Weekly Horoscope 10th July 2017 (written)


Tower of strength
Mother Goddess
Love satisfaction

There’s an awful lot to sort out this week, and it’s essential that you hold your temper. There may be some skullduggery around your home or work; make sure it’s not you that’s creating the mischief! Is there any jealous energy around you or is someone still playing power games? The Sun opposes Pluto on the 10th, shining a light on it all. The Sun is in your domestic zone, and Pluto in your career house, so check under the bed for friction or intrigue! And by the way, don’t get embroiled in an ego battle or poke anyone’s buttons. You know you, you’ll be okay, but who needs the drama? Wayne Dyer nailed it when he said ‘How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.’ Don’t let Pluto hijack your emotions; be a warrior of love!

It’s important to look at your home and family this week and pay attention to the feelings of those close to you. You’re probably still feeling the after effects of the weekend’s Full Moon. If you are a mother (and this includes to beloved pets), you could find yourself filled with emotion and have a peak experience. Ceres gives us huge highs and lows, so use your intuition to feel if those close need some extra support. With Mars square Eris, you might find yourself going into warrior mode to protect your brood. Fortunately, when Mercury is Sextile Jupiter on the 14th, you feel tender and loving.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter brings sweetness into your life as well as pleasure and enchantment. Mercury is in your amour zone and Jupiter in your relationship house, making this one of the best days of the month to hook up with a soul connection. Jupiter likes to go large and expand your reach; these two allow you to take a devotion to another level.



Intense conversations
Loving vibes
Avoid those China shops!

How was the full moon for you on the 9th? Her vibes are still hanging around, and you are feeling very sensitive. It doesn’t have to be a calamity as long as you don’t let anyone push you to the brink of your limit. You’re a bull; you can stand your ground, but occasionally, walking away is the most powerful counter move. The Sun is opposing Pluto on the 10th. You will be very proud of an idea or concept, but you are not your idea! If someone is challenging you (especially if they are ridiculous), you need to separate yourself from it.
“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”
Eckhart Tolle.

Why waste your energy on people who don’t get you? Surround yourself with those who do and those that inspire you. With Mercury sextile to Jupiter on the 14th, you will feel as if you’ve come through into the light. Hang with your tribe, connect with your family, and feel the love! You have probably made a decision to look after your body and kick some bad habits, and this aspect shows you that it’s worth it.



Wishful thinking
Loving highs

In some ways, this is a quiet week; however, you are probably still reeling from Sunday’s full moon; her energy is still drenching us. Are you feeling shell-shocked by what came up from your unconscious? Take this week to process and avoid kicking out, especially over financial issues. You might find yourself in an intense attraction, and yet, is it making you vulnerable? Are these feelings coming from you? Are you projecting because you feel that the other is better than you in some way? We are all equal, and no person is superior. Don’t give your power away but build on your relationship with yourself. Talking of love, are you in the ‘right’ relationship (if you are, skip this bit, but have compassion for your Gemini sisters/brothers still hunting)?

If you haven’t met the right love, would you date the male/female/trans you?

Trace Mcmillan says:

‘Here’s the thing: you’re not really ready for love until you have enough self-respect that if you met your exact self, but in a guy, you would totally, completely, absolutely want to be with him.’

Her article ‘Why you’re not married’ is hilarious and full of wisdom and is the most read article on Huffington Post ever. It is essential reading!

Anyway, whatever confusing feelings are around you, they move into a much better space on the 14th. Isn’t that the nature of life, though? One minute, we feel overwhelmed, and the next, good news shifts our perspective. Whatever you are going through at the start of the week will probably be long forgotten when Mercury and Jupiter hook up and uplift you.
With Mercury in your chatty zone sextile lucky Jupiter in your pleasure zone, expect soulmate conversations, laughter, sensuality, and a damn fine time.



Sensual awakening
Fierce protection
Good news

Cancer! How are you after the earth-shattering full moon? The full moon was in your opposite sign and conjunct with Pluto, which is terrifically intense! You’ve probably had a revelation about your relationships or intimate connections/friendships. Well, the Moon’s energy is still gushing like an uncapped oil well, and you’re still churning through the emotions that she illuminated. On top of that, on the 10th, the Sun in your sign is opposing Pluto, so there’s still significant tension about. It might be that you are in the throes of a wild romance or involved in a bit of sensual intrigue? Either way, try not to lose your cool. The Cosmos is asking you to do a bit of restructuring and take a long, hard look at your emotional life.

