Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 18th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 18th 2021


Get ready for that soul mission

Self-start with new purpose

Climax brings release into the fabulously new!

The end to the heavy retrograde weather this week coincides with a daring full Moon in your sign this week, Aries. Chances are your warrior soul has had enough of simply playing it safe or having to go along with someone else’s schedule. Too slow! Too unexciting! So, Jupiter and Mercury stationary direct on the 18th see you revving up those engines. And being a self-starter for soul purpose no matter what others may be doing. Or not doing as the case may be!

Be shaken and stirred

You won’t be bothered any longer with other people’s lack of passion or vision. You see the year winding down but see no reason to slow down. There’s too much still to do and so much still to experience. And your fiery spirit tells you it may be down to you to make it happen this week. Especially when the Sun enters your desire driven 8th on the 23rd. You won’t shy away from what needs to be done now either. You are at the pivot point between finishing something and then heading fearlessly on into new beginnings. Hopefully the retro cycle allowed you to explore just what areas these need to occur in.

Ruler Mars is caught up in this full Moon which is what makes it so especially powerful for you. Expect something to reach a big, splashy climax that’s impossible to miss. Then you’re on to new beginnings or the next mission. Mars in fact has been the dominant planet in the sky all month and it doesn’t let a little retro weather hold it back. You won’t now either, Aries.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mars is shaken and stirred by this week’s full Moon in your sign bringing something to a climax. Mars has been the dominant energy all this month. It’s no coincidence Mars is everywhere – as Bond, James Bond has shown us!


What’s your favourite oracle got to say?

Work your soul superpower

Turn on that love light!

What’s your go-to source of soul wisdom, Taurus? The Tarot? Astrology? Your own quiet but true inner voice? Turn on and tune in this week as the Moon waxes in your 12th.

Your inner knowing or that tried and trusted oracle you use to get to the heart of any issue, will be your superpower this week. It’s the one with the past track record that you automatically reach for. Go to it now. And by all means seek validation from an outside source such as a reader or someone you trust if you are still not certain. Don’t however dismiss or ignore what you intuit or instinctively feel.

This week also marks the end of the retrograde weather that has left all of us feeling as if we are stuck on a treadmill without the means to change the pace or get off it. That slow, sluggish, round and round replay ends as Mercury heads direct in its ruling 6th on the 18th and Jupiter breaks its backwards motion in your 10th the same day.

Love is back on the table

Do however keep in mind that Mercury remains in retroshadow for another three weeks. However, forward progress can now be made. Ruler Venus opposes Ceres in Venus’s ruling 2nd putting something back on the table for you. Maybe it’s that deal or discussion you’ve been trying to have all retrograde long. Now is your chance to finally bring it to a conclusion. The Sun in your 7th from the 23rd favours anything to do with you and another. Love and partnership discussions move to the top of your agenda.

The full Moon in your 12th is all caught up with determined Mars also in your 6th house of work and wellbeing. You know deep down what needs to be done or dealt with. Above all, choose what supports you mind, body and spirit when it comes to any decisions you need to make. Changes around your work could feature. As could letting something go which has been dragging down your soul. If something jumps to mind now, that’s your focus.

In a nutshell: Work and career matters move forward as the retro weather finally clears. Shedding what no longer supports you frees your focus. Chances are that’s matters of the heart, Taurus.


Time for action

Duos, duets, double acts and deals

Stick to that decision

Ruler Mercury shifts forwards the same day Jupiter does the same in its ruling 9th (18th). No more wheel spinning for you, Gemini. But being the retro pro you know you need to allow another three weeks for Mercury to clear its retroshadow. That being said, its time to initiate and to put those finishing touches to plans and goals now. Jupiter has only a couple of months left in this sector of your chart. It will shortly move into your 10th of career and status not to return to your 9th for another 12 years. So work it and know taking a chance and making that big leap of faith is what is called for now.

Deals, duos and decisions

Mars in your 5th heats up passion and desire. You feel things intensely – or want to. You also have Venus in its ruling 7th opposing Ceres in your 1st on the same day as the planets head direct. It could be you’re now seeking something more intense and satisfying at the same time. And willing to do whatever it takes to get it. A new deal around love or partnerships for instance. And this includes working ones once the Sun lands in your 6th from the 23rd.

Mars is also a major player alongside the full Moon in your 11th on the 20th. It also squares Pluto in its ruling 8th. What has been on your mind (or who?) for this entire retro cycle? Maybe something you know you need to change. Or an action you need to take in order to pursue that goal that keeps nudging your soul.

