Blood Moon Special Weekly Horoscope

Your weekly Horoscope 13 November 2017


  • You’ve got the power!
  • Passion adds that adrenalin rush
  • Don’t settle for second best

The most powerful ‘Yes, I CAN!’ moment you’ve experienced in a long time fills you with confidence and sees you ready to tackle just about anything this week, Aries. It’s been 12 years since Venus met Jupiter in your 8th of reinvention, personal power, salary, shared resources and yes – sex. To say you’re a force of nature may be an understatement. The Venus/Jupiter meeting combined with a new Moon also in your 8th on the 18th, sees you having the confidence to not only ‘go for it’ – no matter what or who ‘it’ is, but actively push for change where you may have hesitated in the past. All this doesn’t just point to something new – but creating a new personal world order that’s for your benefit. Stagnation, staying put, the status quo – not an option now. Deep in your heart you know what you want and fired by the passion of your 8th, you’ll use the energy of this cosmic meeting to go after it. As Mercury in your 9th squares Neptune and Venus makes a more beneficial angle to him from your 8th, this gives you the ability to see where not heeding those insights into what you should be doing or the path you should follow, gets you. In other words, either nowhere or not what you want.

So,  warrior, don’t settle for second best. The result of heeding those insights and the courage to follow them could see the manifestation of desire. You win that job, negotiate that pay-out, dive head-on and fearlessly into that love affair. That yearning for more is a call from your soul to grow. Ruler Mars is giving you that extra shot of courage if any is needed. If you have put your own ambitions, wants or dreams aside to appease someone else, you’ll now redress the imbalance even if it upsets the apple cart for a while. And all this personal empowerment adds up to serious sex appeal. Watch out as if your present lover can’t keep up – you’ll attract one who can. No more settling for something you know isn’t good enough.  This week is your point of empowerment when you decide some things are too important to compromise on. 

In a nutshell: Seize the power – and the sexiness that goes with it. This week experience the transformation that personal empowerment brings thanks to a once-in-a-12-year aspect!


  • Love rocks your world
  • It takes two, baby
  • You’re the magnet – now attract!

Time to fall in love or discover the joys of being in a twosome of some kind this week, Taurus. Ruler Venus in her ruling house in your chart (7th) meets Jupiter the planet of opportunity, luck and expansion this week. This is the first time these two have had a date in here for 12 years. It’s all about the love and most of all, where this love can take you. Time to see all close personal connections as love relationships. So, even if you are single, see close friends, business or activity partners, all as people with whom you are in a love relationship. Love, therefore, is all around us even when we are not officially in a romantic relationship. Because it’s a funny thing about love. The more you have of it – or believe you have of it, the more you get. Both of these planets want to give you something and Jupiter always wants it to be more! So, if you are single and seeking, don’t focus on that – or fall into the trap of thinking ‘There are no good men/women out there’. Instead focus on what you do have and watch that grow.

Venus also rules your money and the same rule applies. Money attracts more money. Feel rich even if you don’t know where your next penny is coming from. The new Moon in your 7th points to the start of a new relationship, phase in an existing one or for others could herald the arrival of money from a new work venture. It’s also important to see love as a journey rather than a destination (Jupiter after all rules travel). Links this week between Mercury and Venus to Neptune in your 11th put you in touch with your wider professional and social circle. A new connection or relationship could be formed now. Remember, it’s all about the love now and the love that arrives may or may not be a romantic one – but it’s love all the same. Feel it and fall this week.

In a nutshell: Togetherness rules and two-somes of very kind feature. Love is literally all around you this week. It’s time to embrace the power of two.


  • New job opportunities appear
  • Get gorgeous
  • Work it!

You’re just the job this week, Gemini! Work and wellbeing dominate the week as well as any pets you may have, Gemini. In fact, it’s all about loving the work that you do and having the freedom to do what you want. If you’re looking for work – especially if you are currently unemployed, then the meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your 6th could see you propelled back into the work force. Others could see themselves landing that coveted and better paid new role especially as you have Neptune in your 10th of career and status and a new Moon in your 6th on the 18th pointing to a new beginning. Have a plan and stick to it and you could see amazing results which align you with your soul’s purpose. If you’re in work, this meeting which has not occurred in 12 years, points to fulfilment, enjoyment and benefits from your current role. If things have been difficult at work, they suddenly turn easy. What was once hard work now seems effortless. Esprit de corps and team spirit rule as you’re keen to collaborate and contribute. Work relationships blossom with bosses and co-workers and under this influence I can’t rule out a work-related romance either – especially with ruler Mercury in your 7th linking to fiery Mars in your romance zone and Mars linking to Pluto in your sector of passion and sex! Others could find themselves travelling with their job and if so, it will feel more like a holiday than work.

