Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 10th 2021

jupiter in pisces

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 10th 2021

By our astrologer and psychic Elena


Step into a world of pure imagination

Invisible assets boost your self- worth

Revelations hand you solutions

Time for new beginnings and to expect expansion and new growth. Provided you work with the tools of insight, intuition and imagination, Aries! This week sets you up for what will be a bigger, better cycle than what you have experienced in a very long time. One where the only limitations may be those you place on yourself.

This week delivers a new Moon in your 2nd (11th). It’s an invitation to begin relating to the material world in a new way. Your money, assets, income, possessions and your self-worth. Your value system. How you value yourself above all. This is your emotional connection to what you have. And whether you realise it or not, it determines not only what you get or receive, but how you are treated by others. It forms a subtle yet crucial role in how we navigate the material world. So, this new Moon allows you to re-value everything, stop selling yourself short if that is what you have been doing, and also to see yourself in a relationship to what you have or earn. This can be a real game-changer.

Tap into invisible assets

However, this is over-shadowed by Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces on the 13th. Gifts of the soul and spirit should not be under-estimated in value. Simply because they are lasting. Jupiter’s arrival in here links you to universal wisdom, ‘Ah-ha!’ moments and hands you the keys to your Good Karma Safety Deposit Box. Jupiter rules Pisces and your 12th, so we say its happy in here. It’s your ultimate benefactor working with the ‘other side’. You have a two-month window which will show you just what the universe has in store for you in 2022. And it’s about more than just what money can buy you.

In a nutshell: Jupiter lands in your sector of psychic ability, intuition and mysticism. You’ll see connections between the past, people and events you couldn’t before. The effect of this? Solutions and freedom, Aries.



Make three wishes

Begin something new

Refresh your future

No matter when your birthday falls, the new Moon in your sign on the 11th marks the ‘official’ start of your new cycle, Taurus. And the new Moon in our 1st is always about a new aspect of ourselves and showing this. Unveil yourself and ensure the outer ‘you’ reflects the inner one. Update your look, refresh your image both real world and on-line. If you are feeling tired and shuttered – especially if you are escaping lockdown fatigue, do what you need to do to relaunch and rejuvenate. You’re the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. Don’t be afraid to discard what no longer seems to say what you want to communicate about yourself. Toss those unflattering clothes, that old make up and embrace a new look. Fresh face forward, Taurus.

Friends bring benefits

Along with this – launch yourself out there and join in. Within whatever guidelines are currently in force where you are, naturally. Jupiter lands in your 11th on the 13th. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter lands in this house in their charts. And to expect at least one to come true during its time in here. This is your Jupiter 2022 preview as it will only spend two months in here this time around. But will return for a longer stay at the end of the year.

It can and will however, connect you to the people, networks, groups, organisations, clubs, bands, parties and associations, that could play a key role in wish delivery. So, be a joiner now. Don’t say ‘That’s not my scene’ or stay cocooned with that boxset. Ivory tower thinking will see you all alone in it. The more you are open to exploring new social circles, the more you harness Jupiter’s potential to deliver on your goals. Connect in any way you can, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Reboot your future this week, Taurus. The new Moon in your sign points to an important new cycle. But Jupiter’s arrival in your 11th tells you its who you know who will help you towards those goals.



Take the past off rinse and repeat

Determine your future

Go big or go home!

Revelations and re-framing your past to break free of cycles which have blocked your progress set you up for a new kind of success story this week, Gemini. Ruler Mercury meets the North Node in your 1st on the 10th. While the following day hands you a new Moon in your 12th. Something from your past now no longer has the power over you it used to. Especially when Mercury trines Saturn in your 9th on the 12th. Quite simply, you step effortlessly free of a thought or cycle that has held you back.

If someone has been a negative influence on you, you will see that for what it is as well. It’s also worth mentioning Mercury will enter its retroshadow phase this week. This is retro lite. You know the drill, Gemini.

Big up those ambitions!

Jupiter landing in your 10th is a very big deal. The one you can make now around your career trajectory, status or reputation. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last gave this house in your chart its mentorship. The two-month period beginning May 13 is going to act as a preview to show you just how high you can go in ’22. Time to make your move – or plan for it. Yes, it is still safe to apply for that better job or promotion despite your ruler slowing.

Jupiter can sometimes turn up in person in this cycle. In the form of an easy-going, generous employer, mentor, teacher or VIP of some kind who guides your progress, offers opportunities and opens doors for you. Sometimes your stock soars due to your partner’s success. While in other instances Jupiter’s arrival comes in the form of that larger-than-life prospective mate. Get ready to go big – or go home, Gemini.

