13th November 2017 Your weekly Horoscope


  • Ready for success?
  • What’s unique to you is your collateral
  • Start your engines!

Time to make that power-move this week – especially now Mercury is well out of retrograde shadow. Success-making aspects take place between Jupiter in your 8th and Pluto the ruler of your 8th in your career and reputation sector. You also have a new Moon in here this week pointing to a new beginning on the career front which could prove to be just the first step on a 2.5 year journey of ascension for you. Get ready to climb, Aries.

What have you got to take out to the world? Venus in your 11th from the 18th links you to good friends, contacts, teams, bands – perhaps you’re in one or want to form one, groups and the big wide world in general. Have something you love you want to share? That highly individual message or idea? Love it – share it, that’s your message this week. And share yourself. As the Sun powers on in here from the 20th it’s time to not only do this but celebrate your individual smarts and what makes you well – you. The thing is this is also the key to your success in your career and other areas. It’s all about what you and you alone have to bring to the party whether this is an actual one or a corporate one. Your social life should expand now too along with the opportunity to make connections in new areas. You’re ready to climb now but you won’t  be making a solo ascent. Rope in your team this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: You’re in a position to power ahead in 2018. And to do something that gets you noticed in all the right ways. The only way is up now, Aries.


  • Ready to go higher?
  • Explore new possibilities
  • Recapture the magic

Wondering if there is a higher love? Down in your heart or hidden in the stars above? This week could just bring you that – or the chance to explore the possibilities of having it. Jupiter making his once-in-a-12 year visit to your partnership zone angles to Pluto in Jupiter’ ruling house – your 9th. Plus you have a fabulous new Moon in here this week. Time perhaps to expand your idea of what that higher love is and go exploring. If you’re settled you’ll want more fun, adventure and perhaps a joint dream to pursue together. Single? How about someone who opens up new vistas for you? Your ideas around what you need in a relationship may change. If you have been resisting change – and this has been a theme for you for some time, then let go of the familiar and step into where the magic can start to happen again for you. Look deep within and be honest with yourself. Has the magic been absent lately? This is your time to open up to letting it flow.

Time to also get ready for a focus on your career and reputation. Does your professional image need an upgrade? Venus in your 10th from the 18th is all about making the very best impression. Of course your qualifications and smarts are important. But your image is an important part of the whole package. Use her influence in here to dress for success and make any adjustments if necessary. Presentation counts. She is the goddess of love don’t forget and this house rules your partner’s (or potential partner’s) status. While on its own this transit doesn’t guarantee love, you do have Jupiter working for you. Perhaps just one more reason to look and feel your best. The Sun arrives in your 10th from the 20th spotlighting those career ambitions. This is also an area to initiate change if you have been feeling over-looked or that your current career path no longer offers the opportunities you deserve. Get that magic happening both personally and professionally now.

In a nutshell: Ready for a higher love? Either in your personal life or just loving what you do? Positive changes allow you to embrace this, so step up Taurus!


  • Change brings about the freedom you need
  • How do others see you?
  • Declutter your life and have more to love!

After change comes soul freedom, Gemini. So bear this in mind when contemplating shifts and transformations this week. Work, job, wellbeing changes that are more than just resolutions feature now. Pluto in his ruling sector of your chart angles towards Jupiter in your 6th. Plus on top of that you have a new Moon in your 8th as well as ruler Mercury making an alignment with Neptune in your career zone. Other people’s money could feature and how it applies to you – as in negotiating a salary, pay increase, settlement, benefit or loan arrangement. Be aware your 8th rules transformation and your 10th rules your status – not just your professional status but your overall status and how people perceive this. So, you could see a transformation occur that impacts on this but may not necessarily be linked to your job. This new Moon is wonderful under which to streamline your life and get rid of stuff that no longer serves you or keeps you tied to something you have lived out or just outgrown. Declutter your soul.

Venus enters your 9th and think of this as a time to explore places and ideas you may love rather than an actual person. Or if an actual person does turn up, it may be best to treat it all as a bit of an adventure and just see where you end up rather than taking it or them seriously. The Sun follows in here on the 20th. Travel, freedom and expansion beckon. In fact, that decluttering on an actual or soul level, the letting go and the transformation, could all be about paving the way for something new to come in. Or to lighten your load so you can leap unfettered into the next stage of your journey. You can’t fill a cup that is already full. Make room for something new. It’s waiting for you.

In a nutshell: Changes could bring about a shift in how people see you. Time to let go of anything that holds you back and embrace expansion, freedom and adventure now.


