Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 11th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 11th 2021


Review your future plans

Revive opportunity

Go bold – or go home!

Slowly and inevitably the retro weather is breaking up, Aries. Yes, we still have Mercury retro in your 7th masterminding delays and snafus around anything from tech and mechanics to partnerships. This week Saturn moves forward in your 11th and asks you to spend a moment to look at how the landscape has changed for your around your connections and your goals.

You still have Jupiter retro in your 11th and what remains should have lasting relevance for you now. If during this cycle you have come to the conclusion that someone or something no longer resonates for you, then please move forward without any regrets. Saturn direct says its time to move on – quite literally in this case.

What remains is built to last and a stunning recommitment or new beginning follows. Tap in to that reservoir of boldness and fierce daring that you are legendary for, Aries. This week offers you the opportunity for a big re-boot ahead of Mercury direct once again. Mercury trines Ceres in your 3rd for a real conversation starter – or re-starter. While the Sun’s reach out to Jupiter could revive that opportunity or connection that has gone off the boil.

Step into the unknown

Your real moment comes on the 16th which is a what won’t you dare to do in the name of love (or what you love) day. Venus in your 9th makes a heart-starting angle to Chiron in your 1st. There should be no more hesitation now, Aries. This is your peak period when it comes to what you believe you can do, have or try. It’s not about waiting for love or life to happen. But you taking that bold step to ensure it does. Step off the edge of what you know and into what may feel like uncertainty. You’ll fly if you do, Aries. Do it in the name of love or self-love this week.

In a nutshell: Taking a chance, a bold step or decision leads to a kick-start which puts you back into the flow once more, Aries.


Intuition points the way

Move into forward motion

Embrace the power of sensual daring!

Get ready for barriers between you and career progress to be lifted. And for change to spring from amazing intuitive insights, Taurus. You don’t have a full set of green lights yet. But this week certainly hands you the first.

Anything that’s been stuck begins to un-stick itself once Saturn heads direct in your 10th from the 11th. Sure, Mercury is still backwards in its ruling 6th. But the deal making trine between it and Ceres in your 2nd on the 13th could put progress back on the table for you. Especially when we throw in a highly beneficial trine between the Sun in your 6th and Jupiter in your 10th on the 15th. Something left hanging is finalised or a second chance solution could appear.

You’ll never know unless you take that chance!

Others may be following the call to head in a new direction entirely. Venus in your 8th points to daring sensuality, empowerment and beneficial changes. You may be the catalyst for this as it trines Chiron in your 12th on the 16th. Perhaps something or someone from your past has been on your mind lately. Should you follow up or reconnect?

Or you may have been contemplating breaking out onto a new path and doing something else entirely. If so, you won’t be able to ignore those inner promptings now. And my advice is don’t. By all means weigh up the odds. But if they look good – follow through. This week says you’ll never know what could happen unless you try. So, don’t be afraid to go and find out, Taurus.

In a nutshell: You’ll never know unless you take that chance which could change everything, Taurus. Staying stuck is simply not an option as your intuition and the power of universal force combine to set you on a new path.


Move back into flow

Break through that deadlocked feeling

Make a new deal with your future

Just when you thought you were stuck – you come unstuck or a solution magically appears, Gemini. It’s one of those weeks which has the potential to break you out of a long term situation or simply stasis brought about by the super-heavy retro weather we’ve all been trawling through of late.

Made worse for you of course due to ruler Mercury retro in your 5th. Serving its usual brand of retro mayhem with an extra special flavour of screwing with your love life, your creative pursuits, getting away from it all, or even plans around your children if you have them. This week lessens that feeling once Saturn heads direct in your 9th on the 11th. Barriers to progress begin to dissolve but you are not back in free-flow yet.

You are however helped along by this week’s series of breakthrough trines. One of which involves your ruler on the 13th as it trines Ceres in your 1st. Deadlocks are broken, agreements reached and anything that was on hold springs into new life once again. Opportunity and solutions surround you but keep in the back of your mind this week that accessing these rests on your willingness to follow through – and also on how you are seen and perceived rather than what you can bring to the table.

