Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 27th 2021

mercury retrograde

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 27th 2021


Create a better balance

Put that topic on the table

Get ready for a seismic shift!

Confused and confusing times have us all revisiting the future or going over old ground. Especially when it comes to others, Aries. Blame the intense retro weather which Mercury now increases as it heads backwards in your 7th this week. This bumps that retro planet count up to six. If we were to include Chiron which is not a planet but a comet, in this mix, that bring the total to seven.

Any astral body moving forwards this week is hitting planets going backwards. So, there will be a feeling of revisiting the past, endings and closures, reinventions and revivals rather than anything brand spanking new. The Sun, your ruler Mars and Mercury are all in your 7th so take it this involves you and another party. I should not need to over-sell you on the fact that this is not the time to go looking to join in any kind of double act. Not if you are seeking the lasting kind that is. You might want to deactivate that Tinder or Bumble profile for now.

The usual Mercury retro rules apply and if you are not familiar with these, you can find them on this site. So, you may now be asking just what purpose does all this serve seeing Cupid has quit (at least temporarily), and all partnerships get the freeze frame treatment? Well, addressing imbalances in present unions is one area that’s highlighted. Or working to create a better balance across all parts of your life. This includes that work/life one. Even self-actualised Mars is striving to relate better when in Libra. So, don’t shy away from that discussion now.

Go for the deep heal

The first week of October sees searing truths being outed. With Venus in your 8th you need more intimacy and depth. And won’t be afraid to ask for this if needed. Is passion waxing or waning between you and someone else? If you need someone to act as a sounding board or if you have no partner, but are dealing with a few issues, lucky for you a reliable friend or confidant is on hand around the 30th.

It’s time to confess what’s really on your mind and you’ll have the courage to air it. Remember, restoring balance is your goal now. And sometimes there has to be major changes before this can occur. You may have felt the rumblings of this last week but this week bring it out into the open as retro Mercury squares Pluto in your 10th on the 1st. This could just as easily involve a working relationship as it could your boo. Don’t be afraid if something undergoes a sudden, powerful transformation. It’s all part of the process of restoring balance. Remember, when Mercury is retrograde nothing is written in stone. Expect another chapter.

In a nutshell: Balancing shouldn’t be an ‘act’. Balance needs to be your default setting especially when it comes to you and another. Mercury retro in your 7th allows you to create just that now, Aries.


Have you taken on too much?

Make yourself your #1 priority

Tackle the truth

For a while now you may have been all too compliant, accommodating and eager to please, Taurus. What do they say? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Despite you going that extra mile someone seems determined to take advantage of this. Continuing to meet their expectations could simply push you to breaking point this week.

Looking back you may see how you have inadvertently set this up. Yes, as usual your heart was in the right place. And you take love and other responsibilities seriously. But if you are now expected to continue to shoulder more than your fair share, or if this has now tipped into someone taking you for granted, it’s now time to say ‘No’. Especially if continuing this means putting your own life, dreams and plans on hold.

Work on your relationship with yourself

Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th is demanding a deep dive into what is working in your relationships – and what isn’t. Are you truly getting enough time for you? This week also has Mercury retrograde in its ruling 6th (that extra serving of chaos and confusion) which adds to the retrograde backdrop and brings the backwards planetary total to six. So, this tells you now is the time to tackle what needs to change.

This may mean a radical overhaul when it comes to those responsibilities you take so seriously. But there’s a need to create more freedom and ‘me’ time for you. If what you have created with those good intentions now has you trapped, this retrograde cycle allows you to make changes – radical ones if needed, to transform this totally. Deep down inside if you are honest, you know this can’t go on, Taurus. Tackle the truth this week and break yourself out into flow and freedom again.

In a nutshell: Let’s get right to the heart of the matter this week, Taurus. Have you taken on too much? Is someone taking advantage of your generous soul? Time to address any imbalances now and reclaim your passion!


Work it with love

Revive, revise, revisit

Spark to a flame or fire to a fizzle?

Ruler Mercury goes retroactive in your house of lovers, creativity and children from the 27th, Gemini. You of all signs know the rules off by heart. This all occurs against a backdrop of all five outer planets retrograde. So, Mercury brings the total to six. And if we throw retrograde Chiron into the mix – not a planet, a comet, we arrive at seven reverse engines turning back to the future in the skies.