This full Moon impels you into action or you take the necessary steps to wrap something up. If out and about on this night, please use extra street smarts. Stay away from dark and dodgy areas and avoid people – and this includes people you know, who are belligerent and/or have self-control issues. It’s not a night to get into an argument. But it is one to make decisions you are going to stick to. Or to bring something to a conclusion. You know what needs to be done, Gemini. Go do it.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury direct in your 5th and Venus in your 7th and Ceres in your sign, add up to a new deal on love or a partnership matter this week. Time for new beginnings, Gemini. And to stick to that decision no matter what.


Love puts you back in the flow

Attend to home matters

Yes, your feelings ARE valid – don’t dismiss them

Love gets a new life or undergoes a powerful transformation as the Sun lights up its ruling 5th in your chart. Time to fall in love with love again. Or even just with your own life. Being in love doesn’t have to be confined to just love for a person. Whether we are single or settled we can fall in love with the flow that we have created all around us.

High time for this to happen. Mercury retro in your 4th and Jupiter retro in your 8th may have added up to uncertainty around those all important home matters. Or even cash outcomes, Cancer. Mars also in your 4th makes for an unsettling house guest. Think short tempers and feelings that others are not respecting your space or house rules. How many times do you have to repeat yourself? Why won’t people listen? Jupiter and Mercury direct on the 18th may relieve some of the tension or feeling stuck, but not all of it.

Use caution with property dealings and money matters for three more weeks and bear in mind that nothing may be settled until mid-November. The full Moon is always a big deal for you. Bringing something to a climax or conclusion or showing you that those feelings are actually valid and not to be easily dismissed. And you do know you can do this, dearest Cancer. Due to your kind and selfless tendency to put the emotional wellbeing of others before your own.

Give your emotions space

Mars is all caught up in this week’s full Moon in your 10th on the 20th. Be aware that it won’t take much now to make you fly off the handle. It may be hard to decompress but that is what you may need to do. Above all however, take what you feel seriously now. Especially if it is impacting on home or anything to do with your security – emotional, material or financial. Do you need more help for instance? Are you running on empty?

A work or career matter may peak or demand your attention. As could something closer to home. If you feel someone is deliberately going out of their way to annoy you or push your buttons – they may not be but this could simply be the result of you being unwilling to upset the apple cart by dealing with it earlier. But now’s your chance. But take a deep breath first before rushing in and giving someone a piece of your mind. Keep your response appropriate to what is happening in the moment – not the weeks leading up to it! Someone may have to do the adulting in your house this week. This may be you after all, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Embrace a final cycle of positive change for ‘21 as the retro weather clears this week. This includes dealing with that emotional backlog, Cancer. Yes, you don’t like upsetting others. But your feelings matter as much as theirs. Don’t hold back.


Love gets unstuck – finally

Continue to refine those ideas

Bring the focus close to home

Siblings, commuting, short trips, writing, design, images, the internet and your devices/car have all been hit by Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd. Plus you have had Jupiter retrograde in your 7th of partnerships, duos, double acts and duels. Both planets move forward again from the 18th. Any kind of relationship deadlock or indecision involving anyone from a significant other to a close relative could move forward again now.

Your way with words

When it comes to that message, statement, trip, idea, vlog or presentation, do be aware that you need to allow for the retroshadow to end. So allow another three weeks for continued repositioning, revision and refinement. And know that work or business decisions may remain up in the air until then. Watch your words, not checking the facts or being in a hurry at the time of this week’s full Moon in your 9th. It gets all caught up with Mars also in your 3rd. Someone may be looking for an argument. Your best tactic may be not to oblige them if so.

This full Moon however does lend itself to you selling in your ideas or getting your point across in a positive fashion. You won’t however have much patience with anyone who waffles in meetings for instance. Or who performs a sudden u-turn or goes back on their word. You have the ability to cut to the chase and this no-time-wasting precision can bring you results in that interview, pitch or presentation.

Venus is in your 5th and along with Jupiter now direct hands singles that swipe and all of you an opportunity to make a shining fresh start around something you love. After the intense activity at the start of the week, ruler the Sun’s arrival in your 4th offers a welcome change of pace. And of thinking. Spending time at home and contentment with all you have achieved begins to replace the desire to take action and rush around. A downshift? You’ve earned it, Leo.

In a nutshell: Chances are you’ve something to say this week and if so, nothing is going to stop you from saying it. From selling in that idea to getting your point across. But don’t get caught in a war of words. Simply – not worth your effort.


