24th July 2017 Weekly Horoscope Forecast

Weekly Horoscope November 20th 2017


Ride the passion train
Push for change
Get clarity

With Venus in your 8th you’re still smokin’ hot this week, Aries. All that passion has to go somewhere. Chances are you’re also wanting something to change and this is the week it could happen. Perhaps fuelled by your own desire for it. Passion is your currency now and you are determined to express this in some way. You’re likely to focus on a goal and then not merely go after it – but overwhelm it.

If it’s directed at a particular person, just ensure you know they feel the same way. No-one to call your own or no-one on the horizon? As Venus makes a fabulous power-move on Pluto in your career zone, focussing your energies on work issues could get you a big pay-off.

The Sun enters your 9th this week, shining on all things to do with travel, mass communications, publishing, studies, the law, the internet, people from overseas, sport, the outdoors, big business and even large animals (watch out for that giraffe on the way to work haha). As Mercury also in your 9th trines Uranus in your 1st you could find yourself pushed into a larger experience which sees you dealing with one or more of these themes.

However, more information on this may need to emerge or you could find something around it changes before ‘the deal is done’ so to speak. Wait until you have the big picture. Neptune turns direct in Pisces which give you clarity on a key issue. Neptune is more potent in retrograde phase. That foggy feeling could dissipate leaving you with a clear view of where to focus all the passion that’s stirring in your soul. Follow it.

In a nutshell: All that passion stirring in your soul, Aries! In what direction will you focus it? Express yourself but fulfilling desires this week.


Are you ready to act on your feelings?
Where does love what to take you?
Follow your dreams

Your depth of feeling may surprise you this week, Taurus. Sometimes people read you all wrong. They just see the outside you and forget to delve below the surface. But a lot is going on inside, isn’t there? It’s just that you may be extremely choosy to whom you reveal your deepest emotions. However, the intensity of what’s happening deep within may catch even you by surprise this week. Especially if it accompanies the revelation that in fact, you have been feeling this way for quite some time.

Ruler Venus in your partnership zone is talking to Pluto, the master of sex, magnetism and intensity in your 9th. Does love free or restrict you? That’s the question these two are asking you now. The Sun entering your 8th house ushers in the need for change – and one that expands your world, especially that of feeling. With Mercury also in here trineing Uranus in your 12th, chances are you won’t be able to keep your feelings to yourself any longer. Or you are hit with the truth of just why and how long you have been feeling the way you do. Expect revelations but those which ultimately free you to take a new path.

Neptune who rules the 12th house of your chart is in long term residence in your 11th of groups, friends, your connection to the larger world and also the house which rules your goals, wishes and dreams. He turns direct this week and he’s one of those planets whose influence becomes more powerful when in retrograde motion. Seeing as he rules illusion and hidden truths, his moving direct can remove the blinders. You see clearly now what has to be done to answer what you heart truly desires. So don’t be afraid to claim it.

In a nutshell: There’s so much going on below the surface with you this week, Taurus. You know what you want from love. Are you ready to go claim it?


Old connections could resurface
What’s working for you now?
Are you heading Back to the Future?

Venus in your 6th is not the best place for the Goddess of Love and Pleasure to be in your chart, Gemini. The reason being this is your house of work (paid and unpaid), daily routines and responsibilities. Household chores and mundane jobs go against everything Venus represents. However, in here she does give you the ability to make favourable impressions on bosses (current and prospective) and foster great relationships with co-workers and clients. As well as bringing a sparkle of creativity to even the most dull task.

You may be able to whisk your way through the usual boring crap or those work routines as a result. However, this week could see her help you facilitate beneficial changes with your long-term career path or goals as she makes a highly workable angle to Pluto in your house of personal power and salary. Add to this Neptune heading forward once more in your career sector and you could find anything from a new work or job opportunity to just a way of working more empathically and creativity that truly utilises your talents and skills.

Venus will soon be on the move into your partnership zone and her ruling house. The Sun arrives in here on the 22nd and your ruler Mercury is already in residence. Next month will see Mercury turn retrograde and as this is the house of partnerships, marriage, close personal ties and even enemies, then expect people from your past or past issues with partners, to return in some way. We’re in what astrologers call the ‘Retrograde shadow’ now – in other words the sector of the sky that Mercury will go back over during his retro period. With him making an angle to Uranus planet of the unexpected in your social sector this week, don’t be surprised if that person puts in an early appearance.

This week could give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you – all without the need for a crystal ball or Tarot cards. Prepare for a Back to the Future moment.

In a nutshell: Love and work matters vie for your attention. Which one will win? You can have both this week, Gemini.



Show off! This week is all about showing the world just what makes you so captivating and special, Cancer. Look at it this way: if you don’t love and believe in yourself, then how do you expect others to? The world reflects back what we believe about ourselves. So, just what is that? Do you believe that you are a glorious being destined to shine and attract? Or are you buying into negative self-talk that you are ‘nothing special’?

