Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 22nd 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 22nd 2021


Get ready for take off!

Step into some real world destiny

Take those ideas further

The Sun’s arrival in your 9th of travel, expansion, opportunity and exploration is about to see your ideas take you in a new direction, Aries. Depending on where you are and what restrictions are in effect, this could see some of you literally take off overseas.

No matter what, the big wide world or even the universe is calling you now. And also asking you to take your ideas more seriously. We have the Sun and Mercury opposing the North Node in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. This is a cycle that goes back to 2003-04 if you were 18 or over back then. Especially if back then communications, contracts, commerce, the internet plus people and places far far away featured. This closes one cycle and opens another.

Ideas that deserve to be taken seriously

As well as the big wide world or karma door-knocking to be let in this week, gender issues may also feature. Ceres is one of the most powerful planets in astrology and the Sun opposes it also in your 3rd this week. Is what you are saying not being taken as seriously as it should be due to your gender identification? Or are you being treated differently due to this?

There’s also a link here to ideas, communications, writing, mass media and creativity. Vesta also in your 9th meets Mercury and the Sun on the 28th. As in mass media that is aimed at a gender-specific group being derided or not taken as seriously as that which is aimed at others. A perfect example of this would be the term ‘Chick Lit’. You may not have to be involved in the production of this, but you may find yourself experiencing this kind of gender bias via someone’s opinion of something you like for instance. This is a week to look at how you and your ideas and choices are received. Hopefully in a universe and totally unbiased way. Get ready to send that message further.

In a nutshell: It’s a week for big ideas and to understand it’s your opinion of them that matters. A larger cycle involving travel, overseas, media and learning is closing and a new one beginning. Time to venture into new territory, Aries!


Pursue partnership matters

Renegotiate from a fresh perspective

Close the deal

This week will cement any shifts or conversations you have had with your significant others in the past month, Taurus. This includes employers, your bank or financial institution, your business partner as well as your spouse or live-in boo. It’s time to close escrow as they say. To enact change, follow up or through and above all, stick to your intentions.

Money, assets, income, personal empowerment and shared resources could be up for an important renegotiation. If you entered into a long term agreement – either personal, professional or financial back in 2003/4, then this could come full circle now with payment falling due or being discharged. There’s a sense of closure or completion of one cycle as the Sun and Mercury in your 8th opposes the North Node in your 2nd. And it’s important that this is reconciled in some way and this cycle marked ‘Paid’ even if this is a personal matter due to the North Node arriving in your sign shortly.

Know your worth

Gender issues around money, personal decisions and power may also feature. How you are rewarded, seen, perceived and treated or even how you are valued, based solely on your gender identification. You may experience this via your intimate relationship or in the workplace. For instance, a partner may believe that because they earn more or simply because of gender bias, they are entitled to make unilateral decisions which effect you. Or at work, you could find yourself the ‘odd gender out’ in a workplace dominated by an opposite one. If so, are all genders equal or is one more equal than others in how they are listened to, respected and rewarded?

The Sun’s opposition to Ceres in your 2nd combined with the Sun/Mercury conjunction to Vesta in your 8th will show where any changes need addressing. Don’t forget, your 8th is your house of boundaries, power moves and negotiation. And this is the week the books must balance, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Agreements around partnerships need to be reached or cemented this week. Follow through with what you say. Time to come from a place of soul worth when it comes to your expectations too. That means equality in all things – including love.


Woo them with words

Love fuels the Q&A

Explore a more fluid double act

You’re in a mood to love and be loved up in return. Your open heartedness is expressed via your conversations and the words you use. Talk fires off Cupid’s arrows. From love notes to messages, the sub-text is love, love, love and you and someone else on the same page.

Because the Sun is now in your 7th and Ceres is in your 1st, this is all about agreements. Think togetherness whether this is coming together personally or professionally, Gemini. Ruler Mercury brings the opening and what you’re seeking is a deeper understanding of that opposite number. You’re asking the right questions and then really listening to what the other party says in reply.