Your body, wellbeing, diet and wellness issues also come into focus. If your energy has been low, you should see a big improvement come through. Look closely at your diet and whatever you do, don’t overindulge too much. Remember, Jupiter expands and Venus is all about pleasure and indulgence. You can harness this energy in a different way however as Venus wants you to look and feel your best and Jupiter has your wellbeing at heart. This is your opportunity to create a new everyday routine that supports and enhances the way you look and feel. With lasting benefits. Go work it this week.

In a nutshell: Can work become play? Bonus packed, job enhancing aspects could see you getting paid to do what you love. And a new, more steamlined you could be in the works also!


  • Who’s the brightest star in the sky?
  • Go with the flow
  • Add some sparkle

Who’s the brightest star in the sky this week, Cancer? It should be you now as Venus and Jupiter have a once-in-12-year love-in in your romance zone this week. Looking for the big ‘L’? Act like a lover and the star of your own show. Jupiter seeks to expand our experience in the area of our chart he’s in. While Venus just wants to add that magic sparkle of romance, creativity, pleasure and fun. This is your opportunity to shine like no other time. That’s what stars do. Time to ask yourself if you are indeed the star of your own show, or if circumstances, time or putting the needs of others before yourself have seen you take a supporting role in what should be your own production? Is there are a part of you that needs to be let out to play? To love? Or to receive recognition for what you do or for just being the shining soul you are? Jupiter and Venus in here just want to turn the spotlight on you in some way. If you’re meeting people whether professionally or on a personal level, you’re making the right impression. Needless to say, this is one of the best weeks for starting a romance, meeting new people or just putting yourself on the radar. Let passion and joy be your guides this week. You may discover that what you desire just comes to you effortlessly now and there’s a deep spiritual lesson behind all this for you to take away for future use. Life is meant to be easy. What is meant for you flows to you. If it’s all become too much like hard work with nothing in return, change direction and head back into the flow once more! Beautiful new beginnings in a romance, a star-studded opportunity, a chance to see, be seen and shine are promised by the new Moon in here on the 18th while Neptune in your 9th also pushes you forward into bigger, beautiful experiences. Your creativity flows and demands an outlet too now so use this.

Do changes on the home front or in relationships need to happen so you can express yourself more or just lighten the load, Cancer? Have you been putting others’ needs before your own? You’re able to diplomatically express your desires and quietly insist on getting your needs met without ruffling any feathers now. Don’t play a supporting role in someone else’s play. All the world’s YOUR stage this week!

In a nutshell: Love, passion, pleasure. This could be a romantic week where Cupid goes crazy! Or you find yourself with an opportunity to shine.


  • A sense of place
  • Are you being handed a key to a door?
  • You rule!

Home, family, your roots, your heritage, your home country, finding your home and a sense of belonging. This week is all about falling in love with your lifestyle, where you live or else charting a course to find that. Moving house or even moving country – it’s all about a place to call your own and which feels like that as Venus meets Jupiter in your 4th. Think back 12 years to what occurred around family, home and your long term security – both emotionally and materially back then. This may provide some clues as to what you can expect now. With planets in your 4th impacting on Neptune in your 8th, some kind of home or lifestyle change seems inevitable. If you have ever felt like the ‘black sheep’ of your family or that you were born in the wrong place, this is one of those rare transits where you can create your own ‘family’ or discover where ‘home’ really is for you. If you love where you live – commit to staying there and perhaps expanding it or making it as beautiful as possible. As you know, Venus loves adornment and enhancement! If you don’t feel a sense of place, then commit to finding somewhere that does. Whether buying or renting, if you are looking for a home under this Jupiter/Venus meeting it’s likely you will end up with a much better home for your money and that you will be unpacking for some time to come. Vesta in here from the 16th points to you creating a lifestyle that supports your wellbeing on every level while there’s a door-opening new Moon in this her ruling house, on the 18th, ushering in a new home or a new phase of living.

