9th December 2013 Weekly Astrology Video

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 30


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (5th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (11th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (10th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (12th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (10th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (11th Hse to 2nd Hse)

  • Are you comparing yourself to others?
  • Tap into core values
  • Wait for a change to reveal itself

To quote from the classic track by John Fogerty: There’s something  happenin’ here. Due to the extreme Change in the Weather (song title) caused by five retrograde planets this week, what that change is may take a while to emerge. Plans are subject not just to change but to stops and starts along the way. We are also heading for another eclipse in August and by now you know eclipses conceal. None of us have the big picture and  while we can indeed feel something is indeed happening, there’s this great cosmic question mark hanging over it all.

Ruler Mars is part of all this retrograde ‘sea of frustration’’ to take another quote from this song. But it doesn’t have to be frustration unless we let it be. Being ruled by the planet of action means you are not good at having to stop and remain in place. But there’s always a reason for this. This week sees retro Mars in your 11th make a tight angle to Uranus (direct for now) in your 2nd.  It’s all about  how you see your worth in terms of your friends, group, network, tribe – and whether they add to or subtract from this. Above all, don’t get carried away by what the group is doing with regards to money – and this includes the larger group of the collective. That change in the weather asks you to hold onto your individual values and ignore the rest. Above all, don’t rush into any financial decisions now. You’re worth more.

In a nutshell: You know there’s a change coming. But now may not be the right time to take action.. This week is all about patience – and waiting for the change to reveal itself, Aries.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (4th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (10th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (9th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (11th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (9th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (10th Hse to 1st Hse)

  • Revisit home and family themes
  • Wait for results
  • You have more than one option

Don’t think you are the only one stuck in place right now, Taurus. In fact, you may be faring better than most as Venus your ruler remains direct throughout the major retrograde weather we are experiencing now. You won’t escape entirely however as your ruler will make a rare retrograde in a few months’ time but thankfully not while we experience this extreme backwards shift. This week sees a total of five planets backwards in the sky. Mercury retrograde in your 4th may put property, family and home matters on the back-burner and unless you can possibly help it, please try to delay any kind of property matters until after it heads direct again. Although this is not always possible or even practical.

Mars, planet of action, passion and self-confidence is retrograde in your career sector. This does not necessarily mean career progress cannot be made. Mars in here can often have us charging ahead, insisting on having things our way and putting those who are in a position of influence or support, off-side.  This is unlikely to happen with Mars retrograde as it gives us a more considered approach. This week sees that Mars make a tight angle to the still direct for now and newly arrived Uranus in your 1st. It’s all about taking the time to take a different approach to a career matter than you have done in the past. The results may take a while to appear but they could literally break you free of any career rut you have fallen into and have others – especially bosses, looking at you in a whole new light. You have more options than you believe.  Stop and look.

In a nutshell: You’re in a cycle where taking a dramatically different approach brings you the results you desire. Examine your options from all angles. You have more of these than you think.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (3rd)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (9th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (8th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (10th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (8th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (9th Hse to 12th Hse)

  • Be your own best promoter
  • Discover the truth
  • Get ready for a change

Ruler Mercury is retrograde in its ruling house. Which adds up to you feeling that this retrograde weather we’re all experiencing, has been designed solely to inconvenience you personally. The effect of this could just be you throwing your hands up in horror and feeling nothing you do works or gets you those results you’re after. Frustrations, delays, snafus, cancellations, missed connections, misunderstandings and breakdowns – especially of communication and communication devices, just add to that feeling a wrathful deity has it in for you. For me to say ‘Don’t take it personally’ probably won’t help as it may seem all too personal.

As usual, there’s a purpose behind everything – no matter how frustrating or apparently limiting things may appear to us. Find the purpose or the message and you begin to work with the energy – yes, even retrograde energy. This week tells you Gemini that despite delays, you have reached a turning point. You’ve been here before but the difference is, this time you are going to do things differently. The clue lies in promoting yourself and your talents more effectively than you have done before and to question the meaning behind everyone and everything in your life now. You’re on a quest for the truth and if you are willing to listen to what information you are given by your intuition, you will find it now. Don’t rush and exercise self-control until you discover what you need to know. The truth will set you free.

