Your Weekly Astrology Written Forecast for All Signs March 5th 2019 – URANUS REVOLUTION!

Your Weekly Astrology Written Forecast for All Signs March 5th 2019


The truth sets you free
A new cycle brings what you truly value
Think different when it comes to your money

Revelations are in store now Aries which could just redefine those values. Your priorities could undergo a radical shift as a result. We all know the saying ‘The truth will set you free’ and this applies to you now Mercury shifts to retrograde motion in your 12th, you have a new Moon in here on the 6th and the Sun meets Neptune in this, its ruling house the next day. The focus now is all about what is truly important to you. Be careful not to blow things out of proportion – especially when it comes to your own fears and insecurities.

A piece of information will come to light or you will receive an answer to a long-standing question now which places everything in a new and very different perspective. When you get this information treat it as a gift and follow through with any actions that may be needed. Whether you know it or not, you are being released into a new era which will bring you the things that are truly important.

The biggest shift will occur around your money, income, assets, talents, skills, self-esteem and values as Uranus enters your 2nd on the 6th – the day the new Moon appears. Uranus is now set to bring you a seven year cycle where your connection to your money and even how you earn it, may undergo a radical shift. Combined with this new Moon in your 12th, the cycle begins with you opening your eyes to what is truly important to you. What is priceless and what you will or will not ‘sell out’ for or give away. There’s a wider, spiritual implication happening to all this. The focus the new Moon brings will be on what truly matters to you while Uranus has the ability to free you from what doesn’t. The result won’t just bring you what you need – but what you value.

In a nutshell: Secrets, messages from spirit and hidden truths set you free, Aries. That freedom brings you not what you want – but what adds true value to your life. Embrace what truly matters – and lasts.


Be your own best experiment
Reinvention leads to new beginnings
What comes with you – and what is best left in the past?

A once-in-a-lifetime event occurs for you this week, Taurus. And that is Uranus’s arrival in your 1st on the 6th. The last time the planet of revolutionary change and awakening was in your sign was between 1934-1942. You had what I would call preview night of what Uranus may have in store for you briefly last year when it put a tentative foot into your 1st from May to August before turning retrograde and heading back into your 12th for the final time. This time however, it’s here for the next seven years. First, review what insights and revelations you gathered during its final visit in your 12th. Next, use these to power yourself forward and make radical changes to how others see you. You should be in touch with your core values as never before and it is fundamentally important you live up to these beliefs. Bring everything into alignment now and be prepared for a very new and different personal beginning – perhaps in more than one area.

This week also sees some major planetary action taking place in your 11th – which coincidentally, Uranus rules. While this house rules your friends, contacts, networks and goals it is your house of the future. The new Moon in here the same day as Uranus enters your 1st is your signal to begin creating it in some way. Mercury turns retrograde in here from the 5th while the Sun and Neptune meet on the 7th. Expect people from the past to feature or reappear – perhaps even from childhood. Because this is your house of the future, on a soul level you are being asked to look at what or who you want to take forward with you into it. This also applies to your goals which are likely to change and shift over the next seven years. Above all, align yourself with change as it will become an irresistible force in your life. So, don’t just be the change you want in your life, be seen as the change that others are seeking, Taurus.

In a nutshell: It’s a time of exciting new beginnings, Taurus. Align how you look, feel and come across to others with your core values. Step into a future that is yours to create.


Check and double check the details
Seek out the truth
Re-make the future

Details, organisation and focus are your keys to success this week. Ruler Mercury heads retrograde in your career-centered 10th. The Retrograde Rules are something you should by now be able to recite in your sleep so I won’t labour them here. However, as this is your house of your professional reputation you need to pay extra attention to everything you say or send out there. I should not need to tell you this is not the time to launch that new product, service, website, system, blog or software. But if you work for someone else, this kind of thing is not up to you. You can however ensure that whatever IS your responsibility or falls back on you is thoroughly checked,, trailed, beta-tested and reviewed before being launched. Going back over something, reapplying for that promotion, position or re-approaching that past contact, client or potential employer is also favoured. The new Moon in here on the 6th points to a fresh opportunity while the Sun conjunct Neptune illuminates something arising from the past. Review those options – there may be something you missed on more than one level.

The most important event of the year also takes place on the 6th when Uranus arrives in your 12th and unpacks for a seven year stay. This is your house of secrets – Uranus in here will free you from the restrictions your subconscious mind has placed upon you. Expect the past to be radically re-framed and for people to show you their true colours. You are leading a spiritual revolution now as events will lead you to a new understanding of the world, the past, past lives and your spiritual beliefs. You can use these on a quantum level to re-make your future. Stay focussed on a practical mundane level but allow your spirit to go boldly now.

