Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 4th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 4th 2021


Double acts, dynamic duos feature

Be gentle with those who don’t have your boldness

Kickstart that passion

Time for a new kind of togetherness this week. Your partnership sector is busy with planets – the Sun, Mercury retro and ruler Mars. Plus we have a new Moon in here on the 6th. This falls conjunct ruler Mars indicating you are ready to initiate a new cycle of hot, hot love. Or simply something more passionate and meaningful. Say toodle-oo to tepid, Aries!

You’re taking all those lessons from the past and bringing them forward with you. Combining them with your future needs. You are open to initiating that fresh start conversation and letting that special someone in on your plans. Passion, a desire for adventure and a willingness to try something new adds up to kickstarting a future where all previous bets are off. If you are settled, a new joint goal may be that togetherness cement that injects the excitement back into your relationship.

Tie up those loose ends

Sure, Mercury is still backwards and this week Ceres heads backwards in your 3rd indicating there may still be some unfinished business or a conversation you have yet to have. Business and career matters may begin to shift forward after the 6th when Pluto goes direct in your 10th.

Just be aware that single or settled, you won’t do restrictions or clingy this week. Venus in your 9th from the 7th ignites your search for something bigger to embrace. That heart starting and captivating dream or vision. The 8th-9th could be asking you to look beyond the obvious when it comes to someone’s behaviour. They may feel insecure and right now, don’t have the kind of confident boldness you’re able to work so effortlessly. So, be gentle with your responses as both the Sun and Mercury bump into Mars. Stop and ask them what’s really going on.

That aside, you’re off on an exciting journey which could involve a new or existing double act or duo. Is fate at work? Absolutely. Whether for work, friendship, a joint desire to change or explore the world or love, Venus opposition the North Node on the 9th tells you fate is your compass and destiny sets your course. Find that travelling companion.

In a nutshell: This week hands you one of the most important new Moons of the year when it comes to partnerships. Does a new duo beckon? Or could an existing one do with a passion injection? Either way – you’re ready to kickstart the love, Aries.


You can say no – and still be nice

Carve out time for self-care

Break free and make a lasting change

Hopefully you have managed to set some boundaries, Taurus. Especially if someone has been taking advantage of you or there has been a persistent situation draining you for far too long. The reason I say that is that this week calls for an extreme focus on your wellbeing and stirs you to make lasting and deep changes. It truly is time to set those priorities once and for all. And to ditch any guilt tripping around putting yourself first.

We are still in retroactive weather which favours adjustments. Pluto heads stationary direct in your 9th from the 6th but just days later Ceres goes backwards in your 2nd. There’s a clear call for a compromise or fresh focus on your values which need to put health, peace of mind and overall wellness at the top of your list. And if not, you need to ask why not? Especially if faced with the self-centered focus of others.

Get ready for a fresh set of priorities

The main planetary action is still happening in your 6th of daily work (paid or unpaid), studies, habits, routine, doctors, diet, exercise, complimentary therapies and pets. And this is where your incredible resolve comes into play. So prioritise the self-care aspect of all of this as we have a new Moon in here on the 6th which also falls conjunct Mars. This gives you the impetus and determination to make changes – and stick to them. And ensure others are in no doubt about where your intentions lie. Your priorities have shifted. Make that healthier choice.

Ruler Venus arrives in your empowered 8th this week. Again, this supports you with making lasting changes – and dynamic ones if necessary. This could revolve around what you are or aren’t prepared to take on with work. Or even negotiating with a partner how responsibilities are shared. The 9th has Venus oppose the North Node in your 2nd.

Just what you are prepared to give or sacrifice undergoes a radical and lasting change. Which frees you onto a new path to enhanced wellbeing and even enjoyment of what you do and how you earn your income, Taurus. It begins with you understanding that mind, body and spiritual wellness is priceless. And adjusting your lifestyle to ensure that is your main priority.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon in your 6th asks you to look at your priorities. And ensure you’re not sacrificing your wellbeing, Taurus. Self-care needs to shift to #1 on your ‘To do’ list. Don’t be afraid to say no now to anything that detracts from that.