In a nutshell: Don’t push against delays or frustrations this week. There’s a purpose behind any blocks to progress. You’re at a turning point now whether you realise it or not, Gemini.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (2nd)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (8th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (7th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (9th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (7th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (8th Hse to 11th Hse)

  • Be just the way you are
  • Connections align with your values
  • Be an original – not a fake

Are you allowing the opinions of others to dictate the way you feel about yourself, Cancer? Now of course we all want to be loved and accepted. And probably the most scary thing we can contemplate is the loss of one or both. Especially when we care about someone or their opinion.  But this week asks you to look at whether you are trying to be something other than who you are just to please others. Or whether you are going along with the crowd when actually, you no longer feel this is truly you.

The major retrograde weather we are experiencing at the moment stretches across your partnership, shared resources and endings sector and extends on into your house of freedom. We also have Mercury planet of commerce and communication retrograde in your 2nd. This house doesn’t just rule your money – it rules your values and self-worth too.  Mars is retrograde in its ancient ruling house (8th) and this week makes a tight angle across to Uranus (still direct) in its ruling 11th of social connections and friends. Who you are hanging around with may change now as you suddenly see your values are no longer aligned. Or you just see you are bending yourself out of shape to please others and are no longer willing to keep up the pretence. Don’t settle for anything less than people who love and accept you for what you are now. Be an original. This week hands you the power and the freedom to be yourself and the realisation that if someone has a problem with that it’s no longer yours.

In a nutshell: Time to be loved and accepted for exactly who you are, just the way you are, Cancer. This week offers you the freedom to be yourself. And for others to love you for just that.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (1st)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (7th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (6th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (8th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (6th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (7th Hse to 10th Hse)

  • Love builds slowly
  • What’s the truth you’re holding on to?
  • Change the conversation

We’re all under the influence of this major retrograde weather which is going to last into August, Leo. It will affect us all in different ways depending on which planets are retrograde in which houses in our chart. You could be undergoing a bit of a reinvention now when it comes to ideas and how you want to come across to people.  Above all, Mercury retro in your 1st is all about saying what you need to say. And with the extreme retrograde influence that’s happening, looking at whether or not saying this is overdue in any way.

This especially applies to your work, your wellbeing and your close relationships.  The retrograde planets stretch across your 6th, 7th and 8th houses. Chances are you have something you need to get off your chest but have been hesitating over it. Or you have been feeling the need to address an issue that is having an impact on the way you feel – perhaps draining you of that vital, flowing Leo life force? The good news about this retrograde cycle is it will bring all this into focus for you but also hand you a new way to approach it. Mars in your 7th is not the best resident as this house is about relating and Mars is about action. Retro Mars in here however favours the slow build of love and also considering the reactions of others before you say or do anything. Uranus (not retrograde yet) has you realising the status quo has to change but you’ll willing to work with others and craft what needs to be said to accomplish this – perhaps in a unique way. Change the conversation and say it and mean it this week.

In a nutshell: What needs to be said that you are putting off, Leo? At the very least, say it to yourself. Owning the truth opens a new way forward. Say what you need to say this week.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (12th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (6th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (5th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (7th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (5th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (6th Hse to 9th Hse)

  • What do you need to revive your soul?
  • Have a soul house clearing
  • Restore the feel-good factor

Retrograde cycles are second nature to you Virgo, seeing you are ruled by the planet that retrogrades more frequently than any other. However, even you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of retrograde energy that washing up around you now. In fact, this may be an appropriate metaphor as Mercury is presently retrograde in your 12th – the house of the past. What is this retrograde tide washing ashore for you?

Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words so returns and revelations are in order this week. People from your past may reappear. Any retrograde which involves your 12th and communication is also going to bring up things you need to know or which have been hidden from you. This retrograde cycle tells you ignorance is most certainly not bliss at all. If you have been wandering around in a fog of illusion about something or someone, something may happen to set you straight. Above all, this retrograde period is about clearing out the leftovers – residue from our past that not only holds us back but might just on a soul level be creating a toxic waste dump that leeches into other areas of our life. Mars retrograde in your 6th of all things Virgo-ruled angles to Uranus in your house of freedom.  Suddenly you become aware of the deeper effect a situation has been having on you. If something shows you that you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life, don’t think twice this week. You’ll be amazed at how a little soul house goes a long way when it comes to making you feel good again.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury delivers revisits from the past and also revelations this week. The retrograde weather serves a higher purpose. Restoring your soul – and that feel-good factor,, Virgo.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (11th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (5th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (4th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (6th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (4th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (5th Hse to 8th Hse)

  • Where does your heart say home is?
  • Resurrect passion and pleasure
  • Come and get your love!

