Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 8th 2021


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 8th 2021


Uncover those true feelings

Promises fall due

The truth always leads to freedom

How someone truly feels could take you by surprise this week. You’re certainly off in hot pursuit of the facts and truth telling and revelations may feature. Above all, if you hear something second-hand, you do need to get it verified. Unless you know the source is 100% reputable that is.

Ruler Mars in its ruling 8th meets with Mercury on the 10th and both fall under the influence of Saturn in your 11th. Past, present and future could collide and this could well revolve around something someone promised you or said. It’s either a welcome revelation or you end up going head-to-head over it. Woe betide anyone who tries to pull the wool over your eyes this week or who isn’t being 100% transparent.

Revelations clear your path

You will have no hesitation in calling them out over it if so. Of course, that revelation could be blissfully affirming too. You finding you and another are so on the same page. There’s also the possibility of a resurrection if you’ve fallen out in the past as the Sun in your 8th makes a kiss and make-up angle to Neptune on the 12th.

Truth however is freedom. There’s nothing worse than being blinded by false perceptions. Take it this week clears something up for you, Aries. It could just as easily be an inner revelation as it could be decoding someone’s behaviour. The result will be exactly the same either way.

In a nutshell: The truth brings clarity but ultimately freedom, Aries. You’re either on to a good thing (and know it) this week or released from false hope. Be prepared to back up what you say with right action. And insist others do the same.


Go with the conversational current

Half of the process is listening

Friends offer the release you’re seeking

A conversation you have with someone could take on a direction all its own. Just watch for things getting heated on the 10th. Especially around partners or any close relationship. There’s a feeling that even if you start out with the best intentions, they could be misunderstood. Above all, tackle any issues around being ignored or underappreciated. This isn’t a week to allow things to fester as Mercury and Mars meet in your 7th.

Certainly, if a conversation is overdue between you and a significant other, you’ll have it one way or another. Which again, is the explosive, unexpected part along with a tendency to blurt (yours or theirs). What someone truly thinks or feels finds a way out into the open even if all you were talking about at the start was Squid Game or this week’s supermarket specials.

Just don’t give in to points scoring or blame. And own your own actions and these include any inaction if you’ve known for some time you really should have that talk but have put it off. Above all, listen without judgement.

Time out!

If something becomes too intense, your best outlet is via friends or the bigger picture thanks to a superb and perspective restoring trine between the Sun and Neptune in your 11th on the 12th. One thing is certain, your take out is knowing one way or the other whether you and the other party are on the same page and want the same thing as Mercury opposes Uranus in your 1st on the 13th. Sure you may have differences and not always see eye-to-eye about everything. But provided both your hearts reside in the same place that’s all you need now.

In a nutshell: Words flow perhaps in an unexpected direction this week, Taurus. If something comes out now chances are it needs to be said. Or you could simply take a pro-active approach and table that subject anyway.


Get a fresh take on everyday life

First things first is your success hack

Where focus goes, results follow

Conversations revolve around work and wellbeing as ruler Mercury and Mars collide in Mercury’s ruling 6th on the 10th. You’re keen to establish something new and supportive. But at the same time freer too. Yes, we are hearing about hybrid working more and more. You may be starting that, going back into it (again) or else seeking a position that gives you that. There’s a need for a new approach.

Above all, take your time with your work (paid or unpaid) as rushing or being slapdash will simply result in you creating more work to do. Systems and schedules may feature and this is an excellent week under which to establish new ones. The more organised you are, the more you can accomplish. A ‘first things first’ approach should be at the heart of this. Prioritise and please – the opposite to rushing is procrastination. That’s the other trap so don’t fall into it either.

Upgrade those actions!

Provided you retain your focus, you can achieve so much this week especially as the Sun also in your 6th trines Neptune in your sector of long term success on the 12th. Just watch out for something you’ve overlooked as ruler Mercury opposes Uranus in your 12th on the 13th. And if you don’t get the result you were after despite that, know this wasn’t in your best interest anyway. That new and better thing may simply spring from a crashed plan. Be prepared to innovate as well as communicate this week.

In a nutshell: Your best strategy for success this week is simply prioritising, Gemini. You’ll be amazed at how focusing on one thing at a time rather than multitasking not only gets more done, but hands you better results. Just thank ruler Mercury for that one!


