25th June 2018 Weekly Astrology Video

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 2 2020 – Love changes everything


One move could prove your worth

New beginnings in love or career beckon

Intuition guides you towards goal manifestation

You’re in the final weeks where you are able to realise those ambitions or set yourself on a path towards achievement this week, Aries. Yes, Mercury remains retrograde and re-enters your 11th on the 4th so we know that pushing that launch button should wait until the end of the month. But it is time to show others – especially bosses and VIP’s just what you are made of and able to deliver (or will deliver on in the future). Venus in your 1st and Saturn in it’s ruling 10th make a challenging angle on the 3rd when you may have to prove yourself and your worth. If you have been making all the right moves up until this point, this final one may demonstrate once and for all you’re exactly the right stuff and have what it takes.

Rewards may follow as Vesta in Venus’s ruling 2nd trines Pluto on the 4th pointing to some of you being granted access to more resources – as in income and recognition. This may also require you to take on more responsibility. If so you are ready and it goes with the territory you’re entering now. Venus arrives in its ruling 2nd on the 5th telling you that it is time to work the changes you made during its transit through your 1st. Do not become complacent about these! New beginnings around income and love can appear now if you planted the right seeds so be ready to reap those rewards – and the attention. Above all, follow that intuition if it is pointing you in a specific direction or telling you to contact someone – especially if this relates to your past in any way. The Sun and Neptune meet for a simply inspiring union on the 8th. You intuitively know something new is just around the corner for you. Get ready for success setting manifestation, Aries!

In a nutshell: Initiate new beginnings when it comes to your career. And work any changes you’ve made to your image or brand. Time to aim higher than you have dared to before. Success could just fall within reach, Aries.



Make that love upgrade!

Surround yourself with support

Ditch restrictions

There’s nothing like your ruler visiting your 1st to put you in full sensual and optimistic mode, Taurus. This occurs on the 8th when Venus arrives to place all those ‘me’ issues – your appearance, values and yes, your dreams around love for the coming year, in focus. Call this an early start to your birthday cycle. Mercury retrograde re-enters your 10th this week so for now, keep those career plans on the back-burner and keep that attention firmly focussed on the Wonderful World of You – and what you believe you deserve to attract. Updating your look, image, appearance, brand, message, social media profiles, CV or anything intensely persona and which determines how people see you could simply pay off in terms of validation now.

It is also time to look at what you no longer need. Truths around the longevity of something or whether or not it supports your growth are likely to emerge this week too. Before Venus moves into your 1st it will square Saturn in your 9th on the 3rd. If anything restricts you now you could be seeking to either change the terms of it or even end it. Vesta in your 1st trine Pluto in Capricorn hands you its own kind of power. To shift to a new fairer dynamic which liberates you rather than simply sticking to the status quo and hoping things will improve (they won’t and you know it!). Big changes don’t come without soul searching. But don’t spend too much time alone doing this. Reach out and surround yourself with your cheer squad as the Sun and Neptune meet in your 11th on the 8th. You’ll be able to see who in your network supports your dreams – and weed out those fake friends in the process. Who you know you are affects who you know. Align the two, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus’s arrival in your 1st points to you arising from the waves like a Botticelli painting, Taurus. Update how you look (and feel) inside. Relationships reflect changes in how you now see yourself this week.



Delay big trips – and big purchases

What’s that love you still need?

State your purpose – and your intention for maxed out success moves!

Ruler Mercury is still in retroactive mode and re-enters your 9th of long distance travel, mass communications and transport, legal matters and learning now. This is also your house of large animals. So, I should not need to tell you not to buy a horse. Or a car. Or book that long haul trip. Unless of course said horse dropped off your radar and now comes back on it or that trip involves travelling back to somewhere you have been in the past. You’ve only got to wait until the end of the month when Mercury is out of retroshadow and green lights appear. Delay if you can.