For some time you’ve been thinking about how things cannot remain the same over the long term – especially when it comes to home and living arrangements. The present retrograde weather has all of us looking back over the past to go forward again. For you however, the focus needs to be firmly on the long term and also where feels like ‘home’ to you.  This may not be where you were originally from or where you are living now. If it is, then commit to that. If not, then you need to use this time to get very clear on where you belong. There’s somewhere that calls and where no matter what outrageous fortunes may befall you, you would always feel secure. It’s all about a sense of place in the grand scheme of your life. Lay some foundations for this now –if only in acknowledging where for you, there’s no place like home.

Where and with who you feel valued and living passionately could be tied up with this too. Uranus is newly arrived in your 8th and remaining direct for a short time only, angles to retro Mars in your 5th. Time to resurrect a passion that used to fire you up if you have let it lapse. Reconnect to creativity and joy. You may even be able to fuse this with how you earn a living. Changes around money and/or an intimate connection could show you just how stagnant things have been lately. Maybe without you fully realising it. However, if a past lover reappears ensure this isn’t something left over now reheated again. The thing is, you know you’re hungry for the heat – not the warmed over. If necessary hold out a bit longer for that piping hot serving of fresh love. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.

In a nutshell:  If it’s a serve of piping hot fresh love you’re hanging out for – then don’t settle for less, Libra! The past may feature this week. But don’t be content with warmed-up leftovers!


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (10th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (4th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (3rd)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (5th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (3rd)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (4th Hse to 7th Hse)

  • What’s your superpower?
  • Get on up with your mojo!
  • Welcome in a new relationship dynamic

Both your rulers ancient and modern form part of the retrograde cyclone that’s currently blowing through all our lives. Ancient ruler Mars is in your 4th of home, family and security while contemporary ruler Pluto sits in your 3rd of communication. The ruler of your 3rd house Mercury, remains retrograde in your 10th of career, reputation and rewards. Because of this, more than any other sign this week, you are the one most likely to feel someone stole your mojo. Or be wondering if you even had a mojo to begin with or whether or not it was all wishful thinking on your part.

While we still have some more retrograde weather to get through in August, this week hands you an opportunity to get on up and reconnect to that mojo.  Chances are your mojo isn’t gone or MIA. Something or someone is impacting on it and making you feel like its missing. Crank up some classic James Brown when it comes to putting yourself out there or for finding the courage to deal with something on the domestic or relationship front. It may not even boil down to anyone else taking you for granted, but you taking you for granted. Have you been thinking when it comes to work that anyone can do what you do? Or just feeling you’re nothing special? A tight angle between that retro Mars in your 4th and Uranus in your partnership sector has you looking at a relationship in a new way – and reclaiming your superpower along with it. To quote James Brown again: Like a sex machine. Don’t just own it – use it this week.

In a nutshell: Reclaim your mojo this week, Scorpio.  Something dormant could get a shot in the arm of passion. And you get your superpowers back along with it!


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (9th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (3rd)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (2nd)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (4th)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (2nd)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (3rd Hse to 6th Hse)

  • Connections from far away reach out
  • What’s that idea you have on the backburner?
  • Take your time

Ruler Jupiter is now direct and no longer part of the retro weather that’s blowing across the skies. If travelling take extra time and extra care however as Mercury is retrograde in your 9th of all things Sag related. Store copies of all reservations, tickets, travel insurance and your passport somewhere safe. Past connections overseas could reach out and big projects or dreams enjoy a revival. It’s not the best time for embarking on that trip unless you are revisiting places you have been in the past but it is a great period for planning one.

There’s an element of benefitting in unexpected ways or something that turns into a blessing in disguise. News you may have been waiting on could finally arrive or a work situation takes a surprising turn – one that puts you in a better situation than you imagined. There’s a longer term story evolving behind all of this and it involves your money thanks to Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in your 2nd. How you earn it, how you use what you have and above all, how ‘worthy’ you feel when it comes to having cash are all being reviewed and re-forged in the fires of transformation. It’s a slow process but by 2020 you’ll have real results. Take a long view on anything to do with money and please don’t enter into any new financial arrangements now unless you can possibly avoid it. If you have an idea simmering away in the background which could add value not just to your bank account but your lifestyle and way of working, keep refining this. It could turn out to be the very thing that takes you where you need to go.

