Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 17th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 17th 2021


Change the conversation

Love is the hot topic

What’s your line?

One conversation may go round and round or just have a déjà vu quality to it this week. I’m not saying this is either good or bad. Just that you’ve been here before. Love, money, business or the internet may be the topic or the medium as Venus meets the North Node in your 3rd. This could be the start of something on-going either on a personal or professional level. Or see that idea take you further. Love could be the hot topic this week. Start flirting.

Of course, this could also be a conversation you don’t want to have as Saturn turns backwards in your 11th from the 23rd. But this is also saying this is necessary now to move forwards as this is your house of the future. By not talking about it, you stay stuck. Or by not starting a conversation you can’t move forward. Examples of this being wanting a better job but not applying for one or knowing that you need expert help in a specific area but not asking for it.

What’s your opening line?

As the Sun arrives in your 3rd on the 20th, think about how everything in life always begins with a conversation or approach. Friendships or love affairs start with a Hello or a contact. As do business ones. If you want to sell that book, product or service you need to get talking. If you find yourself having a conversation you have had before this week, this could lead to a new door opening. Time to get talking, Aries.

In a nutshell: Everything in life begins with a conversation or a ‘Hello’. So think about the power of words or talk when it comes to going after anything you want or in bringing about change, Aries. Get talking this week.



Enter a new cycle of abundance

Look to the long term

Take love seriously

Ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd meets the North Node in here on the 17th. And this is all about your financial destiny, Taurus. Your income, earnings, assets, possessions, sense of abundance – in other words your ‘rich’ mindset (or not), your self-worth and values.

For some this will bring big and long-term decisions around your income that you will be living with for some time to come. If you are old enough, look back approximately 19 years to any major financial decisions you made back then. Did you take out a mortgage for instance? Get your first well-paying job? Did you start to save? Or did the bad old noughties see you spending? Financial patterns from back then may well pay off, repeat or you see how your choices beck then paid forward to where you are today.

Love and money – two sides of the came currency

This of course allows you to plan with foresight for your future. Venus trines Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 20th. And Saturn is about to head backwards in here from the 23rd. This is your house of career and status. As well as authority and what you establish. So, if you need to create a new dynamic, you now have the opportunity.

Conversations around money may involve you and another from the 2oth when the Sun exits your sign and joins Venus in your 2nd. Again, this may involve long term financial goals or decisions. That mortgage, joint account, investments. You’ll be banking on these for some time to come, Taurus. Love and money are opposite sides of the same currency this week.

In a nutshell: Look to your future when it comes to love and your income this week. Conversations may revolve around these. Your mindset determines what you attract in the upcoming cycle. Look to what you invested in – including your talents, for clues.



Yes, you really are the point around which the universe pivots!

Love powers your future – who is coming with you?

Set your intentions – then follow through

That old saying ‘The world doesn’t revolve around you, you know’ simply does not apply to you this week. It’s not just because you are the birthday sign when the Sun arrives on the 20th. You have Venus in your 1st handing you your own personal make-over team. Both on a soul and karmic level as well as an outer one. So, we can say that just for now – the universe is in fact, revolving around you.

Love turns back time

The 17th sees Venus meet the North Node. Triggering an important new cycle for you or bringing one to a close. With again, new beginnings to follow. This could well involve you and someone else as Venus rules partnerships, dynamic duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions. If you are old enough, set your Delorean for 19 years in the past. Look to what began or occurred back then with a key relationship. You could be starting a similar but sparkly new cycle now. So, take note of just who is in orbit around you now!

Saturn heads backwards this week in your 9th which may remove any barriers to progress especially now Jupiter has temporarily left what is its ruling house in your chart. Meanwhile, ruler Mercury in your 1st and Neptune in your 10th want you to get very, very clear and also set some serious intentions when it comes to that career success story for the coming year. ’22 could see you reach higher than ever before. You’re the centre of gravity pulling everything towards you this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Venus and the North Node in your 1st points to a brand new karmically driven cycle of love, Gemini. You’re jumping into your Delorean – but not going alone now. Destiny driven double acts feature.



Deep healing gives birth to a fresh future

Shed what you no longer need

You can’t hurry getting ready for the future

You’ll be journeying deep into the past this week, Cancer. If you feel like withdrawing into your shell or cocooning more than usual – please don’t rush this process. Examining love, your history in this area and deep healing around any issues can take place as a result.