Be a heat-seeker

If you don’t feel it you can’t fake it

Love can be found in usual places

Hot or not? There’s no middle ground between piping and freezing. You won’t settle for lukewarm either, Cancer. Also if you don’t feel it, you won’t be able to fake it as Mercury and Mars collide in the depths of passion and perception in your 5th.

If you know you have it – and you will now, you’re in it for keeps. If not, this week sees you strike out in a fresh direction and possibly with a freshly minted attitude too, in order to find it. No more so-so. You deserve searing passion and excitement, Cancer. Energy drainers, fake friends, inconsistent lovers – none of these will survive now. Same goes for any activity your heart truly isn’t in any more.

Expand your search

If its love you are searching for, it could be found in the last place you’d normally think of looking. But your one rule is so long as this involves you enjoying yourself, go there and let go of any expectations. The main focus this week is following passion and your bliss and refusing to waste any more time on anything that doesn’t send your heart racing or makes you feel vibrantly and wildly alive. And honestly, this can be as simple as that hobby or as complex as that person.

The Sun’s trine to Neptune in your 9th on the 12th could highlight a pathway towards experiencing this. Be prepared again to step away from what you know or what you would normally do and try the innovative. Unique people and experiences could be on offer as Mercury in your 5th opposes Uranus in its ruling 11th. There may be a tendency to stick to what you know and dismiss something outside of your usual circle of experiences. If you are offered entrée into a very different sphere to the one you usually orbit, take it. It could end up turning up the heat again in your live if that’s what you’ve been missing out on, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Those desires and dreams could be found hiding in unexpected places this week, Cancer. This includes in plain sight. Be prepared to expand your search for what you want now. The journey could end up being the goal itself.


Take action

Change up your environment

Get living

Mars in your 4th needs an action plan and a purpose so please create one this week, Leo. Hygging it up, getting cosy on the couch with that boxset – Mars simply doesn’t do that. Instead it will look around for reasons to get all steamed up over nothing. You let fly over the fact your other half has been promising to fix that broken door handle for six months – and still hasn’t done it. Your roommate forgot to rinse out the bath – again. You ask nicely so many times but who’s listening? Certainly not your teenager who has one job to do and that’s taking out the bins. When Mars and Mercury collide in here on the 10th, frustrations can boil over unless Mars is given specific jobs to do.

Team Mars welcomes the joint approach if you live with someone. Agree on a joint list of tasks to be done. But please having done so don’t micromanage as this will end up being another trigger and you’re trying to avoid that. Home alone? Decluttering or DIY tasks could be completed in record time. With time left over for what you really want to do. If your home no longer suits you, then begin the process of finding another. Start that toss/take process. Mercury loves the sorting, Mars the culling.

A change of environment

The Sun your ruler trines Neptune in your 8th on the 12th igniting a desire for change. Both your inner environment and your outer living space or conditions have to be brought into alignment. So, do whatever is necessary to bring this about. What that actually is may be different to anything you’ve lived with or created in the past. With the added knock-on effect to your work or income too. Time to set something up which is both transformative and lasting all at the same time. Get busy on the home front with the changes you know you need to make. And embrace a few others you didn’t along the way.

In a nutshell: Cosying up at home may not be in your best interests this week, Leo. Nor in the interests of those you live with either. Don’t be a couch potato – that boxset can wait. Instead change up and charge up your environment. And give yourself emotional space.


Say it and follow through

Work that persuasive superpower

Words are magic spells

Ruler Mercury in its ruling 3rd is never at a loss for words. Team it up with Mars in here and you have the lethal combination of saying what you mean and following what you say with the appropriate action. In fact, waffling and failing to follow through are big no-nos for you this week, Virgo. Say it anyway and then just do it is pretty well your slogan now.

You may well direct this dynamic communication style into selling yourself and/or your ideas. Nobody doubts your intentions now. Nor your ability to deliver. This makes this week wonderful for interviews, pitches, launches and plans. You could close that deal by your sheer powers of persuasion. Don’t underestimate this.

Open your spellbook

One conversation has the potential for magical enchantment or the ability to bring you and the other party closer. If mutual understanding and agreement is your goal, then the 12th is all about achieving this as the Sun in your 3rd and Neptune in your 7th align. You find yourselves beautifully on the same page. This is a wonderful day for discussions, meetings, interviews, deal making or dating.

