Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 9th 2020 – Life changing!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 9th 2020


Take action on desire

Success is built on confidence – and that strategy

NOW is your moment!

Plans, Ambitions, Desires. That’s what will be awakened this week, Aries. Plus, that feel of going nowhere fast – or just plain inertia – kiss that goodbye as ruler Mars finally heads direct in your sign from the 14th.

Above all, have a fearless plan of action at the ready. Know what it is you want to achieve. And don’t hesitate if solutions or opportunities appear. You have been waiting for this for months, Aries. The 12th sees Jupiter and Pluto make an exact alignment in your status sector. This is the final time in your lifetime this happens in this sector of your chart. You need to be ready now as doors to progress open wide. Opportunity has knocked three times for you. This is the third so ensure you answer.

Plug back into your power

Having a plan or a strategy and coming across as someone who has just that, is your key to success and impressing those who matter. This week asks you: If not now – when? It’s time for transformation, new beginnings and to feel self-empowerment rush back in if its been absent. All thanks to the new Supermoon in your 8th. This appears the day after Mars heads direct. And it will sextile that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in your 10th which is still very much in orb.

It’s telling you to aim higher and to discover just how much more you are capable of. If you’re willing – the world could just share something with you in return in the form of money, recognition or that ‘Yes’ answer you’ve been waiting for.

In a nutshell: Time to move forward – and on up, Aries. Have an action plan when it comes to those ambitions and desires. The final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto is your green light. Plug into empowerment.



Say goodbye to roadblocks

It was always meant to be easy!

Talk up that love truth, Taurus

Time for a talk, Taurus if you have been operating under the ‘Hurts so good’ philosophy when it comes to love. And I am not talking about a 50 Shades scenario here.

Rather deep-rooted ideas that love has to be hard work, challenging or difficult. That you have to ‘put up’ with things or sacrifice yourself, or even your dreams, in order to have it. Love is supposed to both ground and free us. Not leave us feeling confined, restricted or that we’ve lost ourselves in the process of pleasing someone else.

Love is the solution – and your direction

New beginnings in love are promised this week. If you are ready to break free and accept them. We have the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart which is exact on the 12th. It could bring a total transformation around a situation which has been holding you back for far too long. The 14th sees Mars finally move ahead in your 12th of self-empowered realization. This may hand you the way forward when it comes to deep-seated issues that have confined or restricted you. Perhaps simply because you lacked the courage to act on what you know to be right.

A new direction in love now emerges with a new Supermoon in your partnership zone on the 15th. It will sextile that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in your 9th which is still in orb. What it ushers in is the idea that love was always meant to be easy. If you are single, this could bring in someone who makes you wonder why you put yourself through all that ‘hurts so good’ drama in the first place. You now see it’s meant to be like this.

Settleds could enter an easy-flowing period. If your decision is to stop the hurt cycle well, this should make conscious uncoupling less painful too. The take out? Love doesn’t have to hurt to be good, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Time for a new era when it comes to love, Taurus. If the messages you’ve taken on board are that love is hard to find – or simply hard work, look forward to embracing freedom.



Change needs a plan and a purpose

Take that dream in a new direction

Get ready for transformation!

All change – and for the better, Gemini. The exact meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 8th on the 12th could see you released from long term restrictions. You could literally feel them drop away. Others could be handed the means to change something for the better. Or that moment they have been waiting for when it comes to that money, business or career move.

Jupiter always offers expansion and opportunity. Pluto offers rebirth and transformation. Jupiter bigs things up while Pluto guards the riches of the underworld. It’s powerful stuff that could see you in a better position both personally and/or professionally. Mars direct in your 11th from the 14th also puts those friends and contacts back on the agenda. People could be looking at you differently. Or that lacklustre social life revives – even under socially distanced guidelines. One connection could simply re-start after a period of cooling off.

Get real to make it reality

Of course, it helps to have a plan. Your dreams need a flight path. Just dreaming isn’t good enough. Knowing what steps you need to take turns those dreams into goals. Especially the ones you have been nurturing or which have sustained you through 2020. So, turn ‘someday’ into a firm timeline as the new Supermoon appears in your 6th on the 15th.

Our dreams and goals are more essential than ever to our wellbeing right now. But if all they stay are dreams, then they have the opposite effect. The new Supermoon aligns to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which is still in orb. Your 6th is the house of routine, habits and above all, details and planning. So, take this energy and create a flight plan. The small steps you need to take each day to turn that dream concrete. You’ll be amazed at not just how much more energised you feel immediately, but at the knock-on effect in other areas. That change could simply be how you approach that dream, Gemini. It all rests on getting real this week.