Above all, this is a very creative and expansive meeting so use the energy to envision and create your perfect living arrangement or lifestyle. There are important papers to be signed now perhaps in relation to your home but this extends to your work too. Of course, the two areas are intrinsically linked. It’s time to think in the long term when it comes to where you hang that royal crown or what pays for it in the first place. Plan for a kingdom (or queendom) this week and you could get handed the keys to it.

In a nutshell: Home is where the heart is this week. Significant decisions could be made which build your future. Discover where you belong, Leo.


  • Take a chance
  • Chance the conversation
  • Get lucky!

You’re tripping the cosmic light fantastic this week, Virgo. You’re engaged in an astral salsa dance with life thanks to Jupiter and Venus meeting in your 3rd. They haven’t had such a Strictly moment in 12 years. It’s all happening under the glittering disco ball of the heavens for you now. Break out the sequins and the dancing shoes and be ready. If you were 18 or over 12 years ago, think back to this period. Lucky breaks, travel, news which takes you in a totally new and exciting direction, the power of your words and ideas, study, upgrades in how you communicate or get around or even an exciting, larger than life personality entering your sphere could have formed part of your expansion experience. With Venus in the mix and wonderful aspects forming with Neptune in your 7th, love is just one of the dances you could be engaged in now. There’s a healing aspect as well. Not only will your confidence in your ideas and what you have to say soar, but the Sun in your 3rd trines Chiron on your 7th. The power of words to heal past wounds and relationship issues is yours. Even self-talk which is all about inner communication. Perhaps you now see how your internal dialogue has affected your outer relationships. Would you speak that way to a friend or loved one? Of course not! It’s time to change the conversation.

Luck is on your side and right now is all about taking a chance on something or someone. Could it be you are being asked to take a chance on yourself? Time to speak up, have faith in your ideas and walk your talk – literally. Think of this process as discovering just how far taking a chance – on anything from pitching that idea, applying for that job you might not think you’ll get, starting that conversation with that cute stranger or embarking on a course of study or a trip, can take you. The new Moon of the 18th could see your confidence soar as a door opens for you and all you have to do is step through it. In the words of Melissa Etheridge: I want to see how lucky lucky can be. Venus and Jupiter will show you how this week. Get dancing.

In a nutshell: News could arrive that’s too big to miss. How far can an idea take you? Discover how lucky lucky can be this week!


  • Get the gift of an abundance mindset
  • Material experiences contain spiritual truths
  • What way do you want to live?

The universe is inviting you to take a ride this week and asking what way you want to live – Hey! It must be the money! Ruler Venus and Jupiter say Ride Wit Me – in fact this could be your anthem this week. Your second house of money, assets and self-worth is alight in a way it has not been for 12 years. Don’t forget this is Venus’s ruling house in your chart so she is set about bringing you beautiful outcomes in financial matters. Jupiter always seeks to expand and his stay here is all about you learning through handling more of that holding stuff. As this house rules how we interact with the material world and our experience of it, questions like ‘Oh why do I live this way?’ are good ones to ask. Or more to the point: What way will I choose to live with more money? Healing wounds around undeservedness is possible too as the Sun also lighting up your 2nd beams to Chiron in your work and wellbeing sector. Do you get paid less than you deserve? Or are you trapped in a dead-end job? Not only can you heal any issues around work and compensation for it, this week could give you the confidence to break free and strike out for something better. Neptune in your 6th gives you insight and also nudges along the path via your intuition. Are you heeding these?

A new job, a raise or a new source of income could be ushered in by the new Moon in your 2nd on the 18th. This can be anything from a full-time gig to a side-hustle. But it all comes wrapped up in a feeling of increased self-worth as you know you made this happen as Mars in your 1st impels you to take action. So, take a ride and use the money that could be heading your way to live in a new one.

In a nutshell: Hey! It must be the money! It’s not just about your cash. But cultivating an abundance mindset this week, as your stock soars on some level, Libra.