In a nutshell: Take care of business and it will take care of your now ruler Mercury turns retro in your career sector. What do you need to know? Prepare for a cycle where the truth reveals itself.


Plan an alternate route to any goal or destination
Find your people

New connections open your eyes to untold possibilities
With Mercury retrograde in your house of long distance travel, mass transportation, airlines and all kinds of foreign affairs, I should not need to remind you to have a Plan B and a Plan C if embarking on a major trip. Ensure those important travel documents are backed up to your cloud before leaving. Confirm everything before setting out.

The new Moon in this house on the 6th promises expansion and the start of a new learning experience – either real or metaphorical. You’re reaching for something which widens your horizons and broadens your understanding of the world. Just ensure you plan for all contingencies before setting out. This is your house of the law, study and mass media. If you are involved in legal proceedings they may go back and forth. Mercury retro does favour revision however. If sending anything out to a large audience, check and re-check your facts. If there is a mistake it’s likely to be a big one.

The week’s biggest move – if not the years, is the arrival of Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 6th. This is about new friendships and connections to be made with people who will play a determining role in your future. It’s not just about who you belong with, but who you meet now could even influence where you belong. This is your house of goals too so expect those to shift as the people you meet now will open your eyes to possibilities you never even knew existed. Time to connect in every way you can. Uranus will spend seven years in this sector of your chart. This is also the house which rules step-children or your partners children so for singles, meeting a potential partner with children is one possibility. Focus your thinking on who or what may be ‘out there’ and get ready to meet the future – in human form.

In a nutshell: That journey you’re embarking on may have some twists and turns, but all paths lead to your destination – eventually. New connections open your eyes to fresh possibilities, Cancer.


Close the distance
Revisit that deal
Showcase what makes you unique

That ‘faraway so close’ feeling you may be having is down to Mercury retrograde in your 8th this week. And exacerbated by your ruler the Sun bumping into Neptune in here. You also have a new Moon appearing in this house on the 6th favouring reconnecting with old lovers, employers or business partners. The feelings that are welling up within may feel very intense but you may either blow things out of proportion or feel distanced from others and unable to connect. Reach through any barriers as you will find they exist only in your mind – people are closer than you think. This is not a good time to be dealing with other people’s money, assets or asking for a new loan. It is a good time to go over existing deals, refinance, consolidate your debts if you have any and get to grips with anything outstanding to do with the tax man.

This week sees the entry of Uranus into your 10th of reputation, renown and rewards. Get ready for a seven year career revolution. If you have become the proverbial ‘square peg in the round hole’ then know that during this transit, you will be given the opportunity to find your niche. Uranus is all about you as an individual. What you and you alone have to offer. So, the message for this upcoming cycle is to be yourself if success is your goal. Don’t imitate others. Have a vision and showcase this as never before. Uranus rules entrepreneurs and the ability to think outside the square. Whether your dream is your own start-up or working for someone else, Uranus tells you that you have whatever you need to get wherever you want to go. And do it your way, Leo.

In a nutshell: When it comes to success, it’s all about what makes you unique, Leo. Showcase what you and you alone can offer. From your talents to your smarts, that niche awaits.


Love gets a replay
Look for your life
Get ready for a new direction

It’s retro time! Ruler Mercury spins backwards in your zone of long term love and partnerships this week. You have a new Moon in here on the 6th plus a meeting between the Sun and Neptune. Long overdue conversations can be had now and past partners may feature – as well as that person who gets in your grill. Existing connections can be re-booted if this is what is needed now or a final wind-up initiated that allows both of you to move on. New Moons mark new beginnings but be aware with Mercury backwards in here that if you are single and seeking, this does not favour anything long term. The Sun/Neptune meeting can have you seeing the reality when it comes to future potential however so you will know if something is worth continued investment – or not. But you will strive for the best possible outcome no matter what.

This week sees the arrival of Uranus in your 9th and the start of what will be a seven year journey for you that will broaden your thinking and your horizons like never before. Very often we have to go look for our live – it will not come to us. Uranus pushes you out of the door much like Bilbo Baggins on his unexpected journey – wizards and dwarfs optional. Unusual people from exotic locales will cross your path now even if you do not plan to travel. But travelling perhaps at short notice and to somewhere you never thought you would go is one possibility during this seven year cycle. Don’t get too attached to plans and be prepared for excitement and unexpected good luck which arrives like a bolt from the blue. Be ready to change direction or to say ‘yes’ to something you’ve not tried before. If you do, you’ll end up right where you need to be, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Grab a once in an 84 year chance to find your life, Virgo. Events may take on a life of their own. Trust where you are being led now.