We have Venus meeting the North Node in your 12th on the 17th. Plus Venus will trine Saturn in your 8th on the 20th, while your ruler the Moon in your 2nd opposes it on the 18th. This can bring up something around your deepest, most intimate connections. A balancing of the books may be in order. And often this simply takes place on a soul level as we reconcile our memories and choices to bring about healing and release.

Rebalance and release

Of course, it can just as easily involve an actual balancing of financial matters. If so, again look forward to a solution and a release now you have Jupiter in its ruling 9th working in your favour. Is Saturn retrograde from the 23rd is showing you where your power lies. And that is to face things head-on knowing your inner strength. Especially when it comes to anything you share with someone.

Your annual soul house clearing period starts on the 20th when the Sun arrives in your 12th. Time to shed, shed, shed. Painful memories, old ‘stuff’, that clutter and whatever holds you back and drags you down. As you go within and the more time you spend sifting through all this, the stronger you are going to feel. One more reason not to hurry this, Cancer. It’s fitness training for the soul.

In a nutshell: Soul healing and releasing ourselves from the past or anything that has held us back is a process that can’t be hurried, Cancer. But the benefits are long term and lasting. So, take all the time you need to future prepare now.



Ask from a place of surety and confidence

Take something to the next level

Your answer is your point of empowerment

How confident you feel asking others for what you want shows how plugged into your shining sense of self-confidence you are, Leo. Saturn turns backwards in your 7th this week while just before that the Moon in your 1st opposes it on the 18th while Venus which rules your 7th, trines it on the 20th.

Venus also meets the North Node in your 11th on the 17th, while your ruler the Sun arrives in here on the 20th. This is the house of who you know as opposed to what, and also your house of goals, wishes and dreams. Asking for help or assistance in goal getting could factor in. Again, how confident do you feel about this? Saturn is of course in your house of long-term partnerships. Maybe you need to ask your live-in boo for support in order for you to attain something important to you? Anything from their time to emotional backing.

Ask away for truth and empowerment

Others may want a deeper level of commitment. Especially now Jupiter is in their 8th. Again, this is about how confident you are in asking for it. And if you are avoiding asking, asking yourself if it is because you are afraid of the answer? True confidence just sees any answer as empowerment. This also includes asking for that raise, job, order – anything and everything that involves you interacting with at least one other party. And yes, even that date, Leo. Remember, if one person says no, this frees you to ask the one who says yes instead.

In a nutshell: The funny thing about people who aren’t afraid to ask for what they need – usually they get it. And if they don’t, they know they weren’t going to get it anyway. But are free to move on to ask someone else and get another answer. Make that you this week, Leo.



Relationships have the power to lift you higher

Give your body the support it needs

You know the love is in the details, Virgo!

Look closely at that person in focus this week, Virgo. They may feature not just now but on into 2022 as the Moon in your 1st opposes newly arrived Jupiter in your 7th on the 19th.

This could just as easily be a working relationship as it could a romantic one. Especially as Venus meets the North Node in your status sector on the 17th and the Sun lands in here from the 20th giving you a month-long focus on your career. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that this house rules the status of our partner in old-school astrology. So, attracting that Bridgerton beau could just as easily be a factor with Venus in the mix!

Werk what you can, release what no longer does

Your recipe for success in your career however rests with your latent Virgo superpowers of details, routine and the small stuff. Stick with these and you can’t go far wrong. Your mantra as Saturn heads backwards in your 6th should be ‘Fix what you can fix, and what you can’t fix let go’. So, don’t push or struggle in other words. Know when to do the work and when to release knowing you have done all you can.

Saturn retro in here favours paying attention to what we eat – especially looking at our intake of calcium and cruciferous vegetables. It also asks us to support our bodies through structured exercise. Saturn in particular favours yoga. So, support yourself, stick to a self-care routine, do what you can and let the rest flow. That should be easy for you this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: One particular connection or person has the ability to lift your stock higher this week, Virgo. You’re going places and possibly in good company. Pay close attention to what your body needs. You know the value of the small stuff. Everything matters.



Love the love you make – it’s the experience that’s the take-out

Get ready for something bigger

What goes around is coming around again

Your heart is not so much older but wiser now, Libra. You are the sign in love with love and many Librans or Libra risings find themselves on a cradle to grave learning curve exploring all kinds of double act dynamics. Jennifer Aniston is a Libra rising and perhaps one famous example of this. It’s not about whether it works or not for the long term, but the love you make at the time and the love your take out from this. Once you see your love her-story or history in that context, there are no losses or heartaches. Just learning about love.