Pay attention to your children or even adult children if you have them now. A past concern or issue may resurface. Guard your creative ideas and you should know that this is no time to launch but a time for revision and reimagining. I am also going to give you the same advice I handed out to Aries. Mercury retrogrades in their 7th of long term partnerships and marriage. So, not a good time to go looking for love if you seek something lasting. The same applies to you as this occurs in your love zone. Put it this way, despite this retro weather there are other areas to explore for you. Love simply isn’t one of them. Enter the realm of ideas instead as something could be firing up your imagination for the long term now.

Hot – or not?

Mercury’s angle to Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 1st will show you if love is built for the long haul too. Maybe it’s been on like Donkey Kong between you and that red hot bae. But now you’ll get to see one way or another if that attraction is a flame or a fizzle. Your union transforms into something deeper or else it could snuff out. Last week may have provided you with a clue as to which way things are going. Get talking if needed.

While your ruler is retro and Venus sits in Mercury’s ruling 6th, refine your routine, work (paid or unpaid), habits, health regimen, diet and exercise. Changes to these areas will bring you more time for the things (or those) you love to do, Gemini. You know the retro factor brings refinements which simply add up to improvements over the long term. So jump in and work it with love.

In a nutshell: Mercury retro in your romance zone says what works and what doesn’t when it comes to love? There could be a conversation happening around this, your children or a creative projects. Reboot if needed.


Discussions happen close to home

Speak your truth when it comes to emotional security

Changing rooms/changing needs

Family, home, living arrangements and your overall lifestyle have been in focus all month long, Cancer. You have been asked to focus on matters close to home quite literally since September began. If you have been putting off speaking your mind or having a conversation with someone you live with or within your family circle – and this includes that sharer, lodger, flatmate just as easily as your spouse, partner or children, this week sees you unwilling to put off that discussion any longer.

Talk up a design for living – and loving

Mercury heads backwards in your 4th from the 27th. Naturally, the usual retro rules apply. Added to this is caution around property dealings – buying, selling, renting, leasing, Airbnb-ing. Things may go back and forth for a while but if there is a moving question or just something you have been putting off, combined with all the outer planets retrograde, this one says time for some housekeeping on more than one level.

This can have a knock-on effect with partnerships too thanks to the tight squeeze between Mercury and Pluto in your 7th on the 1st. This may have made itself felt earlier when Mercury made this approach in retroshadow. It will make it again going forward. So, home or emotional/financial security confrontations may be unavoidable at this point.

It’s been building or needed your attention for some time if you’re honest, Cancer. But now the issue is inescapable. It could boil down to something as simple as reassigning responsibilities so you have more time for what matters to you. Or as major as where you are going to live or how in the future. Either way – it’s rebuilding time. It may get aired but not settled finally now. Expect a back and forth from now until mid-November to allow for the final outcome.

In a nutshell: The focus is on a grand design for living, Cancer. Changing needs call for major renovations when it comes to the space you share or those deeper needs such as love and security. Table that discussion now.


Create something bolder

Tackle that topic

Success lies in what pays you in terms of meaning – not just money

Mercury turns retrograde in its ruling 3rd. Yes, that adds up to an extra large helping of retrograde mayhem. But the good news is that ruler the Sun is also in here along with Mars. So, take it there is no subject off limits or which you won’t tackle now.

Emboldened discussions lead to breakthroughs but do bear in mind this is not the time for new beginnings. Rather its a time to return to anything that’s been left in limbo for far too long or which you have simply shied away from tackling in the past. Whether you realise it or not now Leo, you’re creating a clean slate to write on for the future when Mercury and the rest of the retrograde planets move forward again. From going back over the past you create bold and brand new beginnings.

While it is not a good time to move as Mercury rules contracts of all kinds, this is a good time to be looking at how or where you want to be living thanks to Venus in your 4th. This could involve you and a partner thanks to both Jupiter and Saturn in your 7th. If commitment or change is overdue, this retrograde period could allow it to happen at last.

Make your life your work in progress

Changes around work, study, health, habits and routine have may also be needed. Or simply become part of this process. Mercury rules not only your 3rd but also your 6th house too. You may have been given a heads up that something’s gotta give last week. Which is a rare privilege when Pluto is involved. But then, Pluto is in Mercury’s 6th. So, instead of a sudden ground shifting upheaval you are given a grace period to prepare and plan.

Mercury and Pluto square off on the 1st and this will occur again when Mercury heads direct again. So, look to what needs to change and renegotiate if needed. If you ensure the outcome you’re aiming for enhances your life on a daily basis, that’s the right one. It’s about meaning, wellbeing and satisfaction. Not necessarily money and/or prestige. It may be a downshift brings something more rewarding this retrograde. It will turn into a direction so much more satisfying if you are bold enough to create it.