  • Draw your desires to you
  • Create new outcomes
  • Let go of limitations

It’s all about attraction this week, Scorpio and you being able to wield this power to draw to you whatever it is you desire. This week sees Venus and Jupiter meet in your sign for the first time in 12 years. Not only that, you have Venus making some come-hither angles to Neptune in your sector of creativity and romance. The Sun still in your sign also angles towards Chiron in here. This allows you to let go of self-limiting thoughts and ideas. Perhaps you hold the belief that you only ever attract the wrong type of person. Or that things just never work out for you. With ancient ruler Mars in your 12th, you can make that paradigm shift now that allows you to see that the past does not dictate your future and you can create a new future right now. One where the outcomes are radically different to what you have experienced in the past.

Venus and Jupiter however are combining to make you that irresistible force. And it really is about the vibe you put out there. If you radiate, you attract. It’s that simple. How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? Venus is all about beauty and adornment. Don’t knock it. It’s not about vanity or self-obsession. It’s about creating an outer you that reflects the inner you – and the desires and dreams you have inside. So, if you feel there’s a disconnect between who you feel you are with how you look, or with what you wish to attract, adjust accordingly. It’s like you’re an actor stepping into a new role. As you think, feel and act in it, you become it. It’s even more than faking it till you make it. It’s about embodying your destiny. So, dress as your destiny and chances are, destiny will find you now.

In a nutshell: See yourself as a powerful magnet. Drawing to you whatever resonates with your energy. What you attract may surprise you.


  • Weave some future-powered magic
  • The past gives  birth to your future
  • What you imagine, you can create

You’re a visionary now., Sagittarius. Ruler Jupiter in your 12th encounters Venus in here this week. It’s the first time these two have met in this house in your chart for 12 years. Part of the gifts these two have for you is all about visualising where you want to go to next. This is more than just daydreaming. It’s future-shifting. Cosmic ordering, visualisation, Quantum Creating – these are the tools at your disposal especially as Venus in here links you to Neptune, the bringer of dreams and your gatekeeper to the possibilities of the multiverse. Visualising something and then bringing it into being, may be easier under this transit than at any other time.

The 12th links us to our past so don’t be surprised if your past catches up with you in the present. This could involve someone from your past returning – and with Venus involved this could be a past love. Or even someone from a past life. Your past in terms of your family karma or history could also feature in that you suddenly see how the stories you’ve been handed down about how things should be, have shaped your own path. As a result, you may see you have been living out ancient history and again, make a determined effort to visualise a far different future for yourself – with dramatic results. Watch what direction begins to make itself felt around the time of the new Moon on the 18th.  This is where your future begins. Mars in your social 11th combined with Mercury now in your 1st adds some social exuberance to counter-balance the deep, mysterious seas you’re not navigating. Although you may be drawn to your inner world and all you can create within it, don’t neglect the outer one.

A job working helping others or behind the scenes in some way can also feature now. There’s magic and creativity to be woven together this week. All of which can create a future path for you to travel. Visualise where you want it to take you now.

In a nutshell: You have a touch of manifestation magic. The secrets to visualisation and cosmic ordering are yours to wield. Get creating.


  • Make new friendships & revive old ones
  • Activate your Dream Team
  • Accept all invitations and connect, connect, connect!

Expand and extend your social circle and above all, make that wish this week, Capricorn.  It’s all about getting connected this week and the benefits that friends may have to offer – aside from the obvious ones and the other kind! Jupiter in your 11th is all about expanding your social circle and enjoying good times with good company. This week Venus meets Jupiter and you have a once in 12 year opportunity to not just forge significant new friendships and enjoy existing ones, but to see a wish granted or at the very least, take a significant step towards it. One of the people you may already know or who you meet now could have a pivotal role to play in this. And your 11th also rules your professional networks as well as your social one, so don’t think the opportunities to connect are limited to just friendships.  If you have been thinking of joining a group, society or club – now is the time.

There’s pay-offs from people you know or we can say, have known before. You may revive old friendships but with ruler Saturn in your 12th house for just over a month more, we can say the ties between you and those you know or meet now, could extend back through time. If someone helps you out or you benefit from their generosity and they appear to have no agenda, then take it this is payback for some good karma. Look to who appears around the time of the new Moon in your 11th on the 18th as chances are they will have a significant role to play. And hang on to the contact details or business cards of anyone and everyone you meet who offers them now. Don’t underestimate the importance of what may seem to be a chance encounter.  Got a dream? Tell people what it is you want to achieve, experience or do. You may be surprised at how they can help you attain this. Your Dream Team could be waiting for you to activate it.