Revamp that dull routine
Say goodbye to rejection
Step into your power

Mercury retrogrades in its ruling 6th this week so you should know what this means: basically a retrograde on steroids. Adhere to those retro rules as if they have been handed to you on two stone tablets. And then check said stone tablets for errors. The new Moon in this house along with a Sun/Neptune conjunction tells you it’s time for a clearly defined workload, routine or even wellness regimen. No more fuzzing thinking. Mercury retro in here lends itself to rethinking your day job or day-to-day habits and streamlining and improving these if necessary.

The past seven years may have redefined relationships or changed forever how you see partnerships. It may also have brought frustration, rejection and unexpected changes around your relationship status or even your work. Say goodbye to this cycle for good now Libra as Uranus moves from your 7th and on into your 8th. Don’t look back, look forward. Your finances, property, business, charity, mortgages, loans, what you owe and what is owed to you are now very much front and centre for the next seven years. As is what you share with others and what they share with you. This includes sex of course. Your power is awakening. Use it in totally new ways now.

In a nutshell: Say goodbye to rejection and uncertainties in relationships, Libra. You are stepping into your power this week. Claim it and use it in totally new ways now.


Join the love evolution
Channel a higher vision
Explore a different kind of connection

Stuck on love rather than love-struck, Scorpio? Blame Mercury retrograde in your 5th of romance and fun. Everything may just seem a little lacklustre now and lacking the spark you’re seeking. I should not need to tell you that aside from observing the usual Retro Rules that this is not the best time to look for that new romance. Or even launch or begin that creative project. Reviving an old love – be it with a past lover or taking up something you used to love to do in the past, is possible however.

As is revising or finishing off a past project you have left in abeyance. Something can be re-born or re-launched around the time of the new Moon in here on the 6th and this can be fuelled by nothing less than divine inspiration thanks to a meeting between the Sun and Neptune in here the following day. Channel a higher vision now and allow it to infuse what you say and do. And if love is stuck right now, leave it. Chances are it will un-stick itself when Mercury heads direct once more.

This week sees the arrival of maverick planet Uranus in your partnership sector. Love takes unexpected twists and turns now. Expect some existing connections to be redefined and new ones to look very different to what you envisage. Your needs will be changing now and you may find yourself experimenting with all kinds of different two-somes. This does not just include marriage or long term lovers, but close friends, business and working partnerships, collaborations and activity partners. One, some or any of these will set you free to explore your love evolution. Anything that does not evolve will be left behind you. Uranus in here asks you to take a chance and to explore new ways of relating. There’s more than one love experience on offer, Scorpio. Stuck you’re not.

In a nutshell: It’s more than a love revolution. Get ready for a radical shift in relating. Your love evolution begins here, Scorpio.


Reinvent your working life
Step into something bigger
Ideas pave your highway to success

This week’s new Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. Usually I would be talking about how your 4th is not just about home and security but about claiming your life and stepping into something bigger. In other words – leaving behind dependency and taking responsibility for your choices and your future. But wait – there’s more as the infomercials say. This week also sees Mercury turn retrograde in here.

Obviously I should not need to tell you to avoid buying, selling or leasing property now unless it cannot possibly be helped. Renovating, redecorating or finishing off those DIY projects should be on your ‘to do’ list however. Try to avoid family get togethers are tensions are likely. Take a good look at your lifestyle, your living space or arrangements and if changes are needed then now is the time to plan but avoid moving until Mercury heads direct again if you possibly can.

How you work and your daily routine is also set for a total reinvention thanks to the arrival of Uranus in your 6th this week. Your ‘day job’ may take on a new meaning now as you search for ways to earn your dough that allows for more freedom and stimulation. Variety, excitement and that all-important flexibility will be every bit as and possibly more important than money. If you have wanted to take the step of working for yourself, then at some point during Uranus’s seven year stay in here, this may form the part of your great working experiment. A portfolio career is another option for you as is taking a new and radical approach to your overall wellbeing. Follow-up on those ideas as your way of thinking is your highway to heaven or at the very least, a better way of working – and living.

In a nutshell: Freedom is always your ultimate goal, Sag. This week hands you tools to direct your destiny. And to reinvent your working life in a way that gives you the flexibility you seek.


