Weekly Astrology Video 29th June 2020 – Drama!

weekly astrology

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Welcome to your weekly astrology 29th June 2020!

Firstly, we can expect a dramatic week thanks to a second Jupiter and Pluto conjunction (the third is in December). Look back to significant changes in your life from April, we are unveiling a deeper layer. Pluto is all about change, endings and finalities while Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, expansion, and adventure. So, we are all letting go of various things so that we can have a soul growth spurt.

Full Moon in Cancer Luna Eclipse

Change and revelations abound as a Full Moon in Cancer Luna eclipse bring tides of subconscious emotions to our conscious shore. So, take care of your beautiful self, it’s emotional. Eclipses always bring up a stunning reveal, a truth that perhaps we haven’t seen. Family, nurturing, and self-care issues to focus on for example.

Saturn retrogrades back to Capricorn

In addition, Saturn has recently shifted into Aquarius and now nips back for a final farewell in Capricorn. We are urged to check out our responsibilities. We are tying up loose ends. The lessons of Saturn in Capricorn are testing out structures to see if they are secure. Our practical structures but also our emotional structures. In short, how we see ourselves in the world in relation to our job and our reputation.

The pandemic has transformed who we assumed we were in the outer world. The truth is we are not our work or our reputation, we are evolving souls. A powerful new way of seeing our lives allows us to shift our energy into building ourselves up in fresh ways.

This week will be deeply significant for the world. The cosmic weather is profound and unflinching. If we’ve done the internal work, there may be huge rewards. So, look this week in the eye, in December the reveal and gift of it all become apparent. You got this!

Love Michele x

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