Weekly Written Astrology – All Signs 09/17/2018


  • Start the New Year ahead of schedule
  • Are you set to soar?
  • Make your mark in 2018

Ahead of the New Year feel the first stirrings in your soul for something a little bit more adventurous, Aries. What do you want to learn about, see or experience? You’re being asked to set a new direction this week thanks to a new Moon in your exploration-linked 9th house, and to take that first step towards it. This week could see you begin a journey that defines 2018 in some way for you. So, where do you want to go today? Just ensure it is a path you love and that the people you journey with either make your heart beat faster or are truly of your ‘tribe’. With some interesting angles between Venus and Eris and Uranus (both in your 1st), you need true companions, not ‘tourists’. Don’t be afraid to weed out those who are just along for the ride.

If soaring to new career heights forms part of your itinerary for 2018, then from the 20th experience the best foundation to achieve this that you’ve had for 29 years thanks to Saturn entering his ruling house in your chart. Time to get serious about your long term career path, your reputation, how others see you and even if you do not work, about acting with authority when it comes to determining the direction of your own life.  Authorship and establishment are two words which will weigh heavily on you with Saturn in here. The ability to author your own life path and success, and establish something for your future. As the solstice sees the Sun meet Saturn in here – again, a rare event, do you begin to catch a glimpse of all you can be or do? Now begin the path towards realisation and authorship as Pluto also in Capricorn makes a transformative angle to Vesta in his ruling house. The old order can be overthrown with a new one established where power, domination and control no longer hold sway. Step free and succeed now.

In a nutshell: Your soul feels the pull towards a new experience that expands your world. This could lie in the direction of your career. Get ready to make your move.


  • The time is now for change
  • Give yourself the gift of acceptance
  • Breakthrough, break free

Changes pave the way for freedom this week, Taurus. You should now see a new beginning emerging in a key area as the new Moon appears in your transformative 8th. Ruler Venus also in here impacts on planets in your 12th including Eris on the 19th. Suddenly you may no longer like the company you’ve been keeping and strike out in search of those with whom you truly feel you can be yourself. If there’s one lesson the festive season has for you it’s the gift of appreciating yourself for who you are. If you discover along the way that others don’t appreciate this, time to adjust your social spectrum. Someone’s actions may surprise you and form the catalyst for this shift. I know this is the season to be jolly and for inclusion, but don’t be afraid to pick and choose your company. You’ll have a better time if you do.

This week marks the start of an important cycle where breaking chains is going to feature. Where do you feel restricted or tied down? Saturn moves into your 9th of learning, travel and expansion this week. Don’t be fooled by the old associations of restriction and lack attached to Saturn. In this house he can bring you lasting knowledge and big rewards from broadening your horizons in some way. This may be what this new beginning is all about. Many of you don’t have experienced this cycle before as it’s been 29 years since he was last in this house of your chart. As the Sun also enters here on the 21st and a powerful meetings between these two occurs, it could be time at the very least to state which direction you now want to head in. The road you’ve not travelled before opens up before you. Be ready to step on it and free perhaps of anyone who seeks to control you as Pluto also in your 9th aligns to Vesta in your partnership zone. A new, more equal relationship dynamic could form part of your future. Start your journey.

In a nutshell: You’ve known for some time changes need to be made. Take the plunge now. A bigger, better, bolder journey towards love awaits.


  • Welcome in a new phase of relating
  • How is the past still relevant?
  • Reclaim the power

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places, Gemini? Ditch the cuffing season if it’s not working for you now. It’s all about knowing you are enough alone and therefore more than enough to attract the right person at the right time. You’ve both a new Moon and Venus in your partnership zone now. Venus of course rules this house in your chart and a new Moon in here always marks a new phase of relating or for some, a new relationship. However, do bear in mind your ruler Mercury is still retrograde in this house putting the dampener on new beginnings for now. Throw in some action between Venus and the planets in your social sector and this may be the time to just have fun and not try so hard to make things happen. Look to what is happening with your career sector as an indicator of what you should do with your energy. Is this effortless for you? Or a struggle? Are doors open or closed? And either way, what can you learn from this and apply to your personal life?