The universe says there’s no such thing as an ordinary person. We are all extraordinary. At least, that should be our birthright. As Venus in your romance zone makes an enticing angle to Pluto in your sector of long term partnerships, love is the change that transforms your world. Now this can be doing something you love or receiving the love of one special person or a group of people. It can also take the form of you being rewarded for what makes you so uniquely you. Step into the spotlight this week and feel the love and know it is a reflection of how you see yourself.

The Sun enters your house of work and wellbeing shining on all matters related to your day job and health in general. Although the season for overindulgence is now upon us, this is a great time to look at a new fitness or exercise regimen (you don’t have to wait for the New Year!) or to undertake any career adjustments.

Neptune in your 9th of expansion, moves direct this week after months of going backwards. Neptune just gets more Neptunian when he’s retrograde making it difficult to see the way forward. This usually results in us taking refuge in other Neptunian-ruled pursuits such as escapism. That Netflix addiction. Too many delicious glasses of wine. Now he’s gone forward again focus is restored.

With Mercury in his ruling house (6th) making a fabulous angle to Uranus in your 10th of career, you could now get the attention you deserve on the work front – or see what you have to do to receive it. As RuPaul says: If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Or they love you. Feel it this week.

In a nutshell: You’re captivating hearts and minds. Time to show the love, Cancer. For yourself just as much as for others.


Hello empowerment and confidence
Build on what you are creating
Express the love, baby!

There’s been a continuing emphasis on home, family, long-term plans, career and security ever since Jupiter arrived in your 4th house, Leo. These themes are set to continue and this week could see you making beneficial changes around your work, emotional wellbeing or daily routine. What’s more, you are now feeling more empowered to make them thanks to Neptune moving direct in your 8th.

It may be you’ve been cut off from that feeling of confidence and personal power that usually defines you while he’s been retrograde. But now the lion is ready to roar once more.

You are the natural 5th house in the zodiac. So when your ruler the Sun enters the 5th house in your chart, it’s no wonder you’re feeling the vibe. Just like the Sun in your sign, the Sun in your 5th just shines on a period where you just feel more glowing, more optimistic and more YOU. You’ve Mercury in here too and he is making that freedom lovin’ angle to Uranus in your 9th this week. Freedom to be you, and to express your love, baby.

This cosmic fabulous could deliver a lover like no other or you just plain roaring (or purring) to a new beat. Travel or even just going places, is also a strong possibility. Sure, the emphasis is on the long term. But if you can’t kick back and have fun, then what’s it all for? You can do both this week. Roar and shine, Leo!

In a nutshell: Feeling lacklustre of late? That Leo confidence missing? Restore the lustre to that glow and roar once more this week, Leo!


Let’s talk about love
Play with ideas for serious results
There’s a whole lotta flirting going on!

There’s love talk happening this week, Virgo. But it’s got a new and sexy dimension of depth as opposed to being just X-rated. You’re flirting with something or someone – at the very least possibilities, as Venus in your 3rd gets her hooks into Pluto in your 5th. It could be an idea you’re flirting with that turns in to so much more. The only thing I would add is don’t start what you’re not prepared to finish.

There’s an intensity about this that has an energy all its own. It’s likely to carry you along with it once unleashed. Be warned but enjoy the power that foreplay with words can bring you. Neptune in your partnership zone moves direct this week. If there’s one thing we know about Neptune it’s that he tends to become more powerful when retrograde. His ability to weave mists and illusions can have us questioning what’s real or what direction we should head in. The confusion lifts now and we can see the way ahead again. Or in your case, perhaps the focus of that flirtation.

This week the Sun joins your ruler Mercury in your 4th of home, long term security and family. Mercury is making a trine to Uranus in your 8th this week. So, you not only have a focus on that pristine Temple of the Soul Virgos love to create, but also changes that may help you create it. Sudden news or a shift means you may be able to plan to put down roots or move if needed. Again, perhaps what you’re flirting with is the idea of a new lifestyle. No matter what, get playful but expect serious and far reaching results.

In a nutshell: Let’s talk about love, Virgo. And maybe a little verbal foreplay thrown in for good measure. Flirt with anything from a few ideas to something you can get your hands on.


Discover opportunities right under your nose
What do you need to say?
Work situations move forward

Time to get talking. To do something with your ideas and above all, communicate this week, Libra. Get out and about and also look to your neighbourhood, community and to what’s right on your doorstep. Believe me when I say there are treasure and opportunities to be found right under your nose. Publishing, writing and the World Wide Web could also feature in some way as the Sun enters your 3rd house.