  • Take a step towards love
  • Hot – or not?
  • The power of positive change is yours

Take some affirmative action when it comes to love this week, Cancer. You have a special new Moon in your 7th of partnerships, long term friends and even enemies although hopefully the latter will not feature. If you are single, Jupiter in your house of attraction and romance angles to Pluto also in your 7th – you could experience a shift in your status. At the very least attracting someone with long term lover potential. It’s that time of year to begin love anew and to ask yourself what you want to get from it? Are you getting enough? It’s all about affirming the love you do have now – and if love in any form is lacking, then taking steps to bring it into your life. This new Moon offers one of the best opportunities to do that.

Change is in the air as Venus who rules your love life exits her ruling 7th and enters your 8th the day after the new Moon. This is your house of sex so a romantic interest may now heat up or for those of you already in a relationship, you may now have a desire to spice things up if they have been a little vanilla of late! It’s a time for strong passions as the Sun also heads in here from the 20th. You may crave changes and also your creativity may peak. Here’s the thing about change during this period: the only thing you can change is yourself. This includes your thoughts, ideas or even how you react to something or someone. Your energy is at a peak so channel it and you will find that not only can you transform something with ease, you can create positive change in every sphere of your life. Out and about? All that passion is getting broadcast far and wide. Others respond in kind.  They’re the moths and you’re the flame. Burn baby, burn!

In a nutshell: You’re set to attract like no other, Cancer. Romance, glamour, love and hedonism rule. As 2018 turns sexy – burn baby, burn!


  • Write down those ideas
  • Doors open to new ways of working
  • Send out the love!

What are you creating that sustains you? Have you been over-doing things of late? This week could see you contemplating both questions and needing to come up with solutions if the answer to the first is nothing and the second is yes. Have a plan and more than that, write it down. Jupiter in your 4th can have you over-doing things – especially when it comes to eating, drinking and general merry-making. Jupiter is the planet who does not know how to say ‘No, thanks’. A positive angle to Pluto in your wellness zone with a new Moon in here on the 17th, brings in the change that makes this not the start of the year, the best time to enact those health resolutions. You may have lots of ideas now but be warned, unless you write them down they may fly away like good intentions. Others could see a job offer or positive shift on the work front and again, with work ideas, commit them to paper, or even your computer and not to memory.

Venus enters her ruling 7th from the 18th heralds the start of good times. Give yourself permission to feel the love. If not now, then when? A new love affair or just recapturing the romance is possible. The only warning about Venus in here and there is always a flip side, is that you try too hard to please. Remember, Venus is all about it being easy so look closely at whether or not you are the one making all the effort. Your ruler arrives in here on the 20th, and now it is all about the power of attraction. Radiate and you will attract. Want a new love? Get out and about. What you attract could be either a reflection or your opposite. But whatever comes to you now is in fact a facet of you whether you realise it or not. Mirror mirror? You’re the fiercest of them all this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: What you attract this week mirrors some facet of you, Leo. Radiate that love now and that’s what will come back to you. Time to roar!


  • You’re the catalyst and creator
  • What’s missing? Go get it!
  • Be an agent for positive change

Time to create your own opportunities this week, Virgo. Especially when it comes to business or love. This is no time to just sit back and wait for things to happen. You need to make things happen. Or at least take the first step. If you do you may be amazed at how fast changes occur or opportunities appear. Take full advantage of the new Moon in your 5th on the 17th, as it occurs on the final day Venus is in this house in your chart. Don’t wait for the spotlight to pick you out, that lover to find you – step forward. Act with fire and confidence. Ask for that raise, initiate that conversation, apply for that role. What’s missing in your life? Head towards it with confidence and reach out to claim it like it is your birthright. Fortune favours the brave. That’s you now!

Venus enters your 6th on the 18th and while she is not usually happy in here for you, you embody the energy of the 6th so you can work with her well in here. She continues to vibe off ruler Mercury who remains in your 5th with Mercury being your ‘go-to’ messenger now. When it comes to love or even that business deal, check the facts and ensure the deal is real. In other words, keep your feet on the ground and your partner off the pedestal. The Sun moves into your 7th on the 20th, and it’s all about attraction. Deals can be struck now – in business or the kind you seal with a kiss. It’s going to be about you and at least one other. But you are the one who sets the whole shebang in motion.

In a nutshell: Who makes it happen, Virgo? Answer: You do! Be a little bit bold when it comes to getting what you want – you’ll love the results.


  • Love what you have
  • Invest in that dream for your future
  • Get ready to zazzle!

