Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 1st 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 1st 2021

By our astrologer Elena


Ditch the self-doubt

Set those boundaries – and your intentions

Get ready for the new two-getherness

We’re out of retro weather from the 2nd when Mercury finally exits retroshadow in your 7th. But heading into eclipse territory later this month. You need to bring awareness into all your interactions now. Cultivating mindfulness especially around insecurities and why you have them in a given area, prepares you.

Most of you will heave a huge sense of relief that Mercury has stopped screwing up your love life. Or other types of two-getherness for that matter. We have the third and final square forming between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn the day the retroshadow ends. This could bring about a culmination of something that began just prior to the actual retrograde involving upheavals and status-shifting events. There’s still a sense of unpredictability around this but take it this week truly is the final chapter.

Intention + Integrity = Self preservation

Keep a strong sense of boundaries and self-worth and as the new Supermoon appears in your 8th on the 4th, see yourself reborn free of any past trauma, fears or feelings of inadequacy. Time spent meditating on being submerged in the cleansing soul depths of a healing tide and then emerging, reborn. Your intention and integrity reset around those self-beliefs of what you can have, achieve or expect to be treated.

You’ll find your new mindset easy to convey once Mercury arrives in your 8th. You’re taking a serious, more powerful approach now. Especially to career matters. Yes, Mercury may have been playing fast and loose with those moves too. But now you have Venus in your 10th from the 5th. Taking yourself seriously and rising above any power dynamics in either your personal or professional life adds up to you not giving in to those subconscious traps any longer. Go you, this week Aries.

In a nutshell: A new kind of partnership dynamic lies ahead for you, fearless soul lover! Perhaps it springs from that freshly minted sense of self-confidence and integrity? Know you deserve it to work it, Aries.


Put wellbeing at the top of your To Do list

No more replays with love

Time for an upgrade, Taurus!

So, what did Mercury retro in its ruling 6th raise up for you? An issue with work or wellbeing? Something you thought truly done and dusted or that you had been stubbornly avoiding on that To Do list, Taurus? Perhaps it brought to the fore something you absolutely know does not do you any good. That couch potato, binge watching habit, that dead end routine, that energy vampire?

By the time Mercury squares Pluto in your 9th for the third and final time the day it clears retroshadow (2nd), hopefully you have dealt with this one and for all. For your own good if nothing else. And ditched any excuses. Or bad habits.

Get a love upgrade

Hopefully that bad habit isn’t your ex which is also one thing Mercury retro can redeliver. This week’s new Supermoon in your 7th on the 4th is all about new beginnings. Not the same old song remixed. If that past bae does pop back up take a moment to add up the tears, therapy and tequila the last breakup cost you. Don’t you deserve better?

Mercury shifts into your 7th on the 5th while ruler Venus enters your 9th. Partnerships become a hot topic but your ruler says you’re now seeking something bigger. This also applies to those ambitions. Let people know you’ve upgraded those expectations along with your self-worth. Venus in here isn’t about running away. It takes a powerful stand and reminds you that in work and in love – success is always the best revenge!

In a nutshell: Who was it who said ‘Success is the best revenge’? You’re set for a fresh cycle when it comes to achievement in career and/or love, Taurus. But it requires you to ditch any repeat performances. Go for new instead and relaunch now!


Emotion empowers change

Feel it to heal it – for good

Follow that insight to meet your needs

Channel the power of your ideas into change now in a heartfelt area, Gemini. Ruler Mercury clears its retroshadow on the 2nd, trineing Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart on the 1st and squaring Pluto on the 2nd. Playful purpose combines with serious intent when it comes to what you want to achieve.

Stupid Cupid No More

Best of all, you ditch that feeling that Mercury is nothing but Stupid Cupid – either not firing arrows at all or hitting the wrong target entirely. Your ruler is on the move on the 6th into its ruling 6th when it will be time for a deeper conversation around work or wellbeing. Foreshadowed by the new Supermoon in here on the 4th. Just prior to its appearance expect a searing, psychic insight into an idea or path you now need to take as the Sun and hidden Moon oppose Uranus in your 12th. Intuition and inventiveness show you the way forward but it’s important you don’t ignore this but act on it, Gemini!