Continue to watch where the money goes

Don’t be rushed

Stand by your values

Ruler Mercury heads direct in your money zone this week but you’re not out of the financial woods yet. You know that until Mercury clears retroshadow you can count on nothing being final. And that includes that bank balance, income, savings, investments or deal hovering about!

Jupiter only has a couple more months in your 6th of all things Virgo-centric. Your work (paid or unpaid), studies, daily duties, health, wellbeing, co-workers and habits. Have you seen your working life shift while Jupiter has been in here? Perhaps you have switched to permanent hybrid working, begun a course of study or established a new and better routine. If adjustments still need to be made, time to implement them between now and December as Jupiter heads direct also on the 18th. Remember – it won’t return to this sector of your chart for another 12 years.

Ask for what you know is right

Watch for impulse buys or pressure to agree to something you are just not comfortable with under this week’s full Moon in your 8th. Hang tight to your values and also don’t be afraid to enforce those boundaries if necessary. Above all, don’t be rushed especially around finances. If you are entering into a long term agreement – a loan, mortgage, salary negotiation – ensure you and the other side know what you are getting into. And if it doesn’t feel right – don’t be afraid to ask for more time or else walk away entirely.

Mars also in your 2nd is caught up with this full Moon which is in Mars’s ruling house. Of course, the upside to this is you are emboldened to ask for something you may have hesitated to before. But the flip side could be pressure or feeling you need to rush. Resist above all hard sell sales pitches or any demands that make you uneasy or just plain uncomfortable. This is about more than money. It’s that personal value system that is simply always retro-proof, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury heads direct in your money zone along with Jupiter in your day job sector. Money and how you make it is this week’s hot topic. Don’t feel pressured to make snap decisions, Virgo. Ask who really benefits.


Showcase that game face

Passion peaks

Avoid the feeling you must win at all costs

Star light, shine bright. That’s always your birthday message, Libra. And honestly, Mercury retro in your 1st shouldn’t really do anything to dull that shine. The final week of your birthday cycle sees it finally head direct along with Jupiter in your 5th. You, your image, brand, what you stand out for or are known for, your unforgettable attributes, face, appearance, social media feed and what makes you well – you, draw the new to you now. Be this in the form of that birthday present, people or simply opportunities to get yourself noticed.

Ruler Venus in your 3rd opposes Ceres in a Deal or No Deal moment also on the 18th. It’s asking you if something actually works in your favour – or not in fact. Is there wiggle room with this? Can you or even should you, compromise? Think long and hard.

Make love, not the opposite

Before the Sun exists your sign and moves into your 2nd on the 23rd, we have a full Moon in your 7th on the 20th. This full Moon opposes Mars still in your 1st. This is why this week is so image-centered as Mars rules the 1st house and our appearance – especially that game face, Libra. This is about your ‘opposite’ number too. How they see you. You will be extra sensitive to this under this full Moon. So, take care with what you project, put out there and how you react. Understand that being in the spotlight can trigger jealousy or insecurity in some people. And you react more intensely than normal. This is a real ‘Make love, not war’ full Moon. Or can be.

Maybe someone is being critical or insensitive. Or simple trying to throw their weight around. Step back and ask whether their opinion really matters. Which if it involves some random stranger on the internet – not at all. This full Moon can bring passion to a head. The heart stopping kind but also the seeing red variety too. And it can also show you that being right is over-rated at times. As can be having the last word. You don’t have to prove anything, Libra. The retrograde rediscovery of you should have shown you that!

In a nutshell: Mercury heads direct in your sign and you’re in a ‘Game on’ mood, Libra. This week’s full Moon along with Mars sparks intense passions – and attraction or its opposite. Keep that inner peace by simply not feeling the need to enter pointless arguments, Libra.


Stand by your beliefs

Release what no longer works

Happy birthday, phoenix rising!

Happy birthday, Scorpio! Just in time the planets come to the party for you – ending their retroactive party-pooping backwards motion as Jupiter shifts forward in your 4th and Mercury in your 12th both on the 18th. That feeling nothing is decided on the home front may begin to dissipate to be replaced by a fresh set of plans. But please allow another three weeks for these to refine and realign.

Ancient ruler Mars also in your 12th is all about peak energy. And very much out with the old and in with the new. The sooner the better. So, you may have had more than your fair share of frustrations when it comes to kick-starting new beginnings with that retrograde static in the way. The way forward miraculously clears on the 20th when Mars harnesses the energy of the full Moon in your 6th. What you believe in, who you know you are, those boundaries or even feeling pressured or undermined – if someone calls your self-image or beliefs into question you are not likely to let this slide under this full Moon.