It’s also important to know where you are going or get your point across clearly in career matters as the Sun and Neptune meet in your 10th. Be seen as someone with a clear mission in mind and you’ll be set to impress those bosses, clients or people in positions of power and influence. Venus is on the move this week into your 12th – joining Vesta already in here on the 5th. This can see you wander into a dream world rather than staying focussed on practical matters (which you need to do). Yes, it is wonderful for creative works especially injecting inspiration into existing projects. But if you are dealing with anyone in a position of authority which you may well be thanks to angles between Venus and Saturn in your 8th on the 3rd, and Vesta to Pluto in its ruling 8th, on the 4th, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve or ask for. And be very clear about this. If you have been avoiding facing an uncomfortable fact around a relationship, this week offers no hiding place from the truth. Time to listen to your gut if you’ve been tuning it out lately. This also applies to the new beginnings, revivals and reclaiming that old love you know you truly need to do to be complete this March, Gemini. As could be not getting re-involved in an old one clouded by sentimentality. By all means reclaim the positive. But reality tells you to leave the fantasy back where it belongs.

In a nutshell: Past loves could be revived. Just ensure you make your decision in the cold light of day and not the mists of the past. When it comes to your career – ensure you have a clear purpose – and outcome in mind, Gemini.



People love the impression you make this week

Pay close attention to second-time encounters

You have a map to the stars – use it!

Venus rules your 7th and this week eases any tensions between you and your significant other and also enhances your work and career connections as well. Venus is in your 10th until the 5th and on the 3rd, squares Saturn in Venus’s ruling 7th. This means that while this can be a snarky angle for other signs, for you this adds up to these two planets in one another’s houses. Something known as ‘mutual reception by house’. So, there is a dialogue happening. Use this to bring about long term solutions or understanding between you and someone close to you or to enhance those moves. You are in a position to impress.

New and influential friendships or potential collaborations can be formed as Vesta in your 11th trines Pluto on the 4th. Pay close attention if this week you run into someone you have previously encountered in the past who may be in a position to open doors for you as Mercury retro re-enters your 8th on the 4th. Your social network receives a further boost on the 5th when Venus arrives in your 11th. I always remind people when Venus is in here that this transit is more about the friendship kind of love than the romantic kind so please keep this in mind. Sometimes we can mistake a close kindred spirit connection for something more. Friends offer love and support for those goals as well as feel-good social events. You have the Sun and Neptune meeting in your 9th on the 8th. With Mercury which rules travel and getting around still retroactive, please be aware that you may not be able to anticipate delays or cancellations when travelling. This could even be down to the weather! So, allow extra time. This meeting could hand you the ability to make a dream come true. Just ensure you have a map to get to it now, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Opportunity shows you a pathway to the stars. New friendships or even a change around partnership dynamics could assist in the realisation of a long-held dream. You’ve more support than you know, Cancer!



There’s more than one path to love

Look before you leap

Project a royal persona!

Sorry Leo, but love matters remain on hold due to retro Mercury re-entering your 7th this week. If you are looking at entering or formalising any kind of partnership arrangement – and this also includes working relationships and business partnerships, please try to delay these until the end of the month if you can. The same goes for contracts and anything to do with your finances. You are on the verge of something seriously significant now but it is not yet time to begin something new. Even in existing relationships things may be unsettled or subject to change still. Take it from me, you need to step back and suspend judgement for now. You may even not have all the facts to hand. Ruler the Sun and Neptune also meet in your 8th this week and this is the house which rules relationships where sex features, joint accounts, what you share and your salary as well as loans, taxes and inheritances. Yes, you can see support – especially the financial kind, available to you in a big way. But the flip side to this is leaping into bed with someone or something that isn’t all it appears to be.