In a nutshell: Mercury retrograde in its ruling house serves up a double dish of Mercury induced-mayhem. But what can emerge from this is a better understanding and a life direction so much more rewarding. Get talking, Leo.


Make a soul-soaring deposit

See yourself as worthy

You are a multi-faceted jewel

Ruler Mercury heads backwards in your money zone from the 27th. Along with the outer planets this tops out the retrograde total to six. And seven if we include Chiron (not a planet but a comet) in your 8th. Note – your ‘other’ money house. So, time to count your cash and keep it close as its really not a time to splurge.

Just where do you stand with someone else, Virgo? If there are questions around where they are coming from or where you are going, time to ask when Venus in your 3rd trines Neptune in your partnership sector on the 29th. Take a positive and proactive approach to both love and money during this retrocycle. You’ve got an extra push around this thanks to the Sun and Mars also in your 2nd.

Time for a soul audit

It could be time for a talent and self-worth audit too. Time to list and get a greater appreciation of all you have at your disposal. And to offer others. Take some time out during this retro period to list those skills and accomplishments, the ideas you generate and the things you know you do effortlessly and well – and love to do. This process may surprise you and show you the jewels within your multi-faceted soul.

Now they are exposed in all their shining array, take the time during this retrograde to assess how you can better use them. Upgrade your sense of self-worth as this is what determines what you can have and attract. And you should know I’m not just talking about money but love and all that other good stuff, Virgo.

You may have been presented with a desire or situation recently that had you looking at whether or not you are selling yourself short in a key area. Or simply letting others under-value you. The tight angle between retro Mercury and retro Pluto in your 5th on the 1st is the second of three squares these two will make. You will experience a third once Mercury heads direct one more. For now, see this as an attitude adjustment in terms of how you see and value yourself. Upgrade that sense of self worth and how you communicate that to others, Virgo. It’s like cash in the Bank of the Soul for you now.

In a nutshell: Look closely at self-worth issues. And take stock of all you have to offer. Those intangible assets of yours – your love, creativity and skills add up to something greater so don’t take them for granted. Up that personal stock now ruler Mercury turns retro!


Purge the past

Get ready for your relaunch

Reveal your inner truth

Time for relaunch and reinvention, Libra. Mercury retrograde in your 1st gets up close and personal. It’s about that all important balance for you. Your image, look, brand, style and appearance may be up for a revamp. Take your time and see yourself as your own greatest work in progtress now. More importantly given we have a backdrop of intense retro weather (six planets in all), is the need during this retrograde for you to focus on bringing balance back in. Especially when it comes to your personal aspirations, goals and dreams.

Ruler Venus is presently in its ruling 2nd aspecting both Neptune (29th) and Jupiter (30th). The Sun and Mars add heat and the va-va-voom factor this birthday cycle. So, what you are being asked to focus on dear Libra, is whether you have put your dreams and desires on the back-burner due to prioritising those of others, or allowed one area of life to take over. Both these scenarios represent imbalance. So, use this cycle to correct this and see it as the ultimate birthday gift to yourself.

The usual retro rules apply at this time so please don’t ignore them. Not a great time to spend money as that ‘bargain’ may turn out to be anything but or you discover you no longer love it once Mercury heads direct again. The same may apply to that crush. This is a great time to look at how you want to be seen and perceived for the coming year and try various personas on for size. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Deep clean your soul

It is time to reveal your inner truth and if you have been hiding this – again this represents a core imbalance you need to correct. This week also brings a high tensile aspect on the 1st between Mercury and retro Pluto in your 4th. You’re being asked to do a deep clean now when it comes to long term emotional wounds.

You may have already started this process. So,you know its time to simply let go of it as this is the source of long term imbalance within. You have one more angle between these two coming up once Mercury heads direct again. Use this to rid yourself of memories, pain, situations and even connections which simply keep you out of whack and stuck. Your greatest gift – love yourself enough to do this, Libra.

In a nutshell: Mercury backwards in your sign means its time to redefine your image, look, style, brand or appearance, Libra. This week also has you reaching for a new level of authenticity via emotional balance.


Listen to hidden wisdom – and act on it

Begin that extreme self-love process

Time to rise – and shine, Scorpio!