Expect big changes and personal empowerment to come to the fore for the next 2.5 years now as Saturn exits your 7th this week and arrives in your transformational 8th. This is the first time the ringed planet has occupied this house in your chart for 29 years. So, this may be your first experience of Saturn in here. Exercising personal power and authority is going to feature. Time to connect to the still source of empowerment within. Core work either via pilates or yoga will benefit you and bring about the changes in the outer world you seek. It may be time to bring about changes with regards to your work and wellbeing and while these may not be made ahead of the New Year, you will see all too clearly in the run-up to Christmas where they need to take place. Author yourself a new source of inner strength and a change of direction for 2018.

In a nutshell: If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, the universe sends a signpost. Time to reclaim your empowerment. And access love and all other areas.


  • New Year ahead – new you?
  • Watch for new growth from something previously planted
  • Get ready for some serious love

Ready for some serious love, Cancer? This begins with taking yourself seriously. If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Or accept the love they have for you?

Before we get serious, a new phase of work and wellbeing is ushered in by the new Moon in your 6th this week. Your ruler wants you to look at what habits or way of working you may need to change or alter now? Often news of a new job can appear under this new Moon. Venus is also in this house in your chart along with Mercury who rules it but who remains retrograde until next week. Venus is having a big impact on Uranus and Eris in your career sector as well as Chiron in your 9th. Some of you may see a lost work or career opportunity reappear or receive that decision you’ve been waiting on. Others may now wonder why they have allowed the fear of moving on to hold them back. Even if they do not manifest fully until the New Year, new beginnings now beckon.

Saturn enters your 7th of partnerships this week. Many of you will not have experienced the serious side of Saturn love before as it is 29 years since Saturn was in this house of your chart. He’s the ringed planet so during this 2.5 year stay in here some of you may literally ‘put a ring on it’. Saturn rules commitment. If you want a more serious, special kind of love then Saturn says time to commit to yourself first. Business partnerships are also favoured with Saturn in here. However, with Pluto also in this house in your chart, if things are not going well for you be warned as Saturn also rules time and will say ‘Time’s up’. One thing is certain, from this week you’ll be taking love more seriously whether it’s from that first glance or message all the way through to the long haul. Get committed now.

In a nutshell: New beginnings around work and wellbeing take you forward into 2018. Time for love? Make room in your diary for something serious.


  • Focus on the small stuff for big results
  • Love that body – it’s your temple
  • Have a passion resurrection as the past comes alive again

Time to look at what underpins your life on a daily basis and to create a foundation if this is lacking for you, Leo. You’re about to have one of those transits that embody the saying ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’. Saturn planet of foundation, establishment, karma and time moves into your 6th this week. This is his first visit here for 29 years so for many of you, this will be your first experience of Saturn working this sector of your chart. And by ‘working’ I mean this is more ways than one. This is your house of your day job, routines, paid and unpaid work, bosses and coworkers. It is also your house of health and wellbeing as well as pets if you have them. Your workload should increase under Saturn in here as well as your responsibilities. Be seen as someone willing to accept this. If you are in the wrong job, nothing is going to keep you there while Saturn occupies this house. Saturn in here asks us to take care of the small stuff. If you have taken your body for granted then the bill for this will most likely now fall due. Saturn in our 6th asks us to look to our diet and ensure this is adequate and to focus on our bones and teeth. If we instigate a new diet or fitness routine we are likely to stick to it. As Saturn rules structure and yoga is one of those very structured yet spiritual practices, this can be something you can benefit from taking up under a Saturn cycle.

Until he arrives in here on the 20th and your ruler the Sun meets him in here on the 21st, there is a continuing focus on your fabulous 5th.  A new Moon in here would normally bring in a new outlet for your passions – perhaps a new love affair, creative project or opportunity to shine. But with Mercury still retrograde in this house, this all has a past flavour to it. Something could now arise from your past and perhaps in a healing or unexpected way. Yes, it is a new beginning but it has a Back to the Future feeling to it. But just because you feel you have been here before doesn’t mean the outcome can’t be different this time around. Prepare to be surprised.

