8th October 2018 Weekly Horoscope Forecast

Weekly Horoscope Forecast for All Signs Dec 11 2017


Make a different choice
Destiny spins right round, baby, right round!
What does the universe want you to experience?

A door you declined to walk through the first time it swings wide again this week, Aries. The ‘Welcome’ mat is well and truly down. So, what do you intend to do? The universe wants you to experience something soul-stretching now. Retrograde Mercury meets the Sun and then Venus in your 9th. It’s not just about bringing something back from the past but also about what you’ve learned along the way and applying a fresh perspective.

If you’ve ever looked back at your life and thought: ‘If only I’d known then what I know now’ – then this week could be that moment where you get to choose differently and come from that place of knowing.

When Mercury meets Venus, both planets will make a cosmically-charged trine to the North Node in your shining 5th house. Woo Hoo! It’s a spinning wheel of destiny and you’re sitting down at a high-stakes game. When it stops spinning, where will you land?

What I can tell you is that wherever it is, it is where you are meant to be. Second chances, choices and opportunities feature as does the ability to make a very different decision thanks to the Sun trineing wacky and genius Uranus in your sign.

The destiny-fuelled unexpectedness of the week extends to news, events and even your own thoughts which may surprise you. The outcome? Expect something different this time around.

In a nutshell: An opportunity you missed or something you thought just wasn’t for you rockets towards you. Look again. It may be exactly what you need.


What do love and soul evolution have in common?
You have more chances that you may dream possible
Soul revolution

All change! At least you should be. Changes that are long overdue are knock knock knocking on your door, Taurus. But are you in hiding pretending not to be home? Get your head out from under the duvet as something fabulous is coming. You may miss out on a transformational opportunity if you refuse to open up. The universe is trying its best to nudge you down a pathway towards something better.

Have you been blocking your path Or maybe you have just been banging on other gates and wondering why they remain closed? Are you now uncomfortable where you are? Staying put may no longer be an option. So, as Mercury backs up into the Sun this week in your house of change and endings, maybe it is now time to admit that actually, things can’t continue the way they are.

Your ruler Venus always wants the best for you and she is involved in this transformational process. When Mercury re-engages with her on the 15th both will charge up the destiny-weaving North Node in your home and family zone. The changes that are waiting for your decisions are all about your long term security and a place for your heart to call home. If you had the opportunity to choose differently before, but instead chose the same, the 16th sees the Sun trine suprise deliverer Uranus in your karmic zone. It could be you were unaware before that there were more choices in front of you. But now they’re illuminated.

The word ‘evolve’ contains the word ‘love’ and the two go hand-in-hand. Change can be an act of love and committing to it an act of self-love when things have gone stale. You’re able to reach for fresh solutions or else see an opportunity from the past in an entirely different light when it represents itself. You’re the catalyst for change this week – and it begins with you.

In a nutshell: Time to embrace difference, Taurus. Remember – the word ‘evolve’ contains the word love. You can’t have one without the other this week.


Are what you want and what you need the same?
What is meant for you has your name on it!
Fate’s twists and turns astonish – and serve a purpose

What walks back in to your life now embodies the saying that your blessings have your name on them. Maybe this is a new way of loving and relating. What do you need to tell someone about love? Your ruler Mercury now in full retrograde backward shuffle, backs into the Sun, and also Venus in her ruling love and partnership zone this week.

Partnerships of all varieties and not just the marriage kind pop up this week. Your closest pals, working partners and any connection involving balance, screwed up or otherwise, impacts on you now.

You might find yourself reaching for words that have eluded you up until now. You can mend hearts, soothe souls and bring others closer. But this whole ‘what’s meant for you has your name on it/them’ feel to the week is reflected by Mercury and Venus making a trine to the cosmic North Node in Mercury’s ruling house. What comes spinning back towards you out of the past? It’s going to be different for all of us this week but for you it is likely to involve an actual person as opposed to an event.

You could just run into someone unexpectedly on the 16th when the Sun still in your love zone trines Uranus in his ruling house in your chart. This is the planet that loves to surprise. This may be a day where twists and turns have a purpose, to lead you where you are supposed to be. You’re in the right time, right place – or get to catch up with something you set in motion in the past. Now it’s time to meet them or it again. And if it wasn’t quite what you wanted the first time, chances are now you see it as the blessing it truly is.

In a nutshell: What we want and what we need can be two different things. This week could deliver something from your past that is both, Gemini. The timing is right now.