Team playing is your success hack

Sure your smarts, talents, skills and experience are important as always, Gemini. But this week says it’s all about how well you are liked, your ability to work with others or what you add to the mix that opens doors for you more than any other factor. This especially applies on the 15th – 16th when the Sun in your 5th trines Jupiter in its ruling 9th and Venus in its ruling 7th trines Chiron in your 11th.

So, someone holds open a door for you or offers that opportunity or simply wants what you have to offer either personally or professionally. All because you come across as someone they can see themselves working with, living with or simply that utterly lovely person who deserves that lucky break. So, be the person to build a future with this week, Gemini. Working all you have should be easy as what’s not to love?!

In a nutshell: Partnerships and team playing and your ability to be part of combos of two or more play an even bigger role towards your goals than you would have imagined, Gemini. So ensure you come across as someone easy to love – or work with!


Explore the newly revealed option

Opportunity could arrive in disguise

Deep breath – and take that plunge, Cancer!

This week may present you with an alternative you were unaware existed, Cancer. A different option or path you can take towards what you want in other words. It’s asking you to be open when it comes to what opportunity could look like. Or to understand that what we think we want and what we actually need can be two very different things.

So, approach this week with your mind wide open. That heavy going feeling you’ve been operating under eases off this week as well. You’ve probably felt that no matte how hard you’ve been trying, nothings been working, Cancer. The good news is that Saturn which has been responsible for this, heads direct once more in your 8th at the start of the week. And you should now begin to see results for those efforts appears.

What you need may be something entirely different

And as Monty Python would say: And now for something completely different. This week also delivers a series of restriction-easing trines. But again, you need to keep an open mind as to what is needed in your life right now. And be prepared to opt for something different or untried. Opportunity very often comes in disguise just like angels do!

What you may have been yearning for subconsciously could present itself beginning with the trine between Mercury retro in your 4th and Ceres in your 12th. This truly links in to those long term needs. The Sun’s trine to Jupiter in your 8th could just make it a reality. Know you have thought about this or wished for it in some way, shape or form, for some time. And where intention goes, the universe alters its flow to send what you focus on your way.

As a result, you may have to take a deep breath and then the plunge. It’s all about taking a chance and opting for that new, novel experience. Or that offer which may not look exactly how you thought it would – but which represents a change anyway. Just think back to when things changed in your past in unexpected ways and which at the time you thought were disasters. But further down the track you thank your lucky stars they happened! Chiron is one such lucky star for you. Well, it’s not actually a star but a comet. But the principle is the same as it trines Venus in your 6th from your 10th. Whatever opportunity looks like, if it’s a move on up or out – take it this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: The universe has the wisdom to know exactly what we need. Even when we don’t yet know it. Ensure you keep an open mind when it comes to what comes your way this week, Cancer. It could look different – but be made to order.


Lines of connection + communication open back up

Get back in sync with opportunity

Love is set to return

The ridiculous retro weather is breaking up now slowly but surely, Leo. It’s been made so much more sticky and challenging for you due to the fact Mercury is retrograde in its ruling 3rd. Plus you have had both Jupiter and Saturn retrograde in your house of partnerships. That feeling of being cut-off, love being elusive or of others just being uncommunicative starts to clear this week once Saturn moves forward again on the 11th.

Some of you may also have felt adrift or out of sync when it comes to work opportunities or even friendships. While Mercury stays retro in your 3rd however it is a great time to focus on where you want to go next. Or simply how you can leverage what you’ve learned to date in new ways. The 13th really does bring you a break in this retro weather however. This has Mercury trine Ceres in your 11th putting you back in touch with friendships or even a long term goal.

Get back to love

This may just be a foretaste of something better. The highlight of the week for you personally being the trine between ruler the Sun in your 3rd and Jupiter still retro in your 7th. Direct or backwards, there is no such thing as a bad Jupiter/Sun trine. This one is all about redelivery. Of the love, of an opportunity, or a potential two-some when you throw in the Venus/Chiron trine the following day. Something could just bounce back, revive or return proving that you were only ever temporarily side-lined from your usual glow getting flow, Leo. And even that, like retrogrades, was just an illusion after all.

In a nutshell: Just like your ruler the Sun, those clouds can’t keep you covered up for long, Leo. This week sees the retro weather begin to break up and the Sun shine on your love life, passions and connections once more!