Define what you want from love

Revive the flow

Get ready for a brand new relationship experience

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 5th of all things fabulizing. Time to spend this cycle getting clear about what you want from love if you are single. Or even settled. It’s not a time to go looking for it however. And being the Retro Pro you are, you should not need me to tell you this.

Despite the retro weather, this week IS about the future of love, partnerships, duets, double acts, duels and duos of all descriptions. There’s a new chapter to be written around your love experience even if it is yet to be published. Look to the new Moon in your 5th on the 6th. It falls close to fiery and passionate Mars. It’s your cue to fall back in love with love. Or what you love to do. So, this can be falling back in love with hobbies, pastimes, your creativity and what makes your heart sing just as easily as it can be for a person or a desire to meet someone.

Time for love

Now add to the mix Venus landing in its ruling 7th from lucky 7th intent on opening up a brand new cycle of living and loving. Has love ceased to be an adventure? Lost its playful spark? All this is getting you to look at reconnecting or reviving it. What’s more it tells you that you can take you time as fate has your back now. Love is all about the flow and with Venus in here the journey too. You know not to battle the retro anyway. Instead surrender to a higher path and stop pushing if this has been what you’ve felt you have to do.

The retro weather will begin to disperse shortly. Pluto heads stationary retro in its ruling 8th from the 6th pointing to powerful changes while Ceres, Pluto’s ma-in-law turns backwards in your 1st on the 10thin pointing to you self-actualising that new love dynamic. It’s on its way in one shape or form due to Venus opposing the North Node in your 1st on the 9th. Love moves you in the right direction this week.

In a nutshell: Sure ruler Mercury remains retro in your romance sector. You can’t hurry love now. But that doesn’t mean a new love experience isn’t right around the corner. Don’t push but surrender to destiny and flow.


Nurture yourself

Explore those hidden needs

Take the direct approach

Time to plan for new beginnings but it is still not the time to initiate them, Cancer. Yes, you are waiting on Mercury in your 4th of all things close to your sensitive heart to move forward again. In the interim however, you are tackling whatever needs to be done around home, family, lifestyle, living arrangements and that all important sense of security without which you cannot function at your best and brightest.

If you have been neglecting anything around these areas or even – shock, horror – be unaware that you have needed to, this week sees those hidden or repressed feelings come bursting to the surface. If anything does erupt in this way, it has been festering away for some time. Or in your usual self-less Cancerian fashion, you have shoved your own needs aside in favour of others. However, you can’t get away with that now. Or escape those deep seated needs or feelings.

Get a better balance on give and take

Please take a direct approach now as if you don’t, blow ups could occur especially around the 8th-9th when the planets in your 4th get triggered by Mars in here. Take a pro-active approach at the time of the new Moon in here on the 6th. This new Moon falls conjunct Mars and gives you one of the best opportunities of the year to ask for what you need or to rebalance any areas of life that are simply skewed in the wrong way.

Just ask should be your motto now. You may incorporate changes to your work, habits, responsibilities, routine and wellbeing as part of the process which enhance your sense of stablity, satisfaction and belonging once Venus lands in your 6th.

There’s a new deal and direction ahead for you thanks to the opposition between Venus and the North Node in your 12th. Ceres retrograde in here from the 10th plus Pluto direct in your 7th from the 6th adds up to you being able to rope partners into the process if needed. Speak up, share your true feelings and step back into empowered loving, Cancer. That includes loving yourself.

In a nutshell: Your nurturing soul gives generously to others. But have you been neglecting someone closer to home? Show yourself some tenderness, Cancer. This week’s new Moon is all about self-care. And taking the direct approach when it comes to getting what you need.


Make a date for discussions

Is it time to reboot a goal?

Lighten your soul to prepare for love

Say what needs to be said once and for all this week, Leo. It’s not the time to keep things to yourself with Mercury retrograde and a new Moon in your 3rd this week – Mercury’s ruling house of course. Mercury may be serving you an extra helping of mayhem but don’t make the mistake of thinking it is purely with the intent of creating snafus for you to fix! It’s designed to allow you to get things off your chest once and for all.