In a nutshell: Change could just hand you a way to make a goal or dream that’s been sustaining you, a reality this week, Gemini. It all rests on you having a plan. Get real and let dreams become just that!



Can you conceive a bigger kind of love?

Double acts ad duos of all descriptions feature

Wear your heart on your sleeve and put someone’s name on it!

What are you seeking to achieve next, Cancer? Chances are you have a idea about that. And what’s more, are experiencing a surge of confidence when it comes to heading towards it. Thank Mars, now direct once again from the 14th in your sector of reputation and status. No more planning, Cancer. Just do it.

The 12th brings the final meet-cute between Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th. Plus a new Supermoon which will sextile this conjunction in your 5th on the 15th. This is the final time Jupiter and Pluto meet in your sector of marriage, partnerships and lasting love in your lifetime. Combined with a new Moon in your romance zone this could usher in new beginnings around love, lovers, parenting, children, creative ventures, close working relationships and partnership matters of all descriptions.

Bring something new into being

This is a Moon of conception – so if that isn’t what you want now – please take extra precautions. But it could bring you a new relationship with the potential to make you a parent, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent or make children or the younger generation a bigger part of your life.

It’s also a great week to launch something or to take steps towards getting the love you know you deserve. Having the confidence to go for it could form part of this. As could having the courage to begin again if necessary. Love is asking you to take a chance on it now. So, throw your hat –you’re your heart into the ring, Cancer.

In a nutshell: New beginnings around love are possible now. That past, present or potential partner. It could all rest on you taking a chance on love. Or the future of it. Conceive a new kind of togetherness this week.



Claim what satisfies that soul need

Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff follows

Get ready for a homecoming

The final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th occurs on the 12th. This is the last time these two meet in here in your lifetime. Work, wellbeing and the little things that mean so much more are in focus now. And opportunities around these. Change the small stuff and the big stuff takes care of itself.

Time to roar once more!

Allowing yourself to do what feels right for you, owning your path and above all, being organized – having a plan and a purpose and sticking to it, are the secrets to success setting this week. Working smarter, not harder. Work that ignites your spark – all this and more is what Jupiter offers while Pluto and also Mars now direct once more in Jupiter’s 9th from the 14th, powers you forward with confidence.

All this links in to the energy of the new Supermoon in the moon’s ruling 4th in your chart on the 15th. This new Moon sextiles that Jupiter and Pluto conjunction. It’s all about what you need. To be and to live well now. This is what I call a ‘homecoming’ new Moon as it opens a doorway to you being able to head towards what satisfies you. And that which offers that all-important soul sense of security too. A place, a group of people or a path where you feel you belong.

This often begins with putting in the foundation as in a routine or habits which support us. And then extends outwards from there to what satisfies us. This could be a job, a home, just feeling we are living our purpose or ‘family’. Have the courage to head towards whatever answers that deep inner need this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: Time to come home to where the heart is. Answers to those long-term needs could appear. Have the courage to claim them. You’re on a path to opportunity – and satisfaction this week, Leo.



Fabulize that transformation

Feel the desire and the direction

Take a walk on the wild side!

For the third and final time, Jupiter and Pluto align in your fabulizing 5th on the 12th. Luck, opportunity, romance which forever shifts your heart and perspective, children, relationships with parenting or step-parenting potential, your creative projects – one, some or even yes, all, could be transformed or changed.

This occurs the same week as Mars heads direct once again in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. You have a deep desire to pursue passion. To take action and claim that missing element in your life. To feel the heat, feel alive and dare I say it – take a walk on the wild side when it comes to matters of the heart? You’ll dare to go there. Or at the very least, set off in pursuit of this, Virgo.

Say it anyway

Especially as the emotionally igniting new Supermoon in your 3rd on the 15th nudges you to take the direct approach. This new Moon sextiles that Jupiter/Pluto meeting which is still in orb. Your ideas, meetings, business, work, contracts, getting around and yes, the internet may all feature. But the thing is, you are able to communicate what it is you want and/or those feelings in ways that get you not only understood, but add to the likelihood of you getting what you want too. It’s all about taking a chance, Virgo. You’re more open and risk taking now. What’s more, if you get a ‘No’ answer, you won’t take it personally. You’ll just shrug and move on to the next request – and the person who will say yes. What you say or share gets you noticed. And leads to opportunity and understanding. Have faith in your words. They are magic spells this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Emotional self-expression, especially when it comes to love or anything you are passionate about, is transformational magic for you now, Virgo. Say it, mean it and watch what it attracts.


Get living large

Love gets the green light

Join the new Rich List

Home, family, homeland, roots, living arrangements, patriotism, closeness and what you need for ‘belonging’ and security are your focus this week, Libra. As well as ‘There’s no place like home’, who you share that home with – as in a partner – past, present or potential, has you looking at your entire emotional needs package.