What is worth your investment? (And I’m not talking about money!)

Give more to yourself

Head back towards deservedness

Yes, we are still in major retrofactor weather, Virgo. Including ruler Mercury moonwalking in your money house. Take this as an excellent time to look at what you should be investing in however. I am not talking about finances as such as we all know Mercury retro in here says decisions around cash are contraindicated now. And should not be undertaken without professional advice at any time in any case.

I’m talking about investment in other areas. Your ideas, your relationships and you personally. Do you need to invest more in terms of love, time and above all – self-belief? Your 2nd is after all, your house of self-esteem. Do you believe you are worth the investment in yourself? You should. And also ask yourself if you don’t – why not? Who or what led you into this belief?

Get ready for that payday!

The retro weather slowly but surely breaks up now with Saturn direct in your 6th of all things Virgo themed from the 11th. But this is all about doing it the way that works for you. Hopefully this retro time has resulted in a fresh and lasting set of everyday priorities and rules to live and work better by.

That payday from this may be closer than you think, Virgo. Ceres in your 10th promises deals to be done or agreements reached when it trines ruler Merc on the 15th. The 15th hands a smart move or opportunity thanks to the Sun’s trine to Jupiter from your 2nd. Ready to shake things up a little? It may involve you finally deciding to leave a situation that has become stagnant or outgrown on the 16th when Venus in your 4th aligns with Chiron in your 8th. Dare you take that leap? More to the point: how dare you not?

In a nutshell: Look closely at what you put your time, love and energy into, Virgo. And are you giving yourself the same treatment? Correct any shortfalls this week. The payoff could arrive sooner than you think. Dare to put yourself first if you’ve neglected that lately.


Kickstart your passion

Time for new beginnings

Your birthday present – the #1 Retro Hack

Don’t let the retro weather fool you into thinking that this isn’t one of the high points of the year for you, Libra. You see, your #1 retro hack is simply remembering it’s all an illusion anyway. Even when Mercury is in full spanner in works mayhem creating in your 1st!

Of course planets don’t go backwards in the sky. They only appear to because of our earthly perspective. Keep this in mind and see it not as a period designed solely to block and frustrate you. But simply the time when you check everything is still in order. Kind of like taking your car in for a service. Now you have stepped free of the illusion – time to get jiggy with those new beginnings.

The retro illusion is beginning to clear from this point onwards with Saturn in your 5th direct once more from the 11th. Hopefully you now know what you want from love. And also, understand that needing all the good and sparkly stuff in your life – hobbies, creativity, positive strokes, fun – should be taken seriously rather than just being seen as indulgences.

Get ready for many happy returns

The rest of the planets including that Mercury are on your side this week. Mercury trines Ceres in your 9th on the 13th offering entrée into something freeing or putting an opportunity within reach for you. Plus you have the Sun and Jupiter playing with fire on the 15th as the Sun trines Jupiter in the Sun’s ruling 5th. Returns, reruns and re-deliveries feature as something you thought you had missed out on could reappear.

Ruler Venus in your 3rd has good news for you as it trines Chiron in your 7th. Someone or something takes an unexpected u-turn back in your direction. Proving it was an illusion you lost out or it left in the first place. Hack your way to heaven and see through those snafus for what they are. Nobody puts Libra in the corner – retro weather or not!

In a nutshell: Want to know a secret, Libra? I’ve got the #1 retro hack just for you as it’s your birthday. If you thought you had to wait for the good stuff, let’s dispel that myth. Retrobusters begins here.


This is your boarding call for the future

Ditch what no longer serves

Choose what gives you that daily upgrade now

You’re days away from your new cycle, Scorpio. Have you decided where you want this to take you? This is your final boarding call for the future this week. A chance to adjust or perfect those goals, visions and dreams. To ditch those elements of the past which don’t serve your fabulousness. To heal any lingering wounds and reveal the radiant soul ready to soar.

So, take all the time you need this week to perfect this and create serious intent. Commit – mind, body and soul as Saturn heads direct in your house of home, foundation and ever evolving needs. This is where you get to own your own way. And to live it without apology or worrying about what others might think. Saturn in here says time to be a grown up. At least when it comes to the direction you want your future to take. This is your life – live it.

