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Your Weekly Astrology Video 18th May 2020 – New Moon in Gemini

Welcome to your weekly horoscope video 18th May 2020. It’s an exciting week with the New Moon in Gemini blasting us into the next vibrational level. We are slap bang in  Gemini season. Not only is the New Moon in Gemini but also the Sun, Vesta, Venus rx, Mercury and the North Node!

The Power of the North Node and the New Moon in Gemini

Your weekly astrology video focuses on the power of the North Node. You may have read about how important the North Node change is. The North and South nodes are our karma. The South Node is the past life karma that we bring into this lifetime, and the North Node is our future karma. The North Node is where we are heading to, the evolution of our spirit! When the nodes change, we have a fresh start and new lessons plus opportunities.

What do you want to create? What do you want to let go of?

This New Moon should give you a flavour of the next 18 months. Look out for a unique idea, conversation or connection. Don’t forget New Moons are all about letting go of what no longer serves us. Once you have listened to your weekly horoscope video, find the area that stands out and think about not only what you want to create, but what you want to let go of!

Much love Michele

Weekly Astrology Video 18th May

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