In a nutshell: No matter what has held you back in the past, you can see it for what it is now. The future needs you to set a bigger goal for yourself. Jupiter in your 10th house says you’ll never know until you try!



The past no longer dictates your future

Set fresh intentions

Opportunities, solutions and freedom come to those who look for them

Get ready for the future this week, Cancer. Three major events could see you step free of a past cycle and on into that magical space where the old rules no longer apply to you. Starting with Mercury’s meeting with the North Node in your 12th on the 10th. News or insight you receive could allow you to see something for what it is. This change in how you see it, them or yourself means it no longer has the power over you it once did.

Get ready for something bigger

This is followed by a goal setting new Moon in your 11th on the same day. All new Moons ask us to set new intentions or begin something. But none more than this one in your house of goals, wishes, dreams and your future. Commit to a plan, a purpose, a path. Make a wish. And as you do, take action in some way towards it. Luck is now on your side thanks to the third but possibly biggest event of the week which is Jupiter’s arrival in its ruling 9th on the 13th.

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last paid this house in your chart a visit. This stay is a short one – just two months. But it is going to show you what is possible for you in ’22. Think expansion, solutions, opportunity and luck. Big goals, dreams and a learning path. In focus – higher education, travel, foreign connections, the law, mass media, sports, publishing, the internet, the great outdoors, large animals especially horses, and on the most fundamental level – soul freedom and what the means to you.

The meeting between the Moon and Mars in your 1st on the 16th could just give you the confidence to send you hurtling out of the door (metaphorically speaking) in search of the next big thing. Go look for a bigger slice of life, Cancer.

In a nutshell: The only thing holding you back from here on in Cancer are your own thoughts and limitations. Jupiter arrives in its ruling 9th this week. Luck, solutions and a new path to explore are yours. If you think you’re ready.



Someone on your mind? Get in touch

Take something to the next level

Get serious

One particular connection could have a larger role to play this week so don’t judge a book by its cover, Leo. Old friends and contacts could also be back in touch now. If someone has been on your mind lately – why not make the reach-out yourself?

The new Moon in your 10th on the 11th wants you to give serious attention to all aspects of your status, reputation and career path. What’s connected to this house is your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. This rules your salary, loans, shared assets, benefits etc. So, think either shared with you via your employer, bank, a government institution or even your partner as this is the house of joint (marital and business), assets. So, it figures that if you are aiming for a better paying job or long-term ambition, it will have a knock-on effect here – on the bottom line.

Open the vault

Your biggest helping hand in this area comes from generous Jupiter’s arrival in here on the 13th. It leaves your 7th for approximately two months. For some of you enjoying a double act, Jupiter’s arrival in here can take things to the next level of commitment. Where you move in or pool your resources. Others could be heading towards a ‘Yes’ answer on that raise, loan, better paid position, mortgage etc. Jupiter always wants to give you access to more or provide you with solutions.

This is an excellent time to re-finance or look for a better rate on any existing loan. Or so take your courage and ask for that raise. Jupiter says time to make your move. In preparation for an even bigger one in ’22.

In a nutshell: Jupiter’s arrival in your 8th – your ‘other’ money house is all about sharing, empowerment and knowing what you want. It’s also about sexy self-assurance. You own it from now until July, Leo!



Get ready for the next big thing

Start a new learning journey

Come and get your love!

Ruler Mercury is slowing down from this week in your 10th. In preparation for Retro 2.0. You know what this means, Virgo. Start to bring those career or study matters to a stage where they can either be sent out or refined and revised.

Now we have the mundane stuff out of the day – let the magic begin! This week sees a new Moon in your 9th – and the ruler of your 9th, Jupiter, enter your 7th. Time to big up everything to do with double acts, dynamic duos, duets and any kind of love that lifts you higher – especially one that connects you to learning, exploration and discovery.

Big Up That Love!

Take it that between now and July and then again in 2022, Jupiter is going to act as Fat Cupid. Bigging up that love experience and in the process, enabling you to understand more about yourself and your own needs in a relationship. Settleds can look forward to a period of smooth sailing and even aiming for a new, joint vision together. Jupiter should bring in at least one potential suitor for singles. Look for that free-spirited, funny and effortlessly sexy individual. Broke down love? Jupiter can’t fix anything beyond repair. But it can heal and free you for the next big thing. Or next big fling in some cases.

In a nutshell: It’s been 12 years since Jupiter, planet of luck, last paid your 7th of lasting love and partnerships a visit. Expect something bigger on your horizon, Virgo. Fat Cupid is here. And may fire more than one arrow in your direction!



Deal or no deal?