The 12th brings the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 4th. This could hand you the key – literally, to a new lifestyle or see your current one improve or transform. Jupiter always offers expansion, solutions and opportunities. And no matter what changes or restrictions you have had to deal with either on an emotional, home, family or financial level due to both Saturn and Pluto in here, well – Jupiter has the final say here. And it’s about freeing you from those.

Partnerships and passion are back on the agenda due to Mars finally heading direct once more in your 7th on the 14th. No more mehs or indecisions around love. And no more wondering where that mojo has gone either, Libra. It’s back, baby and you know it. And will rock it out accordingly.

More than money can buy

This week also delivers a new Supermoon in your 2nd on the 15th. Which links across to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. It’s about what truly matters to you now. What you value which may not be anything that money can buy. People, your time as in time to do the things you love to do rather than what you’ve got to, love, family, and yes, that sense of belonging you get from being where sustains you and where you live your best life. Yes, some of you may now be handed the material means or a breakthrough which allows them to do just that. Jupiter’s cycle of abundance and Pluto’s access that vault also tells you: being rich is a state of mind. So, start living with an abundance mindset, Libra.

In a nutshell: Feel the heat again as Mars finally heads direct in your 7th. But this week also offers the key to living a larger, better more abundant lifestyle. It’s all about those things money can’t buy you, Libra.



Try a little fearlessness

Don’t look back

News could bring the solution you’ve been waiting for

Both rulers ancient and modern have a leading role to play this week, Scorpio. Plus you have a new Supermoon in your 1st on the 15th – supersizing new beginnings and fresh start potentials.

Your ideas, what you say, hear, write, put out there, work, study, your commute (if you are doing that) and the internet take on fresh significance. News could bring you an opportunity or something you are told proves to be a game-changer thanks to the final meeting between Jupiter and ruler Pluto in your 3rd on the 12th.

This is the final time they will meet in this house in your lifetime. And the significance of what you say or again, what someone says to you, could be felt for years to come as it has the ability to open up a fresh direction for you. This may in turn shift your routine, what you do or engage in on a daily basis – paid or unpaid work or that all-important sense of wellbeing now ancient ruler Mars finally moves forward in your 6th from the 14th.

No hesitation. No Fear.

The next day delivers that new Supermoon which in turn aligns to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. It’s asking you if you are fearless when it comes to saying what needs to be said. Or even claiming what you want or have been working towards. Above all, leave the past behind on some level. That’s what this new Supermoon combined with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is asking you to do. If you are looking back, you are missing what’s waiting for you in the future. So, don’t make that mistake, Scorpio. Yes, you’ve had to deal with a whole heap of restrictions and feeling confined. But now the way things were is making room for the way things will be. And it’s a better way for you in every sense.

In a nutshell: News could bring solutions or that opportunity you’ve been working towards or waiting for, Scorpio. Try a little fearlessness when it comes to starting something new. Life offers bold new beginnings this week.


Solutions and opportunities appear

Reclaim that confidence

Time for a new direction

Financial solutions, a new sense of abundance and opportunity could have you feeling you are on a new kind of Rich List. All thanks to ruler Jupiter’s final meeting with Pluto in your 2nd on the 12th.

So many of you have been dealing with restrictions long before Covid reared its ugly head. You may have found you were working harder for less for instance. And not just money but for less acknowledgement and satisfaction.

Perhaps you have had to deal with unexpected expenses or seen your income shrink. You also may have felt you were not able to bring your best game. That something deep within has been missing. Then Covid itself called for massive adjustments and lockdowns. Clipping your wings in more ways than one. The final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your lifetime in this house may offer release from some of these. With better times ahead for 2021.

You’re bringing sexy back!

Mars direct once more in your 5th from the 14th brings sexy back. Banshing any lingering confidence issues or that lackluster feeling. You’re ready to stand out and get yourself noticed ahead of your birthday season, Sag. So, relaunch yourself now. A little red goes a long way. Red accents – lipstick, accessories, tie – signal you’re open and ready to attract now.

This week’s full Supermoon in your 12th on the 15th is a call for a self-determined, fated new direction, Sag. You’re answering a soul call as to the direction you want to steer your life in from here on in. This Moon hooks into that Jupiter/Pluto alignment which is still in orb in your 2nd. Long standing issues or whatever has held you back or hampered you so far could vanish like the mist. Or you simply wonder what took you so long to act. This is your moment and your opportunity to step free. You’ve been held back for far too long.

In a nutshell: Solutions to those long term restrictions could be yours thanks to ruler Jupiter this week. A long term situation could change. Bringing you the release you’ve been waiting for so long, Sag.