In a nutshell: A new love could spring from an old one this week. Get ready for a focus on your work and a more refined, defined you. You’re about to find your niche, Leo. Work it!


  • Create a fresh lifestyle that renews your soul
  • Commit to what makes your heart beat faster
  • Time to get serious about romance, love and creativity

Can pleasure be a serious pursuit? Or to put it another way: what is it about your desire to love or create something do you need to take seriously? Especially if you are after serious results. Saturn’s arrival in your 5th means no more lightweight lovers. You’re after the real deal. He’s not visited this area of your chart for 29 years. So, for many of you, the 20th marks the start of a 2.5 year period Just what are your intentions? Or more to the point – what are theirs? Saturn rules tradition. In times past people used to ask what someone’s intentions were in a romantic situation. Saturn says time to get and expect serious ones if this is what you are looking for. The same goes for following your path or passion and creative ventures (these include children if you have them – or are thinking of having them!). As the Sun also enters your 5th on the 21st it’s a day to make promises to yourself – and hold to them.

This week’s new Moon takes place in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart – the 4th. With the holiday season upon us it seems obvious to state that themes around home and family will dominate. But there is a new phase of living implied here. This may mean a new home for some or a fresh lifestyle choice. It’s all about your security now – in physical terms as in bricks and mortar – and what you need to feel emotionally secure. With Venus in here impacting on your change sector and your partnership zone this could be about the security you draw from others. Anchor yourself now so you can launch yourself into serious pleasure for 2018.

In a nutshell: Commit to passion. To your right to shine just like anybody else. Make the pursuit of pleasure your goal now, Virgo!


  • Where are you on your love journey?
  • What do you need to sustain you?
  • Build yourself something lasting

With a new Moon and ruler Venus in your 3rd this week it’s all about communicating, getting around, publishing and the world wide web. Mercury remains retrograde in this house which he rules and you have Venus hooking into some serious energy from your 7th of partnerships which she rules. This is all about the past, present and future of love for you. Einstein said all three exist simultaneously. So on that basis, where are you with regards to love? Because you’re already there – or not depending on your perspective. Rumi said lovers are in each other all along. He, Einstein and this week’s transits have a lot in common.

The biggest transit of the week is Saturn’s exit of your 3rd and his arrival in your house of home and security. He’s not unpacked his bags in here for 29 years so many of you will be experiencing Saturn as house guest in here for the first time. At least as adults. Saturn will spend 2.5 years in here and during this time many of you could find yourselves home owners or establishing something for your future. Saturn rules structure and this includes the emotional structures that sustain us. Saturn in here is your invitation to build something lasting for yourself. To put down roots. It’s all about planning for the long term and creating a future – and all the elements you need for this. With Jupiter now in your money zone you also have the ability to increase the assets you need to accomplish this. Saturn is also all about authority and in your 4th, hands us the ability to have authority over the way we live and work. Are you living up to this promise? Pluto also in your 4th sextiles Vesta also in your 2nd this week asking whose dream are you living? This is all about ensuring it is your own. Lay the first brick for building a future that sustains this week.

In a nutshell: Your past, present and future converge when it comes to love. This week could provide a glimpse of the future. Lay the foundation for a long term dream now.


  • The world reflects your values
  • What you say, write or communicate shapes your future
  • Your word is your bond now

What do you believe you are worth, Scorpio? Forget advertising campaigns that tell you you’re worth it. If you know your worth you don’t need a product or a slogan to remind you of your value. With Venus in her ruling 2nd in your chart plus a new Moon in here could see you coming from a new place of worth – and banking the results in terms of a new source of income or a raise. This especially applies to your work this week as Venus makes reward attracting angles to Eris and Uranus in your work area. But manifesting these rest on you coming from a place of knowing your value. And if you discover that deep within you harbour thoughts of lack or undeservedness, you now have an opportunity to address these once and for all. Have you taken your talents and gifts for granted? If so, this may be why you can’t get the rewards you seek. It all begins with how you value yourself.

