers, clients, that you are the solution to whatever it is they need. And you most probably are right now.

Uranus direct in your 7th this week could also remove a guessing game when it comes to a partner’s (or again a potential partner’s) behaviour. News or an explanation you have been waiting for could arrive by the 6th when Mercury in his ruling house in your chart opens up a cosmic chat room where new ideas and insights get shared and clarity can also emerge. If any confusion still remains, chances are you are now going to be too busy to spend time trying to figure it out. Ruler Venus is presently in your 4th along with the Sun, and both sextile Neptune in your 6th this week. Bank on your ideas now. The smart money is on a work or business plan that you can initiate that adds value – to people, to a company, to an idea and most importantly, to your future. Your ideas are bankable this week and success could just be your take-out from it.

In a nutshell: The smart money’s on you as 2018 begins, Libra. You’re on course to make more this year. Have a plan and invest in your future.


  • As you change your world and future changes with you!
  • Success could be effortless
  • Power + passion = time to shine!

Hit the ground running as 2018 begins, Scorpio. It’s time to broaden your mind, your ideas and your horizons. The full Moon of the 2nd occurs in your 9th of learning, travel and adventure. And it triggers a Grand Water Trine between Neptune in your 5th and ancient ruler Mars in your 1st. This week Mars and Jupiter meet in your 1st for the first time in 12 years. Look closely at what direction is emerging now. Your beliefs and philosophy on life may alter and shift and even how you see yourself. This shift in your perspective may come about due to someone opening up and telling you how they see you – in the nicest possible way, which changes how you see yourself forever. All thanks to the Sun and Venus in your 3rd angling to Neptune in your 5th of romance, creativity and attraction. Power and passion could combine to bring you an opportunity to shine, attract the attention of someone special or just be feted for doing something you love to do. Success? You could make it look effortless this week.

Liven up that work schedule or daily routine by taking a more innovative approach now Uranus moves direct in your 6th this week. Above all, don’t get attached to schedules or doing things a certain way. Uranus loves to mix things up, to get our minds going down a different path. Uranus retrograde in here should have shown you the merits of being adaptable, innovative and flexible. Unless we are willing to stop doing things in a certain way or in a certain order just because ‘ this is the way it’s always been done’ we shut ourselves off from new discoveries and different results. Now that Uranus is headed forward once more, show just how adaptable you can be. Especially when Mercury in your money zone trines Uranus for what could be a job or work opportunity that may be very different to what you have done or how you have done things in the past. Try something a little more radical on for size in 2018. You may find it’s a perfect fit for you, your talents and your skills.

In a nutshell: Hit the ground running as the New Year begins. You’re in a cycle of expansion, Scorpio. Time to explore a new path.


  • Are you a dark horse with a big secret?
  • Wait for rewards
  • Step  off the romance roundabout

You are usually ‘out there’ and along with fellow fire sign Leo, a very ‘front of house’ kind of person, Sag. So it may seem strange as 2018 begins to see you working behind the scenes – and being quite happy about it. You may be keeping things to yourself for a while. Now this can be anything from a secret love, to a project or long term ambition. Whatever it is, you’re just not ready to reveal it just yet. Working uncredited or in a support role or even selflessly is another possibility for you thanks to ruler Jupiter in your 12th. I’m not saying this won’t be successful or that rewards won’t be forthcoming. There’s just the feeling of deferred gratification sitting over all this. You’re on a journey but you’re not in a rush to get there. Instead you’re enjoying the scenery. If rewards are forthcoming this week – which they could be thanks to Venus in your 2nd and a powerful full Moon in your 8th,  you may not rush out to spend it, but instead put it towards a future plan.

This whole ‘wait and see’ approach could extend to your love life as Uranus heads direct again in your 5th. If you’ve been playing swings and roundabouts with a lover, you may now just step back and observe rather than continue on an on-again/off-again merry-go-round. If you are working on a creative project, you could inject this with a truly innovative vision but again, you may not quite be ready to launch this on the world. Children – your own or another’s, or young people in general may feature or else you reconnect to your capacity for play. You may not let everyone in on your secret world this week, Sag. But that doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a hermit. Live a little, play a little then recharged, return to whatever it is that is lighting up your interior world. The real rewards are set to follow.

In a nutshell: What’s that secret you’re keeping, Sag? Something you’re investing in or working on behind the scenes could pay off big-time in 2018.


  • Go directly to your dream!
  • Romance could get a kick-start
  • What does ‘family’ mean to you?