The retro weather is slowly dissipating but Mercury remains retro in your 12th. Along with other planets in here this tells you there is still work to be done around releasing and readying for the new. You may literally let something go or step away from it on the 13th when Mercury trines Ceres in your 8th. And in doing so declare on a soul level you are ready for something fresh.

Choose your fabulous

The Sun’s trine to Jupiter in your 4th and Venus’s trine from its ruling 2nd to Chiron in your 6th could offer up a refreshed you or a work opportunity. You may strike out in an entirely new and inspired direction when it comes to your wellbeing, health or what supports you and adds meaning. Take a previously untried or radical step when it comes to having more energy, feeling good about yourself or choosing what has the potential to add value to your life on a daily basis, Scorpio. Fasten your seat belt and secure your tray tables in an upright position. You’re ready for take off.

In a nutshell: No apologies – just fabulousness, Scorpio. Time to stop worrying about what others may think – or seeking their approval. This week tells you the future is yours alone to design. Step into it – extra and unedited with fierce confidence.


Change up the deal on love

Opportunity does a U-turn

Feel it to attract it

Revive those goals and ideas now, Sag. Like all of us you have been dealing with those retro-restrictions. Ruler Jupiter in your 3rd for instance. And Mercury backwards in your future forming 11th. Mercury rules those ideas, communication and short distance journeys. Jupiter – as you well know, bigger versions of these. Restrictions begin to lift now Saturn moves forward again in your 3rd. Wait a bit longer for full throttle progress however. But this tells you the wait is almost over.

Far reaching thoughts or long term goals have their own agendas retrogrades or not. Watch what (or who) returns this week under the Mercury/Jupiter trines on the 13th and 15th. Mercury trines Ceres in your 7th – which is also retrograde. While the Sun in your 11th trines Jupiter retro on the 15th. This is all pointing to a change around a key connection that impacts on your future. Yes, this could be your spouse, live-in partner but just as easily occur around a working relationship or a deep friendship. The deal or change points to freedom and benefits, Sag. Right up your alley in other words.

Be attraction in action

Sweetening that deal is Venus in your 1st trine Chiron in your 5th on the 16th. Attraction and new beginnings play a role. Unexpected lucky breaks and you, sweet you yourself could generate this. Your belief in your own ability to attract lies at the core of this. Look the part to feel the part. Radical changes to your image could follow as you dare to show out. But surprise occurrences around creativity, children and love could be the result. Get ready to be noticed for all the right reasons.

In a nutshell: Pay special attention to not just how you look but how you feel too, Sag. Does the outer you reflect that inner vibe? Making any necessary adjustments aligns you to those dreams and goals. Become it and be it to attract it.


Commit to that worthy investment in your future

Cash in on past efforts

Reach for that prize!

Ruler Saturn shifts to direct motion in your money zone this week. Something that has been delayed or held up in terms of money, rewards and recompense could now represent an equity release for your long term efforts, Cappy.

Commitment and clear vision when it comes to those money goals are what Saturn hands you. It’s also not about how much you have per se, but how you see it, utilise it and your ability to make more of it. Leveraging that wellspring of talent and sheer determination your sign is famous for in other words! Prepare to see tangible results or a new path to this open up as Mercury retro in your 10th trines Ceres (also retro) in your house of work and daily responsibilities. And the Sun also in your 10th trine generous Jupiter also in your 2nd offering up real rewards. Even on a feel-good basis.

Build that future from the past

All this takes place across the 13th – 15th. Venus sits in your 12th of the past. And Venus rules your 2nd. So, this is pointing to past efforts now reimagined in ways to support your future. And what flows from these. The 16th sees you in a position where you can gather up those past experiences, knowledge base and efforts and use these to broker yourself something new, lasting and sustaining.

Venus trines Chiron in your 4th on this day which means you may dare to ask for or reach for something you previously considered too edgy or out of bounds. But now see it’s the only sensible choice. It could mean breaking free into a new level of independence and ability to forge your own path, Capricorn. And you are now oh so comfortable doing just that!

In a nutshell: This week tells you that you’ll never know until you try. The past should have shown you just how amazingly capable and versatile you are, Capricorn. Now, take all that and work it in new ways. The only rules you need stick to are yours.