Ensure you do this in your own time and on your terms. If this involves someone close to you such as a partner or close connection, please give them a heads up as launching into a serious discussion without prior warning could see it take an unexpected turn. Dates to watch for this are the 8-9th when ruler the Sun meets Mercury and Mercury slams into Mars.

Your best window is the day of the new Moon in here on the 6th. This Moon falls conjunct Mars and if used correctly can see you take a more sensitive approach and also hand you a better outcome. So, give someone a chance to prepare by taking approaches like ‘There’s something I need to talk to you about. Is now a good time or can we do it later?’. That way they aren’t blind-sided and will be more open.

Love is in the flow of the stars

Venus is on the move this week into your 5th of all things Leo ruled but supersized. So, all the more reason to move into this cycle free of anything that’s weighing on your soul. Release it so you can plunge into pleasure and all the free flowing opportunities around romance, young people, creativity and indulgences this transit offers you.

Star dusted love, lucky breaks, opportunities to shine or engage in what you love to do and even rewards break you out of dullness and sent you hurtling into a fresh cycle of discovery and playfulness. The retro weather is still with us a while longer. Pluto moves direct in your 6th this week but Ceres heads backwards in your 11th. How does that routine support your goals, Leo? Time for adjustments and also to resurrect those ideas you know have unrealised potential. Don’t stop at talking. Follow through and take action.

In a nutshell: Tackle those sticky topics at the time of this week’s new Moon on the 6th, Leo. Why am I telling you this? Because you don’t need anything weighing on your soul that stops you from experiencing the flow of fun, romance and good times heading your way!


Take a straightforward approach to money matters

Have a self-worth stock floatation

Is it time to ask for more?

Tell it like it is now, Virgo. You know when your ruler is backwards nothing is straightforward. No, you and others are not ‘right on the money’ as the saying goes. Not when Mercury is retrograde in your 2nd.

Look at self-worth and assess how this is reflected in your money, income, what you have and attract and how you are treated by others. Address any imbalances in a practical manner and please, try to leave emotion out of it. Yes, this can be an emotional process. Especially if your audit reveals you are selling yourself short in some capacity. But at the end of the day, soul worth is something we set and define – or redefine.

The best day to relate to your cash or your inner worth and to refloat your personal stock has to be the day of the new Moon in here on the 6th. Because it falls conjunct Mars it gives you the confidence to address any shortfalls. Do try to avoid financial dealings this week however. Especially if you are in a rush or worse, feel under pressure.

Time for a new deal?

And don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask for different terms. Yes, people can and may refuse. But you could just end up with a better outcome and also the long term take out of feeling worthy (priceless). Venus in your 4th this week wants to hand you solutions around long term security of which your income or where you live and/or work plays a key role.

You also have powerful Ceres trined by the Sun in your 2nd on the 5th and the Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury conjunct Mars on the 9th. State your terms or ask for something different as Ceres heads backwards from the 10th. 41% of people negotiate their salary or pay rise. Is it time you joined them? Or simply brokered a new deal for yourself in another area? You’ll never know the result you could get until you put those terms on the table, Virgo.

In a nutshell: This week asks for a clear head and a sound value system when it comes to your money. Due to ruler Mercury retro in your 2nd, it’s not a time to spend. It is time to set a new price on what you know you’re worth however.


Adjust those birthday plans as needed

Believe it or not – your new cycle is about to begin

It’s all about a bigger dream now

The 6th ushers in new beginnings thanks to the new Moon in your sign, Libra. You may be feeling impatient due to Mercury retrograde in your 1st slowing things down while Mars also in your sign is revved up and ready to rock.

You want to launch full throttle into the future but find forward motion difficult in other words. Due to the heavy retro weather which is not just limited to Mercury but the outer planets and Ceres in your 9th from the 10th, please treat the Retro Rules as if they are carved on stone tablets. And check those tablets for typos while you’re at it. Birthday plans may need to be adjusted or adapted at short notice as there’s this over-arching feeling of the universe trying to catch you out unawares.

Big up those dreams

The good news? Yes, believe it or not there is plenty. Ruler Venus lands in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart on the 7th. So take it these two will soon be talking. Especially when it comes to a fresh direction for you and your personal plans. No more small stuff. Look at what you want to do, have or experience in your upcoming cycle. Add colour, texture, sensual touches and bright hues. IMAX your future goal to make it something to really set out to achieve!