Give personal dreams the priority they deserve

What you desire is an important part of who you are

Pledge your allegiance to the future

For the final time, Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 1st on the 12th. They’ve been entangled before and in orb for a while, but this is the day when both are exact. Personal changes and the ability to push forward with these. Or opportunities which propel you out of an emotionally confining situation could appear as a result. What you have put up with for far too long, or you thought would never change, now does. To your amazement.

This week also puts home and family changes front-of-house. With Mars direct in your 4th from the 14th, you’ll initiate any moves you need to make around your living arrangements, lifestyle, moving or just pursuing whatever it is you need in order to feel centered and secure.

Ahead of the Now Age which begins next month, we have a future-focussed new Supermoon in your 11th on the 15th. It aligns to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and throws a spotlight on a long term goal, wish or dream. You have this for a reason. And it is too important to ignore.

Make a promise to the future you

Again, the opportunity which appears could be related to this. If so, it’s asking you to make that promise to your future self by taking action on it. This could be a professional goal, something you want to do, have or experience or even something of the heart and soul when it comes to your relationships. It’s a wish your heart and your higher self are invested in. And it’s telling you it’s too important to ignore.

In a nutshell: Your goals are dreams are part of who you are. Ignore them and it’s like saying you don’t matter. Which we all know you do, Capricorn. You want what you want for a reason. To be all you were meant to be.



Appreciate all you have to offer

Step back into the light

It’s a dress rehearsal for the Now Age!

You’ve been on a deep soul journey these past few years. And this may have been especially intense and testing for you since 2017 when Saturn first entered your 12th. We’re now just weeks away from the Now Age of Aquarius. When Saturn and then Jupiter arrive in your 1st and meet on Dec 21st. First however, we have the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th which takes place on the 12th. Expect something to be re-born or transform now. And if you have felt you have been kept in the dark, blindsided, imprisoned by circumstances or events beyond your control, then this could mark your return to the light. It’s soul release time for you.

This is helped along by your belief in your ideas and what you have to say. Mars finally moves forward in your 3rd of ideas, business, writing, speaking and the internet from the 14th. Back up anything you say with action however. But push forward now with anything to do with that website, job search, course, agreement, promise and ensure others understand you mean what you say. Show them if necessary.

Be the one and only you

Have faith in yourself and what you can achieve as the new Supermoon appears in your 10th of career, reputation and status on the 15th. It also sextiles that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in your 12th. Time to look at where fear may be holding you back from going for it. Or simply underestimating all you have to offer.

Do you think you’re nothing special for instance? Or that anyone could do your job? Time to upgrade those ingrained beliefs and also to vow never to undersell yourself either. The same goes for your personal life. There is nobody like you. So, be selective when it comes to who you share yourself with. A little self-appreciation frees you to accept a lot more success.

In a nutshell: You’re the sign of the individual, Aquarius. So, don’t underestimate your specialness. This week could reconnect you to what makes you unique. Get ready to rock out. The only way you know how!



Who you know may hold the keys to those goals

Nobody goes it alone

Set desire in motion by taking action

Ready to make that wish, Pisces? Or to be given the opportunity to make one come true? Or at the very least make considerable in-roads towards it? This week sees the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th on the 12th. You may recall when Jupiter first entered this house in your chart almost a year ago, I encouraged you to make three wishes. And to expect at least one to come true during this time. Provided of course you took whatever steps you could to make it real.

Jupiter is your ancient ruler so is extra-specially open to lending you a helping hand. Does having that wish change or transform you on a real and deep level? If so, this could be where the opportunity may appear as Pluto always asks for transmutation and alchemy. So, it’s the wish that doesn’t just change but transforms you on a deep level.

Mars finally direct in your 2nd gives you the confidence to go after whatever resources you are going to need to undertake this. Chances are that wish needs funding or backing. Jupiter is very much about helping those who do what they can to help themselves. So, take whatever steps you can think of. And then see how the planets meet you halfway with that item on that wishlist.

Big up that dream

This week also brings you a new Supermoon in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 15th. Which aligns to that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. Making this extra-powerful for you. Remember – nobody achieves anything alone. With your 11th it’s all about your people power. How those you know or meet may play a role in helping you.

Jupiter embodies generosity while Pluto is about power. The power to make it real. You know how good it feels when you help someone take that step towards a dream. So, don’t deny others the same opportunity. Network, connect and share what it is you’re aiming for. The direction assistance or a yes answer comes from, may truly surprise you this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Who you know may hold the key to living or realizing that goal, wish or dream, Pisces. Share your vision and what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to talk about those dreams. Others may join you. Or make them happen.



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