Welcome to the soul lost & found
Miss something – or someone?
What reappears completes the picture

Mercury is retrograde in his ruling house so you should not need me to tell you to pay extra attention to work matters and paperwork this week. Dot those I’s and cross those T’s. Check and double check what goes out and read the fine print on anything you sign. Actually, you should not be signing if you can possibly help it but often we have no control on this. Or matters need to be brought to a conclusion on a certain date.

Mercury in your 6th always says it’s all in the details and never more than when he is in retrograde form. He meets the Sun here this week and this highlights something you missed the first time around. See this as an opportunity to correct and put it right. He then backs up and meets La Amore Venus on the 15th. Lady love does not feel too at home here, although she can aid you in collaborative efforts with co-workers and making a favourable impression on bosses but it’s not a cosy place. She’s telling you to do the work and pay attention so you get to chill out later on.

The North Node, a cosmic point in our charts linked to karma and destiny, sits in Venus’s ruling house in yours. Venus and Mercury make a kismet-charmed angle to this the day they meet which could see something you started in the past magically reappear.
This could be anything from a project to a lost pet or work opportunity. A missed connection or a missing link.

The Sun also trines revolutionary Uranus in your career sector the following day, pointing to a sudden opportunity or something that comes in unexpectedly left-field. A new element or change puts a whole new spin on things. Whatever the missing piece of the puzzle you need, it could just turn up for you this week.

In a nutshell: What’s missing that you need to complete the picture this week, Cancer? A missed opportunity? Or a long-lost treasure? It could just return this week.


Destiny comes to find you
Welcome to the theatre of missed opportunities and second chances
Choose what makes you light up

To quote Snow Patrol: Light up, light up – as you if have a choice this week, Leo. Dust off the glitter ball and deck yourself with that famous Leo glamour. Purrrrrrrrr, You’re in the spotlight in a way you haven’t been for some time. Welcome to the theatre of missed opportunities and second chances. The theme of second-time around’s a charm or reshaping the past is across everyone’s chart this week, but it will play out slightly different for each of us. You may have spent too much time out of the limelight of late, Leo. Maybe you’ve been feeling life has forgotten you. Are you destined for dullness? Never!

Retrograde Mercury meets your ruler the Sun on the 13th throwing the spotlight back on you. Mercury then backs into Venus, planet of romance, creativity and pleasure and both of them beam across to the cosmically-charged North Node in your sign. Destiny returns to you – perhaps in the form of an old flame or opportunity. Or else you find yourself back where you belong – all lit up and on fire, and feeling that you didn’t miss out after all.

Better yet, this all smacks of freedom as the Sun makes a fabulous trine to the planet of surprises and the unexpected, Uranus in your 9th adventure/travel/expansion zone. Be open and flexible now and remember, sometimes when opportunity turns up, it may not look exactly like we thought it would. Tune in and see how it resonates. Look to your choices in the past and how these worked out for you and if necessary, choose different this time. The decision you make should be something bigger, bolder, more exciting. In other words, the one that makes you light up.

In a nutshell: Shine, shine, shine! You just can’t say no. Events push you back out into the spotlight – and everybody’s looking at you now.


Take stock of soul resources
Change your perspective
What you overlooked may be just what you need

As a Mercury-ruled sign, retro Mercury periods need no introduction. You are better positioned than most signs to understand and make the most of the period. When other signs may be fleeing from the madness, you just shrug and fall back on your Plan B. Or Plan C. Plus you know it’s nothing personal. It’s just a cycle like any other.

This week, Mercury is asking what you missed or what you still need to uncover or get to the bottom of? So pause, look around you and have a stock-take if necessary. Mercury is in your house of home, family and security. As he bumps into the Sun on the 13th, you could be going over old ground with regards to living arrangements – mortgages, leases, buying, selling, renting – either for yourself or for family members. Or to look carefully at whether your lifestyle supports and nurtures you. And create a new one if necessary.

Your career is also in focus as obviously, this forms part of your long term security. How’s your life/work balance? Adjust if necessary.
So, what did you miss, Virgo? An opportunity? A detail? A piece of information? Your intuition is nagging you and telling you to look closer. The thing is, it’s right under your nose or even within you and has been all along. The message this week is you have everything you need at your fingertips to get anything you want. Pay even closer attention as Mercury meets Venus on the 15th and trines the North Node in your cosmic 12th. It’s your soul compass moment and whatever ‘it’ is you are being pointed right at it now. There’s a feeling of breakthrough that comes when the Sun trines Uranus in your 8th on the 16th. What you may have overlooked could now prove to be just what you needed all along. Keep looking this week and you will find it.

In a nutshell: This week wants to connect you to the infinite power that’s within you, Virgo. You’re your own best unmined resource. Tap into it now.