Saturn and Pluto remain in your 6th of work and all its connections to your money, income and career. This week begins with Venus in your house of opportunity align with Saturn which could bring a protracted interview process or work project to a successful conclusion. Rewards could follow thanks to Vesta in your 10th trine Pluto on the 4th – and one where you don’t have to sacrifice wellbeing or even that work/life balance in order to have. Venus’s entry into your 10th this week ups your professional image and enhances your public image whether you are engaged in paid work or not. High ups may bend over backwards to give you a hand up now. It could be time to aim higher so while love of the romantic kind is on hold, shower those ambitions with it instead.

In a nutshell: Love of the two-some kind may still be on hold this week, Leo. But how about showing those ambitions some love instead? Investing in your public persona could impress others – and have them opening doors.



Ruler Mercury backs up into its ruling 6th this week. Expect an extra dose of Merc Mayhem over work matters, scheduling, details or your routine. You need to go back over anything from that project to wellbeing issues as this tells you that there could be some key element you’ve missed. Also look closely at your partner, close business ties, that bestie or even that opponent or person you can’t stand. Are things clear or muddled? Is your meaning or theirs being understood or being misinterpreted or overlaid with wishful thinking? Do their actions match their words? Or are you seeing a disconnect or misunderstanding as the Sun and Neptune meet in your 7th on the 8th?

Above all, if you are facing issues this week, please deal with them head on. It’s time to bring love down to earth. And also not to see it as an escape from reality. If we are facing challenges, we can be lured into the fantasy that someone will come ‘rescue’ us from this. That a relationship or getting away from our problems is the solution. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. We wake up to find we still have the same problems and sometimes some new ones along with them having jumped into something too quickly before really getting to know someone. Who may have issues of their own. Saturn in your 5th is all about taking a mature approach to love and romance and taking our time to understand our needs and the other person’s too. This week sees Venus in your 8th square Saturn saying only the real kind of love will do now. Venus is about to join Vesta in your 9th from the 5th. Vesta trines Pluto in your 5th on the 4th and this is all about not giving away your power when it comes to love. Has this happened before? Is it happening again? Venus’s entry into your 9th offers freedom. Just know the difference between that and escapism. With your ruler still backwards, long distance travel is still affected even with Venus now in the house of long haul trips. Travelling back to someone or something you love however – very much in favour. Reclaim that lost love, place, person, big dream or goal. That’s a destination – not an escape this week.

In a nutshell: Love is a goal and a destination. Not an escape route. You no longer need fantasy love. You want the real deal. If it was real but over now – you have the opportunity to reclaim it or begin again this week, Virgo.



Get a new prescription for wellbeing

Reunions, revivals and rebirths feature

Sustain those visions for real results

Ruler Venus is on the move this week entering your 8th of values on the 5th. Before it leaves your 7th it could have you making some big decisions around home, your house, apartment, flat and even where you call home. Paying off that mortgage or buying that first home. There are no quick fixes nor short cuts to any of this and the tight square between Venus and Saturn on the 3rd shows you this. But it also shows you the real possibilities. Venus’s move into your 8th could in fact open the doors to achieve this if you stick to what you value and come from a position of empowerment and self-worth as Vesta in your 8th trines Pluto in your 4th on the 4th. This tells you not to sell out and to set your price and operate from that. Respect for what you stand for is like money in the bank now and will be the stock you trade on from here on in.

Past loves could reappear or a second chance at something you love to do as your 8th is your house of rebirth. Plus you have Mercury retro re-visiting your 5th of lovers and shining opportunities. What do you miss the first time around? It or they could be back. Remember however, this is not the time to launch your heart into anything new. Revivals, reunions, reconciliations yes. This includes reviving a past creative project, hobby or pastime. Where is that feelgood factor in your life missing? The ability to enjoy life, to lose ourselves utterly in what we are doing – just like when we are young, is a key factor in feeling good and our wellbeing. Look closely at what you need to reclaim to revive that vibe as the Sun and Neptune meet in your house of wellness. Sometimes fun is simply the best medicine, Libra.

In a nutshell: Love is the best medicine but this also includes doing things you love. Prescribe yourself a love revival this week, Libra. This could be for someone – or it could reunite you with something that energises your soul!