Venus is also on the move into your 8th on the 5th. You radiate magnetic allure and oh so sexy empowerment. Allow the authentic you to emerge and take what you want seriously. Money, salary, the mortgage and joint account, loans, taxes, benefits could feature. You could be offered or end up handling more. This transit asks you to work your worth. And also to cultivate that ‘Only the serious need apply’ vibe when it comes to lovers. Beware anyone who is too full on too quickly however. Love needs you to play the long game now.

In a nutshell: You’re emerging from the Mercury retrograde with a freshly minted sense of what you want and need, Gemini. Now set those intentions and show others how serious you are when it comes to matters of the heart and soul.



No more shells – unfurl your wings, butterfly!

Open your heart – it’s safe to do so

Embrace emotional freedom

Hubba hubba, hot stuff! As Mercury clears its retroshadow in your 4th and squares Pluto in your 7th for the third and final time on the 2nd, it’s time to come out of your shell, Cancer. Ditch the need for self-protection. And don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side. You’re open for business again when it comes to love and other goodies.

Unlock open-hearted experiences

Mercury exiting retroshadow in your 4th adds up to a green light when it comes to home and property matters. And you feeling you are moving back into emotional clarity and freedom once more when it comes to getting those needs met. The new Supermoon on the 4th promises a fresh awakening when it comes to romance, relating, your children, young people, pleasure, sensuality and creativity. And you need to be plunging into this with the open-hearted optimism of a child yourself. Hence, ensuring that you have let go of any past fears or feelings of self-protection.

This is one of the most promising new Moons of the new under which to begin something wonderful and new. Especially in the love department. Once Mercury also arrives in your 5th on the 5th – just swipe right, Cancer!

Venus is also on the move this week into its ruling 7th. This is all about that serious, long term partnership. That duo or double act that is build on a solid foundation. That begins with knowing what we want so we recognise who can provide it when they turn up. Come into this cycle from a place of strength and openness to the new. Own who you are. Be upfront about what you are seeking no matter whether this is a long term love or a working relationship. Just remember – dates and job interviews work both ways. You are interviewing them just as they are getting to know you. Know your heart’s selection criteria now before you begin. And trust in its strength to advise you.

In a nutshell: If this Mercury retrograde has taught you anything, it should be that you are so much stronger than you realised, Cancer. Take this knowledge out into the world and open yourself up to new experiences. No more defences necessary.



Reinvent your path

What are you really working towards?

The key to happiness? Please yourself, Leo!

Time for new beginnings or even radical reinventions around your day job (paid or unpaid), your health, habits and routine, Leo. Also this week – stop and think just who you are trying so hard to please? There’s something subtle happening around just who you may be trying to impress that deserves a closer look.

First – the good stuff. Just before Mercury finally clears its retroshadow in your 3rd it makes a superb trine to Jupiter in your 7th. This may make up for any utter screw-ups Mercury has made with either your love life, your work projects or plans or your ideas this past retro cycle. Someone or something may simply land back in your lap or a second chance opportunity or solution appears.

Now – the other stuff. Mercury makes a third and final square to Pluto in Mercury’s other ruling house in your chart – your 6th on the 2nd. Plus you have Venus landing in your 6th on the 5th. We’re now seeing the planetary action move from your 3rd to your 4th of home and security and deep seated roots and needs.

Redefine success

This is also your house of path and purpose and where you find satisfaction in what you do. It’s linked to adulting when combined with Venus in your 6th. This brings up those subtle themes around what you are working so hard at and why? Just who for? And for what? Under the new Supermoon on the 4th – in the Moon’s ruling house no less, look at all you are trying to achieve.

Are you trying to live up to your own definition of success or striving to fill someone else’s? It’s all very well to work to impress your boss or your clients. Unless of course, what you turn in is never quite good enough. Or are you still trying to win a parent’s approval? To compete with a sibling? Ask now who you are really doing what you are doing what you do for, Leo. Spending time getting your answers sets you up for that true satisfaction take-out now. Remember – success isn’t just measured in money terms. Venus in your 6th says it needs to be measured in meaning. Make it count.