There’s career rewards to be reaped too this month and if a new job or promotion is on that wishlist, then thanks to some ambitious aspects involving Mars and Ceres, you could see this granted. Of course, as with any aspect, it’s all down to us to make the most of it. Under Jupiter and Venus’s light you should be feeling more social, more gregarious and eager to get that party started. The season to be jolly starts here, Capricorn. 

In a nutshell: Friends and contacts bring unexpected benefits. Your social circle holds the key to your future – or making that wish come true.


  • Up your ambition
  • Get ready to impress
  • Time for serious moves

Dress for success this week, Aquarius. Jupiter in your 10th of career and status doesn’t just big up those ambitions but opens doors for you wider than they have been for 12 years. Now this week, Venus joins him in here. Her presence says you are set to make exactly the right impression. You have all the charm of a career diplomat and the charisma of a headline act. So how are you going to work this? This is no time for selling yourself short. And as for the dressing for success bit ‘Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably – they notice the woman’ – Coco Chanel. Okay guys, that applies to you too. Probably not the actual frock wearing bit unless you are trying out for RuPaul’s Drag Race however. This isn’t about power dressing. This is about image and professionalism. Want the part? Look the part.  You are set to impress those in positions of power and authority with what you say and how you present yourself. Become your own walking talking resume now.

Landing that role you love may be just one benefit of this Venus/Jupiter meeting. Especially as Venus has scheduled a wonderful conversation with Neptune in her ruling house in your chart (2nd) which if you remain strategic and firmly focussed, could result in financial benefits. The Sun also in your 10th makes a healing aspect to Chiron also in your 2nd the same day. Do you deserve to succeed? Do you believe you deserve the rewards of it when you do? If you have ever suffered from impostor syndrome or have imagined you just don’t have what it takes to succeed in your chosen field, this restores your belief in yourself and your skills. The new Moon in your 10th could see the start of a new job or career path opening up for you. However, don’t forget it is the goddess of love meeting Jupiter. She may have another kind of success in mind for you now. You could attract a potential lover who is successful in their own right. Or, if you are coupled up, you could be the one benefitting from a partner’s success. Whatever form success does take for you, people will be looking at you in a whole new light. All the more reason to dress up for it – whether you’re sharing the spotlight or not!

In a nutshell: Believe in yourself, your talents, abilities and skills. Time to take yourself seriously when it comes to your career goals. Walk your talk and dress for success!


  • Travel, learning, adventure and expansion take you somewhere new
  • Go in the direction of expansion
  • Massive potential and possibilities surround you

If adventure has a name it’s Pisces this week. Are you ready to explore and head out into the unknown? The universe is pushing you into a bigger life experience now. With Jupiter in his ruling house in your chart (9th), you should have a hankering for something that expands your world. He’s been in this sector of your chart for almost two months now. What area of your life is expanding? Where are doors opening? Are you moving forward into new territory? This is not a time to stay stuck! Potential and possibilities surround you in a way they have not in 12 years. Awaken the spirit of adventure within you and become your very own Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. Time to head away from what’s familiar and off into the unknown. Even if it looks scary. No, there aren’t any dragons out there unless you live in Westeros. And it may look scary but honestly, it’s not. It’s just outside your usual comfort zone, that’s all.  And outside your comfort zone as we know, is where the magic happens.

As Venus meets Jupiter in your 9th this week and also moves to trine your ruler Neptune in your 1st, this could mark the start of a real or metaphorical journey. Some of you could well be waving your passports and leaving on that jet plane as Jupiter rules long distance travel. If so, expect good times, opportunities and with Venus in the mix, even romance. Even if right now you’re staying put, you’re on a journey of some kind. And it will involve both learning and love. This could be a romance like none you have experienced before. One that opens up new possibilities for connecting. Or you could be studying or working on a larger scale doing something you love. Think back 12 years to when Jupiter was last in this house in your chart. And at some point he would have encountered Venus in there. What doors opened for you? Did you go through them or walk on by telling yourself they weren’t for you? The great thing is Jupiter is opening them again now. This time jump through and don’t walk on by. There’s magic on the other side.

In a nutshell: Doors to opportunity open wide. Adventure is calling. What you’ll discover is a place where the magic happens!

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