Love makes destiny go round

Communication is the cornerstone of love and any partnership no matter the form it takes. One major cycle ends now and a new one is about to start as the Sun and Mercury oppose the North Node in your 1st. Chances are an important convo marks this.

You’re also seeking fluidity not bias in your relationships. No gender biased pigeon holes for you as Mercury and the Sun meet Vesta on the 28th. Talk may also include yours or another’s role in your relationship that allows you to ditch restrictions or outdated roles. Say it with love.

In a nutshell: One particular duo or double act could be in focus this week. That past, present or potential partnership. One cycle of relating comes to an end while another waits to begin. Love is what makes it all go round, Gemini.


Long journeys begin with small steps

Hack that To Do list in one easy step

Make yourself your #1 priority!

This week isn’t about ra-ra ‘Just do it’ motivation. Neither is it about procrastination either. There’s a middle ground when it comes to those things we know we need to do but put off for various reasons. And this is Get Started. The Sun’s arrival in your 6th is all about this.

Mercury rules your 6th and is two days behind the Sun. But that’s not an excuse to wait to make that start, Cancer. Task and wellbeing karma could turn up if you have allowed things to drift for far too long so please look at all your long term habits this week as the Sun and Mercury oppose the North Node in your 12th.

A new deal on kick-starting

You know what you need to do. We all do. But as we are beings of incredible imagination we may run out of time but never excuses as to why we can’t do something right now. And maybe that excuse is justified. You’re tired or stressed. You have to cook dinner for the kids. I hear you! But despite that, could you possibly manage to just take one small step to start that task? To begin to chip away at it? It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just five minutes in fact. But it leaves you feeling good and now you have to spend five minutes less on it to complete it. You can strike this kind of bargain with yourself as the Sun opposes Ceres on the 27th.

Vesta is all about paying attention to our daily responsibilities. These include our responsibilities to ourselves. Vesta is very happy in your 6th. It doesn’t shy away from what needs to be done. Cancer, your caring and empathic soul means you put the wellbeing of others before your own. Vesta tells you now its your turn as it meets the Sun and Mercury on the 28th. Your responsibility to yourself includes not allowing things to pile up to the point they overwhelm you. Vesta says its regular small devotions that get the job done. So do yourself a favour this week and take small steps back to empowerment.

In a nutshell: If you’re overwhelmed with what you have to do vs. what you’d like to be doing instead, the stars have a hack for you this week, Cancer. You don’t have to do it all at once. Small steps bring you big results.


In focus: Fabulization

A cycle of love comes full circle

‘Tis the season to stand out and shine!

‘Tis the season to fabulize, Leo! Ruler the Sun enters your 5th this week sparking that sparkle but also bringing an important karmic cycle to a close. While opening the door to a new one.

In focus lovers, parenting, babies, children and the next generation. Your creative pursuits. Standing out, attraction, pleasure, hobbies, indulgences and getting away from it all. Deck your halls and yourself out in boughs of whatever makes you shine. And if you are old enough, something around the themes above comes full circle from 2003/4. Goals you set in motion linked to these, your children or even now your adult children feature.

Open doors to love possibilities

Single? That openly flirtatious fresh option could cross your path. And chances now if they do there’s a touch of destiny around that. They may seem to simply ‘get’ you. And that’s likely to be mutual. If you are a parent, questions around roles and who does what could be triggered due to Mercury and your ruler meeting Vesta on the 28th while the Sun opposes Ceres in your 11th on the 27th. If you are taking on more than your fair share of responsibilties – perhaps because it is automatically assumed you will due to your gender, look to correcting this.

Others may find themselves outnumbered by the opposite gender to them but not in a bad way. For example, you become a father again and it’s yet another girl. If you find yourself this week either working, socialising or living in a situation where you are the minority gender identifier, then take it there’s a good reason for this. Look at what’s to love about the majority. This is all about pleasure now and that includes pleasure in the company you keep.