In a nutshell: The new Supermoon in your 4th wants to bring more meaning into your life and what you do, Leo. This begins with taking a look at what you are working for rather than at. Just who are you trying to please? Ensure your take out is your own satisfaction now.



Love needs to be on the same page

Facts & feeling combine to reveal the truth

Ready to launch?

Whether someone shares your values or not could be the determining factor in your relationship now, Virgo. This cuts across all relationships from that potential boo to your current partner or friendships and all kinds of connections. Sharing and synergy top your list – or should now.

Ruler Mercury clears its retroshadow on the 2nd. In your 2nd of money, yes. But also more than it can possibly buy you. It will trine Jupiter on the 1st in Mercury’s ruling 6th of work and what does you good. And then make its third and final square to Pluto in your 5th of love and what you love. This angle is asking for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about love or your life, Virgo. Especially when Venus adds the lustre when it arrives in your 5th on the 5th.

The whole truth around love

Ruler Mercury adds to the truth telling aspect when it lands in its ruling 3rd also on the 5th. In-between times we have a brand newly minted Supermoon in your 3rd on the 4th. And here is where that truth telling needs to get real. And be linked to those values. No Insta-filters now. Just the facts. You are fabulous the way you are. And if things do need more fabulizing, then be honest about that. Look to what you have in common, the shared spark in your relationships, the ability to talk and be open. If you can’t be honest – that’s your first clue this connection may not be for you. And vice versa, Virgo.

You’ve now arrived at your launch time for those projects and plans. And certainly, this week offers you so many ways to get the real you across. And isn’t that someone to really fall in love with? If you want to attract anything from followers to a new job or a lover – just be you, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Ruler mercury clears retroshadow this week and you’re ready to launch those projects and plans, Virgo. When it comes to love – seek the truth in what you share and have in common. Your building blocks for anything that lasts now.



Know the difference between needs and wants

Jump back into full flow

Fill that gap

What do you need, Libra? No, I am not talking wants or desires but true needs. You of all signs out there intuits the difference here. So, this week spend a little time looking at this. And once you identify a need, how you can fill it.

You already have what you need to get what you want

First however, you’ll feel the release back into full flow once Mercury clears its retroshadow in your 1st on the 2nd. There’s also that feeling of second chances or simply solutions which make up for lost time when it trines Jupiter in your lucky 5th on the 1st. The final snark between Mercury and Pluto in your 4th occurs on the 2nd. But by now this shouldn’t have the capacity to catch you off-balance. And any changes you make now will e based around those needs I mentioned earlier.

Mercury is on the move into your 2nd on the 5th. The same day as ruler Venus crosses into your 4th. But before this the new Supermoon in your 2nd shines right on an unfulfilled need as well as the means to get it. This along with the movement of Mercury and Venus has you seeing that when it comes to needs vs. wants, you are prioritising the former now. Your creativity, skills, talents, experience and people all add up to you already having the resources at your disposal to get those needs met. This Moon will also show you new ways to work what you have to maximum effect.

Ruler Venus in your 4th is beginning a long journey homeward bound for you this week which takes you on into ‘22. During the next few months you are going to have plenty of time to consider just what it is you need for the long term. It could even turn out to be less is more if less is right and fits the bill. Take your time with this process now. If you’ve a deep need within you – even for an experience, you’ll discover the way to fill it.

In a nutshell: Go deep to discover what it is you truly need. And you’ll discover along the way you have the means to fulfil it, Libra. This week opens a portal to a new era of soul satisfaction. You’ve the key. Now – unlock the door.



Got something to say?

Tie up those loose ends

Blaze a new path towards love

New beginnings beckon as you step out of the shadows and back into the full glow of your phoenix potential this week, Scorpio. First you have Mercury escaping the hidden shadows of your 12th house as it clears retroshadow on the 2nd and arrives in your sign on the 5th.

First it will perform its third and final tight squeeze to your ruler Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. If you have something you need to get off your chest, or if you need to bring something to a conclusion now, do it. This is a time for new beginnings and you need to ditch the shadows of the past – and any unfinished business. This includes the conversation you know you need to have.