A word of warning, however. Mercury also in here will go retrograde next month. Right now he is in what astrologers call ‘Retrograde Shadow’. This is the part of the sky he will move backwards across during his retrograde phase before shifting forward. So, I would say a lot of the Retrograde Rules already apply especially as this is Mercury’s ruling house for you. So, unless you cannot help it you should now put off buying that new car, phone, tablet or computer until the New Year. And if you do have to book and make travel plans, have a contingency.

If you’ve been waiting for news on the job front the wait could now be over however as Neptune in your 6th finally shifts to direct motion this week – on the same day the Sun enters your communication zone. This could add up to a situation becoming unstuck, news you have been waiting on to arrive and you finally seeing the way ahead with a work matter after months of fogginess and confusion. Your intuition however has been your lode star so continue to heed it and if unsure about what to do, do nothing. Again, the retrograde will impact on you here and something could well return under it. And one of those opportunities on your doorstep that I mentioned, or with someone you know or around something already in motion could manifest as Mercury trines Uranus on the 25th. One thing is certain, this may bring the answer to a question that’s been left hanging. You won’t have to look far for answers either this week.

In a nutshell: Just what do you want to say, and to whom, Libra? This is the week where you’ll find the right words – and the right audience.


Change yourself, change your situation
Money, assets, talents and skill are in focus
You’re winning with words this week

What you say comes from a place of deep personal truth and also love this week, Scorpio. How you say it is equally important. But you have the ability to totally transform a situation or even yourself right now. Venus is still in your 1st intent on giving you the ultimate cosmic makeover. She’s about to have a conversation with your ruler Pluto and the result could just be news that changes everything or you now interacting with the world on a totally different level.

Needless to say, with Neptune now heading forward again in your 5th of attraction and romance, potential suitors, wooing and being wooed also plays a part. Remember, there is more to the Art of Persuasion than just using it for love. You have to ability to bring this to bear in any situation you may care to name – from winning that client, business or pitch, to bringing someone around to your point of view. Use this and use it wisely.

You’ve also got a focus on your money occurring as the Sun enters your 2nd (Venus will follow soon and don’t forget this is her ruling house!). Choices and decisions around finance may need to be re-examined over the time the Sun is in here due to Mercury also in residence, soon to head retrograde. This week the way you earn your money or a new and surprising source of income could open up thanks to Mercury’s talent enhancing angle to Uranus in your work sector.
However, with Mercury now in what we call Retrograde Shadow, it’s not a good time to take on new financial commitments unless you really do not have a choice. With Mercury Retro always go for the ‘re’ words: in other words, refinance, recalculate, re-evaluate, reimburse (yes, it IS a good time to clear those debts!). Aim for a clean slate during the next month and start 2018 anew.

In a nutshell: Speak your truth for diamond-like results, Scorpio. Yes, diamonds are forever. And the right thing to say has a lasting effect now.


Time to be daring
Break free from soul traps
Out with the old. Embrace the new

Seeing as your birthday season starts this week, it probably goes against the vibe of new beginnings and celebrations to talk about what is happening behind-the-scenes now, Sag. After all, doesn’t the Sun’s arrival in your 1st mark the time of all things Sag and you, you, you? But there’s more going on than meets the eye here. If you’ve been involved in working quietly, selflessly, behind the scenes in some way or uncredited, this week could see you rewarded as Venus in your 12th asks Pluto in Venus’s ruling house, to release some of those riches of the underworld he’s been hoarding.

In the run-up to your birthday, many Sagittarians may have been feeling they have journeyed to the underworld itself. The classic Wings track ‘Band on the Run’ may sum up what you’ve been going through: If I ever get out of here, thought of giving it all away, to a registered charity, All I need is a pint a day, If I ever get outta here . . .

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because your 12th rules prisons and also charity and compassion. Ruler Jupiter is in here for a year of course, but don’t necessarily think this sets the tone for the next 12 months. The ruler of your 12th house – Neptune, moves direct this week and the game changes. You’re no longer imprisoned in a well of souls without a way out. Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash, As we fell into the Sun. And the first one said to the second one there, and I hope you’re having fun.

The Sun’s arrival in your 1st sees that Sag optimism return. Your band is not just on the run, it’s charting now baby! And you’re more than a one-hit wonder. It’s a time of new beginnings but also to wrap up any unfinished business. Is there something that’s been left in limbo around you? If so, what can you say or do to shift the situation?

As Mercury also in your 1st angles across to Uranus in your pleasure-centered house of fun and romance, do whatever it is in your power to do to tie up any loose ends or seek an answer that gives you closure or brings about a new beginning. Maybe this means being a bit more daring or doing something you would not normally do. The result could just be what you were wanting all along.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sag! You’re on the run towards something good now. New beginnings beckon.