Work smarter, live freer

Small changes bring huge benefits

This week’s new Moon in your 8th links you to those gold-standard values that are deal-makers or deal-breakers. The points where you will not ‘sell out’ over at any price. Now this can just as easily relate to the emotional price of something. Conceding just to keep the peace or because you are afraid to rock the boat. Maybe the message you received growing up was ‘nice’ people don’t make a fuss? No matter what, you will no longer be prepared to sell your soul over it.

You are the sign of balance and compromise. But this new Moon hands you the ability to set the emotional scales straight if they have swung too much in one direction. This week could also bring you a replay or reconnection to something from your past – an overseas connection, place on the map, project, studying, writing or the internet as Mercury bumps into the North Node on the 10th. Is it time to set off down a path that appears familiar – but this time with more knowledge and experience than the first time around?

Do the work

The big shift occurs in your house of health, wellbeing, medicine, habits and day job. It tells you the small stuff matters and what you need is right where you’re at. Jupiter lands in your 6th from the 13th. It’s been 12 years since it was last in here. This is just a two month visit but it can allow you to begin to create habits that free you and see yourself working smarter not harder.

Turning work into play or a more expansive work opportunity are just some of Jupiter’s potentials. Time to get moving if you can and on into the great outdoors. If you are seeking work or a job with a better work/life balance, Jupiter could just open up the perfect position for you. Jupiter expands. Or in here cuts the big stuff down to size and turns small changes into big benefits. Benefit directly now, Libra.

In a nutshell: Compromise is your gold-standard. But too much one way adds up to selling out. You know the difference and when to say no. Your routine hands you what you have been searching for all along – freedom, now Jupiter arrives in your 6th.



You have the love mojo

Cupid has big plans

Passion opens doors to possibilities

It’s all about the love this week, Scorpio. Yes, it’s a many splendoured thing. You are stepping into a brand-new cycle of relating marked by the new Moon in your partnership zone on the 11th. One particular double act will be in focus now. A past, present or scintillatingly enhancing potential one. Remember – it’s all love no matter what form this dynamic duo takes. When we interact with another, we are in a relationship pure and simple.

For love to bloom and last, you need planets in both your 7th and your 5th houses. Along with the new Moon promising important emotional beginnings, you have the love mojo now thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th of romance, lovers, creativity, glowing self-expression and children. So, this also includes relationships or potential relationships that could see you becoming a parent, adoptive parent, step or foster parent, godparent, grandparent etc.

Who and what you love

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last came to party and play in this house. This visit only lasts until July. But when the after-party occurs later this year it will take you on in 2022. Jupiter can expand your family with the addition of a new baby. Others could see the arrival of a new lover. Teenagers, millennials and younger generations may feature and bring you gains. While others could see their talents and hobbies open doors to recognition and even in some cases fame. Time to lighten up and see the world with the eyes of a child again. Jupiter in your 5th is all about the good times set to roll once more.

In a nutshell: A new Moon in your 7th promises a new cycle of relating. While Jupiter in your 5th tells you big love is in the air! Whether its love in person or love for something you do, its set to take your higher now.



Time for a new love future

Get space for really living

Home is where the journey begins

Your past, present or potential partner – the 10th brings news or a recurring theme around long term love, double acts or duos. All down to Mercury triggering the North Node in your 7th. Mercury rules writing and communication as well as the internet. Is it time to re-write your love her-story or history?

The new Moon in your 6th puts your day job, routine, habits, diet, exercise and anyone or anything that touches on your health and wellbeing on a new footing. Fresh habits established today are likely to go the distance.

Expand your living arrangements

The biggest event in the sky this week – especially as far as you are concerned Sag, is ruler Jupiter entering Pisces and your 4th house. Expand your living space or find that corner of the earth that smiles on you. Room to move will be the order of the day and many Sagittarians could be upgrading their homes either between now and July – Jupiter is more of an Airbnb quest this time around, and then into 2022 when it unpacks for a longer stay.

Jupiter can hand you keys to a door – in this house literally. While others may extend or expand their space. If relocation or emigration is your desire, then Jupiter can smooth the process. It’s not so much there’s no place like home – Jupiter wants you to have a home you can invite the world into or explore from it. Roll out the welcome mat.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter moves in to your 4th of home, family, security and living arrangements for a two month stay this week. Where in the world do you want to call home, Sag? This week sees you moving on up.



Plant something for your future

Be a headline act

Give them something to talk about!

Something new is planted for the future and begins to grow with this week’s new Moon in your 5th, Capricorn. Anything from love to that business idea in fact. Children may feature as could that potential lover. If you are seeking romance, this is the new Moon under which to really put yourself out there. Especially as you have fiery and passionate Mars still in your 7th of long-term love and partnerships. It’s giving you the desire to take action when it comes to getting what you want. True feelings may be exposed around the 16th.