Love makes destiny go round

So, take what you have learned and get ready for something bigger and yes, more freeing this week as ruler Venus meets the North Node in your 9th. If you are old enough, look back 19 years at what themes around love were made and created. It will come full circle or begin again now. The Sun in your 9th from the 20th is offering solutions, opportunities and experiences. Remember, this can be around what you love to do, a place you love, a subject matter just as easily as it can be about one person.

Saturn turns retrograde in your 5th of romance, creativity and children this week. And Saturn always sets us a tough curriculum. Saturn is the old school task-master and rules time and karma. But it can reward like no other planet for lessons well learned and work done. Now, if you apply that wisdom this can truly now signal you leaving the past behind, or putting a ring around something existing or worthwhile. Babies, children, your adult children, a relationship which could turn you into a parent, step-parent, adoptive or foster parent, or grandparent could emerge. Whatever it is, your heart is now learned and wise enough to know if its time or not.

In a nutshell: It’s not whether love lasted or not. It’s what you learned from it, Libra. Ruler Venus and the North Node in your 9th add up to the start of a new and bigger love experience. So, take the past and use it to go forward into an all-bets-are-off future.



Time for rebirth

Fate comes full circle

Time to align to your power

You are the sign which seeks to be forged in the fires of transformation. You seek the deep soul alchemy that other signs are too afraid of. That is why you feel things so passionately, Scorpio. Or need that passion to be reciprocated. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work for you.

This week we have a big build up in your 8th of all things Scorpio ruled. Time for the phoenix inside you to be re-born for a bold, fierce, fearless new cycle as Venus meets the North Node in here on the 17th. Expect one cosmic path to come full circle if you are old enough. I’m talking about you being a fully-fledged phoenix rising 19 years ago. So, over 18. If you were younger, then this is a new cycle which may empower your destiny for the next 19. Around big decisions to do with money, sex, what you share or what is shared with you, investments, endings and rebirth.

Mergers, acquisitions and sharing

Some of you may be involved in merges and acquisitions of a personal nature. This is your house of joint assets – what you share with a marriage partner or live in lover. That home, joint account etc – right down to the chores. Others could be dealing with a fresh cycle in individual finances which could involve payouts, your salary, benefits, loans, mortgages or even legacies.

Yet others may find themselves having to draw a line with someone who wants more than their share. Venus will trine Saturn which is about to turn retrograde in your 4th on the 20th – the same day as the Sun arrives in your 8th. This is about establishing your position if need be – and holding it. When making those choices this week or sticking to your guns, see everything as the process of transformation in motion. But above all, think in the long term. That transformation could just be about freeing you from a situation that’s gone on for too long. Change is often the alchemy we need.

In a nutshell: This week could bring the start of a major cycle of transformation. Around your money, what is shared with you, or even your most intimate connections, Scorpio. Ready for rebirth? Time to soar free of the past.



Time for a new love destiny

Own your life – and you way of loving

Some things remain the same but you are the change, Sag

Big mutable weather crisscrosses the sky now. Ruler Jupiter is in Pisces while the Sun enters Gemini and your 7th this week. What does this tell you, Sag? That things are changing especially when it comes to partnerships.

Venus rules your 7th and meets the North Node in here on the 17th. This is about your love karma. And also, we can say, the people whose paths you are destined to cross. The Nodes operate in 19 year cycles moving back through your chart. This means of course that if the North Node is in Gemini, the South is in your sign. Check your own chart now for factors at 10 degrees of Sag – give or take one either side.

Let the Right One In

If you are old enough, go back 19 years and even 19 years again and look to what occurred then. This involves a past, present or potential lover this time around. And while the person or circumstances may have changed, the themes remain the same.

Pay particular attention if you hear from someone from your past or anything connected to a past double act you were involved in. This can also include a working or business relationship. Saturn shifts to retrograde motion in your 3rd this week but before it does, it trines Venus on the 20th. Ruler Jupiter is now busy opening up doors to freedom in your 4th. Owning your own path also means owning the love that’s right for you for your future. Yes, love may come around again. But this time you’re the difference, Sag.

In a nutshell: Destiny driven love and partnership connections feature as Venus ignites the North Node in its ruling 7th. Love comes full circle or takes you down a fresh path. This is about you and another and the journey you’ll take together Sag.



Details drive destiny

Create something special every day

If living is your occupation – then love what you do

Ruler Saturn is about to ask you to balance out your value system and possibly your books too when it turns back in your 2nd on the 23rd. Venus is the natural ruler of this house and presently in your Do the Work 6th. Saturn approves if you do. Venus will meet the North Node on the 17th and trine Saturn on the 20th. Some of you may be stepping into a new way of working or earning your daily bread.