Sun, sun, sun – here it comes!

This may trigger you taking a stand with someone that has been a long time coming. If so, honestly it needs to be got out of the way now. And here comes the Sun chasing away the clouds of confusion and self-doubt as it lands in your sign on the 23rd. Ahead for you – a pivotal cycle around money and love in the coming year. Which will also ask you to act with open-mindedness and flexibility. This week may simply be a preview of what’s to come. Showing you the benefits of what happens when you release what’s not working. And the space it then creates for what does.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Scorpio. The retrograde weather finally clears this week allowing you to enter your new cycle free of past shadows. If any linger, release them under this week’s full Moon. Time to embrace new possibilities around money – and love.


Focus on the love you give – and the love you get in return

Friends and goals feature

Big up that message – and that plan

Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your 3rd on the 18th while Mercury the ruler of this house, also moves forward in your 11th the same day. Friends and groups, networks and connections would have been in focus during this retro time. What was working with them and also what wasn’t. With the Sun moving into your 12th this week (23rd) this is the start of your release and re-envisioning period before your new cycle begins. So, think of this as connections either now being set for the long haul or you deciding to move on.

Venus in your sign has kick-started your birthday season early – call it the pre-party period, despite the retrograde background noise. Venus in your 1st asks you to love yourself and then share this with the big, wild, waiting world! Or I could say your audience. And that could even be an audience of one. But if it’s that special someone – that’s enough. Venus opposes Ceres in your 7th also on the 18th asking you if it’s time for a new take or deal on love. Either with your current bae or just realising that you are now seeking a different dynamic the next time around.

Love needs to add up

This week’s full Moon throws a spotlight on Mars in your 11th as it shines out from your 5th of good times, lovers, children, teenagers, pleasure and what makes you stand out and shine. Because your 5th and 11th houses are so interlinked, this could again highlight a friendship or connection. Because being with a friend and sharing good times brings up the same kind of emotions we experience when we are falling in love, engaging in doing something we love or simply in our zone. One friendship or yes, even that lover, could be in the spotlight as a result.

With how they make you feel or what the take-out is, at the heart of it all. The good times could continue rolling or alternatively, come grinding to a halt. Maybe not entirely but enter the friendzone. It’s an all in or all out moment. Where you see that the give and take is equal – or else one-sided. Who you love and how, the love you give and the love that’s given in return, is the plus or minus you’re making that decision on this full Moon, Sag.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter heads direct this week along with Mercury in your 11th. Plans, goals and friends feature. As well as the love you give and get back. Venus in your sign tells you its all about what you feel with that connection. And what comes back in return.


Have an action plan – and stick to it

Message and image takes on fresh importance

What’s working for you?

Time for action at last, Capricorn. But please make it considered, strategic action this week. The retrograde weather disperses at last. You already have your ruler Saturn direct once more in your 2nd and the 18th sees Jupiter follow in here. Plus Mercury heads direct in your career zone also on the 18th. Just remember that it will take another three weeks for those retroshadows to vanish completely. Hence the advice around not rushing or even thinking that things are finalised – yet. They’re not. By all means initiate or push towards finalising matters – but cautiously.

Above all, look to your professional image, reputation and status this week. Everything from that CV, track record and job title to your present position, your business card and how you are rewarded or treated. And what you expect for your future. Are you getting back what you put in? In terms of recognition, progress and that all important take-out – satisfaction? If you are striving for promotion, progress or success is what you are doing working? And most importantly, does what you do fulfil you and hold meaning?

What’s your take-out?

Whether any of this is working or not, becomes all too apparent this week. Venus in your 12th opposes Ceres in your 6th of work (paid or unpaid) and also wellbeing. So, how what you do contributes to the latter is on the table. You also have Mars in your 10th pushing you to do more, strive for more and achieve more. Mars gives you confidence and daring. It propels you into action. So, as this week’s full Moon in your 4th opposes Mars, have your actions brought you the results you set out to achieve? Or is it time for a new plan entirely?

What you have been working toward and whether it has been worth it will be big questions. And if those outcomes or rewards haven’t manifested the best news of the week is that the square to Pluto in your 1st by both Mars and the Moon and the Sun’s entry into Pluto’s ruling 11th allows you to transform the way you do things or even strike out in an entirely fresh direction if reinvention is called for. Others could see a career matter reach a climax with satisfaction at the result your take-out. You’ll know if you’re on the right track once and for all now, Cappy.