Revive true love – within

Ask for what you need

It’s all you now!

Venus enters its ruling 7th on the 5th – joining Vesta already in here. Plus you have the Sun and Neptune meeting in your romance sector on the 5th which retro Mercury exited on the 4th. This may not be clearing the way for a new love just yet. But it could be heralding a new balance or renegotiation around a key connection especially as Vesta trines your ruler Pluto in your 3rd on the 4th. Remember, in a few weeks’ time Venus will make the same move. Look at your values, how you value yourself and how you expect to be treated in all your relationships. The Power of Love now is all in the balance of power. How things are divided between you and also your expectations. How you assert yourself or your ability to ask for what you want or need from others. Understand that while on the surface this may appear to be about the other party – your partner, boss, collaborator, bestie or even that rival or opponent, it is actually all about you.

This could especially apply when it comes to your spouse or live-in lover or employer as Mercury backs on into your 4th on the 4th. Are you expected to take on more than your fair share of tasks – be they domestic or at work? Is this based on your gender or position? This could usher in you telling others you need more from them or that the buck now stops here. If you feel you are ‘keeping the home/work fires burning’ while others get to play, this week tells you that you have the ability to change this simply by taking a stand and asking for more support or in some instances, saying ‘No’. The world will not come to an end if you do and nobody who truly loves you will love you any less. They may however add respect to that list of how they see you. That in itself, could be the reward of showing yourself some true love this week.

In a nutshell: Time to show yourself some love by letting others know you’re worth it, Scorpio. Self love is your key this week to getting the love or what you need from others. See this as a love revival across all your key connections.



Delay those launch plans -but only for now

Define what money doesn’t buy you

Direct the flow of abundance

Take extra care travelling, with anything you write, say or ‘send out’ there and please, avoid purchasing that new phone, tablet, computer, car or domestic appliance unless your present one cannot be repaired. Mercury retrograde backs up into its ruling 3rd this week so be prepared for an extra dose of Mercury Madness. Take care especially when it comes to money matters. Do not shop – that isn’t the bargain you are being led to believe it is. Negotiations may swing back and forth and may not be in your favour. It’s time for a long term plan with finances and to know there are no quick fixes now as Venus in your 5th squares Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 3rd. You have ruler Jupiter in your 2nd for most of 2020 offering you solutions. It’s time to take care of money matters and financial business, to watch the pennies and where they go. And to feel in charge and powerful around abundance issues. Vesta in Taurus asks you to define your values, set your price and then stick to it as it trines Pluto – planet of power money in your 2nd on the 4th.

The 5th sees Venus move into your 6th of work, wellbeing and routine. Look to your financial health and what you do to earn your money. Also look at how financial worries impact on your overall wellness. Ask yourself is it worth it in the long term? Venus in here can offer beautiful solutions. This is Mercury’s ruling house however so delay looking for that new job or launching that side hustle until the end of the month. Looking closely at what you need to create as opposed to what you want to buy or acquire, brings you the solutions you’re seeking and the kind of spiritual insight that money simply doesn’t buy you. All courtesy of the conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in your 4th on the 8th. Invest in that this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: Forge a better relationship with what you need – not what you believe you want, Sag. This week is all about those values and what money simply doesn’t buy you. The result: Priceless.



Get ready for the Love Mojo!

Does your relationship feel like ‘home’?

You need realness – nothing less will do!

Ready to receive that Love Mojo, Capricorn? Decisions around romance may precede this as make-or-break factors hit your home and love-in zones on the 3rd and 4th. Venus in your 4th squares ruler Saturn in your 1st asking if it is time for a move on either metaphorically or actual. Does your relationship feel like ‘home’ to you for instance? We are now in the final weeks of Saturn in your 1st so it’s now show and tell time when it comes to what you want. Vesta already sits in your 5th and trines Pluto in your 1st on the 4th. Are you getting the love you’re seeking? Or even that chance to express yourself? Do you feel you have to be anyone other than you are to win that love or approval? Out with the pretence and on with the realness now, Capricorn.