While you are actively seeking out that perfect understanding and alignment with someone, just keep in mind your unwillingness not to suffer fools and procrastinators gladly this week could equally result in you walking away from something entirely. Especially if the other party isn’t willing to meet you halfway. Or worse in your eyes, admit they were wrong. Just know actions speak louder than words this week.

In a nutshell: Make this a week of magical intention. Follow up what you say with the appropriate action, Virgo. And ensure those who promise you something are on the same page of that spellbook. It’s a result binding exercise. Anything less is just empty words.


No more comparisons

Balance that self worth

Add soul satisfaction to that rich list

Money matters on more than one level this week, Libra. Really at the heart of all this it’s about your relationship to it. Not really about how much you do or don’t have. Above all, like in all areas of your life, comparing your financial journey to that of another person’s is usually going to be counterproductive and pointless so please, try to avoid that pitfall.

As the sign of balance you feel the need to ensure the books do too. And you are also the sign of partnerships. So, you need to see your cash, income, possessions as resources you are in a relationship with. What you care about, cares about you in return. It’s honestly that simple. Please however avoid arguments around money on the 10th when Mercury and Mars meet in your 2nd and square Saturn in your 5th.

Be the change you can bank on

And if a Pop Goes the Weasel revelation reveals that you could have handled your cash more mindfully well – there’s no point in beating yourself up over that either. This is however a golden opportunity to learn from this and change from here on in.

If you are seeking new ways to boost the bottom line, then the Sun’s angle to Neptune in your work sector opens the portals to imaginatively using your skills and talents in new, more satisfying ways. Your take out may be more than just cash too. That priceless feeling of enjoying the process is all part of the built in benefits.

In a nutshell: It’s always counterproductive to our progress in any area to compare ourselves to others. If you’re feeling short-changed in any area this week, refine that focus. What you have nobody else does. Work that, Libra.


It’s ‘Me’ time, baby!

Get ready for your relaunch

Being you? A full time occupation!

It’s all about you glorious you when the Sun’s in your sign. ‘Me’ time and supersized. When this coincides with ancient ruler Mars – you just redefined fierce. So, how are you going to work this, Scorpio? Or communicate it for that matter? There’s a need to push through barriers ad boundaries whether these are self-imposed or imposed on you. Maybe you want to break out of that pigeon hole others have stuffed you in. Or perhaps the outer you doesn’t properly reflect the pure phoenix energy radiating from within.

Dare to change a few perceptions and even make those image/personal message adjustments as Mercury and Mars meet. There’s a saying that people from your past know a version of you which no longer exists. Or those in your present may have just stopped noticing your glorious shifts and evolution! So, see yourself in a fresh light and ensure others do too.

Work the attraction factor

Believe me, there’s no better day to launch yourself than the 12th when the Sun trines Neptune in your 5th. Watch the response from others or simply the universe which shows you that you change your energy, you change up what you draw to you. Be open above all as Mercury opposes Uranus on the 13th. This process may involve you marking some things ‘Return to Sender’ – where you may have been content to accept them previously. It all points to change, wonderful, glorious changing you, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Ring in the changes you’ve made on an inner level with changes to the outer you, Scorpio. Your ability to rise and reinvent yourself is why the other symbol for your sign is the phoenix. Arise and astound this week.


Nothing needs fixing. Not you. Not anyone else

Tie up those loose ends

Change your mind, change your future

Put the final touches to unfinished projects. Close off the past if it doesn’t serve you. And stop trying to fix yourself, Sag. Had you considered you are 100% fine as you are?

It’s peak energy week this week with Mercury and Mars meeting in your 12th. You’re able to tackle anything you’ve been putting off. And really get to the heart of what you need to take with you into your new cycle which is now just a week away! If anything needs to be said or clarified – please don’t hesitate. And also, confront anything you may have been putting off even if it looks scary. I can tell you it’s not and once done, you’ll wonder why you avoided it for so long.

The Big Fix

But at the heart of this week’s wisdom, comes healing. The kind that stays with you because it’s soul healing. As the Sun trines Neptune in your 4th on the 12th this may coincide with the revelation you’ve been too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. That’s part of our learning journey. And none of us are perfect either because if we were – we wouldn’t be here. Accepting that and the constant need to fix yourself sets you free. And also – makes for happier connections as you stop trying to rescue or fix others too. Or ditch that habit of falling for people who need rescuing.

Mercury’s opposition to Uranus also points to you taking on board those attitudes which do or don’t serve you. A radical shift in your thought process sets you free from holding yourself back for good. Fixed for good, Sag.

