Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 30th 2022

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 30th 2022


True colours can’t be dimmed

Talk it over

Ready that message

Important information will be revealed this week, Aries so how do you intend to use it? Anything that has been kept from you or has been going on in the background without you realising it, is about to be dragged into the light of day. Sabotage and subterfuge – if any exists, will be exposed. Of course, what comes to light may not be that drastic. This could just be the missing piece of a puzzle, an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as you see things very clearly. Or you re-framing your past in such as way you alter the dynamic in the present and clear the way for a new future to unfold.

Discovering you and someone else share radically different views around something that really matters to you, may come as a surprise. Just call it the final retro revelation as Mercury shunts forward again in your 2nd on the 3rd. Combined with Saturn heading backwards in your zone of friendships, this can have you looking at someone or even an entire group of somebodies, in a very different light.

True colours come shining through one way or another. And nothing will tone down that clarity slider as it focuses your attention on something that matters to you in a very fundamental way. If you want something kept under wraps but need to talk it over, please choose who you confide in wisely. Remember, a professional – a psychic, therapist, doctor, lawyer, accountant, priest – is bound by a code of ethics. They also offer the experience, perspective and the pragmatism that can cut through any emotional confusion. Unlike that friend who may or may not keep what you say in the vault. And whose own vision may be biased or unclear.

The new Moon in your communications sector on the 30th is all about the need to share, discuss and also talk. As Mercury which rules this house has only just engaged into direct motion, you are still in retro lite until the third week of June. So hold off on that launch or else use this as a testing time to determine how viable those plans or that message is. If news has been held up due to the retrograde, the new Moon could bring you your answer. Others could see that elusive and now glaringly obvious next step they need to take. Or else you receive proof you were right all along when it came to that small, still voice whispering in your ear. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. If you are shown the truth, speak yours in return.

In a nutshell: The truth or what we need to know, has a way of emerging. Either because we join the dots via our intuition or those facts come tumbling out on their own. Take note and above all, keep a close watch on who you share your truth with, Aries!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (3rd)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (2nd)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (11th)


Direct those resources

Work that mojo

Plug into that power-source of desire!

Mercury stationary direct in your sign this week should have you rebooting that mojo or personal brand. And be ready to make some serious in-roads when it comes to those personal dreams and ambitions.

You have the vision and possibly the plan. But it’s no use simply relying on these. Take that searing desire and those ideas which are juicing up your soul, and make your move. No doubts – just direction.

Your 2nd house of money, self-worth, deservedness and so much more is magnetised by this week’s new Moon on the 30th. When we talk about money we use the term ‘currency’. It’s a term which brings to mind movement – think of water and also electricity. Currency is flow and we engage in flow when we act on desire. It fuels us up, charges our purpose and electrifies our whole being. We have the fuel we need to get what we want – and the passion to see it through. That is what this week’s new Moon hands you whether that vision entails your work or your personal goals. You want more. What’s more you know you deserve it too. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

You’re also invited to look at what may be holding you back from plugging into the limitless powerhouse that exists within you. This week also sees Saturn, planet of ambition but also of working with what we have rather than what we don’t, make a retrograde in what is its ruling 10th in your chart. Saturn asks we work within specific boundaries. But it also shows us how far or high we can go when we play by its rules. Or simply when we use what we have in the most effective way. Saturn can be a hard task master, but can also reward us like no other planet (including Jupiter!), when we dedicate ourselves fully to a task or goal. There are no short cuts with Saturn. But retro time can see it remove barriers to progress. Current isn’t a tide that sweeps us away powerless. Current is a resource to direct. Channel yours and watch what lights up.

In a nutshell: Embrace a powerful change that extends from facing what holds you back to releasing that passion in your desired direction, Taurus! If you have the desire, you have the capacity to follow it.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (2nd)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (1st)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (10th)


Have a little self-faith

Play with the power of choice

Step off the edge and fly!

The Sun’s transit through our 1st each year is more than just being about our birthday. For a month, the Sun shines on us. It’s a time to make soul promises to ourselves for the coming year. We’re in our full power during this time as the Sun is the most important astral body in our solar system as without it, none of us would exist. So, tap into that limitless solar power this week and receive an additional boost when the new Moon appears on the 30th.

The effect should be to fire up your ideas and your creativity. There’s a sense of excitement around you. The feeling that the air just crackles with possibilities. This is a time for increased self-confidence and belief in yourself. Because if you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to? See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. It marks the start of your new astrological cycle no matter when your birthday falls. Making what begins now a determining factor in how your year unfolds.