In a nutshell: Ruler the Sun shines most brightly from your 5th house. It’s like a second birthday season for you, Leo. So, time to radiate at your most fabulous. And think about just who or what you’d like to attract now.


Put down those roots

Own your path

Author that lifestyle!

The highpoint of the year for home, family and property matters arrives this week as the Sun (22nd) and then ruler Mercury (24th) arrive in your 4th for a staycation. It’s a week to examine your roots and what you have established for yourself. Especially since 2003/4 in terms of career and commitments.

Who you live with – this can be your partner, your partner and your kids, or a blended family. Your own family, lodgers and even those Airbnb guests, your landlord, council, mortgage lender, real estate agents, builders and boundaries – anything and anyone which impacts on your living arrangements and/or security is in focus now.

Major decisions you made in 2003/4 around property, your own path and purpose will be triggered as could be career karma now. If you’ve been living in a parent’s shadow now is the time to break free as the Sun and ruler Mercury oppose the North Node in your 10th.

How does future you want to live?

Time to look back and lay the foundations for future you as the Sun opposes Ceres in your 10th on the 27th. This is a month for long term decisions and to claim your own leading role in your own life. By that I mean a self-defined one that’s yours and yours alone. Not someone else’s idea of how you should be living or what constitutes success. It just has to be fulfilling, meaningful and yours as the Sun and Mercury meet Vesta on the 28th.

Look to the role you have taken on. Did you choose it or do you feel it is expected of you? If so by who? Maybe it’s the perfect fit. But if not, time to define one that is, Virgo. The same goes for how you live too.

In a nutshell: Home, family and property matters are in focus now the Sun and ruler Mercury arrive in your 4th. Decisions not just around your living arrangements or lifestyle but also your path and purpose ask that you act in the name of future you. Bring it on home, baby!


Ideas are pearls – be careful where you scatter them

Opportunities and solutions open up

The past returns from far far away

Break free of short circuits to progress. And welcome back in expansion, solutions and opportunities, Libra. I could say the world is your oyster but that implies your options are limited to what’s inside a shell. Not so as the Sun and Mercury arrive in your 3rd this week. You however, may just be the pearl about to be shown off in a fabulous new setting!

Far away places, long distance travel, foreign affairs both personal and professional, the mass media (especially the internet), publishing and ideas with a life of their own – these are your pearls to show you that there are new horizons opening up for you.

Long ago and far, far away

The spotlight for you swings back 19 years this week and again, highlights one, some or any of these themes going back to 2003/4 as Mercury and the Sun light up the North Node in your 9th. Watch for any connections to overseas people and places or big picture ideas as they could now come full circle. Travel is highlighted but even if Covid means you’re not going anywhere at the moment, take it something from far away or long ago could simply door knock.

This week is also about having your ideas or what you say taken seriously. Maybe this starts with you, Libra. There’s a need not to dismiss, diminish or even undersell yourself now. And if this does happen, maybe you are simply pitching to the wrong audience entirely. Closed minds are doors which remain shut no matter how loudly we knock. Mercury and the Sun conjunct Vesta is all about choosing your audience and realising that there are those out there whose opinions cannot be changed. If so, we move on to someone more receptive to our message.

Watch for a long awaited solution or opportunity as the Sun strikes Ceres in your 9th on the 27th. This offers both a compromise and a way out for you. Could be you strike that deal with someone whose mind is a lot more open. An important new cycle is about to begin for you. So don’t waste your time on anything that keeps you stuck.

In a nutshell: What was set in motion by you a long time ago comes full circle now especially if it has anything connection to overseas, learning, travel or big ideas, Libra. New opportunities are on the horizon. Your ideas are your ticket to reach them.