On top of that, Ceres is entering your sign. Ceres is the great Mother, and as you are the mother of the zodiac, she is very close to your heart. She’s the Greek Demeter who, although powerful, has also experienced great sacrifices; you can probably relate to that! She’s a dwarf planet like Pluto and also packs a powerful punch. When Ceres comes along, it’s time to deal with issues connected to motherhood and women. In many ways, you have come into a newfound strength and hopefully realise that you are pretty indestructible. Sensitive, yes, but no one can keep you down for long. Ceres confirms this but is asking you to keep an eye out for any shady Pluto/Hades-like characters. Remember Pluto didn’t win in the end. Just like you, Ceres is stubborn and will always be there for her clan.

The week ends on a high note (thank Goddess!!) as Mercury is sextile Jupiter and making you feel all cosy and safe within your gang. Expect a bit of good news and a cheerful time.



Chill, chill, chill
Lifestyle Makeover
Fabulous news flies its way over to you.

Hello Leo, how was the intense full moon for you? At the start of the week, you are still mulling over the emotions and revelations of the weekend. The Sun is opposing Pluto on the 10th, and you feel the need to take some time out and look after yourself. If you’re tempted to keep going, you’ll probably feel pretty burned out, and even you, glorious Leo, need some downtime. There’s plenty of time for extravagant experiences very soon as we are rapidly approaching Leo season!

At the moment the Sun is making you very receptive to other folks’ pain, so you could find yourself cast in the role of Mother Goddess with pals suggesting you carry their drama – don’t do it! It’s your time to gather yourself. You’re also even more intuitive than usual, so put it to good use in your own life. Listen to your wisdom QUEEN!

Pluto is in your health and well-being house and is demanding some lifestyle changes. You do have a tendency to overdo it and don’t like to share your vulnerability. Hide in your cave/palace/sanctuary and nourish your mind, body, and soul; turn off the phone and chill the heck out. Sort out the pesky jobs you’ve been avoiding and get it together. It’s important to do it now as next week is Leo time, and you’re coming into your own. Life is about to get very fast and intriguing as the Sun and Mars go into your sign, rebooting your mojo and thrusting you back into the limelight.

Happily, before that, on the 14th, Mercury, the great communicator, is in your sign (giving you an exceptional way with words), and he’s dancing with Jupiter, the lucky planet, in your communication zone, SO expect some important news, a revealing chat, or to come up with a stunning idea. You’re feeling lighthearted and optimistic and ready for the planets to be singing your song.



Hocus Pocus
Psychic Detective
Abundance is Coming

How was the moon, Virgo? Right now you are still mining your subconscious for nuggets of gold you’ve forgotten. Your creativity is on full blast, and all you want to do is share love, pleasure, and joy with those closest to you. If only it were that easy! The Sun is opposing Pluto on the 10th, creating more ruckus with people you are joining forces with. It’s a clash of egos. Perhaps you feel that someone is stealing your ideas or claiming the kudos for all your hard graft? Either way, do not go all ninja-Virgo and react. The truth always comes out, and if you have to step in, use your super Mercurial skills to charm and convince rather than get hysterical.

This storm will pass. In fact, on the 14th you will feel like an entirely different human! Mercury, your ruler, is sextile (this is good!) with Jupiter, the lucky planet of good fortune. Mercury is making you very psychic at the moment, and it’s important you follow your hunches. Jupiter wants to increase your abundance and show you new ways to earn money and expand your circumstances. Tune in, coax and dazzle, and anything is possible.



Creative Passion
A New Team on the Block
A Beacon of Attraction

Have you recovered from the Full Moon madness? Keep your wits about you as you’re still in the woods (cue Meryl Streep bursting into song!). Pluto is still lurking and tangling, with the Sun spinning chaos in your home and career. Like any good fairytale, by the end of the week, you should come out triumphant! In the meantime, don’t lose your temper. The Sun is opposing Pluto and dragging up battles connected to your home, but you don’t have to engage. It could be that you haven’t got the time to deal with family or someone close is neglecting their duties. Avoid volcanic eruptions and focus on your creativity.

When Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 14th, you probably won’t care two hoots about last week’s problems. You’re on a mission to spread ideas, work with a new clan or join forces with like-minded spiritual warriors. It could be that you go on a social media frenzy, publish a blog, or create something that goes viral. You have your finger on the pulse, use it. Either way, you are connected to the whole and have a window of opportunity to make things happen.



Strange coincidences
Golden opportunity
Put that stinger away

“Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first?”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Jeez, Scorpio, that Full Moon was pretty extreme! What shot up from your unconscious? What did you learn? I would imagine you had a very curious conversation over the weekend? Either way, you are still caught up in a bit of rough and tumble with somebody as the Sun and Pluto clash on the 10th. You’ve started to become a free spirit, and one wing is out of your hermit cocoon. You’re ready to fly but might feel as if there is opposition around you. As frustrating as it is, it’s essential you keep calm. You crave an adventure and are already starting to see the world differently, as well as your own potential.