In a nutshell: The retro weather breaks up. But ensure when it comes to work or career plans you have one, Cappy. This week gives you the opportunity to gauge whether what you are doing is right for you – or not. Adjust as necessary.


Keep that Plan B in place for now

Don’t be in a hurry to seal that deal

Hot, not or back again?

Travel – either actual or a learning journey, foreign affairs of all descriptions, far off people and places, study, the law, the outdoors, mass media, luck and large animals especially horses, all come under the rulership of Jupiter and your 9th house. Big plans and dreams and long distance journeys, airlines, the supply chain, shipping, globalisation and border control – again, 9th house/Jupiter issues.

Throw in a Mercury retro which rules commuting, short journeys, weather, the internet, communication in the 9th house along with Jupiter retrograde in your 1st and you can end up with the feeling of going nowhere fast or with major supersized retroactive cancellations, snafus and breakdowns. You only have to look at the massive Facebook outage that occurred during this retrograde to understand just what a perfect storm in the making it could be.

Keep that holding pattern

Jupiter’s move forward in your 1st on the 18th coincides with Mercury’s in Jupiter’s ruling house. Just be aware if you are travelling now or involved in any foreign dealings, the media, legal matters, the internet or even buying anything from that car to that private jet, nothing is settled – yet. You can however take a cautious step out towards that destination. But don’t leave home without that Plan B. And put off that purchase or trip for another three weeks if you can.

It is still not the best time for big plans. This week’s full Moon snags Mars also in your 9th and Pluto in your 12th. Rushing into anything isn’t advised. This is a time for caution not risk taking. Also you may suddenly find yourself or even the other party, going off the boil when things have been oh-so-hot to begin with. Don’t be in a hurry to seal the deal be it over a purchase or that potential lover.

You’re entering a month long focus on your career now as the Sun shifts into your 10th on the 23rd. You also need to remain aware of your public image during this cycle. How you come across and are seen by others could be the determining factor. It isn’t just about your smarts or track record. Sure, they play a role. Don’t make promises you can’t keep this week especially professionally. And remember – all areas of life can be seen as journeys. What determines whether we arrive at our destination is knowing where we are going in the first place. Ensure you come across as someone who does, Aquarius. Successful travellers always have more than one route in mind when it comes to getting there.

In a nutshell: Jupiter direct in your 1st as well as the end to the Mercury retro puts big plans and travel top of your agenda. However keep the retro rules in place for a while longer. Something could flip from hot to not – or back again. Again, it’s all part of the changeable weather.


Embrace what (or who) you really need

Change is in your best interests

Pave the way for new beginnings

What you need as opposed to what you imagined you wanted features this week, Pisces. If something doesn’t go exactly to plan now, know it hasn’t happened simply because it isn’t in your best, long term interest.

This can sometimes be challenging to say the least. Especially when we are heavily invested in an outcome, personal dynamic or situation. But if you are faced with a reversal, please be as philosophical as your gorgeous higher nature is hard-wired to be. Understand there is a plan and a purpose even if right now it doesn’t appear that way. And please, don’t try to de-fib a situation that is clearly now showing you it has flat-lined. Not unless you want to cause yourself pain.

Lay the groundwork for a once-in-a-lifetime event

You are being prepared for the once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity that 2022 brings you. One way or another, this week is setting you up for this. And it wants nothing to get in the way of it. If you experience a sudden release back into opportunity or solutions and new beginnings present themselves as ancient ruler Jupiter in your 12th and Mercury in your 8th head direct on the 18th, then know this is a foretaste of what’s to come.

No matter what, this week is your seed time for this. The full Moon in your 2nd opposes Mars in its ruling 8th and both square Pluto in your house of the future on the 20th. This full Moon brings a transformation and rebirth to follow although just how powerful this is may not be apparent until November. Just remember, unless things transform they cannot improve.

The Sun is on the move into your full factor freedom inspiring 9th from the 23rd. It’s an invitation to change things up by igniting something bigger. So, this week one way or another delivers the means to begin just that. Bear in mind – love and other opportunities often arrive in disguise, Pisces. Stay connected to the bigger picture this week.

In a nutshell: 2022 brings you a once in a lifetime opportunity to head in a new direction and break free of past restrictions, Pisces. And this week offers a preview or lays the groundwork for that. It’s about what needs to occur to clear the way. The universe has a plan.



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