Please don’t shy away from anything that deep down inside you know isn’t good enough, phoenix. Maybe this is how you are being treated. Maybe its something you told yourself was only temporary but has now taken on a semi-permanent position. Just prior to the new and sensational Supermoon in your sign on the 4th, the Sun and Moon oppose Uranus in your 7th. This is about the old giving way to the new. It’s about revolution and freedom for you. It’s also about valuing yourself enough to know what you deserve or how you should be treated. And being unafraid to be your own soul warrior when it comes to taking steps to get this.

Ignite the flame of passion within you!

So, as the Supermoon appears, get ready to rise into your new cycle. Be a firestarter. Initiate something and embrace new beginnings. Especially around how you see yourself and how you want to be seen and appreciated in the coming year. You have serious cosmic support in this. Thanks not only to Mercury in your 1st but also to Venus in Mercury’s ruling 3rd also on the 5th. You have no problems communicating what needs to be said or following through with what needs to be done with a fierce beauty and determination that’s all yours. Own yourself and blaze that ascendant away from your past this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve been through a deep experience and confronted so much these past few weeks, Scorpio. Now, tie up those loose ends and leave the past behind you. This week’s new Supermoon in your sign super-sizes that fresh start. You decide where you go from here.



Transformations around resources occur

Be the deep, still mirror of reflection

Step into rewards and abundance

Mercury retroshadow ends in your 11th this week. And as Mercury clears it you are on the receiving end of a trine between it and your ruler Jupiter in Mercury’s 3rd. Something could literally make a massive jump forward or transform before your eyes. Maybe it’s just your inner change that releases you into something better. It doesn’t matter how it occurs however. The result adds up to a positive change.

Avoid intrigue and gossip this week however. You may also escaping the Mercury retro with a realigned group of friends and connections. Has there been one that didn’t turn out to be future-proof? Accept that your paths diverged if so. Wish them well on a soul level. It’s time to move on.

You are going to spend the next three weeks until the Sun’s arrival in your sign taking a deep dive into your inner world, Sag. You may not be your usual outgoing self. Spending time alone, indoors or out, meditating, yoga, self-help, astrology, tarot and personal development are areas you will be drawn to. Your spiritual beliefs emerge and are examined as to whether or not they still hold true for you based on you experience of the world. Others may call you a ‘dark horse’ now. And you may be keeping your thoughts, plans and feelings to yourself. That’s fine and a natural reaction to this process.

Unplug for soul insights

What you’ve been submerging or ignoring demands you pay it attention now. Your creativity and intuition are at their peak when the new Supermoon appears in your 12th. Do you need answers to big questions? Want to know what idea you should follow through with? Or even a heads-up on what’s coming for you in ‘22? Find your soul refuge, unplug from the world and connect to that higher source. All you need to know will be forthcoming as Mercury follows in to your 12th on the 5th.

Venus moves out of your sign and into its ruling 2nd also on the 5th. Beautiful new beginnings especially around love or money (or both!) as well as abundant rewards for long term efforts are on offer. Show gratitude, care for what you already have and what you have to be grateful for will grow. Rich is a feeling more than being a billionaire. So, how do you feel about a richer experience? Go within to connect to what that feels like it to manifest it for real, Sag.

In a nutshell: Spending time looking at what areas of your life need more fulfilment will pay off when you new cycle starts later this month, Sag. Abundance is just around the corner for you. It’s that rich feeling which is far more than simply money – but something you can bank on!



Finalise decisions

Inner wisdom fuels right action

Open up to something wildly different and freeing

You may be faced with a big decision or important agreement this week as Mercury ends its retroshadow in your 10th and makes a final square to Pluto in your sign on the 2nd before moving on into your 11th. Whatever you decide needs serious consideration as it looks to be binding. Or has a lasting impact on you, Capricorn. You may have been mulling over this for the past few weeks or at least know what this is about. It’s squat or get off the pot now. Are you in or are you out? Sitting on the fence is no longer an option.

Get anything out of the way now even if you have to confront your own fear and hesitation. You know your core strength is always there – resolute and reliable. And hands you the strength of self-belief right when you need it. You need to be free of indecision or unfinished business as the focus is now on your future.