Your modus operandi is usually to keep a low profile, observe, or take control. You don’t share your secrets easily and tend to plan before making any move (even if others think you’ve done something impulsive, you know you’ve thought it through). Right now, you are genuinely open and outgoing, and it could be making someone feel nervous. Take that into account and don’t get defensive.

A lovely aspect between Mercury and Jupiter has you following a hunch. You can talk your way into a job, and it seems as if the Universe is bringing in all the right contacts. Take a couple of risks and trust your gut.



Power struggles
A new direction
A lucky break

After the intense Full Moon, there is still tension around. The Sun and Pluto are bickering, and you might find yourself in a power struggle with somebody over money or influence. The Sun may be giving you the illusion you can hide under the radar, but Pluto is dragging everything to the surface. The message of all this chaos is that to find real security you must be more upfront and honest with yourself. Sagittarius is famous for speaking their truth, especially to others and now it is time to go within and clean out your own secrets. Luckily, this is now the tail end of this energy and the weekend should have revealed where you need to focus.

Good news on the 14th, as your ruler, Jupiter, has a heart to heart with Mercury, bringing you a gift from the Cosmos. When we change our energy and beliefs, we create magic, and strange coincidences lead us to where we are meant to be. Jupiter is bringing the right people towards you to open up the next chapter of your soul’s journey. Embrace the unusual.



Follow your bliss
Leapfrog obstacles
Sensual overload

The Sun opposed Pluto on the 10th after a weekend of intensity. Lots of secrets and blocked emotions are swirling about. Perhaps you’re thinking about love and/or feel that there’s an imbalance in your emotional life? There’s an ego battle brewing; use your strength to defuse rather than escalate, or someone might throw down an ultimatum. The key to the problems stems from a need to express your individuality. If you’re in a relationship, can you fully be yourself? Do you allow your partner freedom? If you’re single, do you feel you have to compromise to find a lover? These are important questions to ask, and if you can, do it without blowing up.

On a positive note, sometimes this energy can be a sensual storm that sweeps you away but has a power imbalance. Whatever happens, you feel much clearer on the 14th as Mercury is sextile Jupiter. You’ve got the chance to break through in your career. Mercury is telling you a secret, but you must use your instincts. With Mercury and Jupiter urging you to expand and grow, you can’t backtrack — go for it.



A genius idea
Sacred feminine
Psychic awakening

After the hairy Full Moon, you should now be more aware of what your real feelings are. Your intuition is off the scale, so trust it. Let your inner Samantha out and make magic happen. It’s time to have faith in your ability to sort your life out. Whether you had a fabulous or tricky Full Moon, the energy still lingers at the start of the week as the Sun is opposing Pluto, expect more revelations and listen to the message.

Luckily, on the 14th, a lovely aspect between Mercury and Jupiter help you break out of a relationship rut. Close friends and lovers become much more exciting, and if you’re single, a fascinating new soul could turn up. Get yourself out and about. Up until December, your homework from the Universe is to adventure, try new things and step out of your routine.

Your Ruler is trine Vesta (also on the 14th), which brings you a spiritual and sensual awakening and an enchanting connection to a woman or women. Open up and experience profound insight and you might find your true calling.

Darrin Stephens: You’re a what?
Samantha: I’m a witch.
Darrin Stephens: That’s wonderful. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.
Samantha: Now. I am a witch. A real house-haunting, broom-riding, cauldron-stirring witch.BEWITCHED



Sensual Secrets
You’ve got the power
Start the health kick

‘Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be’Daniel J. Boorstin

Hello, Beautiful! How was the Full Moon for you? Thankfully, you are, to a certain extent, shielded by the Sun who is in your most optimistic, sexy and cheerful place. Fingers crossed you should have moments of pure joy this week. Having said that, the Full Moon energy spills into the first few days, and the Sun is tangling with Pluto. You might feel as if a group of people or mates are trying to block you in some way. Perhaps you have outgrown a project or want to break away to explore your independence. Nothing can rain on your parade, and even if you experience some hassle, you’ve set your sights on a new way of being. Oh, and your frisky side can be out of control. Try to avoid a hush-hush sensual encounter with a charismatic seducer, you know they are trouble!

A lovely sextile between Mercury and Jupiter allows you to get your priorities right and nurture and look after yourself. Jupiter is showing you different ways to come into your power, make money and understand the value of the real partnerships. Take care of the small stuff for a big leap forward.



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