How long can you keep holding on, Scorpio? You are the sign of the phoenix so this week I have to ask you what is preventing you from doing what you are designed to do and this is rise? Now, chances are you just read this and a thought popped into your head. Yep. There it is. Your subconscious self knows perfectly well what I am talking about.

Mercury is retrograde in your 12th of hidden truths, the past and your psychic self this week. You also have the Sun and your ancient ruler Mars in here making this a time of peak energy which coincides naturally, with your cycle of soul house clearing before the Sun arrives in your 1st.

Venus already in your sign is gently inspiring you towards brand new beginnings. A time where you shower yourself with self-love and enhanced appreciation. So, your backroom planets including that Mercury retrograde are working to unearth and release anything that gets in the way of you soaring higher for the future.

Let your higher self be the judge

If someone returns from your past now, please use caution. You need to understand that the past can sometimes be a trap. Look back at your relationship with them. Did they make you feel you can fly higher and actively support that process? Or the reverse. This tells you whether to go back in or not. As usual, your subconscious self knows the answer. Please listen.

Ruler Pluto is also retrograde in your 3rd – Mercury’s house. Watch for conversations or long needed decisions that are game changing when it and Mercury square off on the 1st. This process may have begun a week or so ago. You are now halfway through it with a final stage or discussion to come when Mercury heads direct once more and makes the same angle to your ruler for a third and final time. Speak with intention and act in the same way. Leave others in no doubt of the fact you mean what you say. And take it no matter what they say now – they do too.

In a nutshell: Get ready for peak experiences this week. Or discussions which bring them about. The fact is, anything that prevents you from doing what you do best – rising like the phoenix, is under review now.



Welcome to Friendship Season

Revisit goals

Connections from the past get reimagined

Friends and goals are up for review now Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th from the 27th, Sag. You also have the Sun and Mars in here acting like a sorting hat. Just who do you want in your house now? If that person or group lacks resonance or that goal has lost its lustre then this retro cycle sees a necessary weeding out of what no longer works.

Of course, old friends may get back in touch and you may be delighted to discover that the old connection still works. We are in super-heavy retro weather now which includes your ruler Jupiter in your 3rd (note: Mercury’s ruling house). You need connections who are on the same page. You don’t have to agree on everything as you are welcoming that fast-paced exchange of ideas on which you thrive. What you seek is a shared world view and this is what determines whether you go your separate ways – or not.

You’ll find out just who this is one way or another when Venus in your 12th squares your ruler on the 30th as a conversation shows you clearly how much in common you have.

What do you share?

In terms of shared beliefs. But also now look at what a friendship or connection ‘costs’ you in terms of love, energy, shared values or even yes, money or pays you in ways that are priceless. This could be the subject of the Mercury/Pluto square on the 1st. This may have come up recently and its as if you are being asked to now look at it again. If your connection is one-sided for instance, there’s no ignoring it now. Mercury has one more pass to make to Pluto when it heads direct once more so expect this is to sorted by next month. Ensure the give and take is equal this friendship season.

In a nutshell: The Sun in your 11th brings a focus on friendships of all descriptions. Check these and those goals for continued relevance, Sag. If the past asks you to buddy up again, you could discover that true friendships transcend the test of time.



Have the answers at your fingertips

Is it time for a new success strategy?

Avoid comparisons with others

Career matters may go on hold or back and forth for the next few weeks due to Mercury retro in your 10th from the 27th. We have a lot of retrograde activity happening now. All the outer planets including your ruler Saturn in your 2nd and Pluto in your 1st are moving backwards. Mercury joining the retro party bumps the number up to six. Seven if we include Chiron in your 4th – not a planet but a comet as you know.

No matter how hard you may try to push forward that career agenda, you may just end up spinning your wheels instead. Or discover others simply don’t share your urgency. So, my advice at this point is that if you find yourself in this exact situation, as well as sticking to the retro rules, you simply let go of it for now.

Past efforts may well be rewarded despite the general air of snafus and snarly delays that overshadow the week. The Sun in your 10th highlights your ruler Saturn on the 29th which could in fact deliver long awaited recognition for some of you. Ensure if you are able to push forward with projects, pitches or presentations at this point you are well prepared ahead of time and anticipate the kind of questions you may be asked.

This week sees that retro Mercury makes a high tensile square to Pluto in your 1st on the 1st. This is the second square between these two planets which will occur during this retrograde cycle. The first took place when Mercury was in retroshadow and slowing down. The final one will occur when it is in direct retroshadow and heading forward.

You are original – so don’t compare!