Many of you may get the feeling something is about to happen. Or like The Fool in the Tarot, you are poised on the brink of something new, exciting and unknown and about to step off into it. Dance on the precipice of possibilities. Make friends with the winds of a fresh change in the weather. Play with cosmic forces whispering the promise of exciting new beginnings. Reboot your soul! That’s the energy from ruler Mercury heading direct once more on the 3rd.

Of course, a retro pro like you knows this is still the time for amber light tests and experimentations. And you are not fully free until Mercury clears its retroshadow when it returns to your sign in June. More barriers between you and that launch come down now Saturn time turns in your 9th. This is your house of travel, learning and expansion. Where you go boldly into the future and dare to innovate and experiment. The forces of resistance fall away allowing you to take those past lessons and put them to good use. Time to leap into your future as faith in yourself is the best gift you can gift your future this week.

In a nutshell: You’re surrounded by potential and the start of a new cycle, Gemini. To make the most of it you need to believe in yourself and be willing to step into a newly minted cycle. Play with the power of possibilities this week!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (1st)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (12th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (9th)


Link to the reservoir of power within you

Prioritise those goals

Own your choices

Mercury engages in forward motion now in your 11th of goals, friendships and the future on the 3rd. Hopefully the retro cycle has seen you engaging in some serious sorting hat selections when it comes to that network. Or even those goals. Do you have too many for instance? Whittle that list down to five maximum and then focus on just those. Don’t add any more until you complete one. You may be amazed at the progress you make by adopting this mindset.

However, stay connected to those retro rules for a little longer. Especially if you still feel ambivalent about a particular friend or connection. The good news is that the retro shadow period will be over once your new cycle begins. This week also sees Saturn in your 8th head backwards. This is about your agency, your authority and your ability to empower and direct your future. Time to do just that. If you have been feeling powerless or like a victim, you now gain a fresh perspective. And see yourself as someone who is able to make smart choices and not only that, leave the past behind you where it belongs.

New Moons are always a very big deal for you. And the one which appears in your 12th this week (30th) is no exception. It will trigger the themes I just mentioned above – you seeing yourself as the one who determines what direction your path now flows in and who assumes responsibility for that. Access the additional wisdom or tools you need by turning to the Tarot, astrology, meditation, yoga, journaling, self help books or even counselling or life coaching if needed. This new Moon throws in fresh information and ideas. Plus it wakes up your slumbering imagination and creativity too. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this. Don’t forget, this is your soul clearing cycle where you decide what goes with you into your future – and what doesn’t. Start by determining what this is. The rest will come easy after that, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Getting in touch with what you really want and need allows you to see your past choices in a new light. When it comes to what needs to move forward into your fresh cycle, you have the choice and the power to control that, Cancer!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (12th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (11th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (8th)


Give the love of friendship

Get ready to go for goal!

Romance may grow in unexpected ways

Time for some growth this week, Leo. And in ways that are going to surprise you. Life will not be dull this week thanks to your ruler the Sun in your 11th along with this week’s new Moon in here. Friends will play a pivotal role here one way or the other. New connections can be made too and if so, they could also have a role in freeing you from any restrictions you may have inadvertently created for yourself. This week is about entering the mix. And your mixology or the perfect cocktail is all about the love you have been creating when you mix it up with your people.

Do you need a new recipe for this? Or to juice up an existing one? Or when it comes to those goals and dreams – or even that social soundtrack – are you replaying the same old mix tape which sounds great but really is just now elevator music in your life? Goals you begin under this new Moon are blessed with extra special potential to become manifest. And may be linked to who you meet or are connected to. What or who you are able to access and the love, support and opportunities for exploration your friends and contacts offer you now will be in direct proportion to what you have been giving out.

People are ready to support you and your ideas – or not as the case may be. If you find yourself in deficit now – which would be unlike you, then time to give give give your time and love back to that social circle. It really is the perfect illustration of what goes around comes around this week. And this is what fuels your growth. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Keep your focus on the friendship/group love experience but don’t rule out the possibility that one particular connection could morph into something more as time goes by – if you would like it to that is. Saturn turns retrograde in your partnership sector while Mercury moves forward again in your 10th. Relationship status is now another element to factor in and taking your goals around partnerships and what you want from them as seriously as career moves. There’s a feeling of not only loving the one you’re with this week but of being willing to accept the form that love takes. And whether it is as a lover, friend or part of that working dynamic, you get as much as you’re willing to give.