How you communicate also says a lot about your worth and we’re now going to talk about your words worth. Your 3rd house rules communication, teaching, writing, publishing, the world wide web, ideas, your neighbourhood and siblings should you have them. Ideas and your words are building blocks for your future as Saturn makes a shift in here from the 20th. Establishing something based on what you write, build as in a business, act on as in an idea or communicate will form part of your journey over the next 2.5 years. The power of words and standing by your word, will seal your reputation or success and define you in some way. Can people rely on you to keep your word? This ability can make or break you. Important contracts or papers will be signed that have a lasting impact on your future. Forging stronger ties to your neighbourhood is another aspect of Saturn in this house. If you like the area where you live, commit to it. If you don’t move on. You’ll see how your word is not something to be taken lightly during this Saturn cycle. State your intentions – and then follow through.

In a nutshell: You’ll see your inner beliefs reflected in the outer world when it comes to your values, this week. Words are about to feature like never before. Get ready to seal a deal.


  • New cycle, new you?
  • Create something to sustain you
  • Lighten the load!

It’s all about new in more ways than one this week Sag. Starting with a new you on some level thanks to the new Moon in your sign on the 18th. You could feel the first stirrings of wanting something new – new people, experiences and to step into a wider world again especially as you still have Venus in your sign impacting on planets in your fabulous 5th! But the outer has to reflect the inner so don’t be surprised if you feel the need to update your image – new haircut, make-up, clothes. You’re shrugging off the past in more ways than one now.

If the past two and a half years have felt like ‘heavy’ going and you’ve emerged from this time if not exactly feeling (or looking) older but certainly wiser, this week changes all that. Saturn moves out of your sign and enters his ruling one of Capricorn and your 2nd house of money, assets, self-worth, skills and all the resources you have at your disposal. You’ll feel the shift right away especially when the Sun also moves in to your 2nd and meets Capricorn the day of the solstice. As it’s been 29 years since Saturn was last in this house in your chart, many of you will not have experienced this transit as full-fledged adults. You can build a serious financial foundation under this transit – something that can sustain you. Saturn is all about hard work and tradition. This is no ‘get rich quick’ transit but play by his rules and you could emerge from it secure for a long time to come. Pluto is also in this house in your chart and along with Vesta, is highlighting where you may have given away your power or where something or someone is holding you back. It’s all about your resources and that includes inner ones. Don’t waste them on something or someone that holds you back now.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon ushers in a new cycle and a new you on some level. Ring in the changes. In both your attitude and your bank account now.


  • Begin again or begin anew?
  • Questions are answered. Secrets are revealed
  • Rewards and accomplishment lie ahead

What’s going on behind the scenes for you this week, Capricorn? It’s just days to go before your birthday cycle which is going to be one of the most important ones you will experience this lifetime. Are you engaged in a final soul-house de-clutter? The new Moon in your 12th points to either working behind the scenes or secrets. Or perhaps hidden treasure that’s right under your nose. You’ve one final piece of the puzzle or behind-the-scenes task to complete this week before stepping into a cycle of laying the foundations for your future. Above all, keep everything above board now even if others do not do the same. The start of this week is all about replenishing and renewal on some level. You may even feel withdrawn (and if you’re not yet in the party spirit this is fine). Go with it.

The 20th sees your ruler Saturn arrive in your sign for the first time in 29 years. So, there are many Capricorns out there who will not have experienced this transit as adults. The Sun also enters your sign and meets him on the 21st – the point we can say you will begin to emerge from any inner period and engage with the world once more. So, what it is you want to build, grow or establish over the next 2.5 years? Hopefully you know the secrets of your sign and that of your ruler. He’s not the old curmudgeonly party-pooper many astrologers make him out to be. Saturn is a planet who can reward like no other. But he offers no short-cuts to getting those rewards. However, they can turn out to be all the sweeter when they do arrive as we have been made to stretch and work to get them. Saturn says: something given has no value. He will meet Pluto in your 1st later in the cycle and it is then you should experience profound transformations. For now, Pluto angling at Vesta points to the values of a certain group or perhaps one individual no longer align with yours. This could be one of the revelations those 12th house planets have for you. If so you may shift your allegiance. Saturn in your 1st is all about doing the right thing and playing by the rules. Do the right thing by yourself first, and ring in the changes now.