2018 is barely underway when we have a full Moon appearing in your partnership zone. As well as an intense desire for real emotional connection, you could see a joint project come to fruition or enter a key stage in a working or business partnership. If someone has been on your radar for a while, the connection could take off under the light of this full Moon. Neptune adds a dreamy cast and the ability to share your feelings easily now especially as the Sun and Venus in your 1st also make wonderful, alluring angles this week. Last year when Jupiter planet of luck, expansion and abundance entered your 11th, I told you to make three wishes. This is a week where you could see one of those wishes manifest as Mars also in your 11th, meets Jupiter in here for the first time in 12 years. Remember, the difference between a dream and a goal is action. If you do nothing, dreams remain just that. Mars is the planet of action, so this meeting between Mars and Jupiter could see you taking a big step towards a goal or else even attaining it. Jupiter opens up the path to go directly to your dream while Mars adds the impetus to do whatever is necessary. This combination could make you determined and also unstoppable whether your dream is snaring that new lover or driving that project to completion. And the full Moon is all about not just standing in the spotlight but sharing it with someone else. So focus on your dreams which involve you and at least one other person.

The past few years may have seen a revolution taking place in your home or living arrangements. It’s all been about coming up with a solution that works for you. Uranus may have turned your lifestyle topsy-turvry – or it may have seemed that way on occasion. But his presence in your house of home, security and family has been about what these things mean for you. This week as he moves forward once more, it could be time to own a home situation that truly supports and nurtures you because it is designed for you and you alone and the other gorgeous, unique people you call your family or tribe. If it works, don’t try to fix it just to fit in. It’s what fits you that’s important. And if it is broke, Uranus will keep you design that lifestyle that’s right for you. Find you place to dream that goal into being now.

In a nutshell: You’ve a desire to get closer as 2018 begins. Changes in your home or lifestyle create a support group or family network that works for you. It’s where your heart is now.


  • Green lights beckon you into 2018
  • You’re the big idea this week
  • Go for it!

Your green light year begins here, Aquarius! Ruler Uranus finishes his retrograde phase this week in your 3rd of communication, commerce, the internet and writing. What’s the big idea? You are. Or rather one you’ve been sitting on. Want to launch something and get known for it? This could be not just your week but your year. However, the year starts here with a full Moon on the same day Uranus prepares to fire up his innovation journey. This Moon is about more than just your day job despite the fact it takes place in your 6th of work. It forms one angle of a Grand Water Trine between Neptune in your money house (2nd) and Mars in your sector of long term career and recognition. You could see a key phase or project connected to your work – and one that you have invested in emotionally, come to fruition now. Neptune adds insight and intuition and in your money zone, tells you to take care of worldly matters (i.e. The financial side of things). Mars puts you in a leadership position provided you work with people in authority and don’t butt heads with them.

As Mercury trines Uranus from your 11th your ideas sprout wings, take flight and what’s more are well received. This week sees Venus and Neptune in mutual reception by house – in other words Venus in your chart is in Neptune’s house and vice versa. It’s one of those rare alignments where both planets don’t just talk to you but speak the same language. In this instance this could bring you tangible rewards as Mars and Jupiter make a once-in-12-year meeting to power you forward into recognition and success.

In a nutshell: Get the green light this week, Aquarius. 2018 sees you in a position to head in any direction you please. You and your ideas sprout wings. Go fly now, Aquarius!


  • Embrace something bigger in 2018
  • What feeds your soul?
  • Explore new ways to earn your daily bread

Heighten the passion and embrace adventure or something bigger as the New Year begins. Your senses and your worldview expand as a full Moon appears in your 5th of romance, pleasure and fun. Take pleasure to new heights. Leap into new experiences. Connect on new levels. This Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in your 1st and Mars in your 9th. It’s all about breaking free to emotional bonds to immerse yourself in new soul  experiences. Mars in your 9th is the explorer, pushing the boundaries for you fearlessly. Neptune your ruler guides you towards spiritual insight. This is a fabulous time to deepen a relationship, bring a project to a stunning conclusion or embark on something new – a romance perhaps?

Make a break for freedom and something bigger. That break could be the big break in terms of your career this week. Uranus in your money zone heads direct once more. Over the past few years how you have earned your income may have been subject to change. You may have become adept at seeing new opportunities. If you’ve been waiting on news around a new job or mulling over a new income-generating idea – the news could  arrive or now is your time to push that button as Uranus and Mercury align to boost your professional reputation on the 6th. Venus in your 11th could deliver good times with  like-minded friends or benefits from one of them as she angles to Neptune. There’s a spiritual bond to be explored here. Expand your pleasure zone as 2018 begins!

In a nutshell: Passion and adventure could take you to new heights, Pisces. Be prepared for a journey that encompasses pleasure, expansion and love!

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