Revisit, revise, repurpose
For a different result, try something different
You don’t need to know the outcome to love the experience

When Mercury retrogrades in a ruling house, we are usually in for a double-dose of Mercury madness. Consider yourself warned as this is what happens on the 5th when Mercury turns backwards in your 3rd. Misunderstandings, crossed wires and confusion as well as cancellations, delays and breakdowns are all hallmarks of Mercury retro in here.

This week also sees a new Moon appear in here where ideas are planted for future harvest. In this instance however, you should be going back over old ground and looking at what you can update or repurpose rather than starting something brand new. The Sun’s meeting with Neptune in here on the 7th will bring either illumination or a shot of more confusion. Ensure you understand what someone is saying and are understood in turn. Repeat yourself if necessary and ask for clarification if needed.

This week sees Uranus enter your 5th of romance, children and fun. Time to make creative changes to your life, to embrace spontaneity and give the child within full permission to experiment and play. Children and young people will feature in some way. Some of you may decide to become parents and if so, expect a highly individual and unique soul to enter your life. ‘I don’t know where s/he/X gets it from’ could some to be a well-used phrase if so. Love is about to take on a new and very different guise to the past. Forgot your usual ‘type’ as you may be drawn to people who not only do not conform to that, but fall into a category all their own. And that will form a big part of the attraction for you. A lover like no other could be just what you need now. Don’t get too attached to outcomes either. Loving the one you’re with could just turn into being with the one you love.

In a nutshell: Enter a grand seven year experiment in love and creativity now, Capricorn. Time to embrace fun and spontaneity. And expect to attract romance and opportunities that are radically and daringly different!


Get a better relationship to your cash
Prepare for moving experiences
Step into a grand design

Money issues? Time to look at your relationship to your cash and maybe spend some quality time with it – rather than just spending it. Mercury retrograde in our money zone is always good for looking at where the money goes and how we basically feel about what we have rather than how much. A new Moon in here usually opens the portal to a new job or second source of income while the Sun and Neptune’s meet cute also in here on the 7th points to inspired ideas on how to make more. However, the Mercury retro tells you that if increasing your income is your goal, this will be best achieved via ways you have tried in the past as opposed to new ones. So, re-approach that old company, client or employer or revive that old cash-generating idea.

For you, the biggest astral event of the year takes place on the 6th when ruler Uranus enters your 4th and unpacks its bags for a seven year stay. You want a certain freedom and excitement in your home and family life. Yes, there’s no place like your home now as you will design a home and lifestyle around this. If moving or even if renovating during this cycle, expect your home to be unique and not look like any other in your street or neighbourhood. Expect surprises around family and also your career. Unexpected moves could occur – again across both home and work which you do not initiate. If this happens, don’t panic as moving experiences are just that – designed to get you out of any rut or dead end you’ve fallen into. Living life your way is what this cycle is going to be about. Change your room – change your life. It’s your Grand Design in the making.

In a nutshell: Events around home, family or your career are all part of a grand design for you. Creating a work/life balance that is tailored to you, brings freedom and opens doors to success.


Begin again
Get your message across
Say what you mean for success

You know what you mean but ensure others take your meaning this week, Pisces. You have Mercury heading retrograde in your 1st so it is important you ensure you have got your message across. Repeat yourself if necessary as it may appear at times that others are going out of their way to deliberately misunderstand you. What you have to say may literally fall on deaf ears or just be above the recipient’s ability to understand it. The meeting between the Sun and ruler Neptune in your 1st says you are communicating on a higher level.

This week also sees your personal new Moon appear in your sign. This new Moon is always our time of new beginnings but with that Mercury retro in here look at what you have already begun – and begin it anew.

By far the biggest event in the sky is happening in your 3rd house as Uranus arrives in here on the 6th. Be drawn into new ideas and also new ways to get what you say out there. Remember that Mercury rules this house so if you are toying with wordplay or any kind of communication activity – writing, teaching, publishing, the internet, blogging, websites, starting a business or even just looking for a new job, go where those ideas take you but wait to launch them until Mercury heads direct once more.

The next seven years will bring you into contact with exciting new ideas and concepts and new ways to get these across. New friends, work connections and travel will also feature. Embrace a different way of thinking, communicating and doing business and say what you mean for success, Pisces.

In a nutshell: begin something again. You’ve planted the seeds of success somewhere in your past. A little TLC and they will bloom for you – with lasting results, Pisces.


by our psychic astrologer Helen W

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