Love gives you something to talk about

Say yes to opportunity

Embrace your similarities – and your different points of view

Let’s talk the love up, Aquarius. Deeply personal dreams and goals come into focus. As does the desire for something soul-expanding. Saturn eases that feeling of being fenced in when it finally heads direct in your sign on the 11th. Jupiter is not far behind now but even with Mercury still retro in your 9th this doesn’t mean that new beginnings can’t appear now.

Mercury will trine powerful Ceres also retrograde in your 5th of romance, attraction and young people. Plus you have a shining point of ignition on the 15th when the Sun also in your 9th sets something in motion when it trines Jupiter in possibly one of the best solution and opportunity creating transits you have seen in many months.

Normally Venus in your 11th is all about the friends kind of love rather than the romantic kind. But because of these other factors this Venus transit is different. It’s about connecting with someone where you could start out as friends but then evolves into something else delightfully unexpected. If you are seeking love this week or simply seeking to rekindle that spark between you and your bae, please keep in mind that you don’t need to agree on everything.

Love shows you a different reflection

Sure, the same shared basic values are essential to longevity in any connection. As are a certain amount of things you have in common such as activities you enjoy doing together. But outside that – different points of view add interest, spice and something to discuss provided you and they are tolerant, open minded and appreciative of the other party’s right to a different point of view.

So, if you are seeking love as Venus trines Chiron in your 3rd you could attract someone with say a different political persuasion to your own or who holds radically enticing and exciting ideas which may challenge you. But what’s wrong with that? Look to where your hearts and souls align and to the important stuff you both hold true. Everything else – up for discussion which at the end of the day – can only add to the heat of attraction, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Love needs touch points to last. But the universe and attraction thrives on diversity! As the sign of the individual you should know that sometimes differences are what adds to the chemistry. Don’t overlook that this week, Aquarius.


Go for the depth-defying kind of love

Ditch the superficial

Time to talk about sex, baby!

The retro weather begins to disperse with Saturn heading direct again in your 12th this week. But there is still a big focus on getting to grips with change due to the planets in your 8th. Think intention, empowerment and self-control.

One thing about your 8th house which many astrologers don’t discuss (aside from the sex which I will get to shortly!), is that it simply does not do superficial. It’s all about depth and passion when you have an 8th house transit going on. Sure, that lover may be lava hot. But they need to match that surface stuff with equal depth. Or you’ll soon tire.

You’re also looking around and making decisions around what you need and what you don’t as in your stuff, possessions and even flaky, non-authentic connections now. Cull away, Pisces because what remains will be so much more satisfying and soul uplifting in the long term.

Hey – hot stuff!

So, let’s talk about sex, baby. And also what you share with others. Sex being the ultimate alchemical act of sharing naturally! Be wary of that redelivered lover now. I’m not saying don’t get re-involved. Just insist you start right back at the beginning as if you were both meeting for the first time. And this time do things differently. Ask different questions and wait and see if they (and you) have really changed.

If you have been looking for long term love in all the wrong places, take note and opt to change your tactics. And if you are just seeking a fling – that’s fine. If the other party tells you they are not seeking anything serious – take them at their word please. They won’t change their mind no matter how adorable you are. (And we know you are – that’s a given!)

Mortgages and marriage or joint assets come under your 8th and this is an excellent time for you and your significant other to look at your joint financial goals or to refinance if necessary. Especially around the 13th when Mercury trines Ceres in your 4th. This is all about your home, financial security and living arrangements.

The Sun’s trine to Jupiter on the 15th offers up a solution to a long term stuck issue. Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life. Singles could be smitten by someone worldly-wise and successful. They could take you out of your usual dating experience or social circles. Others could be stepping into a new and better financial arrangement as Venus trines Chiron in your 2nd. At the heart of alchemy is the transformation process which is what your 8th is all about. Transform anything from the physical to the material in anything you share this week. That’s sexy empowerment for you, Pisces.

In a nutshell: That empowerment you’re radiating is super-sexy this week, Pisces. But you need more than just that for lasting love. There’s a touch of alchemy in the air which tells you that superficial simply doesn’t cut it. Hot or not – you need depth on the inside to match what’s on the outside now.


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