This week also sees Venus oppose the North Node in your 9th. Look to big plans, anything overseas or far away which calls to you or anything which offers a wider, more breathtaking and greater experience than you’ve been stuck with lately. You are about to be released into a new cycle of boldness which sends you off into fresh, unexplored territory. That feeling of going nowhere fast will shortly end. Start your engines.

In a nutshell: Big, bigger, supersized. Sure you may feel that new cycle is off to a slow start this week. But this just allows you to design a future where you experience something brighter, wilder and larger than ever before. Get creative, Libra. Big up that dream.


Wait – more insight is to come

Seek out your truth – it cannot hide

Play with the power of abundance

Ruler Pluto exits retrograde on the 6th but Mercury remains backwards in your 12th. Note that Pluto occupies Mercury’s ruling 3rd. There is information you are minus or waiting on still so this tells you that it is not yet time to act or put plans in motion.

Ancient ruler Mars is very much in peak performance mode also in your 12th and falls close to the new Moon in here on the 6th. This allows you to cut fears down to size and to turn mountains into dust when it comes to obstacles between you, the heart of the matter, or what you want. Speaking out, a determined search for the truth or you demanding answers could result especially around the 8th-9th. Fire and insight combine to deliver the facts.

Transform your relationship to abundance!

Venus leaves your sign and lands in its ruling 2nd on the 7th and opposes the North Node in your ‘other’ money house on the 9th while Ceres heads backwards in your 8th from the 10th. Endings and new deals follow. Especially around your income, benefits, joint accounts, mortgages, investments, wills, legacies and marital or joint assets such as the home you share with your partner for instance. Again, this may be linked to what you need to know, pay attention to or discover. New dawns follow if you follow that inner nudge around just what you need to know now, phoenix!

In a nutshell: Chances are you can’t rest until you uncover the facts now, Scorpio. Keep digging as one key piece of the puzzle throws everything into perspective. Dance with positivity and flow now – that’s why it’s called Abun-dance!


What does the future of love look like?

Get that magic happening

The focus: You wonderful you this week!

Venus arrives in your sign this week like your very own personal Fairy Godparent. Showering you with your own specially mixed dusting of bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. You’re serving fierce and enchanting allure in whatever ways works for you. Set aside other people’s definitions of just what that is, Sag. It’s yours to work out what that is – so, werk it!

This is all about attraction and sassy self-confidence. Your look, face, brand, appearance, style. Yes you can have some guilt free focus on the wonderful world of you during this transit. Venus says so!

Your goals and dreams are directly impacted by this. One may return or a second time around opportunity appears as retro Mercury in your 11th trines your retro ruler Jupiter in Merc’s ruling 3rd on the 4th. Things are coming full circle for you now. You will be looking at whether to reboot a past path or head down a completely new one as a new Moon appears close to Mars also in your 11th on the 6th. You’ve the confidence either to try again or something new entirely if needed. The choice is yours.

Love is the answer – and the question

You may also be seeking something different from love or partnerships as you enter into this cycle. Ceres in your 7th awakens you to the existence of powerful alternatives in partnerships you may not even have been aware were open to you. Perhaps you now realise you might not have recognised the relationship that was right for you in the past – but now would. Ceres retro in here from the 10th is an invitation to explore all kinds of possibilities involving you and another.

It’s the opposition between Venus and the North Node in here on the 9th which truly sends you in a new long term direction when it comes to a double act of some description however. You aren’t repeating history. You’re writing it now. Ensure the new you reflects how you want to love.

In a nutshell: Venus in your sign dusts you with allure and the power of attract. It’s not about trying to look like anyone else, but revelling in your own unique style and beauty. Showcase it now, Sag. Love has a long term plan for you.


Reawaken to the purpose of change

Follow your instincts and refine your purpose

The time is right now

You know that all good things take time, Capricorn. I could say good thing too as Mercury is retrograde in your 10th. Success is not to be rushed. And rewards arrive when the time is right. This week that timing could be perfect thanks to the superb wait-a-while trine between Mercury and Jupiter in your money zone on the 4th.