Look to the bottom line

Explore the link between self-worth and flow

Money makes the world go round – that’s why it’s called ‘currency’

One of the most important cycles involving your money, self-worth and values is about to begin, Scorpio. You won’t have experienced anything like this for 19 years – or during your lifetime in fact. If you are old enough to have been in charge of your financial destiny back in 2003/4 then money karma (and yes, there is such a thing!) comes full circle now. With the possibility of a pay off or balancing the books to release you into a fresh cycle.

How you handle your money, where it goes, money, property and other assets you share with someone – anyone from your employer to your partner, are always highlighted when the Sun moves into your 2nd. Accompanied by Mercury, this usually adds up to ways to boost your income or at the very least, budgeting what you have more effectively.

Play with current and flow

However, there’s a bigger cycle in operation as the Sun and Mercury are opposing the North Node in your ‘other’ money house. Hence the financial or even self-worth karma around past decisions you have made around money or even your fears, beliefs or attitude to it or your own value. Knowing your worth is important now and this extends beyond that bank account to how you are respected and treated by others.

This week also sees the Sun oppose Ceres in your 8th and the Sun and Mercury meet Vesta in your 2nd. Ceres is a dwarf planet while Vesta is an asteroid. Neither should be underestimated. Are you being dwarfed or underestimated when it comes to income and rewards? Underpaid or undervalued in any relationship be it professional or personal? Ceres hands you the power of negotiation. Time to get a new balance. And if needed, a new rewards system. Beginning with knowing your true worth in any situation, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Think of your cash, assets and even talents as ‘currency’ which makes the world go round. And also which you can direct to generate opportunities this week. Once you understand its about more than just numbers, you’ll step into a new kind of flow!


Love shows you how far you have come

New you – different needs

Happy birthday, Sagittarius!

Happy birthday to all the philosopher explorers out there! The Sun’s arrival in your sign marks the start of an important new cycle for you. And the closing of another due to it and Mercury opposing the North Node in your 7th. Yes, this of course means both meet the South Node in your sign. So, think closure or releasing the past and stepping into something new.

Look back at your previous relationships or reflect on your current one if you are settled. Had you thought that past partners had fallen for a version of you who no longer exists? If you are one of those supremely lucky settled Sagi’s then you are with someone who has evolved in sync with you. Jackpot! Relationship choices going back in time to 2003/4 could come full circle for those of you old enough this week. Look to whether the present version of you would have fallen for the people you did in the past. And also what this evolved you now needs in the present.

Make a gift to yourself

If you have changed so your needs will have along with this. Don’t whatever you do now bring regrets into your fresh cycle. Instead look to the continue evolution of your partnerships no matter what form they may take. Sure this could be that spouse or long term bae. Or that business/working relationship or constant friendship. Ceres in your 7th puts a new deal on the table while the Sun and Mercury’s meeting with Vesta wants to ensure it is equal and equitable for all. If you are single, take the time to reflect on who new you needs. Love could just be planning a birthday delivery for you.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sag! It’s time to celebrate how far you have come. It’s a time for renewal and fresh potential. Leave regret behind you as you are no longer the person you were back then. New you demands a fresh slice of adventure – and love!


Imagination holds the key to your future

Dreaming opens doors to fresh potential

Feed the eternal flame of intuition

Your energy levels may dip this week now the Sun and then Mercury arrive in your 12th. If you feel the energy to lose yourself in the realms of pure imagination to paraphrase Willy Wonka, then don’t resist this impulse. Exploring your inner landscape may occur via meditation, the Tarot, astrology or simply losing yourself in a book, movie or TV series.

Dreaming is free

Funny as there is a hidden benefit to this cycle which many astrologers don’t know about. And that is if you follow your intuition you may tap into new avenues around money and your future success. See this as prep time for when the Sun arrives in your 1st next month. Rebooting those habits, your routine and looking at what your body is telling you is another way to really make the most of this cycle. Especially if you have decided to dedicate it to more ‘me’ time.