In a nutshell: Feel the love – of friendship, support and the ability of others to help co-create your future, Leo. A connection could even contain the seeds of so much more. You’ve so much to circulate this week – so do just that!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (11th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (10th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (7th)


Set yourself up for lasting (emotional) success

Boss up those ideas

Make a serious investment in love

Ruler Mercury ends its full-fat retro madness and moves to retro lite in your 9th on the 3rd. Retro restrictions are not fully lifted until it clears its retroshadow later in June. I hardly need remind you of this. So, continue to factor these in even as you feel them ease.

Time to get behind your ideas and see yourself as a total boss when it comes to their follow through now. Hopefully you have spent your retro time researching, beta testing or even revising them to ensure they are fit for purpose. Anything from rewriting that CV to that vision you have of yourself as a ‘successful human being’ – to quote Derek Zoolander. This week’s new Moon in your 10th launches a fresh phase when it comes to professional advancement and long term plans and ambitions. To do the stuff you want to do not only good but even better when it comes to the rewards you receive.

Success needs the key element of emotional satisfaction to be worth pursuing. Otherwise we may attain it only to discover it falls short of our expectations. So, don’t pursue a pathway to success if it doesn’t hand you this when the pay day arrives. Above all, take steps to make it happen and take what you want seriously. Your 10th is a ‘public’ house so you are on show on some level. Especially after Mercury re-enters here. You will be in the spotlight professionally and personally so prepare to be noticed. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Your 10th governs your relationship status and the status of your partner. This is why you need to take those ambitions for your personal life now as seriously as you could your professional ones. Saturn which rules your 10th, turns retrograde in Mercury’s ruling 6th from the 4th. Love and partnerships take work. But that work shouldn’t be one sided or turn into a hard slog if the other party isn’t doing their share.

If you are single and seeking, update that list of qualities to ensure it includes someone willing to put in the work equally and who doesn’t get going when the going gets tough. Get to know what they are seeking for the long term before deciding whether to invest your time and love into the connection. Above all, be prepared to walk away if you feel they can’t offer this. Settleds should know for sure they are on the same page. Or discuss how to get there. That emotional take out is oh so crucial now for long term and satisfying rewards. So work for them, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Take a boss role in your own life and watch how success now contains that all important emotional satisfaction ingredient! That’s the lasting kind of take-out your ambitions need to succeed, Virgo!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (10th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (9th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (6th)


Delete those old tapes that say you’re not enough

Imagine something bigger

Self empowerment is the new sexy

Make a plan to travel, to learn or just to experience more of the world than you have done of late, Libra. Even if you can’t actually travel or experience it right now, if you at least set your intentions and the wheels in motion, you have a better chance of actually doing it in the future now than at any other time. All courtesy of the new Moon in your freedom inspiring and opportunity creating 9th. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Now Mercury heads into forward motion once more in your soul determining 8th, others could see arrival of news they have been waiting for which releases them into something more powerful. Link to that rising sense of adventure and thirst to explore just what you can accomplish in your life when you put your mind to it. If you are not yet quite ready or need to spend extra on the planning stage, the good news is we are still in retroshadow. Which gives you another three weeks of playful experimentation until you enter your launch window for major moves. Make the most of this if you still need it.

Above all, remain mindful of those inner niggles which tell you that you can’t or else you aren’t good enough. Or else worries about what others may think. Self-empowerment is sexy too. This week also lifts self-doubts or barriers around your creativity or romance. Your beliefs around your ability to attract or even be perceived as attractive. As Saturn heads backwards in your 5th, it may be time to stop thinking of the past as being a blueprint for your future. Saturn is all about the tough love and learning experiences. But it is also your guardian angel planet and wise teacher too! It does not want you living in your past or even repeating it. The latter part is up to us with Saturn. But it does want you to learn from the past and also own your part in the choices you have made. Once we do this with honestly and openness – Saturn gives us that hallpass we’ve been working towards.

This week, know that your past romantic life, your ability to have, hold and enjoy fun, pleasure, more abundance doesn’t have to dictate what happens from here on in. Unless you choose to. In love, we are the common denominator in all our relationships. And the only factor we can ever change is us. Lasting and beautiful changes can be made now which see flow restored. And that tangible sexy and fierce aura crackles with a vibe that says you are oh so ready to accept something bigger and better. The future is the unknown territory for you to explore this week. Take that first step, Libra. And continue to course correct if needed.

In a nutshell: Change your ideas around what you believe you can have or experience this week, Libra. Step free of past limitations and select fresh choices from a new soul menu. The past doesn’t determine your future. You do now.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (9th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (8th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (5th)


Get ready for soul revival and rebirth

Confront what holds you back

Put a ring around something sustaining

Mercury retrograde in any house always asks us to look backwards and have one eye on things we have already set in motion. This week sees it direct once more in your house of partnerships. Not just the love and marriage variety either but any amazing duo or double act you are part of.