The past holds the key to your future
A friendship could become so much more
Trust destiny to lead you

The run-up to your birthday season this year is very much in the past, Capricorn. Now, normally when the Sun enters our 12th house – which is does this week, I tell people it’s time to look at what you need to shed, complete or let go of. That’s so you move forward into your new cycle with what is truly relevant, and what supports you entirely and contributes to your growth. This year however, expect the emphasis on the past to be supersized this cycle. You could hear from people from your past or encounter those from past lives. Pay close attention now.

The Sun enters here on the 22nd – the same day as the ruler of your 12th house, Neptune, turns direct once more in your 3rd. Your ruler Saturn remains in your 12th for one more month before arriving in your 1st. Plus you have Mercury in here now entering a phase called ‘Retrograde shadow’. This is when Mercury is still direct but is moving forward across the area of your chart he will shortly retrograde. He’s making a trine to Uranus in your 4th this week. Triggering not just that link to your past but how the choices you’ve made in the past create your future.

All this adds up to relationships be they business or more personal, being locked in or let go of for the long term. And for the people who enter your life to be re-entering it – even if it is the first time this lifetime, you have encountered them.

This is a good week to be out-and-about and allowing the currents of fate to carry you where they will. Or should I say towards whomever they will. Venus in your social sector makes a connection with Pluto in your 1st at the start of the week. This could result in a connection that becomes more significant over time or one you have made already, transforming into something quite new and wonderful. Fate’s at work now.

In a nutshell: Make a date with destiny. Relationships get locked down or let go of. Who comes into the future with you?


Rewards come within reach
Don’t fall into the ‘All work and no play’ trap
News and invitations open up possibilities

Venus continues to enhance your career path, professional image or to sound rather Jane Austen ‘Improve your prospects’. There’s a quiet seriousness about you now. Perhaps you have been working away at something for some time. Honing your craft or just beavering away in the background. Make no mistake, your efforts have been noticed. Validation could be on its way – not to mention recognition and reward. Venus not only ropes in Pluto to bring about a change, but Mercury and your ruler Uranus are in what is known as ‘mutual reception by house’ in your chart.

This means that right now Mercury sits in the house ruled by Uranus and Uranus sits in Mercury’s. When this happens, we say the two planets are talking on the same wavelength. Expect news, invitations, communications, short journeys, the unexpected and your social life to soar as a result. New friends and contacts can be made, and there’s an opportunity here to step out of your usual circle and into a new one.

With the Sun now shining in your 11th, there’s not just an increased emphasis on being social but also on your goals, wishes and dreams. Ensure they are still relevant and resonate with your soul purpose. But be on the look-out for opportunities to get to goal now.
Money matters gain greater clarity thanks to Neptune now heading direct again in your 2nd. Time to know exactly where the money goes.

The past few months may have been spent in a fog over finances or one financial issue in particular. By being practical and organised, checking your account balance every day and keeping track of what you spend and what on, you could now end up feeling in charge, if not on top of, money matters. It’s just one more prospect that’s improving for you this week.

In a nutshell: Patience may bring its own rewards but you could be looking at something more material this week. Expect recognition. Then don’t forget to celebrate.


Put spiritual knowledge to practical use
If doors remain shut, knock on a different door
What’s unique about you?

Ruler Neptune finally turns to direct motion this week, Pisces. Chances are you’ve been on a soul journey of some description during his retrograde phase. Now, take those spiritual truths you’ve gleaned along the way and apply them to more worldly matters. Emerge and re-join the party as Venus in your 9th angles to Pluto in your 11th pointing to a big shift in your social life. One friendship could provide a radical transformation or entrée to a new group or experience. This could be with someone with whom there is a big age difference or who comes from a different background or culture to you. Why not follow this?

However, it is your career zone that continues to offer opportunities to build something concrete for yourself. Yes, you may be a spiritual being but you live in the material world. Saturn who rules this house in your chart has about a month left of what has been his two-and-a-half year work-a-thon in here. He won’t schedule a meeting in here for another 28 years. Look back over this period. What doors have opened? Which ones have remained closed to you no matter how hard or repeatedly you knocked? Saturn should have at the very least, shown you the right path for you.

Now you have one final opportunity before he leaves to cement what you have learned as the Sun enters here on the 22nd. Focus on those areas showing growth or green lights and whatever you do, turn away from doors which remain shut, and look for the ones which are opening. The opportunity to walk through one may present itself shortly as Mercury also in your 10th aligns with the planet of all things individual and unique, Uranus.

This isn’t just about your money – although this plays a role. But about a far more valuable currency – your talents and skills. Walking through a different door could mean an opportunity for you to show what you and you alone, bring to the game. Leverage what you have to offer this week as chances are, the universe is buying what only you can bring.

In a nutshell: You’ve acquired a wealth of spiritual wisdom. But now the universe wants to see what you do with this. Use it to identify a door that’s opening – and walk through.

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