In a nutshell: We’re almost at your birthday, Sag. All the more reason to finish projects and tackle what needs to be done. Above all, stop trying to fix yourself or even others. That ‘I’m okay and so are you’ approach sets both of you free.



You do for others – but would they do the same for you?

Connections align to your values

A conversation marks an important new beginning

Friends, groups, clubs, movements, associations, parties, networks and who you associate with or are connected to on a grand scale feature this week. Who is on your team, shares your outlook, values, belief and above all – that unwavering loyalty that once given, is not lightly rescinded, will feature.

Just understand that all connections will be tested this week as Mercury and Mars meet in here on the 10th and square up against ruler Saturn in your 2nd of your value system. This could involve one particular friendship or even a larger group you are involved with. You also have Mercury opposing Uranus in your 5th on the 13th. This is your house of lovers but also good times and pleasure. Perhaps this shows you that someone or a group is only there for the good times but gone when the going gets tough?

Who gets you vs. who gets going

Others may discover that the reasons you had for hanging out in the past no longer exist. Any shifts that occur around your social circle are intended to either cement them for the long term or clear the way for more of the lasting kind to enter. The wonderful conversation starting trine between the Sun and Neptune in your 3rd on the 12th shows you just who or where this kind of connection can now be found.

In a nutshell: Who is there for you in both good times and bad will be apparent this week. Expect revelations as true colours are exposed. You need to know who sticks around when the going gets tough. Or just the opposite.


Power up your potential

Act in the moment, plan for the future

Destiny is CHOICE – choose wisely

Plug into your personal powerhouse this week, Aquarius. There’s an electric determination to succeed at something crackling around you. Mars in your 10th powers up those ambitions and sees you pushing ahead with plans connected to your career, status or firing up the need to establish something for yourself. When it meets Mercury in here, it hands you powers of persuasion making this one of the best weeks this year to push forward with career moves or anything long term.

Decisions run deep. Your choices influence your destiny

Ancient ruler Saturn in your 1st is all about the foundations of your future. Decisions which determine your destiny one way or another. This may ask you to push through some barriers. But also to consider the implications of any actions you take on your long term path. Time to choose. Also not choosing to choose? Also a choice!

Avoid getting into conflicts with people in positions of authority this week however. Yes, someone may be pushing your buttons or even looking for a confrontation. But think of this as an ‘I fought the law and the law won’ situation. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in your 2nd on the 12th tells you there are other ways to deal with any snarky situations. And also that having an eye on that long term game plan gets you the result you’re seeking. This can be especially good for any of you seeking a new position, promotion or ways to increase your income.

Modern day ruler Uranus opposes Mercury on the 13th asking for a move which can be anything from that position to your home to a shift in your values. Bring what you do this week into alignment with your value system for long term results.

In a nutshell: Decisions or choices on your part may be called for this week. And it’s important when faced with them you have an eye on their long-term impact. Not making a choice is paradoxically one too. Exercise your right to choose how you shape your destiny.


Be open to what freedom looks like

The universe has a plan

Don’t react – act with insight and empowerment

Bear in mind that Uranus planet of surprises, is always working towards our freedom, Pisces. So when the unexpected heads our way – no matter what it looks like initially, that’s what it is designed to do. News which arrives this week could initially trigger a double-take from you as Mercury in your 9th opposes Uranus on the 13th. Perhaps this wasn’t what you were expecting at all. Don’t judge a book by its cover however.

Your 9th of opportunity, freedom and expansion is highlighted this week. The Mercury/Mars conjunction of the 10th squares Saturn in your 12th of hidden truths. Something requires you take action and propels you up, up and away from the familiar. In fact – pro tip: your familiar responses may not work either now. You may have to reach for new ones.

Call on the past and be open to the future

Take your past knowledge and reserves of incredible soul strength and combined with your intuition, use these to discover fresh opportunities which may arrive in disguise this week. All in the knowledge that ruler Neptune has your back no matter what. Its trine to the Sun in your 9th illuminates the way forward into solutions, attainment and breaking free of restrictions. Go with the changes – in fact, embrace them. Good things like angels, often arrive in disguise, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Change or the unexpected could catch you off guard this week, Pisces. But wait! Opportunities and other blessings often arrive in disguise just like angels. Understand there’s something bigger behind all this. The universe has a plan – and your back.


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