The future looks different

The new Supermoon in your 11th on the 4th highlights the need to be open to something different. Especially as it opposes the ruler of your 11th Uranus. What do you believe your future can hold for you? Who do you imagine you will share this with? Get goal setting under this new Moon and then open up when Mercury appears in here on the 5th.

Socialise, circulate and be ready to attract now as Venus arrives in your 1st also on the 5th. You’re planting seeds for the upcoming year whether you know it or not. Who you meet and connect with will have a role to play. See yourself as getting goal ready – especially when it comes to love, Capricorn. One more reason to make certain there’s nothing left in limbo that stops a whole lot of living and loving happening.

In a nutshell: Venus in your sign this week gives you a head start on your new cycle. Are you ready to attract and embrace something wildly freeing and enticingly game-changing? Say yes and set the future in motion, Cappy!



Make that stand-out move

What shifts releases you into new possibilities

No more thinking and planning – just do it!

If that Mercury retro feeling of going nowhere persists after the 2nd, time for some fearless course correction, Aquarius. And to check whether you feel blocked simply because your heart is no longer invested.

This week marks the start of your shine cycle. Where its time to stand out and bring it, baby! Your 10th house works different to your 5th which is all about the sparkle of attraction. Your 10th is your public and professional house where you are on show for what you can do and achieve. Time to take those ambitions seriously. Before Mercury exits your 9th however and lands in your 10th, it makes an angle of release to Jupiter in your 1st and squares Pluto in your 12th – for the third and final time. Anything you have been waiting on could now plunge you forward and headlong into a new cycle of achievement.

Shake yourself out of that rut!

Still stuck? The new Supermoon in your 10th on the 4th will oppose your ruler Uranus in your 4th injecting you with fresh purpose and the desire to make a radical move if needed. You’ll see you make it happen – and nobody else. You’re off that couch and in search of rewards and recognition.

Mercury arrives in your 10th and Venus in your 12th both on the 5th. This is telling you that the only kind of failure out there is simply that of not trying anything at all. What you are ultimately searching for is that sense of achievement. Yes, this may come to you via your work or profession. But it can just as easily come from volunteering, making a different in someone’s life, a creative project or you pushing yourself to do something you have hesitated over or believed you could not. It’s all stand-out stuff whichever way you look at it. So, whatever it is – just do it as the slogan says.

In a nutshell: A new Supermoon in your sector of recognition and rewards marks a time to shake yourself free of spinning your wheels. Life, love, happiness? You’re back in pursuit mode, Aquarius. Who makes it happen? You do.



Destination – freedom and the future!

Don’t resist the call to change

Grow that network

Change is the process that leads us into freedom. Freedom from something that has blocked us or has been holding us back. The freedom to make fresh choices. Freedom to explore or simply release from care. That’s what Mercury retro in your 8th has all been about. Necessary change with freedom as its aim. And that freedom begins this week.

Just prior to Mercury clearing retroshadow and arriving in your free-livin’, freedom givin’, expansive 9th, it will trine Jupiter in your 12th and then square the ultimate agent for change and ruler of your 8th – Pluto in your house of the future. This is the third and final square which could trigger something which shifts and lifts you away and into a game changer. Destination – freedom.

Supersize me when the new Supermoon appears in your 9th on the 4th. Supersize that vision, that opportunity to start something new, that experience or ideas on what you can do. Although we are living in times of restriction, it could be time to plan that journey or trip as this is your house of travel.

Share yourself

It’s also your house of learning. You learning from experience or studying. Or sharing your experiences and knowledge so others learn from you. A good time to start that YouTube channel or blog as this is your house of mass media.

Venus in your 11th on the 6th along with Mercury now in your 9th enhances those connections, brings you friends and contacts ready to help and if needed, grows that following. It all says what are you waiting for, Pisces? Get a clear destination in your head marked ‘Freedom’ – and head straight for it now.

In a nutshell: A new Supermoon in your 9th end and the beginning. Solutions and opportunities release you into something bigger. Connections also play a key role in a cycle of freedom which begins this week, Pisces.



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