If it’s not working – stop trying
What’s really driving you?
Reclaim the dream and restore the balance

What’s it really going on under those scales of yours? This week is all going to be about appropriate responses, Libra. There’s a feeling of frustration hanging in the air. Perhaps due to the fact that no matter what you try at the moment, you’re unable to change things or get the result you were after. As a result, you may find yourself reacting in a way that is totally unlike you.

In fact, others could be forgiven for thinking you are channelling your opposite sign of Aries. Flying off-the-handle is a distinct possibility. If you feel yourself approaching boiling point over situations that would normally not faze you at all, it’s time to step back and acknowledge what’s really behind all these feelings. And admit that – if not to someone else (although this will help in oh-so-many ways), then at least to yourself. I’m not saying that something in your life isn’t out-of-whack right now. Just that you need to ensure that anything you say and do is directed at the right person or area. And not at that person who just pushes in front of you at Wholefoods.

You know normally you’d just shrug and tell yourself if they are in that much of a hurry, they can just go. Save the shock and awe campaign for the real source of any angst. And if you’re trying and trying but not getting anywhere the answer is simple: stop trying.

Saying what needs to be said and reclaiming something from the past is also part of this week’s Mercury Retrograde as Mercury bumps into the Sun and then ruler Venus in his ruling house communication zone. Of course retro mayhem is magnified now and this needs to be factored in. Both Mercury and Venus trine the North Node in your house of goals and dealing with large groups of people. This is your moment to reclaim that dream or else it comes back to find you. Putting your energy into a different direction as the Sun trines Uranus in your 7th could just help you regain that Libran balance once more.

In a nutshell: Is what you’re trying not working? If so it’s now time to stop. Focus on a new direction and free yourself from frustration instead.


Have a soul reconciliation
Huh? Communication chaos
Explore new sources of abundance

Money, resources and possessions dominate the week. Don’t just focus on giving and receiving but what you have available. What do you feel you are able to give? Is there a discrepancy between what you would like to give and what you have at your disposal? Make no mistake. There’s more going on here than meets the eye. Mercury is retrograde in your money zone and asking you to reconcile your accounts in some way.

Venus, the loving, is also in here and this is her ruling house in your chart. Both Venus and Mercury meet this week and trine the cosmic North Node in strangely enough, your house of status and career. Plus you currently have ancient ruler Mars in your sign giving you extra oomph and pushing you to forward. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is also opening the doors to expansion. Whatever resources you have or the state of your bank account, you’ll be motivated to do something to increase them.

You have what it takes to do this now. On a soul level, however, ensure your motivations come from a place of self-worth. Are you striving for more because you feel you are ‘less than’ when it comes to what you have right now? Do you feel your level of giving reflects on not only who you are, but how others will see you? If so stop and take stock as you need to shore up self-worth before you move on to actual worth and Mercury retro in your 2nd of security is there to help you do this. As well as Venus who is telling you that you are enough just as you are.

This doesn’t mean to say that doors to more abundance are not opening – at least in terms of what you are able to earn or generate. The Sun trine Uranus in your work sector could bring you an unexpected opportunity. Perhaps extra work from your existing job but for some this could come from another source than how you usually earn your money. Breakout – and breakthrough, any thoughts around limitation and lack this week.

In a nutshell: This could be a breakthrough week when it comes to accessing abundance, Scorpio. It’s more than just about giving. Get ready to receive as well.


Time and space are gifts
A journey of 1000 mile begins with – lots of planning
Life’s not a race, it’s a journey. Live it

Time to give yourself just that, Sag. Your gift to yourself for the remainder of your birthday period and indeed, between now and the end of the year is TIME. You may be feeling under a certain amount of pressure. To rush. To do things. To make things ‘happen’. But are they happening?

With Mercury retrograde in your sign, chances are not. Of course, the usual retrograde mayhem is probably occurring too and this is outside of your control. So, what’s the lesson here as Mercury backs up into the Sun on the 13th? Firstly, there’s not a lot you can do about it. And what you need is to take your time.

This is about more than just allowing more time if you are travelling in order to factor in the Mercury Madness of cancellations and missed connections. It applies across all area of your life. Take space. To make decisions and to decide where you want to go or what you want to do next.

Mercury and Venus meet on the 15th and make a trine to your point of fate and destiny – the North Node, in your adventure zone of all things Sag-inspired and freedom-related. The Sun then trines Uranus in your passion, joy and creativity territory, highlighting a new and different option for you. Time to ask yourself what’s the hurry now? Rush and you could just miss this one. And chances are this is something you won’t want to.

In a nutshell: What’s your rush, Sag? Don’t be in one now. Give yourself the gift of time and space to allow something better to appear.