In a nutshell: Revive those big dreams or projects. But wait to launch them. There’s a bigger picture forming here with your money and how you earn it. Give it time to emerge.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (8th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (2nd)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (1st)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (3rd)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (1st)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (2nd Hse to 5th Hse)

  • Who or what is an asset to you?
  • True colours are there to see
  • Get ready for surprise revelations

Who or what adds or subtracts to your feeling of self-worth? Who is there to help you? And who isn’t? This week is all about looking at the people in your life who are true assets. And those who aren’t.  Chances are you already have a good idea who you can quite literally ‘bank on’ to be in your corner if you need them. The retrograde weather this week may have a revelation about one particular connection however. And the category they end up in may surprise or even shock you.

The major retrograde weather we are all experiencing impacts on you big time as your ruler Saturn is part of this in your 1st house and also Pluto. Pluto just gets more powerfully potent when in retrograde phase, working its alchemical transformational process even more intensely. Mars is also retrograde in your house of money and assets – and these include those people who are assets to you. Watch for insights around this as the surprise can go either way. Someone you don’t know very well at all suddenly  shows you they are worth their weight in gold while someone you thought you had a solid 24 carat connection with could suddenly reveal they are nothing but brass tacks.  Either way, your connection is transformed especially if the last person you expected to opens a door to opportunity for you. Get ready to be surprised by people – and hopefully in all the right ways this week.

In a nutshell: Who you can count on and who is truly an asset to you is in focus this week. People may surprise you one way or another. Get ready for true colours to shine through, Capricorn.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (7th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (1st)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (12th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (2nd)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (12th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (1st Hse to 4th Hse)

  • Take time to explore your inner world
  • Keep plans evolving as new elements appear
  • No more illusions around love or money

There’s a lot going on below the surface with you at the moment Aquarius, that you may not yet be ready to reveal. My advice is to keep it all to yourself a little longer. Hand those ideas over to your higher consciousness for refinement. Keep your plans and your dreams to yourself. You’re in a phase of intense incubation. This is partly courtesy of the retrograde weather which we are all experiencing right now. You’re going within, opening yourself more than usual to intuition and just feeling the need to sit with your insights rather than sharing them or taking action.

Mars retrograde in your 1st adds to this. It’s not that you lack passion or initiative right now. But you’re asking yourself what’s the hurry? Patience or the ability to pick the right moment could just be your superpower now When it comes to home matters or money however, no more fuzzy thinking. Know what it is you want or need from someone and get ready to ask. The most valuable resource you have is your time. Think of yourself as a little bit like Dr. Strange with an ability to control if not time, then when to act. What this retrograde cycle is about for you is learning when time is well spent thinking things through – so you don’t waste any more of it when you are ready. But when you are, to move ahead with surety. Ruler Uranus remains direct in your 4th for the moment and angles to that retro Mars. Keep that plan evolving and don’t be afraid to add new elements to it. There’s lifestyle and long term living arrangements to be factored in now. It’s all about the long term – and waiting for the moment to act.

In a nutshell: You’re in a period of soul incubation, Aquarius. And this may just involve refining those ideas or just getting very clear on what you want. Controlling time is your superpower this week.


Mercury Retrograde in Leo (6th)

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (12th)

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (11th)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (1st)

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (11th)

2 Aug 2018 MARS SQUARE URANUS (12th Hse to 3rd Hse)

  • Intuition points towards the truth
  • Work to express yourself
  • It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Something is uncovered or revealed this week for you, Pisces. As usual, you can rely on your intuition to guide you towards uncovering the truth. Ruler Neptune is part of the present intense retrograde cycle which will peak next month when we will have an intense week where six planets will be retrograde at once. For now, we have five.  Unlike other planets, your ruler spends almost half of every year retrograde. This allows you the time to differentiate between illusion and insight. Illusion is attached to the ego and is what we want, would like or hope. Insight is based on the truth. You’re having one of those flashes this week, Pisces so please pay attention to the information you’re given as it will be backed up with reality shortly.

Mercury is retrograde in its ruling 6th in your chart. Which basically amounts to you getting a double dose of the usual Mercury Mayhem we expect at these times.  Look closely at whether your work (paid or unpaid) gives you adequate scope for expression or feeling you are appreciated for what you do. It’s also time to take a close look at what energises you and what drains you. Children and young people may also feature now or memories of your own childhood may surface. Were you given the encouragement you needed back then? Are you in a position to give it now? Perhaps even to your own inner child which may need healing. There’s a saying: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.  Because of the retrograde weather it’s not a good time to begin something new and this especially applies to a love affair right now. If people from the past reappear did they make you feel like you shone brighter in the past or dimmed your light? Use this as your guide before jumping back in again.

In a nutshell: Get ready for revelations. Which could just be you seeing the difference between illusion and insight. You’ll know the truth when you see or intuit it this week, Pisces.

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