The North Node is about to move into your 5th of lovers, children and ways that set you sparkling. All the more reason this week as the Sun and Mercury oppose it in your 6th, to take care of wellbeing and work matters as part of your deep dive. And to see it all as time well spent. What you intuit or even what you read or watch may bring amazing insights you can use. Not only that, they may appear as if they have been channelled with you in mind!

Vesta is the asteroid about keeping the home fires burning or your eternal flame of truth. It meets the Sun and Mercury in your 12th on the 28th – the day after the Sun also opposes Ceres in your 6th. Chances are this sees your priorities shift alongside a realisation you have. Expect an important revelation this week that you can utilise in a soul supportive and practical way. And which clears the way into a fresh cycle. Take all the time out you need, Capricorn!

In a nutshell: Your intuition hands you fresh insights which could turn into your most valuable assets right now, Capricorn. Day dreaming may be far more than that but a means to envision your future. Take all the time you need with this kind of power play this week.


Get that social network working for you

Love karma comes round

Set the bar higher with those goals

Being the 11th house of the zodiac, you are in your element whenever the Sun or other planets are in your 11th. It’s like an extra birthday cycle for you each year. So, take it all those Aquarian themes are ignited from the 22nd.

I should not need to tell you that what happens in the next month is going to have a long term impact on your future. Especially as the Sun and then Mercury which arrives in here on the 24th, will oppose the North Node in your 5th this week. Lovers, creative pursuits, your social network (on and off line but even encompassing both), travel and children point to the closure of one long term cycle and the opening up of another. If you are old enough cast your mind back to 2003/4 as what began back then could come full circle. Or even further back again in 19 year jumps.

Take that imaginative leap of faith

Your imagination is generating full-throttle ideas and it’s important when it comes to your goals that you do something about them now. Just be aware that this is a time where you need to be surrounded with like-minded people. Either those you are already connected to or those you draw to you now. Small minds and even smaller dreams won’t cut it.

Above all, don’t allow negativity or take on board unnecessary criticism or other people’s limitations. For this reason alone, just choose carefully who you share your thoughts or future visions with. Having said that, better to know whose support you can count on than not as the Sun and Mercury meet Vesta on the 28th. Leaving that comfort zone whether this is in pursuit of a goal or just in search of expanding that social circle is something you welcome now, Aquarius. But not everyone may be comfortable with this. Stick to the company which supports your independence and originality now.

In a nutshell: Love or karma linked to children, young people or creative projects could come full circle. Time to work that network whether it’s friends, groups or professional contacts. Who fuels our future? The people we know of course!


Responsibility = freedom

Keep your word

Find your own path towards success

Take care of business or work within the established rules and strangely enough, you’ll end up being free to do what you want, Pisces! That’s the paradox to grasp with the Sun and Mercury in your 10th now.

Deliver on what you say you will do and don’t over-promise if there’s any chance you won’t be able to keep your word. Understand if you fall into the latter trap it could take you a long time to claw back that trust or repair your reputation.

Breaking free and forging your own path is now within your grasp as the Sun and Mercury opposes the North Node in your 4th this week. Decisions around property or family matters going back as far as 2003/4 may come full circle for some.

Know what’s right – for you as well as others

Others may find themselves having to deal with an authority figure. This could be anyone from a boss to an older family member. Someone who perhaps enforces a certain set of rules and responsibilities on you. It’s important if so you stay connected to your sense of what is right for you and whether or not what this person wants is fair or equal. Does what they ask make sense? Especially in this day and age. If the answer is no, then don’t lose your cool. State your views in a businesslike and matter of fact way.

Vesta in your 10th can bring up gender issues as well as one person imposing their rules on others. But again, there’s a right and a wrong way to deal with this (and them) if this is the situation you find yourself in. So, play by the rules even if you have to make radical changes. Swimming free will be your result, Pisces!

In a nutshell: Yes, you CAN play by the accepted rules while staying true to your own, Pisces. This week sees you coming to terms with the paradox that fulfilling our commitments is what leads to our freedom. Work your truth like a boss!


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