What is your inner voice telling you?
Stop, listen, intuite
Welcome to the house of the spirit

Until your ruler, Saturn arrives in your sign on Dec 20th and the Sun the day after. It’s all about you and the cosmos is singing your song. Your focus is going to be very much around intuitive insight and what goes on beneath, below or behind-the-scenes. You may even feel like withdrawing even as the holiday season gets into full swing. Your 12th is the house of the spirit. Of things that are hidden. Of secrets and of truths that are in plain sight but you just cannot see them.

With Mercury retrograde here you are being asked to stop and see what it is you are missing that could be literally right under your nose. If you ask for answers now, you will receive them, but you may have to withdraw into the silence to hear them. Or maybe you have been carrying around the feeling that there’s something going on. This is your week now to uncover whats hidden as Mercury backs into the Sun. Your 12th rules your past, karma and people from your past (or your past lives), so don’t be surprised if someone from it reappears now.

Mercury meets Venus on the 15th and both trine the North Node in your primal zone which adds a potent mix of karma to the mystical brew. Who or what is revealed could provoke a deep-seated reaction within you. Just ensure you see it for what it is. The Sun trines Uranus in your home/family place on the 16th, and you may need to make adjustments or changes on the home front due to this.

However, you’ll quickly see how this can be worked to your benefit. Chances are this is long-overdue. If you don’t feel much like socialising this week, resist the pressure to do so. Intuition and insight require some alone time to emerge and for you to apply them. In doing so you’ll have a head start on creating something so much better for yourself in 2018.

In a nutshell: Insight and intuition is heightened. Pay close attention. They are your tools with which to create something wonderful in 2018.


What do you need to reclaim from the past?
Past, present and future loves feature
Make an angelic discovery

Faraway so close, Aquarius. Dealing with people far away or via the internet, publishing, learning and the media feature. With Mercury retrograde in your 11th it’s all about going back over these themes and revising or refining if necessary. Faraway So Close is also a film about the reunification of Berlin after the fall of the Wall, and follows two angels who chose to become human. So, with heavy past themes flowing through all the transits this week, what do you need to unify – or re-unify as the case may be?

Retro Mercury backs up into the Sun on the 13th getting you to look at your goals and what has expanded your world and what hasn’t. This also involves you and at least one other person as Mercury then backs into Venus and both will trine the North Node in Venus’s ruling house in your chart –the 7th. Past, present or future partnerships feature. Perhaps a ‘reunification’ with someone. Remember, this house rules long term friends, close working ties and even enemies. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a reconciliation between East and West ideologies. The themes explored in the film are about a unification of the human and the divine which is in us all. It’s all about bringing two parts together now.

Ruler Uranus in your communication zone 3rd (and Mercury’s ruling house don’t forget!) trines the Sun on the 16th bringing some surprising news that could reflect any shift that’s going on in other areas. Be prepared to change direction or step into something new. A bit like an angel who wants to experience what it is like to be human. Make an angelic discovery this week.

In a nutshell: Are you a fallen angel, Aquarius? There’s a little bit of angelic magic in all of us. You can combine your spiritual and human selves for a wonderful result this week.


Wrap up career moves
Enter a wider world
Get a preview on 2018!

Big up those expectations and ambitions this week. Review career progress to date. Is it time to update that CV? You’ve had the benefit of Saturn in his ruling 10th in your chart for the past 2.5 years. He’s now within days of moving but thanks to a Mercury retro also in here, you’ve one final opportunity to adjust, revise and refine. Mercury retro is not a good time to start something new. But it is a good time to finish off, bring to a conclusion and finalise matters.

You may hear news which brings a career or business matter to a conclusion around the 13th when the Sun meets Merc retrograde. Mercury also backs up into loving Venus on the 15th and both will trine the mysterious North Node which is linked to your fate and destiny in your work sector on the 6th. If you have important meetings around this date, especially if this involves the final interview or presentation, please review all documents and written materials prior to this and also update your image, vlog, blog etc. Put your sparkle on!

You’re poised on the cusp of an exciting new period which will begin for you in 2018. When what you have been involved in to date takes you into a wider world of the internet, publishing, writing, vlogging, blogging, studying or even travel it’s important to be on fleek in these areas :).

This week could just turn out to be preview of the fabulous to come for you thanks to the Sun making a trine to Uranus in your 2nd. You could just see where one of these areas or perhaps more than one, could pay off for you in 2018. Set a fresh direction for the future this week.

In a nutshell: This week could just give you a preview of what 2018 has in store. Progress made this year takes you on into a wider world next. Get ready to connect

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