Please dear, determined Capricorn – do not become down or super-critical of your progress or achievements during this time. It is very easy to start comparing yourself to others and come to the conclusion you are lacking in some way. Ask if you are holding yourself to a definition of success that is unrealistic. If you should receive news which initially appears as a setback or rejection, ensure you don’t chalk it up to out and out failure. Chances are there is plenty you can salvage in terms of learning and experience from this. A third opportunity will approach. It could just turn out to be the charm.

In a nutshell: Hopefully you see yourself as the original that you are. Comparing your journey or achievements to others diminishes all you’ve accomplished. Three times the charm when it comes to that path you’re on, Capricorn!


Have an alternative in place

Take your time when travelling

It’s stage two in a three stage process of solutions and freedom!

If travelling anywhere or dealing with important contracts, communications or anything to do with publishing, the mass media, the internet or even the supply chain, check and double check every and have Plan B thru to Z in place. This week sees Mercury turn retrograde in your house of big ideas, journeys, study and mass communications.

The usual retro rules apply but supersized when Mercury is backwards in your 9th. We also have all the outer planets retrograde. This includes Jupiter in your 1st the ruler of your 9th as well as Saturn in your sign. Your ruler Uranus is also retrograde in your 4th. All this is urging caution. If you must travel at this time check all connections and reservations before departure and also the current Covid travel regulations. Above all, please don’t rush. Allow extra time for any unexpected contingencies.

Your new exit strategy

This is not a good time for large purchases due to Neptune retrograde in your 2nd either. This includes buying pets and animals. What I can tell you is that this week is bringing you liberation from anything that no longer works for you. Eventual freedom is behind the grand design of this retro weather pattern. This may have shown itself already but watch what occurs around the 1st when Mercury squares retro Pluto in your 12th.

This is the second square between these two planets. The first occurred last week. The third will happen once Mercury heads direct once more. It could be bringing you release via an unexpected path from something that has been limiting you or holding you back. You may in fact set this in motion subconsciously without realising it at the time. If you find yourself thinking ‘Now, why did I choose to say/do that?’ know your higher self was behind it. If someone surprises you by revealing a long hidden agenda take it its time for you to know it. The result simply breaks you free of any illusions or dead ends.

In a nutshell: Know that what happens this week is designed with your evolution and liberation in mind, Aquarius. Often blessings arrive in disguise. If travelling you need to be prepared for any contingency. Pack your alternatives and don’t leave home without them!


Have your say in joint discussions

Don’t be rushed

Be confident in your decisions

Conversations may take a serious turn or you are on a mission to ensure other people don’t misinterpret your meaning as Mercury turns retrograde in your 8th from the 27th.

This brings the total number of retro planets including your ruler Neptune to six. Seven if we include Chiron (not a planet but a comet) retrograde in your 2nd. The topics of conversation under this Mercury retro cycle may involve but not be limited to your salary, benefits, maintenance, taxes, insurance, wills, property, mortgages and loans. Especially joint assets such as the marital home or joint accounts as we also have the Sun and Mars in your 8th. And this is the house Mars traditionally rules.

What’s your ‘Gold Standard’?

Please guard against feelings of insecurity or fears around these areas. Be businesslike and mindful of the fact that money is energy. Yes, it talks but it does not add up to what you are worth as a person. You are the one who speaks volumes on that topic which is set by your self-worth and nothing less.

Above all, be confident in any dealings involving intimate relationships or your cash. You have supports as Venus in your 9th trines ruler Neptune on the 29th. If you are pragmatic and realistic, solutions are on offer.

I need not tell you that borrowing money or taking out a new mortgage, credit card or loan should be avoided now. This retro cycle favours refinancing or renegotiating however. Shop around or ask for advice now if needed. You have access to powerful resources on the 1st when Mercury squares Pluto in your 11th. Mine your network if you need professional advice that could be termed ‘Gold Standard’. Especially if you are turned down or finding it difficult to come up with answers on your own. Don’t shy away from what needs to be done now. Or having that conversation with someone else.

You are in a period where the discussions may go back and forth or you weigh up several options. Above all, don’t be bamboozled into making a decision you are not comfortable with or pressured into making one too quickly. This week may see you drawing a line. And feeling fine about that decision. Take it with confidence and wait for the final outcome.

In a nutshell: Powerful changes are in motion when it comes to your money and shared assets. Be pragmatic and take the emotional sting out of financial discussions. Above all, be confident in your decisions and unafraid to draw the line.


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