Mercury backs up into your sector of self-worth on the 4th – and this is of course Venus’s ruling house. You will no longer be bothered or even able to be anyone than who you are once Mercury heads direct in here. Or to pretend to be something you are not in order to get what may be a fake love anyway if this its basis. So, on with the reality and out with fake friends, lovers or anything that doesn’t spark happiness basically as Venus arrives in your 5th. You now have the love mojo so now you do, what are you going to do with it, Capricorn? Chances are you will be broadcasting realness in any way you can. In what you say, communicate, write or share via your social media profiles for instance. Via that CV, project, manuscript or pitch. What you say or share says all people need to know about you. The truth about you attracts truth in love. Don’t settle for anything less now.

In a nutshell: You’ve got the Love Mojo this week, Capricorn but it comes with a price! To work its magic you have to get real. Communicate with realness and with love. And love your message and everything you have to say this week.



Best face forward!

Revelations change how you see something in the long term

How you see yourself affects how others see you

How’s that re-branding coming along, Aquarius? Get a head start on your Now Age this week as retro Mercury promises reinvention, revolution and refinement of your appearance, image, profile, title and personal brand experience. How you come across to others, the impression you make and above all, who you associate with, are seen with and where you fit into the grand scheme of things is going to be all important now. So, craft yourself a brand new you or make those adjustments that you know will enhance your own best creation. Yes, first impressions are about to count more than ever before, Aquarius.

You’ve revelations in store now which may have a direct impact on what you want or where you want to be. Venus in your 3rd exposes Saturn in your 12th on the 3rd which could deliver news which changes how you see a situation for keeps. Vesta in your 4th angles to Pluto pointing to transformations around work and career and questions around ‘Who is in charge or calls the shots?’ If a diplomatic solution is called for – you have it to hand from the 5th when Venus also arrives in your 4th. The 8th sees the Sun and Neptune meet in what is Venus’s ruling 2nd. Selling yourself short or not claiming your fair share – be this in work or even on the home front, is set to change now along with that image you’re projecting.

In a nutshell: What impression do you want to create? And what does your appearance or what you say really say about you, Aquarius? It’s time to take yourself more seriously. And watch how others simply follow your lead this week.



Fabulise yourself!

Get a preview on your future

Those Pisces senses set everyone tingling!

Get your glam on like one of the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era this week, Pisces. The Sun in your 1st meets your ruler Neptune on the 8th lending you glamour and what can only be called ‘star’ quality. People will find you frankly fascinating and simply irresistible now. This combination could also hand you the ability to know what’s coming before it arrives, Your Pisces senses are tingling with anticipation. You know you are on the cusp of something now – and this meeting gives you the heads-up on it.

Before this happens Venus in its ruling 2nd asks you what friendships remain assets to you and which ones don’t. What or rather who has become hard work? Energy vampires and fake friends are not meant to survive now as Venus tells Saturn in your 11th only real love and support will suffice for you. Vesta in your 3rd trines Pluto also in your 11th on the 4th – the same day as retro Mercury reverses back into your 12th. This could see you having to face up to the fact that something has simply run its course. Venus enters your 3rd on the 5th – remember this is Mercury’s ruling house and it is still retrograde. It remains a time of revision and revisiting – anywhere and anything from that CV to that manuscript or project to that old neighbourhood. Venus in here tells you that there are opportunities to be mined in a rich vein you missed. Maybe you simply did not see the potential in an idea you had so failed to explore this. Venus says think again and reinfuse it with fresh love and creativity. The same goes for that personal message, this week, Pisces. Glamourise everything about you!

In a nutshell: You exude star quality now. But it’s more than that. Your psychic senses alert you as to where love or other opportunities can be found. The real surprise is that you know exactly what’s heading your way. That’s your gift this week.



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