This is combined with the new Moon in your 8th on the 30th. Perhaps this may be asking you if there is something that can be resurrected here? Is it time of a reimagining or rebooting? A rebirth or transformation that needs to take place? Is there a challenge you are avoiding around love or another kind of partnership? That conversation you have put off? Are you owning your needs, power and sovereignty for instance and what stops you from fully embracing all of these? From asking directly for what you need, from discussing what others need from you? Are you fully engaged with taking love or any area of life in the direction you want? Or are you a back seat passenger who has handed over the Satnav of your own soul to someone else and who now feels powerless to take back the wheel? This week tells you that if you need to realign your power or make new choices you can. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Drawing on your past – especially when it comes to the choices you made that got you where you are today, provides the insight and the fuel for course correcting. Your money and life path are intertwined now and the choices you made or make today will determine how these areas impact on your future. You can choose again. Or choose to reinject something with fresh love and passion forged with a new and deeper appreciation!

Saturn turns retroactive in your 4th of home, family, lifestyle, roots and security this week. Again, look to the choices you have made around what supports and sustains you. Saturn’s rings represent boundaries and also commitment. The most sustaining commitment we can make in our life is to ourselves, our truth and our ability to act with integrity. To be responsible for our own safety and wellbeing so we can better provide the same for those we care about. We then become a shining beacon of safety and sustainability. We know we got this no matter what. We can rely on ourselves just as others can rely on us. Saturn asks we take up this role in our life and retrograde, shows us where the boundaries need to be put back in – but in the nicest possible way. Self parenting sets you up to bring about positive change, revival or simply a move away from what restricts this week.

In a nutshell: Deep within, you know what areas of your life need to change, Scorpio. Or what you need to tackle once and for all. No more procrastination now. This week offers rebirth and renewal – provided you do what you know needs to be done!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (8th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (7th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (4th)


Go for emotional honesty

Barriers to communication dissolve

A new love truth demands sharing

The more open you are now, the more you are going to attract, Sag. Single and seeking another free-spirit to run with? That could include attracting them as well! This is a week to share. Anything from your emotional journey to yourself. Let down barriers to communication. By all means wear your heart on your sleeve and make love your manifesto because here comes a love-inciting new Moon in your 7th!

Self love which is the key to getting the other kind, begins with giving your feelings their space. So, why pretend to feel any other way than what you do this week, Sag? Hopefully this is simply letting existing loves know just how treasured and appreciated they are. However, if you simply aren’t feeling that for someone any longer – then its a loving act towards yourself and them to air this rather than keeping up a pretence. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Of course, if this involves love leaving the building when it comes to a working relationship, use your discretion if airing the truth could lead to you being handed your notice. In this instance, acting with love means staying quiet while you seek something new. You have help here with Mercury direct in its ruling 6th from the 3rd and Saturn retrograde in Mercury’s other house – your 3rd, on the 4th.

By the time Mercury gains traction and lands back in your 7th and its ruling sign of Gemini, many of you should see big improvements in one key relationship or the emergence of a potential new one. It all begins with sharing, Sag. Don’t keep anything back – especially from yourself now.

In a nutshell: Share yourself and your love this week and talk about your feelings, your desires and your dreams without fear. Love is your main topic of conversation. Emotional honesty is what keeps the conversation flowing!

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (7th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (6th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (3rd)


Values can’t be bought or sold but can be given as gifts

That To Do list needs to include Me Time

Rearrange your priorities

Look at what you value the most this week as ruler Saturn gets retroactive in your 2nd. This is all about more than just your money. Although revisiting that budget or looking at your income plays a role. With Mercury direct once more in your 5th from the 3rd, love and your values have to align now. and that lover need to share the same value system, and if you have children or are connected to those younger than you, passing on a sense of value, what’s right and self-worth to them will take on a fresh significance and bring satisfaction too.

This week brings you a new Moon (30th) in your 6th of work, routine, habits and wellbeing. This is Mercury’s house and therefore an ideal time to implement any changes around these areas as Mercury shunts forward once more. Of course there are obvious links here between your money and how you make it. So, this is one of the best new Moons of the year under which to get organised and apply for a new role or think about that side hustle. But there is a deeper connection to those values. As in what you value in your daily life. Your time for instance. It’s finite whether we want to think about this or not. Are you creating a work/life balance where life is given equal priority to work?