Your routine, exercise, wellbeing and habits will also be in focus too as the Sun lands in your 6th also on the 20th. It’s not just the financial books which need to balance but you may need to look at that work/life one now. Prioritise self-care. And also look at how your financial decisions impact on your mentally, physically and on a soul level.

The Nodes move through the sky in 19 degree cycles. So, if you are old enough look back 19 years at how you and your money were getting along back then. I say ‘getting along’ because we need to see ourselves as in a relationship with what we have. Were you flush with cash and if so, what did you do with it? Or were you struggling to make ends meet? Choices you may have made back then could be paying interest or have left you in deficit now.

The great thing is – you now get to set a new cycle of abundance in motion. And you get to see the hidden impact your decisions make on you. It’s about so much more than money this week, Cappy. It’s about investing in wellness for the long term too.

In a nutshell: Someone once said living is a full time occupation. Seeing as this is your day job and career from cradle to grave, then design the best possible daily life you can. This week could just hand you the tools, Capricorn.



Do all you can to be all you can be – then let go

If it’s time for love – it happens

Be in the moment

When it is time for something to happen – it will. But when it isn’t – we can rush around trying to make it happen as much as we want. But the result we want remains elusive. One example of this is trying to find love. If it is the right time, then the right person will appear. If not, you can be on every dating app there is and pre-Covid have been out every night looking to find ‘the one’ – but still come up empty handed.

So, as Saturn turns retro in your 1st this week, please keep this in mind. If it’s not happening, it simply may not be the right time. No matter what area this may involve. If you have done all you can, then now let go and trust the universe. This applies to work or any other goal.

Play with the present – it’s effortless

Working now in your favour – Jupiter now in your 2nd house. You also have Venus in your fabulizing 5th meeting the North Node in here (18th) and trineing Saturn on the 20th. The Nodes rules karma and destiny. Long term (19 year) cycles and what we signed up for basically. Your 5th rules lovers, what makes you stand out and shine and babies, children and young people. Look back 19 years if you are old enough, or 19 years again, and look for patterns around these. Others could see the emergence of new beginnings involving a potential love interest which also has the potential to turn them into a parent, or even recognition around performing, creating or something you enjoy to do.

As the Sun lands in here also on the 20th, think back to when you were younger. You had all the time in the world and spend most of that being in the moment. Saturn backwards in your 1st wants you to re-experience again that fluid quality of time without feeling the pressure that you have to reach a certain milestone by a certain age. Or worse, that there is something wrong with you if you haven’t. Everything has its own agenda. So, do what you can do then enjoy where you are in the present. That’s a gift.

In a nutshell: When something is meant to happen and has our name on it – it’s effortless. That’s what you’re meant to embrace this week, Aquarius. Do what you can and then let go. Being in the present – you’re in the zone where magic flows.



What you need lasts

Head towards what sustains you

Watch restrictions lift

This week hands you unimaginable and invaluable insights and the ability to know the difference between what you want and what you truly need. Just call this buried treasure, Pisces. You may discover they are one and the same. Or two totally different things.

Whatever revelations are handed to you around this, they leave you free to focus on what truly matters and is relevant for you. Home, family, your roots, path, your locality, your homeland or where you feel ‘at home’ will feature prominently in this process too. This may or may not be where you find yourself right now. But take it that Jupiter now in your sign is acting as your soul compass. You are on the right course to find it.

Know what to take – and what to toss now

If things have felt ‘heavy’ going or restrictive, if you’ve been experiencing a dark night of the soul where testing circumstances have brought about restrictions or even losses, then this week could mark the start of them lifting. Venus meeting the North Node in your 4th points to a new cycle of living your truth. Especially as Venus trines Saturn in your 12th on the 18th.

Saturn turns retrograde from the 23rd allowing you to grasp what acts as your bedrock or compass in your life and focus on that. Again, this is about what you need to feel sustained and gives you a sense of belonging as opposed to anything that just offers a quick fix. The Sun moves in to your 4th from the 20th lighting up anything to do with property, income or choosing a path or place that’s right for you. Once you know the difference between wants and needs you get the latter met. Without the distraction of the former. You no longer want what you don’t need, Pisces.

In a nutshell: The difference between what you want and what you need can be the difference between cheap bling and a blue box from Tiffany. So, use any insights around this to only accept what is truly aligned with your soul, Pisces.




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