Pluto also moves forward in your 1st this week while puts you in a change welcoming mindset. But wise enough to know some things simply can’t be rushed. For some, doors to progress or new work opportunities based on past efforts may be opening thanks to Venus in your 12th from the 7th opposing the North Node in your 6th.

Reawaken to your purpose

You also have a status setting new Moon in your 10th of all this purposefully Capricorn themed on the 6th. It appears close to Mars in here. Now, Mars is the planet of self-determination and confidence. Working alone, Mars gives us courage but can make us act impulsively. But aligned with this new Moon you have a plan of action which you can strategically implement when you know the time is right. You’ll wait for your moment in other words.

Ceres retro in your 6th also puts you in a position to broker yourself a better deal when it comes to that work/life balance. If you need to make adjustments or ask for something wildly different and ground breaking, refine that want list. Your moment to make your pitch either personally or professionally is coming. You’ll instinctively know when the time is right.

In a nutshell: You’ve perfected the art of patience and waiting for the right moment. You know nothing worthwhile gets overnights results. You also know the moment to act or put those plans in motion. The time is coming. Wait for your cue, Capricorn.


Opportunity does a U-turn

Open your mind to what is right for you

What starts as friends could become so much more

If you felt an opportunity headed in the opposite direction earlier this year, second time around could be the charm this week. Watch for returns, revisits or reappearances as retro Mercury in your 9th trines Jupiter in your 1st just prior to the new Moon in your 9th on the 6th.

That second chance may not look quite the same at the first time around. Chances are – its redesigned to be better! But what this should have taught you is to grab opportunity when it appears. Mars close to the new Moon means you won’t hesitate now. You’re open to simply trying with the bold curiosity of the soul warrior.

Hidden benefits

Friends, contacts, connections and goals feature now Venus gets social in your 11th from the 7th. Usually I would be telling you this is about friends who bring benefits as opposed to the friends with benefits variety! But you have Ceres in your romance zone right now and what is more, Venus opposes the North Node in here on the 10th. That second chance could be around love. Better yet, you may enter into an entirely new cycle of attraction, creativity or romance now.

Second chances often arise when we ditch our ideas around what is ‘right’ for us. We may realise that ‘type’ we’ve been drawn to doesn’t bring us what we want. So we choose someone radically different instead. Or we simply opt to try something new which we would never have dreamed of before. Choose anew.

In a nutshell: Your right to choose is in focus this week, Aquarius. And you are being asked to examine past choices and what they brought you. If they did not live up to expectations, the good news is – this week you get to choose again – and different this time around!



Rise above the petty

Keep your cool even if others lose theirs

Is your path still fit for purpose?

Take the higher ground this week, Pisces which you know you are designed to do! People may seem narky and argumentative now. It may appear they are going out of their way to take advantage of your compassion and empathy. Or else push your buttons. Take a deep breath if so and connect to universal wisdom.

If anyone has a hidden agenda or is keeping something from you – expect it to be revealed however. Yes, you may be justified in feeling let down or disappointed. But don’t lose your cool over it. If you have to confront someone or even bring something to a close -stay classy and in control. Retro mercury trine Jupiter (also retro) in your 12th may bring a big expose. While the new Moon in your 8th conjunct Mars in its ruling house tells you change is simply inevitable either way.

Do those wants still hold true?

You may also be going through an internal audit when it comes to what you thought you wanted vs. what you want now. Time to own the truth of this. This could impact on your career, life path or how you think others see you (or how you want to be seen) as Venus enters your 10th on the 7th and opposes the North Node in your 4th on the 9h.

Ceres also in your 4th turns retrograde on the 10th asking you to review whether the path you are on is still right for you. Did you choose it or was it chosen for you? Does it feel right for who you have become? Has it stood the test of time? And your incredible brave experience? If you could choose again, would you make the same choice or a different one? Time to course correct if needed.

In a nutshell: Past choices need review. Especially when it comes to the path you’re on, Pisces. Is it still fit for purpose? Does it hand you the reward of passion and satisfaction? It’s about more than just money. If you need to, this week offers the opportunity to choose again.


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