Your relationship with money, family or whatever you need to make you feel secure is about to undergo a shift this week. It’s not just about money either as some of the good things of life may be heading your way now. Music, love, food, sensual pleasures – all come under the rulership of your 2nd house. You may get more to explore and experience as Jupiter angles to Pluto this week. Spending any extra money on your home – or beautiful things for your home is likely under this influence. This week’s new Moon appears in her ruling house in your chart and wait until she begins to wax. When she appears – relax. Have a glass of wine, a warm bath, light a scented candle, read a book. Give your imagination free rein to roam. Allow your creativity to flow. Then – move out of your scented, Zen bubble of inspired thoughts and act on what you have been given. Time to create your future lifestyle with this new Moon.

Ruler Venus is on the move into your fabulous, sparkling, zazzling 5th on the 18th with the Sun close on her heels on the 20th. What comes your way now? Love, money, fun and opportunities to creatively express yourself. Finding yourself the centre of attention or the centre of someone’s world is a strong possibility. Ever be told the world doesn’t revolve around you? Right now it may feel like not just the world, but the entire universe revolves around you. What you want is drawn to you now. Get your vibe on this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Any extra cash that’s on its way needs to be invested in your future. That’s the boring stuff. The focus is back in your romantic life however – get sparkling!


  • New beginnings restore optimism
  • Showcase those smarts
  • Feel good, Scorpio!

It’s a feel good week of new beginnings, Scorpio. Game changing benefits could be coming your way and news of this could arrive courtesy of ruler Pluto in your 3rd and Jupiter in your 1st. However, if there is anything that needs to be signed, check the fine print. And if something appears too good to be true – take it that it probably is. Your creativity and inspiration receive a boost but you need to take practical steps to make the most of it. You’re in the mood for romance, love or just escapism. But the real pleasure for you will be found in the feel-good experiences in the here and now. The present as in ‘being present’ is the gift we give ourselves. So be in the moment and you’ll find the feel good factor continues to flow. The new Moon in your 3rd is going to offer you a chance to show what you know in a work, study or communications capacity. It’s all about preparing to say, launch or do something – then doing it. At meetings you’ve got the power to sell yourself. Show what you know now.

Venus moves into your 4th on the 18th. With the Sun in here two days later it’s all about the home front and domestic bliss. Harmony and your surroundings will be top of your priorities now. Who you live with – family or roommates will be in focus as will be what it is deep down that you need. Need in order to feel secure and nurtured. Start by nurturing yourself. Venus in here is not about being out and about. She is about taking pleasure in the beauty of your surroundings. Of making your home your temple (or a temple to her as she is a goddess after all!). If you feel like company you are more likely to invite people over rather than go out. Look to your lifestyle and living arrangements and if there is room for improvements make some changes. Put down roots this week.

In a nutshell: A new phase or new beginning emerges filled with possibilities. But when it comes to important agreements – check the fine print. Even if the contract’s for your heart.


  • Chase those dreams
  • Be adaptable
  • Weave magic from your ideas

We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. Yes, you are this week if you are a Sagittarian. And your dreams or inspired ideas could just amount to money in the bank this week. A fabulous cash-generating new Moon in your 2nd could open up a new source of income while ruler Jupiter in your 12th beams across to Pluto in your 2nd. Your bank account, assets or just your link to abundance could be set for transformation.

Commerce, business, communication. You say what you have to say with elegance, love and beauty as Venus enters your 3rd on the 18th. You’ll easily express your feelings and weave creative magic with your ideas. This transit usually allows you to make a wonderful impression on anyone no matter what in context you are meeting them. As the Sun follows Venus on the 20th, it’s all about news, messages, invitations and even contracts to be signed. You could be set to make changes to your commute, your daily routine, your work. So, being adaptable is going to work best for you. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something this week. You’re surrounded by others with a wealth of experience and knowledge who just want to share. But if you do know, share your knowledge. This week marks the first stage towards a new success cycle. Adapt and go with it.

In a nutshell: A dream or an idea could contain the seeds of your future success, Sag. Time to set the wheels in motion. Embrace the changes now.


  • See the world in a new way
  • It’s all about values
  • Something new – in money or in love

If you’ve been feeling strangely drained at the start of the New Year or just confused about where it may be taking you, this week gives you the signpost you need. For one thing, you may suddenly see a shift has been taking place right under your nose – or rather within, almost without you noticing it. It’s like waking up from a dream and finding yourself – well, somewhere else. Or feeling you’re someone new. You are on some level as the New Moon appears in your sign, signalling the start of an important new personal cycle. You’re relating to the world and those around you in a new way. Plus the day before Jupiter in your 11th angles to Pluto in your 1st, which all forms part of this shift. In fact, this may signal the moment where you feel your energy and focus returning along with this feeling of a new ‘you’.