Headline news

The news too big to miss is however Jupiter’s landing in your 3rd of communication, commerce, getting around and the internet. Take it that between now and July, interactions or news brings big benefits. Your work or business may increase along with your bank account. If you are seeking a new job or to return to the workplace – even in a hybrid model, then Jupiter should pave the way for you. This is just a preview of what 2022 will deliver however. If you have been sitting on an idea – now is the time to stop and act on it instead.

Mercury rules your 3rd and also your 6th house. It connects to the North Node in your 6th on the 10th and then from the 15th, begins to slow down to prepare for Retro 2.0. As Mercury will turn backwards in a ruling house in your chart, this usually means an extra serving of Retro Realness. For now, you have retro lite however. But will Jupiter in Mercury’s other house, it truly is now time to take your message and send it winging out there. Or now begin to hand it serious wings. Don’t talk it – live it, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: No use just talking a good game, Capricorn. Jupiter’s arrival in your 3rd is all about bringing it. Act on those ideas and they could take your farther than you ever imagined. The new? Too big to miss.



Take your own path

Live your life your way

It must be the money!

This week’s new Moon on the 11th appears in the Moon’s ruling house – your 4th. Expect extra sensitivity and also a reawakened desire to make your home and living space your sanctuary. This is an excellent new Moon under which to plan a move or to buy new things for your home. There is another hidden message to this new Moon and this is one of owning your own path and living your life your way. This is our house of family, traditions and roots.

Changing Ancestral Rooms

Now, what may work for your family or the ideas that have been handed down may also be perfect for you too. This doesn’t just cover where you live but the kind of work you were expected to do and also how you bring up your kids if you have them. So, under this new Moon if something was right for a past generation, but not now for you, you have the opportunity to live your life your way. Or begin to.

If money has been holding up any plans to move forward, Jupiter’s arrival in your 2nd this week, promises a fresh cycle of abundance and more of the folding stuff heading your way. Jupiter leaves your sign on May 13. But don’t worry, it will be back in July. For now however, it allows you to make some shrewd investments in your future by opening up potential increased sources of income to take you into 2022.

These could appear in the form of a better paying job, a pay rise or you starting a side hustle. This is also your house of self-worth and values and Jupiter will send your sense of your personal stock rising. Remember, the fat planet always helps those who help themselves. Owning your path in the first place allows Jupiter to place those opportunities along it.

In a nutshell: Jupiter exits your sign this week to spend two months in your money zone. Expect opportunities to acquire more as the flow o abundance changes course in your direction. Increased self-worth – another asset you can bank on, Aquarius!



Surf your own personal wave of opportunity

Serve your own brand of realness

What the world needs now is you

This week’s new Moon in your 3rd hands you the gift of decision making. Of knowing which idea or path to follow. If you have been bogged in that typical Pisces dilemma of wondering if what you think you should do is right or just wishful thinking – then this new Moon on the 11th hands you surety and knowing.

Just in time, you feel that confidence in your choices and self-belief in those ideas as real superpowers, as Jupiter arrives in your sign on May 13th. It has been 12 years since your ancient ruler last paid you a visit. Which means for some of you, this will be the first time you will be in line to receive Jupiter’s largesse as fully fledged adults. Next year will see both your rulers ancient and modern meet. This is a very big deal as the last time this happened was in the 1850’s. So, you have not experienced this in your lifetime. Nor will again.

Serving realness REALLY large

It’s time for a new kind of realness. Pisces style. In fact, the whole world will be watching what makes you so unreal, Pisces. And copying you. Think all those talents, abilities, beliefs and skills you associate with your sign. And now with Jupiter in here – supersize them. There is nothing shy about Jupiter. It’s too big to miss. Inspiration, mediumship, the Tarot, astrology, healing, psychology, horse whispering, quantum mechanics, clairvoyance, fantasy that turns out to be reality, the multiverse, dreams. If you have been accused of being ‘out of touch’, ‘woo woo’ or a ‘space cadet’ this cycle is about to show your critics just how grounded, real and in touch you are.

The world en masse is about to embrace all those ideas that just seem sane and sensible to you. You are leading a global reality check where we come to understand reality isn’t what we think it is after all. So, as this cycle starts, just serve your own individual style of realness. You’re not just swimming with the tide, you ARE the tide, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Jupiter arrives in your sign this week. And rocking out your own brand of realness is not just what you need to do. But what the world needs too, Pisces. You’re ahead of the wave while the rest of us are just catching on. Surf’s up!







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