In a nutshell: Welcome to one of the most important and impactful birthday cycles you will ever experience, Capricorn. Ruler Saturn arrives in your sign. Many happy returns.


  • Who or what crosses your path?
  • Enter a new destiny cycle
  • Time to clear the path for new beginnings to follow

Old friends and new continue to dominate as a new Moon in your 11th sees you connecting both personally and professionally. With Mercury still retrograde in this house, old contacts and acquaintances could also form part of your experience. You’ll be feeling more open and you may be the one initiating plans or reaching out to reconnect or else following up on that fresh connection. Don’t feel that others won’t want to hear from you. It’s a two-way street this week thanks to Venus in your 11th and ruler Uranus in your communicative 3rd. Surprise news, blasts from the past and chance encounters could see someone reaching out to you or crossing your path unexpectedly. Accept all invitations now. You never know who you may meet.

Fate is at work and will continue to be so for the next 2.5 years as this week sees Saturn enter your mysterious 12th house. He’s not visited here for 29 years. So, many of you will never have had this experience as adults before. What does Saturn want us to do when he’s in our 12th? First, finish up any outstanding projects and tie up loose ends. Pay all debts if you can. And I am not just talking about financial ones, but karmic ones. And expect what you are owed to be repaid in some way too. During this cycle look to who helps you and who hinders you. Chances are you have helped or hindered them in the past as this is the house of our past lives. A word of warning about Saturn in here. Do  not lend someone money unless you can afford to write it off. Although the person may have the best intentions, they may not be able to pay you back during the time they say – if at all.  You may find yourself in a position where you need to ask for help during this cycle. Don’t be afraid to. Again, this is all karma. Bear in mind any difficulties will not last. Working hard, diligently and unnoticed or behind the scenes can be another aspect of Saturn in your 12th, as can be caring for someone or working selflessly for a greater cause. The next two and a half years are all about creating a clean slate for when Saturn arrives in your 1st. Balancing the karmic and cosmic books begins this week.

In a nutshell: Get out of your comfort zone and explore new groups and connections this week. Fate is now at work for you. It’s karma time, baby!


  • See yourself in a whole new light
  • Commit to those goals
  • Get ready for destiny-defining connections

Change the way others see you this week. A new Moon in your 10th of career and reputation could see a new career path or job offer on the horizon for some of you. Others could just fine tune their approach or professional image and have bosses and other people in positions of authority looking at them in a whole new light. Don’t undersell yourself this week as Venus still in your 10th angles at Eris and then Uranus in your money zone. Be a little radical in your approach if necessary. It’s all about healing issues around not having/earning enough or being overlooked as Venus impacts on Chiron in your sign as well. This is your cue to step up, act confident and push yourself and your ideas forward in a way you may have shied away from in the past.

This is important work, especially when taken in context with the week’s (and indeed the month’s) biggest transit which is the arrival of Saturn in your 11th house. The ringed planet has not visited this sector of your chart for 29 years so this will be a first for many of you. He is now in residence for the next 2.5 years from the 20th. The 21st sees the Sun also enter here and these two will have their first reunion in here the day of the solstice. Time to commit to those big goals – especially those around your career, or which directly impact on your status and how people see you. Saturn in here will lock down your friendships and can also deliver new and influential connections which enrich you both professionally and personally. All the more reason to be mindful of how you come across to others. There’s a saying we are judged by the company we keep. Saturn in your 11th embodies this. The people you meet now are destined to play a pivotal role in your future in some way with one in particular playing a major role. Get ready for some destiny-defining people to join you on a journey that begins this week.

In a nutshell: Upgrade your professional image and act confident. People in positions of influence take notice in all the right ways. And you have the right moves now.

Written with our Astrologer Helen

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