Venus rules your 2nd and exits your 1st for here on the 18th. So, think all thins Venus ruled and this includes your money. That’s not to say that romance may not be what you are cashed-up on now. This house rules the people who are assets to you, and a new lover could appear who is exactly that. Your bank account and earning ability as well as your values receive an extra boost as the Sun joins Venus from the 20th. Your bank account could be set for a boost but beware as Venus can lead you to extravagance while in here. Getting clear about what it is you value however is a great way to use this energy. Mercury remains in your 1st and sextiles Neptune in Mercury’s ruling house (3rd) the same day as the Sun reaches your 2nd. Ensure what you say is being understood by others and be organised. If necessary don’t be afraid to repeat yourself and ask for clarification. Read the fine print and get a second (professional) opinion before signing important papers. Above all, protect your ideas. It’s a new you, so adopt a new way of doing business – and connecting on a soul level, to go with that.

In a nutshell: If 2018 started with you at a low vibe, this week acts as a heart-starter! New opportunities appear and joy returns. You’re back on form now, Capricorn!


  • Something is about to begin
  • Step into the future
  • Long live love this birthday!

The period just before our birthdays can be a bit of a mysterious, inward time. We look back over the past 12 months to look at what we achieved – and what we didn’t. And we think about where we want to be this time the following year. There’s a feeling of a new ‘us’ emerging and this year’s pre-solar return period will bring some revelations about the past 12 months due to a New Moon in your 12th on the 17th as well as Pluto and Mercury both in your 12th impacting on Jupiter in your success zone and Neptune in your money sector. You may feel emotionally sensitive and vulnerable just prior to your birthday and feel the need to withdraw – perhaps meditate, run a scented bath, listen to music, light those candles, read an uplifting book. The reason? Something is about to begin – you may not know what yet but you are preparing for it! It’s a time of emergence when you need to reconnect with your desires. Above all, no matter how the past 12 months panned out, you need to have faith in yourself and your abilities. You’re creating your future now. It’s important work.

The energy begins to shift as Venus, planet of love and attraction arrives in your 1st on the 18th. Focus on what made you feel good about the past year and then make a soul contract with yourself to attract more. Spend some time on your appearance and make any changes if necessary. The outer us always has to reflect the changes within. But don’t go overboard on the spending. You’re beginning to emerge from your cocoon now as the Sun arrives in your sign on the 20th. It’s time to think about this new you – who you want to be and what you want to achieve during the next 12 months and now take steps towards it. With Venus in here at the same time it’s going to be all about love this year. Feeling it, living it and expressing it in any way you can. Send it out and it will come back in ways you can’t imagine. Long live love this birthday, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: A rare start to your birthday season sees Venus arrive in your sign. It’s going to be all about the love now. So, celebrate!


  • Be yourself
  • Soul connections flourish
  • Insight, spiritual guidance and intuition rule

With a new Moon in your 11th this week expect friends and your social scene to feature. It’s also about being yourself and following your own star this week. You will either connect with people who are totally on your wavelength or else find yourself dealing with others who just don’t ‘get’ you. Don’t take it personally if that’s the case. Your people are out there and if you look around you and realise your circle of true friends isn’t all it should be, it’s now time to take action. Especially as you have Jupiter in your 9th working with Pluto also in your friendship house pointing to an expansion in your social scene. Mercury is also in your 11th and he makes a connection to ruler Neptune for you on the 20th. This can bring through social encounters with people or one particular person with whom you feel a real soul connection. Don’t shut yourself away at this time. Join a new group or club and make the effort.

The past and people from your past also feature as Venus moves into your 12th from the 18th with the Sun hot on her heels from the 20th. You’ve now entered a time of preparation for when the Sun moves into your 1st next month. For now, go within and start of focus your thoughts on the information your higher self sends you. You’ll be examining your past and this is where the past can feature – either in you being able to heal wounds from it or re-frame events in a different light, but also people from your past may reappear now. If they do, just remember that sometimes the past represents a trap. Again, connect to your higher self and please pay attention to the advice you receive. We create the future by understanding our past and also by acting in the present. You’ve access to the highest wisdom this week. Think of this as your guardian angel. Ask then act on what you are told. Intuition is your gift this week.

In a nutshell: Follow that guiding star this week, Pisces. You’ve a high speed connection to insight, intuition and even your guardian angel. Use this advice.

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