Are you guilty of keeping yourself spinning on the treadmill of tasks by promising yourself you’ll reward yourself with time to do what you want to do once you have got the ‘must do’ stuff out of the way? And are you now finding that time simply doesn’t arrive? However, that ‘To do’ list is like a hydra. As you scratch out one item on it three more get added? Therefore this week and under this new Moon place a higher value on your own time by ruthlessly carving some of it out for what you want and love to do. It’s funny that if you do this you’ll still find a way to get what you need to do done anyway. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

Your wellbeing and health are beyond price. So, no matter what needs doing or demands your attention, up the value you assign to them. Long term Pluto in your 1st h has been transforming so many areas of your life as your needs and desires have changed. Along with those priorities. See this new Moon as working on yet another key area, Cappy.

In a nutshell: Work those values and know that shared ones are the key to lasting happiness in love this week. A new Moon in your 6th shows you that making time for what you value hands you something priceless.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (6th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (5th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (2nd)


Begin anew

Critics are everywhere – so ignore them

Time for romance, pleasure and play!

Get your glam on, Aquarius! The new Moon in your 5th comes loaded with the power of attract and so much opportunity. The kind that’s usually associated with the start of your birthday season. When the Sun and new Moon hit our 5th it’s like a mini-birthday season all over again. That is because the 5th is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. During this time, we get to press that ‘Reset’ button and start anew.

If life has been flowing in a direction you don’t like, you now have the opportunity to send it where you want it to go now. All thanks to Mercury heading direct in your 4th (3rd) and Saturn in your 1st turning retrograde the following day.

This new Moon is fabulous for new beginnings, creativity and yes, conception! Of course, this includes conceiving of a creative project or pleasure cycle. But it can literally open the door to babies, children, parenting and step parenting. The young ones in all their many joyful forms, may enter your life. As could that lover who could potentially turn you into a parent. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

This week gives you permission to be more playful if life has felt like heavy going lately. It can be when Saturn is transitting our 1st. You feel lighter and ready to embrace or start something new. This transit is always good for starting something new and that includes a love affair or a creative venture. Your 5th is your house of attraction. So, look at who or what you want to attract. Turn the volume down on that inner critic and tune out any negativity around you. The object of this cycle is to simply embolden yourself by ignoring any attempts to censor or repress the bright, scintillating being with in. If you allow it expression without worrying about what others may think, you open up the flow of luck and attraction that’s all around you. Embrace the wonder with the open arms of the child within this week.

In a nutshell: This week may seem like a mini birthday season thanks to a fabulizing new Moon in your 5th. Life takes on a lighter, brighter, easier outlook. Time for new beginnings free from burdens. A fresh start waits for you to engage with it.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (5th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (4th)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (1st)


What’s the hidden meaning behind your home?

Cheery pick your soul tools

You can get anywhere from where you are

What is your home or your lifestyle saying to you now, Pisces? Because it is reflecting on some level the changes you need to be making or the way you need to be living from here on in. If you can, spend some time alone contemplating your surroundings. Look around. What is your home saying to you? How does it reflect who you are, your interests and your hopes and dreams? There are valuable clues as to the direction you should steer in for the rest of the year to be found in your immediate environment now. The new Moon in its ruling 4th on the 30th asks what you need for sustainable living physically, materially and emotionally in the coming year. See your personal forecast for the new Moon in Gemini for more on this.

There is more about your living space than meets the eye – especially when it comes to telling you which direction you should be moving in next. So be open to what comes through as a result. And be prepared to act on any wisdom you receive. The insight could astound you now as it is pointing you in a direction you need to go.

This week also sees Saturn retrograde in your 12th so revisiting elements of your past will almost certainly have a role to play. Your past choices and decisions as well as all the baggage and stuff you may have been handed down by your family. Even on a karmic level. Exploring your roots, genealogy or even past lives may uncover hidden truths which set you free to walk your own path rather than someone else’s. Or else ditch that feeling of being an actor in someone else’s production for good.

Your best tools: Astrology, Tarot, meditation, journal writing, self-help, research, yoga, therapy, spiritual practice, dream analysis. One, some or cherry pick as your intuition guides you.

Mercury ends its retro cycle in its ruling 3rd in your chart. Just remember it is still in retroshadow and will remain so for another three weeks. Yes, those delays and u-turns can still occur. Continuing with any revisions or rewrites of plans, writing, design, communication or launch preparation is your best use of this remaining time. As is continuing that inner journey and reframing that past in order to rewrite your future if needed. or business

In a nutshell: See your home environment through new eyes. It contains valuable clues about the direction your life is headed next. Hopefully towards something which provides you with soul sustainability. The clues to finding your direction lie within.

May 30 2022 New Moon in Gemini (4th)

3 Jun 2022 Mercury stationary direct in Taurus (3rd)

4 Jun 2022 Saturn stationary retrograde in Aquarius (12th)




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